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Amidst all that the world’s people and their leaders have said following his death, is humanity praising Nelson Mandela to high heaven without listening to a word he said?

It is not necessary to agree with everything that a leader asserts, but can the world acknowledge even the smallest portion of what Mr. Mandela sought to bring to our attention — and to solve? Or are we going to honor the man while ignoring all that he pointed out to us?

One of his greatest struggles was against the economic inequality that produces rampant poverty. Do most people agree with what he had to say on this subject?

“Massive poverty and obscene inequality are such terrible scourges of our times — times in which the world boasts breathtaking advances in science, technology, industry and wealth accumulation — that they have to rank alongside slavery and apartheid as social evils,” the former president of South Africa once (and often) declared.

He did everything in his power, in speech after speech, in interview after interview, to make it clear to all of humanity that, in his exact words: “overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity.” Rather, he said, “it is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.”

Do we believe that? Does the majority of our species agree?

In eight words that may need to be heard in countries that routinely loudly boast of their liberties — the United States perhaps most notably among them — Mr. Mandela pointedly proclaimed: “While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.”

Does this sound uncannily like the words spoken by another world leader just a few days ago?  It was on November 26 that Pope Francis, in his internationally reported message to the world’s Catholics, warned against the “idolatry of money.”

The pontiff openly decried “the inequality that spawns violence,” and sharply criticized “trickle-down economics,” bluntly observing that the theory most often attributed in contemporary times to the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan “expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.”

“Meanwhile,” Francis quietly added, “the excluded are still waiting.”

First in a series of articles on economic inequality
and spirituality, at the crossroads of the two

Eight days later U.S. President Barack Obama joined the chorus in a what has been described as one of the most important speeches of his presidency, forcefully directing attention to what he termed “a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that has jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain — that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead.”

Mincing no words, Mr. Obama labeled this endlessly expanding inequality the “defining challenge of our time.”

Is it possible that our planet is “getting a message” from several powerful voices at once — a message that events are making it virtually impossible to any longer ignore?

If, indeed, economic inequality is the challenge of our time, what could possibly be done — what action could be undertaken by humanity as a whole — to meet this challenge head on?

That shall be the central topic of a series of articles appearing in this newspaper in the days and weeks ahead. The time has come for us to stop burying our heads in the sand and start speaking out on this issue; to go to the next level — one step beyond the Occupy Movement that spoke of the “one percent” who they allege hold 95% of the world’s wealth, resources, and power.

What could happen after the Occupy Movement that could produce an outcome it could not? That is the question of the day. Could the Evolution Revolution be the answer?

Your comments and observations are invited below. And I believe that Mr. Mandela, were he still here today, would be the first encourage them. (Indeed, I have a notion that he is encouraging them in fact — from where he is right now.)

We might begin by considering the possibility that most of the world is looking at economic inequality in the wrong way. They are looking at it as an economic issue. It is not. It is a spiritual issue. That is clear. And that is why the problem has not heretofore been solved. We are trying to cure an illness with medicine directed at the wrong cause.


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  • Humanbeingflag Com

    I can never understand how as a supposed advanced society we allow humans to die daily because they do nothave aaccess to food or even clean safe drinking water and sanitation. Our first priority needs to be helping our human race become stable. Then and only then should we spend our resources and efforts in other areas. HB

  • Ferry Verhoeve

    If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

    This need to be solved first in my humble opinion and then we can move on to share the wealth since there is more than enough

  • Anne Kress

    We have had the examples given to us time and again. My prayer would be that someday soon we begin to recognize them for the divinity they are (as we all are) and that we would engage our own higher self and follow in their footsteps. Certainly they are humans as we all are and they have their less-than-stellar moments, but don’t we all? In the main, their message is of the Highest Order and we need to heed them. Not just hear them, but HEED them.

  • Awareness

    “That there has been much change on individual levels, in individual lives, since that auspicious occasion, the 21st of December 2012. Yet the curiosity and paradox is that
    these changes have been of a natural order, easy in their progression, gentle in their approach and incorporation. So easy, so gentle that it has appeared to many as if their
    lives are relatively the same now to last year. This of course is how it may appear but it is of course not the entire truth, and many who are sensitive to the changes that have
    happened can reflect back and see the tremendous growth and advancement that has
    occurred since then.

    For others who do not see it as clearly, this Awareness would ask you to please truly inspect and examine your life and how things are for you today versus how things were for you one year ago as you approached that auspicious occasion and event. You will truly begin to sense and feel the import and significance of all that has happened since that time, both on an individual level as well as a global level. There have been many events since then that have shown that something different is underway, is going down, and that this is of a nature and a magnitude that is quite outstanding, even astonishing. Who would have thought, for example, last year that the Western nations would come to a peace settlement of sorts with Iran, that Iran would come forward and ask for and sue for peace? Who would have thought that the Syrian situation would have opened up so and even though horrendous conflict is still the order of the day in that nation and the surrounding countries, the opening to destroying the weapons of chemical and biological nature is one that a year ago would never have been considered possible.

    On both of these occasions, the Western nations have been caught by the short and curlies, as the expression goes: unprepared, unexpectant of those changes that suddenly were happening around them. That they try to mitigate these changes. Thus the United States, for example, is trying to say at the peace settlement with Iran that it is not ironclad, that if they do not truly comply that they, the Western nations, can retract and apply sanctions again or even take it to another level of hostility. But the fact is they are being pre-empted by greater forces that are manipulating even these Western powers into actions that are not fully sanctioned by the elite, by the Powers That Be. Yet it is difficult not to go forward without showing the full measure of one’s hand, of the cards one is holding, if there was outright rejection of what is indeed peaceful negotiations and reasonable requests.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Erica Bates

    Its really commonsense isnt it. If we take care of poverty all else falls into place. Its about humanity and being humane. And it starts with individuals stepping forward, speaking up and acting more humanely in their own local areas and ever outgrowing from there. Insisting our leaders hear these wise words that are coming together and being delivered at the one perfect time. Its big picture goals that start from tiny beginning within human hearts and creating and Evolution Revolution. I look forward to the next article addressing this issue as it IS a spiritual issue not an economic one. It can be fixed when a critical mass of the worlds population say “Enough” and decide that being humane. Is of a higher priority than having stuff.

  • mewabe

    “Massive poverty and obscene inequality are such terrible scourges of our times…”

    Yes, and no, in the sense that this situation is not uniquely of our times. Remember the French revolution, when so many of the elite members of society, that were enjoying an unparalleled level of luxury even by today’s standards (try to duplicate the Versailles Chateau and see how much it would cost today) lost their lives because the common people were starving…not to mention poverty in Russia, in China, in many nations that subsequently had revolutions, as a matter of fact.

