No more hurting people

I can think of no wiser words than those that 8-year-old Martin Richard scrawled in brightly colored markers on a poster for one of his school assignments:

“no more hurting people”

However, as perceptive and hope-filled as his short and powerful message was, ironically Martin Richard’s life on earth came to an abrupt end at the Boston Marathon while he excitedly waited for his father to cross the finish line, not knowing that a bomb was placed within a short distance of him and his family by someone who had the specific intent of doing the very thing he was championing against:  hurting people.

The utterance of these four words “no more hurting people” should cause us to pause and put some serious thought into where it is as a world we want to go – and how we are going to get there.  Martin’s call for peace is one that we have an opportunity to carry the torch forward on.  Does anybody out there feel a responsibility to at least make an effort to see to it that a world like the one that this young child envisioned and yearned for will one day be a reality not only for a handful of people, but for all of Humanity?


If even the youngest in our society are choosing to be part of the change, what will you choose to do?

If even the most innocent in our world are stepping up and declaring their thoughts and ideas, what will you declare?

If even the most vulnerable among us have the courage to demonstrate Who They Are, who will you demonstrate yourself to be?

In the process of answering these questions, we may find ourselves wondering if God has anything to say about any of this.  Conversations with God tells us that God talks to everyone.  All the time.  The question is not to whom does God talk, but who listens?

Are we willing to consider the possibility that one of the ways in which God is speaking to us right here, right now, is through this bright young man named Martin Richard?  Perhaps in the same way that She spoke through another young man almost 2,000 years ago named Jesus?

If we are willing to consider that possibility, then the bigger question for each and every one of us to consider is: Are we going to listen — and stop hurting people?

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  • Heather Helmy

    So beautifully said – our children teach us – we are to listen to them and to what they have to say.

  • Stephen mills

    One day here the next gone what unbelievable anguish for this beautiful boy,s parents ,relatives and friends what can one say probably nothing his message says it all.

    Thank you Lisa.

    • Perhaps their anguish is lessened a tiny bit in knowing that there are people like you, me, Neale, and many others who are envisioning and placing our energy into creating a world where peace will flow more easily into the lives of every human being on the planet. Blessings, Stephen!

  • What a powerful message this is to the world. I know that God talks to everyone because I do listen and this is no coincidence. What a beautiful world we could have if everyone learned to listen…Paradise perhaps.

    • I remember a time in my life when I didn’t listen. And then I did. What a difference it made in the way I perceived everything around me…All of Life. Yes, perhaps paradise, Terri….I completely agree!

  • Hope you don’t mind, Lisa…I shared this on fb…too perfect not to. 🙂

    • Not only do I not mind, I am so delighted that you did! Please feel free to share anything that we publish on our website with anyone anyplace you desire. And thank you so much for being here!

  • Therese

    Lisa, I get, and completely agree with your message here, but let me add a little twist.

    What if we were to take a childhood picture of every person who does harm to another, and mentally see them holding up a sign saying “no one listened to me”?

    Of course we have to start listening to the children…but those children hide inside of adults sometimes. Who is really listening to the children living in poverty? Who is listening to the man-child who had to flee while his country was torn apart by war, and has witnessed “them” bombing and killing their friends and family…even while they screamed inside their heads, STOP HURTING PEOPLE!

    Are we going to, as “The Only Thing That Matters” suggests, move into the space of understanding? If so, then we also have to understand that the people some on this site have labeled as “cowards”, see themselves as “heroic”. They see themselves as giving a voice to those children holding up their signs in places they perceive most of us know nothing about, and don’t want to know about. Unfortunately, what they do not see, is that violence begets violence, and it will never end until we really do see those children…and see that they are us. There are children all around the world holding up that sign, and that sign is still there when they do these horrendous things…THEY still see that sign, even if we do not. THEY believe that we do not also hold our own signs. And on, and on, and on.

    So, let us look at one another as the innocent that we are still, that masquerades as an adult. Let us see the signs we carry…”Listen to me” “See me” “Stop hurting me” “Love me”.

    We all carry those signs. We ALL carry those signs. And according to “Home With God”, each death gives the opportunity of each who bears witness to that death, the opportunity to decide who they are, in relation to that death…Martin’s “death” might just be the most powerful part of his life, if it causes us to really see one another.

  • Marko

    Very nice Lisa & nice comment Therese.

    When we develop more peace & harmony within ourselves, then as small groups, then larger & larger groups, this influence will have much more sway & influence in the collective consciousness. Thus people will naturally gravitate to places where peace & harmony & not hurting others is the norm.

    Those who are okay with not having it, or are not finished yet with their woundedness will stay where they are until they’ve had enough of it & leave or simply & naturally out grow it.

    Pockets of neighborhoods, cities, states and countries that imbibe & create this peace & harmony will be the models of the future & people will be drawn to these areas or not.

    So we start with ourselves of course & build on that & create our own non hurting peace, harmony & joy experiences and draw people to the energy we are creating & sustaining.