Santa is white. Jesus, too.

As if it isn’t difficult enough for us to navigate through the intricate web of differences of opinions and to sort through clashing perspectives about those things in life which are readily observable, apparently we also feel an overwhelming desire to declare our rightness even in relation to the people, places and things we have simply made up and created as figments of our imagination – the most recent and glaring example being a nationwide debate over the color of Santa Claus’s skin.

Apparently this mysterious and beloved Christmastime character can only be “made up” in one way according to Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly, whose recent comments during “The Kelly File” have ignited a racial firestorm across the internet.  Responding to an essay hosted on by blogger Aisha Harris entitled “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore. It’s time to give St. Nick his long overdue makeover,” Megyn Kelly stated the following:

“So, in Slate, they have a piece, .com, ‘Santa Claus Shouldn’t be a White Man Anymore.’ And when I saw this headline, I kind of laugh and so I said, this is so ridiculous yet another person claiming it’s racist to have a white Santa. You know? And by the way, for all the kids watching at home, Santa just is white but this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. But you know, Santa is what he is and just so, you know, we are just debating this because someone wrote about it kids. OK. I want to get that straight.”

Kelly went on further to say, “Jesus was a white man, too. It’s like we have, he’s a historical figure that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa, I just want kids to know that. How do you revise it in the middle of the legacy in the story and change Santa from white to black?”

Megyn Kelly has since attempted to backstroke her way out of her matter-of-fact statements by suggesting they were “tongue-in-check” and that “Humor is what we try to bring to this show, but that’s lost on the humorless.”

The author of the original article, Aisha Harris, is not falling for Kelly’s efforts to dismiss the whole thing as taken out of context and accuses Megyn Kelly of “playing the victim.”   “It kind of reinforced my point, actually,” Harris said in an interview on CNN of Kelly’s original comment that Santa just “is” white (Jesus, too). “The fact that Kelly and some of the other guests on the show were insisting that Santa is white just spoke to the reason why I wrote the piece: a lot of people out there automatically assume that Santa must be white, and it’s laughable that he should be anything else.”

Will we ever see the day when a deeper appreciation for the gifts of our diversity will override the fear-driven oppression and judgment that surprisingly still runs rampant in our world?  Can anyone think of a truly significant reason to negate someone’s preference for a black Santa?  If we are expending this much energy debating and slinging mud at each other over the pigmentation of a fictional holiday character, how can we ever expect to collaborate with each other on some of the social and economic issues that are really impacting us in our world right now?

What is it going to take for us to live in peace and harmony on this planet earth?  A white Santa?  A black Santa?  An intervention by God Herself?  More wars?  Less talking and more listening?  More acceptance and less judgment?

What is it going to take, friends from around the world?

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  • Therese

    It’s going to take ore people like you, Lisa, more people like you…

  • Terri Lynn

    Good point, Lisa. I think what it will take at this point is an intervention by God Herself! In my heart and mind I feel we are so very close to a peaceful world and then the reality of things like this gain my attention and I feel peace and love are beyond reach.
    However, I am the eternal optimist and believe that when more people begin to see the possibility of peace, let go of judgment, begin to accept what is, we will reach the tipping point and peace will spread rapidly. This is my dream for our world and I know it is in our grasp thanks to people like you who give me hope. Merry Christmas…Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • darrelf

    The fact that today all we can see is the messenger is close to the root
    of the problem here. We allow our egos to express ourselves via
    identity seeking and the colour of one’s skin is one aspect of identity,
    when it shouldn’t be. Until we understand the ego and no longer allow
    it to control how we conduct ourselves we will not get past attacking
    people for small errors in communication. Ego does not want the peace we
    say we seek and we act out this reality every day.

    Lisa you ask
    the only appropriate question, What’s it going to take? Does it have to
    be a crisis? Does it have to be the threat of extinction to our
    species? What is it going to take before we honestly and really attempt
    to throw out the way we have done things and start again from scratch
    because that is what we need to do? Adjustments are insufficient,
    debating a possible racial insult gets us no where, we must remove race
    from the equation, after all we are all one race, that only looks
    different due to geographic origin.

    By the way who said Jesus was white? Who cares? Who should care? No one! We must stop looking at messengers and look at the message.

    As you and Terri Lynn suggest get rid of judgment, it is ego alone that needs judgment. And Therese is right when she says just one more, then one more, then one more, but it has to be authentic, not lip service, we must thrust ourselves out into the insecurity of sitting outside of societal care until enough can create a new society.

    Indeed, What’s it going to take? A question dear to my heart, it is the title of my book and website, but sadly few seem to have the courage to do what it will take, few can live their ideal world because of fear, a fear that vanishes as soon as you start living the ideals. Ego has a hold of us simply because we allow it, take back control of our lives and we can make the changes necessary. We need to educate our children about this so they do not repeat our mistakes.

  • The magic of Santa makes him both white/black/asian etc. depending on how he shows up & to whom. He is certainly & has historically been portrayed as white (or mostly white) in our culture here & if he morphs & changes as time goes on he will.

    In the farther future he will become irrelevant as we will no longer have a need for Santa as we will finally have enough spiritual understanding of the Law of Attraction & life magic to create all our desires individually, collectively, cosmic & beyond.

    • Kristen

      The day the Saints as role models and hugely honoured historical figures are thrown out the window and replaced with peoples misuse and misunderstanding of partial Laws and new age teachings is a day we all need to hang our heads in shame, and the day we are teaching children of this misinformation and destroying their lives is a day we should all just shoot ourselves as animals unworthy of life. Do not do this to children, and as scripture states, and Law teaches, it is a crime to mislead children, you do not want to know what the consequences for this are Marko. Holy Crap you are in deep. Good luck getting out.

      • Oh you take yourself so seriously. I don’t.

        • Kristen

          No I don’t, not even in my vocab for myself. I do take the concept of life, Law and being very careful not to disrespect the truth and those in authority positions seriously though. I am a mere ant as we all are, but know how to avoid getting trapped in webs.

  • Erin

    Really? We are still doing the black & white thing? Good grief, thought we passed this ‘stage’ quite a few years back. Guess we should be grateful no one is questioning his sexual preferences, his obese stature, or how jolly he is around children. Really???

    I have yet to see care of such things in the excited eyes of Littles as they patiently await their turn to sit with Santa to express their wishes…Someone who listens to their wants without complaining about money or downing their Little-minded desires.
    It would be quite the Amazing compilation if all the Santas about the world provided input for a book or show ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’, with their most memorable wishes of Our Children…Talk about a real eye-opener for Bigs everywhere, of every kind-ness!

    Blessings to all of giving nature, especially those who need no Season to be of such reason. <3

  • Kristen

    Is it just me or can anyone other than ‘white’ people say things and it’s not rascist, but as soon as someone white says anything it is deemed rascism and all hell breaks loose????

    We are talking about the memory of a real person St Nick, not an imaginary character and the FACT that he is white, means he is white. So is St Valentine and all of the Saints that I am aware of in intuition, and have worked with to clarify information when studying. So is Y’shua, so is the very red blooded male biblical God, so are Angels and so were/are Adam and Eve. All very tanned and almost middle eastern toned, but I am assured they all have white bums, and yes I’ve asked! We are family, and descendents, and the biblical story is the introduction of ‘white man’ to this planet, defined as being created in God’s image. Even more scandalious is that God has blue eyes, and Y’shua has brown. And so is Neales God white just for the record.

    We are white, so what, who cares………………isn’t the world well past even talking about or even noticing the colour (yes that’s spelled correctly in England’s English) of peoples skin. Some people just need to grow up.