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Many citizens of the United States — and many people watching them from around the world — are shaking their head in disbelief and dismay in the aftermath of the shooting to death of a 43-year-old man in a Florida movie theatre by a former police captain who says he fired the shot because he was afraid he was going to be attacked.

The story of this sad episode has made headlines across the globe and received thousands upon thousands of ‘opens’ on the Internet as people search their hearts to try to figure out why a person trained in the disciplines of law enforcement would fire a gun at another man’s chest at point-blank range after the first man threw a bag of popcorn in his face.

The incident occurred on Jan. 13 at a moviehouse in Pasco County, Florida where, according to various news reports, 71-year-old retired Tampa Bay police captain Curtis Reeves became annoyed when a man in the row of seats in front of him, Chad Oulson, began using his cellphone to tap out a text message with his 2-year-old daughter’s babysitter while the previews were playing before the movie started.

Mr. Reeves asked Mr. Oulson to stop texting, but Mr. Oulson ignored him. According to witnesses quoted in news reports and in the police report filed by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Dept., the two began arguing. Mr. Reeves then left the theatre, apparently to find a management employee.

According to the sheriff’s report, the manager was busy with another customer, and Mr. Reeves returned to his seat.

When Mr. Reeves returned, Mr. Oulson is said to have stood up and asked him if he had gone to management to tell on him. The two exchanged angry words again, and Mr. Oulson threw a bag of popcorn he was holding at Mr. Reeves, the bag apparently hitting Mr. Reeves in the face.

At this point, Mr. Reeves is alleged to have reached into his pants pocket, taken out a .380-caliber pistol, and shot Mr. Oulson point-blank in the chest, the bullet passing through the hand of Mr. Oulson’s wife, Nichole, who was trying to pull her husband away.

Mrs. Oulson’s injury was not life threatening, but her husband was severely injured, stumbled across the movie theatre aisle, fell into the lap of a moviegoer and his grown son, and died after being taken to the hospital. His last words were, “I can’t believe I got shot.”

In court the following day, the attorney for Mr. Reeves, Richard Escobar, portrayed Mr. Reeves as the victim in the incident, saying that Mr. Oulson was the “aggressor.” He said Mr. Reeves, after being hit in the face “with some object” that he could not identify, was afraid he was going to be attacked by Mr. Oulson, and so he pulled his gun — which he had a license to carry — and shot in self-defense, fearing for his safety.

Circuit Court Judge Lynn Tepper did not agree that the evidence gathered by the sheriff’s department and the testimony of witnesses showed Mr. Oulson to be the clear aggressor, and ordered Mr. Reeves not to be released on his own recognizance, as his attorney had requested, but remanded into custody on a charge of second-degree murder.

The whole case has brought to public discussion once again the question of gun violence in America, and in particular has given the country and the world another look at the State of Florida’s now famous Stand Your Ground law, which states that in the case of a reasonable presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm, a person is not required to retreat, but may stand their ground, and use deadly force, if necessary, to do so.

It is not clear if Mr. Reeves and his attorney will seek to use the law as a defense in this case. Law enforcement officers on the scene after the shooting have said to the media that the facts they have gathered do not appear to support its use in this instance.

Witnesses say that no punches were thrown, nor attempted to be thrown, by either of the men, and that their exchange was limited to raised voices, with both men standing up, and then the throwing of the popcorn — until Mr. Reeves allegedly pulled out his pistol and shot Mr. Oulson in the chest from a few feet away.

Many are asking, if Mr. Reeves is a retired police captain, whether he would not have been trained in recognizing when the shooting of another person was absolutely necessary. Observers also wonder why, if he really felt Mr. Oulson was about to climb over the row of seats between them and launch a physical attack, Mr. Reeves did not simply take out his gun and tell Mr. Oulson, “not a step further.”

But the larger question before the American public is, how long will citizens of the United States continue to put up with lax gun laws, easy availability of weapons (including rapid-fire assault weapons), and laws that threaten to turn the country back into a Wild West version of itself, where most men openly pack a side-shooter and where the motto of the day is: “Smile when you say that, brother.”

People across the U.S. are beginning to ask: Is this what civilization is all about?

