Introducing your child to the concept
and the reality of God – Part I

Nothing will play a larger role in the reality experienced (and created) by our children during their lifetime than the notions we give them about what I call the Three Foundational Aspects of Physical Expression upon the earth:

1. Life Itself, and how it works
2. Children Themselves, and who and what they are
3. Life’s Larger Realities, and what some people call “God”

The ideas that they carry forward about all of this will impact every area of their day-to-day encounters from this moment until their final moments in the body—just as your thoughts and my thoughts about these things have affected us in precisely the same way (though we may not have known it).

This cannot be overstated. What your children imagine to be true about themselves and the environment in which they find themselves—as well as who or what controls that environment—will not only impact, but create…

  • Their thoughts, their energies and moods
  • Their willingness to attempt and to achieve
  • Their decision to risk and to dare
  • Their determination to reach and to strive
  • Their choice to wonder and to solve, and…
  • Their ability to step into and live the grandest concept of themselves, allowing them to fulfill their highest dreams

So what we are talking about here is pretty important. No. It is extremely important. No. It is of ultimate importance.

I cannot, in this online column, address all of the Big Three. To do so would require a small book. But I would like to share with you here what I imagine myself to know about how to introduce and discuss with your child the last and most important topic: God.

Before we begin, a question please…

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself a key question: Do you want your children to embrace an already established-in-your-own-mind and very particular set of beliefs? Or do you want your children to notice and be aware of your beliefs, and then be empowered to form their own?

Always, in the issue of parenting, this becomes the key question. Not only as it relates to the subject of God, but as it relates to everything.

And we will continue this discussion in our next entry here. I invite you to return.


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