So now it has begun.

Another escalation in international tensions is upon us as a result of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the government of Syria on its own people, and the possible response of the United States of pinpoint missile strikes against strategic military targets in Syria.

President Obama announced Saturday (Aug 31) that he would not order an intervention in Syria by the U.S. without approval in a vote by Congress. That body is not due to return from its summer recess until September 9 — but it could be called back into session by its leadership on a moment’s notice. It is unclear at this stage how much of a reprieve the world has from the threat of a U.S. military intervention in Syria.

Members of the vast spiritual communities that are spread across our planet are asking today: What can we do? In the face of the possibility of this latest and seemingly never-ending use of violence in the name of bringing an end to violence, what can we do?

The answer is that we now have to use, intently and with passionate and mighty focus, the most powerful force in the Universe — a force more powerful, even, than all the missiles and all the bombs and all the chemical weapons in all the arsenals of all the military establishments of all the governments of the world.


Prayer is intentioned Thought, and Thought is one of the Three Tools of Creation given to us by our Creator. Those tools are: Thought, Word, and Deed. Of these, Thought is the most powerful, because Thought is the least physical. Therefore it is the least dense, and thus the most far reaching, permeating all physical bodies, barriers and constructions.

I believe the prayer of the day should be that Congress votes against a military intervention — even a limited, air-power-only intervention — by the United States. The reasons for my belief are found in the lengthier commentary in the news article to the lower left of this website’s Home Page, under the column title Interpreting Conversations with God.

I hope you will read that article at once, and then I hope you will join me and Marianne Williamson in the Global Collective Prayer Initiative, Monday, September 2, at 16:00 GMT (that is 9 a.m. Pacific Time). We will pray solidly and intentionally for ten minutes that the U.S. will not launch air strikes on Syria, and that the larger Syrian conflict may end, at last, with peace and harmony prevailing.

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  • Trisha

    Perfect. I’ll be “there”

  • Victor

    Yes! Amen!

  • iamlife iam

    Whew I’m glad to hear it. Maybe, in addition to the prayer, we can get together enough one lovers, spiritual teachers and average people, too, to also come together and sign a petition against any intervention by one nation alone. No single nation should be launching an attack on another. We are one love. We are one community of one love, so let it be the choice of all involved as one love to decide what to do. We don’t need to stir more energy of fear into the mix already broiling. Love, Love, Love you, Neale Whew

    • Raelene Gavin

      They have more than one nation already. Britain, France and Australia have sided with Obama and his intentions to make yet another war.

      • iamlife iam

        Let us pray that no one has to go to war. Love is not war. Whew Let it be us who creates the knowing that life is love not fear as war. We are peace not war. We are life not fear. Love to all here working for life as love and peace. Let it be us who truly lifts our voice in unity as one love. Let us be heard. I hope we do collect a document to be given to all congressmen, all senators, all house members. Everywhere, let us shout it out no war. No war. Whew we are Gods. We can create heaven if we come together as love. Love to all

  • Michael L

    Our Labor of Love Day.
    Highest intent will be sent!!!

  • kshering

    I’m torn about this. As a Jew who has had relatives die in Hitler’ gas chambers while the world did nothing. Seeing the pictures of young people gassed by their own government, brings back the stories I heard as a youth and my Grandparents saying, “they knew and they did nothing”.
    I have a son in the Military, I don’t want him to go to war again. Do we sit still until we are gassed? Or my husband’s home land Israel? How long can we look away.

    • Victor

      It´s a lie. Just as the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

      We have to learn also from recent HIstory.

      Make a research about “false flag operations” and you´ll see many cases, including the “Gulf of Tonkin attacks”, Libya, and more…


  • I’m very happy to join in and create an intentional energy wave. My
    personal proclivity is to take that time & be the peace & love
    I’d love to see expressed in this conflict. Let that energy determine
    what happens. That is, let love & peace be the dominant influence.

    I love that you are working with Marianne Williamson as well to create an even greater audience.

    We don’t know yet how this Global Collective Prayer Initiative will play
    out, but you can bet the positive loving energy will be absolutely beneficial.

    I would love to see you also get together with other like minded leaders, James Twyman, Oprah Winfrey & others.

