What is going on in Oklahoma? 17 more tornados, just days after the Big One? If you lived in Oklahoma, would you move? From a New Spirituality perspective, what would you say to the people of Oklahoma right now?

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  • Erin

    “Tornado Alley”…undoubtedly called this with good reason…hmmm. Not exactly a title that would entice me, personally, to move into such an area on purpose. However, there is also no such thing on this planet as a ‘safe place’…at least that I Am aware of…though there are hot spots of ‘disasters just waiting to happen’ that people perhaps imagine being capable of controlling, out-smarting, or out-living…Bless them, every one.

    Dear folks, surviving in this Alley of Ok…Your choices touch All of Us, reflect upon All of Us…I wish you grander vision, greater wisdom, & courage to become Amazing of your circumstances. Blessed be to All, & Good Journey, forthwith.

    Dear Humanity…You have obviously yet to know that the movements of elementals can be re-directed by the will of One…That if a small mass of humans put their focus & energy into dispersing ‘waves’, they would do so with little hesitation…We simply do not purpose-fully intend such as first thought.

    There are reasons that a few remain unaffected in the midst of disasters…Blessed are they who are/have family/friends who intend Love freely & immediately. See these ‘miracles’ as You/God/Goddess-created…which could have just as easily protected the whole lot, if only You knew. Know Now?

  • Stephen mills

    I thought the moment of now was forever changing ,the future then is not predictable so no thing nothing can be set in stone.

    Is this not called free will ,what kind of future would we have if all the doomsday scenarios came true .


  • Mike Brown

    Make decisions that are best for you and your family. Someday, now is not the time to head for the hills. Calmly rationally upon reflection and consideration. Maybe the answer is just access to a underground shelter just in case. No I wouldn’t move. Or you’ll always run from what you’re afraid of. Reacting