In the world today a remarkable number of people believe that there is a place called Hell, and a great many of those people use the Bible as their authority in this matter.

Typical of this approach is that used by a person who posted an entry in the Comment section beneath another article on this front page, the article headlined “1,000 Words That Will Change the World.” (Found lower, in the right-hand column.)

I have chosen to lift this Comment, and my response, to the top of the page, because I believe it deserves to be a Headline Story in our world. Perhaps the Headline Story. Here is this particular comment, posted by a very sincere reader named Kim who simply wanted her confusion on one question addressed — followed by my reply.

I have been enjoying reading Neale Walsch’s messages from God for several months now… There is one message from Neale that has brought on some question in my mind if anyone can explain this (respectfully)…

Neale’s quote here, “(9) There is no such place as hell, and eternal damnation does not exist.” I would like to know more what Neale was trying to say here because as Christians, we know there is a heaven and there is a place called hell, there is eternal damnation?? I would like to explain my thoughts using these quotes from the Bible…. my question is my confusion to Neale’s statement that there is no hell or eternal damnation… and if there were true, what is the 2nd coming of Christ about?

Are we not called to fear God? … Why would we fear Him if there wasn’t an eternal punishment for our lack of repentance for sin, if there wasn’t consequences to our lack of remorse for sin?

Jer 5:22 (NIV) “Should you not fear me?” declares the Lord. “Should you not tremble in my presence?” Psalm 111:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom…” Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

There are also many verses in the Bible which describe a place of fire…. (hell)…
Matthew 10:28 – And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Revelation 20:14 – And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Revelation 20:15 – And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Matthew 25:46 – And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

James 4:12 – There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?

Mark 9:43-48 – And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:

Revelation 20:10 – And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

My Dear Kim…Yours is a very fair — and a very often asked — question. May I say in reply that I see that you are using, as the basis of your understandings about hell and damnation, passage from The Holy Bible. Yet these passages from the Bible would have no weight unless the words of the Bible were considered to be infallible and inerrant. That is, they are Absolutely True, to the letter. Do you believe this, Kim?

The difficulty the world has, Kim — and I say this with total respect for your view — is that people tend to quote the Bible selectively. I call this Bible Cherry Picking. They pick out the chapters and verses that support their point of view, but totally ignore, or “write off”, verses with which even THEY disagree.

For instance, Kim, do you agree with the verses in the Book of Deuteronomy, where it says that if a man marries a woman and finds that she is not a virgin, and if her family cannot prove that she was a virgin before her marriage, “she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death” — ?

Now you might say, “Wait a minute. This is God’s Law?” And the answer is, as it is found in the Bible, yes. The Bible also says that, if found to be in an adulterous relationship, both the man and the woman are to be taken to the city gates and also stoned to death.

And God is concerned about other real life matters as well. Apparel, for instance. A woman “must not wear men’s clothing…for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this,” the Bible says. It also says: “Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together.”

Then, too, only certain people are welcome in God’s house of worship. If you happen to be a child born out of wedlock, you cannot go to there. Did you know that Kim? The Bible makes this very clear. It says that no illegitimate child, “nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord, even down to the tenth generation.”

And, did you know this, Kim…?…If a certain part of a man’s body happens to be injured in an accident or as a result of war, he may join with other worshippers of God in a House of the Lord.

The Bible says:

“If a man’s testicles are crushed or his penis is cut off, he may not be included in the assembly of the Lord.”

Yes, these are words right out of the Bible. Do they upset or embarrass you? Turn to Deuteronomy 23:1-2, New Living Translation. “Oh,” you might say, “one of those modern Bibles.” Yes. The King James Version has it this way:

“He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord,” but it means the same thing.

And the Bible has some startling news for women who take some of those
self-defense classes that are offered these days. They can find themselves in a
lot of trouble with some of what they learn in those classes.

The Bible says:

“If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.”

The writers of the Bible had a real thing going on about male genitals, didn’t they? Of course, who do you suppose was doing the writing?

Oh, and they also had some thoughts about children who don’t obey their parents. These are probably not thoughts that many mothers would have. Kim, do you know what the Holy Bible has to say about children who don’t obey? Kill them.

What? you might say. But according to the Bible, God says to kill them. Now you might not believe that, but it’s right there, plain as day:

“If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him, his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town.

“They shall say to the elders, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you.”

I guess that would do it, all right…

So, Kim, you will excuse me if I am not quite totally convinced that all of our answers will be found in the Bible…or that everything we find in the Bible should be considered the absolute and total Truth, and The Way It Is.

We cannot “select” only what we want to accept from the Bible, and toss out the rest. This is called Bible Belief Cafeteria Style. Either the Bible is the Absolutely Correct and Inerrant Word of God, or it is not. Maybe it was written by well meaning, but very fallible, human beings. Do you think?

So, does ‘hell’ exist? Is it a place to which God condemns us if we act, or do not act, in certain ways? That is the main topic this month at…

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  • Karla Izquierdo

    I absolutely love this! Thanks Neil!

  • poniesnpaint

    A brilliant response to a very large question. Neale, you do speak clearly for a loving God who wants us to understand that we are not at the behest of some unpredictable set of rule applied by a vicious God. Thank you so much for saying these things to us again.

  • mewabe

    Westerners find Muslim law to be abhorrent, such as cutting off the hands of a thief in Saudi Arabia or stoning an adulterous woman in Afghanistan, yet, they truly are acting as perfect, obedient Christians should who would take the written word from their God very seriously.

    Which is not a coincidence, considering that Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion, one part of the three part patriarchal dogma (Christian, Muslim, Jew) that came from the same origin.

  • Anonamo

    The bible, even though it does contain some good wisdom in it, tends to also be a festering, UNholy piece of garbage at the same time. That damned book is nothing more than a collection of historical accounts and laws conceived of by men who wanted nothing but power over others. It boils my blood that it is still held in such high regard when it is obvious that it was made to govern stone age, barbaric societies.

    But wait a second. What book so often guides the actions of modern “holy men”? You guessed it. The bible. The BIBLE, man’s tribute to the most crass misunderstandings of divinity that has ever been conceived. Also, what kind of society do we have given the type of spiritual literture that we take so seriously? A barbaric, suicidal one.

    People have said these things before so I’m only repackaging what many others have expressed. A brainwashed person is still a brainwashed person though and I do believe that those who know no better deserve to be treated with compassion.

  • Michael Miller

    Excellent points! And Kim, I was in your position for a very long time. I am a former Christian minister who left Christianity and anything having to do with God altogether for 10 years. I found God (call it what you will) again in a wonderful warm blanket of Love.

    I read about hell and the many versions of the bible which have been updated and changed over the years. Many other versions are much more critical about the word and definitions, like Youngs Literal Translation. I would like to suggest the book “Love Wins” by Rob Bell which takes a much closer look at hell.

    Peace, Love and Blessings to you Kim.

  • mewabe

    About hell:

    We could say that what we call “evil”, and the “devil” itself (and the “hell” that is its “domain”) come from judgment.

    Could African wild dogs that have been “educated” to judge still tear their preys apart and eat them alive, causing unbelievable terror and suffering? Would they be made to judge their own “horrific” nature and actions as well as all of nature, and to find life absolutely abhorrent and revolting, unbearable, and pray daily to be sent on a one way trip back to heaven asap, hating life and its conditions on this earth?

    Haven’t we essentially labelled hurt “evil”, and all that feels good “good”? Becoming more sophisticated with religions, haven’t we labelled all that feels good in the short run but realistically or supposedly hurts in the long run “evil”, and the reverse as well?

    In religion, haven’t we “progressed” into labeling whatever some authority decided runs contrary to the interests of the group or of power and control over the group (by such authorities) “evil”, and punishable by damnation?

    Doesn’t “evil” simply boils down to this, ORIGINALLY labeling and JUDGING pain and imagining a great dispenser of pain called a “devil”, which collaborates with a “God” to “test” us, “tempt” and punish us for all eternity when we fail the test, when we fail to please “god”?

    Isn’t then the origin of “evil” simply the judgment of pain? Isn’t this why many say that we cannot judge nature, because although it appears very cruel and unforgiving to the judging mind, if we do judge nature we come to the conclusion that all life is cruel and absurd, and question “God”, wondering why “he” would create a bunch of hungry tubes (digestive systems) with sharp teeth and claws that spend most of their time trying to eat each other, and most of their energies pursuing each other or escaping from each other? What is the sense of all this?