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  • Blanca

    But, what matters here is, WHY?
    WHY carry a gun to a movie theatre? WHY feel your life threatened by a bag of popcorn?
    WHY does an argument over texting on the phone escalate into a deathly fight?
    Basically, WHY do we need to be absolutely right in our opinions and are willing to go as far as to shoot someone in order to remain the owners of absolute reason?
    “Being right” is never the end purpose of life, whether it is being right about texting in a movie theater or being right about carrying a gun and using it. Life is about creating new experiences, not wallowing on the “rightfullness” of past ones.
    If people cannot reach an agreement about texting on the phone, how can they be expected to reach an agreement on anything that can exend into a life threat?
    All I can say about gun laws is restricting or forbidding an object (gun) wil only lead to a black market of the object if there are people wh want it.
    The answer lies in teaching a new way of life (creating) where guns are not necessary, because not being right is not a threat to your life.

  • AngelaMooreDuck

    Tthere seems to be several things happening in this scene…… people today are more ‘lax’ with their movie theatre etiquette than people of the generations before. We were taught by our parents not to talk or otherwise cause a disruption. If we braved their wrath then theatre personnel would remind us or make us leave. In today’s society people don’t show others courtesies that seem self-evident to us. They talk or text on their cell phones everywhere ie; standing in line, in a restaurant, while holding a conversation with you, and even while driving.Those behaviors are at the least rude and some are dangerous.

    Add that to the fact that everyone is so easily offended and filled with righteous indignation, situations like this are unavoidable. Not knowing who you are dealing with or if they might be armed just makes these situations more likely to become volatile.
    As I see this situation (having not been there) is that 2 grown men, both of whom should have known better, chose to let a situation escalate to violence when at any time, either one of them could have calmed down and moved away from the other. This is a oroblem in our society, but it seems to affect men more often. It’s called pride. That won’t be corrected until we move to the next stage of our evolution. It can’t be legislated in by Congress nor forced in by the so called moral majority. It’s a human condition, for now. If there were no guns men would just find another way to kill each other, as history proves..

  • Wanda Phelps

    My thoughts on this issue is that it is a reflection of many outdated and no longer useful modes of living that society has grown accustomed to. We once felt the need to create and use guns as a means to find sustenance and to protect ourselves. Humans have been very creative thus far, but what we have created has both pleasurable and disturbing results both personally and collectively, as well as regarding the earth that we live in. We seem to be at a turning point, one that will bring about a more resilient and peaceful existence for all, or a reset, at least from our perspective. Society has come and gone throughout Earth’s history. This last one that we have concocted seemed a little different in the way that it tried to value individual dignity. But in the end it has given in to a power grab sort of mentality as have all other’s. Although this time I think that mass communication offers us the advantage of finding consensus of perspectives that invite free thinking and bring us back to creating consciously.

    • AngelaMooreDuck


  • Sheryl Hebert

    A ray of hope!
    I just got back from visiting my little grandson and daughter in Denver. My beautiful daughter has never “allowed” me to discuss God with my sweet little grandson, Dylan. I don’t blame her. I brought my daughter up in the Catholic Church, just as I was brought up in the Catholic Church, with all the guilt attached, and the reason for “following the rules”, being that, if you didn’t, you would burn in hell.
    Since my experience with “Conversations With God”, I am not surprised that my daughter cuts me off at the quick, and does not want to hear anything I have to say about God. After all, I thought her what I was taught, only I didn’t teach, because I didn’t pull out of her her own wisdom, I pushed my own training into her. Somehow, she is overcoming this on her own, and raising her beautiful 5-year-old quite differently.
    So, this weekend, my wonderfully imaginative grandson was talking to me about “super powers”. I asked him what he thought was his most powerful super power was, and with no hesitation, he looked me square in the eyes, and said, MY HEART! I was speechless! You can probably guess that he has a mother who knows that teaching does not mean shoving her training down the throat of her son, but rather, pulling out of him what is already there. And, I see in this beautiful 5-year-old, that he has an unspoiled underlying deep connection with his infinite divine self.
    I firmly believe that Dylan belongs to a generation that is going to change this world! I look for the day, when discussions like the above are not necessary, and, almost like an inner excitement, something wonderful pending, that you can’t quite put your finger on, its coming!
    I think these discussions are completely necessary. But, I wanted to share my ray of hope, which I had the joy of experiencing this week, just to remind us, the collective, the one thing that there is, and the only thing that there is, that we will shift into a higher consciousness, and deeply know who we are… TOGETHER… and the children will have a big part in leading “the way”.

    • Wanda Phelps

      Beautiful child! I too find rays of hope, even personally for us grandparents. We all can reach that inner child as we celebrate the new ones. This little discussion is now global, it is exhilarating. Thank you Neale for this forum.

