Does the U.S. Syrian ‘back off’ prove that prayer works?

Can there be any doubt that prayer works? The most recent developments regarding Syria certainly suggests that it does.

People around the world have been praying for a peaceful resolution to the current situation in Syria, with an end to the threat by the U.S. Government to launch a strategic missile strike there in order to disable the ability of the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons.

And now, Russia and the United States have come to an agreement that calls for the Syrian Government to turn over its chemical weapons to international inspection and control—leading to their complete destruction—within a week.

Is any of this the result of humanity’s prayer? I believe it is. Does that mean that God answers our every prayer in just the way we want God to? No. To me it does not. That is not what Conversations with God has told me.

I have received many messages and emails in recent days asking me what is the best way to approach this crisis spiritually. I have said to everyone, simply…pray.

In thinking about this, I found myself going back to Book One in the Conversations with God texts to get a reminder of what it had to say about “prayer.” Here’s what I found:

You will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have anything you want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying you want a thing only works to produce that precise experience — wanting — in your reality. The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude.

When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you, in effect, acknowledge that it is there — in effect. Thankfulness is thus the most powerful statement to God; an affirmation that even before you ask, God has answered. Therefore never supplicate. Appreciate.

Gratitude cannot be used as a tool with which to manipulate God; a device with which to fool the universe. You cannot lie to yourself. Your mind knows the truth of your thoughts. If you are saying “Thank you, God, for such and such,” all the while being very clear that it isn’t there in your present reality, you can’t expect God to be less clear than you, and so produce it for you. God knows what you know, and what you know is what appears as your reality.

The way to be grateful for something that is not there is through faith. If you have but the faith of a mustard seed, you shall move mountains. You come to know it is there because God said it is there; because God said that, even before you ask, God shall have answered; because God said (and has said to you in every conceivable way, through every teacher you can name) that whatsoever you shall choose, choosing it in God’s Name, so shall it be.

No prayer — and a prayer is nothing more than a fervent statement of what is so — goes unanswered. Every prayer — every thought, every statement, every feeling — is creative. To the degree that it is fervently held as truth, to that degree will it be made manifest in your experience.

When it is said that a prayer has not been answered, what has in actuality happened is that the most fervently held thought, word or feeling has become operative. Yet what you must know — and here is the secret — is that always it is the thought behind the thought — what might be called the Sponsoring Thought — that is the controlling thought.

If, therefore, you beg and supplicate, there seems a much smaller chance that you will experience what you think you are choosing, because the Sponsoring Thought behind every supplication is that you do not have now what you wish. That Sponsoring Thought becomes your reality.

The only Sponsoring Thought that could override this thought is the thought held in faith that God will grant whatever is asked, without fail. Some people have such faith, but very few.

The process of prayer becomes much easier when, rather than having to believe that God will always say “yes” to every request, one understands intuitively that the request itself is not necessary. Then the prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving. It is not a request at all, but a statement of gratitude for what is so.

So regarding the ongoing Syrian crisis, perhaps we might say a prayer of gratitude today. Here is mine…

Thank you, God, for helping us to understand that this problem has already been solved for us. Thank you for the peace that will prevail, and for the perfection of the process that leads to that peace.

Thank you for the comfort of knowing that All Will Be All Right in the History of Humanity, and that every living creature returns ultimately to reside in Perfection Itself, in the paradise that is the Presence of Divinity in, as, and through us, completely and absolutely, forever and even forevermore.

I am grateful for this apparent diplomatic breakthrough involving the United States and Russia, even as I am aware that this must be only the beginning of a larger human effort to bring an end to all the suffering in Syria, not just the chemical weapons crisis. And then to bring an end to all the suffering of humanity everywhere.

Can we do it? Can such a thing ever occur? It can, and has, in all of the advanced civilizations of the cosmos. The question is, are we willing to advance as well? If so, we are going to find that using the tools of Spirituality will be the only approach that will get us there. We’ve already tried every other approach. And as Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”

And what spiritual tools am I talking about? Well, one suggestion might be to start with the 1,000 Words That Could Change the World, found elsewhere on this front page. Have you read them yet?

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  • politics

    I am unsure of what you’re saying here Neale? It sounds as if you are defending God’s actions or in-actions.