    Indeed there is no sense in judgment (literally speaking).

    But isn’t judging the often intense pain dispensed by and in nature what propelled 19th century Christians to say that the wilderness was “the abode of the devil”, and by extension to view all so called “primitive”, “uncivilized” people as living under the influence of the “devil”?

    When we judge pain, we hold it in fear and judgment, instead or releasing it. And it is then that pain becomes suffering, a semi-permanent state. The myth of a judging “God” condemning us to hell to meet Satan and be barbecued forever in “hell” may represent our very own self-created process of judging our pains, our mistakes, as well as the
    pain we inflict, by accident or willfully, on others, fearing them, giving them, through fear and GUILT, a power they do not really have over our lives, and condemning ourselves to a life of endless suffering by doing so.

    Our hell is indeed within, as is heaven, and the key that opens the door to such hell is guilt (from judgement), and the key that opens the door of heaven is indeed forgiveness, to forgive ourselves, meaning understanding the motives behind our destructive thoughts and actions, which usually come from deep hurt or from being unconscious, unaware.

    • Therese

      Oh, heck. reverse the words “evil” and “devil” and you see perfectly well why they are used…gotta control those who really want to “live” a life that is “lived”!

      • mewabe

        Yes, religion has been used to control the masses for centuries, but the origin of the idea of hell goes beyond this use by abusive authorities…it is found in many “pagan” religions (an underworld, a ninth hell, etc) and the idea of “demons” is also mostly universal.

        It all comes from the collective unconscious, ultimately, things that humanity has not understood or integrated, that we fear and suppress, that are given “forms” and “substance” by the unconscious.

        Kind of like being afraid of the dark…Yes, there are many adults who, surprisingly, are afraid of being alone in the dark in the middle of nowhere out there in the natural world (i don’t mean the countryside or a camping area, I mean in the wilderness).

        Humanity’s primal fears has not left us yet, our unconscious is still full of “undigested”, unprocessed material, which is turned into religion as a bad meal turns into…okay I won’t say but you get the picture.

        • Therese

          Not gonna let me get away with just being flip, eh?

          Oh, and I DO get the picture!

          • mewabe

            Sorry I can be too serious at times…the devil makes me do it 😉

  • Erica Bates

    Hell could be found in the mind………if you so choose.
    I do not so choose… does not exist in my world, nor does the D-evil. I give those concepts no power and pfffft……………….they don’t exist 🙂
    Santa Claus and the Easer bunny have more power 😉 i like chocolate. A lot.

  • Pauline

    Thank you so much for speaking this truth regarding the Bible. Its not the word of “God”, just a 2000 year old document that was put together over a period of time by those men wanting power to keep the peasants in their place! It has no relevance in today’s society.

  • Rocari Deejay

    the bible is a book to inflict fear in the masses in order to control them… we do the same in sales, we create a problem, to inflict fear in the customer so he/she “buys ” our solution to that problem… religion does the same thing, with the bible, they create a problem “satan”, “hell”, “sins”, etc, so you panic in order to “buy” their solution, by the way, the only solution there is, so they say… it requires total submission, no questions asked.. or you will be burn, but not in hell, but here in planet earth by the inquisition… ;(

  • Victor

    Perhaps in some time will appear a christian that will make the usual explanation, not mentioned here until know:

    “The laws of Old Testament no longer apply due to the coming of Jesus Christ, who abolished those laws, as they appear in these and those New Testament versicles…”, etc.

    That´s the main reason that makes that those who believe in Bible inerrance don´t mind at all for the barbaric laws, commandments, actions, etc. that appear in Old Testament.

    Of course, many other things could be said addressing Neale´s right reasoning, but I think that what I´ve said has some value for explaining how so much people don´t perceive the evident difference between the ´god´ of Old Testament, and the “abba” of Jesus, for instance…

    Perhaps, as I usually say to christians, God took a course of personal development in those 2000 years between Abraham and Jesus…

  • Ferry Verhoeve

    My mother used to say : The bible uses a lot of symbolic stories, that are miss used … and she was a devoted believer…
    In the light of the time when it was written it is quite understandable that there are some passages that seems a bit barbarian to most of us now…. Well We need to use discernment while reading the bible and also enjoy the pure beauty of a lot of other passages in the bible.. And Jezus corrected a lot of those old testament laws.
    Thank you Neale for your respond to Kim’s question

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      If this is what people believe, then at the very least the Bible needs to be revised and updated, with passages that do not make sense deleted, don’t you think?

      With respect, Ferry, i notice you have written…”In the light of the time when it was written it is quite understandable that there are some passages that seems a bit barbarian to most of us now….” And so I want to ask you…Are you saying that THEN, when the passages were originally written, it did NOT seem “barbarian” to stone a woman to death who was found upon marriage not to be a virgin?

      It is arguable, Ferry, that there was never a time when certain passages of the Bible were, or should have been, acceptable. Yet here is the problem with us not having the courage — and never having the courage — to edit the Bible of such ridiculous passages: the problem is that people still believe in them today.

      Think I’m kidding? The Bible says, in the Book of Deuteronomy: “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him, his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town.

      “They shall say to the elders, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you.”

      Of course, no one today would seriously consider such a “purging” for a son who, in youthful disobedience of his parents, occasionally over-imbibes, right?

      Wrong. Read this…

      The maintenance of civil order in society rests on the foundation of family discipline. Therefore, a child who disrespects his parents must be permanently removed from society in a way that gives an example to all other children of the importance of respect for parents.

      The death penalty for rebellious children is not something to be taken lightly.
      The guidelines for administering the death penalty to rebellious children are given
      in Deut. 21:18–21.

      —Charlie Fuqua, 2012 candidate for Arkansas State House of Representatives, in his 2012 book, God’s Law: The Only Political Solution

      So we can say all we want that, “Oh, those stories and passages were okay at the time, but now they should be forgotten, because they no longer apply,” but if they no longer “apply,” why not publish, for the first time in hundreds of years, a Newly Edited Bible containing Only The Verses That Apply To Life Today?

      I dare any publishing company to do that! You see, Ferry? The point is, millions still hold the Bible AS IS to be the “sacred” and “untouchable” and “inviolable, inerrant Word of God.” There are New Testament verses, by the way, that also make little sense today (if, indeed, they ever did).

      • Victor

        Thank you Neale!

        You’ve made a powerful statement pointing out this “no longer applies” thing…


      • Ferry Verhoeve

        Thank you Neale for your extended answer. I do agree with you.
        These words in the bible (in my opnion at least ) are not God’s words and so I would welcome to have an edited version ( I am quite happy with the CwG Books 🙂 ) of the bible, but who should edit it?
        The bible is written (clearly) by humans and they were not always the most enlightend people obviously that is why I always had trouble with accepting the bible as word of God, although I did not (and coould not) know better that that is was… I see God as a very loving God so the bible is (was) very confusing for me.
        Still it is a very special book if only for being so influential for so long.

        I am greatful for being around in this time where Great thinkers like you, ekhart tolle Wayne Dyer and many more help us to understand life and God better Thank you for that.

    • Victor

      Yes, Ferry, perfectly understandable that in the time that these things were written, the cultural structure of those men was a ‘little bit’ more barbarian than now…

      The thing is that for fundamentalist christians supposedly these words were inspired DIRECTLY for the Holy Spirit, by God ‘himself’.

      So, it was GOD who ‘wrote’ these things. Those are ‘his’ thoughts, his will, his commandments, his view…

  • Katie

    For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted. – Jesus Christ

  • iamlife iam

    The bible was written by many filters and they are not always clear filters. We can determine the clarity of a filter by using discernment. Do we trust the old testament scribes as they appear? One hopes not. We need to use our own wisdom, our own critical thinking skills, in order to acquire truth. Truth appears in more than one way. Sometimes truth appears in miraculous ways. Often many desire to be handed truth, but, the significance, the universal truth of Christ is to go within to discern truth. Go within or go without as CWG said.
    I think the Bible itself is a fragment needing updating and many fragments are still being brought together, so, do we believe every line? Not on your firstborn’s life, I hope. I think there is beauty in the red lines of Christ, though. I skipped around a lot, thank God. Never did I attend church to receive instruction. I used to draw in church as a child and after that I created my own church of nature, flowers, a garden, a heart of love named Christ in all life, including a blade of grass, a drop of water, a grain of sand, a love for all life contained within all love.

