Is humanity creating it own reality?

Yes, say most of the spiritual teachers on the planet. Yes, they have been saying for a very long time. (“As you believe, so will it be done unto you.”) Thinking is the tool given to us to deal with events and circumstances, and thinking is the creative force that generates them.

Life will be experienced by each of us in the way that we think about its events—and the way that we think about its events collectively creates those events themselves.

The collaborative creation of our exterior reality on the Earth and the individual creation of our interior reality is a two-fold expression of Life’s Essential Energy that packs more wallop than I observe that most people understand. Because we do not understand this, humanity thinks that what is happening through us is actually happening to us. That is, we think we are the victims of some “other-than-us” — and thus uncontrollable — force.

Most humans have not yet learned the most fundamental aspects of life on Earth. Most people do not understand, for instance, that an event and one’s reality about that event are not the same thing.

Yet Conversations with God tells us an an event is one thing; your reality of it is another.  Events are created by conditions and occurrences outside of you.  Reality is created by conditions and occurrences inside of you—in your mind.

It is here that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.

And the reality that you form within your Self can and does play its effect on all of the outside, or exterior, surfaces of your life. This is because energy affects energy — so how you think about a thing impacts the thing itself. Or as quantum physicists have said: Nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.

Now let me put those elements I just mentioned above in a straight line, with plus and equal signs placed strategically between them, so that you can have a way to visualize this.  This allows us to focus in on the process of reality-creation a little more sharply.

As I observe it, that process works like this…


I call this the Line of Causality.  This is the path the Mind travels on its way to producing your reality.

You’ll notice that on this line, Emotion comes before Experience, and produces it.  Thought, likewise, comes before Emotion, and gives birth to it.  Truth comes before Thought, and gives birth to that.  And our prior Data about any event forms the foundation of our Truth.

FOCUS: The Nature of God and Life/an exploration of critical importance in our time


What the line does not show is that there are three kinds of truthThis is more than a little important to know, because it is the existence of these three kinds of truth that lead to the possibility of more than one Reality being created  by you regarding any particular event.  Those three Realities include the Distorted Reality, the Observed Reality, and the Ultimate Reality.

Put another way, if there was only one kind of truth, there would be but a single reality.

The three kinds of truth are…

  1. The Actual Truth
  2. The Apparent Truth
  3. The Imagined Truth

These are what I have called the Mechanics of the MindFor right now, know that it’s really as simple as A-B-C.  Each step away from “A” in the Truth Table above takes you farther from peace.

If peace is what you are searching for during this moment of change and turmoil in your life, if peace is that for which you yearn, you will want to journey upward from Imagined Truth to Apparent Truth to Actual Truth, so that you may shift your basis from Distorted Reality to Observed Reality to Ultimate Reality.

This is what personal and global transformation is all about.  This is what every human who we have honored with the name of Master has done.  And this is what you can do right here, right now, on this day.

In your life, has everything changed?  Then change everything.  Start rearranging your thinking about “reality.”  Your reality is not static, it is fluid. And in our next installment in this series we will look at that more closely.

(Portions of the above are taken from the book When Everything Changes Change Everything, an important text in the CWG corpus. If you have not read this book, you are invited and encouraged to do so. It can change your entire experience of life for the better. The book may be obtained here.

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