    This is a good start, it is being & doing something that we can all do together.

    Wonderful indeed!

    Magical star streaming blessings,-Marko

  • Monica de Liz

    YES!!! Thanks for this divine initiative Neal. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world by coming together as ONE to create light, love and peace. It’s time to remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that our collective thoughts are creating our reality. God Bless You!

  • Nancy Lake

    I feel this is a bad move on our part as a nation and it just might bank rubpt us even more too. Not a well thought out idea.

    • Cheryl Budesa

      It could literally start World War 3

  • Nancy Lake

    I will be intending peace with all my heart. Education is the only way the terror gets lifted

  • Amy Rorke

    Thank you for helping us join our hearts together around the world – not just for the people in Syria but for the international “peacekeepers” that shouldn’t be sent into a needless war. I pray for everyone to stay safe and for our heads of government to act like leaders instead of police.

  • Marjun Villafranca

    16:00:00 Monday September 2, 2013 in GMT converts to
    02:00:00 Tuesday September 3, 2013 in AUSTRALIA/SYD

  • Marjun Villafranca

    some say “PRAYER: How to Do Nothing and Still Think You’re Helping” but my question is can u absolutely know that is TRUE? Lets just be realistic and expect a MIRACLE hey!

    • Michael L

      Prayer of gratitude Marjun.
      That everything we wished has already been gifted to us. The universe can only say yes.

    • iamlife iam

      Hi Marjun, Miracles really do come true. When one gathers in the name of love, all love comes forth for love. We can create a miracle. We don’t have to fear our power. We are power and light. Let it be the light of love that creates the miracle, even in 3 d. Love to all on the call Hi

  • Денис След

    In a praying country noone praying and then acting for commonity is prohibited as an individual – what is, better to know, the governmental position on collective pray, let us reveal the conspiracy on praying – no place to hide under god means no insincerity/ god please help start volunteers and ordinary western people – start building houses together for people suffered. Our indifference and misunderstanding is what to be overcome, together is better, OMen

  • Susanne

    Danish time?? somebody know?

    • Mary Pinizzotto

      google “world time converter”

  • Ariënne Vermeij

    Please, change the words of the prayer in a positive way (“I believe the prayer of the day should be that Congress votes against a military intervention — even a limited, air-power-only intervention — by the United States.”) in: ” may the Congress vote FOR PEACE and HARMONY. (Otherwise our focus is on military intervention – our mind will skip the word “against”.) Thank you!

  • Walter Tonetto

    Hmm, Congress will convene with the mighty arms-lobbies … they are, as ever, ready to inflict calamity … maybe some of the pill-popping members of congress will put the white powder aside and make a decision of the heart … which would be uncharacteristically North-American: the lies, global spying, torture and subterfuge mean the US is losing all the allies it thought it had — It will mean one day a very rude awakeing of imperialist USA!

    Shame on the arrogance of the warmongers in the US!

  • John Darrell

    Thank you for the wisdom, and may the Divine Beloved, the Christ within all, the Heavenly Hosts and our Space Family bring us into Peace and Protection this day and evermore. <3

  • Randy Boles

    If we pray with anger and fear, then that is what we pray FOR!

    Let us pray with peace and love in our hearts.

    Let us pray for clarity and understanding.

    Let us pray for divine guidance to show us all the way.

    And let us remember that we are all feeling lost and alone, and we’re just trying to find our way back home – to each other and to God.

  • Marc Itzler

    how about this. Calculate the dollar amount to be spent on any military campaign and instead, use that to set up a group of UN run, high quality temporary camps either in northern Israel or Lebanon and evacuate all the women and children out of the war zones in Syria. Any men that wish to stay in harms way can remain and fight for their cause. We could also arrange for mass hand out of gas masks like they are doing in Israel to minimize the suffering from any chemical attack in the future. that would be a nonviolent way to protect civilians. Also hand over the steering wheel to Vladimir Putin and ask him to show his statesmanship by taking a lead in the protection of innocents in Syria by either brokering a ceasefire followed by talks without conditions or, he could introduce sanctions and an end to arms supply to Assad to reign him in and show that Russia is a moral nation that also does not tolerate mass murder and violence towards civilians. Putin is very vain and needs to be shown respect and given the chance to show world leadership. He can make the difference and would also get Chinese support. I may not be totally correct but I believe China and Russia are two superpowers that have not used weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations. They are obviously not angels but if we are going to use track record as a basis for moral leadership I think the U.S is somewhere way down the list. This may all seem like a huge mission and would involve massive international recourses but can you see any nation that would not be willing to be a part of that kind of operation?