    The poverty in other nations that are known as the third world is the direct consequence of colonialism. Originally, the populations of these nations were not any poorer than were the Native American before the invasion of this continent, or the Maoris or the Aborigines. Third world populations became poor after the European colonial empires stole their natural resources, totally destroyed their cultures and sustainable way of life, and introduces Christianity and forbid indigenous contraceptive methods that had previously kept these populations in a state of balance with their natural environments.

    In other words, western civilization screwed up the world. That’s not news!

    Now this civilized world is scratching its collective head trying to find a solution, while refusing to actually change course, still going merrily on its self-destructive path of endless growth, exhaustion of natural resources and endless consumption, not to mention global pollution.

    Why? Because western civilization has always conceived of nature as the enemy, something to be CONQUERED and MASTERED, LIKE A SLAVE (“mind over matter”). It’s not just a problem of separation from nature, from life. It’s a problem of antagonism. Civilization has neither respect nor love for physical life , unless it can conquer it, subdue it and exploit it, AND TURN IT INTO JUNK AND TOXIC BY-PRODUCTS (physical as well as mental junk, turning people into junkies).

    • “indigenous contraceptive methods” What did they use?

      • mewabe

        powerful natural herbs, mostly…plants.

        • What kind of herbs & plants? Does anybody actually use these as contraceptive methods, sell them or publish the ingredients & measurements needed?

          • mewabe

            This is thousands years old knowledge..that all people originally had, even Europeans, before Christianity destroyed the last vestiges of Indigenous knowledge during the inquisition, torturing and burning women who used herbs as “witches”.

            Nature provides for all our needs…just as there are plants that can be used to increase fertility in women, there are plants that do the opposite.

            As far as men, a very hot bath can do the trick…or a sauna (sweat lodge).

            The Shoshone and Lakota people used Stoneseed Root.

            The Hopi used Jack in the Pulpit Root.

            The Quinault used Thistles.

            This is for this continent. Every Indigenous population knew what to use…so-called “primitive” people were attuned to their environment, knowledge came to them in dreams, visions, inspiration. They used their right brain and the beta and theta brainwaves more than we do! The civilized mind has become a prisoner of reason and logic, and not surprisingly this condition leads to acting in a most foolish manner.

            You can probably get the information on google.

          • Thank you for the extra info!

      • Kristen

        From a female perspective BO is a guarantee which I am sure was rife then, and probably still is (not to be confused with fresh hard work sweat). I understand they also used natural family planning methods of knowing when to and when not to mate, as the wise ones/medicine men and women in every community knew to observe natures way and reverse it if you want to prevent natures course so knew not to have sex when a female was more receptive or an initiator of it. As a generalisation with exemptions obviously, Indigenous people do not ‘snog’ much as causasions do so have different sexual practices, as every race does, so without this form of easy seduction their fertility rates were/perhaps still are lower than those who need contraception.

        Read up on anything simple and natural that increases fertility, and reverse it for contraceptive purposes. A clue is that anything vaguely looking like any body part will help it, so for contraceptive purposes a female should avoid avocados, pears, figs, things containing many small seeds like tropical fruit etc and males bananas, walnuts etc and again anything containing many seeds. I think it also may involve a lot of not quite ripe foods especially celery leaves?!

        One thing not contraception based but in the information freely available in intuition that every guy should know is NEVER HAVE DAWN BREAKERS BEFORE PEEING UNLESS YOU WANT PROSTATE PROBLEMS! Just a tip! And if you really want to get drunk use spirits or shots NEVER BEER. The next generation of heavy drinkers in their teens and 20’s now will all be firing blanks or impotent by the age of 40 anyway so contraception won’t be an issue. The ancient wise ones would have been able to access intuition which contains a myriad of general titbits and tips if you focus on something as the answer will come to those who reach this level or state of mind so they would have had huge amount of information on the subject if they thought about it and met intuition half way with their own logic and intelligence.

        I understand many also ‘knew’ via intuition the power of controlling our own chakras, glands and bodies and used these for many self control methods including contraception as an in depth form of what we call mind over matter, faith healing etc but doing the physical work yourself. A guy with a ‘short butt crack’ will be much more fertile than normal, and much higher sexed, as will a female with wider hips and bigger natural boobs that are not full of fat. The old wise ones understood many methods as well as herbs and did a good job, and keeping their secrets from us! They also knew about brain hormone levels and that calmer more ‘new agey’ guys produced less children as their testosterone levels were lower but I wouldn’t recommend this as this is also the recipe for gay offspring. They also knew how to induce miscarriages and God/The Universe will generally assist with this if they know you do not want the pregnancy and will not change your mind, often with stress, illness, a fall etc or if they know the child should not be born for whatever reason. females in this situation were sent for alone time with ‘The Gods’ and some potent drink they they would only take if they got three signs or something. This is in intuition so I cannot work it out precisely as I can only see what the ingredients look like, but do not recognise them other than a long white carrot looking root (not parsnip), maybe coriander, an orange herbal powder that makes you sneeze, a brown liquid thats been spat in by the Wise Man so probably chewed bark and a ground seed from inside some form of prickly plant/thistle. I just wrote this so that you can get an idea of how they got their information and teachings, Mewabe can do this if he tries and you may also be able to find out the herbs you want to identify via intuition. Focus on a simple concept staring blankly, note any thoughts or images however random then focus or work out what any tiny speck, word or image may mean then focus on your theory or result and you will again feel, think or see how correct your information is. You can visualise a scale of 1-10 and your correctness will light up in the relevant position. Have fun playing.

        • Well thanks for the very detailed share! We in the west have something pretty simple, called condoms or vasectomy. 🙂

          • Kristen

            It’s ok, I know I’m being a douche, say it like it is!! I’m doing assignments on female and male principles at the moment so winging it with, and trusting intuition. Your guide must also be studying in the Christ realm like Mewabe’s cos I fished knowing you had a titbit of information useful to me and you gave me what I wanted. And won me a war against serious religious male douchebags, thank you! The pattern of God creating Binah, and Eve formed from Adam tells me that God set it up that guys were capable of self sufficiency but delegated the crap they didn’t want to females and have brainwashed society to think they are female roles. I’ve given them back the dishes, all meat cooking, childcare once boys are over 5, their own ironing and lots of tasks delegated to us that they had to do themselves before females were made so they were all originally a male principle. And you have just defined that males can also have full responsibility for contraception! What a coup!