    Love to all,

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I agree with you. I believe you observation that the Bible “was written by many filters and they are not always clear filters” to be true. The Bible would appear, then, to not be the inerrant Word of God. A wonderful book, to be sure, but not a text to be taken literally.

      • iamlife iam

        Exactly. We cannot take every line in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. The men transcribing the Word were men scribes, filters, who carried certain beliefs with them as they went through their experiences of God. One can only be as clear scribes when one understands, lives, believes, is the divine relationship between man and God. No man at that time truly understood the Word itself. Most perceived God as not one
        with them. All men of the Bible perceived the holy Word as gifted to them by some Being up in the sky doling out punishments, rewards. Only those
        holy Words that knew their Oneness with God are true filters of the Word.
        If we believe we are divine, we become much clearer filters of God’s Word. That can take eons, I guess, or not. At the time of the Bible, mankind perceived God to be not exactly one with mankind. . .sort of like “an over there, kind of God,” sort of like, “a way over there, kind of God,” an certainly not an “I am that I am” kind of God. When we begin to perceive our true Self, we begin to perceive God as us, God as Unity, Truth, Wholeness, God as All Life, God as each other, God as One Love.

        We believe much differently now, now that your books have helped to rise the consciousness of mankind to the universal truth, which Christ originally taught, in my view. Christ originally taught we are one with God, but, that truth goes unspoken all too often in churches, synagogues. All too often, the preacher will undermine the Word, “I am my Father” and rise up the filtered falsity “you are being judged, punished.” All too often, preachers, religionists want to teach man that man needs a medium, a preacher, priest, religionist to know God intimately. Thank God those days are over. Thank you, Neale, for your books. They help us to really know us, live us, live the true Word as the Word was intended to be lived.

        God is one, and, we are God, Goddess. The filters change as we change. As one begins to perceive God through a lens of unity, one receives more Truth. As we begin to alter the old perception of God as “some guy in a sky, way up high, waaay over there, far, far away, doling out miracles to some and punishments to others,” we begin to pierce life as a blessing, a blessing it was meant to be. We begin to pierce the veil and
        see through the lens of separation and arrive at Unity, Truth, Absolute Love, Pure Unconditional Love Wow Love Sweet Love. As we perceive, we experience.
        As we pierce the veil of God’s Unconditional Love, we become that love for all we know, all we meet, all we see, all we are, because we are all. We are every little leaf. We are every little tree. We are every drop of water as One Love. We become as Gods, Goddesses perceiving all we see as heaven, because heaven is where we say we are, and, if we say we are heaven inside, we are heaven outside looking in and in looking out on all as heaven looking in heaven looking out. We are one vast mirror of love perceiving all aspects as perceiving all aspects as One Love. Wow As one looks through the lens, the filter, one begins to understand unity, and, what it means to speak as one voice, one body, one mind, one love. Thanks for all you do, Neale, to awaken man to the true heart of one love, the true heart we are in All Life <3 <3 <3

  • João Poupinha

    Hello, I see that I am the only person outside the US writing here, so please do not notice my English spelling errors. I aggre with Neale in the point that I can’t take small parts of the Bible, this is putting the Bible outside of natural context of the collection of books that the Bible is. Also we cannot forget that the Bible was written, a long time ago for a certain type of people and society. And we cannot forget that the Bible, was a tool to the unification of the Roman Empire, that was put together be the Niciea Council, this means that want we read today was builded for us. Because of this I think that which one of us, should look for their personal truth, always with the thought in mind and soul, that we are truly just one. Thank you, for the space to express myself.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      My friend, you have said, “Also we cannot forget that the Bible was written, a long time ago for a certain type of people and society.” Yet the Bible is held up by many as a “Book for the Ages,” and the “Ageless Word of God.” Were humans so much less civilized, so barbarian when the Bible was written, that it seemed perfectly okay to kill a women by throwing stones at her, one stone at a time, because she was not a virgin on her wedding day? Really? Nobody then thought it was cruel and inhuman treatment, as we think it is today? I find this extremely difficult to believe.

      But the larger question is this: Is the Bible the Word of God or is it not? Are only parts of it the Word of God, while other parts are just the meanderings and off-the-wall thoughts of ordinary men who had totally ungodly ideas, and put them in a book that they then claimed to be The Word of God?

      Wow, who made that claim!? And did anybody read it before they declared all of those passages to be God’s Word?

      • João Poupinha

        Yes to your last question, someone read it all and say that the Bible was and is (Roman Catholic) the word of God. As you can see at First Council of Nicaea at this Council they even had the courage of discus the divine or not nature of Jesus. And this is the main reason, for the start of divided Cristian church. Please note or see that I agree with you and what you said 100%, But I have to point out that for some people, to see the belief system to start crumbling down for the wonderful books that you wrote, I have to admit that it is scary at first. And I was such a person.
        And good morning to all for this part of the world.

      • Kristen

        It doesn’t matter. The point is that it is dangerous to teach there is no hell and no judgements and that God will not judge or punish. Neale the only person on this planet to ever introduce the concept that God is not a punishing God was YOU, based on what you have heard from above. It would also be dangerous if we took all channelled information as the truth, and everyones beliefs as the truth.

  • darrelf

    Some very wise people, who were expert in observing human behaviour and connecting it with the universe, wrote some of the bible. Unfortunately these lessons have been obscured by an astonishing amount of expressed ego.

    If we were to distil the bible down to the intended lessons for life it would be a very thin book indeed. I have spent a good part of my life doing just this and have found myself overcome with wonder and amazement as I have uncovered the real meaning of the bible. Meaning that is the basis for my life. That meaning does not rely on some divine individual, or mystical stories of salvation, but upon the true intended and until now
    misunderstood lessons that once lay dormant within the biblical writings.

    For those who are interested, the story of the life of Jesus tell us precisely that there is no heaven that is outside of us and there is certainly no hell, other than that which we make for ourselves, in fact there is a very good terrestrial explanation of hell. If you wish to
    know about it, research Gehenna. The story of Jesus is also unquestionably
    clear on how to live in that heaven and to avoid that hell altogether.

    If we choose to read the bible it is best done with a healthy dose of empathy. We must have empathy for the ancient’s need to express their ego and gain control of the masses via their writing of extensive lists of rules. If we can do that then we can reserve our judgement and we will come across the lessons that were intended by the smattering of
    wise writers.

    What surprises me about the conversation is that we say that the “barbaric of the day” gave what was written context. What we must remember is that the bible
    was the rulebook for just a few men who decided for the rest their fate. I
    would encourage all to look around the world now and throughout all of recorded
    history and honestly make the claim that anything has changed and equally, just
    as there were also people who pursued love as their life mission then, there
    are now.

    • Kristen

      Cheers. The bible works perfectly backwards also as the story of modern man retracing out footsteps back to Eden, who get in and who does not etc. Revelation is parallel to Genesis, we have changed, the rules havn’t.

  • mewabe

    Honestly, one would have to be out to lunch to think that ANY book is the “word of God”.

    The real “word of God” is written within the creation itself…in our DNA…in subatomic particles and in every star and galaxy…in mountains, valleys, rivers, within the earth…and in ALL LIFE and all dimensions of life.

    A scientist who study these things and ends up feeling awe is closer to God that any dogmatic Bible thumper. So is a child who is in awe of a butterfly, or a chimpanzee that for an instant contemplates a flower.

    All we have to do is OPEN OUR EYES, open our hearts and soul and awaken to the miracle of life, and stop this manic quest for rules and regulations, for instructions on how to think, feel, live and act, and when and where and how much…JUST BE! Be true, be authentic, be human, be divine, BE LIFE!

    What else do we expect from life, but that to which we are BLIND and DEAF and that is all around us and within?

    If I burnt a Bible publicly, or a hundred thousand Bibles, there would be media coverage and total outrage. The same thing would happen if I burnt a flag in a public place…or if I burnt suitcases full of money.
    But when a mining company blows up mountain tops for coal in Virginia, desecrating and brutally raping this beautiful Divine creation, hardly an eyebrow is raised.

    Institutions, cities, man made civilization are considered more “sacred” and “holy” than the natural creation itself. Doesn’t this strike anyone as VERY strange, and completely UPSIDE DOWN?

