LET’S DISCUSS IT: What do you know about the new virus, Middle East respiratory symptom coronavirus, or MERS-CoV — called by the World Health Organization “a threat to the entire world”?

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  • mewabe

    The new virus is yet another channel for humanity to symbolically express its primal fears, fears that it doesn’t understand and doesn’t seem to be able or willing to resolve.

    The real question is, what do we know about fear? Why are people so afraid of everything, so ready to jump on a new reason to panic, to be terrified? Why do so many seemingly LOVE to fear? (…And fear to love?)

  • Michael L

    I notice a plague as just.fear or dis-ease, that has no place in my consciousness.
    As I enjoy what I have created as a present. The present now.

  • Mike Brown

    WE”RE ALL DOOMED. Just kidding. As a Natural hygiene guy I’ll fast out anything the world dishes out as the body heals itself. Or ships me to the next dimension.

  • Erin

    I didn’t know anything about it until you mentioned it here, then went on a little research mission…funny how this, too, seems to be predominantly gripping males by almost 80%. Hmmm…failing Patriarchy, falling man-folk.(?)

    This ‘virus’ seems to be targeting the cilia producing cells of the respiratory system (cilia are the fine ‘hairs’ that collect & move particles breathed in so they do not enter our air sacs.) The bacterial build-up of such collecting without ways of distributing/eliminating can cause pneumonia-like symptoms, as well as increased mucous production, which is probably why the next break down occurs in the renal (kidney) filtration system. (Our bods are already in heavy compromise with the mucous stuff due to recent food & environmental (air) additives. Hmmm…note that this seems to have emerged from recent war-zones.(?))

    idk…Our bods are attempting to adjust to changes…quite Amazing vehicles…and not just of human, but all of Nature is doing this…on a constant basis. I believe we call this ‘evolving’, and although our condition is to see this process in ‘eras’, it is occurring in every moment of existence. Let’s do take into consideration that over the past century we have not been creating very strong human bodies to begin with, as women had been bombarded with all manner of experimentations during this time…hmmm.(?) You gents have undoubted noticed a serious failing of parts at earlier ages these days, as well…You have been ‘used’ for the past 40+ yrs. Curiosity, Intelligence, man-Control, & Nature…quite a stew to be immersed into.

    Another Lego thrown onto Life’s rug, just waiting for a foot to find it. 🙂

  • Hello Neale

    In our world there are people who make the money by selling the cures to the world
    governments. If there are no sicknesses, no epidemics how are they going to pay billions of dollars to control the political rulers to protect the industry they live in?
    Then here are those who are looking forward to reduce the population to 1 billion
    humans on our planet.
    Pharmaceutical companies and bullet production companies are doing very well.
    People are not stupid to self destroy they own industry, but are short sighted for the
    sake of the profit.

    The view and the definition of the self, and what we see as profit needs to change, the
    way God suggested in your books.
    This is the fast way to fix all our problems.