Do you think it is possible for a Muslim to write an objective scholarly exploration of the life of Christ and its meaning to humanity? Do you think it is possible for a Christian to write an objective scholarly exploration of the life of Muhammad and its meaning to humanity?

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  • Christopher Toft

    What is meant by objective? Since no living person has ever met Christ, all we have to go on are very thin historical sources, the gospels & the Quranic verses about Jesus. Same with Muhammad. Exactly who is “objective” here? Is anyone? Regarding Christians & Muslims writing about each other I suspect that in general a certain bias emerges regarding the other religion, by virtue of the fact that both religions have an investment in claiming absolute truth. Perhaps a Christian or Muslim who had a point of view that emerged from a deep understanding of the unity of all things would indeed be able to write a fair minded, honest & compassionate book about other religions. Depends how we define “Christian” & “Muslim”.

  • Amanda Leon

    If we are talking about the case of Reza Aslan, than yes I do believe that a Muslim can write an objective scholarly exploration of the life of Christ. Considering that Aslan is a religious scholar with four degrees including one in the New Testament, and fluency in biblical Greek who has been studying the origins of Christianity for two decades and just “happens” to be a Muslim should not mean he cannot write an objective book about Christ.

  • Marie-France Emond

    Why not ? Both of these are examples of inner realisation. Studying and reflecting on those absolutes in a complete relative way can only bring clarity to the path and purpose of those perfect lives.