Maybe I’m just a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

I was talking with a dear friend the other day and the subject of life’s travails came up. “I understand all about how God uses life to experience Itself,” she said, “but why does it have to be so hard on us?”

We talked then about the many things that people on Earth are going through — from, in recent days, the Boston bombing to the Cleveland kidnapping to the carnage in Syria, to say nothing about the individual trials and tribulations to which we are all subject in our daily lives.

“Is God just playing with us?” my friend wanted to know. She then said she knew better, but was still at loose ends trying to explain to herself why it was necessary for truly horrible things to occur in peoples’ lives.

This one is difficult to explain. I have asked myself this same question many times. From the Conversations with God dialogue we come to know that it is not “necessary” for such things to occur. Communion with God tells us about The Ten Illusions of Humans, of which #5 is: Requirement Exists. Nothing is required of God, ever. Who would do the requiring? And since God and we are One, nothing is ever required of us, either. Who would do the requiring?

Everything we do, we do out of choice. In our physical life this is true, and it is true in our metaphysical, or spiritual, life as well. We may think that we are “forced” to do certain things in our physical life, but upon closer examination we realize that every choice or decision we’ve ever made has been the result of an examination of our options and of a cost/benefit analysis that we have rapidly performed.

This does not mean that nothing can ever happen to us in our physical life that we have not consciously chosen (the proverbial piano falling from the apartment building). Plenty of things happen to us that we did not consciously choose. But it does mean that every act of Will on our part derives from our singular choice or decision about it.

Speaking metaphysically, the same thing is true. The Whole of Us (that is, the Totality of All Souls) works in a collaborative way to create the right and perfect circumstance in every moment of Now, allowing every Soul involved to announce and declare, create and become, fulfill and experience the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

We are doing this right now, collectively, on the Earth as a species of sentient beings.

CWG tells us that, both collectively and individually, every act is an act of Self-Definition. Example: on the day that I wrote this, the House in Minnesota voted to legalize gay marriage. The State Senate was expected to follow suit, making it the 17th state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage. This is one example of human beings collectively self-defining.  Another example in the U.S. might be the failure of its Congress in Washington to approve any kind — even the most limited kind — of gun control, such as background checks on gun buyers.

All over the world humanity observes itself defining itself. We are doing so in Syria, we are doing so in North Korea, we are doing so in Israel, we are doing so in the United States and in every nation on earth. We are also collectively creating the conditions in which individuals define themselves through their separate choices and decisions.

All of this is what I said to my friend in our discussion. Life on earth does not have to be so hard, I said, and it would not be nearly as challenging for nearly as many people if our species collectively began making other kinds of decisions.

Today even a casual observer can see that not one of the systems, institutions and devices that our species has put into place to create a better life for all is functioning in a way that generates this outcome.

Our political systems clearly are not working. Our economic systems clearly are not working.  Our ecological systems clearly are not working. Our health care systems clearly are not working. Our educational systems clearly are not working. Our social systems clearly are not working. Our spiritual systems clearly are not working.

Nothing that we have created is producing the outcomes that were intended.

It is worse than that. They are producing exactly the opposite.

Our political systems are producing too much disarray. Our economic systems are producing too much poverty. Our ecological systems are producing too much environmental degradation. Our health care systems are producing too much inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services. Our educational systems are producing too much incomprehension. Our social systems are producing too much disparity and injustice. And, perhaps saddest of all, our spiritual systems are producing far, far too much intolerance, anger, hatred, and violence.

And this article has only just begun to lay out the case. I will tell you this: We would eliminate 95% of the human-made problems facing people every day if the human race simply adopted and embraced the 15-word New Gospel offered to us in Friendship with God:

We are all one.
Ours is not a better way,
ours is merely another way.

Would that have stopped, specifically, the Boston bombing, the Cleveland kidnapping, or the carnage in Syria? Perhaps not. But would it make incidents such as these far, far less prevalent in the human experience? Absolutely. I am convinced it would, absolutely. Because a global mindset that embraced the truth and the concept of our Oneness with everyone else and with all of life could not result in anything but a reduction in the kinds of mental aberrations that produce such events. And the idea that our way is no better than any other way would virtually eliminate all the justification behind our wars and our terrorist bombings and many of the rest of the negative ways that human beings behave with each other.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just a dreamer. But I’m not the only one…


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  • freebird

    “Our political systems clearly are not working. Our economic systems clearly are not working. Our ecological systems clearly are not working. Our health care systems clearly are not working. Our educational systems clearly are not working. Our social systems clearly are not working. Our spiritual systems clearly are not working.

