If the words of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry can be assumed to be authoritative, the mission of U.S. President Barack Obama and the government of the United States regarding Syria has been accomplished — and no military strike by the U.S. against Syria is or will be necessary.

Has the spiritual energy which has been focused from all over the world on avoiding this confrontation had any impact on the current state of affairs? It is  firmly believed by many in the global spiritual community that it has — and I agree.

Mr. Kerry publicly asserted, at a press conference in the United Kingdom on Sept. 9 while standing alongside the British Foreign Minister, that the U.S. was planning an “unbelievably small” attack on Syria.  Various media reports have him saying this:

“We will be able to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable without engaging in troops on the ground or any other prolonged kind of effort in a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort that degrades his capacity to deliver chemical weapons without assuming responsibility for Syria’s civil war.”

Referring to the much publicized proposal of President Obama to strike militarily at the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Mr Kerry described it as an “unbelievably small, limited kind of effort.” The secretary of state said, “That is exactly what we are talking about doing.”

Observers are now saying that if “degrading” the Syrian government’s “capacity to deliver chemical weapons” is the intention of President Obama’s proposed missile attack, that strike will not now be necessary.  Syrian Foreign Minister told the world’s media, also on Sept. 9, that Syria embraced a Russian proposal for Bashar al-Assad to put his nation’s chemical weapons under international control — thereby making it impossible for those weapons to be used offensively in Syria. If this was the objective of President Obama’s threats to rain missiles down on Syria, we are now in a posture of: Mission Accomplished —and without the use of killing force.

Syrian President Assad has denied any responsibility on the part of his government for a chemical weapons attack outside Damascus on August 21 that the U.S. has said killed more than 1,400 people. Assad has charged that it is rebel forces — whom he refers to as “terrorists” — who are the ones responsible.

Russia and China have publicly agreed with this conclusion, suggesting that the strategy of the rebels in doing so was to frame the Syrian regime, then arouse international opinion and call President Obama on his statement, made months ago, that the use of chemical weapons by the government in Syria would be the crossing of a “red line” that would prompt a U.S. military reaction. The rebels’ objective would be to prompt the U.S. to indirectly assist their own ends by weakening the Syrian government’s defenses.

President Assad said June 9 on the American television network CBS that the U.S. does not have “a shred of evidence” that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapons attack. For its part, the U.S. has said it is not taking sides in the revolutionary conflict, but wishes, separately, to disable the Syrian government’s ability to use chemical weapons. It says that it has traced missiles fired on the target on Aug 21 to positions held by government forces, intercepted voice communications between government military sources regarding the chemical weapons use, and noticed with dismay that Syrian forces bombarded the targeted area with conventional explosives for four days following the attack in an attempt to wipe out any on-the-ground evidence of its involvement in the chemical attack before allowing outside U.N. inspectors in. Based on this evidence, Mr. Obama and his administration say that a punitive and response that incapacitates Mr. Assad’s chemical weapons delivery systems is appropriate.

Now comes the Russian government to say to Syria: turn your chemical weapons over to international control, with the Syrian government saying: “We will so so.” The Russian proposal was said to have followed an off-the-cuff remark by Mr. Kerry who said, when asked what if anything Syria could do to prevent a U.S. missile strike, that all it needed to do was relinquish control of its chemical weapons, and ultimately destroy them. Mr. Kerry’s spokesperson said later that it was a rhetorical remark, and that no one — least of all Mr. Kerry — expected that Syria would even think about doing that. But Russia was said to have seized upon Mr. Kerry’s remarks, and proposed it as a formal solution to the problem of how to avoid a U.S. missile strike on Syrian military installations. As noted, Syria quickly — and publicly — accepted the solution.

That should put an end to this phase of the Syrian crisis. If the rebels did, in fact, launch the attack itself, its strategy of inciting a U.S. attack on the Assad regime will have failed — and the use of such a strategy in the future will be virtually impossible, what with all of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons presumably under international control. On the other hand, if the Syrian government did, in fact, use chemical weapons against its own people to hit back at and cripple the grass roots revolutionary struggle there, that strategy will now be much harder to employ again.

Closer monitoring of all military activities inside of Syria would now also be necessary, to stop the government there from launching a chemical attack (with weapons it has held back from outside control) and then claiming that the rebels have done it.  Similarly, the revolutionary forces are going to have to be willing to allow close monitoring of their activities, to stop them from doing exactly the same thing in reverse, then blaming the government.

But we are one step closer at this moment to a non-military solution to the Syrian crisis, and the Russian initiative can be seen today as having been critical in that regard. By openly and publicly challenging the Assad regime to turn any chemical weapons in its possession over to international control, and by the Syrian government unexpectedly immediately agreeing, Russia may have given all parties a way out of this stalemate.

Now that is what is called an international political solution to a problem that was threatening to become a global military conflagration. Are we out of the woods on this? Probably not yet. Not until the Obama Administration publicly backs off of its threat of targeted missile strikes inside Syria. And that won’t happen unless Congress refuses to authorize such strikes — which it might now have more rationale to do so in the face of Syria’s agreement to accept the Russian challenge. The U.S. Congress is debating the matter this week.

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  • Beverley Ann Elliott

    It is important to continue sending our love, light & peace prayers to Syria, its people and all those in conflict…… We know that the U.S have a plan involving the demise of other countries and they will not give up …….. so, in order to dissolve the fear & malicious intentions our prayers & love are necessary……..

