Is humanity creating it own reality?

Yes, say most of the spiritual teachers on the planet. Yes, they have been saying for a very long time. (“As you believe, so will it be done unto you.”) Thinking is the tool given to us to deal with events and circumstances, and thinking is the creative force that generates them.

Life will be experienced by each of us in the way that we think about its events—and the way that we think about its events collectively creates those events themselves.

The collaborative creation of our exterior reality on the Earth and the individual creation of our interior reality is a two-fold expression of Life’s Essential Energy that packs more wallop than I observe that most people understand. Because we do not understand this, humanity thinks that what is happening through us is actually happening to us. That is, we think we are the victims of some “other-than-us” — and thus uncontrollable — force.

Most humans have not yet learned the most fundamental aspects of life on Earth. Most people do not understand, for instance, that an event and one’s reality about that event are not the same thing.

Yet Conversations with God tells us an an event is one thing; your reality of it is another.  Events are created by conditions and occurrences outside of you.  Reality is created by conditions and occurrences inside of you—in your mind.

It is here that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.

And the reality that you form within your Self can and does play its effect on all of the outside, or exterior, surfaces of your life. This is because energy affects energy — so how you think about a thing impacts the thing itself. Or as quantum physicists have said: Nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.

Now let me put those elements I just mentioned above in a straight line, with plus and equal signs placed strategically between them, so that you can have a way to visualize this.  This allows us to focus in on the process of reality-creation a little more sharply.

As I observe it, that process works like this…


I call this the Line of Causality.  This is the path the Mind travels on its way to producing your reality.

You’ll notice that on this line, Emotion comes before Experience, and produces it.  Thought, likewise, comes before Emotion, and gives birth to it.  Truth comes before Thought, and gives birth to that.  And our prior Data about any event forms the foundation of our Truth.

FOCUS: The Nature of God and Life/an exploration of critical importance in our time


What the line does not show is that there are three kinds of truthThis is more than a little important to know, because it is the existence of these three kinds of truth that lead to the possibility of more than one Reality being created  by you regarding any particular event.  Those three Realities include the Distorted Reality, the Observed Reality, and the Ultimate Reality.

Put another way, if there was only one kind of truth, there would be but a single reality.

The three kinds of truth are…

  1. The Actual Truth
  2. The Apparent Truth
  3. The Imagined Truth

These are what I have called the Mechanics of the MindFor right now, know that it’s really as simple as A-B-C.  Each step away from “A” in the Truth Table above takes you farther from peace.

If peace is what you are searching for during this moment of change and turmoil in your life, if peace is that for which you yearn, you will want to journey upward from Imagined Truth to Apparent Truth to Actual Truth, so that you may shift your basis from Distorted Reality to Observed Reality to Ultimate Reality.

This is what personal and global transformation is all about.  This is what every human who we have honored with the name of Master has done.  And this is what you can do right here, right now, on this day.

In your life, has everything changed?  Then change everything.  Start rearranging your thinking about “reality.”  Your reality is not static, it is fluid. And in our next installment in this series we will look at that more closely.

(Portions of the above are taken from the book When Everything Changes Change Everything, an important text in the CWG corpus. If you have not read this book, you are invited and encouraged to do so. It can change your entire experience of life for the better. The book may be obtained here.

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  • mewabe

    I understand the desire to attempt to make sense of life and while doing so to be tempted to reduce it to a formula…for the sake of convenience.

    But nothing is really that simple.

    Part of our brain is preverbal. It develops prior to the neocortex. It could be called the primitive brain. It is part of the brain of the infant, of the newborn, and it remains in us throughout our lives, with its imprinted experiences, its unconscious memories that are not originally imprinted in the form of thoughts but of pure feelings. It is indeed mostly unconscious (some would call it the subconscious, but that’s inaccurate).

    In the case of the infant, the experience comes first, followed by the emotion or feeling. There is no verbalization, no conscious “thought”.

    For example, an infant who has a very difficult birth with a mother who goes through a long labor, or an infant who is caught in the umbilical cord is experiencing intense trauma, and a life and death struggle. Literally. These experience are imprinted in this part of the yet not completely developed brain not as words but as FEELINGS, such as intense fear, panic, terror.

    The infant does not think about death and its meaning, the infant does not think “I am afraid because I am about to die and I will not even live to see daylight and my mother’s face”. He or she feels the life and death struggle, it is a visceral, primal experience.The infant is not capable of verbalizing his or her feelings.