    Nothing that we have created is producing the outcomes that were intended.”
    Intention is the key word. And perhaps we are recipients of exactly what was intended during the creation of those systems. Greed, self-interest, abuse of nature for profit, money making at the expense of the sick, and generations of being told to be afraid of God or to not delve deeper into the true meaning of spirituality and oneness.
    Its a catch 22. Until we have people in the decision making process who’s INTENTIONS are truly for the benefit of humanity, we will continue to have masses people and who are WANTING for more or unable to connect to Source. And having learned that the mindset of ‘want and need’ only perpetuates an individual and collective reality of the same.
    A conversation with God: I want more money. Great, you will continue to scrape by. I want more peace. Awesome, here’s some discontent. I want true love. Excellent, enjoy your continued loneliness. I am a victim. Alright, so here’s some more victimization. Negative thinking brings more of the same. Like increases like.
    Until people can realize that we have the power to draw to us that which I mind focuses on, we’ll get nowhere. I have enough. I am peaceful. I love myself. Until each person can truly believe in the power of positive energy this earth will continue to become an negative place to exist.
    The big question is how do you move this change in consciousness forward when so many people cling to their thoughts as what is real?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      The answer to that big question is: all change in consciousness is
      created by people who have already changed their consciousness, when
      they actively, excitedly, and expansively talk about their ideas, their
      new awareness, and the possibilities that a New Consciousness places
      before humanity.

      Let me share something here from Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future (2002).

      This is a globally known consultant on organizational behavior. She received
      her doctorate from Harvard University, holds an M.A. in systems thinking from
      New York University, and has worked on every inhabited continent in virtually
      every type of organization.

      In other words, Meg Wheatley knows her way around. Here’s what she says:

      “There is no more powerful way to initiate significant social change than to
      start a conversation.”

      Wow. I couldn’t have paid her to say something better suited to make the point
      I’ve been making here. In a 2002 article in Utne Reader, Ms. Wheatley observes
      that “…true conversation is…a timeless and reliable way for humans to think
      together. Before there were classrooms, meetings or group facilitators, there
      were people sitting around talking.

      “We can take courage from the fact that this is a process we all know how to
      do. We can also take courage in the fact that many people are longing to
      converse again. We are hungry for a chance to talk. People want to tell their
      stories, and are willing to listen to yours. We are awakening an ancient
      practice, a way of being gathered that all humans intimately understand.

      “Change doesn’t happen from someone announcing the plan. Change begins from deep inside a system, when a few people notice something they will no
      longer tolerate, or when they respond to someone’s dream of what’s

      That is precisely, to the letter, what The Conversation of the Century is all
      about. That conversation, ignited in small groups of spiritual activists
      forming around the world, will sow seeds of sanity that can civilize
      civilization, producing an Evolution Revolution. You can ignite such a
      conversation in your community. And I will join your group, by telephone
      conference call, in your explorations and in your Action Plan to expand, at
      last, Humanity’s Cultural Story.

      If you’d like to be part of the answer, rather than simply ask the question,
      write to


      • Alan

        And yer so few of us, including me, have taken this initiative that you suggested years ago. Why the resistance to this simple step to start local conversations?

  • Marko

    There are no hero’s in a perfect society. That is, one that has peace, harmony, health, prosperity for all it’s people.

    We still want our hero’s, until we outgrow the need for them. I’m talking here of hero’s that come forth from such tragic events. Of course we have the heroic victims that raise & heal above their condition too. They are also hero’s.

    We may be in fact, unconsciously addicted to the negative high drama of such events. These people all of whom are men need to be “loved back to wholeness”.

    We are of course simply sickened by such events naturally. Yet if our focus is on healing and loving them back to wholeness the whole dialog changes doesn’t it?

    We would complain less, question less why, & simply move into the solutions as best we are able at any given time.

    CwG book III mentions as I recall, that most inhabited planets in the universe are more highly evolved than earth. That while there are in fact a few less evolved than earth, most are much more evolved.

    We eventually outgrow our need & addiction to such sensational horrific negativity & violence. This is all part of our collective evolution.

    Individuals it seems can evolve more quickly than the collective as a whole. If the collective was more evolved, we’d all evolve more quickly. So we are in the transitional process of melding individual & collective transformation & the result is the slow breaking away of old patterns & thought systems.

    I would think the quickest way to move where we desire to go is to focus on what works & plays that most heals the problems we face.

    To love them back to wholeness. It seems if we focus only on what works & heals, that creates less drama & controversy. Yet we focus a lot on the problems & there in we are a society of problems not solutions.

    We are more problem centered instead of being solution oriented.

    I guess we still love our negative drama enough that we are not quite willing to give it up.
    I’m not one of those people, but I’m in the minority, at least if feels that way.

    On the other hand we have more good going on, more exciting discoveries, more innovation than ever in our history, but it’s not our focus, maybe it should be.

    We all hear over & over all this is a grand opportunity for us & it’s true. We unconsciously create these horrible messes because we’d never do so consciously. In doing so unconsciously we set up a greater experience to see how grand we really are.

