Does it feel good to you?

Do you think you are being protected by the Patriot Act?  Are you okay with what the tradeoffs are for “security” and “peace of mind”?  How about banking reform? Are you okay with ordinary people having every nickel and dime in their possession questioned, and not the uber weathly?

The reason I ask this is because I am buying a house, and I am being treated like a terrorist.  The bank will simply not accept that I am transferring our money, from our retirement account, into our checking account…and then transferring our money from one checking account to another because we had homes in two different states.  These are not huge amounts of money, people, and it is money that we have been drawing from the account since 2003 when my husband retired, and from the sale of a house we have been in for 10 years…and sold for less than we paid for it, thanks to the current economic state of this world.

Oh, and how can it possibly be their business just why we decided to move from Texas to Wisconsin?   Do we need permission and passports to move between the states now?  Isn’t this a free country?

The answer to the last query is…apparently not, even though I am a 61 year old woman who has never once been late on a house payment.  My husband made a very good living, no doubt about that, but we certainly do not belong in the multi-millionaire plus club.  Yet we are being treated like terrorists, and deadbeats.  It’s hard to tell which is the most offensive.

Even many, if not most, of the “deadbeats” that the banking system says it is working to weed out, didn’t likely set out to cheat.  Many are like a young couple I know who bought a lovely home, with the mortgage company that made so much news not so long ago.  They were told about the escalating interest rate, to be sure, but also had it hinted that the rate wouldn’t ever go up more than a percentage point at a time.  The failing economy hit, his pay took a hit, and the first thing the young couple did was call that mortgage company and ask to be refinanced, on the same principal amount, at a little bit lower, set, rate.  Then they begged for relief every month for another year.  The answer was always no…so they ended up having to short sell, and ruin their credit.  They then had the “deadbeat” label.  How many others were given that label unfairly?

To whose advantage is all of this?  Are we really more secure, or are we more secured?

Are we really less fearful because of our “security”?  Do we look at someone with brown skin and dark hair and think, you must be safe because Homeland Security wouldn’t let you walk our streets if you weren’t, or are many of us more suspicious?

Are we creating what we don’t really desire, because we are sending so much energy to it??  Are our wars on drugs and on terrorists, and so many other things just creating more things to “war” against?

Maybe we just need to crawl into our little holes and forget the rest of the world?  Well, yes, kind of!  We really do, I believe, need to find our own quiet place.  We really do need to turn off the outside world and listen to ourselves think…and if what we are thinking is chaotic and angry and sad, we need to realize that the person we have become is not who we really are.

“Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”

If we have not taken the time, as individuals, to find what Peace really is, then how can we, as a species, ever know it?

We are now treating each other as terrorists and deadbeats.  We are, more often than not, seeing the bad in each other, not the Divine.  Why?  Does it feel good to you?

Okay then, once we crawl into our holes, and come out whole (awful pun, I know!), what next?  Well, the Be-Do-Have paradigm says that once we decide to Be something, the opportunity to Do that something will appear, so that we might Have that something…we sure are being given a lot of opportunities to Be Peace, aren’t we?  But we are not Doing Peace, as a collective, so…we don’t Have Peace.

Perhaps you are the person who runs for your local Water Board, and eventually becomes the…the what?  congressman?  senator? President?  the mother who shows her children how to Be the leaders of tomorrow? the person who is known for always listening to children?   …or are we all going to be content to complain and observe and treat one another as terrorists and deadbeats, and allow the people WE elected to perpetuate this separateness in our name?

Is Peace beginning with you?  I promise you, if it is, I won’t look at you and see a naive dreamer…I will see me, and I will see what I believe the world can Be.

(Therese Wilson is a published poet, and is the administrator of, and Spiritual Helper at, the global website at  She may be contacted at:                                                    


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  • Richard Robinson

    Hello Therese, Thank you for your truth. Maybe the new thought could be…..
    You may do as You Choose, But We The People ask that you do What Serves Us All, not just the few…because We are the many, the Voters, and We pay your salary, healthcare, and retirement. oh…just sayin’ 🙂 Oneness would solve it All…..