    • James Freeman

      I grew up in the world of “flower power. peace, make love not war”…I see too many people responding with the same naivete as the Hippy’s of the 60’s. You guys need to grow up and face reality. We are the enemy to them…. we are infidels, Christians and Jews. The bubble you live in, Marc, is about to pop in your face!

      • Marc Itzler

        Thanks for your input James, Not quite sure I’m the one in the bubble here. Sounds to me like you are soaking up a whole bunch of CNN and Fox bubble. What is happening in Syria is not about Jihad on the west, it is a civil war between two factions and yes one is more islamist than the other, I am putting forward a couple of suggestions to protect innocent civilians from suffering that is an alternative to destructive military action. Perhaps what you mean is that you fully support bombing Damascus because the only good muslim is a dead one, including women and kids? Well in my humble opinion that approach has led to very powerful bubbles filled with explosives popping in the face of young American and British soldiers for the last 12 years. Oh and of course the odd bubble in Manhattan, Madrid, London, Bali etc. etc. There are two very powerful and real concepts that hold true James. One is -you cannot fight fire with fire, and the other is- doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Personally I would choose naiveté over insanity.

  • Cheryl Budesa

    What is the Eastern time ? 3 or 4 hrs. earlier ?

    • hempwise

      Just checked on my World clock it,s 3 hours earlier .

    • Utopia

      It’s noon Eastern time Cheryl…I’ll be praying then, want to join me?

    • Julie Montinieri

      They are 3 hours behind us on the west coast, so it would be noon on Monday on the east coast.

  • Tracey Roth

    My prayer this morning and will be every morning that the veil be lifted and we find the way to end the war within each of us. Sending huge blessings to every living being on the planet, with love, peace, and harmony. Honoring and acknowledging value and worth within ourselves and others. Releasing the war mindset and realizing we’re better than that.

    Sending blessings of Metta, and Namaste to All.

  • Julie Montinieri

    Can this be sent, along with the article referred to (Interpreting Conversations with God) to every member of the house, senate and administration?



  • Nattydread

    I wish to participate in this prayer. Does anyone have or can anyone suggest wording for this prayer i can use.

    • iamlife iam

      Hi, I’m just going to try this because I was wondering this myself. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify the highest imagining of this holy, sacred prayer. Here’s my take. May the world create the space of all life as love. May the heart of us unite to heal the spaces of the heart as fear. May the mind of all who live love create a golden heart, so bright that it encompasses the earth and all its inhabitents. May all on earth create the knowing we are here as one love. All love creates the knowing as a tree of all golden hearts who unite as a golden particle of love that zooms to the core of the earth creating lines of golden geometry linking one heart to one heart of one love. That’s the best I’ve got for now on the spot. Love is all we are. I always try to envision light. I just imagine Christ light, golden light and that oughtta do it 🙂 Love to you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • 12stargate

      “I see God’s spirit of love expressing in all people and active in every nation,
      to bring about peace and order in the world.”
      A Silent Unity Prayer.

      I am saying this prayer like a mantra right now. It gives me peace!!

      Nuttyhead:) I hope this helps!

    • Judy Grace

      Just use your own words in regards to the US not launching air strikes against Syria and allowing them to come to peace in their country. Surround those thoughts, ideas with love.

      • James Freeman

        As if they will come to peace…Sorry…Not going to happen. If left to their own devices, the massive, radical elements in the Muslim world will drag the rest of the world into a Hell on earth. MY GOD does not want a world dominated by a people that want to destroy the Christian world. I will Pray for another way, but I will pay attention to the terrible reality that now exists in the world. If it is time for God’s return, Praise the Lord. But don’t stand by deaf and blind to what is going on right in front of your face!

