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In what an International New York Times editorial called a change of views that is “startling,” one of Japan’s most poplar former leaders is calling for a total ban on the use of nuclear power in that nation.

Junichiro Koizumi, who served as his country’s top official from 2001 to 2006, was “an enthusiastic proponent of cheap and clean nuclear power,” the Times lead editorial on Oct. 15 noted. Now, the newspaper said, he is completely and unequivocally against it.

The remarkable reversal comes in the aftermath of the international calamity two and a half years ago at the Fukushima nuclear power plant — the effects of which are still being felt by people around the world.

An official Japanese legislative investigation concluded that the disaster was man-made, and polls in Japan show that a majority of its citizens oppose nuclear power, but that hasn’t stopped the government of current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (often thought of as Mr. Koizumi’s protégé) from approving policies that would reopen as many nuclear power plants as soon as possible.

Such plants, now all shut down following the Fukushima catastrophe, dot the Japanese coastline from north to south — a coastline that the Japanese government itself estimates stands a 60 to 70 percent probability of suffering another massive earthquake and tsunami within the next 30 years, the Times editorial notes.

While the present government supports reopening those plants, Mr. Koizumi staunchly and surprisingly (given his past strong support for nuclear energy) opposes any such thing. Even as Prime Minister Abe asserts that nuclear power is essential for economic growth — something his country is said to badly need after an extended period of economic stagnation — Mr. Koizumi says that nuclear power is not required to produce such growth. Indeed, he says, exactly the opposite may be true.

The Times editorial points out that the former prime minister offers a compelling argument that if a zero nuclear policy were embraced by the government, Japan “would come together in the creation of a recyclable society unseen in the world.” This alone would spark a major economic recovery, he asserts.

Whether or not a zero nuclear policy would be good for the economy, there are those in Japan who argue that it is necessary for the safety of their nation — and of the world.

The government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany has already made such a determination, declaring many months ago that Fukushima was the last straw for nuclear energy, that it wasn’t worth the risks to all humankind to use such means of meeting energy needs, that new and alternative forms of energy production (including increased use of wind and solar power) would be utilized, and that all nuclear plants in Germany would be closed permanently. The public in Germany cheered wildly.

It is, perhaps, time for a serious worldwide discussion of nuclear energy, with a look at whatever people feel are the pros and cons — and so we invite that exploration here in The Global Conversation. The Japanese Diet has not so far had any such serious debate on the issue, and other nations as well (not least, the United States) have pretty much avoided making nuclear power a political issue — though it may be one of the most important matters involving the body politic of our time.

We invite and encourage your views below. We will forward your comments to officials in both the Japanese Diet and the United States Congress — and to any other legislative body in the world that you suggest.

Let the global conversation begin.

UDATE OCT 25: Elizabeth Chuck, Staff Writer for NBC News, has reported that “a 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook Japan early Saturday,” according to the U.S. Geological Survey. “The quake was off the Fukushima region of Japan, 231 miles east off the island of Honshu. It was 6.2 miles deep, officials said, hit at 3:10 a.m. Saturday local time and was felt 300 miles away in Tokyo,” Ms. Chuck’s report said.

“The Japan Meteorological Agency reported a one-foot tsunami was observed after it issued a yellow-colored warning Saturday morning, meaning a small tsunami could reach the coast at Fukushima, site of Japan’s 2011 nuclear power plant disaster,” the NBC report additionally noted. The full report can be found at here.

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  • Dyana Catherine

    This makes me so very happy. All clouds are beginning to disperse with this news. I support 100% the opportunity for Japan to go NON Nuclear. I urge all world leaders to embrace this change and make it their policy to do the same. It is well over due. Blessings to the thousands of people who gave their lives selflessly so that we may come closer to making this change a reality.

  • Contentttt

    There are NO SHOULDS! Only choices made from a clarity that did not exist before!

    The song that shows up for me is….Dobie Gillis’s lyrics say it very well:

    “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)Sun-Shiny day.
    Look all around, there’s nothin?but blue skies
    Look straight ahead, nothin?but blue skies”

    Anything else is just in the details of how it all unfolds!!
    It is all just change taking place before our eyes, when the clouds are gone!

