Is world peace achievable?

Before World Peace, World Prosperity, World Harmony, Health, Happiness, etc. & all that other good stuff can be achieved, we will see it first modeled in miniature.

That is, in certain areas, people of  like-minded mentality will start flocking or congregating towards it.

Before the proverbial World Peace, we may first have it in certain areas ~ perhaps first in small islands, villages or towns, or larger cities or countries.  An example might be when a small country models this, and larger countries eventually follow suit.

It may happen spontaneously, or organizationally, or both.

What this does, is to give us a taste, or a contextual field of comparison to experience it in miniature, and this can help us decide what we may prefer to experience as a larger collective.

I’ve not heard of such a place or places yet, but maybe you have?  I do believe there are individuals who do this within their own lives.  This seems more so now, than at any other time in earth’s history/herstory.

Now, if the world truly desired World Peace at this time, we’d put way more education, effort, energy, research & resources toward creating that.  So, on some unconscious, or maybe even conscious level, we simply are not ready or willing for it, and couldn’t even handle it if it did suddenly happen.  Let me give you an example:

Years back, I heard a public radio program where nice,
middle-class couples would take in foster kids, to give them the loving homes they always wanted.  Yet what happened, was that the kids would eventually do things like start fires & create havoc.

I was personally astounded at this!  I thought that kids from a chaotic, dysfunctional environment would love to be in a more financially & emotionally prosperous, peaceful and loving environment.

Yet, what the program reported was that the kids where so used to the negative drama in their lives, that to be moved out of it was kind of a shock, and so they re-created this chaos because that’s what they were used to.  They just weren’t ready or acclimated enough for such a huge change.

I think this can apply to World Peace too.  If we had World Peace tomorrow, we might think it to be absolutely grand; however, we’d be so unfamiliar with it, that we’d go back to creating negative drama again, simply since that’s what we’re used to.

Another example:
Often (not always) people who are too quickly put in certain situations, even desirable ones, are simply not prepared for them. … People who gain fame, wealth, or both, too fast, can have great difficulty adjusting to the suddenness of it all.  People often fair better when it’s more gradual over time.

What do you think?

This is something I think about.  I think about it also in relation to people like many of us, advancing on the spiritual path, who feel our evolution, as a world, is just too slow.

I get that – I feel it too!  The antidote, is to have compassion & love on our unhealed parts or those aspects that are not fully healed.

That does not mean that we can’t be the influencers, instigators, leaders, movers & role models to move this forward.  We can, and this can bring it in more smoothly.

How many people feel deep inner peace?  Or, how many even feel inner peace as a majority of their experience?  If we don’t have our own individual inner peace, how can we expect the rest of the world to?

Many people think there is a point of critical mass, when a certain amount of individuals have inner peace, and it then will spread more quickly, both globally & collectively.

An example of quick, but also gradual movement, is how smart phones spread worldwide. The first iPhones came out June 29, 2007.  That’s only 6 years ago!  People adapted quickly, at least those who could afford them.  Even many homeless people now have cell phones.

I think that as more of us work & play to have inner peace & harmony, and emotional & financial prosperity, this will attract more of that to us.  This will also influence others to find out how we achieved it, and are able to sustain it.

Is this a viable way to look at World Peace?  Will we ever achieve it?  Do we need to?  Is it inevitable, given our evolution?  What do you think?

Marko(Marko Damkoehler is an artist/writer/musician and creator of, as well as an avid student of CwG. He is also one of the Spiritual Helper Moderators on the website.)

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  • Contentttt

    Very nice article Marko!

    I know you are right on about the gradualness of evolving into almost anything!

    I usually give the example, that a person who works to achieve a goal and attains financial rewards, when they die their offspring generally receive an inheritance. That influx of many that they did not work for but was given in a big lump sum often becomes their spiraling down fall and the life they begin to live is all about what they have so quickly gained and not about who they can be. Every choice they begin to make is in reference to this expanded wealth first……their life becomes all about the money!

