Are you ‘The Light’?

This is the first in a series of entries from a chapter that I was invited to contribute to the 2013 book titled The Light, compiled by Keidi Keating. The book seeks to empower readers to reawaken their Inner Light via a series of universal truths. Others contributed chapters as well, including Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Shimoff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, John-Rogers, Terry Tillman, and John Perkins. All net profits from the book go to charity. My chapter in this book follows in the posts here.


You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men.
~ Matthew 5:14-16

People ask all the time, “Am I really the Light?” There is nothing in the universe that is not Divine. Everyone and everything is the Light. Divinity is expressed through life itself at every level and in every way.

The Light shines with increasing brightness from beings who have expanded their level of consciousness. People who know themselves as the Light will experience themselves as that, and others will experience them as that as well.

When I asked God what it would take for me to get to the place for which I so deeply yearned, He chuckled and said, “Neale, I get that you still think your life is about you, but your life has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t now, it never did and it never will.

“On the other hand, if you are clear that I sent you here in a state of utter perfection and it is only you who have imagined yourself not to be in that state, then you will move through the world no longer concerned about yourself at any level. In fact, your only concern will be for all those whose lives you touch. You will, therefore, give to another what you have sought to obtain for yourself.”

The fastest way to experience yourself as the Light is to cause another to experience themself as the Light, for what you give to another you give to yourself, and that will become eternally true in your experience.

Don’t  go  around  asking:  what  are  we  to  eat, what are we to drink, wherewithal  will we clothe ourselves?   Seek  ye  first  the  kingdom  of  heaven and  all  these  things  will  be  added  unto  you.
~The Gospel According to Matthew Chapters 31-33

So yes, you are the Light, but the fastest way for you to experience that is to make sure that everyone whose life you touch sees themselves, knows themselves, and experiences themselves as the Light, And they will know themselves as that depending upon how you interact with them and how you see them.

As you give them their own sense of being the Light, so too will you grant that same sense to yourself. The masters have put this in one sentence: “Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.”

When people ask me, “Am I the Light?” I ask them, “Am I? How do you see me?” If they see me as the Light then I say, “Good, now see the next one hundred people you meet as the Light and you will begin seeing yourself as that. But so long as you have judgment about another and see them as less than the Light, you can never experience yourself as the Light. You will experience yourself as you experience the world around you, and it can be no other way.”

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  • politics

    I am confused about a little something, actually more of a big something. How can anything be justified when it’s justification relies on an outcome.

    For example, when looking for this light in others to see the light in yourself, does this not speak of “looking for something in return”?

    “Do unto others as you would like done unto you”, again, looking for something in return.

    My point is simple, how can any act be justified when the “thought of something” is already placed in our entire premise?

    Now I realize the notion of such valor in these proverbs, but initially they are just a means of preserving an established order that can no longer support itself in a changing World. I also know that some of us will say, I do it because it is the right thing to do, but the question still remains, Why?
    Just to be nice? Isn’t this looking for something in return as well?

    Is it natural to be something others say is the way? Given most of it is common sense anyway and all of us know this, but yet we still do it and will continue to do so, just because…

    I guess my point is mainly this, one cannot be something until it is through being done with what it is not, but you have to realize this in order to understand it and this takes, well…

    I will leave this up to you, and then?

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Politics,

      I hope you don’t mind me commenting. I find your post very, very, very intriguing,
      as usual.

      You say this, “one cannot be something until it is through being done
      with what it is not, but you have to realize this in order to understand it and
      this takes, well…I will leave this up to you, and then?”

      I can’t help but respond. I find this very timely, because it really is profound truth you speak at a most prospicious time in the history of the planet. We are at a time when all
      life needs to be aware of your insight here. We create reality with who we perceive ourself being in time. If we choose to say light needs to express as dark in order to know itself as only light, we are failing to notice that light also dissipates dark, as it moves through light. We are packets, packages of energies. As we come together, packages of energies mingle and some are not so pretty, as we are witnessing on the planet. Some explode, even. Some burst forth in anger at oneness. There are lightworkers bursting forth at other lightworkers, making life hard for light. It’s not pretty to God, but it is happening in the lightworking communities. Light tries to marry lines
      of light, not strip them apart. We see this everywhere even here in this one love room.

      Light of love comes together to unite as one Body, one Mind, one Soul of all bodies, minds, souls. God is one Mind, one Body, one Soul of all life. Wow Wee. Can you even try to grasp that. It’s hard for me to know this, but I feel it. Every time a lightworker comes through, I feel it in my body of light. Every time a lightworker expresses fear of light, I get a taste, but not too much. Wow that hurts. So, what do we do with this fear appearing a little too often to frighten living love here in 3 d is come forth for love as one life. We come together as one light, one love for one light. We just do.