        • Judy Grace

          Wow! where did that come from?

  • Anonamo

    Hey Neale, I will be joining this prayer effort tomorrow, but I have a
    quick question… Isn’t action the most powerful form of creation? I
    mean, that is what you and God said in CwG 1. Have you received some
    new information since then? Thanks for clearing this up for all of us!

    • iamlife iam

      I don’t know, but isn’t there a space beyond thought, word, deed, a space where all act in unison, a space called supraconscoiusness, or something like that, something beyond, id, ego, superego, beyond mind, body, soul, even, something so grand that all life exists as one zooming lightbeam zooming through all on earth forthrightly for all love? That’s what we need –a zoom, a zoom of a living love as a light particle of oneness. Love to you. I hope Neale answers. I don’t know all things. I do know one thing. We are him. Maybe he wants to answer as one tiny aspect manifesting as all life right here right now for all who want to know. I hope he calls forth his zooming particle zooming and grooving in and out of all life to this post. I would like him to answer us 🙂 Love to you 🙂

    • Judy Grace

      Maybe the action right now is the prayer? Just a thought. I will join in tomorrow also. 🙂

  • Karen

    Pray as if it is already done and thank God/The Universe for peace in
    Syria, in our hearts and in the world.

    Love to all, Karen

    • Guest

      Yes indeed. Gratitude that it is already done. Praying for something means we focus on the lack. It is done in the dimensions of no time. Amen. Thank you. Love and thanks. xx

  • L.Mac

    What about praying for the Pacific Ocean?

  • Judy Grace

    As Deepak Chopra states: “It only takes one percent of the population to change the mass conscientiousness.”

  • Linda Phillippi

    Can we please add a healing prayer for the damage that Fukushima has done to our world. Heal the ocean, heal Japan, heal the world. Please.

  • Anon

    I will certainly join the prayer and beseech God to answer in haste!!! Would it not help to start a worldwide petition with an organization like Avaaz who is well known for it’s success rate in overturning decisions?

  • Les Kostoglou

    Thank you for being cause in the matter for what is possible, being the future for this world and you are right, together we can cause peace. Intending for the miraculous to appear is caused in word and the actions will appear. Peace to the people of Syria.

  • Nathan Wolfe

    I thought the best prayer for any situation is a non-directional one that wishes the highest good for all concerned, and then to let go of any attachment to the outcome?

  • marie

    If each one of us radiates through prayer even a candle glow of light, hope, love, compassion, side by side, praying in unison, imagine the sheer brilliance and power this will create.When love joins forces, what can defeat it! And so be it.

  • Theresa Cinaglia

    I’ll be there

  • pauline

    Many blessings for your thoughts and beautiful work, Neale. Editing the prayer so that we leave out the word “not” gives the dictate the power of creating a state desired. Let’s have congress take the positive action to vote against a use of force of any kind. Blessings to all.

  • kat

    Yes let’s pray maybe something peaceful will happen to stop this horrible war but i don’t think bombing is the answer!

  • Yusuef Waheeda

    Bombing is definitely not the answer, nor going to solve the problem or prevent it from happening again, the history proves that, look what happened in Iraq, actions of aggressions never resolved any conflicts in history, it only fueled it. Expanding consciousnesses & finding the real cause of the conflict and let forgiveness & love take hold is the answer. An International collective prayers will pave the way to achieve that.

  • Peacelover Mcol

    “Today we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose – to remake the planet into a haven of joy and understanding and goodness… No one should have to suffer, especially our children. This time we must succeed. This is for the children of the world”. MJJ Superbowl speech 1993

  • historyteach

    Grant Us PeaceGrant us peace. Your most precious gift, O Eternal Source of Peace,
    and give us the will to proclaim its message to all the peoples of the earth.
    Bless our country, that it may always be a stronghold of peace,
    and its advocate among the nations.
    May contentment reign within its borders, health and happiness within its homes.
    Strengthen the bonds of friendship among the inhabitants of all lands.
    And may the love of Your name hallow every home and every heart.
    Blessed is the Eternal God, the source of Peace.
    — From The Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayer Book,

  • joanne

    I will be praying for the truth, lets put in the universal mind field

  • Sharon Corsaro

    link removed above was very impt:: please go to “global care rooms dot org” to pray BIG TIME … join with others around the globe praying – in real time – ongoing NOW, hosted by “the global coherence initiative” – very impt heart-powered world healing work, going on now, for our world… put your own heart energy to work for the good of our world!!