  • Melanie Schulze

    Wow I am shocked, I am not a citizen of the US, in fact I live in Germany and honestly I can truely only shake my head in disbelief of the people in the States. It almsot appears that every household seem to have at least one gun and that is horrific to me. I have even seen pics from American friends on fb where their 2 year old son is playing with a gun like a toy. What are those people teaching their kids? Is it ok to play with an objetc meant to kill? And then people wonder why in the world you guys have so much violence… kids going amok in schools, peaple beeing shot in streets for no reason other that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Here in Germany you can’t get weapons easily and honestly I personally know nobody who owns a gun and to me that is good news. I am strictly against guns and will never tolerate them in my household. Just imagining that I myself or someone I know might be shot, in a movie theater because we upset someone is so horrible. Why oh why did this guy bring a gun into a theater? In a state like Florida people must fear whenever they say or do something or get upset with someone that person uses that Stand your ground bullshit. It’s even more tragic that whenever your President tries to tighten up the rightss to get and carry guns the freaking gun lobby and those gun fanatics over there do all they can to prevent any progress. As modern and developed the US seem in many ways, in others you appear to te world very much like yesterday people, especially when it comes to guns and how you treat so called outsider and their rights (e.g. LGBT people and people with a different faith/world view). Like the Moto: If you are not with us, you are agianst us!

    • AngelaMooreDuck

      By German standards the US is a baby. We still study the War of Independence indepth in our schools. We know that our ancestors used guns and swords and arrows to win our freedom from England,(who BTW had guns and swords and battleships of their own). We are graduated from school with a clear knowledge that guns will enable one to remain free. It’s kind of a mentality ingrained in us as students. That’s my generation. I believe this new generation (my grandchildren)is not so ingrained to believe that everyone needs a gun. And they don’t pray or say the Pledge of Allegiance any more, so hopefully they will try to make peace before they make war. That is my hope!

    • Michael L

      How many folks in Switzerland have a gun?
      I don’t believe the trouble is Guns.

  • mewabe

    Take guns, widely used psychotropic medications with serious psychological side effects (1 IN 5 AMERICANS USE THEM, the others take daily small doses of a mix of these in their water supply), alcohol, add a significant amount of stress, insecurity, rage, fear, paranoia, arrogance, low self worth, moronic laws (as in Florida) and ambitious lawyers without any trace of a conscience.

    Stir up, bring to a boil, simmer until it explodes.

    Then ask…what happened? Let’s see…hhmmmm…no, I can’t see why armed patients in an asylum would shoot each other, really. Let’s bring on the experts to try and figure out that one.

  • mewabe

    I have come to the regrettable conclusion, after much observation and having lived a significant amount of time in two other nations, that the problem here (in America) is not so much violence as it is hatred.

    Americans will not admit it, but there is much hatred in this nation. The expression of intense hatred has been witnessed in the political sphere, it is rampant in blogs on the internet, but no one wants to actually face it. Americans hate everything, including each other. Furthermore, many are paranoid and arrogant, having low self worth coupled with and compensated by a very inflated sense of self (that has nothing to do with the divine self but with the ego). That’s why they get so easily offended. Give them guns and laws that protect their “right to kill” and bingo! People shoot each other for speaking out of turn.

    • xoxo

      True. Fear is all there is right now

    • Blanca

      If the self is identified as external, then fear comes from external circumstances. So then the object causing fear is defeated with external means.
      A gun will kill the enemy and make you safe, just as carrying a wooden stake will help you in defense against vampires.
      The external enemy may not be real, as it happened in the case discussed.
      I agree, in order to disarm the external enemy, a change in mindset is needed instead of a firearm.

    • Victor

      Hi Mewabe! Happy New Year!, ha,ha…

      Yes: “This nation might not need new laws as much as it needs therapy…urgently, as laws cannot really control such a widespread mental illness that has become part of the culture and is validated and sustained by it, by the glorification of fear, might and brutal force.”

      The glorification of fear absolutely empowered by christian fundamentalism: “Fear is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs… “work your salvation with fear and tremble” (Phil 2:12), etc..

      I’m not saying this is the only source, but it is a very important one…

  • edesmilla

    I think it is about tolerance and being judgmental. The more power you have (or the feeling of it), in this case a gun, the less one becomes tolerant of others. Unless Mr. Oulson was talking loud but no, he was just texting.

  • mewabe

    There is much violence in our world through wars, the drug cartels and the “war on drugs”, and other relatively explainable circumstances.