    The principal challenge for humanity is not determining which is the true, relevant divine “manual”, but that humanity places its ideas, concepts, beliefs and creations ABOVE LIFE ITSELF in terms of importance, which is how it will end up destroying the earth in order to save its civilization.

    Do you think I am exaggerating with this last statement? This is EXACTLY what is currently happening! Look around, get REAL information!

    One could suggest that it is a matter a low IQ…somewhere in the freezing minus 30. But the reality is that humanity is in a state of permanence TRANCE and has been for a very long time, entranced by its own concepts, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and made deaf and blind by them, blind to the reality that the answer to ANY question is in life itself, and it is all around us, written by the Creator IN the creation of which we are an integral part.

    • Daniel Hernandez

      thanks Mewave! 🙂

    • Lloyd Bradsher

      Again Mewabe you have stated brilliantly what I too see as truth. I do however see more and more humans beginning to awaken to the facts that Creation is our gift, and our guide, and our bridge to understanding our Oneness. It is my intent to peacefully spread the word, to lovingly show our Oneness, and to speak the truth that everything is Creator, and when we dishonor nature, or others we dishonor ourselves. We are eternal Beings, part of Creator energy flowing forth into eternity, and this fact alone is enough to bring joy and hope to my existence. Namaste’

  • ivonne und ute

    es gibt keine Hölle nicht für mich nicht von dem Gott der uns erschaffen hat, die Hölle bereiten wir Menschen uns hier die einen sich gegenseitig , die anderen um Angst zu schüren damit wir funktionieren

  • Erin

    So, Beloved Neale, thou hast become a ‘good’ newsman…Nice style, indeed! 🙂
    May you inspire present medial peeps to explore the presentation of events to motivate thinking, rather than the “You heard it here first, this is how it is!” inputting.
    You seem to be having more fun with this type of set-up & that’s so nice to see, too. It has to be an amusing thought to know that you went from homeless to being part of homes Everywhere, World, yes?
    Blessings…always & all ways, Sweety!

    Okay…the ‘Hell’ thingy…IT, most certainly, DOES EXIST!

    Every one knows ‘argument’, yes? The senses of one’s lifeform (mind/brain) says “This!” of its experience thusfar…but ‘inner tug’ (soul sense/GodSelf) says “That!”. Such is a moment in ‘Limbo’.
    When mind wins the debate, we often find that ‘this’ is not at all what was truly desired…Aha! ‘Hell’ then IS!

    Perhaps GodSelf ‘condemns’ the choice with a “Told ya sooo!” (also known as “iffa, coulda, shoulda”. One react to this may be to droop one’s head, tuck tail, & sulk in shame…Deeper into Hellness is such a move. But perhaps the ‘fire’ is actually soul sense lighting the way out, creating enough discomfort to form so that it moves in another direction? And if form does so…TaDa! ‘Heeere’s Heaven!’, which is simply ‘not Hell’.

    Just an analogy…Have fun with it! 🙂 <3

  • Larry Sallman

    I find The Bible to be amazingly accurate historically, however I heed only the actual teachings of Jesus Christ,as a messenger of The Creator, I find his words to be unchanged no matter what Religion has quoted him.

    • Kristen

      Yay, someone gets it!!

  • Marco Aurélio Oliveira de Fari

    Concordo com Neale, a Bíblia tem muito do sentimento de pessoas e sacerdotes da época e muitas vezes dizia que era Deus para reforçarem as suas vontades e necessidades de controle da sociedade, da esposa, dos filhos etc.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    My Dear Neale. My mother and other people have said to me that all those issues mentioned between you and Kim in this conversation belong to the Old Testament, and that Jesus’ purpose was to fix all those problems and he brought us the New Testament, so we should not worry and make a big deal about it. I felt impotent trying to make them understand that it doesn’t matter when it was written, but since is in the bible is enough to be considered a holy Word. Help me, please, clarifying about the Old, New Testament, and Jesus’ purpose on fixing the past Bible “mistakes”. Love,

    • Victor

      Hello Daniel,

      I wrote this below, and I think it applies to your question:

      “Yes, Ferry, perfectly understandable that in the time that these things were written, the cultural structure of those men was a ‘little bit’ more barbarian than

      The thing is that for fundamentalist christians supposedly these
      words were inspired DIRECTLY for the Holy Spirit, by God ‘himself’.

      So, it was GOD who ‘wrote’ these things. Those are ‘his’ thoughts, his will, his commandments, his view…

      So, God is or was the barbarian…”

      • Victor

        And I also wrote this:

        Perhaps in some time will appear a christian that will make the usual explanation, not mentioned here until now:

        “The laws of Old Testament no longer apply, due to the coming of
        Jesus Christ, who abolished those laws, as they appear in these and
        those New Testament versicles…”, etc.

        That´s the main reason that makes that those who believe in Bible
        inerrance don´t mind at all for the barbaric laws, commandments,
        actions, etc. that appear in Old Testament.

        Of course, many other things could be said addressing Neale´s right
        reasoning, but I think that what I´ve said has some value for explaining
        how so much people don´t perceive the evident difference between the
        ´god´ of Old Testament, and the “abba” of Jesus, for instance…

        Perhaps, as I usually say to christians, God took a course of
        personal development in those 2000 years between Abraham and Jesus…

        • Erin

          And perhaps thought that was “a good thing” to keep doing!? Is God not much like a professional student…well-careered in Personal Development thusfar, yes? Can We not be likened to a science experiment in an HEB’s PD class? A virtual creation of finer-thinking research?:)

          Wouldn’t it be love-ly to read an addition to the end of the New Testament…”The writings of the New Testament no longer apply, due to higher Understanding of Life, as they appear in these & those Newest Testament versicles…”…enter, New Story/Expanded curriculum?
          Fun thoughts, yes? 🙂

          • Victor

            He,he… Yes Erin, very funny…


          • Kristen

            The third testament is the Universal Laws etc papers available to anyone via intuition who reaches halfway up the Tree of Life who will be appointed a teacher, guide or Angel. Mine are with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as I type, 500 pages of them. You should discuss undertaking it with your guides rather than dissing Law. For a start if you are a non believer, read a dream interpretation book and study all the things you have and like as everything about us on the outside is determined from above so you will be able to at least find out what they think about you. Neale would have had to do these papers as they have always been mandatory to reach God on a personal level, known as the secrets or Jacobs Ladder biblically.

          • Erin

            Hi, Kristen. Never heard of this before…interesting up-bringing. But, sorry, it jingles not my own Soul Sounds much, other than simply being interesting. My guides, who I trust to ring my chimes, also use books, not so much dreams, and we seem to have a comical communication through radio, tee-shirt sayings, & billboards. They get their points across one way or another. 🙂

            One thing about the ladder deal, and stuff “determined from above” is the interpretation of Godness being ‘up there somewhere’, which is not so…to me, anyway. I See It more of an ‘All-about’ thing.

            There’s also something not quite right in “always been mandatory to reach God on a personal level”…I do not know Goddess to be anything other than “on a personal level”…I do not See Creation being anything other than a very personal endeavor…Ergo, why I added a giggle to the Personal Development thingy. No disrespect intended of Nature’s guidelines, which hold fine merit if one seeks to enjoy Good Life, yes? 🙂
            Blessings, Kristen. <3

          • Kristen

            That is the role of guides, to guide people up the Tree of Life or whatever different teachings identify with, to reach a level where they no longer end up in the afterlife and are constantly reincarnated over and over again which is a pointless exercise. Glad you have trusted guides, but everything that differs humans from monkeys and other mammals is determined from above whether we like it or not, nothing goes unnoticed. And, yup we are a science experiment in progress, especially the problems with activating the humour gene which is generally only triggered from direct parents or stress, from fighting etc as a coping mechanism from above. Most species above do not have this, glad yours has been activated, the concept of living without humour would be a nightmare!

        • Kristen

          Y’shua made God’s Laws more in alignment with Universal Law, as Christ Consciousness or a Christ is one who understands the workings of Law (Cosmic, Universal, Realm Relevant between the species and their Gods and Natural Law) and who has an active role of bringing these Laws down to Earth. These papers and exams now cover over 500 different Laws when all are combined in the Da’at position on the Tree of Life in any religion. Many of Gods are in there, some are comprimises, some are for religious people but excluded those not in His religions, some are abolished as they are overridden by other Laws and The Source. Yes Y’shua made some easier, some tougher BUT never said God will not judge and in fact stated he himself is a Judge.