  • Aino Vesanen

    And let’s keep praying and sending light to Assad, too, that he would really hand out the chemical weapons and change his ways.. I must say I’m quite sceptical about that, having in mind how cruelly he has always delt with his opponents and it wouldn’t be the first time during this war to play time with nice but empty promises.. but it seems that Russia is now pressuring him more than before, and maybe Iran won’t stay by his side for any price, either. I am sure that in one way or another, the millions of prayers for peace all around the world don’t go wasted!

  • Kristin Feuerborn

    I think it is important for our nations to focus on peace, and teach their citizens how to resolve difficult conflicts without coming to blows. It is important that life be preserved ultimately! So many have already suffered or been killed, and I should hope that, we as a World, can come up with carefully mediated agreements. It is necessary for our human survival at this point to find a better way. It is uncalled for that more Syrians die in this conflict, and I will continually focus on peaceful resolutions and the unification of human spirits. We may be different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside.

    • ” I think it is important for our nations to focus on peace, and teach their citizens how to resolve difficult conflicts without coming to blows. It is important that life be preserved ultimately! Wonderful comment, and so very true. This needs to be sent to every world leader on the planet. All life regardless of culture, political affiliation,, or anything else that might divide us is sacred, and saving lives, as opposed to spending billions of dollars to destroy it is what we as a “world community” need to focus on period.

  • mewabe

    Glad to hear that we got the children to stop threatening to throw cow dung at each other…for the time being.

    If the world was not run by 4 years old, I wonder where we would get our entertainment.

    • Marilyn Kettle

      Yes, you do sound grumpy and cynical. STOP IT!…NOW!…<3 Never before, in our physical reality, have so many acknowledged the realness of Infinite Love and Intelligence and prayed. It's far more than "cow dung" that would have been thrown. This is perhaps one of the great results/effects of the internet? More people are "aware"??? 🙂 <3

      • mewabe

        It is very effective to pray for peace, to feel it, visualize it, etc…(even while grumpy…let peace triumph damn it!)

        But in order for peace to become the norm rather than an armed peace between periodic wars, humanity has to understand what stands in the way of this peace, wouldn’t you say?

        And I am not referring to political machinations or socioeconomic/territorial /religious/resources issues.

        War has existed since the dawn of time, it even exist among chimpanzees.

        It seems that in spite of all statements to the contrary by humans, most living creatures (except perhaps the sloth) love a good drama and a good fight with a lot of sweat, blood and tears.

        There is something in the human psyche that is deeper than all conscious thoughts and beliefs, that needs to be looked at and examined.

        As a side note: spirituality, for me, is not a feel good medication, and it is not about seeking miracles. It means a quest for truth, for self knowledge. It appears that self knowledge is the one thing most people seek to avoid at all cost, even at the cost of dying.

        Denial and evasion are the modus operandi of the human race, which, the way I see it, is very unspiritual because leading to devolution.

        Yes, more people are aware of world events because of the internet, but at a very superficial level and without wanting to look at the root causes, at the deeper psychology, at the collective unconscious.

        • Marilyn Kettle

          🙂 Hi Grumpy,

          I’m no airy fairy person either…believe me. I can’t tolerate anyone who “tiptoes thru the tulips” , and I so do not do that either. But I do know that if we focus only on the negative and what’s wrong, we’re not going to change anything. Our thoughts create our physical reality…followed by our choices and decisions.

          As far as Peace goes, I just want to see a “live and let live” type of reality, from a base of Love, with no violence and destruction of one another. My God, we really are all in this together and can help one another.

          What I’ve realized as of late is that a common thread that exists between and among all things negative/hurtful/destructive..I’ll try to be as concise as I can and would appreciate your feedback.

          My rude awakening or clearer understanding or whatever you want to call it has been recognizing that the “root” energy of “better than, inequality, hatred” is the “same” root energy that causes “racism, homophobia, class inequality” and yes, that is the very same energy that has been around causing problems for eons.

          Ex: We can’t fix racism while allowing homophobia to exist…they are different expressions/manifestations of the same root, negative energy of “better than” and “less than”….ultimately, a devaluing of another’s life…an inequality.

          Where and how that began, I don’t even have a clue and I’m not going to even try to figure that one out. I do know that it exists and that we have to do our work to transform it. I know enough that “we” are not better than anyone, but “they” are not better than we are, yet we’re at the mercy of the strength of their choices and decisions and that as far as “they” are concerned, we individually don’t even exist.

          Actually, I think that we’ve given too much freedom to our egos and the ego became negative and irresponsible, much in the same way if we relinquish our responsibility as parents and let the children raise themselves…we given up our Loving Guidance to laziness.

          You didn’t exist in my reality until I read what you had written, but I’m so glad to meet you. I think Neale would be very happy to see us talking like this. 😉 And this couldn’t happen without the internet. So we have a Lot going for us in this physical realm.

          Anyway, I know enough that our thoughts are heard by ALL THAT IS…and also, the more positive and loving “we” are will add that energy to our Collective Unconscious and help transform that unwanted and problematic negative “root” energy you spoke of to one of loving fairness, appreciation for one another, and recognition of our equality…and that is not airy fairy, that is truth and I gladly take responsibility to do that. Understanding the “root” causes as best we can, can help us do that job well.

          I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts into words right now because I’m trying to be speedy with my time, so I’ll close this message here. But I do look forward to hearing your thoughts. Not everyone is superficial…we have a very great number of people who truly care. 🙂

          Also, I want you to know I truly understand about being superficial and our collective unconscious. If we don’t take care to process and be responsible with our thinking, all that shallowness and foolishness goes into our collective and “allows” the crap to manifest….though I’ve been learning since before 1988, I didn’t “wake up” until 9/11. <3

          • mewabe

            Great to meet you online as well!

