LET’S DISCUSS IT…How do natural disasters such as the Oklahoma tornado fit into the CWG statement that “there are no victims” in the world?

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  • Erin

    Funny humans are We. Building homes & communities on shores that lay over quaking fault lines, & in consistent tsunami pathways, around the bases of volcanos, along ‘Tornado Alley’, & on ever-flooding river edges. These are natural hazardous areas of here, yet people choose to create disaster zones by populating them.

    We seem to find grand delight in weathering polar icecaps & expansive deserts. We place our trusts in techs & machinery that soar us thru the air even though we have no wings, & glide us through waters even if we cannot swim. We build sanctuaries into mountains & seed ourselves deep into grounds. And our architectural memorials to humandom are as sky-high as we can get them…including outer spaces where we cannot breathe freely.

    How can one claim ‘victim’ of their own choice to place their Self in such precocious situations?

    And when the inevitable does occur, We rebuild the same stuff in the same places, which truly highlights Einstein’s define of insanity…or perhaps, just an insurance clause. Humanity surely provides Universe with continuous comic relief. 🙂

    • mewabe

      Very good points Erin, and it is the so-called civilized human who displays this behavior, because he thinks he is not only separate from nature, but above nature, and has the technological ability to master it.

      Living inside his little head, inside his tiny Cartesian mind, he does not connect the most obvious dots…such as in the example that cutting down trees or vegetation on a hillside ultimately causes mudslides and the destruction of a town below it (it happened in Oregon).

      The civilized mind is so COMPLETELY disconnected from all REAL life that when civilization essentially spits straight up in the air, and the spit falls back on its face, million dollars “scientific” studies are required to understand the process, and the process is repeated until it is “scientifically” proven that the spit that was excreted is the same that falls back.

      The problem indeed is not just a belief in separation (from nature, from all life) but a belief in the SUPERIORITY of mankind and his technology..the belief that the “civilized” mind can conquer, subjugate and MASTER nature in all of its aspects. That’s why we now have to deal with GMO food and weather modification programs.

      The mad scientist current wet dream is to merge computer technology and humanity…he believes that such is the next evolutionary step, not just to create nanocomputer-based body parts, but to fuse the human brain with computer intelligence.

      This is the logical outcome of a civilized worldview that defines life to be essentially not worth living unless it can be whipped into submission by humanity and transformed into docile stuff that responds perfectly to our mad fantasy of absolute command and control.

      What does this have to do with building square houses on tornado corridors? ((round houses have been proven to resist such destruction a lot better…but the civilized mind doesn’t like natural wiggles and curves, only totally unnatural straight lines and square angles will do).

      It has everything to do with it…DISCONNECTION, to a point of borderline psychosis, is how I would characterize civilization.

      My comment has nothing to do with the CWG material, but how could someone who sets fire to himself be considered a victim? As long as human civilization keeps not only ignoring nature but attempts to overcome it in the most unintelligent ways, it will “victimize” itself, and the outcomes will continue to be deadly.

  • Larry

    Here is a thought for the soul. What if, since the world is in shambles and has been for over 2000 years, that the victims of tragedies are really heroes and saints. Maybe they have given up this life at this time to show us a lesson we have obviously have not learned yet. In Book 3, or maybe 2, God talks about how we should be living. One thing was that we need smaller cities, etc.. After each tragedy we see the people coming together and taking care of each other, feeding and clothing, from people all over the world, and having to start all over. I think the message from an event should show us this is what life is supposed to be like. This is how we are supposed to be living and following the command “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and love thy neighbor. Neale, I think there is a chapter in this thought for you, I am not a writer. This message hit me one night straight out of a dead sleep.

  • Mike Brown

    Maximum growth occurs under maximum stress. I walked through my neighborhood one summer night and I’m old enough to remember when on a warm night people sat on their porches and chatted. Now the hum of air conditioners, closed buildings and the blue glow
    of tvs and computer screens was all I encountered.

    Although we’d all prefer our changes gentle this isn’t the age of the quiet pasture. People may learn many spiritual lessons and extraordinary moments of stepping up to the plate to help like Carrie Underwood did sending 1 MILLION $ to aid. And it gives American gov a change to put its people not its military first. The neighbor you never really knew may give you some unforgettable moments. Victim or naked encounter with life in the eye of the storm?

  • Mike

    We may not remember this while we are in this life, but we agreed to come to this life, inclusive of our families, and the location that comes with that for the purpose of providing ourselves with the highest potential to be in the right place at the right time to experience that which our soul needs to experience, this means we also choose to come in as the one we love who dies early (as I experienced personally) or as a result of a tornado, to assist those surviving with whom we made the agreement by experiencing the loss, potentially to allow the experience of compassion, or a feeling so strong that one is motivated to create a method of earlier detection or better protection, possibly the means by which to direct a tornado away from our homes. One cannot be a victim to the end result of what one agreed to participate in.