    But random violence perpetuated by irrational individuals is quite another story…that has more to do with mental illness, as I attempted to express in the comments below.

    • Kristen

      Re your mental illness comment. Many Laws obviously govern everything but many combined together mean that we will all have a relatively complete spectrum in any one subject, generally balanced between a continious flowing 3-7 on a scale of 1-10. As soon as people are unbalanced, have less than others or very clear traits that would indicate they are above or below this gradience, SOMETHING will kick in to activate the other end as an attempt to rebalance and ensure some semblance of equality with others. I think guns are a huge part of this; those who feel they are unsafe, constantly bullied or threatened or have a profound lack of control where others are taking their personal power away will then naturally seek out something to give a feeling or sense of protection or power. In America this appears to be guns, elsewhere personal power, confidence, the Law of Transendence, testifying against criminals, moving away and fighting back with words gaining the upperhand are used. Which then becomes a part of the person, balancing the negative lack of power.

      The availability of guns in America is overriding this natural way of compensation, they are making Americans weak not strong, fearful rather than fearless – and as you nearly put it – mental! Thus creating a sub race of people who differ to many others in the way they deal with things and are preventing their own wholeness occurring naturally. And becoming quite an odd sub race of the human species developing personality traits that were never intended and they just are not equipped to cope very well in a tough world. We should never seek any personality traits, balancing aspects or completeness from any external object – guns, drugs including prescribed, alcohol, food, weapons, gangs etc for these only detract from attaining personal strength, balance and power.

      • mewabe

        Yes indeed it seems that many in America use guns to compensate for their psychological deficiencies, their imbalanced states, their immaturity, their lack of self-empowerment, their fears, paranoia and delusions, their sense of failure and their plain ignorance.

        Sad to say, psychologically healthy individuals are now the exception in this land, which is becoming more of a twilight zone every day, populated by very strange creatures (and I am not even referring to the Walmart crowds, but if you have the opportunity to watch these “Walmart people” videos on youtube, do so and educate yourself about the real every day America…where do these creatures come from? I know they are not from my galaxy).

        It is really like giving guns to disturbed, imbalanced young children who would know all about their rights (to shoot) and nothing about their responsibilities (to become adult and human).

  • Kristen

    From a complete outsiders perspective, America seems nuts!! And the guns are just a part of it. How the hell did your country get to be such a mess in so many ways? I am trying to understand, but cannnot, but anyone would agree that allowing the public to own guns would be the dumbest move ever. Do people forget they were invented and are manufactured to serve one purpose – and that is to kill. Does making them pink and pretty for girls change this objective?

    I have never seen a gun, never plan to and I think I would be absolutely petrified the same as if I saw a huge pet saltwater croc in someones house. Obviously in NZ we cannot own guns, only hunters and some farmers can legally, but like everywhere drug gangs manage to get hold of them so we have the occasional armed hold up, with sawn off shotguns which is scary enough.

    I cannot fathom the gun situation in the US and other countries, but even scarier is the mentality and personality traits of those who would want to own one in the first place. Even for self protection.

    • Michael L

      Folks are just afraid, period.
      Just like you, as you wrote.

      • Kristen

        Know what? – I’ve conquered my irrational fear. Visited a friend who’s father in law does duck hunting on his farm, and saw and touched a gun. Found the core of the fear of them, deep tissue pain isn’t a problem, nor is death, most injuries or even being a paraplegic – it’s being a tetraplegic, facially disfigured or with brain damage. I’ll change my view – it’s not guns I fear, it’s what the shooter could possible do to me that is. Sharp pain from cutting would be much worse than a bullet.

        BUT – people who WANT to own any object made to maim or kill others including machetes, guns and the like are still a scary freakish abnormal part of the human race – if they are in fact human (humane, humanity etc). Base on your response, I will exclude those who have weapons as they are afraid of REAL risks, from this catagory!

        DOUBLE BUT – I still would not own a gun if I was afraid. My kids already sleep with bedroom doors locked (in a safe neighbourhood), I am 3 minutes from police, ambulance and fire station, my best friend lives straight across the road, I have double locks on all doors and a gate to get near the house, and sensor lights! Don’t think anyone will be breaking in here, and they’d have their bits and face rearranged before they could even pull a gun out. And I would keep my family safe in exactly the same way if in America but with a guard dog and HUGE kickboxing warrior boarding and living downstairs to kill them first.
        No fear when safe, right?!