            I totally agree that every problem is connected, and most likely has the same origin…

            Some people (and A Course in Miracle) state that the problem is a belief in separation. But they stop there, and do not investigate where this belief comes from.

            I am interested in finding the common origin of our problems, because the way I see it, healing is more complete and final with insights (“in sights”, inner understanding).

            Neale’s and many other people’s theory is that these problems originate in our belief systems…but again, there is no thought as to where these beliefs come from (not in terms of history or geography, but in terms of the human psyche).

            We can heal a condition, personal or a world condition, with love, positive energy, thoughts, changing beliefs, etc…temporarily, until it manifests itself again in a different form, because the root cause has not been made conscious, it has not been understood.

            This is where I differ from most spiritual schools of thoughts, past and present.

            You wrote: “Where and how that began, I don’t even have a clue and I’m not going to even try to figure that one out.” This is precisely what interests me…this is what I think is crucial, what is the key needed to open the door to complete freedom, personal and global.

            I do not believe we can operate our minds (even our “higher minds” or “higher consciousness”) if we do not know or understand their contents.

            It would be like building a beautiful city over a huge hollow cave full of unknown, live creatures…some good, some not so good. Such are the collective and individual unconscious, unknown, and full of things that end up controlling us and the world unless they are made fully conscious and consciously healed.

            Otherwise I agree with everything you wrote…

          • Marilyn Kettle

            Yes, those old questions “Why are we here? Who made us? Where did we come from?” Answers to those questions would certainly help provide an understanding of our “negative” root reactions and thoughts beyond the general “it’s in our beliefs”.
            It seems we had to learn it somewhere, just as we are not born racist but it is a “learned” or “taught” belief and action. Of course, as adults, we make the choice to be such. I was fortunate to come from a loving family.

            I’ve always been open-minded and willing to learn and consider various things….so I also read about the Sumerian Texts re: Enki and Enhil…two alien brothers who are somewhat similar to Cain and Abel. Those texts are more than 6000 years old and I think written on stone. Though it might be woo-woo to most people, I had no problem “considering” and still “consider” the possibility that it’s true. In the long run Enki would become known as the loving God, and Enhil as the one who brought floods and destruction….which would explain why Jehovah is this way and that.

            It’s really quite interesting. While it doesn’t answer your “specific” question, it might be worth checking out just for consideration. It is not, and I mean Not, spiritual like “Conversations with God” or “A Course in Miracles” or various other channels. Why I think it’s worth checking out is because it was, supposedly anyway, verified to be over 6000 years old and takes away some of the mystery of how we humans came to be….just something to consider is all.

            I also believe that we were created as Sparks of God during the Big Bang…but the tricky part is that I believe we are “conscious” sparks and that the Big Bang keeps right on Banging. LOL I think we were created randomly but given the gift of free will and choice to find our way Home to our creation…but that also includes that “amnesia” or collective unconscious…and I also have no problem seeing that aliens would have been created in the same way. But I think that it’s us humans that made the decision to consciously find our way Home, and that that’s why we are so Spiritual…and if there’s any truth to the Sumerian Texts, it would explain where our competitive and negative attitudes came from.

            We know there must be positive and negative in the physical …but my personal opinion is that plowing the fields would be enough negative energy for would washing the dishes..not bad energy, just the negative of the positive because of the work and effort involved to reap something good.

            Okay, got to go see my daughter and maybe pick up one of my granddaughter’s to go out and eat…Have a great day and I hope I didn’t give you cause to think I’m crazy by talking about the Sumerian Texts and aliens.

          • mewabe

            Hi, no I don’t think these are crazy thoughts…I will research the story of Enki and Enhil…whether myth or realty, such stories are always interesting.

            Myths are very relevant because they reveal much about the human psyche (see Joseph Campbell “The Power of Myth”).

            I will try to reply later with more thoughts…have to work on deadlines now.

          • Victor

            The origin of all this…

            It seems to me that the author Zecharia Sithchin has a lot to say about sumerians, etc., in his books “Earth’s Chronicles”. I’ve read part of a couple of his books and I find them at least very interesting…

            And I was amazed yesterday reading a monumental book by Paramahansa Yogananda named “The Second Coming of Christ”, and find that he believed that Satan exists! He gives a long explanation, nothing superficial, about how and why Satan arised, based in the polarity of our physical realm, etc. Of course he does not give him a character as another god, the compliment of The ONE Spirit, the All in All is ONE, etc. but he does explain that Satan is a real personality with a purpose, functions, admitted by God, etc. Jesus several times mentioned him (“he is homicide from the begininng, liar, and father of lies, etc.).

            So, Satan is in part responsible for the ‘exagerated’ duality, illusion, denial, and unconsciousness of this world.

            Interesting, but I didn’t buy it. I don’t see any point in it.

            Perhaps I’m too influenced by Conversations with God, that states that this devil, Satan, does not exist at all, he,he.

            Anyway a good topic, isn’t it Neale?

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  • Marilyn Kettle

    Well, I am also sending love to President Obama, and to all people of our world. I don’t believe for a moment that he “wanted” to take military action but was “forced” into it…whether by assad or the rebels or set up by assad, putin, china, and iran. Obama is not a “warring” man. The fact is, ALL THAT IS worked behind the scenes to lead us to where we are now…I believe and trust that ALL THAT IS heard our prayers, requests, demands, pleadings…whatever you want to call them…and that today is a clear sign/gift THEY are giving us. And I believe that this is what President Obama has been praying for as well. Thank YOU, ALL THAT IS, for doing YOUR behind the scenes loving magic.

    • Therese

      Yes, this feels like a global “conspiracy” to save face, doesn’t it?