            PS – there is someone else in here with a high guide who wants them to focus on other things to progress, something to do with dolphins.

    • Kristen

      What really sux is that the most selfish people in existance have started nuclear power on Earth. This means that Earth is designated a complete nuclear uninhabitable wasteland for probably a thousand years. For this reason there will be no help from above, including from guides to assist us in sorting out matters for a so called future, including saving the Earth for us and our offspring. It’s all a complete waste of time even trying, the Earth will restore itself eventually. When we are all kicked off after the upcoming consequences have taken place.

      • mewabe

        Humanity is presently in a state of total delusion and denial…Believing that either what it defines as God or science and technologies (the new gods or masters of life) will fix it all for us, so that we can keep on acting as irresponsible, spoiled brats drunken on power and our own illusions of superiority over the natural creation, parading like proud peacocks while attempting to acts as the masters of the universe, and without love or respect for any of it.

        Nature is and will keep on kicking our collective butt, and I would help it if I could change myself into a storm! But nature doesn’t need my help…humanity will be humbled to its knees and brought to the brink of near absolute global despair, not as a punishment from anyone or anything, but as the inescapable consequence of having broken so many natural and spiritual laws. It will be a very harsh lesson to learn, but slow learners learn the hard way.

        That’s one way to look at it.

        I actually saw the future of the world in a spontaneous out of body experience in 1994, an extremely evolved non earthly (meaning never incarnated in the flesh here) entity gave me this knowledge of the future of the world, I saw it happen through a time sequence and felt and understood its multiple meanings all at once, and I know that absolutely no one anywhere will escape this (no places to hide), it will last for a while and keep getting worse, and there is nothing that can be done…except tell people of what is to come afterward, which is global enlightenment, what could be called instantaneous global awakening, what some would describe as Christ consciousness but at a whole planetary level, occurring within less than a millisecond and totally by surprise, when absolutely no one on earth has any hope left (all hopes are purveyors of illusions that are rooted in ideas concerning the known past and the past-rooted future).

        I know this vision/out of body experience was real…and I never asked for it, it was given, as all the other visions I have experienced, including one where I saw and felt what some would call God, a power so immense I couldn’t withstand it for more than a few seconds, feeling every cell in my body would disintegrate. This presence has within itself all life…all worlds and all things past, present and future existing as one, in seed forms (potentials) as well as fully expressed. After this vision, which I had when I was 18, I felt a spiritual power had been given to me…it lasted many years. It is now time for me to renew it.
        As a side comment, I should say that I never touched any drugs or alcohol in my life, take no medications of any kinds ever, and I have no mental illnesses. I have always followed a spiritual path since my youth, a seeker of truth.

        So…it may be that humanity has chosen the quickest path of awakening through paradox…crossing through the darkest possible spiritual night in order to meet the bright dawn, as in a death and rebirth. All may be as it is meant to be after all.

        Those who thought 2012 was it had not understood the process of this death and rebirth…they have no idea how low we will sink, how bad it must get globally, how dark it will be before the change takes place…I have seen it…if they knew, they might jump off the nearest bridge 😉

        • Kristen

          Completely agree, but who’s going to man the nuclear power plants and keep them cool?

          Automated or natural consequences are a punishment from those who govern Law and other matters of the Universe, primarily Creator, The Source and God in His role as the God of Law and overseer of the Christed and Enlightened Ones who’s job is to bring Law to Earth. Climate Change is defined in scripture as “time to destroy those who destroy the Earth” in conjunction with “time to judge the dead (reincarnated people)” as well as those who follow He of Lawlessness (full freewill ie CwG main concepts and Neales God). Some consequences are automated and some are manual.

          Every teaching speaks of the same scenario for those of us on Earth at this point which is what you saw, and yes no-one will escape the consequences of all BUT some will survive relatively unscathed as Law and consequences knows who is due what. The Books of Life for everyone are currently being fully automated as a colour coded energy computerised system that will surround everyone providing protection and attracting the Laws of Synchronicity and others to ensure everyone is treated accordingly, and that all old outstanding karma takes place. A universal clean up is necessary before we are hit where it hurts and it is insane that so many are oblivious and don’t seen to care. guides can only do so much to teach and guide people. Speaking kabbalic – if a Guide leads you up a Hill a smart person would look for the rest of the hills and mountains and take themselves up them for themselves.

          I’m boring myself,
          See ya.

  • mewabe

    The following words were spoken by Sitting Bull at the “Powder River Council” of 1877, while addressing other Native Americans:

    “Behold, my friends, the spring has come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! Every seed is awakened, and all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being, and we
    therefore yield to our neighbors, even to our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves to inhabit this vast land.”

    “Yet hear me, friends! We have now to deal with another people, small and feeble when our forefathers first met with them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough, they have a mind to till the soil, AND THE LOVE OF POSSESSIONS IS A DISEASE IN THEM. THESE PEOPLE HAVE MADE MANY RULES THAT THE RICH MAY BREAK, BUT THE POOR MAY NOT! They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not! They even take tithes of the poor and weak TO SUPPORT THE RICH AND THOSE WHO RULE. They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbors away, and deface her with their buildings and their refuse.”

    “This nation is like a spring freshet that overruns its banks and destroys all who are in its path.”

    Native Americans have seen clearly into the Euro-Americans ways from day one…how many times must things be repeated before the people hear it?

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Yes, my friend, this is the question. How long must they hear it before they do something about it…? Yes, this is the question. Yet what CAN a person “do about it?” Well, every revolution in the history of civilization began with a conversation. I want to offer this suggestion: Let us gather together on a regular basis and talk about how we can promote and place a new set of values in humanity’s Cultural Story, and then, let us turn that talk into action.

      Click on the Evolution Revolution blue box on the Home Page to learn more about one way this could be done.

      • All this is so frustrating for so many of us. We all desire change but where do we put & focus our precious time & energy. Tick tock time ticks on, & we talk & talk. That’s good of course, it hopefully moves us to a position to more action.

        The WECCE website has done this for helping individuals.

        The global conversations site wants to help the larger groups & collective.

        I don’t think it’s clicked like the WECCE site has but the continuous frustration & complaining is what will probably eventually lead to a more focused effort to heal our global problems.

        When & how that happens is not known yet, but we are in transition & the energy is moving swirling, it just has not landed yet.