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe God was wrong in the conversations you have written about and claim to have had? Think about this, would it not be a insult to Mankind to simply take God’s word for it? Actually work against the meaning of Life. Maybe we were duped into believing what you wrote in order to see for ourselves how naive and irresponsible we have become in looking for answers to problems that plague our entire World.

    To me this would be the ultimate insult to all of existence.

    Do not get me wrong or be offended by my thoughts as of now, but heed them as a context in the grander scheme of things. To think we need God’s help is an insult directed at Deity itself, for not trusting our own understandings, then allow for the possibility of actually seeing where we went astray. For ourselves. Trust me on this one, we do not need God’s help, because if you did get any help, it would never be the same for anyone that did. Besides one would not like what you get for help. I heard a line in a movie once, it said, ” you want the truth, you couldn’t handle the truth.”

    Have you taken God’s word for it Neale? Are you still talking with God? Well, are you?

    Spirituality’s definition is to be defined only by knowing what Spirit actually is. Anything else is Theoretical and we know where this has gotten us. Life is asking for our help, not the other way around.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      It is very clear to me, my friend, that you have not read very much in the Conversations with God dialogues. That is evident in every word
      you use to characterize both the messages of the CWG interaction, as
      well as my response to them.

      Had you actually read the dialogue thoroughly, you would know that it agrees with you. For instance, Friendship with God specifically invites us to “help God” (in your words, “Life is asking for our help, not the other way around.”) The dialogue makes it clear that we are not in any way separate from God, and so, all outcomes are being produced by us, collectively, and the invitation to “help God” is understood to be an invitation to help each other help ourselves.

      CWG makes it quite clear that God is not some Santa Claus in the sky who grants the wishes of some and not the wishes of others. We are the co-creators of the life we are experiencing. What God has given us is the power to do so. And the power within us is the power we affirm it to be. That is, we are what we say that we are. All prayer to God is a prayer to the Collective that we call “God.” And so it is quite true that we would be naive and irresponsible to look for answers to the problems of life from some Super Being outside of us, rather than co-creating those solutions ourselves. That is precisely the invitation that CWG places before us — and then it tells us how we can do this. Trust me on this. (Or, better yet, actually read the books.)

      And yes, I am still talking with God, my friend. That is, I am still tuning into the wisdom of the Collective, known as Life Itself, in All of Its Manifestations, and the Source of those Manifestations. For the Source is the Creation, and the Creation is the Source. So yes, I am still having conversations with The Source. As are we all. God talks to all of us, all the time. It is not a question of: To whom does God talk? The question is: Who listens?

      You might find it enjoyable to read the nine books in the CWG cosmology. Had you done so, you could not have written the above.

      Love and hugs…Neale.

      • politics

        All I asked was did it ever occur to you that maybe God was wrong? You sidestepped answering this question, quite convincingly re-directing this conversation to some lack of understanding by me of the meaning of all your books and went on to somewhat accuse me of a contradiction of logic. Why?
        I never said to help God, you did. I was only answering your question about prayers and then it dawned on me, you did need God’s help and to this day cannot even see the contradiction of your own conclusions. You used God as your source just like everybody else who has ever written anything about Deity. This puts you into a position of authority.

        Neale, I have read all of your books and “thoroughly” enjoyed reading them and admit that they were very beautifully expressed, all though I did not read the last three because I had very good reasons not to, I still to this day am trying to figure out why.
        I will also let you in on another little secret of mine, it was your books that did lead me to my truth, why else would I question your conversations and the Philosophy behind them. Well more accurately put, it was my truth that led to your books and they just helped to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Believe it or not, that was a compliment towards you.

        You still believe that God and Life are synonymous, actually combining the two to make a point about our source of understanding? Would this not create a scenario of God wanting something? Actually dictate the need to? I too believe that there is a little bit of God in all of us, my only question about this is unless you know for sure, then there really isn’t any at all. is there?

        With admiration in your courage and devotion to change.

        • politics

          P.S. Neale,

          Didn’t Santa Clause grant you your wishes?

          • Cal

            “I have read all of your books and “thoroughly” enjoyed reading them and admit that they were very beautifully expressed, all though I did not read the last three because I had very good reasons not to, I still to this day am trying to figure out why. ”

            Very good reasons yet you don’t know what they are? Your comments seethe with darkness and utter confusion.

