Will you be a ‘player’ or an ‘observer’ during this extraordinary time?

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(This is Part I of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

This is the most extraordinary time to be alive in the history of this planet.

Do you know that?

I said, this is the most extraordinary time to be alive in the history of this planet.

And you are here, alive, now, not by accident.

Do you know that?

I said, you are here…alive….NOW….not by accident.

What are you doing here? Do you have any idea? Yes, you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this. And that’s the best news this planet has had in a very long time.

Wow, grab hold of that. Hear that thought, and grab hold of it. You are the best news this planet has had in a very long time.

You’re good news because you are about to change this planet in very important ways. And the planet needs changing now, in important ways, more than it has in a very long time. In fact, if those changes don’t take place now, in the nearness of our short-term future, our long-term future may not be assured.

I am sure that I do not have to tell you that life as we once knew it no longer “is” on our earth. And life as we will know it “is” not yet.  So we are living the In Between Time—what social scientist Jean Houston calls “the time of the parenthesis.” We are no longer one thing, and we are not yet the other.

This is the most wonderful and exciting time to be alive, because this is time Time of Pure Creation. There is no other time like it, and such a time comes along only once every several hundred years. In fact, it would be argued without much refutation that the kinds of changes we are going through now come along only once every several thousand years. And, to be totally accurate, we have never had a time like this on the earth—because the changes we are now about to make could not have been made before.

We are entering not only a new era, but a new experience—one never before known by our species. This is the Time of the Enlightenment.  There are glories awaiting. Glories we could not even have dreamt of just a few decades ago.

Those who come after us will live these changes—but we will create them! And THAT is the wonder of this moment. For this moment holds for us the chance to experience ourselves as few humans have ever experienced themselves across the span of Time.

We are going to experience ourselves as the Changers and the Changed. Indeed, we are doing so right now. And so the question before us now is not, will there be massive change? The question is, what will be the nature of that change? And….what role will you play in creating it?

 Now, as exciting as all this is, there’s one condition; there’s one catch:

You’ve got to decide now.

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  • “So we are living the In Between Time—what social scientist Jean Houston
    calls “the time of the parenthesis.” We are no longer one thing, and we
    are not yet the other.”

    I would say it another way. We are in transition. Going from the cocoon to the butterfly.

    “You’ve got to decide now.”

    I would think the important thing is not to decide now but decide “How”
    we are going to create the change we desire.

    An excellent example is the CwG out reach site. Based on the WECCE book a
    site has been created for anyone going through deep or not so deep
    undesired, unwanted change a place where they now longer have to go it
    alone. A place to go to where one can get free help based on the
    spiritual psychology of the WECCE book & other CwG material. We are
    close to having 20, 000 members. There is nothing like it on the
    internet, nothing.

    So from a CwG perspective we are helping individuals from all walks of love all over the world who have individual problems they want help & resolution from & they are
    getting it.

    The next step is to create a place to take this CwG energy & apply it to global problems. Hence this site. Yet we have not yet decided “What” & “how” we will do this.

    My first suggestion is to take the larger CwG audience & Neale’s email
    list and create on this site a space to take this willing CwG audience
    & use it to take a small amount of time to have a global prayer
    visualizations on current & recurring problems.

    This would be part of the solution, not the whole. But it would be a start,
    & to be consistent in our efforts vital as I see it.

    How effective will we be is hard to determine. Yet to put this good energy
    from such a large & growing CwG audience is going to raise the
    positive energy solution vibration uP & be at least a part of the
    change. A part that can possibility create the wave to other ideas,
    action solutions that move us more closely & quickly to the world we


    • Therese

      I like your response, Mr. Marko!

      These “Middle Times” are difficult, to be sure. It is most difficult to understand that these times are opportunities, and that what feels awful is actually, decontextualized, excitement! But…it is all about how we think about things, isn’t it? Thought is where our creations germinate. The term “In between Times” put me in mind of a poem I wrote.

      Middle Times

      Carry me away
      Forward to where
      We understand
      Back to where
      We understood
      Away from
      These middle times
      Of searching
      And ignorance
      Eyes looking
      Never seeing
      Ears hearing
      Mimicking perception
      Our soul
      So far away
      Our spirit
      Yearning for release
      These middle times
      Are too heavy
      Carry me forward
      Or back.
      Any place
      But here.


      Are too heavy
      Carry me forward
      Or back.

      Any place

      But here.

      Are too heavy
      Carry me forward
      Or back.

      Any place

      But here.

      Are too heavy
      Carry me forward
      Or back.

      Any place

      But here.