      • mewabe

        Neale, given Erin’s above suggestion of an Alliance, which I have
        dreamed of many times and for which I share the same enthusiasm, and the fact that countless organizations (thousands) exist whose aim is to change the world, to influence, to promote a better way, such as a well known umbrella activist website with a membership of over 23 millions
        worldwide, or the Women’s Earth Climate and Caucus and many, many others, as well as many individuals of influence, wouldn’t it be a good idea to approach many of these organizations and individuals to form this alliance, as most if not all have already understood and embraced the fact that all life is interconnected and interdependent (all life is One), and given the fact that the understanding of this reality (it is not just an idea) is the most CRUCIAL element needed in changing our world?

        Such an Alliance could work as a council, based on the Native American model of the circle (equality and cooperation) rather than the obsolete pyramid (authority, leadership from the top), with each element growing stronger and more effective in membership and conviction and consequently more influential, and ultimately unstoppable?

        We, as well as the entire world, are fragmented. If we were to evaluate our actions in military terms, I would say that we are all acting as guerrillas, every organization and individual waging its/his own little “war” and seeking his/her own glory. But isn’t it time to UNITE, to have a grand meeting with these organizations and influential people of good will and share what all have in common (the most important of all being the understanding that all life is one), and accept that some would be more specialized (such as working towards establishing Rights of Nature Legislation for example, protecting the environment, or promoting the education and empowerment of women worldwide) while others, like yours, would be more focused on thoughts, ideas, and each could strengthen the other?

        Wouldn’t this be, beside highly effective, a test of UNITY, of our ability to walk the “we are all one” talk? Can existing activist organizations, Spiritual Progressive, thinkers and doers unite? Or will we continue to wage our little “battles” individually, each organization claiming its own revolution, its own turf, and remaining separate from the whole that would have, if united, the unbreakable power of the Spirit behind it, as this unity would demonstrate a clear understanding that we CAN get along even when we are slightly different, and that we CAN work towards a better world TOGETHER even when our vision is not absolutely the same, because the only important vision comes, again, from the knowledge that All Life is One?

        On a personal level, I would have to say that this is the only way I would join anything…when a people’s movement is massively INCLUSIVE, rather than exclusive, and becomes effective because demonstrating the power of unity, equality and cooperation even in diversity, rather than seeking uniformity.

        Again, wouldn’t this be a very direct, practical and effective way of demonstrating that “we are all one” does not mean “we are all the same”, but that we can get along and work together as one in harmony while respecting and honoring differences, and inviting them as the creative elements they actually are that are meant to enrich the whole?

        If you look at nature Neale, creative diversity and multiplicity characterize the natural creation, yet all of the creation exists and expresses itself as One, in perfect harmony and balance even through some extreme dualities (hot and cold, birth and death, etc). Isn’t this precisely what is yet to be understood by humanity, that unity does not require uniformity? Hasn’t this lack of understanding historically been the source of endless conflicts and wars, oppressions of minorities and injustices?

        Are you willing and ready to embody this reality, are others?

        Can we all become HUMBLE enough (this may be the ultimate question) to come together, not seeking personal recognition, individual achievements, our own glory, but as humble participants joyfully joining forces to actually make change real, not under one banner, but in harmony with the One creation?

        If not, if people and organizations who have one VITAL understanding in common (all life is One, interconnected and interdependent) cannot work together, is there any sort of hope for the world? And what is the exact meaning and use of the phrase “we are all one”, then?

        • Erin

          Why has this not been in process already? This makes total sense!

          Blessings always & all ways, Neale, but why have We, here, not moved to such unity? Are We waiting for Them to join Us? Why not We initiate & create such a gathering of like-mindedness…A single Inet venue that includes All the numbers & concepts of All such sites? Perhaps, invite Mr. Zuckerburg to create ‘Another Face of Human Book’ that forms this totality.

          It would be interesting to See the reactions to such an invite to All…It would surely part the seas of those with passion of their deals, & those who run on ego. Getting the originators of like movements & their regular participators at a round table event would be enlightening to say the least!

          To present such a choice to the People of the U.S. & World during the upcoming year would be a magnificent fete, indeed, and sooo not impossible. Take the best concepts of ‘How to run a wiser Humanity’, put them in design, and let them be Seen & Heard. Common sense & logic would Be sparked among The Peeps…then let’s See what We All can Do with that.

          mewabe…Can you dig up an Invitation of Council used to gather Chiefs of Nations? If not, can you create one? ( is my e-mail…This is a start.

          • mewabe

            Erin…judging by the lack of response, I do not think this idea appeals to Neale. However I have thought about this long ago, and I can go at it outside of Neale’s movement, to which I do not belong anyway, if he prefers not to be included, which I expected.

            I may be totally mistaken, but he seems, from what I have seen so far of his interactions, to be exclusively attached to his CWG theology and to often find other people’s contributions (well known authors, etc) lacking, while saying that “ours is just another way”, a contradiction.

            We all have contradictions. It seems extremely difficult for people to focus on commonalities rather than on differences, as the ego consciousness defines itself as separate and threatened by union. Most people indeed think of union, of merging as implying a loss of identity, whether at the individual, group or national level, or at the spiritual level of merging with the soul, with the divine! So they let their identity shrink in exclusion, rigidity and fear rather than expand in inclusion.

            Native Americans have already allied with many other organizations dedicated to promoting the preservation of the environment, and often bring in the spiritual aspect needed to stir action in the right direction. THEY know that the underlying problem is spiritual, and have never lost track of that.

            They are also uniting with other Indigenous people all over the world, finding that they have much in common with them, and are all facing the same predator (modern civilization).

            Again egos always get in the way of human affairs, even among Indigenous men, which is the reason women need to get more involved, and they do (read “Uprisings For The Earth; Reconnecting Culture With Nature”), as their ways are generally speaking less based on dominance and more cooperative and based on equality and communication. In other words they can get faster and better results because they usually have better problem solving skills.

            There are countless interesting things happening today, but I do think that these movements all need to coalesce into one huge thing which will basically turn out to be our new culture and society.

            The time for pursuing the glorious rewards of individual achievements, even as a prophet, teacher or messiah, is long past…now is the time to merge our efforts, to bring our individual contributions to the table not to seek the SPOTLIGHT, but to share and solve problems with a good heart, a humble, open heart, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. This is no longer about “I”, it is about “us”, we are the new tribe, the WORLDWIDE tribe, the earth tribe!

          • Erin

            Sure wish you’d indulge me with the invite thing, nonetheless. You’re a great expresser…and, ALL THE WORLD’S ‘SOLUTIONS’ ARE CONNECTED, too, Yes? Let’s stay focused on That aspect rather than picking at walking corpses/Zombified consequences…Plug them in the head (knowledge) with a double-tap (wisdom). The south Did give up slavery, btw…and the ancestors of those slaves are no longer a ‘minority’, but rather powerhouses of their adversities through such, yes? I See no less than Amazing becoming of Our Native-folk! 😀

          • mewabe

            Thank you Erin…yes there are a lot of good things hapening among Native people, as well as a lot of tragedy, as whenever people are divided.