      • Marilyn Kettle’s almost like they were calling Obama’s bluff….Obama is intelligent and peace loving…AND strong AND SPIRITUAL. That is something that THAT other mentality is not. Don’t worry, I know that on another level of awareness they are and this is the human illusion acted out…but had this been GW, we’d have already been involved in a horrific world war. Maybe one of the reasons this happened, or maybe the only one, was to wake people up to the horrors and identify their values, as we bring in our New World? <3

        • Therese

          I can see the back door machinations now: I will say this, and you will say that, and that will make you look like a hero, and you look reasonable, and give me a way out, and take the WMD out of the game plan…

          • Marilyn Kettle

            Yes…and I don’t really think Kerry made a blooper when he made that remark about “turning the chemical weapons” over to international to be destroyed…it gave putin the opporutnity to come out as hero. It’s still a risk, no doubt…but even though “they” aren’t spiritually aware (that we know of), they are “fully aware” of what the results of military action would be for our world. It’s that “timing” thing that’s still got me though…syrian against syrian, Snowden granted asylum in Russia, putin coming out against gay people, chemical weapons unleashed at random…and syria’s constant refusal to relinquish their chemical weapons at the multiple requests of the US…All things that they are fully aware that the US and the Free World stand for. omg, it’s just too confusing and heartbreaking. It’s all intertwined and frightening, no matter what we “know” Spiritually. It’s very important that we keep our personal lives happy and peaceful and consciously send our happiness to the Universe, so watch comedies, enjoy our families, and LOL every chance we get and consciously share that energy with ALL THAT IS. Until those weapons are destroyed, Obama and our allies have to remain as “hard asses”…while I don’t like it, I understand that. <3

  • Awareness

    The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂 And now prayers must continue for complete Global disarmament and World Peace 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • We will see what the President says tonight.

    I like the headline, “Mission Acomplished” but Bush said the same thing around 6 weeks into the Iraq war and look what happened.

    Nevertheless, I feel this is different, we had & continue to have a lot of the world intending, praying, visualizing peace & that impact will be seen and heard tonight.

    I visualize that it truly is mission acomplished.

    • Nothing is accomplished, the killings are still happening, so what has really changed. Ask the Syrian families that have been displaced, the children who have died, and the people who have lost other loved ones. Bet you won`t get the answer you think !

      • At least for the moment what has been accomplished is that sending missles is not on the table as strongly as b4. The future is not written in stone, we as a collective are writing it every moment.

        The key Mel is, are we creating & writing it consciously or unconsciously?

  • Victor

    It seems as if the miracle is happening!

    US Congress delayed the vote about bombing Syria. And other alternatives different to bombs are arising!

    And it seems, that we, the people, are the cause.

    So be it! Let’s keep on! Amen!

    September 10th, 2013 9:21 AM

    The Other Super Power Is Winning

    By David Swanson

    It’s not Russia. It’s not al Qaeda. It’s not Bashar al-Assad. The
    other super power is the people of the world — and the people of, but
    not by or for, the United States.

    The world’s people are protesting. U.S. citizens abroad are
    protesting at U.S. embassies. The British Parliament said no to war for
    the first time since Yorktown.

    The U.S. polls began with single-digit support for attacking Syria,
    climbed a little with the corporate media onslaught, and then started
    sinking again as the propaganda push shifted into self-defeating top

    Taking the stage after Colin Powell, the Obama-Kerry war marketing
    team was compelled by public pressure, foreign pressure,
    government-insider pressure, past public statements, and the inability
    of even the corporate media to keep a straight face, to take this war
    proposal to Congress — and to do so while Congress members and senators
    were at home in their districts and states, where people were able to
    get in their faces.

    Congress has been feeling the heat. Sure, there is greater
    willingness by some Republican members to oppose a war if the president
    is a Democrat. But there are also Democrats openly supporting the war
    because the president wants them to. The decisive factor has been
    public pressure. Senators and representatives have been turned around
    by their constituents, and that minority still supporting an attack on
    Syria openly says they’re defying the people who elected them. If there
    is no vote in Congress, it will be because the vote would fail.

    Now is the time for Congress and the president to hear our voices more loudly than ever.

    Secretary Kerry stressed on Monday that he hadn’t been serious about a
    diplomatic solution. It was just “rhetoric.” He was just pointing out
    the “impossibility” of Assad handing weapons over. He didn’t want
    anyone to take it seriously. Not when we have to get a war started. Not
    when the clock is ticking and he has already Colin-Powelled himself in
    front of his old committee with his wife behind him and protesters with
    bloody hands filling the room and everybody snickering when he claimed
    al Qaeda would install a secular democracy. Not after all THAT!

    How can you ask a man to be the last one to lie for a dead idea?

    But warmongering senators and presidents and presidential wannabes
    jumped at the chance of a way out of watching Congress vote down a war,
    and watching Congress vote down a war because we made them do it.
    Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee has a proposal for a diplomatic
    resolution. Republican Congressman Chris Smith has proposed a United
    Nations war crimes tribunal. (One might hope it will even look at the
    crimes of both sides in the Syrian war.) The always obvious, but
    hidden, fact that there are alternatives to bombing people is bursting
    out all over.

    Sure, some people dislike this war because it would cost money, or
    because the Iraqis are ungrateful for the destruction of their country,
    or because Obama was born in Africa, but mostly people oppose this war
    for very good reasons — and the financial cost is not really a bad
    reason. From right to left, people don’t think the United States should
    be the world’s vigilante. From left to right, people don’t believe the
    justifications presented without evidence. From right to left, people
    understand that killing people with the right weapons to protest their
    being killed with the wrong weapons is little bit crazy. From left to
    right, people don’t believe tales of short and easy wars that will pay
    for themselves. And, across the political spectrum, people have begun
    to be able to smell lies, even when those lies are wrapped in flags and

    We should give our government credit for listening — if it listens.
    By no means are we out of the woods yet. If you want to be able to say
    you were part of the movement that prevented a U.S. war, now is the time to email and telephone and join in activities.
    We should not, however, fantasize that our government secretly held our
    position against the war it was trying to roll out, before we compelled
    it to hold our position.