  • iamlife iam

    Life is a limit. We are a limit. We are a limit of our own imagingings. How do we perceive the imagining of our image imaging God here? If we perceive the image of God here in us, as us, through us as divinity moving and grooving without limit, we create miracles with a thought, a simple prayer, a prayer of gratitude that it is what is already done before we ask. We are the prayer. We create life, love, miracles with a thought we are given all we ask. We are God, Goddess moving, grooving living love for all life with a thought we are all life and we are the miracle here now creating miracles of love for all life everywhere. That’s all I know. Love to all <3 <3 <3

  • “Does the U.S. Syrian ‘back off’ prove that prayer works?”

    Well, it shows a shift of energy, & for the moment, has postponed where the energy was headed. Will Syria give up all their chemical weapons? That seems dubious & there is uncertainty among many.

    Floods & fires & the yet again mass shooting has taken the focus away from Syria.

    Where are the intended collective prayers for them?

  • politics


    It is very clever of you to send me links to this particular post, but the question is still there and you have side-stepped answering it. This you have done so quite aesthetically pleasing to you and only you. I could not begin to imagine why, either. Then it dawned on me, you did confess to something, your words were:

    .And yes, I am still talking with God, my friend. That is, I am still tuning into the wisdom of the Collective, known as Life Itself, in All of Its Manifestations, and the Source of those Manifestations. For the Source is the Creation, and the Creation is the Source. So yes, I am still having conversations with The Source. As are we all. God talks to all of us, all the time. It is not a question of: To whom does God talk? The question is: Who listens?

    All you did here was admit that you read newspapers and browse the web for anything that gives meaning to whatever it is you stand for. Yes I agree with you, we all do this everyday and the question still remains, who listens to what is going on.

    You continually quote God, are you going to answer my question to see where maybe we both could grow or are you just going to be like every other person who has enjoyed being an authority on the Nature of God. Actually believe they have got it right. Do you think God would want someone to claim Deities word and start the same thing all over again? I intentionally allowed myself the opportunity of having a very meaningful dialect with you but you went on to manipulate my post and used it to your advantage, isn’t this were Diplomacy fails?

    Your prayer that was so elegantly posted here about Syria in your words:

    Thank you, God, for helping us to understand that this problem has already been solved for us. Thank you for the peace that will prevail, and for the perfection of the process that leads to that peace.

    Thank you for the comfort of knowing that All Will Be All Right in the History of Humanity, and that every living creature returns ultimately to reside in Perfection Itself, in the paradise that is the Presence of Divinity in, as, and through us, completely and absolutely, forever and even forevermore.

    I am sorry Neale, but this just sounds too much like an irresponsible act of contrition for our misunderstandings. Are you trying to manipulate your own ideology to make it sound like you are already there? All this was is an insult, masquerading as a prayer that we already know what to do. We do not or we would not be this close to creating our own demise and possibly destroying the fabric of existence.

    You are a very beautiful human being Neale Donald Walsch and I sincerely mean it and The World could use more people like you. But what the World needs most at this juncture in Life, is Truth. Anybody that claims Truth does not understand where it comes from and if they did, they would have to put their self in Gods shoes and then hopefully realize that God cannot fit into any of the shoes that we make. God cannot help us on our journey because it would negate the meaning of Life. Unless you “know” this truth first and then come from an “actual” truth of our Nature, then yes, I would then believe that anything could become possible. We would have to ask nicely though.

    Love and hugs to you too…. Neale.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Conversations with God quite clearly advises on its pages that people should not and never take its words as “God’s Truth,” but rather, place them in the For What It’s Worth Department, considering them along with other sources of insight and wisdom that they have found in their life, but always referring ultimately to their own response to them, to their own deep knowing, their own inner guidance, their own personal experience, as the Only and Ultimate Authority in all things spiritual.

      Like the words of Ellen G. White, like the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, like the ideas of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, like the thoughts of Ernest Holmes, like the
      pronouncements of William Miller or Charles Taze Russell or Joseph Smith Jr. or Bahá’u’lláh, or any other human messenger, the messages received in Conversations with God should be considered only the sharing of words by one human among many who have experienced themselves to have been inspired by the Divine to bring through, illuminate, and clarify spiritual wisdom and insight that is not theirs, but was received by them through their imperfect human filter, to record and transmit as purely as they could.