  • drjbaust

    May we be instruments of peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love, where there is injury, pardon…Where there is doubt, faith, where there is despair, hope….Where there is darkness, light….Where there is sadness, joy. (St. Francis)

  • Lydia Frankenhuis

    if our attention goes to “will not” I see that it will increase the negative. Better have what we do like to see in focus.

  • Karen

    I wanted to thank you for your wisdom Neale, now and over the many years I’ve been associated with your writing. I also wanted to join you in the collective prayer and bring a reminder that as well as working collectively, what we do individually brings the energy we want to experience. My greatest teacher right now is a relative who for some months has been intent upon attacking me. Holding compassion for both of us has been challenging however I have persevered and now the attacks are lessening. I also want to add that we approach this from a place of equanimity rather than spiritual elitism. Remembering that without conflict, we would not experience ourselves as peacemakers. Are our enemies devils or undercover angels?

    • Great job Karen on holding compassion for you & your relative. Keep it uP!
      HEB’s can live in peace with out conflict, PEB’s or Primitively Evolved Beings like our selves seem to like all the negative conflict & drama. Magically, -M

  • Beverley Ann Elliott

    Please pray/ask for peace love & light for Syria, its people and all those in conflict. If you are not sure of what to say then créate your own affirmation based totally on positive words for example I PRAY FOR PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT FOR SYRIA, ITS PEOPLE AND ALL THOSE IN CONFLICT. MAY THEY BE BLESSED WITH UNIVERSAL LOVE. AMEN. It is also important to come from your heart centre. Focus on your heart and allow your pray/asking to flow through………. Beverley

  • Connie Keshet Risk

    Nice, as an American citizen, as a citizen of the Middle East I send much joy hope and love to all my Syrian neighbors knowing each is a beautiful soul-human being wih beautiful love to make great and simple miracles in your own lives community and country. I know this you will are doing in amazing ways

  • abolnourashraf

    I promise you,you will find me pray with all of you,that the US will not launch air strikes on Syria

  • Andre_Sheldon

    Dear Mr. Walsch,

    You are very profound. I would like to request that you take it one more step. The step is to think as Gandhi or King would. Yes pray, AND, promote a movement of nonviolence. If there is a “never-ending use of violence in the name of bringing an end to violence,” it is not, what can we do?. It should be, let us use NONVIOLENCE to end the violence. Peace and Love, Andre Sheldon — Director of Global Strategy of Nonviolence

  • Mariella Giura Longo

    I will be there tonight at 5pm UK time. Thanks Neale.

  • gemini1942

    I’ll be praying too. I’ll be praying, hoping that Bassar al Assad will reap his desserts for what, it seems, he has done to his own people, not through war, but an eventual situation finding its own level, like water, if you know what I mean. I fear, however, that, in the meantime, he will continue attacking his equal freedom-seeking population to ensure he remains in power as a dictator, so something will have to give sometime somehow.

  • Nesta007

    I will pray too thank you for your purpose.

  • Raelene Gavin

    Have been praying daily for light to illuminate the darkness and to bring peace, love and hope for all involved. You can’t solve violence with violence and only love, light and peace can help this situation. Asking for peace, seeing the light around all, and feeling the love….and so very grateful for each day of peace and freedom that we experience. <3

  • Jirka S.

    Great idea, I’m with you. And thank you for opening this conversation.

  • Aline Boundy

    Great idea, but isn’t it important to focus on thinking in a positive way? As I understand the LOA, if we pray for the US NOT to launch air strikes on Syria, the message that goes out is “launch air strikes”. Or do I have it wrong?