    Only later, as an adult, she or he might verbalize this unconscious trauma, the powerful, intense energy imprint of which “leaks” and is partly transmitted to the conscious part of the brain in a way that is not connected to the original event, to the non-verbalized event or trauma, but in a way that makes sense, that is very logical in terms of FEELINGS.

    Such as for example in the case of a very long birth, of an endless struggle to come out of the birth canal, which is a mighty struggle for life, the conscious, verbal part of the brain could rationalize the unconscious feeling of impending death as a sense of futility, that whatever this person does, no matter how much he or she struggles or tries, she or he THINKS that he or she gets nowhere, that it is hopeless, that it will be all for nothing. This thought of futility might cause him or her to give up before even starting or at the slightest sign of challenge or resistance.

    This is how unconscious FEELINGS from early childhood trauma GENERATE THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS in the adult, rather than the other way around as presented here.

    Another much more obvious example:

    Many an adult who did not EXPERIENCE the love and affection they needed from their parent, particularly their father, come to automatically project this mostly unconscious need in the form of a belief in a God who is as the loving, attentive, protective daddy they needed and never had. The early, unconscious childhood experience and feelings here again LATER CREATE THE THOUGHT (a concept of a father God) and the belief (that such a father God is loving, attentive and protective as would a good father).

    Judging from the popularity of this father-God belief in the west (as opposed to a more abstract, impersonal idea of the Divine in the east), one could conclude that childhood deprivation is much more prevalent among Indo-Europeans.

    So…it is true that current events are translated by the adult mind, through perception (subjectivity), into what we think and feel is reality. It is also true that we actually create our personal and collective reality though consciousness (individual and collective). We can even influence the weather and other natural events (events are not always created by conditions and occurrence outside of us. As a matter of fact they very rarely are, although they seem to be).

    But it is also true that unconscious, painful FEELINGS from infancy and from very early childhood, caused by trauma or deprivations, by unmet needs, give rise to conscious thoughts and beliefs in the older child and adult, which of course cause other feelings to rise and which govern our lives, often in spite of our very best intentions, as in the case of so many individuals being mildly or severely self-destructive depending on their degree of suffering (of unconscious pain).

    I know I am complicating things for those who strive to simplify reality, so this comment is most likely unwelcome.

    But you might choose to entertain this at the very least as a possibility: life is not a formula, and reality cannot be reduced to such. The human mind, and consciousness, are far more complex than we currently know.

    On the other hand, if oversimplification works for you, go for it, but remember that it won’t be the actual truth, it will only be a personal convenience, an “imagined truth”, and if you agree to it collectively, a convention.

    • Victor

      This is veeery interesting, and so much important…

      What do you think about what Mewabe says, Neale?

      What is the state or current research in this matter?

      Some authors?

  • We have a lot of control of our personal reality & some control of collective reality by how we conduct our personal internal interior reality, which influences to whatever degree the larger collective & especially our own experience.

    The best way I use the LOA or Law of Attraction or creation process is to re-language & visualize exterior events.

    Example: as of this writing, politicians fighting over health care & the shutting down of the government is to me, simply foolish, immature, dysfunctional children who are too caught up in their own self righteousness & emotional vomit to see a larger possible picture.

    My vision is to see through this very strong hypnotic veil of poverty thinking to see that we have high officials that are past this childish bickering & self righteousness who are wise, spiritual & work & play for our best interest of all concerned.

    A vast majority as I understand it just simply shake their head in disbelief, sadness & anger & go on with their day. This only reinforces the energy we don’t desire. So that’s my contribution to change the ripple to waves of preferred desirable change.

    That’s starting to take an action that is often unconscious, that is, letting the anger, frustration, disgust at the politics just fester & grow and instead, elevating them to a higher standard of possibility given the mechanics of reality creating.

    • mewabe

      This approach to changing “exterior” reality may work, or it may not.

      These politicians are not really just immature brats. And it is not that they hate Obama either. They are controlled (bought and paid for) by very powerful interests from the so called health care industry.

      We, the people, allow industry and corporations to control us because Americans have been, and are, brainwashed to believe that anything that does not boil down to a total control of government by industry and corporations is socialist or communist.

      If the Constitution was written today, with the sentence “A government of the people, by the people and for the people”, it would be denounced by some vociferous ideologues as a communist document. Seriously. And at least of of America would believe it is, that’s the sad part.

      So…and I am a little facetious here…what about visualizing an America that is no longer so brainwashed and uneducated as to believe that anything that could possibly benefit the people a little while restraining to some degree the almighty power and extreme profits of big business is a socialist plot?