  • Awareness

    “This Awareness indicates that the use of NUCLEAR POWER as that which is UNNECESSARY, INAPPROPRIATE and DANGEROUS, that even with the ability to neutralize these wastes and the radiation, these plants have TOO MANY various potential DANGERS to be prized so highly. This Awareness indicates for example, those who mine the uranium, those who carry the uranium or other elements, those who transport these elements to the plant, BEFORE IT IS EVEN USED are also in jeopardy. This Awareness indicates that these entities working in the mines in the hauling of this substance, those entities along the routes where the substance is used—all of these are in danger and will be suffering from the dust of the radiation. This Awareness indicates from the radiation of the dust which is blown from these elements in the mines and in the transportation, for generally these are transported in open trucks which allow the dust to fall or fly in the wind or along the route before reaching the points of destination.”

    “This Awareness does see a positive resolution of the matter. It must be remembered and even known that there are solutions to the problems of radiation and that there are government offices and bureaus that hold these solutions that they are not releasing to the public. This is based mainly on extraterrestrial technology and science, but that it also is so that part of the greater plan is the eradication of billions of human lives, and that is one reason why radioactive power plants, nuclear power plants, are still popular throughout the world and supported by the governments of the world. They are there to not only provide energy but are also there to, unfortunately, exterminate millions, even billions, of individuals when the time is right.”

    “This Awareness indicates that basically however, the use of SOLAR ENERGY as that which is FAR SUPERIOR and developing very rapidly so that it can become the major form of energy within the next thirty years, surpassing anything available from nuclear power. This Awareness indicates that also the use of wave generators in the oceans and wind generators in mountain passes can add much more energy than the nuclear plants will give.”

    “There are alternative energy solutions that are ready now to come forward: cold fusion, for example, and TESLA technology that will tap the orgone energies that are available, and free energy. ALL OF THIS WILL REPLACE NUCLEAR ENERGY which in the future, and the not-too-distant future this Awareness would add, will be seen as prehistoric, barbaric ways that mankind played with at a very unenlightened time.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Erin

    Wow! How very cool is This? Extremely! In fact, I do believe another realization of ‘Amazing’ has jumped into Our faces!

    As far as the resources to choose of to empower the lifestyles of Humanity:
    We put to good trial the likes of nuclear science. Obviously, there is more to this than we presently know, and I, for one, Am provided renewed hope for Our-kind when “What We don’t know CAN hurt Us!” is taken seriously by those who lead Us.

    Understandably, Dear Leaders, your place must also console the Corporate entities that generously support such efforts. I will maintain same hopefulness that they, too, See other-‘wise’ of not just Our energy means, but of Our ways of business entirely in this process.

    These are game-changing moves before you! This is a grand opportunity to show Courage of Leadership…a virtue some of you simply forgot, but are now being re-minded to. You are in position to move a World, to direct a future toward wiser beingness. You, my Dears, can realize ‘Amazing’ of present conditions…I wish you the Courage and Wisdom in doing so.
    Blessings and Sincerity, Erin Holley-Bondarek, Pa., USA

    (God, I bet your Soul Sounds are doing the Happy Dance right now…I know mine are! Does Humanity know that We are making this happen? That We are creating this move-ment? Do We See that ‘This is a Change We wished to Be?’ Yeah…I hear your giggles…I’m lol-ing my Self.) A-effin-mazing! 🙂 )

  • Richard Robinson

    When the idea of Oneness takes hold many of the world’s issues would cease to be.
    When We embrace Love and let go of Fear , we can All be the grandest version of Ourselves. We might even realize we can create anything we choose, so why would we choose to keep creating “things” that don’t serve us.

  • Karen

    It is time for all of our decisions to be made with our progeny in mind…we must think ahead about our impact upon the planet, and come together as a united people to work toward mutually beneficial decisions for all our Earth’s citizens, both now and in the future. Working collaboratively, we can solve our energy, trash, food, and pollution problems in order to create a cleaner, healthier place for humanity to live.

  • John Herron

    Thorium is the fuel that should have been used for nucular power generation. Please look at the history of it and you will see.
    What has happened to us today with all the uranium disasters has been caused by greed!

    • Awareness

      “But on closer examination, the two kinds most often promoted—Integral Fast Reactors (IFRs) and thorium reactors—reveal NO economic, environmental, or security rationale, and the thesis is unsound for ANY nuclear reactor.”