          • Erin

            Kristen, may I ask a question, or 3…How does one figure in Freedom with Laws? This would be as an oxymoron, no?

            I was gifted with a lovely tad of Wisdom that rings much truer than all this stuff:
            “Freedom is the greatest gift of Love, and Love always (and all ways) seeks to give the greatest gift.”

            It is my feeling that God/Goddess would find it perhaps, disappointing, that only one of the many messengers sent was ‘heard’, and that the messenger himself would be humbled to same, being regarded upon a pedestal for an undertaking so many others had done & still do…As if connection to All that Is was severed somehow through primitive human judiciary concepts…quite opposite of the messages themselves, No?

            We may not all be Godly, here on this little orb, but surely we are Godness, nonetheless (literally). Would not this judging thing then be unto God-Self?

            I Am curious as to your perspectives…this is interesting converse…thanks, btw. 🙂

          • Kristen

            I guess it would be dependant on what each individuals perception of freedom is. Most Laws are automatically in place and we are completely unaware of them until we chose to understand them. I get freedom from Law, I don’t have to worry about judgement day if I am Law compliant, nor worry about consequences if i ensure I don’t cause suffering and I don’t want to do any of the things that I know are not permitted. As people progress with anything in life, their experiences and understandings change them so the stage they are at becomes the ‘new’ them or at the centre of their current core, therefore they will always want to support what their current beliefs are, and do so automatically. Since Law is my thing, and fun like detective work, Law is at my core and I love it and the things that carry consequences are kind of blocked like hitting a brick wall if I even think about doing them. The same as when people who do not like religion look into it they will immediately reject it, or religious people will reject new age matters like hitting a brick wall. When a healer this and energy work was at my core, and I enjoyed it. Universal and all the other Laws are no different, as they are probably my religion and my chosen journey. The only Law out of over 500 I have uncovered that pisses me off is that people don’t understand that perfectionists are also control freaks to deliberately make them want to do everything for themselves, so as to not impose their BS on others – they don’t get this and it pisses me off having to do work for them occasionally as I’m not strong or rude enough to tell certain customers “sorry I won’t provide what you want as I don’t like working for people like you!” – since Law is at my core and I know better this carries an automatic consequential curse for me that meanswork for them always turns to custard and takes longer than expected so I end up at no profit! (I am a cake decorator). This also applies if I take on any allergy cakes incl gluten free. Something always goes wrong, always at my expense and time to rectify. When studying religious matters or working for God I enjoy it as it is forefront at my core at that point in time (BTW He pays me to defend him in here, my guide/teacher sent me in here last week, presumably to defend this whole non punishing God thing – $2000 extra wages today thanks Neale – God pays well! This same thing happened late last year).

            My interpretation of what you identify as Goddess would probably be the Kabbalic Binah position. As a female, I have to fill this position for myself on the Tree of Life as it is against a female principle for females to help other females, we are just too damn competative, and I do not acknowledge any Goddess associated with Earth. But in relation to God, many messengers are heard, and yes Y’shua is on a pedastal but it is the manmade religion of Christanity that put him there, he said not to worship him, and Jewish people, Muslims and Kabbalists acknowledge him only as God’s son, a teacher of Law. Revelation does not name him as the final Messiah BTW, Christians have. Personally I think it is Daniel, as the rider of the White Horse. Y’shua would be dead here within 5 seconds, or a leg hair would be on the internet for sale within seconds. Christians have destroyed his life with glorifiying and worshipping him, making him very reclusive. We are all capable of what Y’shua did, we are universally a glorified species and we own all the natural assets on Earth (Genesis). We are very highly revered when reaching our potential and fate and are highly sought after in the highest of realms in management positions, unfortunately and embarassingly (new word) obese people, those without self respect, idiots etc do give us a very bad representation though as we are very carefully screened. Regarding the disappointment comment – their disappointment is transferred to us personally so they will not feel disappointed in us, we will feel it for ourselves. The same with motivation, remorse, embarassment, competetiveness etc. Via The Source as an energy, these are bestowed upon ourselves so are a part of our connection, rather than a severance. I refer to The Source, that you define as All, which is the Kabbalic term.

            Re the third matter – I can’t really comment as I position The Source, where you position the CwG God. Our souls are all The Source energy. The Source only acknowledges perfection, beauty and all that is positive or good, and has put Laws in place to dissipate all else. Therefore the closest I could say that yes, I think anything that The Source would not acknowledge means we have lost our progressive link until he renotices us, so should judge ourselves for letting ourselves and our species down.

            We are all under the same Source, peoples Gods or whomever between them and The Source is irrelevant, my stance is not to put words into God’s mouth and dispute His own word. Is that UnGodly? No. May it be punishable. Yes.

  • Contentttt

    I am just amazed that so many people would spend so much time following, discussing and arguing about this so called book, (the bible) which is really a compilation of singular writings, written over approximately 1000 years by many author’s, except the new testament which contains mostly the writings of Paul. The different books of the bible were pulled together to essentially create one single book for the elite to control and rule the masses! Of course there are going to be discrepencies, differences and contradiction’s! Then throw in the inability to translate exactly from the original languages into the english we read, the mean of the words are going to be inaccurately interpreted!

    Oh yeah, now I remember in the words of the new testament christians are SHEEP! Easily herded in any direction, they stick together, even if it means following each other right off the edge of the cliff!


    But then again the BIBLE says what? Well, it does not matter, sheep without a shepard are just plain confused, after all, they are not supposed to think…they are supposed to let GOD do that for them!!

    It’s okay to have one
    It’s okay to be proud of it
    do not pull it out in public
    do not push it on your children
    do not write laws with it
    do not think with it


    Truly it is no wonder why the world is as dysfunctional as it is!
    A quarter of humans on this planet read and embrace a book that is contradictory and open to personal interpretation, for the purpose of controlling the direction of the mass of sheep that have no idea where they are going!!

    • Erin

      LOL!!! Almost fell off my chair!

    • Kristen

      Correct, Christians are sheep, and mentioned nowhere in any scriptures, and Paul would be the biggest douche to ever walk this planet. Anyone with any understandings of psychological understandings will be able to clearly see he has female issues deeply imbedded within, probably constant rejection or sexual dysfunction problems BUT you are forgetting about Jewish people, Judaism, Israelites, Muslims, Kabbalists including Einstein and Da Vinci. But since everything will generally be as it is meant to be although timing will be out, then there is a reason Christians learn in flocks rather than the others more of the OT who learn for themselves and have personal relationships with God. It is not generally ‘in their blood’ so they need the group situation, Ministers and teachings etc. I do feel when Christians ‘get it’ and have a personal relationship with God they would convert to Judaism or more traditional ‘real’ religions rather than their manmade one but this is not to say it is wrong, just a halfway point using half a bible and learning half the information.

      There are many more people in a situation of not thinking for themselves than Christians though, anyone who cannot listen to the words and arguments of others with differing views, try to see their point when it is appropriate, see it all objectively, form their own personal beliefs, accept facts even if they do not agree with them, have their own views and opinions based on experience and personal learnings are SHEEP. Christians are probably the smallest flock on this planet. I read somewhere that a wise teaching is that those who need to discuss religion or spirituality with others of a similar mind who will always be in agreeance are not yet assured of their own beliefs and need the group to confirm their beliefs constantly. One who understands their own beliefs and has them in their soul, core or blood will not need this. They are strong on their own and do not need to discuss matters with like minded people and will practice their religion of spirituality rather than talking about it. WHO ARE THE SHEEP FORMING A FLOCK???

      At least I will give you credit that you are 100% AWARE that there is no judgement day and God does not punish, or you would be shitting yourself after dissing anyone religious that that.

      • Contentttt

        TY Kristen for responding! Yes, I agree with you, it is more than Christianity that has sheep! But then the old saying is…”Power in numbers”!

        If one religion says…..”It works this way and our God is the one, and a billion agree!” and another religion says….”It works this other way and our God is the one, and they have a billioin to agree!” LET ME BE THE FIRST TO STAND IN THE MIDDLE AND SAY……HAVE AT IT!! Because I don’t believe your God’s were ever THE ONE!