      Unlike the others on the list above, however, I do not hope or wish, expect or request, suggest or recommend that a religion be created around the messages that have come through me. I hope only that they will be examined and explored
      deeply, that they will be accorded fair consideration and serious contemplation, toward the end that if the CWG Core Messages are deemed workable and beneficial in people’s lives, they may be embraced and usefully applied in a person’s day-to-day encounters, and will be helpful as tools in the fashioning of a more wonderful, more joyful, more peaceful, more glorious group experience upon the Earth—all as part of the Soul’s eternal journey and of God’s never-ending expression.

      My friend, you have said: “But what the World needs most at this juncture in Life, is Truth.”

      Yet what is “truth?” When something is “true” in the same way for many people across many years or centuries, humans have a habit of calling it the Truth. My
      acronym for “truth” experienced at this level is: Temporary Reality Understood Throughout History. (Which makes it not very “temporary” at all, doesn’t it . . .)

      Yet all “truth” is temporary, and the sooner we accept this, the better off we are, it has seemed to me, because then we don’t get ourselves tied down to a particular truth in a particular way at a particular time—which in our world we tend to call “politics” or “religion.”

      A major point made in Conversations with God is that there is no such thing as Absolute Truth. All truth is subjective, and, says CWG, each of us must stand, ultimately, as the sole and only Authority regarding what is true for us.

      As I experience it, the word TRUE is an acronym. When we say that something
      is “true,” what we are saying is that it is The Reality Understood Existentially.

      And so in my world, in my own internal experience (in which I get to freely decide for myself what is “so”), the ideas about God that most of humanity holds are mostly fallacies, and what is “true” is that God needs nothing, God could not fail to get what God needs if God did need something, God has not separated humanity from Herself, God does not require us to give God anything, and God will never destroy us for not meeting God’s nonexistent requirements.

      By my living this truth, my life becomes a reflection of it. The dictionary defines “reflection” as that which indicates, shows, displays, demonstrates, offers evidence of, registers, reveals, discloses, expresses, communicates, and evinces.

      So when my life becomes a reflection of my freely chosen internal experience, my outer world becomes a mirror image of my inner world, which then becomes a mirror of my outer world, which then becomes a bigger mirror of my inner world, as each continues to reflect the other upon the other, producing an
      entire life of deep reflection.

      I have found that such ongoing moments of deep reflection generate outgoing moments of great joy, as the illusions of Life are at last broken. Or, more correctly, as other people’s illusions are at last discarded, in favor of my own.

      All of Life is an illusion. This is something we do well to recognize and acknowledge. Physical life as we are experiencing it is not real. Our life experience is what we think it is. Each moment is what we experience it to be, based on a whole series of internal decisions.

      • politics

        But yet you claim to have spoken directly to God, actually planting a seed to sow prior to any benefit that may arise from your books. You became God by writing down your conversations with Deity, albeit unwittingly.

        Now do you see where I am coming from? Is this not what has hurt Humanity more than War?

        Thank you for replying back, it has been a privilege.

        • Cal

          No he didn’t “become god”. Neal emphasizes in all his books that we are the light, all the strength all the love, the everything! I don’t see that you read his reply, you ignored all his points with nary a rebuttal but to state your original confused argument/statement.

          The basic tenet , we are all one, would dissolve war if it embraced in the hearts of most, SO no his message hasn’t hurt humanity more than war. I don’t see anything hurting humanity more than war other than the forgetfulness of who we really are, one big happy family!!

      • Contentttt

        I agree totally with you Neale on one point! TRUTH is Not absolute! It is relative and it is incremental as well! Even your concept of God is relative and incremental based on your personal experiences!

        Can YOU Neale Donald Walshe prove that the communication that took place with the energy force associated with the CWG books was “GOD”?

        You shared above your conversation:
        GOD: Whatever you do, do not believe what is said here.
        NDW: I’m sorry?
        GOD: Do not believe a single thing I say. Listen to what I say, then believe what your heart tells you is true. I ask only one thing.

        That then would include, that the entity you spoke to was God!!
        Yet you still promote that it was God (as you personally view God), even though the entity told you not to believe anything it shared, so for me, that also includes that it was God (as you understand God to exist)! YIKES!!