    Our grandest selves will be seen as we overcome these massive problems in our society be it terrorist, rapists, murders, animal abusers, pedophiles, etc. We will do this when we decide that no matter how horrible the acts of some humans (not most) we will do our best to love them back to wholeness.


    • freebird

      I recently attended a meditation workshop and the teacher said something that really hit me profoundly. That when just one person makes that leap forward, connecting with source, becoming aware of our true selves and accepting that although we are individuals, we are not separate but made of all the same energy, that all of humanity is lifted up and moves forward. One person can move humanity forward just a bit….

      So maybe as the minority sheds that negative drama of the mind, one by one, the process is working. Conscious evolution doesn’t happen overnight, although it could.

      • Marko

        Yes as one lifts uP, so does that influence raise others.

  • Eugene

    Mr. Walsch, my name is Eugene, I’m 22, and I’ve just started reading your book CwG Vol, 1, and I’ve found that so many ideas out of there already matched the ones I’ve had for a while, and the more I read, the more in depth I can understand my own questions, and come up with my own answers. About a year ago, I actually stumbled on the idea of Pantheism, which I already found close to my ideas that had started forming at that time, and your book and the thoughts there complete many of the things that were still hard for me to understand. I keep trying to understand more every day, still, so many new questions arise, it’s really difficult to keep track and try to answer everything by myself. I just wanted to thank you for this help in understanding that I could find in your book!

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Each of us are heros, and when I see another I see the hero within, them and myself, because we are ONE. I am a dreamer, a believer of Oneness, a knower of Creator within all existence, and I am at peace. When I open my heart and mind to express Love to the best of my ability, I become a conduit to flow loving and acceptance into the world I experience with others. When I judge nature and others as something different from me, I shut the flow within my conduit and restrict my joy, my acceptance, to life, the Creator’s energy flow, Love. So I start every day with the thought of learning to stay open to our Oneness, and when I find a restriction within my thoughts to this I change the thought. Namaste’

    • Eugene

      How do you change your thought? If you’ve been thinking one way your whole life, how do you change your thought? How can you change how you feel about a person, if you feel that you want to be separated from them, rather than united with them? How do you feel, that you are One?

      • Lloyd Bradsher

        Eugene, the answer is simple, practice. First find out your own motive for feeling that you want to be separated from them, fear of some loss, or pain, whatever. Then ask yourself what holding onto this feeling and thought about someone is doing for you. Does it really make you happier, or safer, or more connected to Creator? Is your motive to grow and find peace or is it to hold onto and justify old emotional baggage? So do you own heart search, listen to the answers, and find what brings you joy and happiness and follow that path. Who controls the mind or the hearts knowledge? Be the master of your own ship of dreams.
        If you understand Pantheism and seek the Creators Energy within ALL things with a humble heart you will see the connection. Namaste’

        • Eugene

          Thank you, Lloyd, I’ve been trying the things you said.. But it feels like the motive goes so far and deep that I cannot find it.. What this feeling is doing for me is destroying my health. I know it, and can feel it. It’s anger, maybe even hate, and I feel it only towards one person, and that person is supposed to be very close to me. And there’s no clear reason, I cannot find it in my heart or my mind. For I try to never blame anyone for my faults. But that makes it so hard for me to fix that fault. That person deserves nothing but love, but only thing I can feel is that the very presence of that person is heavy on me. I start every day thinking it’ll be ok, but end every day wishing to be as far from that person as possible. But since it’s impossible to be one with our Creator if we feel hate for anyone, because that would mean we hate ourselves, since all is One, I feel like there’s no escaping this..

          • Lloyd Bradsher

            Eugene, may I suggest another tack for healing yourself? Whenever you begin to feel the energy of discord with this individual or any individual try to find something, one thing that is good about the person. Think about the goodness you see about them and tell them that you care about them for that goodness. Perhaps this acceptance of them will begin to change their energy as well as yours so you can release your anger about whatever it is or was that created the negative energy you are dealing with. We can not change others, only the way we re-act to them, so by changing your thoughts, emotions and actions the other will feel this and perhaps change their thoughts and actions as well. Calmly, Lovingly, gentlely begin to converse with the individual about how to find healing between you both, and if no resolution can be found, find some seperation till the pain within softens and you learn to deal with life.
            It took me a long time to heal the pain I brought home from Vietnam and with the government that had demanded I partake in it. Keep reviewing your own motives for holding onto your anger/negative energy and be willing to open your heart and mind to changing to a more accepting and loving life. Realize that none of us are perfect, we all are learning how to live a life of Oneness with all creation. Be gentle with your judgements about yourself and others, and trust that everything happens for your own best interest. Namaste’

  • Mike Brown

    I think the world would be better off asking if their country could adopted by Canada. 🙂 We aren’t bombing anyone. Big kefuffle over buying fighter jets and we don’t do right by our native people but still…