            People do not know how to unite anymore, as even after leaving the sacred circle of a sweat lodge or Sundance ceremony it’s back to everyone for himself under the current system. But I am optimistic, in spite of all my frequent criticism…

            I think that the greatest moving force for humanity is inspiration…as in “in Spirit”. To live with the force of the Spirit…This is what is lacking among many, as people give up, defeated, or while waiting for a miracle…

            I am going away for a couple of weeks, I will try to get in touch with you when I get back.

          • Erin

            Blessings with you on your journey, Darlin’…May much ‘in spirit’-ness come of it! 🙂 <3

          • Kristen

            In this entire sub-thread, I can tell you now that The Universe and The Source will only give their support to that which follows Law – being Natural, Universal, Gods amongst many others which all combined together are the structure all of existence is to follow. Anyone wanting to take the lead with anything will need The Universe etc on their side, and it would never support the CwG messages, any New Age movements, anything that is opposed to punishments and consequences, anything that does not included everyone, that will upset religious people or going against anyones beliefs anymore than it supports our current political systems.

            All the earlier teachings and structures on Earth were based on Law until reincarnation enmasse and Neales God took over in the 70’s. Every Law in existence is also completely opposed to any non humans in human bodies and astral travelling etc has broken the matrixes around Earth so endangered us all and allowed the sickos that are here now through, so Erin I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I do not think you would be someone that could succeed with anything here as I assume you are non human and astral travel. Sorry. To someone else in here that is a walk-in you should count your blessings now – this is the lowest of all lows, and your involvement in anything would automatically sabotage it.

          • Erin

            idk, Kristin…I Am experiencing human-ness while here…it’s the vehicle I was handed the keys to, anyway. And the only ‘law’ of It’s Nature that has been brought to my attention is “Yes”. I do like to play in many playgrounds, though…this being one of them. Envisioning them All producing a grand Re-Creational Park is delightfully entertaining. 😀

          • Kristen

            Good luck with that,it will never never never never happen. As Genesis and the Laws of thousands of years ago defined, Earth Will Always Be In HUMAN Hands when the human race (not those possessing human bodies) were given all the plants and animals on this planet and the authority to rule over everything that moves upon the surface of the Earth. And you must know of the Universal Law of No Intervention in Human Affairs which obviously would include allowing human bodies to be human with human souls. Not my battle to fight though, I have my own, someone else has taken this one on as their cross to bear, as we were all instructed to do.
            Have a great holiday season.

          • Erin

            Yes, much of human control issues do stem from the convenient gathering of man-minded-writes…and they have ‘inspired’ them well in such regard…Suppressed the feminine aspect just fine, too. But one cannot hold in prison forever a just part of their own being…Nice try, though…inglorious genius, in fact.

            Writings are designed to allow finer growth of the reader, and many have used them toward this…many more have not. Rather, the human need for pedestals (feed of ego), and desire to be the driving force of a herd rather than a mover with them, they have led their fellows off the cliff…stifled their personal & social growth with arguments of righteousness of their own defines…separated their kind with Fear-force.

            HEBs do not think as this, nor do they act with same notions…They are not Hell-bound by a single compiling of literature. They have become higher-evolved through wise guidance & their moves toward All of their kind-ness to be well-wholly. idk…They have journeyed far beyond our primitive states of Now, therefore, one must See that ‘this way’ is functional to Good Life & continuance. Peoples of this Nature have come from what We are in this time…and this is where my Hope lies…If They did, then so can We. And let’s mention that ‘this way’ is really more fun to indulge in…Connect is much more satisfying & rejuvenating than dis-connect…All Natures seem to enjoy being on the same dance floor (vs. the Mosh Pit, of the moment). Co-operative co-existence is quite a prize to behold!

            btw, Your thought on a “Law of No Intervention in Human Affairs” is just a tad askew…A Grand Guidance would express “Respect & Nurturing of Free Will”…which is not an ‘only human’ thing. See how arrogant we can become of only absorbing from one inspiration rather than being One-inspired? It’s simply a primitive condition…”and this, too, shall pass.” 🙂

            Blessings back atcha, Kristin…One of these days, ‘the Season’ will be a whole-year thing! I have no doubt! (Got a big jar of mustard seeds, just in case) 🙂

          • Kristen

            No fight in me at the moment – sheer exhaustion from working the silly season hours. 3 works days to go then the beach calls and more than 5 hours sleep a night. Phew. I’ll play it nice cos I’m knackered.

            You and other species completely ignore the fact that we as true humans are a species. My relatives are not physical bodies for any species to inhabit and do what they want to, including suppressing and compressing that physical bodies soul down to a mere nothing or sub conscious to serve their purpose so that it may not grow into a full human. Would you like this done to your species and on your own realm? It is straight possession and you will know that possession is taking away the freewill of another. Non human species are not entitled to any freewill on Earth. It is not you home and you have no bodies of your own here nor the means to exist here without kidnapping MY people. Any alien possessing your own children and taking their bodies as their own. Trust me that it is highly illegal, you have been deceived into thinking it is acceptable and others have deliberately damaged the matrixes to allow it to happen. When I encountered someone telepathically who was fighting against this the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer was recommended to me. This is not fiction.And is possible the persons story as the Law of Transendence deliberately gives us huge amounts of strength to fight back, seek revenge, ensure karma etc against those who have harmed up beyond what is tolerable. A bit like tears which are a sign that out limitations have been passed. Anyway I will just inform you that they have managed to get approved that non human species in our bodies on Earth WILL undergo karma for any damage or harm they allow to happen to that body they have taken ‘guardianship’ of, amongst other things. Look into this with your own, they will be able to confirm it if they query it’s validity as all have been warned by The Source and told to withdraw their people ASAP. Just be careful and pre-warned and see it from OUR perspective.

            The Season is a whole year thing on the Gold Coast in Australia, I love that place. And in spite of the almost anything goes unwritten rules there are always so many muslims and all sorts of people there having a great time together without any judgements or negativity. You don’t even notice when people are in the shopping centres in short shorts, a bikini top and barefeet and after a week there you accidently do the same. Great place but it would not work in many places fulltime, it is the suns abundant energy with the beautiful beaches and no pollution that gives an odd beautiful change in everyones headspace.