    So if a person begins to look what is taking place objectively, instead of getting caught up in the detials of the choices and the results of what an person is then experiencing. It becomes obvious, the quick shift from having some money to having a lot of money can be extremely disorietating.

    No I have understood for some time now and I have shared many times that as much as human’s believe they are awake and conscious…..they truly are not! If anyone has ever talked with a person who is a sleep walker, they know, the sleep walker can be manipulated quite easily. The actions they are taking as they are in a sleep walking state often do not make a lot of sense at all!

    Example: When I was quite young, my brother would sleep walk at times. One night I awoke and he was stuffing all the blankets of the bed into the open window. I asked him what he was doing and although I do not remember what he said, for him in that moment, it made perfect sense! In his sleep walking dream state he was conscious and yet his actions showed clearly he was not consciously aware of what he was doing.

    Now if you were to look at people all over this Earth and look at the propoganda that is out there and the many ways that words create a potential direction. Plus the presenter of those words can be also at times be quite charismatic and the result is often a “hypnotic” growth of followers!

    Now even Neale Donald Walshe through the CWG, as he becomes the channeler, has been a part of creating a hypnotized group of followers too! He might say, well that was not my intention or desire! I would agree, it was not his intention or desire! I still happens and it still happened. People could not hardly wait for the next CWG book and then the next and then the next. Where ever he goes to speak, people pay money to savor every word that comes off his tongue and feel the energy of that moment and his charismatic vibration! People become mezmerized and even obscessed…….that is may not be direct and overt hypnosis, but it is indirect and subtle, yet equally as effective if not more effective.

    When human’s awaken from this sleep walking stuper, they have to be awakened slowly. The energy of this planet has to change gradually or they will not be able to adjust, they will be disoriented and confused! This awakening process has fully been unfolding and evolving in an acceleration mode already for the last 25 years. The catonic state has been so deep for humanity that if the awakening process happens to quickly, the results can be disconbobulation X 6.5 billion with results truly not desired.

    So paience is the encouraging word of the day and week and month and for years to come! Peace and clarity will come to all, but within a time frame that takes ALL into account….even the unseen realms and the Universe in it’s entirety!

    In Friendship and Awareness I share what I AM aware is and will BE so!
    I AM
    Ricki Lee Schuster

    • Contenttt, thank you for your comments & insights.

      There are rsome are cases where people accelerate very fast spiritually. Byron Katie & Eckhart Tolle being two recognizable ones. A few lottery winners use their money thoughtfully & wisely. Yet they seem very far a few between.

      It’s true most of us don’t get hit by a bolt of lightening & pow we are enlightened, it is a more gradual process.

      The iphone & ipad analogy I used was to show the positive possibility our spiritual asleep-ness too can accelerate & can quicken it’s pace in a meaningful & even delightful way.


  • mewabe

    In order for the world to heal at many levels, humanity must relearn, or remember, the difference between “want” and need.

    Most are so confused and so programmed they don’t even know there is a difference.

    The sad irony is that the majority sacrifice their needs in order to get what they “want”.

    As a typical example, overworking until a heart attack or cancer puts an end to it, and sacrificing time with family, friends, and self in order to have the Big car, the Big house, the Big vacation, the Big promotion, the Big retirement, and whatever else those who “want it all ” aim to achieve.

    Human needs are basic and simple. Possessing millions of dollars and a ton of “stuff” are not natural human needs, they are culturally acquired “wants”. If people were in touch with their humanity, with their bodies, true minds (unconditioned minds), hearts and souls, they would aim to satisfy their actual human needs, and would seek quality over quantity, and simplicity and clarity over chaos, waste and confusion.

    If people were in touch with their real human needs, they would no longer sacrifice the earth’s ecology to manufacture cheap gadgets that are meant to be obsolete or to break down almost immediately, and they would no longer sacrifice their money and resources to manufacture ever more lethal weapons to wage ever more endless wars.

    No one needs a flag. No one needs a world power. No one needs to have than they can actually use and enjoy. Everyone needs peace.

    Humanity is out of touch with itself, lost in concepts, ideas and “wants” that have nothing to do with its real nature.