        I am going to suggest to you, that what you were communicating with was a collective of energy based consciousness’s, sharing their collective understand as one force, one voice, one prescence, one entity, but was really in different moments, and through the different books, and according to when each did and did not participate, between 39 and 73 different entities! GOD = Group Of Dialoguer’s!

        Now if you were truly Energy Sensitive and Intuitive and Aware, you would have sensed a shift and change in the energy that was communicating with you! Did you ever sense a difference in the energy?

        I AM very curious Neale….”Did you ever sense a shift or change in the energy that engaged you in writing these books”? “Did you ever sense, feel or question whether this God energy was the same God energy that engaged you in writing these books”? “Did you ever sense a difference and then just dismiss it and ignore it as real?” Or, “Where you so out of tune within Your Self, that you did not sense or notice any difference?”

        Asking out of curiousity and whether you have ever shared with anyone, that you felt it was not the same God energy everytime??

        Thanks for answering the questions in advance!!
        The little old pot stirrer…I AM!!

  • Terri Lynn

    Yes, I do believe we can live in peace and that it is through spirituality that we will find such peace. I also know for sure that prayer works. My own life is a testament to that fact and on the day of the group prayer I had such a feeling of peace within me that I have never felt before. I knew in that moment something special was happening. There are so many people living on this planet that have not had any spiritual connection and so are skeptics but I have witnessed and experienced Spiritual power in my own life and believe without a doubt that we can survive in peace. What I have come to know is that nothing is impossible when you take into account the Spiritual realm. All is possible.

  • yehudit

    Krishnamurti said: “You are the world and the world is you” gentlemen you received
    a mirror in front of you!!! ..
    What do you think we see in the mirror?
    What is happening in Syria is happenning every where – at home, at streets……. Ask yourself what have we done for thousands of years. What we’ve done in the last century only?

    Millions of people have been starved and slaughtered in so many ways. We are sitting around in our chairs and managing philosophical discussions and pat ourselves…. Oh how brilliant we are!!!.

    Take a moment and put yourself in Assad’s chair, what do you think he sees? Nothing!!!!

    Some pompous leaders with inflated egos trying to download hands each other and he is probably saying to himself: “Let them play before me” {bible}. Correct, collective mass of worshipers,is affecting, it has been shown more than once. But it’s like a band-aid to wound that bleeds thousands years.

    Whether to pray, it is about ourselves, pray we can clean the steams from the mirror in front us so we can look in the eyes of ourselves and have the courage to ask ourselves: “Is it me there?.” I agree with Neil – God cannot help us – we’re the ones who have to help him. Yes, yes I’m not confused.
    We have freedom of choice; he has given us this opportunity. That is his gift for us.
    And what we are doing with it?

    Well in addition to prayer, the whole world should go out to the streets and
    demonstrate, so, Assad will understand that we are not willing to accept what
    is going on in his country. This will affect the leaders and their decisions. It
    affects. Believe in yourselves and it will happen.

    We cannot live in a world where we do not respond. The world has changed.

    We cannot continue to sit at home all the time and blame the leaders. The change must come from the house, from the street to the global


  • Contentttt

    Neale, if you would like to believe your prayers and the prayers of others made a difference because the end result supports the thought….”your prayers made a difference”, then they did. Whether the praying did or did not make a difference, you will never truly know! You and other’s made a choice to pray, the out come aligns with your prayer requests, so you see that you made a difference! Great! You can believe what you would like to believe!!

    Now I on the other hand, intuitively I felt the use of chemical weapons would not be used again, even before you started praying. Because I sensed the energy of the reaction of many Syrian’s (on both sides of the fighting) within Syria was to overwhelmingly against it, because it effected extended family of soldiers on both sides of the fight as well as children and women. The horrendousnes of it just touched to many Syrian’s to close to home and tore their heart apart inside! The collective energy of agony felt within Syria was VERY POWERFUL! Where you aware of that Neale and could you sense and feel their agony empathically? I DID!!

    I view your reaction to pray and to promote mass praying was out of “FEAR”! Your intention to promote mass prayer was out of the desire to “CONTROL” the choices of others! What does your CWG books say about praying out of Fear and the need to Control? Your CWG books will support what you did, and why you choose it, (if you would like them too) just like the Bible does for those whom “CHERRY PICK” to support their position! But your CWG books will also lend credence to allowing it to be what it was and to not get involved!