            Mustard seeds – haha cos I don’t believe anything I read, so I planted some in the garden. My little forest of mustard trees are now nearly 2m tall. Great symbolism too. Maybe they will produce seeds to add to my own adundance of internal and Universal ones. But just in case, I have store of organic food seeds, many from self sowing crops in my compost pile! A jar full!

        • “If not, if people and organizations who have one VITAL understanding in common (all life is One, interconnected and interdependent) cannot work together, is there any sort of hope for the world?”

          Of course there is still hope, we tend to think certain ways or organizations will be the way to do things. Yet a global movement can happen with no organization, but merely a shift of consciousness that produces the same thing.

          We most likely will have a combination of both. It seems like the critical mass people have talked about has not happened, but it may be much closer than we realize.

          People love the ipad & people from all walks of life use it from government, teachers to autistic kids. The ipad came out in 2013, that’s like 3 years ago! So things can take off in a rapid way.

  • Erin

    We have an ‘election year’ upon us…The face of US leadership is going to change. Why not bring an option to change the body, minds, & spirit of it, as well? ‘Another Way’ Alliance, perhaps.(?)

    If, as we have compiled stats over the last years, 98% of our population is not happy with present ways of beingness of Humanity, then the support for such a movement would be crazy huge. If nothing else, it would bring forth the light of these voices from under present states…It would produce a move toward thinking differently…a move that could not be held at bay as other have been.

    I have said this many times, and still remain steadfast in the vision…A Native American of old wisdom & a born-here American of street wisdom, as host & hostess of a Guidance Council…All presented as a Whole embodiment of ‘another way’ to explore human management.

    A Freshening…with wiser direction & directives. Include other country’s people in this process…include the ideas & talents of every facet of Life here entirely in this reconciliation of Our breeds, Our specie. Present these openly to The People, and allow Them to See what they can Be…Now, as One.

    I’d do this…I would, with every ounce of my being, absolutely Looove being a Hostess to such a party. It would thrill me no end to clear the tables of present Congress & open the doors for every caterer to bring their foods for thought & desserts of Good Life. I would feel lighter than air in the midst of the fine Wisdoms & talented that We have such abundance of. It would truly be a dream-come-true to devote the rest of my lifetime to “Lighting ’em Up”.

    Oh, wait…I already have my d-c-t…the little realm I’m presently in! I Am the Hostess here! heehee…Ya gotta love a grand epiphany! 🙂

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Erin, I love, love, LOVE your idea here. The Another Way Alliance IS a “Grand Epiphany.” Conversations with God says: “Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.” And so when I saw this in your post, I realized that this IS something in which people in everyday life can play a role — an important role — if only someone would organize them. Will you, Erin?

      As you may know, I have, on this web page, invited an Evolution Revolution. See this link:

      This could be the work of the Another Way Alliance…a group of people meeting once a week to form a local Guidance Council, offering the messages of Conversations with God not as THE “answer,” but as ONE POSSIBLE WAY to bring peace and harmony to our world. Particularly its guiding message: We Are All One.

      Want to play? Let’s give birth to the Another Way Alliance.

      • Awareness

        “Another Way Alliance (AWA)” 🙂 Sounds great. And the motto:

        “Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.” – “Friendship with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

        Bless ALL 🙂

      • Erin

        Neale…noticed that the Village is going into Connect mode…Can you provide a little heads up on the mission of this next phase of change?

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          Erin, you haven’t answered my question. ;o)

          • Erin

            I Am always ‘playing’, and very busy into the ‘game’. I also re-explored ‘into the blue’, which is how I found the above Village change in process.
            As far as the E.R…Money is not a resource I can presently provide, nor do I wish to be labeled under any particular ‘way’ other than ‘wiser’.
            However, at the moment, the vision of gathering All that is wonderfully going on here, with the many fabulous goings-on of Everywhere, has sooo sparked my interests, inside & out! It has thrown me into researching the ways being used/tried of Peoples thusfar, as well, it is inspiring the write of a grand invitation to unite in walking the talk of Being ONE.

            In honesty, the ways of Indigenous & Aboriginals seem to be more solid base-lines than those of ‘civilized’ methods. Civil seems to have left the Wisdom out of their compilations…perhaps why Technology has since over-run our Humanity. Irregardless, We gotta move somewhere with some thing, and in construction, the cornerstones are key elements to the build…Regaining Wisdom of Our ways are as such cornerstones.

            I do love God/Life as you present, but Being Goddess-like in Life is my role of the moment…and on that roll I goooo. You, Beloved, invited me here long ago, & here I still Am…Now the invite is in your court…How shall WE dance with this One opportunity?

  • João Poupinha

    Hello everyone,
    I like very much reading the texts that Neale publish on this website, but I always wonder, why is the conversation always ends with the domestic environment in the US, I thought that this was an international website.

    Regarding Mr Mandela a great person as died, he was a beacon of hope to the entire Human race.

    He inspired thousands with his ideals, of wealth to all, and a more justice in the Social level.

    But regardless his efforts, there countries like my own that the gap between the wealthier and the poorest is getting bigger every single day.

    In consersations with God, He states that ” I will not do anything for you that you don’t do it for yourself”, it is up to us to do more and better, if we want a world more juste and equal, forget about elections and what the politians can do or want to do it is up to us to achieve the goal.

    If we want something done we have to do it ourselfs and not really on other to do it.

    Peace to all.

    • Kristen

      Hi there,
      In response to your question regarding the conversations ending with American problems; that is human nature. Most in here are presumably American and in any form of conversation when we are in a relaxed and natural state we will sub consciously talk about the matters that are the most important to us. After people have had their say on the main topic, minds tend to wonder and we will always end up on matters of more importance to individuals, so to speak of problems in ones own country is normal and an important topic to the Americans in here. They think they have serious financial problems – our paper has just published that real estate here in NZ is generally 4x that of America based on similar areas, land size and housing specifications. Real estate has tripled in the past twenty years yet wages have increased on average 20%. Go figure!!

      With regard to your other comments – EXACTLY. Scripture teaches God will only help those who help themselves, as does every teaching. All each individual truly has is themselves and the huge abundance of tools in our personal potential.

  • Kristen


    You have me completely confused. Your God’s teachings make it clear that nothing is by accident and that since 99.99% of people on this planet are reincarnated they have all chosen, created and approved of each aspect of their own lives on Earth, in this current life especially. Everyone has created their own reality in every aspect.

    Assuming you agree with your God on this, and everything on reincarnation supports the same so therefore I am confident this is true, then surely wanting people to help others and change their lives for them is a contradiction of many things you have already taught. If the poor wanted money in this life surely they would have it, just as if people wanted a job they would have it, wanted a spouse or children they would have it, did not want to suffer nor have illness or injuries then their lives would be different? If groups of people did not chose crappy lives living in the same areas then surely problems of poverty in defined places, races and groups would not exist?