  • Awareness

    “If you were not familiar with our contemporary civilization, if you had come here from another age or another planet, one of the things that would amaze you is that millions of people love and pay money to watch humans kill and inflict pain on each other and call it “entertainment.”

    Why do violent films attract such large audiences? There is an entire industry, a large part of which fuels the human addiction to unhappiness. People obviously watch those films because they want to feel bad. What is it in humans that loves to feel bad and calls it good? The pain­body, of course. A large part of the entertainment industry caters to it. So, in addition to reactivity, negative thinking, and personal drama, the pain­body also renews itself vicariously through the cinema and television screen. Pain­bodies write and produce these films, and pain­bodies pay to watch them.

    Is it always “wrong” to show and watch violence on television and the cinema screen? Does all such violence cater to the pain­body? At the current evolutionary stage of humanity, violence is still not only all­pervasive but even on the increase, as the old egoic consciousness, amplified by the collective pain­body, intensifies prior to its inevitable demise. If films show violence in its wider context, if they show its origin and its consequences, show what it does to the victim as well as the perpetrator, show the collective unconsciousness that lies behind it and is passed on from generation to generation (the anger and hatred that lives in humans as the pain­body), then those films can fulfill a vital function in the awakening of humanity. They can act as a mirror in which humanity sees its own insanity. That in you which recognizes madness as madness (even if it is your own) is sanity, is the arising awareness, is the end of insanity.

    Such films do exist and they do not fuel the pain­body. Some of the best antiwar films are films that show the reality of war rather than a glamorized version of it. The pain­body can only feed on films in which violence is portrayed as normal or even desirable human behavior, or that glorify violence with the sole purpose of generating negative emotion in the viewer and so become a “fix” for the pain­addicted pain­body.

    The popular tabloid press does not primarily sell news but negative emotion – food for the pain­body. “Outrage” screams the three­inch headline, or “Bastards.” The British tabloid press excels at this. They know that negative emotion sells far more papers than news does. There is a tendency in the news media in general, including television, to thrive on negative news. The worse things get, the more excited the presenters become, and often the negative excitement is generated by the media itself. Pain­bodies just love it.”

    “Many acts of violence are committed by “normal” people who temporarily turn into maniacs. All over the world at court proceedings you hear the defense lawyers say, “This is totally out of character,” and the accused, “I don’t know what came over me.” To my knowledge so far, no defense lawyer has said to the judge – although the day may not be far off ­ “This is a case of diminished responsibility. My client’s pain­body was activated, and he did not know what he was doing. In fact, he didn’t do it. His pain­body did.”

    Does this mean that people are not responsible for what they do when possessed by the pain­body? My answer is: How can they be? How can you be responsible when you are unconscious, when you don’t know what you are doing? However, in the greater scheme of things, human beings are meant to evolve into conscious beings, and those who don’t will suffer the consequences of their unconsciousness. They are out of alignment with the evolutionary impulse of the universe.

    And even that is only relatively true. From a higher perspective, it is not possible to be out of alignment with the evolution of the universe, and even human unconsciousness and the suffering it generates is part of that evolution. When you can’t stand the endless cycle of suffering anymore, you begin to awaken. So the pain­body too has its necessary place in the larger picture.” – Eckhart Tolle 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Erin

    In light of the Absolutely Fabulous write previous to this one, I cannot believe we are ‘going here’ again. It is simply one issue that will adjust as perspectives change.

    I guess no one recalls the mother who protected herself & her child while on the phone to 911 as her door was being busted down by intruders…She had a gun, & the brains to do so. Funny, but I recall an fb post “The first things people with no beliefs or weaponry call on when predators are entering their homes…Someone with a gun, & God to get them there on time”.

    There’s also a funny story about a Senior woman, who when pulled over, the police noticed a gun in her glove box as she got her paperwork. She immediately handed him her permit for it…along with the one for the gun under her seat, & the one in her pocketbook. The policeman asked, “Ma’am, what on Earth are you so afraid of?” and she calmly replied, “Not a darn thing, Dear.”