      We might as well get to the heart of the matter, cut to the chase, don’t you think?

      • You make some very good points Mewabe.

        If you believe we create & co-create our reality in any way, it would seem prudent & wise to move y/our own thoughts of how we’d like & prefer to see things show up as a valid contribution to change.

        It may be our little contribution that creates the domino energy effect that starts the more beneficial change we desire.

        It’s one way to help start & stimulate a change rather than stay with the unconscious default energy & shaking our heads about how bad things are.

        • mewabe

          Yes, we might as well use every possible way of creating change, and visualization and expectations are a very powerful way…I am going to visualize Congress and the Senate being tarred and feathered and escorted out of town!

          • Victor

            Ha, ha, ha…! I’d love that…

            Could you propose to do these kind of things to the hundreds of thousands of people already involved in movements such as Occupy Wall Street?

            At leas it would be very funny…

          • mewabe

            Yeah I can visualize Wall Street bankers and financiers all feathered up and looking perplexed…like “What did we do that was so bad, didn’t our greatest President, Reagan, say that greed was good? We are just being good Americans!”…looking like the turkeys they really are 😉

            And I don’t mean to belittle turkeys.

  • Joao Poupinha

    Well, I would like share a thought that I had read this text, when I was in school, studying Philosophy. In the beginning of recorded Greek Philosophy, three main Philosophers one of them called Heraclitus, said that ” A man can not pass twice, in the same river”, this is truth because the water of the river is always in motion.

    Such is Life always moving, the trick is not to resist the motion, and form my experience it is not easy.

    May the peace and love of our Father / Friend be with all of us and with all the people around the World.

  • Guest

    I can think of one author– Abraham Hicks. What they have to say about reincarnation, past life and karma is exhilarating. Essentially they say we don’t have to worry about the unconscious, because if something is inactive enough that it is unconscious it will not actively create, so it doesn’t matter. As for “unconsciously” creating unwanted things there is only ignoring emotions or being oblivious to the mechanics of creation. Consciousness is not assigned to a clump called a human being. Consciousness that is so specific and retained and affecting an individual across life and death and between, that’s not understanding the characteristics of consciousness itself. 
    I can site a number of points CwG make on this as well. That it is unwise to spend a lot of time figuring out the mysteries of the universe. Each moment we are creating ourselves new.  We decide, not discover, what happens next. What happens is the most fervently held thoughts, beliefs, desires, fears. We create on many different levels and how much we consciously create depends on how much in alignment our awareness is with the soul. Time doesn’t exist and all things are in motion. So we can tune into energies of past, present and future and make that an active vibration. We do the tuning, and past or pre birth energies cannot thrust themselves upon us, just as we consciously choose not to dwell on certain thoughts of past experiences or decide to verbalize a thought. We are at choice each and every moment. That is how free we are. Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    • Gina

      The message was to Victor. Sorry, having a hard time navigating.

    • When we have a lot of negative thoughts & feelings we just don’t
      address because of time, or other distractions or we simply are not aware of how many of our negative thoughts, feelings & self talk go unrecognized during our day to day thoughts they still create. Now these still create as part of our thoughts & feelings we have & the repitition erodes more deeply as time goes on don’t you think?

      Many don’t recognize how many negative feelings & thoughts go unchallenged in any given day & wonder why things continue not to improve.

      So this is to me more surface unconscious that is not deeply hidden but just not noticed.

      Likewise as we continue to have more positive thoughts & feelings as our dominant expression day to day, the unconsciouss will work & play in a positive way.

      • Gina

        Unrecognized negative thoughts that are evoking negative emotions, if not heeded, materialize in like kind, yes. Like a person who always rails against authority and complains about abuse by public officials who always runs into police and gets a ticket. That person may or may not have thought those thoughts out loud or acknowledged them, but they have evoked a negative feeling, and the circle completes itself. Started out feeling railing and defiant, ended up with a physical, material event that feels the same, only amplified.
        When we change any and all elements in Neale’s equation above we change the outcome

        • mewabe

          Sorry I am barging in again…not to debate but to question and provoke a deeper inquiry into the nature of human consciousness for anyone who may be interested.

          Can permanent change actually occur when the origin of our thoughts, of our feelings, of our assumptions, of our beliefs and perceptions are not known, not understood, when there is no insight?

          For example, a person who has anger towards authority…could such a person really change by “deciding” one fine day not to be angry anymore? Will that anger really have disappeared completely, or will it be right under the surface, ready to explode again when circumstances trigger it, because it has a DEEPER, OLDER and more relevant ORIGIN than the perception of abuse in the present? (For example, was this person abused, bullied, intimidated, made to fear by a parent, relative, other adult or sibling in early childhood?)