    Let them thump their chests a bit about how their threats won
    something out of Assad, if that allows their war fever to pass. But
    don’t for a minute lose the significance of what the U.S. public has
    done to the otherwise broken U.S. government. Out of whatever
    combination of factors, it just may turn out that we’ve stopped a war.
    Which means that we can stop another war. Which means that we can begin
    to work our way out of the war machine that has eaten our economy, our
    civil liberties, our natural environment, and our soul.

    Assad may be lying. Or Obama may lie that Assad is lying. Or this
    whole thing may otherwise fall apart and the push for this war be back
    with a full-court press on Congress. But we can stop it if we choose to do so.
    We can push as hard for peaceful solutions in Syria as we’ve pushed to
    prevent the bombs from falling. In fact, we can push 10 times harder.

    And the warmakers will be back with another war. Have no fear of
    that. Seriously, have no fear of it: We are a super-power. They are a
    vestige of a barbaric practice that has become an anachronism even while
    remaining our largest public investment. They are dinosaurs. They’ll
    come back with a “defensive war”. That was their biggest failure this
    time; they didn’t make Syria a threat. Senator Harry Reid on Monday
    painted Syria as Nazi Germany, but he sounded like Elmer Fudd warning of
    a killer rabbit.

    Laughter is our most potent tool. We must mock their
    fear-mongering. We must laugh at their claims of power and benevolent
    intent. We must ask to see the list of nations that are grateful for
    past bombs. We must inquire whether senators who play video poker while
    debating war plans, or secretaries of state who promise wars that will
    be both tiny and significant with no impact and a decisive result, are
    perhaps in need of better medication.

    But let’s not count our doves before they hatch. Get in on this
    successful movement now. It’s going to be one to tell your
    grandchildren about.

  • Petra Walter

    Yes,prayers must continue for complete Global disarmament and World Peace and love needs to replace the hate and torment.

    Thank you God for being a vibrational match with many of the lightworkers that have worked on this non stop.

  • Victor

    And by the way… Happy Birthday, Neale!

    In this of your life, I think that God wants you to know that in this new cycle, you are more and more blessed each day…

    Hugs and blessings!

  • Awareness

    Happy Birthday Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

  • Awareness

    “Syrian FM: We are ready to sign Chemical Weapons Convention”

    “Syria said it would sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, following Russia’s proposal that it hands over its chemical weapons to international supervisors. Damascus pledged to open its storage sites and provide full disclosure of its stocks immediately.

    “We fully support Russia’s initiative concerning chemical weapons in Syria, and we are ready to cooperate. As a part of the plan, we intend to join the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in an interview with Lebanon-based Al-Maydeen TV.

    “We are ready to fulfill our obligations in compliance with this treaty, including through the provision of information about our chemical weapons. We will open our storage sites, and cease production. We are ready to open these facilities to Russia, other countries and the United Nations.”

    by RT

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Awareness

      This is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT 🙂 Now all nations must give up Chemical Weapons 🙂 We continue to pray for complete Global disarmament and World Peace 🙂 Thank you GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

    • What wasn’t said , or spoken about by anyone here, is that he never said the slaughter would stop. They still have a view that the rebels are Al Qaeda, so the next move is…….? No clue, not even a proposal, of any sort of conclusion threat of force would have done what ? Kill more people, add to the body count someone is keeping somewhere. The draft that is being proposed needs to go further so that more people (civilians, rebels, Assad forces) won`t have to endure the final punishment……..death.

      • mewabe

        Al Qaeda are part of the rebellious forces, which the US government doesn’t like to admit, because it would make Americans wonder why in hell we are supporting our STATED ENEMIES.

        Indeed it takes an admirable collective effort on the part of the US government, the mainstream media and the US population to ignore or deny such a blatant, GLARING fact.

        If the US supported the Syrian government, you can bet anything that it would denounce these very same Al Qaeda rebel forces it is now supporting as “terrorists”.

        Yes, we are made to live within the dirty, foul cesspool of endless lies and manipulations generated by our so-called leaders.

        And they are so far gone into insanity and arrogance that all we seem to have left is indeed prayer!

        I hate to ruin the celebration here, but I can’t say that I see this as a positive condition for the world.

  • Aino Vesanen

    If the chemical weapons will really be handed to UN, it is a big step forward, to which all the millions of prayers and peace-will around the world contributed to, now doubt!
    However, it is probably too early to say “mission accomplished”, because giving up chemical weapons doesn’t mean that the war in Syria is over. Whether or not there would be a military intervention by the western powers, the war is already there, as it has been for over 2 years now, and the Syrians are in the middle of it, not us westerners (despite that we often seem to think that we are the center of everything..) It is our (the rest of the world) responsibility to help them, because they are our sisters and brothers. Help and support them in one way or another, now and for a long time in the future!
    So let’s keep visualizing and praying for peace, reconciliation, safety, healing and everything good that we just can imagine for Syria, as well as to the other peoples that are suffering from wars, or wounds left by wars and all kinds of violence!
    <3 <3 <3 Even more so encouraged by this miraculous turn of events we are about to witness, God willing! Prayers DO help!!!

  • Victor

    We are very happy that the miracle of postponing the attacks is happening, and eventually, they won’t occur. So be it. Amen.

