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Does life go on forever? Does love?

Yes. Life and Love are both are eternal. And evidence of this has surfaced in the ordinary lives of ordinary people this Christmas season in the kind of love that Brenda Schmitz has for her husband, David. And for David’s new wife and life partner, Jane.

Perhaps you’ve seen this story already. (It’s been on all the television networks and all over the Internet. We’ve passed it on here because we wanted to make sure you did not miss it.)

Brenda Schmitz celebrated her Continuation Day in the second half of 2011. She was well under 50, and suffered from ovarian cancer. But she left a letter with a friend, who she asked to deliver it to a local radio station if the friend saw that David had found a new love in his life — which Brenda (who left four young boys with her husband when she departed) had told David she hoped he would.

The radio station in question — KSTZ Star 102.5 in Des Moines, Iowa — every year grants a Christmas Wish to people who write in asking for a special gift. This year it granted the wish of Brenda, whose anonymous friend sent the station Brenda’s letter of request after David and Jane got engaged.

Brenda asked for three things: She requested a special “pampering session” for David’s “new lifelong partner” — a spa treatment with massage, tanning session, hair styling, the works. Brenda wrote that this lady deserves it for having taken on being a step-mom to the boys.

Brenda also asked for a “magical trip” for the entire family, bringing them special memories to last their lifetime.

Her third wish was that the doctors and nurses at Mercy Medical Hospital who took care of her while she was sick be treated to an evening of food and fun as a thank you for “all they do every day for the cancer patients they encounter.”

Several local businesses contributed to a fund that allowed the radio station to grant the wishes. David and Jane and the children of both (Jane has two children of her own) will be treated to a vacation at Disney World in Florida.

In addition to her letter to the radio station, Brenda left a personal letter for David, and one for the new love in his life as well, in which she told her she loved her, “whoever you are,” for bringing love back into David’s life.

The radio station asked David to come into the station, where he was read the first letter — the one Brenda sent to the station — live, over the air. The other two letters were opened privately.

To David, receiving the communication two years after his wife’s death, it was just another confirmation of the eternality of life. He said that he was not surprised, adding that for the last year and a half Brenda has “shown so many signs” that she’s here.

David told the radio station hosts that Brenda and he had talked about his future, and that his wife wanted him to move on, hopefully meeting somebody new. He said he asked her how he would know if it was the right person, and that Brenda told him not to worry, that “you’ll know. I’ll be there.”

And now, as Jane and David, with her children and his, embark on their new life together, Brenda is there, in the most loving and caring and giving way. David wept on the air when Brenda’s letter was read, as have people around the world who have heard of the story, which has gone viral.

As rightly it should. For it is a wonderful story of everlasting love, hopefully helping all of us to extend the love we feel this season to everlasting lengths in the lives of all around us.

To see one of the many media reports, click here. And have your tissues ready.

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  • Terri Lynn

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I am far removed from the news stream and am happy I did not miss this wonderfull, powerful example of love. How beautiful is this gift we all share? If only everyone were open to such fabulous delights.
    To get a message like this from a departed loved one at such a moment just shows how connected we all are. This is so magical, miraculous even! I have witnessed such miracles in my own life but how this was so powerfully projected by a radio station is profound.
    I love to hear about these simple miracles that take place everyday all around this planet. Thank you for bringing this to light. This story gives me so much hope that we, as One, will survive. I Believe!

    • Michael L

      Yes as the Long Island Medium does, connecting folks to their dearly departed,…… one person at a time!!! Well she did just write a book, and millions watch her on TV.
      That is positive!!!

  • brith trondsen

    Thank you Neal Donald Walsh for sharing this<3

  • Awareness

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Erin

    Seasons with ‘Nice’ Reasons…Love never ceases to Amaze!
    We are All blessed to have such angels within Our kind. Thanks for the share! <3

  • These stories are not as uncommon as you would think. People just don’t look for them, and they get less attention over the negatively dramatic stories.

    These stories are out there, we just don’t focus on them. It’s nice to see them take center stage now & then.

    • Kristen

      As one of the CwG books stated in response to Neales question, only the horrific or bad ARE news, the positives should be so normal that we do not need to be made aware of them. Normal will never make the headlines. But good deeds and positivity need the medias help to encourage generosity that the average person cannot provide, and to give the ignorant bystanders in life a kick up the butt under the ruse of motivation and inspiration.

      Anyone remember the books from probably ten years ago called Small Miracles?. They were full of stories like this, and not so attention seeking, self promoting and ‘American’ as the Chicken Soup books.

      • Thanks Kristen, you are correct. The good news about bad news and all negativity is, that it’s asking us what, if anything do we want to do about it?

        All negativity is asking is this: “Is this what you/we want or desire?” We can answer “What do we desire to be in relationship to this?”

        What is the grander thing we can be & do around this? That is the gift, the blessing of all negativity.

