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  • Richard Robinson

    Thank you Neale for helping to make this all possible, and your part in All that Is.

    Several months ago I had an urge write down a series of thoughts that came to me in a rush, and I realized that We are One and the illusion of separation is key in the Process, so that we can remain individuals yet work,live,think,love,speak as one. The Paradise I have always imagined was possible shall be as we choose it.

    Well here is what I wrote months ago.

    Things to Remember, and Remind each other.

    We were, are, and always will be… a Soul first, the body is purely a

    vehicle for the Higher Self.

    All Souls emanate from the Source, and All will return to the Source.

    The Source is…All that Is….

    The Process is the mechanism for Spiritual Evolution

    All paths lead to the Source…some are more direct

    Every day is another chance to Recreate Yourself in the Grandest version of

    the Greatest vison You have ever had of Yourself 🙂

    Important Trinities….

    Pure Love- Gentle Wisdom- Creative Energy = The energy the Source emanates

    Information- Knowledge- Wisdom = A possible Legacy of Lessons Learned

    Mind- Body- Soul = What We Are

    Thought- Word – Deed = How we Create efficiently

    Awareness- Honesty- Responsibility = What we Require to move forward

  • mewabe

    Yes Neale, it is incomprehensible…Native Americans have said the same thing for over 500 hundred years now, and no one has really heard them yet.

    What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves and each other, because we are all RELATED, there is no separation.

    How can such a simple reality not be understood? Because of global madness…humanity is mentally ill, spiritually ill.

    George Bernard Shaw:

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround
    him… The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself…
    All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

    The reasonable man was the Native American, and most Indigenous, earth-centered people who lived a sustainable life in relative harmony with the natural world. The unreasonable man is the civilized man, who forcefully, brutally bends nature to his will regardless of consequences, in the name of forms of technological progress that, in their present expressions, stem from SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE and REGRESSION.

    George Bernard Shaw’s quote is slightly inaccurate. He should have used the word MAD rather than the word unreasonable…