Remembering 9/11

I find myself engulfed in footage of the day that shook our country to its core; 9/11/01.  Every year at this time, I watch the videos, listen to the phone calls, and remember where I was on that grim day.  For many of us, we can close our eyes and bring ourselves right back to that horrific morning.

Usually, feelings of sadness and empathy would rise to the surface and display themselves in tears rolling down my cheeks.  The images always seemed dark, full of death and despair, and mainly… evil.  This year, as I watch that day play out again on my television, I see and feel something totally different.  What is it?

Truth is… I watch and I see God (Why hadn’t I seen Him in there before?)  I watch and I feel love.

Here’s the thing,  we were all affected on ‘that’ day, but how we reacted was simply amazing.  Society came together  in the name of love.  We became a city, a country, filled with strangers rushing to help strangers.  A massive web of support.  The word ‘Family’ took on a whole new meaning.  As we hugged our own spouses/children/parents as tight as possible, we also opened our arms to our neighbors.  Kisses, tears, appreciation and gratitude poured out of our hearts, sometimes uncontrollably.

We ran to find ways to help our neighbors.  We jumped in line to donate blood.  We adorned our homes, our cars, our offices with ribbons.  Everywhere you looked, you saw the American Flag waving high and strong.

Our lives stopped.

We became quiet.

Strangers became friends.

Cities became communities.

God appeared in our actions.

9/11, although tragic, ignited a fire of love in each and every one of our souls.  A love, unfortunately, too soon forgotten.  So, as I sit remembering, I choose not to cry but rather bow my head in prayer.  I ask you to join me.

I pray that one day our country, our world, will come together in the name of love.  I pray that we will once again be able to look at strangers as the precious lives they are.  I pray that, without hesitation, we will rush to aid our neighbors in their time of need and that they will rush to us in ours.

I pray it won’t take another crisis to make it happen.

I pray for love.

And most importantly…

I pray for you.

Jaimie Schultz(Jaimie Schultz , a/k/a Pajamas, is a fun-loving, passionate, adventure seeker who loves life and loves helping others see how much they should love theirs. She is passionate about all things mystical and out of her control. You can visit her website at

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