      In my view, the dark energies we witness, assuming we read papers and such, energies that don’t speak of high heaven, you know, bombings and such, nuclear power plants being attacked, gunmen blowing up things, and such, those sorts of things I consider dark, and not of the light. .. I may be wrong. .I may be alone on this thread, but I don’t think God houses such fearful actions in any high heart of heaven. I just don’t, and here is why. Dark is deleted, released as light comes together marrying lines of light throughout all life. If God wanted darkness in heaven, why would light dissipate it here? Better yet, why would we have come to such low vibrations, if we didn’t need to dissipate it? That is why we came. That is a quesiton for the
      room. Why would we, as lightbodies, dissipate, release darkness, if God truly houses fear in heaven? . .
      Anyhow, I do believe your comment extremely timely and extremely profound, profound and profoundly important today.

      One cannot express who one truly Is in All Life, until one understands one is only light, sweet light throughout all life. Do we allow fear to express itself as fear, targeting love, just because? Or do we allow light to dissipate it by bringing living lines of light of real lightbodies of true loves of light together as one living Body, one living Mind, one living Soul called One Thing, One Thing called God?

      I think we do the latter. Love to you, and thank you for this very interesting thread you started Hi Ho He

      Love to all

      • politics

        Thanks for reading my post and you have made some very beautiful, poetic, expressions of your feelings and I sincerely believe you are just what you decide to be in any moment that arises.

        I just have one question though, what makes you think that you are not already in Heaven?

        • I agree with you. We are where we say are. We are what we say we are. If we decide to come forth as one light, one living line of lightbeams called the Christed Grid light, all life, as in, literally, all living lines of light, not just earth life, but life everywhere, comes zooming forth and greets our living lines of one love living high flying lines of Christ Light, and that’s why we came to earth, in my view.

          I am not sure why I can’t “look through the fear” as God tells me to do, when fear appears real. I haven’t mastered that master technique just yet.
          I admit I feared that plane landing in the midst of chaos with my children on board, and I couldn’t disappear that fear fast enough for all the ones who felt that darkness, I guess, or there would have been no fear. To me, heaven is witnessing no fear anywhere. I don’t know anyone else’s definition of heaven, but, to me, it’s more than a personal expression of life as heaven. I feel heaven every time I speak with God, and that is always happening, ever since I met him, so palpably, through my pen in 2002 Hi

          I guess this is a question for everyone here. What do you do when you read these horrific news accounts? How do you maintain total mastery, total fearlessness in the face of such embedded, darkness creeping out of the woodwork of the earth, so to speak? Neale is fond of calling a spade a
          spade, and, I must say I am that, too. I don’t know what he does to juggle the mind of life we say we are, the juggle between what appears real and dark in 3 d and what we know is only love and light everywhere as heaven. It’s true that all life is love, yet, some facets of the one thing called life as love don’t appear to be expressing in this realm as only love sweet love.

          Fear isn’t real, and we know that, if we look at it, but, to those who
          think this land is all there is, fear sure looks real. It feels real to those
          who don’t know they can depart a plane as God, Goddess. How do we juggle this one act play called Life? How do we create heaven where we
          play, yet, know ourselves also as having two feet on the ground, so to
          speak? I don’t have the answer. I am a rising rose, I guess. I guess I’ll
          have to work on that answer. I hope more light comes together as one living high flying line of lightbeam called Christed Grid light. That’s the whole point of being here, in my view.

          Thanks for asking about heaven. I am in heaven, when God is speaking in my ear. God speaks through all of us. Every particle of life hears God speak in a breath of love called I Amness. We are that love, and that’s all we are, but some actors pretend to act, not as love in this realm, and for some on the planet that act creates a lot of fear. I don’t know how to disappear that, yet. I’m not a master, I guess. I only believe we need to come together as one living line of light called one thing. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers. Tomorrow is another day, unless it isn’t. I try to merge timelines but notime is moving faster and faster here, there, everywhere, and that’s always interesting. When time appears as if
          it’s here and only here now, I guess the actors will be all in this one act
          play called only love sweet love, only God in the highest. I don’t know. Love to you Hi

          P.S. There is always a p.s. with me. I just am a p.s. in life. Sorry, but this
          quote just came in off RamDass and I find it very appropriate to your
          dialogue here. Thanks for engaging my application of your application of my interpretation of your interpretation of life. Wow. This is fun. Anyhoo, here is Ram Dass today. A quote