    Yes, let’s do remove weaponry from human hands…and bodies. Let’s do cut off hands & feet that pummel others beyond recognition for whatever ‘reason’…Let’s do hang castrated penises upon spears along courthouse walkways for rape…Let’s do find a different way to prepare foods without knives, cut papers without scissors, shave without razors, & build without hammers. Let’s cut out every tongue upon birth, remove every vehicle from the roads, & illegalize pens & pencils or anything that looks like them. No more teaching of martial arts, no more bats for baseball, and there has to be another way to change a tire besides a crowbar, yes? And rocks should be illegal, too, definitely…And no more bows & arrows, either…or string, roping, plastic bags…dangerous stuff here! Now, what to do with all the biologic weaponry…Lord only knows! Oh, forgot…Let’s stifle all creativity while we’re at it…Burn the books, movies, games, that show any harm…Wouldn’t want ideas to get in ‘Our way’, now would we? (this would include every Bible & history book, btw)

    But then…ONLY THEN!, will Humanity be SAFE! Safe & Happy from all it’s non-senses!

    FOCUS, Peeps! Let’s keep a FOCUS here! STOP picking apart the dumb-ass stuff…”Ya can’t fix Stupid!” But WE CAN alter perspectives with logic, with heart, with BE-ing other-‘wise’…for those Not in that category of human. There will BE stupidity among Us so that there is remembrance of WHY We are moving in directions away from it…And until it serves that purpose no more.

    Neale, by now We All understand you have a pet-peeve on the gun thing. But let’s be neutral in presenting such cases. If you are going to give instance of dumb-ass, then you should also provide instance of saving grace with same implement…the coin ALWAYS has 3 sides…at least present 2 for view, so the third can be created. Inciting riots of words has gotten Us nowhere in moving forward with ‘the messages’ of CwG…it’s continuance is annoying, to say the least.

    Sorry, but I was sooo very excited by the last post…That this was truly Be-coming Amazing. Can’t we pleeeease stay on That train of thinking???

  • Can we still feel oneness with those who own & use guns with those that don’t? Agreeing to disagree but still seeing the oneness within everybody. Can we see oneness in the face of deep disagreement. Or is agreeing a requirement we make for oneness?

  • Victor

    The past topic was about fundamentalism…

    I think the bottom line of this is fear, of course.

    The glorification of fear absolutely empowered by christian fundamentalism: “Fear is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 1:7); “work your salvation with fear and tremble” (Phil 2:12), etc..

    I’m not saying this is the only source, but it is a very important one.

    • Fear in the Bible also meant “Awe”. So Awe is the beginning of wisdom. Trembling with the Awesomeness of the Universe.

      • Victor

        Well… A nice way of twisting things, he,he…

        If you could convince most fundamentalist christians that where they read “fear” in the Bible, it isn’t fear but “awe”, you’d do a terrific job… 😉

    • I agree……..

    • mewabe

      Happy New Year of the horse Victor!
      Yes the Christians have peddled fear for centuries. They did not invent it, but they codified it, they turned it into a dogma and an obligation…you MUST fear, if you know what’s good for you!

      Now the mainstream media keeps the trend, having moved from “if it bleeds, it leads” to “we will keep you informed of everything there is to fear
      24/7″…because fear leads to submission, to confusion, to the surrender of one’s individual power to LEADERSHIP and AUTHORITY, and perhaps more importantly than anything else, to…CONSUMPTION!

      Americans are fed fear 24/7 by their medias, and they are hooked on it…they
      never get as excited as when they can talk about the latest tragedy, the latest shooting, the latest THREAT. They get a rush out of it, probably the same type of rush that one gets on a roller coaster…it is a kind of addictive bi polar thing, but this nation is very addicted, compulsive, frantic, and very bi polar.

      • Victor


        I know you mean North-USA-mericans…

        But this media is VERY influential in the rest of AMERICA also, and in the rest of the world subdued by this mainstream media…

        But I agree, in USA this level of extreme paranoia-hysteria is an extreme… due to the glorification of weapons, war, hegemony, ‘for the winner go the stakes’ , no pain-no gain, “if it bleeds, it leads”, and of course, religious consumerism and fundamentalism, leaded now by the “war on terrorism” / surveillance-of-all policies…

        Nice cocktail…

        • mewabe

          Yes, there are alternatives to the mainstream indoctrination…sought by the daring among us, I guess (those who “dare” walk away from mainstream ideological, cultural, religious lies…)

      • You have an excellent eye for the negative.

        The thing is, with the media there is also good news & solution news. You have to look for it. News is also what deviates from the norm.

        NBC Nightly news always ends with “People making a difference.” Our local news will show what people are doing to solve various issues we are confronting. Public radio is another excellent source.

        The bad news is there for us to examine who we are in regards to what is happening & what we decide to be in relationship to that.

        • mewabe

          Thank you for the left-handed compliment Marko…

          Not to be critical, but I noticed a consistent pattern in your comments as well…to attempt to balance anything that your read as being “negative” with a positive spin.

