God is the source of all help to people in the world, but most people are asking God for the wrong kind of help—and even then they often do not turn to God except when it is too late.

Most people are asking God to change things. They are asking for a change in the situations, circumstances, and events of their lives—not understanding that they are asking God to undo the very conditions that they, themselves, have co-created.

They are asking God for peace on Earth, and goodwill between all people—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

They are asking God for health, safety, and security—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

They are asking God for everyone to have an equal opportunity for full self-expression, for abundance, and for personal happiness—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

It is true. All the while that we humans send up our prayers to God, we deny that we, ourselves, are continuing to co-create the opposite of that for which we say we yearn. And there is one thing we can be certain of in our relationship with God: God will always give us Free Will, allowing us to create in our collective experience whatever it is we choose to create — even when it violates the spirit of everything we say we wish to create.

The chief problem facing humanity today is our absolute refusal to accept responsibility for the experiences that we, ourselves, are collaboratively creating.

What God deeply desires us to do is to allow God to empower us. Yet when we turn to God for the wrong kind of help at the wrong time, it disempowers us, because it affirms our thought that that we are the victims of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

FOCUS: The Nature of God and Life/an exploration of critical importance in our time

As well, it furthers our thought that we are powerless to alter the circumstance we have created, and that God is now the only one who can help us — if there even is a “God.”

As long as most people think of themselves as being at the effect of the events or circumstances in their lives, they are bound to repeat them, because they are not aware of how or why those events have occurred.

This is a declaration, in 40 words, of the precise reason that life is the way it is on the Planet Earth today.

People are not at the effect of the global events and circumstances in their lives, they are collectively at cause in the matter.

Every event and circumstance on Earth is jointly produced, placed into the collective reality as a collaborative creation of The Collective Itself.

And the tragedy is that The Collective does not know this—or, worse yet, does know this, and merely acts as if it does not.

Much of this has to do with our understanding of the nature of God itself. Is there even a being called “God”? What is the true nature of The Divine — and what does it want, need, require? What does it actually do in our lives? How does Divinity interact with Humanity? What is the nature of this relationship? Does it even exist?

These questions and more will be explored here in this multi-part series titled FOCUS: The Nature of God and Life/an exploration of critical importance in our time, headlining The Global Conversation online newspaper in the weeks ahead.  I hope you will join in the discussion by posting in the Comment Section below — and invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to do the same. Now is the moment for a worldwide conversation on a matter of global impact and universal significance.

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  • David Decker

    How do we ask God to empower us? What do we do?

    • Awareness

      God is you. Look within. Know that you create your own reality. Know that you are the God you have been looking for. You and God are one and there is no separation between you. God is already speaking to you through your HEART feelings. Follow your HEART feeling guidance. Follow your HEART intelligence 🙂


      • Heinrich Emrich

        I may be “the God” I may be looking for, which at the same time makes that notion or understanding of God completely meaningless. If there is a God that entity, that person, is the Supreme controler and my origin. What God am I when I have to die… Does God die with me?

        • Awareness

          Thank you Heinrich Emrich, you remind me of the following from the wonderful book “Home with God”:

          7th Remembrance: “Death does not exist”
          10th Remembrance: “Life is Eternal”
          16th Remembrance: “Death is reversible”
          5th Remembrance: “Death is NEVER a tragedy. IT IS ALWAYS A GIFT” 🙂

          You exist forever, you may change “form” but you NEVER not exist 🙂 God never “dies” 🙂

          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Heinrich Emrich

            Thank you Neale for your insighful comment. You wrote”…you are also GOD”. I like that understanding, since it gives me the positive posibility to exist in my essential spiritual nature as well, besides that supreme entity we may call god. BEing at one with is such a revealing understanding, completely opposite to the understanding of beeing all one – and the same – with God. For beeing one with God in quality, in ones essential spiritual nature does no equal the same in quantity. A cup of water may be always considered full of water but the size of the cup may well vary. Love and Light, Heinrich from Nuremberg, Germany. 🙂

          • Awareness

            Thank you Heinrich Emrich 🙂 I am honoured that you referred to me as “Neale” 🙂 I am actually a user of Neale Donald Walsch’s website like you 🙂 But yes we are ALL ONE and “Neale” is an aspect of the GOD that I AM and that you also ARE 🙂 The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Heinrich Emrich

            I see. That may be so according to your understanding. I understand oneness not in the same way as you may do. For me its a unity or like I wrote above I consider myself to be at one with the Supreme, with God, united in love and appreaciation for one another. Of the same nature in my spiritual divine essence in quality but not the same or “ALL ONE” with that person, that entity, An integrated part of the Supreme Whole who is yet complete in him/it self in quantity.