    But this is not over, yet.

    So, I think that we must keep on praying, by one side, and by the other side, we must keep focusing and spreading evident truths, that not everybody would like to see. But necessary. It’s necessary to point out that the “king is naked”. I believe that this is one of the big reasons that have helped to stop this madness, by now. People are seeing some truths and are saying: “No Way! Don’t tell me the king is exquisitely dressed, when he’s not, he’s naked!”.

    As this very powerful and smart article highlights:

    The (farcical) emperor is naked

    By Pepe Escobar

    There is nothing tragic about the Obama presidency, capable of drawing
    the analytical talents of a neo-Plutarch or a neo-Gibbon. This is more
    like a Pirandello farce, a sort of Character in Search of An Author.

    Candidates to Author are well documented – from the Israel
    lobby to the House of Saud, from a select elite of the
    industrial-military-security complex to, most of all, the rarified
    banking/financial elite, the real Masters of the Universe. Poor Barack
    is just a cipher, a functionary of empire, whose ”deciding” repertoire
    barely extends to what trademark smile to flash at the requisite

    There’s nothing ”tragic” about the fact that during
    this week – marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11 – this presidency will
    be fighting for its bombing ”credibility” trying to seduce
    Republican hawks in the US Congress while most of the warmongers du jour happen to be Democrats.

    Republicans are torn between supporting the president
    they love to hate and delivering him a stinging rebuke – as much as
    they are aching to follow the orders of their masters, ranging from
    the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to military contractors.
    Once again, this is farce – caused by the fact that a man elected to
    finish off wars is eager to start yet another one. And once again
    without a United Nations vote.

    The White House ”strategy” in this crucial
    negotiating week boils down to this; to convince the US Congress that
    the United States must start a war on Syria to punish an ”evil
    dictator” – once again, as bad as Hitler – for gassing children. The
    evidence? It’s ”indisputable”.

    Well, it’s not ”irrefutable”. It’s not even
    ”beyond-a-reasonable-doubt”. As Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis
    McDonough admitted, with a straight face, it boils down to ”a quite
    strong common sense test, irrespective of the intelligence, that
    suggests that the regime carried this out”.

    So if this is really about ”common sense”, the
    president is obviously not being shown by his close coterie of
    sycophants this compendium of common sense,
    compiled by a group of top, extremely credible former US intelligence
    officials, which debunks all the ”evidence” as flawed beyond
    belief [link provided here in the original]. To evoke a farce from 12 years ago, this clearly seems to be a case of ”facts being fixed around the policy”.

    And to compound the farce, this is not even as much
    about Syria per se as about ”sending a message to Iran”, code for
    ”if you keep messing with us, you’re going to be bombed.”

    Follow the plutocrats

    Then there’s the ”credibility” farce. The Obama
    administration has convoluted the whole world in its own self-spun
    net, insisting that the responsibility for the ”red line” recklessly
    drawn by the president is in fact global. Yet the pesky ”world” is
    not buying it.

    The Arab street doesn’t buy it because they clearly see
    through the hypocrisy; the desperate rush to ”punish” the Bashar
    al-Assad government in Syria while justifying everything the apartheid
    state of Israel perpetrates in occupied Palestine.

    The Muslim world doesn’t buy it because it clearly
    sees the demonization only applies to Muslims – from Arafat to bin
    Laden to Saddam to Gaddafi and now Assad. It would never apply to the
    military junta in Myanmar, which was clever enough to engineer an
    ”opening”; the next day Westerners were lining up to kiss the hem of
    Burmese longyis.

    It would never apply to the Islam Karimov dictatorship
    in Uzbekistan because ”we” always need to seduce him as one of our
    bastards away from Russia and China.

    It eventually applies, on and off, to the Kim dynasty
    in North Korea, but with no consequences – because these are badass
    Asians who can actually respond to an US attack.

    Informed public opinion across the developing world
    does not buy it because they clearly see, examining the historical
    record, that Washington would never really be bothered with the sorry
    spectacle of Arabs killing Arabs, or Muslims killing Muslims, non-stop.
    The 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war is a prime piece of evidence.

    At the Group of 20 summit last week, the BRICS group
    of emerging powers – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa –
    as well as Indonesia and Argentina, clearly stressed that a war on
    Syria without UN Security Council approval would qualify Obama as a
    war criminal.

    Even among the European poodles ”support” for the
    White House is extremely qualified. Germany’s Angela Merkel and even
    France’s attack dog Francois Hollande said the primacy is with the UN.
    The European Union as a whole wants a political solution. It’s
    enlightening to remember that the EU in Brussels can issue arrest
    warrants for heads of EU governments guilty of war crimes. Someone in
    Paris must have warned attack dog Hollande that he would not welcome
    the prospect of slammer time.

    ”Evil” as a political category is something worthy
    of the brain dead. The key question now revolves around the axis of
    warmongers – Washington, Israel and the House of Saud. Will the Israel
    lobby, the more discreet but no less powerful Saudi lobby, and the
    Return of the Living Dead neo-cons convince the US Congress to fight
    their war?

    And then there’s the curioser and curioser case of
    al-Qaeda – essentially the Arabic denomination for a CIA database of
    US-Pakistani-Saudi trained mujahideen during the 1980s: the oh so
    convenient transnational bogeyman that ”legitimized” the Global War
    On Terror (GWOT) of the George W Bush years; the ”opening” for
    al-Qaeda to move to Iraq; and now, no middle men; the CIA and the Obama
    administration fighting side-by-side with al-Qaeda in Syria. No wonder
    the denomination ”al-CIAeda” has gone viral.