          My point is, healthy feelings DO NOT NEED TO BE CONTROLLED. A healthy mindset DOES NOT NEED TO BE MONITORED. They can be left to flow and come and go without disturbance, as spontaneously and freely as nature intends, and without ever causing unhappiness, suffering or confusion.

          What needs monitoring, what requires control, such as unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings, NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED AND HEALED, not simply pushed away or pasted over by “positive” thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

          Just like wallpaper…you do not glue new wallpaper over old wallpaper, you scrap off the old one first 🙂

    • mewabe

      Exhilarating statements are great, but it does not mean that they are accurate.
      A “feel good” form of “spirituality” is not necessarily on the right path just because it feels good. Instant gratification does not necessarily lead to any form of truth, as spirituality is not meant to be like a high sugar diet.

      To state that we do not have to worry about the unconscious, that whatever is buried in there, including memories of trauma, stays buried, and has absolutely no influence on us whatsoever, is, to put it simply, wishful thinking. It sounds great, but it is not real. Your unconscious could be compared to the roots of a tree, or the foundation of a house. What it has been fed, how it has been built determines the destiny of the house, of the tree, to an important degree.

      No one has to be a slave of the unconscious, but the point is not to ignore it, to suppress it, to bypass it, but to UNDERSTAND it and HEAL it.

      Certain elements of the spiritual crowd do not like the idea of healing…too much work, too slow, and possibly too uncomfortable and difficult a process for them! So they use what they call spirituality as a new form of opium…a new way of bypassing reality, INCLUDING THEIR OWN INNER REALITY, to “create” a fairytale type of worldview, a “Let’s pretend this inconvenient aspect of reality does not exist” type of approach.

      If it works for you, then it is good for you, at least for now…if what you seek above all is what is easy, expedient, effortless. Eating candy or drinking alcohol is definitively exhilarating to some…but is it good for you? Is a “candy spirituality”, a “feel good” spirituality always good for you? Only you can answer this question.

      Spirituality to me is above all about TRUTH, including and especially my own inner truth, no matter how uncomfortable. I do not use any conceptual painkillers to dull my mind when reality is uncomfortable. I seek to understand the process of actual healing at all levels, not the ignorance or bypassing of causes and suppression of symptoms, approaches that are so popular with so many.

      I could give you endless references, by professionals, that state that the unconscious governs, to some degree, what we think, feel and do. But it’s available on the internet. And everyone who has had at least one bad dream already knows the power of the unconscious, and the fact that it cannot be ignored.

      The unconscious is not DEAD. It is very much alive, and extremely powerful. NO PART OF US IS DEAD, ever. Consciousness INCLUDES the unconscious, individual and collective. Consciousness IS NOT SO LIMITED AS TO ONLY INCLUDE THE CONSCIOUS!

      That certain financially successful personalities, who have a wide audience or sell many books, state certain things DO NOT MAKE THESE THINGS TRUE IN ANY WAY. Success in this world does not mean that a person is in alignment with the truth. Soft drinks manufacturers sell millions of bottles worldwide. Does it make their product more valid than pure water or healthy, fresh fruit juice? In your mind, it may. Not according to my own standards.

      • Gina

        I don’t take someone’s word for it because they are celebrities just as I don’t take someone’s word as truth because it is written in the Bible. In reverse, the fact that someone became hugely popular doesn’t make them less credible.
        Your experience is what you say it is. If you say you the unconscious has a powerful grip on you and you need to dig it up, analyze to heal it, then so be unto you. Wisdom I gleaned and the wisdom that is me says don’t dig it up and analyze it. Unconscious energies are not a big part of the whole picture. I can acknowledge and let it go if I happen to conclude that unconsciousness is
        playing a significant role in my consciously creating reality.
        I tell the tree by its fruit and psycho analysis & therapy has not been particularly helpful. Not denying the unconscious, just giving little power to it.
        As an aside I am not sure what you are defining as and calling candy spirituality and if I’m eating too much of it. If you are saying that a spirituality that encourages you to look elsewhere when it’s painful is candy spirituality and unhealthy for you, and a spirituality that encourages you to meet head on with your demons is the real deal, then so be unto you. Just don’t make assumptions or sweeping generalizations such as calling it a fairy tale spirituality and so on, esp.without actually knowing what they are professing as their core messages.