    In this situation your praying was reactionary! To truly show yourselves, those of you who do pray for end results, why not start praying with mass quantities of people proactively! Like food for everyone and no more starvation on a planet with so much potential and so much food to share, starvation kills more than the chemical weapons did in Syria!

    Then when starvation is no longer taking place and all children have food everyday, THEN you can say……”SEE OUR PRAYERS HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE”!
    Until then, I would not be to quick to pat your selves on the back! After all, there was a 50-50 chance your praying would align with the end result, which was also aligned with popular opinion….those are pretty good odds. Now what percentage do you give for your mass praying to be 100% effective for starvation? Maybe 0-1%? Why only respond in potentially dire situations, where the chances of the prayer outcome is 50-50? Why not mass pray a conclusion to ALL world issues and dilema’s everyday for 30 – 60 minutes for the next 5 years or even the next year! Then you can look back and say…..”SEE, OUR PRAYERS MADE A DIFFERENCE”.

    Now I don’t pray and have not for years, I see everything in a different light now! But if prayer is such a power-filled tool why not have mass praying everyday for 30-60 minutes, lIke the Muslim’s do! It will be a prayer/praying war for the control of an end result! Instead of “Battle of the Sexes”, it will be “Battle of the Prayer’s”!

    Go ahead Neale tell your Self your praying made a difference! But you may just be deceiving your Self into believing what you choose to believe! I have no issue with how you choose to deceive your Self. But if you are truly going to be honest with your Self, also share with everyone….. “although the outcome aligned with our praying, our praying may not have made the difference, we would like to believe it did”!

    After all, you cannot prove it made a difference, nor can I prove to anyone, it was not going to take place again, with or without your prayers! The difference is, I intuitively knew it before you started praying and your realization it was not going to happen was after your praying too place!

    I guess we will never know for sure Neale!!!
    Don’t hurt Your Self though patting Your Self on Your Back!!
    Those muscle pulls can be painful, and then you will have to pray then for healing too!!

    The little old pot stirrer….I AM!!

  • Ildikó Dudásné Csonka

    Én személy szerint egy országnak sem engedném meg a nukleális fegyverek használatát a vegyi fegyverekkel elpusztitják a jövő generációját elpusztul az élővilág ennek része az emberiség is a gyermekek már betegen születnek meg ezek a fegyverek nagyon veszélyesek mindenkre nézve tiszteletem!

  • Awareness

    “Thank you, God, for helping us to understand that this problem
    has already been solved for us. Thank you for the peace that will
    prevail, and for the perfection of the process that leads to that peace.

    Thank you for the comfort of knowing that All Will Be All Right
    in the History of Humanity, and that every living creature returns
    ultimately to reside in Perfection Itself, in the paradise that is the
    Presence of Divinity in, as, and through us, completely and absolutely,
    forever and even forevermore.” 🙂

    • Awareness

      “Indeed they are beginning to realize that if they follow this mad President and the madmen that hold power over him, that they will involve themselves in a national event of such a nature that it will destroy the United States government eventually. But even more importantly it will cost the people of the United States so very much, not only in economic terms, but in terms of human life and families being destroyed the world over, and for what, this Awareness asks? To appease those few that have had power for so long. This is not good enough. INDEED THIS TURNING POINT MARKS A VERY IMPORTANT NEXUS POINT IN THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS OF NOT ONLY THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BUT FOR EVERY NATION ON THIS PLANET, FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Richard Robinson

    I have known these days were coming for some time now. I am very excited to be part of this. It is magnificent and miraculous to think that the Now we are about to create is the now we’ve always wanted, and we are ready for it….NOW. Several years ago I was told “one day we will begin to act and speak as One, and I see and feel it happening ! What if Global Oneness Day turned into Global Oneness Week or Year? Very Exciting Indeed.

  • Dyana Catherine

    I too am excited to be present as a witness to these auspicious and miraculous events. I will hold thoughts and feelings of gratitude for it has already been accomplished and I can be at peace. Blessings on all.

  • Paola

    La Preghiera è la cosa più forte e più siamo ed il nostro coro di voci arriverà al SIGNORE grazie Neal <3