    • Therese

      Hello, Richard,
      If I may tweak what you said just a little…
      I was right with you until you started the “because” statements. Those are, as I read them, expressions of negative emotions, and these just move us into the same energy as what we do not desire. If I were sticking strictly with a statement of my truth, I would cut that part out, and end with “Oneness would solve it All….”

      What do you think of that?

      • Richard Robinson

        Thanks Therese, Yes, you are correct 🙂 thanks for reminding me to choose another way 🙂

  • mewabe

    Hey Therese…Freedom does exist, but to find it you have to step out of the mainstream culture completely, first in your mind, then as much as is practically possible in physical terms.

    The mainstream culture has no value whatsoever, it never did. It is actually becoming more and more unintelligent, running on empty…out of breath, soulless, meaningless. The sooner people understand this, the sooner they can break free of their extremely limiting programming and find meaning and life elsewhere.

    We cannot be “all one” within the mainstream framework, which is rooted in separation, distrust, insecurity, alienating individualism and merciless competition. We cannot be “one with the natural creation” (the environment) within a framework of endless economic growth through consumption, through the brutal, insensitive exploitation and exhaustion of natural resources as well as environmental poisoning by deadly chemicals and industrial waste.

    We simply cannot be one with any form of life within a mainstream culture that treats all life as an enemy to be conquered, subdued, controlled and either exploited or eliminated.

    What we need is to find our common identity, our place within the existing natural and spiritual framework, within the cosmos, and abandon all current religious, cultural and social frameworks, which are all erroneous, destructive, unintelligent and obsolete.

    What we need is PERMANENT REVOLUTION (meaning a permanently questioning, inquisitive, creative, liberating and expanding state of mind…childlike and free).

    Looking up to our masters (“leaders”) for social salvation is the culturally acquired reflex of the mental slave…to believe that it may be possible in some future date that the powerful and the wealthy’s interests will not coalesce, that the economic and political elites will come to an understanding and no longer unite to expand and consolidate their positions way above that of the common people would be the same as hoping that a loaded gun held by a rageful individual would never be used against anyone or anything.

    The solution is not above us…it never was…that’s where the old, persistent problems fester. The solution is all around us and within, here and now.

    • Therese


      Agreed and agreed…but what I am looking for now is moving away from the rhetoric. I think that a bunch of us can see exactly what is happening and why. So, how do we move away from the endless analysis and into actually doing something that will change this paradigm of fear and dominance? I don’t believe it is endless, unless se accept that it is endless.

      Any “doing” of our “being” (peace? balance? …?) suggestions forthcoming? Either as individuals or as a group?

      • mewabe

        There are a lot of movements and actions taking place outside of the mainstream culture. There are actually all around us…but we won’t see them on TV, in the newspapers or even on mainstream internet news.

        The world is being reborn from within, as a butterfly…while the cocoon represents the dying mainstream culture, the new world is slowly forming itself.

        The drama of the mainstream is addictive, like a soap opera. That’s why I got rid of my television 10 years ago, and stay away from all mainstream medias…in order to FREELY re-invent my life. I suggest others do the same…and turn to each other and to community, and away from the leadership and the bread and circus distractions of society.

        • Therese

          Oh, yes, we are definitely, in the U.S. in particular, an addicted culture. Fear is, indeed, the best way to control.

          I like the proactive suggestion to turn off the TV. Not one that is new, but one that must be suggested over and over before anyone lets the concept sink fully in! myself included.

          thanks for the dialog!

          • mewabe

            I grew up without television, and did not have to endure the beast until I was 28 years old (first marriage).

            When I was growing up, instead of TV, I read a lot, daydreamed, drew and painted, talked to people, and explored nature whenever I could.

