You Own the Floor!

For the official record, next week will be my 50th article here on The Global Conversation.

We’ve had conversation about a wide variety of topics. Relationships, The Middle East, bullying, and even time itself. However, through months and months of articles, I realize that there is something very important I have not done yet.

I have been talking to you all, and have made the call to a more peaceful and more unified society. What I haven’t done yet is respond – I haven’t let you respond to my messages about what YOU think, what YOU believe, and what YOU envision for the future. So, to change this way of thinking, I’m opening this post up to YOU. People have heard plenty of my voice, so now it is time for them to hear yours.

I’m letting YOU make the call – YOU choose whatever topic you wish to extend your highest spiritual beliefs towards. Write to me what your highest vision of the truth about whatever topic of your choosing is, and I will respond to it.

So, if you want your incredible teenage spiritual views to be a part of The Global Conversation, just do the following:

-Choose a topic you feel as though I haven’t addressed or one that truly inspires you.

-In a paragraph or two (or longer), express your views on that topic, and (if you feel ever so inclined) ask questions about the topic as well.

-Email this paragraph to me at

-Within the next few weeks, your views and my responses to your paragraph will be my articles. So, if you want to have your views featured, know that you can!

As teenagers, we have a voice that deserves to be heard. The world deserves to see that its youngest generation is truly aware of all that they are and all that there is. I am giving you the chance to use that voice, and I can’t wait to see just how elevated your consciousnesses are!

(Lauren is a Feature Editor of The Global Conversation. She lives in Wood Dale, IL, and can be reached at

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  • iamlife iam

    Hi Lauren,

    I love your writing style. I like how you turn the tables on the reader. You invite the reader to write the article with you as writer. In essence, you move the whole process of writing up a notch. To include the reader in the process of writing is a mark of a genius writer, in my view. The connection between reader and writer is more than a creation, and, your article here crosses the threshold of a new earth, where creator and created are melded as one. Thank you for the interesting perspective. We need more like that not less. What a novel thinker you are indeed.

    I have a subject I would love to hear your thoughts about. Do you perceive the dark
    images in the video gaming industry, the movie industry, actually, in much of the imaging of the whole entertainment industry as somehow impactful on culture? Some argue that these dark images do not impact youth, the perceiver, in any way, while others say they must. What are your thoughts?

    Love to you

  • disqus_hRXDZ7FT3O

    CWG, I raised four kids listening to your tapes ,reading your books, the hard times they got me thru were unbelievable, I love and respect your wisdom and the messages that come thru,
    Their was a time in your life that you made a decision on a topic to let someone influence your message, in the name of selling more books, at that time your gift stopped ,
    Its nice to come from love, but you and I know your not getting a message and if you were it would go something like this. …. Bullying comes in all shapes sizes and colors , sometimes it takes the strong and educated to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves. No one likes war or guns, or hard times or living homeless, but sometime its those times that define us and help us grow.
    Gina LeBlanc