          • Awareness

            I use the following remembrance in the wonderful book “Home with God” as the basis for my understanding of Oneness with God:

            6th Remembrance: “You and God are one. There is NO SEPARATION between you.” 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Heinrich Emrich

            Dear “Awareness” whatever quote you may use here, rising it to the level of divine or godly revelation, your choice not ncesarrily also that of mine, you should also know that from the logical point of view, that word or language term can be understood in two ways and not necessarily just in one. I may be one or at one with ( in harmony with ) my dear wife in many ways and between the TWO of US there might NOT exist any SEPARATION AT ALL in many ways, and still I can never claim logically to have become her in essence nor that she would have become me. Thats logically and realistically not possible as well on the physical level as also on the nature of the spirit. We will ALWAYS remain that what we always were, I and she in our spiritual essence, or the soul if you will.

            The same remains true on the level of our divine one-ness with God. I may be one with that entity and divine source of me and of everyone of us, with God if you will, in many ways. – and still I and You will NEVER loose OUR particular, individual, existence. How could?! How could you?! I and you are on the spiritual, on the non-physical essence level of being always the same personal and everlasting beings, the same as God, our divine origin IS. We are and rightly could consider us to be of the same nature in quality, one in quality, with god, but we are NEVER of the same quality with that divine source of us in quantity. He is and always will be our dear and worshipable Lord of the heart.

          • Awareness

            Indeed you are free to choose 🙂 And yes words are subject to interpretation:

            “Words are the least reliable purveyor of Truth.” – “Conversations with God”

            God does not need our worship. God is neither greater nor less than us because we are God. We are neither superior nor inferior to God. We all have the power of God 🙂

            To explain further, below is a section of the dialogue in “Conversations with God” regarding a question Nancy (Neale’s wife) asked pertaining to HEBs (Highly Evolved Beings) between Neale Donald Walsch and God:

            GOD: Okay. One for Nancy, then. As it happens, it’s one of the best questions in the book.

            NEALE: (Ahem.)

            GOD: Well, it is … I’m surprised you didn’t catch this when we were talking about HEBs. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it.

            NEALE: I DID.

            GOD: You did?

            NEALE: We are all One, aren’t we? Well,THE PART OF ME WHICH IS NANCY THOUGHT OF IT!

            And GOD answers: “AH, EXCELLENT! AND, OF COURSE, TRUE.”

            From the dialogue above, you can see that GOD AGREES with what Neale said that NANCY (Neale’s wife) is also a part of him (Neale) AND THEREFORE HIM (when he said “I DID”) 🙂

            And further still, in the wonderful book “Home with God”, GOD said:

            “The entire universe is composed of ONE THING, ACTING DIFFERENTLY… You are experiencing your Self as the multitudinous Individuality.” 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Heinrich Emrich

            Awareness wrote: “We all have the power of God”. A true statement how I find and one which is true insofar as it makes us known our divine quality and essence. One in quality with the Supreme, and of the same nature, and still the source of all of us is and remains our all source. One in quality with the Supreme but not one or of the same quantity in power as the Supreme, thats why that divine entity is called the Supreme, or God.

  • Dale

    This line of comment comes at a perfect time for me. I see myself getting stressed and whining about something in my life all the time (money) and I am reminded in this that I am getting exactly what I asked for. I can feel my anger towards my situation dissipate (slightly). So but then, I can’t ask for the opposite for now? That is the vibe I get… I think I need to take responsibility for my actions/thoughts/feelings right now, acknowledge where I am at and maybe then I can turn things around. i cacth myself thinking- I’ll be joyful and light once the money comes in…. Perhaps, I should be joyful and light NOW. Have I learnt something? Am I getting it?

    • Awareness

      Indeed be joyful right now. Look for any excuse to feel good. Follow your highest excitement and joy in every moment with courage and integrity 🙂

      Remember as Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY) said “THE FEELING IS THE MANIFESTATION”. Whatever you want whether it’s money or relationships, you want because you believe that in the having of them you will feel good. So you wait for these things to feel good. But the thing is that you MUST feel good FIRST in order to attract what you are asking for 🙂 Don’t wait for the manifestation of what you want in order to be joyful 🙂

      As BASHAR of the Sassani (Living Light) civilisation said, your highest excitement and joy represents your “true core natural self”. It is the “driving engine and organising principle” of your life 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Therese

      Oh, yes, Dale, you have remembered something huge! Gratitude for ALL that is…is the key to active creation. This puts your energy into that which you desire, rather than what you do not…and the Universe says “Yes” to what you give the most energy. It has no judgment of it being good or bad. It just knows what you asked for most strongly though your thoughts of it.