    • Mewabe I thought you might appreciate this from comedian C.K.

      I found this on my wife’s facebook page & liked how he got into feeling our feelings & how cell phones can substitute instant gratifacation instead of feeling true feelings, even sadness of which happiness is around the bend to quote a Brian Auger song I like.

      We are not allowed links or videos so here is a transcript or part of it. You can take this info & I’m sure you & others can find the video, it’s really cool.

      Louis C.K.’s Explanation of Why He Hates Smartphones Is Sad, Brilliant

      In a clarion call that will likely rival his insta-legendary “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy” diatribe delivered nearly five years ago on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, comedian Louis C.K. explains — to Conan, once again — exactly why he dislikes the culture of smartphones and why he would never get one for
      his kids.

      C.K. starts off by suggesting that smartphone usage is the reason kids today are meaner:

      I think these things are toxic, especially for kids…they don’t look
      at people when they talk to them and they don’t build empathy. You
      know, kids are mean, and it’s ’cause they’re trying it out. They look at
      a kid and they go, ‘you’re fat,’ and then they see the kid’s face
      scrunch up and they go, ‘oh, that doesn’t feel good to make a person do
      that.’ But they got to start with doing the mean thing. But when they
      write ‘you’re fat,’ then they just go, ‘mmm, that was fun, I like that.’

      From there, C.K. moved on to expound on the larger issue: The negative emotional effect that smartphones have on grown-ups.

      While C.K. agrees that smartphones can help create a sense of community, he believes that therein lies the problem:

      You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing
      something. That’s what the phones are taking away, is the ability to
      just sit there. That’s being a person. Because underneath everything in
      your life there is that thing, that empty—forever empty. That knowledge
      that it’s all for nothing and that you’re alone. It’s down there.

      And sometimes when things clear away, you’re not watching anything,
      you’re in your car, and you start going, ‘oh no, here it comes. That I’m
      alone.’ It’s starts to visit on you. Just this sadness. Life is
      tremendously sad, just by being in it…

      That’s why we text and drive. I look around, pretty much 100 percent
      of the people driving are texting. And they’re killing, everybody’s
      murdering each other with their cars. But people are willing to risk
      taking a life and ruining their own because they don’t want to be alone
      for a second because it’s so hard.

      Finally, C.K. brings it all together with an anecdote about the time he was in his car listening to a Bruce Springsteen song (“Jungleland”) that made him really sad:

      And I go, ‘oh, I’m getting sad, gotta get the phone and write “hi” to
      like 50 people’…then I said, ‘you know what, don’t. Just be sad. Just
      let the sadness, stand in the way of it, and let it hit you like a

      And I let it come, and I just started to feel ‘oh my God,’and I
      pulled over and I just cried like a bitch. I cried so much. And it was
      beautiful. Sadness is poetic. You’re lucky to live sad moments.

      And then I had happy feelings. Because when you let yourself feel
      sad, your body has antibodies, it has happiness that comes rushing in to
      meet the sadness. So I was grateful to feel sad, and then I met it with
      true, profound happiness. It was such a trip.

      The thing is, because we don’t want that first bit of sad, we push it
      away with a little phone or a jack-off or the food. You never feel
      completely sad or completely happy, you just feel kinda satisfied with
      your product, and then you die. So that’s why I don’t want to get a
      phone for my kids.

      • mewabe

        Thanks Marko, yes, that was very good, and profound. I have lived this many time…when painful feelings are blocked, suppressed, they can last a long time. When they are allowed to be really felt and expressed (yes this means crying when it comes up!), they go away and are replaced with profound happiness, or at the very least inner peace.

        Very young children get over their pain (physical or emotional) quickly by crying, letting it out. Then they are okay, unless the source of their pain remains.

        Adult go into all kinds of contortions, mental, emotional, psychological, conceptual, in order not to feel and not to express. I think that this is, in large part, why most people are unhappy and out of touch with themselves…and in conflict within.

        The door to freedom and liberation is an open heart…yes?

  • Karsten Breeden

    so yes or no?