          There is nothing wrong with this, but there may be more to this than meets the eye, on a personal level. My “negativity” as you see it may be triggering something in you that you try to keep at bay, under control…it may be triggering your own negativity, or rather what you judge to be negative in you, in your thoughts patterns, etc…

          If that’s the case, I am your best opportunity to actually look at these things, see them for what they are, stop judging them, and heal them in whichever way you deem appropriate and most effective…which may not be attempting to keep them at bay.

          Here is a hint that applies to all of us: whatever we seek to control and suppress or change in others is always something we want to suppress or change within ourselves.

          We are all mirrors of each others.

          A person with inner negativity will seek the outer positive, and flee the outer negative or try to control and suppress or change it in others. A person with inner positivity is not afraid of the outer negative…he or she simply sees it as it is, and tells it like it is.

          “Focusing on the positive” is nothing new…this new religion began in America in the 70’s…40 years ago!…At the end of the Vietnam war, at the time when people were protesting to end it, and many other protests and movements were occurring…all “negative” of course, because focusing on “negative” situations, and fighting against the powers that be to end these situations.
          How negative!

          “The bad news is there for us to examine who we are in regards to what is happening and what we decide to be in relation to that”…this sounds so Walschian (I mean so typically from Neale…Nealian?) Yes, it is kind of obvious.

          But bad news and frightening news and programs are actually used by the corporate owned and controlled mainstream medias for the exact opposite…to manipulate the public into hopelessness and virtual impotence, as is often repeated by many “The world problems are so vast and overwhelming, what can I do? Nothing, so I will go shopping instead! Oh look!…I Iove that commercial! Did you see this new product? I have to have this latest gadget!”

          • Mewabe I really appreciate your comments. I have a near point to point response for you. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to minify & pare it down so it’s not so long, if I can or have the energy.

          • Kristen

            You two both like to be right!

          • mewabe

            No I don’t, I am left.

          • I think we’re both less attached to being right. We are just simply sharing strong viewpoints of which each party respects & there is more agreement than non. In my view anyways.

          • “Not to be critical, but I noticed a consistent pattern in your comments as well…to attempt to balance anything that your read as being “negative” with a positive spin.”

            Yes, I would partially agree with you on this. I have no need to do it with everything or everyone. Some long discourses with others here on similar grounds will find me quite absent at times.

            I do currently see it as part of my mission to put a positive spin on life as an alternative when others put so much cynical negativity that otherwise could turn or cause people to become hopeless & despondent & apathetic. We have enough of that already.

            I feel I’m in a similar camp of Rob Brezsny’s pronoia philosophy, who also writes to counter the overly negative. I just do it in my own way.

            A very important point to make is, I’m neither attached to whether people agree with me nor do I have a need to be right. I like to provide an alternative. Just as you do. As I said before your points are very valid & important. For me at times though, they have such an overtly cynical tone as to be a bit of a turn off to the good that’s intended by the way they are delivered.

            Is that a fair point?

            “whatever we seek to control and suppress or change in others is always something we want to suppress or change within ourselves.”

            I would not disagree with this except with one additional insight. The saying that negativity you see in another is simply that which is in you that you refuse to own in yourself has many degrees.

            An example:

            I can sense rigidity in others pretty easily. One could come back and say I’m refusing to see, own & acknowledge the rigidity within myself.

            However. the rigidity I have is at a very low level & I do catch it early & deal with it. Because we call out or see things in others does not always mean we have it in equal measure ourselves. That’s the difference, that’s the other side of it you don’t hear about.

            Because I have worked & played to heal my own rigidity, when I point it out, the degree of others is usually much higher or there would be no benefit to have them take another look at it. When I point this out in others I do so tactfully & not in a hurtful manner.

            The same point I would make with negativity. I’m not immune to it. Yet I’m less susceptible to it than in my past. Largely because I do own & acknowledge it. I have much less than before. It’s called spiritual growth that’s more fully integrated. I consciously think more positive a majority of the time deliberately & more easily. Those interested can come to my own blog & get insights how to get there. I walk my talk. Not perfectly but quite well.

            It’s not about control & suppress, it’s about rechanneling & using negative energy, not abusing it. I do however believe there is the ability to control our own thinking which I feel is way underutilized. We think so much in negative default. I’m working & playing for more positive default. We have less control of outer events but much control with our inner world.