    I don’t support reincarnation at all, but based on every text on it then everyone here at this point on Earth have chosen their specific life so I fail to understand why I, nor anyone else should be expected to help anyone out. Surely if people wanted to have their lives changed then they would have arranged it prior to being reincarnated here just as every lottery winner and the people on shows like Extreme Makeover have and they would have clear individuals in place to help them using the Laws of Synchronicity amongst others. Sponsoring a child is as far as I would go solely based on my understandings of how their circumstances came about. If reincarnation did not exist then I would have a completely different stance on the entire matter, feel sympathy for other people in crappy circumstances and want to help them out, AND agree with Nelson Mandela.

    I would be in interested in YOUR views on this, I know your God’s views and what most books, including yours, say on the matter.

    • Michael L

      Just saw a report on a organization that makes animals that produce food available to needy folks as Christmas presents.
      That a gift that keeps giving for sure.

      • Kristen

        Yes. We have done this for many years through World Vision with goats and chicks. The double joy is seeing your family’s faces when you gift in their name and they open the card to realize they are not getting vouchers or a gift for themselves and pretend to be polite! We are on our fourth sponsor child also, one now runs a small produce market and another is a village midwife, so I guess many lives saved with giving a little. There is a work horse/donkey sanctuary in Palestine that covers the whole of the Middle East that is a good cause to give to as Xmas time, via WSPA. Again I do wonder about the looks on the Muslim guys faces when I get them to send a note with my donation saying Happy Hannukah!

        The odd mentality of some is one day my mother asking “what do you want to give THOSE people money for, if you have spare money why don’t you pay off your mortgage?”! I think this is the mentality of a majority on this planet, if people wanted to give they would, and if people wanted to change they would. But then she calls african americans negros trying to PC so go figure!

        No reply Neale???????????????????????????????? Thats OK.

  • Seb

    A progressive taxsystem could be quite benefecial. In Denmark, the more you earn, the more you have to pay in per cantage of your income. It scales from the very poorest who pay around 30 % and all the way up to the wealthiest who pay as much as 70 %.

    This system has secured that NOBODY in Denmark has to go without a roof over their head if they want it, NOBODY has to go hungry to bed, NOBODY has to think about money if they get ill or need major surgery and EVERYBODY can go to school all the way from elementary school all the way up to the university, actually, the students get paid to go to school so students can focus on bettering themselves and not worry about money.

    It’s a system that works and have been working for many years now.

    By the way, Denmarks has been one of the happiest countries in the world for several years now.

    Sometimes, when what you are doing is clearly not working, you just have to look out into the world and observe what works and what doesn’t.

    • Erin

      Denmark is a lovely place, Seb…but taxes…the entire concept of ‘taking’ from people to feed its nation does not work so well…It has proved to produce, more often than not, a domino-effect of taking.
      If you could introduce ‘Another Way’ of support for running a people’s stuff, what might that be, keeping in mind that a domino-effect of ‘giving’ would be the ideal?
      Blessings, Seb! 🙂

      • Seb

        I’m merely suggesting that as the first step of evolving, we look at which systems, currently functioning, seems to function better (as in producing more of the things we prefer) than those which are functioning less optimal. It’s not like it is supposed to be the “best” or the “perfect” solution to anything.

        If we are to talk about an ideal system based on giving (by the way, I totally agree that a system based on giving would be better than one based on taking), we could replace taxations with volountary givings. Maybe even in a way so each individual could decide for itself how much should go to the education system, healthcare, nursing homes ect. I think you get the idea without me explaining every detail of how this could work 🙂

        But humanity as a whole will have to take babysteps before we can achieve anything near any kind of ideal giving-based-system, as the collective mindset of humans has to change from individuality to oneness first.

        • Erin

          No doubt! Perhaps if we really took a look at where others are happy with their current ways, we could present more worldly unitized offerings. With business, education, governance, etc., more in-line with each other, perhaps we could move more freely between Us, as well.

    • Denmark is such a small country,– much easier to manage. I’ve read too that it’s the happiest country, but 70 percent in taxes even for the wealthy? That seems way too much. I’d stop @ 50 percent. What do others think about that? Let’s discuss!

      Still, if it works it can be a model to others to follow or not. Again the U.S. is way bigger, I mean Wisconsin alone is geographically about the same size as France.

      Many do point to Denmark as a model & that’s good. It’s not perfect, & you need the government to make sure that taxes are being used for the people & social programs etc.

      Denmark often comes up in these kinds of discussions & it’s interesting to hear the pros & cons from others.


  • Contentttt

    Quoted from below!
    “How long must they hear it before they do something about it…?”

    The assumption here is that they are HEARING!

    Have you ever been in a situation where something was said and your or another then responded by saying…..”What did you say, I was not paying attention?” Children hear, but don’t hear all the time, after all they generally have something more interesting going on in their heads!!

    There is a lot of words shared within this discussion group. Even NEALE DONALD WALSCH is selective as to what he responds to and what he chooses to hear or pay attention to and acknowledge on the website!

    Then the question is asked…..”How long must they hear it before they do something about it…?”

    The Answer: “When we as human’s do not choose selective listening skills, in order to ignore or selective choose that which we as human’s decide we are interested in or not interested in addressing!!!”

    The subject matter and the details may be different, but the individual and collective choice’s and the attitude’s and the approach’s are exactly the same!! A cow is a cow…..with or without spots!!!

  • mewabe

    We should remember that the US originally supported Apartheid…which would have made Mendala an enemy of the US at the time. So it should not be surprising that his message about poverty is still not very welcome, anymore than were the CIA monitored actions of Liberation Theology members of the Catholic Church on behalf of the poor in South and Central America, anymore than was Martin Luther King’s last intent and effort to unite ALL poor people before he was assassinated.

    We do have freedom of speech in America…as long as we don’t say to much! Freedom of action is another matter…

  • “That shall be the central topic of a series of articles appearing in
    this newspaper in the days and weeks ahead. The time has come for us to
    stop burying our heads in the sand and start speaking out on this issue;
    to go to the next level — one step beyond the Occupy Movement that
    spoke of the “one percent” who they allege hold 95% of the world’s
    wealth, resources, and power.”

    As uncanny as this seems, It might be that you have 50 or so percent to convince this is even an issue. I kid you not.

    It is my understanding that many if not most of the republicans & conservatives feel this is not the issue most of us here think it is. For them broadly speaking, it is that the underclass is simply being lazy or missing opportunities they don’t take.