        • mewabe

          The difference here is that I stated what is true for me without quoting anyone, any “authority”, although I could have, and many.

          People always resort to quotes to validate their worldview…”So and so said this, and they have a big name and a big reputation, so it must be true!”

          If you present your worldview as your own, as what works for you, then that’s great! But when you start quoting a “messiah”, a spiritual guru, or when people assert that “God said that”, then it’s a different thing altogether…it shows that such a person feels a need to add an authoritative element to her or his own opinions and perceptions…such as “so and So or God said this”.

          In the ultimate analysis, it only reveals that such individuals are not confident in their own truth. That have to add the “authority” element to make it stand stronger in their own mind, and when presenting it to others.

          • Christopher Toft

            I am thoroughly in agreement with Mewabe on this issue. I have just returned from a contemplative walk as I am currently experiencing a lot of fear & feelings of depression. The depressed part of me has been labelling me as “evil”, because I’m experiencing feelings of interest & excitement about the idea of a career in business or management. I am challenging this fearful part of me, because I notice that this has been a “taboo” subject for me. There is a sense of a box that part of me imagines contains hell itself. I disagree with the fearful part of me on this, because I’ve seen so called “Pandora’s boxes” before & facing the so called “horrors” inside these boxes has only ever brought me something beautiful & holy. There is an unconscious, if we do not face it, it controls us. JESUS HIMSELF MADE THIS POINT WHEN HE SAID “If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.”

          • mewabe

            Thank you Christopher…

            I know nothing is simple, and only the individual can know and understand his or her own inner truth.

            But depression often, not always, originates in suppressed anger. And anger, LIKE ALL FEELINGS, is valid, always. It often hides deeper pain, but it can’t be bypassed…to get to the pain, we need to acknowledge and feel the anger.

            Some of what is in the unconscious is there because of a spontaneous, natural process of the repression of pain, fear or trauma in very early childhood, and some of what is just below the conscious, not so deeply buried, is there because suppressed through judgment.

            We judge ourselves and condemn part of ourselves to be tossed in the “abyss” of the unconscious. That rejected, judged and condemned, orphaned, “damned”, UNLOVED part of us NEEDS to be loved UNCONDITIONALLY again in order to be freed and healed!

            Everything is love, about love, for love, except what we have judged. All wounds are about love, all anger is about love, all fears are about love.

            All that stands in the way of love is judgment. LOVE IS ALWAYS INNOCENT, and the way back to love is not to judge what stands in its way (such as fear or anger, or pain or suffering), but to fully feel, express and release all feelings no matter how uncomfortable, because all feelings without exception take us back to ourselves, to love and innocence, when we follow their thread all the way to their origin.

            This is not book knowledge, this has been my experience.

            I love the quote from Jesus…I guess quotes can be good sometimes.

          • Christopher Toft

            “We judge ourselves and condemn part of ourselves to be tossed in the “abyss” below the conscious. That rejected, judged and condemned, orphaned, “damned”, UNLOVED part of us NEEDS to be loved UNCONDITIONALLY again in order to be freed and healed!”
            Peaching to the converted mate!:) Do not be too concerned, it’s just that an alienated part of myself has been shut off & judged as “wrong”. It’s not the first time & I doubt it’ll be the last. There’s something wonderful in there, I just need to look at the judgements & prejudices obscuring it. Yes there’s a lot of anger, hatred & fear there. Sometimes depression is about feeling an absence of meaning too. For me now, it’s a lot to do with finding a purpose in life, a “mission”. Time & compassion will see me through my friend:) Thanks for the input & support.

          • mewabe

            You are welcome and thank you as well!

            I have found that my purpose is expression…and that it is also the purpose of a flower, or a cloud, of a tiger, of an ant.

            What do we need to express? Our soul, our Spirit, our inner nature, our essence which is divinely human, humanely divine?

            When we can strip down to that, to the core essence of our being, and let go of everything else, we are free…sometime, we have to go through a dark night, bumping into unsettling things, before finding the light of dawn, calm and clear.

          • Gina

            I mentioned an author in an answer to Victor who replied to your original post. Maybe my unconscious was trying to give authority to my words by quoting these people, but that wasn’t my intention consciously
            😉 The main subject of Neale’s entry here is conscious creation, not unconscious influence, so I’ll cut my quoting short by now.

          • mewabe

            Yes, and I was challenging or questioning Neale’s ignoring of the unconscious in the process of personal and global creation.

            Thanks for the dialogue Gina…may your unconscious have a great day and give you beautiful dreams!