The only question there really is

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(This is Part IV of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

When I was a kid my father used to ask me the same question over and over again. I heard it so often that I can still hear it to this day, his voice ringing in my ear. Over and over, from the time I was six until the time I was 16 (after which I think he just gave up) my father kept asking me: Who do you think you are, anyway….?

Of course, this was not meant as a genuine inquiry. My father was in actuality trying to get me to stop acting the way I’d been acting.

Now we have an opportunity to get others—people all over the world—to stop acting the way they’ve been acting, by asking the same question: Who do you think you are, anyway……?

This is the only question there really is. There is nothing else to ask. Once we have answered this question, and once we have given it the highest answer, we will have changed the world.

What is “the highest answer”? It is, to use the language of Conversations with God, the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

It is our highest idea about ourselves; the grandest notion we can imagine. Amazingly, this is something that very few people think about. They rarely think about it as it relates to themselves, and they never think about it as it relates to humanity at large.

Ask yourself, right now, what is the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about who you are? Do you even have a vision about who you are? If you do, you are among the few. If you do not, what would it take for you to create such a vision?

Are you a person who changes the world?

(By the way, changing the world is about changing the world around you. If “changing the world” sounds like too big a job for you, think of it as changing the experience and the understanding and the awareness of the people around you—the people whose lives you touch. That you can do, yes? Of course you can. And when you do that, you change the world. Because every change for the better that you produce in the life of another is sent forward through that other to those whose lives they touch, and then, through those others to still more, and still more. Do you believe that this is true? I assure you that it is. People who have changed the world have all started with one other person!)

So, are you a person who changes the world? Good. So what does it “look like” to be the next grandest version of that? What would it feel like to go to the next level in that experience?

That’s what we are talking about here. Our world will change when people change their idea about our world. The people on our planet will change when the people on our planet change their ideas about the people on our planet! It is every bit as simple as that.

We have to all ask ourselves, looking in the mirror, Who do you think you are, anyway……?

Then when we have decided, then when we have created what the next grandest version of that looks like, we can begin to take the ten simple steps outlined here, stepping into our role as a spiritual helper.

This is what Life is calling forth right now: spiritual helpers. For it is as it has been clearly stated in The New Revelations, in Tomorrow’s God, and in What God Wants: Our world is facing a spiritual dilemma of the first rank.

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  • Erin

    What a great topic! What a perfectly ‘grand’ question! What fabulous food for thought, indeeeed!!!

    However! I do not See a ‘dilemma’, rather perhaps, an ‘awakening’…a ‘re-member-ing’ (this one should sound familiar, yes?).

    idk, Neale…’Helpers’ are very bright…they are so because they hang out in dark places, ‘struggling’ along with people who have been darkened…Most do not yet know themselves as these, but they are beginning to realize (literally). Those who are attracted to these little glow-worms will go one way, and those who don’t, well…won’t. Those who do re-member will come to a greater Understanding of this question’s answer, & They will know how to move forward in Oneness…The ‘power’ over All here will be theirs to do with what they will…the ‘others’ will be left of choice to be, or not to be of ‘this way’.

    This is ‘The Shift’…This is happening Now, individually, within families, & communities, & nations…Human-kind Is re-membering…Like-mindedness Is amassing. Wind, Fire, & Water are already on board moving stuff, and the Earth is ready to rock with participation in the deal. Spirit…Our One-ness…will have opportunity to ‘Be the mass’ as the process flows…See? Lots of ops to Be Bright some more!

    I Am excited at the moment…It seems as eons that I have awaited this Happening…and it truly Is no less than Amazing. 😀

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    I would have thought that many of us would have answered this question, but so few post to this makes me wonder. Personally, I began asking and answering this question back in the early 70’s when I returned from Vietnam with issues about who I was and why I acted the way I did. This is a process and changing views of Self along the way has created what I have become today.
    So I understand that as we grow and change we learn more about who we are and why we are human. The learning process is a continual evolving understanding of how our Love Energy forms the physical world around us as well as our vision of humanity and how we fit into this human experience we call Life.
    For me, humanity is part of the total Creation in the physical experience, pure Energy of Creator flowing forth eternally, which in my definition is Love. Unconditional Love, nonjudgmental, totally accepting of existence as it presents itself in this NOW moment, but knowing that our vision can and does allow existence to change the physical experience we all share. Humanity is not a victim, nor a controller, the same as any creature, or part of this physical realm of existence. We are co-creators of our existence, and part of the Energy flow of Creator. Creator Energy is part of ALL and when we are ready to listen, feel, and accept ourselves as part of the ALL, the awareness of Unconditional Love Energy will fill our beings with blessings beyond our wildest dreams for humanity.
    Bless us all with your Unconditional Love, sharing of which will enrich both the giver and the receiver. Namaste’

  • freebird

    It’s been busy and I haven’t been to the site in a while. And like Butch I am surprised that there are no more than two postings here for this. Although the question, “Who do I think I am, anyway” is a big one. Not easily answerable in five words or less for most. I can say that I am an infinite child of spirit moving through my life carrying lots of luggage(baggage) who is learning how to function cooperatively with my body (vehicle to experience physical life) and my mind (vehicle to experience suffering and peace). Three parts of the whole. And being present and aware of this can be exhausting!