    • maraegypt

      I’m a long time believer and user of LOA and as regards Syria – only yesterday I realised (having just emerged from another Dark Night of the Soul experience) that the best ‘prayer’ is to relax in the ‘knowing’ that all is well and all is as it should be in Syria as well as everywhere else. There is a balancing and a re-solutioning going on and the intentions of the people of Syria, both those for and against peace are already heard by Source and the solution is waiting for their allowing – don’t worry, no matter what happens – all is truly well 🙂

    • 12stargate

      You got it right Aline!!!!
      It is better to see, in your minds eye, peace,
      However that looks to you 🙂

  • Nanette Francis

    It *is* importatnt, Aline Boundy, to focus on the positive. As you said, that means to be careful about our wording. Any use of a negative word (e.g. – not, un-, etc) will negate what we really intend. We seek Peace — plain and simple. If we say that we “don’t want war” or “don’t let the US launch air strikes”, etc… those are negative ways of expressing our intent and put the attention of our energy upon that negative — war & air strikes.
    We need to be very careful about our thoughts. Keep them simple. Keep them completely positive — right down to the last syllable. It takes effort — disciplined mindfulness — but it’s worth it! 🙂
    Remember: “The mind is the builder.” <3 <3 <3

  • Rahma Hassan

    Love has higher vibrations than war/fight/strike etc. I choose LOVE. Let us all pray for ourselves to ‘be’ Love and then radiate it to the world generally and focus on Syria in particular. And so it is!

  • Alison Nadine

    We seek Peace.

    Peace in Syria, Peace for all our Planet.

    Peace be with us, Love be with us All <3, <3, <3

  • Terri Lynn

    I will join the prayer for peace. Godspeed.

  • iamlife iam

    We just pray that love spreads throughout all life and trust God has our backside hi ho he love to all on the call <3 <3 <3

  • Josephine

    Peace and harmony

  • Tomar Levine

    In the name of Light and Love – may THY will be done! To me that is ever the highest prayer.

  • Zahra

    peace, love, prosperity, harmony, and the divine light and beautiful life for all in this universe, mercy and love to all <3

  • eric buchannan

    The only way conflict will ever be eliminated is to have ordinary people
    from all places sit down and talk with each other about their families
    and worlds. Governments,Militaries, Religions, Banks……. All have
    there agendas. You show me pictures of your kids and I’ll show you
    pictures of mine. It also eliminates the fear and the propaganda that
    keeps us apart and shows us how we are the same as well as different. It
    fosters an atmosphere of cooperation. It is the only way.

    • iamlife iam

      I love this. Had I not met a little muslim girl, I would have never heard her big
      bright brown eyed smile say, “hmmm your food tastes like nothing,” and never
      would I have tasted the love of turmeric. Wow what a great spice:) We need to mingle, so we know how truly one we are as life. We are all life. We are the same. We are love. We are Muslim. We are Jewish. We are Chinese. We are Korean. We are Japanese. We are Indian. We are African. We are everything. We are one life as one love. Love to all life coming forth for all love as one life living one culture of one mighty golden golden heart of Christed Consciousness Whew Weeeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

  • Camelot van Merlin

    Standing by

  • William

    Closely with you in prayer from Thailand.

  • Leiah Rubin Bowden

    Prayer = intention. Let us send our intention, not only our plea.

  • Awareness

    In the name of GOD
    No to military action on Syria.
    YES to World Peace 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • joanne

      Lets go for the truth, Dear God guide us. Lets choose to be Peace Makers one by one…

  • mamada

    how do we connect on the computer?

    • iamlife iam

      we need a Skype, I guess. Any takers 🙂

      • mamada

        i feel we are connected here already. thanks for your reply.

        • iamlife iam

          we are indeed <3 <3 <3

  • Connie Owen-Holloway

    Praying that love wins in Syria.

  • Victor

    Connected with Peace and Unconditional Love from Venezuela…

  • mamada

    positive thought is positive action. may our energy flow to others.

  • Gaia

    Let us never ask for what we don’t want… so carefully word your thoughts and prayers to ask for and to see what we DO want ♥ Very vital distinction!!

  • cindy snow

    May all beings live in peace. May we all live in and create a world that works for everyone. May we all be the change we are looking for. May we all sow the seeds of love and light for everyone.