      Aside from all of that, which simply feels better to your body? That’s the key to what works and doesn’t work.

  • Johnny Pierce

    Be fully present in the moment and know all is as it should be – embrace and live this 100% and it will be all one needs to know and do on Earth to live blissfully.

    • Victor

      All is as it should be…

      All is as it should be…? Really???

      If that’s the case, what are we talking about here…?

      • Johnny Pierce

        Well Victor- admittedly it is a judgement from my POV. To not accept what is gets in our way of changing what is. Anything you can accept 100% will bring you inner peace, and then you come from a place of power in being able to change what you can, instead of wasting your breath on resisting what is.

        • Victor

          Well Johnny,

          That sounds different. To change something is different to say that it is as it should be, and no more…

          For me to ‘accept’ is more close to ‘aknowledge’…

          Tell to the millions of children who die from starvarion in Africa or anywhere that their situation is ‘perfect’, or that it is as it should be… Mmmmm… I don’t get any blissful thing in that.

          If what you’re saying is that for changing the situation of millions of chlidren who starve until death everywhere, the first thing we have to do is to aknowledge that, to accept that this is what is now, well, I agree…

          But again, that’s completely different to say that their situation is just fine, and let it be…


    • Victor

      Neale, I think we have another problem, besides what you’ve mentioned:

      “The chief problem facing humanity today is our absolute refusal to
      accept responsibility for the experiences that we, ourselves, are
      collaboratively creating.”

      I guess that prior to that, it is our absolute refusal to aknowledge that there are some problems… Huge problems…

      No, in the Pollyanna world: “everything is perfect”. All we need to know and do on Earth to live blissfully, is to realize that everything is sooo perfect as it is now…

      Party poopers please go away…!

  • Sander Viergevert

    We should if we talk with people include God more and more. Include God in therapies, music songs, school, in our conversations and so on. I mean God is the Essence, i mean co-creating with God is the Essence.

    • Victor

      What God? What kind of god…?

      If we keep talking about God as ‘HE’ is understood by majority in our world, that would be part of the same problem, and wouldn’t help to solve the problems Neale is mentioning…

      I think we’d have to talk about A DIFFERENT kind of God, as He/She appears in books such as Conversations with God, and of course, about a different kind of HUMANITY.

      A God that embraces a real HUMAN Humanity…

      A Humanist God.

      And besides or before this, a God that embraces ALL Life and Earth’s Life.

      An Ecological God…

      The Patriarchal God is not nor humanist nor ecological.


  • We lead by example.

    If it’s a grand example, others will follow enthusiastically.

    We ask, what are we “being” as an individual? Next, what are we “being” as a collective?

    Thus. we practice “being” individually & collectively that which we would like to experience.

    We get & experience what think about, most of the time.

    We educate ourselves & others in a greater understanding of the LOA Law of Attraction.
    It is the senior law of the Universe. It works & plays according to our greatest focus & beliefs.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of peace, joy, compassion, love etc. and all the goodies, the prosperity, the health, the relationships, the joy the solutions we yearn for will come as a natural by product.

    What are you “being” right now? That is your present & future, individually & collectively.

    Magical love streams,

  • Erin

    Personal responsibility IS our/Our Freedom! It gives us the power to create & the intelligence to become grander of consequence…as one & with One.

    I Am all for unleashing this aspect of Humanity/Love. It would be nice to walk among others without the noise of burdening chains…to See folks moving with finer postures of confidence & exuberance…to communicate without the eggshells under foots…to no longer be the most dangerous animal of this world’s existence. Yes, verrry nice, indeed.

    Imagine a plague that blinds & mutes human beingness for a time.

    Imagine having to Feel one’s way through Life…touching to recognize & know…honing other sense-bilities in process…depending on Community & neighbors because travel would be very much slowed–cars & planes, boats & trains unusable. In such state, present techs would need serious adjustments–I-net, gaming, texting, etc. would cease as priority, & who could play with splitting atoms & genetic structures during this time? Cosmetics would not be necessary & fashion would not be, preaching would not be, celebrities & sports would cease as they are…the discoveries of space & time would halt for re-discoveries of Selfs & here/now environments.

    Harsh words, racism, separatism, could not be maintained. Money would become meaningless, as would present politics, as would the opts of surgeries, drugs, & jobs be changed forever.
    Chaotic…oh, no doubt, Absolutely nuts! However, once hunger sets in, fear is side-stepped to seek & provide, & the sorting of those adjustable & not will emerge from the masses. Peace would have whole new meaning…in verrry short time.

    idk…When I’m not sure of stuff, it has helped to imagine being challenged otherwise. And This is a verrry challenging imagining…have fun with this. 🙂