    With farce after farce after farce piling up in their
    own Tower of Babel, the much-vaunted ”US credibility” is in itself
    the biggest farce of all. Politically, no one knows how the vacuum
    will be filled. It won’t be via the UN. It won’t be via the BRICS. It
    won’t be via the G-20 – which is seriously divided; at least new
    multipolar players are carrying way more weight than US poodles.

    Much would be made to restore ”US credibility” if
    the Obama administration had the balls to force both the House of Saud
    and Qatar (”300 people and a TV station”, in the epic definition of
    Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar Sultan – aka Bandar Bush) to end once and
    for all their weaponizing of hardcore ”rebels” and ultimately
    hardcore jihadis, and accept Iran in the negotiating table for a real
    Geneva II peace process in Syria. It won’t happen because this
    bypasses farce.

    Once again; helpless Barack is just a paperboy. The
    plutocrats in charge are getting extremely nervous. The system is
    melting – and they need to act fast.

    They need a Syria as docile as the Arab
    petro-monarchies. They want to hit Russia bad – and then discuss
    missile defense and Russian influence in Eastern Europe from a
    position of force. They want to hit Iran bad – and then continue to
    issue ultimatums from a position of force. They want to facilitate yet
    another Israeli attempt to capture southern Lebanon (it’s the water,
    stupid). They want a monster gas pipeline from Qatar for European
    customers bypassing Iran and Syria as well as Gazprom. Most of all,
    this is all about control of natural resources and channels of

    These are real motives – and they have nothing to do
    with farce. Farce is only deployed to kill any possibility of real
    diplomacy and real political discussion. Farce is a theatrical mask – as
    in ”humanitarian” imperialism – the ”acceptable” version of the
    Dick Cheney-run years.

    It’s as if Dick Cheney had never left the building;
    paperboy Barack is Dick Cheney with a ”human” face. The only good
    outcome in this multi-sorrowful tale is that the real ”international
    community”, all around the world, has seen the naked Emperor in all
    its (farcical) glory.

    • mewabe

      They (our leaders) don’t even care about being naked in their lies and manipulations before the world.

      They have become so arrogant, so sure of their power and so despising of the seemingly ignorant and easily manipulated populace under them, they can jump from one lie to the next without loosing a beat AND WITHOUT A SINGLE CHALLENGE.

      And the media applauds and believes, as they fulfill their roles of being docile and spineless subservient to the Empire.

      It is an interesting show, but to be honest I can only take so much before I feel like regurgitating my lunch!

      • Victor


        Ok, Mewabe… Light and Love for you…!ndeed! he,he…

        Someway, I like to think that what many researchers say, including the article by David Swanson below and this by Pepe Escobar, that credibility and public opinion matters somehow, and that it’s not the same if 70% of US (or the world) public oppinion believed the Weapons of Mass Destruction bullshit, than if 70% of that public opinion did not; it’s true.

        I think that ‘leaders’ feel and think at least as SOME challenge, if people don’t believe their manipulations and don’t buy their crap. More if that could become as street manifestations, and more if some election is near, of if some press or media starts to back and support people.

        I am able to think that public opinion has played a role in this ‘delaying’ of the issue. Of course, the Russian position and proposal, and many other situational facts, are clue here.

        But I think that it is not the same if 70% or more of public opinion say: “yes!, bomb Assad, bombs away!”, than if 60 o70% says: ” No!, Not in Our Name!”

        Perhaps I’m still a little naive yet, he,he…

        • mewabe

          I agree, the majority of the public was truly against it, and the politicians could not ignore the pubic this time.

          Note how interesting that people here state that prayers worldwide caused the change in strategy (no bombing)…which is most likely true, but at the same time it implies that public opinion could NOT have been responsible for this change on the part of politicians, or had a much lesser role in it…which would imply a total lack of faith in the system…

          …Which is a very good thing! When people stop believing, they will seek real change.

          • Victor

            I didn´t understand this, Mewabe…

            Please explain it again…

          • mewabe

            Sorry, I didn’t not express myself very well (you sent me too much light and love and it fried a few of my brain cells ha ha…)

            We may say that prayers influenced the leaders to find another solution than bombing. This is what has been expressed on this website.

            What I am trying to say is that the credit here is exclusively given to prayers which of course are very effective, but the credit is not at all given to the grass root efforts of people flooding their representatives with phone calls, emails, petitions against the war.

            So I was saying that this lack of acknowledgment of the power of the people to pressure politicians seems to reveal a lack of faith in the system working as it should (the people controlling government rather than the other way around).

            And I was concluding that this lack of faith in the system is ultimately good…because without this faith the people will want to change the system, and find something that works better for them, so they can be truly represented.

          • Awareness

            “The Art of Prayer is that activity of consciousness of formulating a desire, focusing attention and concentration upon that desire, and feeling the joy of that desire. This is the basic Art of Prayer, which is creating a desire and enjoying the fullness of that desire. It is not about manifesting anything materially, although that is part of the greater process. The purpose is to ENJOY that which is focused upon. This is the highest aspect of focusing upon anything, no matter what it is. No matter what. NO MATTER, you see, meaning focusing upon something that feels enjoyable even if you do not see “tangible” material evidence, even if you see no matter, no physical representation. Of course, you will see the appropriate material representation, your manifestation, when you release concern over that which you have focused upon. This is the basic Art of Prayer.” by Divine Self and Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Victor

            Ok, Mewabe… I agree.

            Thank you!

      • Awareness

        Light and Love sent 🙂

    • Awareness

      “There has been much spoken on this not only by this Awareness but other sources that channel information and these sources have often stated that President Barack Obama is a highly evolved spiritual source here to guide the nation forward at this trying time.