      Are too heavy
      Carry me forward
      Or back.

      Any place

      But here.

    • Donna

      Can you please share the outreach web address with me? Thank you 🙂

      • Go to the bottom of this page in blue where it says “Outreach.” Next scroll down to where it says “WECCE ” & click on that & you will be there.

        • Donna

          Thank you again and have a great day!

  • Contentttt

    Why would you suggest Neale it has to be one or the other!
    When in fact it is both for each and every One is a player and an observer!
    The question then is, “To what degree does each One choose to Observe and to what degree does One choose to play!!”

    Even then, the questions will be asked……”Did the choice made by each One really make a difference or not!”

    What difference does it really make to any One, but the One who chooses!

    Why is it Human’s believe they have such a powerful effect on anything or anyone?

    Choose to believe what you choose to believe. Choose to do what you choose to do. Choose to play in the ways you choose to play. Choose to observe in the ways you choose to observe. Choose you choices for YOU!

    When it aligns with You and You see a value in your choices…..then You can stand back and say…….”This is what I chose….and I chose it because I saw a value in it!”

  • Erin

    In this Now, my part in the Changes is becoming more evident in each moment…and by all means Am I observing every little thing! It’s pretty cool stuff.

    I have my little nucleus realm…3 Amazing beings came through me with a counter-partner who assisted in making this so. We are being ‘different’ than what was. And although once seen as ‘odd’, we are becoming very busy with people ‘flocking’ about us. How we are simply works with ‘Nice’.

    I have noticed that in recent months, many of our fam & friends have ‘depressed’ into dark little niches of imagined failures…relationships, health, beingness. They do not See that they are only failing at being part of notions that simply are not working well. And into these darkened corners do we walk with Understanding & Compassion & Love…”Light ’em up, up, up!”

    It is observable change to be a light walking into darkness…This has to be a God-feeling experience to See & Be this. Humbling, yet magnificent in delight. The atmospheres instantly change…stagnant energies tremble in anticipation of directive & direction, breaths ease & shoulders lift, eyes flutter to open, smiles appear. And in such Amazing moments, the nano-second that the flaming candle moves the shadows, Shift Happens! Awesomely, easily, comfortingly.
    My favorite thing is feeling the swirls of energy…like a bunch of pups waiting for the ball to be thrown…Exhilarated as they dance about, exhilarating me! Sending them on merrier ways is Freedom Being…kind of a rush, actually. And their returns have yet to not bring treasures & even finer tools, along with more connects…all of which bring more situations to be of.

    Do the peeps See this stuff? No, not really…not yet…and most would see ‘bananas’ if explanation was offered. They are in little pits that they have found comfort in. The room above them is lit, a hand is out-stretched, a different way awaits…but not so easy to move a bod stuck in this zone. And this is fine…I know it’s fine…not all ‘rescue missions’ bring desired expectations. Since I have no expectations, they are all successes to me. Much like energy, I move where directed, I return with more than I left with, I give-away the collection to maintain my ‘light’-ness, and off I go again…yep, a ‘nucleus effect’ of being an effective nucleus! Ha! Perfect analogy, yes? Anyway, it works pretty darn well.

    So, Neale, that is what I Am doing as my part in this shift thingy…simply Being Change…Actually a verrry congolmerative effort. At the very same time, my giggles come from observing the effects…Amazing times, indeed! 😀
    And there I Am…the mover & the observer…literally, yes? Namaste’, Sweetness! <3

  • Awareness

    I am both a “player” and an “observer” at this time 🙂

    In “Conversations with God”, GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) said:

    “The differences between human cultures and highly evolved cultures is that highly evolved beings:

    1. Observe fully
    2. Communicate truthfully

    They see “what works” and say “what’s so.” This is another tiny, but profound, change which would im­measurably improve life on your planet.”

    “God is an event. You have called that event life. Life is a Process. That Process is observable, knowable, pre­dictable. The more you observe, the more you know, and the more you can predict.”

    “For God is a work in progress, and so are you. And remember this always:


    So go, now, and see each other as Who You Really Are.

    Observe. Observe. OBSERVE.

    I have told you—the major difference between you and highly evolved beings is that highly evolved beings observe more.

    If you wish to increase the speed with which you are evolving, seek to observe more.”

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Erin

      Heehee…Looove this! 😀 <3

  • “Will you be a ‘player’ or an ‘observer’ during this extraordinary time?”
    Let us be both.

    • Awareness

      I am both a CONSCIOUS “player” and a CONSCIOUS “observer” during this extraordinary time 🙂