        Even Neale is in for a big awakening when he leaves this Earth and discovers that he never was ever really talking to GOD….but God wannabe’s, a contingent of between 37 and 79 entities playing a game, they knew Neale was not intuitive enough to figure out ! But since most human’s could not tell you who they are receiving messages from, those in the unseen realms have been able to pull the so called, “wool” over humans eyes for many millennia!

        YOU CAN ALL HAVE THE GOD YOU WANT TO BE GOD! Because when your life comes to an end……you are going to discover your God is dead and gone!!! Also that things are not the way you were told they are when your body expires! I don’t care what religion it is……THEY ARE ALL GARBAGE FILLED WITH LIES AND MANIPULATION!!!

        Here is something I AM well aware of and essentially no one or very few other are or would believe it! BUT…..Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ were not and never were the same one!!! 2 different conscious individual entities!!! J of N had no desire to BE a God or the Son of God……JC well, that conscious entity was always destined to play that role because it wanted to BE God or God Like!

        I communicate with those who’s lives have come to an end….ALL THE TIME! The one question I ask just about every one of them is…..
        “Where is your God?” The answer I get every time is “I DON’T KNOW”!!!
        I ask them do you feel your God any where, and their answer is always No! Religions keep the energy of God alive and the old religious energy patterns are kept alive by those on this Earth who believe their God is alive!

        Kind of like the Nazi Energy Pattern! There are some who refuse to let it die…even though the source for it is dead and gone.

        I have connected with many suicide bombers that embrace Islam. I have asked them…..where is your God and their response is always…I don’t know! I ask them where are the virgins they were promised and they say….they do not know!

        People hear what they want to hear! They ignore the rest and then defend what they believe even if it costs them their life!

        Me…what do I know? ALL the God’s are dead!!!
        How can I be so sure!
        Because I can tell energetically what is taking place in the Universe and I have learned to ignore everything that anyone believes here on Earth!

        You shared Kirsten…..and I took it a step further!! You share again Kirsten and I will go a step further again! Just how far beyond the edge are you interested in going…….because I am NOT of the World or Universe….. I AM an Alien! Killing and abuse and everything that religions justify….well, I cannot fathom why any one would follow any of them, but I understand fully why they do!!

        I AM
        The Beginning and The End!!
        Before Me I was and after me I will BE!
        Where I come from…..THERE ARE NO GOD’S…….that is an Earth thing!!

        • Kristen

          You are one fugged up puppy. And from a realm or level so low that you would not be able to ever find out if there were Gods or not. You sure have big balls regarding Neale, I am partially in agreeance and partially not, I have told Neale in here before that I believe he is chanelling the one in the bible referred to as He Of Lawlessness, which means the same as He Of Full Freewill.
          But loser, guess what. You are the one in for the the hugest shock when you leave this planet, reincarnation into humans bodies for non-humans is highly illegal, as is shapeshifting etc, and even worse for you, you are such a gullible that you have fallen straight into a trap laid by Satan that has led you onto God’s turf for punishment and eternity in hell. That is the sole reason there are so many evil and foreign entities on Earth – you have fallen into God’s lair and obviously you are only feeling negative energies which are full of crap, lies and deception.

          What I do agree with you on is channelling. There is no way on Earth to ever determine the source of it, and most people are just channelling the latest holograms of their past lives which were brainwashed with the required information prior to coming to Earth anyway. If you bothered to look into anything, you would know that on the higher realms and levels they do not channell, there is only instant direct thought completely provate intuitive transmission. One brief thought sent could be defined in pages if having to explain all the information received. This is the only way I receive anything, I dismissed chanelling many years ago – over 20. When so called guides cannot even spell their own name you know it’s crap.

          I also agree that people only absorb or hear what they want to hear. Dangerous and stupid, and the core basis of this thread. People do not want to be judged, therefore will try to convince themselves and others that they will not be. At least you understand that you will be.

          As I have said to an alien in here before, why the hell are you on Earth when you don’t like humans nor Earth. A gullible servant of those controlling you as a puppet, or as a lost one homeless so had nowhere else to go? I’m not proofing this so sorry about the probably typos, you aren’t worth anymore of my time sweetheart.

          Sorry Neale, I know this is a family show but sometimes you just shouldn’t be nice. The song Coward of the County!!! Beat the f….ers up!

          • Contentttt

            Kristen….Kristen…Kristen! You are so hostile!
            I have not attacked anyone here like you just have me!
            I question what many believe, to maybe get them out of their comfort zone to question “IF” they really believe what they believe!!
            Yet I don’t care what any other believes! But just because they believe something, does not make it so, it only means this is what they believe….NOW!!

            Where did you get the idea I do not like the human experience! I never said that!

            Plus I do agree with you about channeling, it really requires taking over a persons body to talk through it. I agree a thought flows, is received and then acknowledged or dismissed! There are many levels of communication that take place according to the conscious entity creating the communication! Also I can and do sense the energy of any entity that connects to me…..and I can tell you EXACTLY who they are and what their name/label is.

            As far as my being at a level so low that I would never be able to determine if there were Gods or not, just shows the level you are coming from is even lower! Other wise you would already know you this is not so!

            I have enjoyed this bantering Kirsten, but your energy is to personally antagonistic and angry! I will not go there with you any longer…..I see no real value in it!

            Just because I post a few comments that challenge what is taught and what is followed, does not mean you know me or are even close to understanding anything about me! For those in the so called higher realms….they are not really as high as you believe them to be!

            Oh by the way…..I have no concern or fear associated with the God’s or the Devil’s of this universe! Their energy cannot exist within My Energy…..I AM to neutral for them!!

            So with that….Kirsten you can carry forward within your energy without me! Because none of this really matters! The books, this website, what people think or believe….it is only important to those who believe it is important!

            So My conversation with you is really not very important either!
            Thanks any ways though!!


          • Kristen

            I’m not hostile, it’s called Karma and nothing but. I just did to you exactly what you did to Neale in assuming he would go to hell – he is neutral as any negative has been offset by the positive aspects of his teachings, most on Earth are neutral unless nowingly causing suffering which is the purpose of Hell. And also what you did about Gods, our beliefs and KNOWINGS on and from Earth, to Christians and US as the recognised species of Earth – human. See how it works when the table is turned on you and people are rude back. You run. Use those big balls to try to understand that on Earth things are very different, we have Gods who care about us and give us ample evidence of their existence. No-one has a problem with differing views and opinions, but in any realm people have a problem with foreigners thinking they are superior. Wrongly. We all have responsibilities on this planet, inflicting Karma is one of them just as we are all on call 24/7 where and when needed, generally via the Law of Synchronicity. I feel you own Neale an apology, humans have feelings, familys and people who care about them, which most alien species here do not understand. You are a guest in this site, just as I am, both with differing views to the general concensus but whilst discussions are the point of it, respecting Neale and his work is normal behaviour unless the point is very important to make, such as deceptive teachings that may endanger others like God not being a punishing God. Many foreign species are here to try to understand the basic concepts of compassion, empathy, manners and humour (and sex for pleasure) which are generally unique to us. You probably owe yourself an apology also, I would certainly be gutted if I treated myself so badly. You also do not understand that the human/Earth Universe is closed to anyone not a part of this so you will never be able to access the higher levels of our Universe and Structure, just as I would not be able to access yours.
            Enjoy life, and be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.

          • healinghandscoach

            You seem very hostile to me as well. I feel like you are in a lot of pain, maybe something from your past. I send you peace dear Kristen. Also there is no death or hell to fear just Love. Good luck

          • Kristen

            No not at all, very happy person with a perfect 70s childhood of complete freedom in paradise, and no past life issues as I am a first lifer, not reincarnated, but thanks for concern. No, death shouldn’t be feared, and Hell is for evil so no fears there either for most people, and the love levels felt are once people get past the mass mind of humanity and The Source and God are able to reach people. Except that there is no such thing as a ‘human experience’, human is a species and we have our own souls specific for humans so no non humans should ever be in any bodies on Earth, and the Firmament Laws at the very beginning of Genesis determine that the skys separate the Heavens from Earth and are full of now damaged protective matrixes and energy sheilds that those from other realms have now damaged by going to and fro. I do mean what I say about the consequences for non-humans in human bodies, they would not like it or tolerate it if we invaded their realms and possessed their children and used those bodies to do whatever we wanted then just state “I wanted to experience being that species”. This carries huge consequences and all will be treated as if we could see them doing it on Earth, just as The Source can. Obviously if we could see it we would have very high security maternity suites and a shoot to kill policy. I am hostile about this particular matter as every physical body on this planet is my family and relative, but I KNOW justice will prevail and have complete faith in consequences so I do not let it, or much affect me. That’s God and other punishers role, not mine.