      “Some enthusiasts prefer fueling reactors with thorium—an element 3´ as abundant as uranium BUT EVEN MORE UNECONOMIC to use. India has for decades failed to commercialize breeder reactors to exploit its thorium deposits. But thorium CAN’T fuel a reactor by itself: rather, a uranium- or plutonium-fueled reactor can convert thorium-232 into fissionable (and plutonium-like, highly bomb-usable) uranium-233. Thorium’s proliferation, waste, safety, and cost problems differ only in detail from uranium’s: e.g., thorium ore makes less mill waste, but highly radioactive U-232 makes fabricating or reprocessing U-233 fuel hard and costly. And with uranium-based nuclear power continuing its decades-long economic collapse, it’s awfully late to be thinking of developing a whole new
      fuel cycle whose problems differ only in detail from current versions.

      Spent LWR fuel “burned” in IFRs, it’s claimed, could meet all humanity’s energy needs for centuries. But renewables and efficiency can do that forever at far lower cost, with no proliferation, nuclear wastes, or major risks. Moreover, any new type of reactor would probably cost even more than today’s models: even if the nuclear part of a new plant were free, the rest—two-thirds of its capital cost—would still be grossly uncompetitive with any efficiency and most renewables, sending out a kilowatt-hour for ~9–13¢/kWh instead of new LWRs’ ~12–18+¢. In contrast, the average U.S. windfarm completed in 2007 sold its power (net of a 1¢/kWh subsidy that’s a small fraction of nuclear subsidies) for 4.5¢/kWh. Add ~0.4¢ to make it dispatchable whether the wind is blowing or not and you get under a nickel delivered to the grid.

      Most other renewables also beat new thermal power plants too, cogeneration is often comparable or cheaper, and efficiency is cheaper than just running any
      nuclear- or fossil-fueled plant. Obviously these options would also easily beat
      proposed fusion reactors that are sometimes claimed to be comparable to today’s fission reactors in size and cost. And unlike any kind of hypothetical fusion or new fission reactor—or LWRs, which have a market share below 2%—efficiency and micropower now provide at least half the world’s new electrical services, adding tens of times more capacity each year than nuclear power does. It’s a far bigger gamble to assume that the nuclear market loser will become a winner than that these winners will turn to losers.” – “New” nuclear reactors, same old story, *Amory B. Lovins 21 March 2009 🙂

      *Amory Lovins, a student of nuclear issues since the 1960s, is Chairman and Chief Scientist of RMI. He is grateful to Drs. Tom Cochran (NRDC), Frank von Hippel (Princeton), and Hal Feiveson (Princeton) for generously sharing their

      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Helga Aigner

    We live on a wonderful planet which provides us with everything we
    need. If we the whole world stand together we start to understand that
    there is a mutual relationship between Mother Earth and humanity, we can
    create a cleaner and much healthier planet for us, our children and all
    generations to come.

    It’s a huge step for humanity that
    Japan contemplates to go NON-NUCLEAR! I severly hope that all world
    leaders make the dangers of nuclear power their matter and raise
    worldwide awareness and also set examples. I live in Austria and our
    gouvernment decided on the 3rd of July 2013 not to import power from
    plants in other countries any more because they found even importing
    atomic power is too risky and highly dangerous (especially for the
    people living in these countries). Electricity also has to be certified.I
    dearly hope that other countries also start thinking about the
    protection of earth and humanity. If all countries and all humans stand
    together as one we can make change happen! This platform ALREADY IS

  • jillie hearth

    I understand that these comments are being forwarded to world political leaders via Neale Donald Walsh’s ‘Global Conversation’ website. Nuclear Power has been a hot global political debate for decades that i know of. Japan’s economical arguments are as valid as every other regions’ economical arguments. It’s ridiculous to ask Japan to eradicate Nuclear Power without asking the U.S.A to do so, as well. Yes, it is a request to the whole world; but the U.S.A. must overcome its own grotesquely greedy ways to prove its intent to stop raping the rest of the world. The people of the U.S.A. must step up to our responsibility as citizens of this democracy and be the example we want in the world! Prove to the world that the U.S.A is a democracy that wants the Earth to be a beautiful place for All of its citizens.

  • Jürgen Kautz

    The changed view of Mr. Junichiro Koizumi clearly shows that he has realized that it is high time for a change of course. And in a country like Japan, this courageous statement deserves the highest respect.