          “It is well known that motivation affects our perceptions. We don’t necessarily see things as they are. We see them as we are. If a pickpocket meets a Saint, all he sees are his pockets. Thaddeus Golas, in The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment said, “You never have to change what you see, only the way you see it.” RamDass

          Ok. If I perceive news accounts as terrible, and they really look it from my
          hometown, how does one change perceptions to only heaven here now living heaven everywhere, living heaven as every particle in, through, on, out, up and all that good stuff as every other particle of all life? I don’t know. Many are commenting on the need to come together as one beam of light. If I perceive life as a pocket to pick instead of a love to gift, am I really expressing all that heaven, and if that pickpocketer turns that pocket of darkness at me, who sees him as life, and me as love, if I say, “no thank you, life, no thank you, love”? Even in the “needy” state he thinks he is, what do I do then to express my heaven, and try to alleviate his fear that he needs to pick my pocket? even as I stand one wing upwards and feet on the ground, there are times when the ground appears to be shaky. How does one who is the light juggle in this one act play called life as one
          love? Do we call the pickpocketer’s turn on love as heaven still? My perception of heaven is everybody in, all in, expressing all in, and that’s really it for me. Maybe I’ve got that definition wrong. Maybe I need to be a little more lenient with my definition of heaven, perhaps go a little more inward, rather than outward where life appears to appear to be a little more shaky. Focus on the me I know I am instead of trying to lift lines to lights that don’t see themself that way. Let me, me, me take care of me. To heck with trying to save this world, I guess? I don’t know. I don’t have that answer just yet. I think I’ll go focus on my lovely God, who says “look through the fear to disapear it. Disapear fear by looking through fear.” Anyhoo, just thought I would throw that quote in the mix of all life. Interesting guy, that Ram Dass. Be Here Now was my opening to all life as oneness, all those concentric circles. Love to you, politics 🙂

    • Michael L

      Hi Politics,
      I will read the article in a sec., just wanted to ask you a question. Who and what do you believe you are in relationship to the all,life, and also the individualization parts of the all?
      What is your idea on your illusion of separation. If your hand gets the ice cream and feeds the mouth, does not a working being not feel it all over the whole being.
      And if the ice cream was vanilla and it was your favorite, would that just be a preference. A choice, not a demand.

      • politics

        Just another individual that has a unique perspective.

        To answer the next question, Necessary.

        Not sure about the other questions, except that a preference is something that one takes when one has a choice and then ask’s (demands) for it.

        • Michael L

          Next question: do you believe there is a universal right and wrong in our relative world. Humor me please.

          • politics

            There has to be.

          • Michael L

            According to who, and who decide them?

          • politics

            You tell me, how can there not be right or wrong in any civilized expression of civility, if it were not for Law and Order.

            Right or Wrong?

          • Michael L

            Take a step back and ask, what type a person needs to be restricted to live a life fully.
            In my life so far, my young children need boundaries to live safe and healthy lives as they grew up. It makes sense to me that with more freedom, from a giving aware person, this would promote a society that works together and requirements are needed less and less. I wouldn’t want johnny to hurt other children, but I would want him to have the opportunity to be his higher desires, and be able to live them. And as there are more Johnnies around the neighborhood their lives together can be based of cooperation and not a divided mentality.

            I like what works for us or doesn’t, but that could be just me.

          • politics

            Okay great, glad to hear you know what works for you.

  • politics

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Life.

  • mewabe

    True…we play a game of hide and seek with ourselves and each other…but we are all “it”. The only thing that gets in the way of enlightenment is the belief that we have to do something in order to be enlightened, that we have teachings to memorize, stages to go though, achievements to attain, a spiritual mountaintop to reach.

    When we finally understand our own innate perfection, beauty and innocence and that of every living being and thing, we will break down, cry, and laugh, and leap with joy, for we will finally all be free!

    Politics, seeing the light in another is not about doing, it’s about being, and it’s absolutely unconditional. That’s how I see it…unconditionally.

    Isn’t seeing the light in another what love is ultimately, to behold the purest and truest vision of the other that s/he cannot embrace herself or himself yet, because of some limiting thoughts about herself/himself?

    However…how do we explain that so many saints, who presumably saw the light in others, were nevertheless persecuted? Seeing the light in others may transform the self…but it does not necessarily transform others, as every individual has the choice to open up to his/her own inner light or not.

