Are you aware of Global Oneness Day Oct 24th? Has this movement touched your life yet?

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  • ivonne und ute

    Wir finden es ´großartig es ist etwas besonderes Danke für den Tag jeder Tag sollte dieser Tag sein

  • Erin

    Global Oneness DAY? I hope no one here has ceased the focus & vision that turned around the Syrian event & is awaiting another DAY to do so.
    Is the white glow about Earth fueled by one’s essence of happiness too difficult to maintain as constant rejuvenated thought within many moments of every day? Please do not tell me this is true! This would be equivalent to only being grateful for Life on Sunday, only giving a gift at Christmas, and only giving flowers once a loved one is dead.
    Naaah! The peeps I know here & abroad are wiser than this…We have proved our gathering of thought & focus effective…and We are effective because We are consistent & ever-moving in molding Change to Be what We wish to See.
    Thanks for that, btw…To All who have made a simple vision part of their DAY-ly ways. Have you noticed that each time you do so now, the pic is clearer & the glow brighter? To me this defines ‘Amazing’…Rock on! 🙂 <3

  • ivonne und ute

    nicht nur dieser Tag berührt mein Leben doch wünsche ich dieser Tag möge nicht nur dieser eine sein er möge immer sein

  • mewabe

    EVERY DAY is a global oneness day…and every night…whether humanity is aware of it or not, the natural creation is one!

    Chaos is only found in the man made world and in his mind…all else is quite balanced and orderly, contrary to popular belief.

  • Ali Godding

    I wasn’t aware of global oneness day but now you have mentioned it I will look into it. I discovered this conversation through the book storm before the calm. So yes the movement has started to touch my life and I am interested to explore more and engage in these worthwhile conversations

  • Doris Woodruff

    I was not aware there was a specific day but I will mark it on my calendar as a day to work to focus on our Oneness. I always hold it in my thoughts in my daily dealings with myself and others but perhaps not always the ‘first thought” about anyone or anything…good to pick a day to specifically focus on Oneness I think. I like probably many other humans get mired in the daily “stuff”…thanks for the goal!

  • Dyana Catherine

    Have marked it on my sticky notes on front page of my comp and putting it on my FB wall for my friends to view. Thanks for your efforts and God bless us all with success.

  • I am aware of the Global Oneness Day. I have marked my calendar.
    As a humanity myself, I am still worried that we are not discussing the many
    circumstances that befalls humanity here on internet. Is it fair to say that
    the majority of us see things only on the surface especially when those things
    as cyber bulling is not affecting us directly? We are experiencing cyber
    bulling now. I hope that this issue will be heavy on our hearts as we move
    towards addressing some of the societal ills that has us talking now. Global
    Oneness should help us see that we are all human angels. We should look beyond
    things that divide us and move towards Oneness.

    • kathy

      as a humanity?I don’t get that.Coming from a spiritual aspect is a lot of what this page is about.I’m wondering if you have read or practiced. have you even looked at this website? do you think heaviness in our heart will lead us to success?

      • Katy this was a close topic. As he has been my spiritual mentor. I wanted to share with him what was going on over on Facebook. You are right sometimes it is hard to say something on internet especially if it has nothing to do with a post. How are you doing,

  • Linda Shaw

    Oh yes, so aware! Our women’s recovery house has been planning for sometime now. We will start the morning off with a smudge and drum. The drum beats as humanities heart, and the sage cleanses any negativity we bring with us. Instead of group we will make music, with song, maybe get a little crazy and dance too! In the afternoon we will place the small rocks with symbols of love and unity all around the neighborhood for folks to pick up as they go about their business. In the evening we will take in the Diva, Primel concert and let the music and chanting take us within, and at all times we will be listening to speakers on line from all over the world…Thank you so much!!

  • kathy

    Thank you for the work you and others who are honestly moving toward solutions.blessings!!