    Any republicans & conservatives please correct me on this if this seems inaccurate or needs more elaboration.

    If a majority do believe economic inequality is the major issue, it can then move forward to a solution don’t you think? It’s convincing the others that so far slows this down. More support is needed.

    I welcome looking at this issue in the coming weeks to see if we here can articulate what can possibly be done.

    To put this in the forefront of the media news is highly welcomed & part of going from the all consuming caterpillar to the butterfly. That is the new birthing of a new renaissance of which is beginning.

    For me, many of the seeds are already planted & growing already. We need to nurture those carefully & lovingly as well as add more seeds.

    Once thing we can do is to educate & bring forth the idea that this is a spiritual problem not an economic one. That may be a place to start.


    • mewabe

      I am not sure a majority is inclined to move on anything.

      Would it be accurate to say that a vast majority of people, conservative and liberal, does not trust the government and thinks that it has lost control of it, that special interests run the show?

      Yet, what do people do about it except whine endlessly?

      Do they look into such a bi-partisan, simple, effective solution as implementing elections exclusively funded by the public at all levels? No.

      The population thinks, feels and acts according to what the corporate owned and controlled medias programs it to think, feel and do every day. It’s that simple. ETERNAL DISTRACTION is the modus operandi!

      If television had existed in the 18th century, there would have been no American revolution…the people would have complained, and then been glued to listening to the latest gossips about the royal family, or watched some show on the love life of beavers, not to mention football, baseball and all of the other endless mind-numbing “entertainment”.

      I do not mean to sound negative…one can always hope for a miracle. But this poverty thing is far from being a new issue, and it is not as if many individuals, popular movements and even nations have not tried to do something about it! What has the world done so far with it? The CORRUPTION of the best intents, of the best ideals seems inevitable, given that many people do not trust human nature, and turn to greed, to the worldview “the boat is sinking, no one cares and it’s everyone for himself, so I will get MINE now and to hell with everyone else”.

      In order to do something about poverty, we have to restore the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood of all of humanity and learn to TRUST in that. That’s a tall order!

      • As I see it, what will save us is, the seeds already sown, growing & new seeds of growth in consciousness creating positive action.

        While we have not hit critical mass, & discussions like this may currently seem less productive, they may actually be the needed energy push that eventually creates enough interest to finally find the solution that works & is backed by the majority.

        There are solutions not yet seen or known, but are simply awaiting our higher awareness. Evolution & a new renaissance are emerging daily. It seems slow & frustrating and it is.

        Yet, it is the growing frustration as well as technology merging with a newer awareness that can break open a new discussion when enough people are open to it.

        All of a sudden like a funny cat video, the planet goes viral with enthusiasm to a new or old solution or mixture of both, as critical mass is reached.

        We here are helping on some level to open up others to alternative possibilities.

        Like the guy who finally, so frustrated with his messy garage of 20 years, all of a sudden in anger & frustration finally cleans it up. The anger & frustration turn to positive action, the hidden blessing in what may seem at first negative energy.

        While a more advance society may not need negative energy to get things done, it is the way of more primitive societies, until it’s not, & we out grow it.

  • Erin

    Is it only my mind that gets boggled by the 98% to 2% thing? I was watching a show the other night about “What would happen if an ‘electro-magnetic pulse’ was set off & encompassed Earth?” Would there still BE a 98%/2% human concept? (btw, this is already available technology)

    Well, We’d be 100% up Sh*t’s Creek, fer sher! Some will have boats & some will have paddles (98% total?)…and some will know how to use them together (the ‘new’ 2%?). Hmmm…? Is This what it will take to Change the Game? A Pulse? A beat from a different drum?

    Sounds like a unique ‘way’ to ring in some other-‘wise’ perspective…esp. if such comes from ‘outside’ Players. Funny, but world militaries are gearing up for these possibilities by ‘wrapping’ weaponry with EM-deflectors (on-line available for personal use, btw). Perhaps it wise to follow suit by ‘wrapping’ each other, & the Earth, with our innate power of inner-vision…that bright-white bubble thing. Good skill/habit to hone, & won’t hurt to acquire…may serve well, some day…ya never know.

    Just fun pondering…:)

    • Kristen

      Bring it on. Sounds fun. Seriously. I already live upside down 24/7.

      • Erin

        lol. Ya know what the craziest part of this notion was? The Fear. omg…Peeps go bananas when the elements go into adjustments with such speed as this! Slow & easing seem to be the only well-comes of moves. Silly Us, huh? Shows disconnectedness, indeed! But then isn’t it of adversity (those quick ‘thief in the night’ things) that We grow…hopefully wiser?
        Yeah…This would make for one Heaven of a Party! I’m ‘down’ for a new dance! 😀

        • Kristen

          We have already been bombarded with power transformers in residential areas, cell towers and in NZ and Australia most houses have been fitted with the Smart Meters that transmit emps without us being made aware of it. There are good articles in Uncensored Magazine who are online, and so many are falling ill especially with oddities, chronic fatigue and auto immune problems. We have no problems at all. Hey – but at least we have been weaned onto it and our bodies adapted – like and immunisation jab!

          If we get to choose what to bring on, I’d go for a slight Earth tilt by a few degrees. Sorry northern hemisphere – your freeze a bit but if they get it right then I’ll be able to have year round summer for a while. We are never below 5deg c, but I freeze and can’t function well if it’s under about 10deg c or we have more than tow overcast days. I’m completely solar powered and can survive without food or feeling hunger, without damaging my stomach or body if we have clear sunny weather and you can expose your eyes to the early/late sun absorbing minerals. Great prepping.

          I’m a bit of a sadist that I find end of times movies, especially virus ones quite funny. Panicing and the banana syndrome fascinate me cos I find useless adults entertaining. Can they not plan in advance and make an effort or to stay in control of themselves and their lives a bit more. Yup quakes and any Earth changes do make people odd, I can ‘feel’ each day how much most customers will spend at work and daily averages change with the moon and slight atmospheric changes. In overcast weather for more than three days when all the cell tower frequencies are trapped around people, they spend a lot more but are very unenthusiastic and will often have a feeling of trepidation or a bit agitated. I think this is how people in China etc must feel all the time but would have no idea is is not normal. Awareness certainly makes a difference and self control and mind over matter just makes it all go away.

          After protecting the Earth, I have a white light bubble dome over my house each night! And if I can focus to get it done at sunset then no stray kids want to stay the night as no-one but us can get through! Good anti-kiddy gate as well as a protective anti negativity barrier. You are right – we will need skills soon.