      Unfortunately this Awareness cannot say that this is so in the way that others are presenting it, for It looks rather at the actions of the individual and not simply at the nature of a wish fulfillment by those who would wish him to be this highly evolved spiritual being. His actions of late, and indeed during his whole first term of office, have indicated not a high level spiritual being but one who is in the POCKET of those who hold the true power in the world and in your nation.”

      “Obama is Nestled the Pocket of the Elite The individual Barack Obama was approached many years ago to assume a role that would eventually bring him to power, to the highest office of the President of the United States of America. He was wooed to this and he chose to go this direction.

      His wife Michelle Obama was also one who has connections through her own law career to those ones in power, and the two together were convinced that this was the best way to go, that they would have the best rewards by being the servants to those in power. This they became. The president himself, before he ever became president, was also seen to partake in the Bilderberger conferences along with Hillary Clinton. The Bilderberger group has long been known to be kingmakers and many leaders around the world, including Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, including Stephen Harper, the present Prime Minister of Canada, were known to have gone to Bilderberger meetings where they were told the plans of putting them in power.”

      “As to Barack Obama being a highly evolved spiritual being that is here to guide the people of the United States, to lead America forward, the evidence does not show this and when one truly looks at the evidence of the actions of the President of the United States one cannot say that they are the actions of an evolved being. The evidence further shows duplicity and deceit, and therefore to wish to have it confirmed, to wish that this Awareness confirms that the president is one who is the evolved soul that others claim him to be is not that which this Awareness can do.

      This Awareness has always said that there is a potential for this man to rise up but he would have to be of great courage, and would have to stand in the face of those who are the controllers and declare himself. He is aware that when he does so his life may well be forfeit, for they have also shown him that should he ever oppose them, should he ever turn on them, that his family would be murdered. His wife, his children, even the family dog, his mother and others close to him would be murdered and that he too would also be killed as a result of his betrayal.

      However if he were to stay on board to play the game he would gain tremendously. He would have personal wealth and power, and he would be a figure of prominence in the world and would have fame as well. This proved to be a much more lucrative path for this individual to follow and therefore he has followed a path of self-interest and not a path that is a path of high service to the people of the United States of America. Many of these details are there for individuals to look at and to truly be open to receive if they are willing.”

      “He is more an agent for those dark ones, the cabal that have true power still but who are starting to come apart at the seams. Therefore this Awareness would say to one and all, “Do not look to President Barack Obama to be the Savior.” Even though there might be some potential there, he would have to face his own demons first. He would have to have the courage to stand up and accept the consequences of the actions he has carried out in his terms of office, and it would need to be a man who had a transformational experience that has taken him away from the dark path and put him back on the path of Light” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Victor

    Important message from rootsactiondotorg. I see it as an example of what’s been happening and helped to stop the attacks, at least in some degree:

    Last night President Obama conceded that his proposal to bomb Syria is unpopular and can’t get through Congress. That was your doing. Members of the House and Senate heard our message loud and clear.

    Yet again last night Obama argued for attacking Syria. The threat is still very real — which is why it’s so important that we tell Congress and the President not to attack Syria.

    Now, along with affirming your “No Attack on Syria” message, please:

    * Forward this email to friends and ask them to do the same.

    * Click here to strengthen RootsAction’s work to prevent an attack on Syria with a donation of $5.

    The U.S. public has seen through the illogic of claiming to uphold “international norms” by
    bombing another country. But top officials in Washington haven’t given
    up on launching some version of “shock and awe” at Damascus and other
    parts of Syria.

    If this continuing threat is going to be held off, in the face of ongoing advocacy by the president,we are going to have to advance an alternative agenda. Please click this message to send it to Washington right away:

    “As a constituent, I am writing to let you know that I oppose a military
    attack on Syria. Creative diplomacy is the best way to respond to the
    alleged use of chemical weapons. I urge you to work for a ceasefire, to
    pressure Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, and Turkey, to halt the flow of
    weapons, and to pressure Russia and Iran to do the same.”

    We’ve done so much together already. In state after state, many thousands of RootsAction activists emailed their members of Congress and helped make history.

    We need to make this unprecedented anti-war precedent stick! In the aftermath of Obama’s big speech last night, please:

    Click here to reaffirm your message to Congress.

    Click here to throw a few dollars in the hat so we can strengthen our impacts nationwide.

    Thank you for all you’re doing!

    — The RootsAction org team

    P.S. More than 80,000
    RootsAction members have already sent emails to their senators and
    representative saying “No Attack on Syria” — and we’re just getting
    started. To support our ongoing efforts with a donation of $5, please click here.

  • Mariella Giura Longo

    We did it !! All together!! Everyone did his/her bit, Obama, Kerry, the Russians, Assad, the journalists, everyone who was involved, including Us…. and the synergy of praying together intentionally produced a seeming miracle…. but it also proved that we can do it, and it will happen more and more often, the more we remember how to use our collective power as One.

    • Awareness

      Yes we did it 🙂 Together in continuing Prayer we will accomplish complete Global Disarmament and World Peace 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

      • hempwise

        Perhaps we did but the killing goes on ,at least 1500 people have been killed since the chemical weapons attack. So as you say Awareness more prayer is necessary .

        • Awareness

          Indeed we must keep focusing attention and concentration upon that desire (the desire for World Peace), and feeling the joy of that desire. This must be our way of life and second nature. 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Awareness

    I suggest another Global Prayer for Syria 🙂 I suggest the following Prayer:

    “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. In this higher level of Christ Consciousness I AM able to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. I respond to SYRIA with Divine Love and I easily perceive viable solutions that will result in the highest good for all concerned.” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