    We may see everyone’s divinity and perfection, and act upon this true vision…but those who choose to remain in the darkness of judgment will not be touched by this vision…as a matter of fact they will greatly fear it and do all they can to suppress it, because they have identified with judgment and separation, and fear loosing this false identity.

    This is why saints are persecuted, because the truth or light they manifest threatens to dissolve the false identity of the world as the sun dissolves the early morning fog. This false identity is the separate ego-consciousness, born of separation, rooted in fear, and fed by judgment.

    • politics


      I hear what you are saying, but do you? Enlightenment needs experience for allowing the definition of ones own conclusions in order to convey meanaing, correct?

      • mewabe

        I am not sure which way you are going Politics, but I am not treading the same path, no offense. I am not into concepts for their own sake. I do not try to understand life through the intellect alone.

        As far as I know, finding meaning is knowing…knowing is wholly found in feeling…and feeling has to include the whole being…heart, mind, body and spirit, as well as all life, the universe. That’s what being consists of. Being is an expression of oneness.

        Seeing the light in another means that you see and acknowledge their being, at the purest level.

        Experience does not have to mean doing…but it can. Either way all experience must be grounded in being.

        Being is not defined by the mind alone, except in the intellectual (“I think therefore I am”). The intellectual finds meaning in ideas alone. I find meaning in being, and being encompasses a lot more than the mind.

        • politics

          Okay, no offense taken. This is what’s great about dialogue with intent in mind. I would not presume for our paths to be on the same track because it would not make sense to, just for the soul purpose of self discovery.

          Just a little note though, if the Soul is energy and thought’s are energy, would this be considered a mind trip?

          Oh, and how is meaning derived, if not by conclusions based upon intellect that has been achieved through experience? How are feeling’s nurtured if not through Logic and then transcribed to indicate what the feeling is. I am by no means advocating any loss of what makes us work as a whole, but in deference to your ideology…

          Being is an expression of relationship (you wouldn’t know you are alive in an absolute existential vacuum).

          Isn’t this conditional?

          Logic dictates reason in the absence of misunderstood feelings.

          • mewabe

            politics, you may not have understood what I meant by unconditional…

            The experience or knowing of Being as dependent on relationship, on our relating to all life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally is not a condition I created, or a condition I impose or demand of others.

            It is preexisting, it is part of the very nature and essence of life. We come from it and into it, in this human life and in all forms of life.

            I was speaking of conditions created by us, not conditions that are innately natural, such as if we don’t drink water we die of thirst, because our bodies are connected to the earth.

            You have to find your own way politics, and use the rational mind and separate ego-consciousness if that is your choice.

            When you believe in the validity of your choices, you will no longer have a compulsion to attempt to demonstrate that another person is “wrong” in order for you to feel “right”.

            There are infinite ways to get where we want to go, all unique.

            And so I must apologize but I have no interest in debating any further, because i am not searching for a “truth” that we can all agree with, I live my own, I am my own truth. Please feel totally free to embrace your own truth.

          • politics


            Maybe you have just touched down on what is part of the problem, nobody is willing to listen and instead get defensive. It was never about right or wrong, I was just talking and then I noticed you did not answer any of my questions.

            It was never a competitive debate to me, but I am glad you made it clear that it was to you. I will point out that any debate is not pointless, unless of course Democracy is pointless. Perhaps this is where all of us can learn together, If we cannot agree to disagree until it becomes obvious that there is an alternative, then why not just throw the towel in and call it quits.

            With Sincere Respect and a Mutual passion for Life,


          • mewabe

            Politics, just as I would not enter a debate about art, or poetry, I never debate about spiritual matters…just as I express myself as an artist by painting, I sometimes express myself with words about spirituality, but do not expect anyone to think that what I am expressing is “the Truth”. It is merely my truth, my vision. I have no need to agree about spiritual matters with anyone, because unlike religion, spirituality is a personal thing, like love, about which I would not debate either.

            That’s where I differ completely with most who are on this site, and its founders, who are attempting to reach a common ground. I am perfectly happy and at peace being different and accepting other people’s different and unique ways, and I am only here to exchange different ideas, not to reach a perfect consensus.

            If you were to express where you stand, what your worldview is, I would be interested, and If I disagreed, I might express it clearly as a disagreement, and why, If I think I can by doing so clarify my own thoughts. But if your goal is to debate thought I have expressed using what you call “logic” or “reason”, which is argumentative and presupposing that reason is superior to feeling or any other means of knowledge, and which still doesn’t tell me what your beliefs are, then I no longer see a conversation but a debate.

          • politics