            PS – I assume you are a healer by your ID name, I used to be one also.

          • Kristen

            Healinghandscoach, sorry if this is wrong, but if you are trying to deliberately tune into me I feel it as psychic attacks, I am on a very grounded frequency unless studying via intuition so psychic frequencies unbalance me now. I have felt nausea for the past 5 hours which I had put down to antique shopping and the negative vibes off antiques before they are ‘cleansed’. If you are tuning in can you please not do this, no-one in here would be silly enough to lie about anything as most are in contact with someone above so can verify anything within reason, especially when our guides/Angels/God etc are so protective. I can feel others information about unspent grief over a twin, which may be you and perhaps a sibling, a military presence observing in here as they usually are, a boy with a damaged left lower leg perhaps an adult now, a few red carnations on a round table, well worn tramping boots by a newspaper, a laptop with a mark down the righthand side, yellow tulips and 5 million other things from others in here etc. If tuning in can you please shut down as you will not be able to ‘feel’ me on the usual frequencies, but if you really want to verify anything I am an open book if you speak to your guide, nothing to hide here. If you really feel it is a part of your role in working for the greater good which I would never block, try a 98 frequency in pale blue rhythmic hues primarily from around your left eyebrow if southern hemisphere which goes via the Kabbalic/Alchemic/Intuitive closed private frequencies.

  • patriciafb

    Well I wrote a message before signing in – and lost it…let’s see if I can recap – there are so many more comments here now – but I will stick with Kim. It is my understanding that the bible was written over many years with man interpreting God’s word or man’s visions, etc. as the “Gospel” and some of it was interpreted somewhat correctly, but much was interpreted to fit’s man’s own needs. Neale says that God has told him there is no hell. This is easy to understand when one realizes that much of what Kim refers to are passages written to instill fear in people in order to control their behavior. When one gets to know God as we are all able to much better through CWG one understands that God experiences life through us, the good and the bad, the yin and the Yang, the dark and the light. There is plurality in all things. How we choose to experience what happens after we die, pass on, cross over, or have our continuation day (my favorite) depends on the experience we choose to create. The same is true of the living. God has given us free will to create all things, good and bad. So…..after leaving life on earth one may go to a hellish place of their own creation..until they realize they don’t need to be there. Some may see pearly gates, and all things bright and beautiful, until as a spirit they decide they don’t need these things either. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. I have come to understand through CWG that God is Love, everlasting….and we all have God in us as well as free will. God does not judge us or punish us, he/she just experiences, as we do, what we choose to experience whether in life or death. So beloved Neale – did I get FEAR right – from memory and it fails more often now than when I was younger lol……love and light PatriciafB

  • mewabe

    An aside comment about old religious doctrines…

    If the Bible teaches that a woman found not to be a virgin at her wedding should be stoned to death, what exactly did this imply at the time this was written, besides a penchant for extreme misogyny, violence and brutality?

    Is there anything in the Bible that addresses the virginity of men? Probably not (sorry, I have not read it and never will, I don’t need to pollute my mind). So let’s use simple logic.

    If men are not to be virgin, where do they get their experience, from alien females or goats? The implication is that these fine, righteous, upstanding Christian men, who are ready to abide by the fine law of non-virgins stoning, are USING “fallen” women to get their kicks.

    And here comes the stench of absolute hypocrisy.

    • Therese

      Don’t ask me to quote where I got this, because I do not remember, but there is some evidence that the word “virgin” did not always apply to abstinence. The temple “virgins” were not without sexual experience, they were quite the opposite. They were women experienced in sacred sex, who helped men cleanse themselves of the horrors of war.

      When men began to control sacred sex, the only way to do this was to make the meaning of sex itself change, even making it “evil”, hence 666 (sexsexsex), and by extension, that after which men lusted most, and spiritually craved, had to be made wrong.

      This goes right along with so many things, including the changing of the meaning of “psychology”, as outlined in WECCE:

      “The very word “psychology” gives us our clue. “Psyche”
      comes from the Greek word meaning “soul.” “Logy” is also
      Greek, and means “knowledge.” We see that “psycho+logy”=
      “soul knowledge”—which is what the ancient Greeks knew
      that all healthy behavior was anchored in!”

      We are now in a process, I believe, of remembering so many things that have gotten lost in translation, and with time.

      • mewabe

        Interesting information…Thank you Therese.

        Yes it seems that the patriarchy knew that by controlling sex, they would control the spirituality of people, associating love (all love, “sacred” and “profane” as they made a distinction between the two) with guilt and fear, essentially turning reality upside down and inside out.

        This was a severe perversion and the greatest damage patriarchal religion has inflicted on humanity, at the core of the dysfunctionality of many people to this day, who cannot reconcile the sacred and the profane, the spirit and the flesh, spirituality and sex.

        Pornography or anything that degrades sex and women in male controlled societies and cultures are the direct outcome of the religious degradation of sex, of associating sex with evil.

        A pope was quoted (sorry I don’t remember which one) as saying that when you can control the sexual passions of people, you control them completely.

        More should be addressed about this very important topic on this website…the dichotomy between sex and spirituality willfully created by a groups of patriarchal control freaks who developed religious dogmas centered around the separation of the Creator (God) from the creation (the physical world which includes sex).

        The truth is, the creation is sensuous and erotic, and such qualities are an integral part of the Spirit manifest, which is life and joy, which entails union and communion, and which in all of its aspects expresses interdependence, interconnection and the Divine essence of oneness.

      • Contentttt

        “The word ‘virgin’ did not originally mean a woman whose vagina was untouched by any penis, but a free woman, one not betrothed, not bound to, not possessed by any man. It meant a female who is sexually and hence socially her own person. In any version of patriarchy, there are no Virgins in this sense.”

      • To quote Spock on Star Trek “Fascinating.”

      • Erin

        Nice, Therese! Thanks for bringing these definitions up to be Seen anew. 🙂

  • Awareness

    I suggest that all those verses which do not serve Life be changed 🙂

    “Rather, seek to change those things-or support others who are changing those things-which no longer reflect your highest sense of Who you Are ” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Jacqueline L Lizotte

    My understanding of “the second coming of Christ” has been from my understanding of the energy work I do. During these last few years, we have had many energetic shifts that assist “the awakening” of souls. Those energies assist us to take the opportunity to open up our souls towards the achievement of our own Christ Consciousness. Christ came to show us how to achieve God’s “new covenant” with man. We are to learn from his examples of which there are too few written in the Bible. I don’t expect people to agree or disagree. It is my simple understanding as it works for me and my clients who come to me for healing.

  • mewabe

    “When an entire culture refuses to believe that it has anything to do with what is occurring, it cannot do anything about what is occurring.”

    I did not even noticed this sentence until now…so true.

    Humanity has an uncanny ability to avoid responsibility through denial. Blaming the gods, the devil, aliens, the past, the future, its enemies (one section of humanity blaming another section), and anything it can come up with, such as secret societies, ancient DNA manipulation, etc…

    This condition results in the same state of affair, locally and worldwide, as could be obtained from mass hypnosis or trance. It is almost otherworldly in its absurdity.

    Google “White man’s dominion” by Wil Numkena, from the Hopi Son album. This is the simple, direct, realistic, NATIVE way of understanding reality…no need for million dollars studies to know that when one spits straight up in the air, the spit falls back on his face. The same goes with everything, every action has consequences, as well as every thought.

    But humanity wants to keep acting and being as a child, thinking that its daddy (God) will fix its mess, or perhaps friendly aliens.