        • Kristen

          Hi Marko,
          I’ve been really tough on you in another thread in here last night. I am doing my job, I work for the Christ realm, and call my overseer Charlie. As in off Charlies Angels – he is an anonymous telepathic voice that sends me on random missions so I can serve by helping him do his job. Please listen intently to what I said – it is regarding St Nick, it’s really important and people do not realise that one silly mistake can cost them their life. The difference between mortality and immortality is a very thin line. Today is the last day of my ‘job’, I have a new ‘thing’ to tackle for the new year and all I have is a vision of a pyramid with the tree of life reflected on the side I have just moved from, so this is probably my last day in this job. For this reason I’ll put something in here regarding the St Nick/kids/Law of Attraction thread rather than refinding it. Again please listen, it is the truth whether you believe me or not.

          The current promotion of the Law of Attraction to get whatever we want is a Satanic driven con – he knows people want money and he also knows that as prophecies and scripture state “God will destroy those who destroy the Earth”, so money, travel etc work perfectly for him as he can lead people into God’s web for destruction due to a high carbon footprint. Only one person will give people everything they want – Satan – those who care about you will keep you on track and out of the Biblical/God of Laws way, and never give you anything that will carry negative consequences. A good guide etc will keep people poor or average until they understand the truth.
          Life is every board game, they are all Kabbalic based but Snakes and Ladders (jacobs ladder/tree of life) should also have avoiding Gods wrath on it, and Y’shua is even tougher regarding childrens matters. Be warned, very seriously.

          The Law of Attraction is completely automated, we need not pray or create visions to it. It works in many ways but The Source is a huge computer that knows everything about everyone including what you want. In its true form when not overridden by reincarnation based paths, the Law of Attraction knows every child very well and gives them every opportunity to determine what they want as an adult especially through television. At age 12ish the School Angels who control this allow the kids to move on and have complete freedom as teenagers, ignoring them as there is too much external influence for these years, then hands us over to the other Life Path Angels at age 21. The Law of Attraction from our childhood desires then kicks in providing an adult path based on our childhood dreams. Understanding this is a part of the Christ Consciousness training as you need to understand the workings of the Universe, therefore how it all works behind the scenes or the mechanisms behind a clock face. As a 70’s kid I wanted to be a Charlies Angel – done, a married mum at a young age – done, have complete freedom – check, be Daisy Duke of the dukes of Hazzards – semi done and I still want to be Julie off the Love Boat (which I have the qualifications and hotel experience to do if I choose to), and the bimbo on Gilligans Island and live in a tree hut. Which I will do. And live with Grizzly Adams which again I know I will do when I am old, minus the bears!. Everyone should do this exercise to determine who is in charge – if you have your childhood dreams at the core, however screwed up things may be then they are in charge – if no them Satan or the Afterlife is.

          People are screwing up their kids lives by teaching them to want wealth, letting them think they want babies as teenagers, that work is too hard so they don’t want to work so will end up on welfare, allowing music videos to encourage them to want to be a dancer as they will likely end up a pole dancer or stripper and allowing them unrealistic dreams that are just not possible for everyone. Please take this on board, for some reason it is really important that YOU understand this or else someone you know cos I keep thinking dolphins when I read your posts but I don’t think it is regarding you but someone close. I cannot access people mentally or psychically on Earth, only any information that the Christed Ones allow me to know via intuition with their Guides consent if guides are at this level. The dolphin persons Guides are an really wants them to see the light and get their shite together.

          Yet again, sorry to get well off the track Neale. It’s just how I roll! And human nature to always redirect any conversation to what is more important to THEM when in a relaxed headspace. The true meaning of the word conversation and the Christ Consciousness behind the scenes way conversation works!!!!

          Cheers for NY Eve drinks everyone, and have a safe one.

          Sorry to be a pain, it’s my job!

          • Michael L

            Best of success in all your journeys for the next year.
            No Judgements and expectation just loving embrace for what shows up!!

          • Kristen

            Thanks Michael, and straight back at ya. The unknown should be fun, and a new experience I’ve never undertaken before. A new door opening ’cause I’m sick of always being in charge, the control freak wall is well and truly down. Funny how much the Universe follows our lead with EVERYTHING. It’s a part of many Laws; we have to plant our own brutally honest seeds which they will then nurture and water for us/with us no matter how good or bad it is. And I really need to stop preaching Law! A Law Evangalist. Started the new journey with a $1000 cash gift. On the Tree of Life journey this would be a clear indication of a $1000 unexpected bill coming up within a week or two, hope the new journey works a bit differently. And a minature fiddle from a CwG friend – another war won – refer the song The Devil Came Down To Georgia. Cute!!!

            Take care.

          • Well first as I understand & promote the LOA is this: Seek ye first peace, joy etc and become an emotional millionaire. Then all the other things will come as a by-product.

            Seek ye first peace, self worth, love & all these other things will come without effort or little effort.

            You go your way, I go mine, we can agree & disagree within the same space.

          • Kristen

            I agree, as I have said, I’m just doing my job!

            What you are defining is the journey we all should take, and all are capable of, to shift ourselves from a blob on the inside to a pure diamond. Or as Y’shua defined as saving your treasures for Heaven, for once people get there all they have is themselves. The funny thing is how people store so much in brains rather than a free thinking expansive mind so highly intelligent people here often become ‘thick’ on the otherside, and very few are actually capable of thinking intelligence rather than learned academic intelligence.
            Take care.