    Japan has not invented the electronics, but made ​​a significant contribution to make the electronics industry what it became in the end of the last century. Japan has not invented quality management, but contributed significantly to further develop quality management systems and bring them there what they are today.

    So why should not also be Japan the country to play a leading role in acting responsibly and implement a nuclear-free energy supply?

    While the politics, especially in Europe and elsewhere swinging big speeches Japan could act and show the world that the establishment of nuclear energy was a failure and is not useful to humanity and our planet. Let them show the world, that there are other options and using renewable energies are not the future but the presence.

    Tschernobyl, Fukushima and all the countless low-published and unpublished nuclear accidents everywhere. Many generations after ours will have to fight against the consequences of those accidents. It is not the eleventh hour, it is already past twelve.

    If an industry nation like Japan starts to eliminate nuclear energy supply, there is a good chance that other countries follow that example.

  • world_father_two

    Nuclear is the hope of the future …and thorium is a better type of matter to use … This is the man kinds new frontier. … And on another note but totally related. ….some time ago John Kennedy inspired us all to go to the stars as Mr Obama should do also as other countries look to America for INSPIRATION.

    • Awareness

      “With uranium-based nuclear power continuing its decades-long economic collapse, it’s awfully late to be thinking of developing a whole new fuel cycle whose problems differ only in detail from current versions.” – Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, March 2009.

      “Thorium is a heavy metal named after Thor, the Nordic God of thunder. The naturally occurring isotope, 232Th, is mildly radioactive with a very long half life of 14 BILLION YEARS. Thorium presents a health hazard mainly from inhalation of DUST, and from emissions of the POWERFULLY radioactive gas radon (220Rn).”

      “A number of commentators have argued that most of the problems associated with nuclear power could be avoided by both:

      – using thorium fuel in place of uranium or plutonium fuels
      – using ‘molten salt reactors’ (MSRs) in place of conventional solid fuel reactor designs.

      The combination of these two technologies is known as the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor or LFTR, because the fuel is in form of a molten fluoride salt of thorium and other elements.

      In this Briefing, we examine the validity of the optimistic claims made for thorium fuel, MSRs and the LFTR in particular. We find that the claims DO NOT STAND UP to critical scrutiny, and that these technologies have significant drawbacks including:

      – the very high costs of technology development, construction and operation.

      – marginal benefits for a thorium fuel cycle over the currently utilised uranium / plutonium fuel cycles
      – SERIOUS nuclear weapons proliferation hazards
      – the danger of both routine and accidental releases of RADIATION, mainly from continuous ‘live’ fuel reprocessing in MSRs
      – the very long lead time for significant deployment of LFTRs of the order of half a century – rendering it irrelevant in terms of addressing current or medium term energy supply needs”

      “The thorium-uranium fuel cycle has some advantages over the dominant uraniumplutonium cycle, in terms for example, of the reduced production of long-lived actinides and somewhat diminished radio-toxicity overall. However, it also creates new hazards of its own. As far as radioactive fission products are concerned, there is little to choose between the two.” – “Thorium: Not Green, Not Viable and Not Likely”, Oliver Tickell, June 2012 🙂


      BLESS ALL 🙂

  • Joao Poupinha

    In, my opinion, all countries should go non-nuclear!!!!

    This being said we can not forget that, as Carl Sagan, said we as a people, will go to the stars, so a simple is very pertinent what kind of fuel is going to be used on the first inter-spaceships? Well it is just a question.

    Peace to all.

    “Pure science is science that is conducted without any errors,
    prejudices, opinions or predetermined notions. In real life science is
    conducted by people who have prejudices, opinions and predetermined

    • Awareness

      I suggest to world leaders and everyone else to form an organisation with the name “Organisation for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and Reactors (OPNWR)”. This organisation will be tasked with the role of eliminating all Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear reactors 🙂

      There is an elegant solution (NO burning of chemicals and NO dangerous nuclear reactions ) for inter stellar space travel suggested by BASHAR of the Sassani (Living Light) Civilization. BASHAR indicates that in order to change the location of any object, all you need to do is change the locational variable of the object itself.

      The locational variable is a frequency within the energy equation of the object itself. Change that variable and you change the location of the object.
      BASHAR suggests a simple experiment to demonstrate this. You will need the following:

      1. A very very very flat table that is at least 6 to 10 feet long
      2. A hollow copper ball (about 3 inches 4 inches in diameter). The copper must be very thin and as perfectly round as you can make it.