            I feel bad for the young who are glued to their video games, to TV, to computers, smart phones, and who, with all of these so-called means of communication, have forgotten human interactions, including with parents, who “park” them in front of a TV or with a video game so as not to be bothered.

            “Just say no” (to TV)…some tremors, some shaking may ensue, along with other signs of detoxification, but the clarity of mind that is gained is priceless 🙂

          • Therese

            I am still semi toxic…a little news once in awhile, but the tv never goes on in the day. At least no addiction to soap operas and the like. No reality shows except “So you think you can dance” because I love how beautifully those young people dance, and I record so I can fast forward through commercials in the evenings after about 7 usually.

            I do find myself kind of bored with tv these days, so perhaps it is time to cut back even further, but not quite ready to rip the bandaid off entirely! I WILL keep it in mind as a future, personal, solution!


            P.S. Who needs a clear mind anyway! 😉

          • Stephen mills

            Therese ,perhaps it,s not good idea to turn off the TV.After all is it not the campfire of our modern civilisation ?

            I more positive or possible solution is to change the messages that we are sending .The problem is not the medium but the content.

            Almost everyone watches TV ,how about being addicted to program’s that offer alternative ideas and view points ,these costs would come from company,s doing social good and having minimal imprint on the planet ,promoting there products that are sustainable and take in the big picture that all life is connected.

            We just have to bring everyone together who support this new consciousness.

            Keep up the great work Therese it would be great to see someone as articulate and with such vision as yourself on the flat box in millions of people’s homes .I for one would watch

          • Therese

            Now this is what I’m talking about! You make another valid point, Stephen. In addition to the way that works for Mewabe, of turning off the media, if we consciously choose, and create programming that uplifts and doesn’t destroy, we may be able to still be “in this world, but not of it” as someone much wiser than me suggested.

            There is clearly no one way, which is the problem with and the excitement of this human experience!

  • There is such a thing as conscious tv watching. I enjoy watching Bill Maher & the fascinating people he dialogs with. I learned about people like Dr. Carl Hart & his book “A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society.”

    Tv, media, society are very easy things & targets to criticize. Conscious living to me is the way to go.

    Television like all things reflect all kinds of aspects of society the good the bad, the ugly & sublime.

  • Erin

    Therese, Have you & hubby tried writing out Withdrawl slips…from All of your accounts…for one-lump sum(s)? Politely telling them that ‘If this is how you do business, We are quite educated & capable of doing it Ourselves, Thank you.” You two can giggle over lunch at the immediate turn-around of treatment by all banks involved…and I bet you are asked if you’d like coffee while you await more esteemed processing. Worked for me, anyway…more than once…then I gots some real smarts. 🙂

    I have not been involved in the US banking system for nearly 20 yrs…Cashola & Barter has gotten me & those of dealings, much more, for less, yet with all satisfied. DIY takes new skills, which are interesting & challenging to acquire…Old dogs Can learn new tricks, and that feeling is priceless, to say the least. To be able to collaborate on same level with those we do business with is simply a fabulous experience…hones good ethics & continued relationships, and opens doorways to new biz that ya didn’t even know existed. There IS fun after 50! And in incorporating youth into ‘this system’, they learn a nicer, more productive ‘way’ of being part of Community.

    And for those who will no doubt scream “You are evading your tax responsibility!” Yes & definitely No! While not much tax-wise goes to the present governing system, taxes are supposed to go to the needs of National Community, which is highly supported by dealing locally, and I have yet to be argued or questioned when each party of process is asked to contribute 10% of the deal to the food pantries, activities of senior/youth programs, or farmers in their areas…It’s actually part of Our ‘contracts’, & there is a neutral participant who cares for this aspect for the price of a nice dinner. Can’t beat that! The profits created are not always in money, but they are nonetheless valuable. Anyway, just an idea who’s time has come? 🙂

    We can Be anything, because All Have something, and Are Doing everything, even with ‘nothing’. A ‘Nice’ circle, indeed! 🙂