  • shelly

    Just prayed for solidarity and peace, with the Holy Spirit’s presence over Syria, UN, USA, and all countries. An end to weapons and warfare on this planet.

  • Judie

    I felt that. Anyone else feel that?

    • iamlife iam

      beautiful <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Leiah Rubin Bowden

    Thank you for initiating this. I felt a great deal of power — more than usual — as I rose into the prayer and felt its accumulation. May it succeed as I have called for.

  • Well that went fast for me! I enjoyed this & felt many good things as I did this Global Prayer Meditation. The sun came out literally. I felt peace, love, compassion for Syria & all that things are possible, regardless of appearances

    We did it! Only good can come from this. Whether we made a difference that is outwardly shown as we hope remains to be seen. Yet I think we did.

    Thanks all who participated why not share your experience here now that we did it?


  • iamlife iam

    I felt it 🙂 It felt like love and peace whew right through the chakra line, heart of love we are. Thank you all Whew that was grand 🙂

    • Judie

      Pretty cool feeling!

      • iamlife iam

        yeah it is 🙂 let’s keep it going <3 <3 <3

  • Dave Block

    What a powerful positive flow of energy! I could feel the true essence of our beingness in the form of pure love. It was so beautiful knowing that this was making a difference toward bringing peace not only for Syria, but for all countries around the world.

  • Astrid Jordan

    I missed the event but just spent 10 minutes and sent it ‘back’ in time…it still felt amazing. The energy going around is profound. We should do this more often. xx

    • Or extended & sustained the good energy already present.

    • iamlife iam

      cool 🙂 God does jump time 🙂

  • WO

    May you all, including Neale D W wake up, believe in and get filled with the message of the Old & New Testaments.
    Jesus Christ is THE answer to…everything!

    • iamlife iam

      wow whew and wow my oh my. We are here gathering to pray for Syria, and, you come on here and tell us we are what? Wow What Christianity do you believe in? One that smites, one that houses a mote or a logjam? wow All I know is I am Christ. That’s the message mankind needs to get right. It’s the message he taught. Read your bible and then come back, and, closely examine the parts about the holy sacrament, the body of Christ. And, recall the parts that say ye are Gods of love and ye are me. Recall that religions, such as Catholicism, Episcopalian, and, others believe in the Christ Body, the transmutation of those who partake, and, those who come forth for their brothers in love. When we gather here to say I am Christ, I am his body on earth, we mean to say we are his body, and, we are here on earth moving grooving living light, Christ light for Christ himself. It’s called a New Earth and it’s real.. Light is what we are. We are the light. God spoke it in the bible.
      What light are you bringing to this line of light, this line of prayer gathering here to help mankind, to help our brothers and sisters in Syria? Hmmmm I don’t know, but, don’t throw that stone at me, whoever you are. I know Christ quite well, and, you are not acting like him. You are him, but, you are not creating an open love, a love that begets love. A heart of Christ would never smite one gathering forces of life, light, love to help avoid war. What do you think you are begetting casting such vitriolic vapor at me? Sorry, but, I don’t take those words kindly. I don’t know about the others, but, I love Christ with all my heart, and, I’ll dare you to say anything less. Sorry, but. I’m just saying, you’re not acting like a true heart of one love as a Christian?

    • laura

      Wooow! Wo … my goodness. It is exactly views like yours that made me stop being a “Christian”. Almost all religions are nothing but the politics of man and over the centuries they have interfered with God’s/Allah’s/ (what ever your name of him is) true teachings. I prefer to call myself a spiritualist, and live my life as god-like as possible with the help of Buddhist teachings and meditation. Wishing you love Wo… Namaste

    • Judie

      That’s okay, be patient with yourself, you will come around eventually (or not) but just know that not all Christians may fit into your assumption of what a Christian is. Just like Jesus, we are out here living lives and bringing as much love to the table as possible. Try stepping out of the spiritual box you have created for yourself and express love and try to be of service to your fellow man. Try not to waist too much time judging everyone around you, and except us all as part of you and your experience. Try to avoid buying the illusion of separation and include yourself in this wonderful life :). That way you won’t have to be saddened by your own judgments. Wishing you peace and love and happiness in all ways, ~Judie

  • Jay Roberson


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