      Place the copper ball on one end of the table. Strike it and get it to vibrate or vibrate it through some other means. Measure those vibrations as precisely as you can. Then move the ball to the other end of the table and repeat that measurement. Find the difference between those measurements. If your instruments are sensitive enough, you will ultimately discover the difference in those two frequencies. And when you do, then you can put back the ball in position A. And then either acoustically or electromagnetically or any way you wish “bombard it” overwhelm it with the vibrational frequency that is specific to the other end of the table when the object was there. You will see that the object will at least if not disappear and appear instantaneously at the other end of the table, it will at least roll to the other end of the table to its new position and stop. And you will have begun to learn to chart the idea of “vibrational matrix map”. The “vibrational matrix map” is what the Sassani civilization use and impose it over the physical reality. The Sassani understand what the vibrational coordinates are (like a sea chart) for all the locations they wish to go to. Using this chart they isolate their ship in an electromagnetic gravitational bubble, unlock it from any particular reality, impose upon it the vibrational locational equation of the location they wish to go to. The electromagnetic gravitational “bubble” is then removed and pop they (and their ship) disappear from that location and appear at their destination. Important milestones in this sort of space travel:

      1. Develop instruments sensitive enough to tell the difference in the vibration of an object in two different locations
      2. Chart the vibrational map of the universe 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Ray Ash

      Here’s a new idea! Let’s create a secret “Man-helping Project” to develop “New-Clear Power” – Free and Unlimited!

      In 1942, a secret crash project known as “The Manhattan Project” brought the greatest minds in the Free World together to create, in 3 years, the first “weapon of mass destruction”, the Atomic Bomb. Nuclear Power was harnessed to give humankind the ability to destroy massive numbers of people and massive amounts of property – possibly all of civilization – annihilation of virtually all Life on the Planet except possibly bacteria, which seem to be able to survive anything.

      In the closing session of the Global Oneness Day Presentations on Oct. 24th 2013, Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondananda, the “Cosmic Comic.”) suggested that we put equivalent resources to bear on a secret “Man-helping Project”, bringing the finest minds in the Free World to create, in 3 years, the first “Portal of Freedom for the Masses” – Unlimited Renewable Free Energy which does not need Armies to defend it.

      Redirecting a few hundred billion dollars from less effective projects
      should more than pay for it.Let’s Harness New-Clear Power!

      What do YOU think? Is it time to start a petition?

      • Awareness

        Creating a completely VISIBLE (NON SECRET) “HUMANITY-Helping” project sounds like a great life serving project 🙂

        “The energy on planet Earth has changed; THERE ARE NO MORE SECRETS. Many of your world’s leaders are having all kinds of problems with that one, but that is all right because there is no black and white, there is no polarity. There is not even right or wrong in the way you have always thought about it.” “EVERYTHING MUST BE COMPLETELY OPEN, because in the times of NO MORE SECRETS it is not possible to hold anything back.” by ELRAH OF RHYTHMIC SERVICE (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

        FREE ENERGY technology is already here, including inter stellar space travel to anywhere in the unlimited universe in one moment (blink of an eye)! 🙂 The simple experiment (suggested in my previous response here) of instant location change by a hollow copper ball can be easily replicated by any enthusiast 🙂


  • colmdevitt

    Energy Secretary Ed Davey has defended building the UK’s first nuclear station in a generation as “a very good deal for Britain”.

    I have not seen much reaction to the above announcement from this news item from the UK. Perhaps it is inevitable nuclear power is going to be with us a long time. Any discussion should be conducted with this in mind.

    Maybe, it is time to accept nuclear as a fact and concentrate on managing the regulatory bodies into one global authority and not the piecemeal approach we have currently.

    • Awareness

      Instead, I agree WHOLE’HEARTEDLY with the following statement that Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) made:
      “There are alternative energy SOLUTIONS that are ready now to come forward: COLD FUSION, for example, and TESLA technology that will tap the orgone energies that are available, and FREE ENERGY. ALL OF THIS WILL REPLACE NUCLEAR ENERGY which in the future, and the NOT-TOO-DISTANT future this Awareness would add, will be seen as prehistoric, barbaric ways that mankind played with at a very unenlightened time.” 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