  • Kristen

    Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim – if you change any of your views do so as long as it feels right and does no harm to you or anyone else, including what you teach others BUT do not ever become complacent and believe God is not a punishing God, nor that He judges all on Earth eventually, including the dead (reincarnated people on Earth and those in the afterlife). Also remember that His judgements only start with the beginning of His reign over the entirety of Earth which has not yet begun or we are in the very early stages of (labour), which coincides with these said judgements and punishments. As with everything in life it is much better to be safe than sorry. I cannot enforce the importance of this message enough, take a look at the prophecies and you will see that many are in place now. God states to always look for signs and that if you hear of anything of God that is against his word in the Bible to dismiss it as not from God. A world of choices is a complex world, and a world of very smart people makes it even more so, but this does not mean we should throw the Biblical teachings away and ignore the fact that God informs many times we will all be judged. Y’shua also teaches to not listen to the teachings of any man over God, which would include all ministers and even the Pope and Neale!. No-one has to support God in everything, even He acknowledged that like all Gods he is of half good and half evil so can be quite sadistic, just as humans often are, but stay out of His way – the OT makes it very clear what a temper He has. I went through the Bible when studying Law and made a list of over 200 things God states He will punish for including bartending, building brick houses side by side and many things that people are now doing without realising that even a generation ago Christians would not have done, for they followed the entire Bible rather than just the NT and what they personally wanted to hear. I would suggest you do the same and whatever anyones beliefs are DO NOT DO THESE THINGS. The role of any Christ or Enlightened One, including Y’shua is to bring Law down to Earth as Buddha and the others also did using parables and wise advice rather than the words of Law, even they are judges and Y’shua appears the toughest of them all – remember he is a sworn high Priest forever and if Priests do not punish or prevent known crimes from happening then God will also punish them for these crimes as scripture tells us, so no-one should ever put their beloved Y’shua in this position, He cannot override Law and consequences both as a Christ and as Priest.

    I have just returned from a road trip through the South Island of NZ for a couple of days; I have never done it in spring where there are hours and hours of perfect green pastures, daffidols along the roadsides, abundant cattle crops in bloom and thousands of lambs, many of them being born as we drive past witnessing their mothers birthing. At even a few hours old they are leaping in the air with joy and playing with each other. A huge sign and a huge reminder. As was seeing the aftermath of quakes and a serious storm a couple of weeks ago felling huge seemingly indestructable trees and demolishing old farm shacks that I have driven past since my childhood and are part of the scenery, and of my life, spirit, a part of my homeland and everything I have ever known. If you ever get the chance, have a holiday on a farm for a couple of nights in spring (I assume worldwide farmers rent out their old houses or cottages when they build new homes on the land – this may be a NZ thing, I am unsure), you will rediscover the animals, rediscover the planet, rediscover YOUR God you learned of as a child and rediscover our place in the world. As you feed orphaned lambs, recover some who didn’t make it through a night too cold, play with working dogs whom with one simple command will switch to work mode and round them all up as guardians being cruel to be kind, you will understand it all. God is the farmer, but needs a hand from man and mans best friend to get all the sheep and new lambs through each night. People can only guide others, but not control them completely – if they run into a gully and fall and break their legs, it will only ever be their sheer will and determination that will give them survival – do not fall in a gully, and do not dig yourself a hole. God cannot and will not pull you out and nor can His helpers. Farming is cruel, nature is cruel, as one species on this planet, why should it be easy and cruisey just for us?! We don’t get the privilege of believing whatever we want to believe, nor avoiding what we do not want to believe in or face.

    Kim I am not a Christian, but if I can help by heading you back in the right direction with a bark, steer you away from the gully and suggest you just enjoy life and the milk God promised, wish that your pastures stay in abundance, that the roots of your tree stays in the ground, that flowers bloom around you, that the old shelters of our ancestors remain over your head, that you follow your own instincts to survive what life may bring and hope that you may prosper in your faith that what you need is what you have, and what you have is what you need, you need not look for more, and if you understand that the God you already knew is the God you need to know, then I have done my bit for today.
    Blessings and spring hope,

    • healinghandscoach

      Are you for real Kristen?

      • Kristen

        Sure am. As the entire CwG books, and all of Neales affiliates to them are dedicated to God, discuss God and are apparently conversations with God then surely everyone in a ‘God’ website will have read the entire Bible before discussing God and assuming what God’s views are and making assumptions, and will also have read “I am never changing” in scripture. If there is anything found to indicate God changes His views and roles then bring it on, other than that the Bible tells us many times of consequences and God’s views. And also that in the end of times noone will care what God has to say nor read the Bible anyway, so it is all prophecised. Do you have a special Bible that differs from the one everyone else has read for thousands of years that says different things??? New Age and Spiritual aspects are fine, but it is always best to keep the Biblical aspects of God out of these kinds of discussions.

        • hempwise

          The native American bible was life, the earth below there feet the sky above them the Earth itself was holy to them .

          When asked about the white mans god there response was why would i choose your god all you do is argue about what god is and said.

          The future is not set in stone life does not work like that -nothing is pre-destined to happen it,s all the combined consciousness of everything .The prophecies and the righteous zeal that people hold on to are not helping humanity and are in fact very dangerous .
          Does it serve you to believe these things does it create love for life or does it serve only the interests of some who choose fear over wisdom.


          • Kristen

            Hi there,
            I completely agree with you. I can only observe prophesies that have come true and that I can see underway. Y’shua must be the worst prophet in history!!

            Everything is meant to be based on the real time freewill choices of individuals, that unfortunately often become the Mass Mind of Humanity, therefore having more influence on everyone solely because of the high numbers. Reincarnation and the pre determined paths have overridden the natural Law governing this, one of the many reasons I am completely opposed to reincarnation but I won’t go there.

            I do not worship my God, I recognise Him as the Universal God of Law which is His Universal position, even determining much of Cosmic and Universal Law for other realms. I also do not take part in, or support any religions, even as a Kabbalist. This is purely a word people use to define one on an indepth deliberate Tree of Life journey overseen by God. I would never support any Kabbalic organisations or groups, it is just a word for a particular part of a journey associated with God, that unfortunately gets dumped in the religious group. I can acknowledge some people need religion to help them get started though, but they should then find their own wings and fly for themselves. Sometimes I am asked telepathically by my Teacher to defend God like in here, which pays very well so in that aspect I could be deemed a servant of God but I will also only speak my own mind, not assume what God would want, so it is still freewill based. This is also in the Bible “You will earn what you are worth” so it must be important to them to pay me when they have a planet full of worshippers who would work for free willingly. I will also not deny that God is a part of my heart and soul, but that is a part of the Tree of Life journey when you reach a certain position and can ‘feel’ God energy in you, just as Hindus will feel their God, New Agers will feel The Source and Native Americans will feel Creator and the Earth in their soul. Law has defined that Native Americans OWN all of America and Canada anyway, this new determination of this will certainly change the game plan from above as this means no private land ownership.

            I support Creator and the natural aspects of Earth as much as I do God, and also The Source for the invisible aspects of our lives. I have never for one moment thought God is also these individuals, older bibles do not state this, just the distorted ones. The CwG teaching as the ones saying God is ALL, not scripture. The Bible recognises there are other Gods, and the influence of many via astrological energies also proves there are others around Earth. Affiliation to someone from above is mandatory for all, Creator and the Natural Earth is one of the options and Creator is much easier to please than God. My personal opinion is that ‘Goddess’ or physical Earth worship are not recognised but that is my opinion only so counts as absolutely nothing!

            A part of wisdom is to understand that which we are bound by, as as they saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”, and any teacher would be ensuring their students are on a straight and righteous path, and trying to ensure they are not in line for any consequences or punishments. Understanding what God, as the Universal God of Law punishes for is a huge part of this. I have no concept of choosing fear, so sorry I cannot comment on that without asking people odd questions and would never start any conversation with a Christian – they do my head in and cannot think for themselves, and I’d never be able to get answers so I’ll take your word for it!

  • Gina

    Accounts and reports of near death experiences tell us that the description of hell and judgement in the Bible is not literally true. It is written in the Bible, rain falls on saints and sinners alike. This, not cruelty, is the nature of Nature and the universal forces. Impersonal and ubiquitous and vast. Those narrowly defined rules and regulations and judgement and punishment according to them are very antithesis of God’s rest of the creation. If not everyone had the same exposure to the words and teachings of the Bible how can they be judged by living life accordingly? It is written in the Bible God is the unchanged, that might be true, but the God who doesn’t change is not the one and the same as the words in the Book. Meaning and interpretations do and should change over regions and time, as such is the nature of language. Therefore words in the Bible should and do change.

  • Gina

    I deleted my post and it appears under Guest. This website is dysfunctonal. Commets add up, but have to dig deep to find where the new replies are.