            “We are all mirrors of each others.”
            Correct, but the degree & levels of reflection can vary greatly can they not?

            “A person with inner positivity is not afraid of the outer negative…he or she simply sees it as it is, tells it like it is, and does what can realistically be done to change or heal bad situations.”

            I agree for the most part, with this simple addition. The more open elastic mind & heart can experience even greater possibilities. The loaves & fishes comes to mind in going beyond the norm of the collective, to greater experiences.

            “The bad in our world all comes from within us, it is also as a mirror of our collective consciousness.” I would agree.

            I do feel both democrats & republicans are very much owned by corporations. Also, much of the mainstream media, but not all. Yet God can still work even within those parameters of the mainstream media.

            Your last point “But bad news and frightening news and programs are actually used by the corporate owned and controlled mainstream medias for the exact opposite…to manipulate the public into hopelessness and virtual impotence, as is often repeated by many “The world problems are so vast and overwhelming, what can I do? Nothing, we are all doomed, so I will go shopping instead!”

            I totally get and agree with people being overwhelmed with our immense & tremendous toxic global problems, especially earth extraction, pollution & waste, not to mention the military & wars!

            We as a global collective have yet to come to terms with how to deal with this on a mass scale. We have many fine grassroots political, spiritual & environmental organizations seeding and tackling the problems as best they can. They seem to offer the most hope as they grow.

            I believe others may have solutions we never even contemplated that will be offered. We of course may not make it either. However, if you believe in the LOA we best put our energies to creating what we desire in our world first & let it shine & influence others & the global commUNITY.

            My current personal answer to much of that is to have world priorities. Example no 1. Fresh water & toilets for everyone. Next food, next medical & than education etc. That’s me, someone may have a better solution. I have a whole website on a lot of this as part of being the change.

            Perhaps the root culprit is the belief in original sin rather than Original Blessing instilled one way or another in most religions around the world.

            And a most important point to leave you with, and a few who may be following our lengthy dialogue,– I’m not attached to my own opinions & try to take things lightly. We often take life too seriously. That does not mean we gloss over our problems, just not to get so caught up in them we no longer see the possibilities anymore.

            Well I’ve said enough!

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko…

            I am sorry I know I tend to sound a bit dogmatic at times…I just like to have fun with words. I also do sound cynical at times. How can this be after my experiences? Well, it’s like functioning at two different levels. Pretending I am what I am not…like wearing a mask and playing a role that is not really me, only a part of me, like an actor on a stage 🙂

            I would prefer to write about purely spiritual topics rather than about the world except in purely spiritual terms. I understand what is going on with the world…where it is going. I have seen it, felt it, with a spontaneous vision of the future of the world in an out of body experience…I know it sounds unbelievable, but it happened, in 1994. I saw the earth from space, being in two different places and dimensions simultaneously.

            (Just in case you are wondering now, I have never used any drugs or alcohol in my life, or even medications. Not even aspirin, I end occasional stress headaches by returning to a state of calm and unity within.)

            The future of the world is good, it is actually better than good, it is miraculous, like a global Christ consciousness awakening…a change of frequencies whereby the Divine presence is seen, heard, known by all in all things and all beings, in all life…it is difficult to explain in words. At that stage, the veil between this dimension and the “other side” will be almost completely lifted. The earth will be regenerated spontaneously as well, healed.

            This vision however showed a dark road before this sudden change (the change in frequencies is instantaneous). The dark road will get very dark, but this is not a curse for humanity, neither is it a mistake: it is an extreme short cut. This is how it must be understood, and it is important to know this, because most will feel lost at some point. It will get very intense for a while.

            I want to publish this vision (including drawing it), because I feel like I was given this gift for a reason…not just for myself, but to share it, to hopefully alleviate the hopelessness and despair that may gradually be engulfing the entire world for a time, if this vision is correct in all of its details.

            So in a way, with what I really know, I have been playing here, pretending to be frustrated by the world’s mayhem. But I am not…I know better…I have seen the entire road map, and the destination, and I can tell you that there is no reasons to fret…but there is an urgency for each individual to reconnect with his or her soul now, because when the actual “storm” hits, the only safe place on earth will be in our soul, for all else but the inner truth of all things, of all life, will be washed away (meaning shaken and discarded) in mind (beliefs, concepts), body (physically…civilization will collapse in its present form) and heart (hope based on illusions will vanish). It may sound “Biblical” (I have never read the Bible) but it is not…it is paradoxical.

            So I really should not be spending time writing here…I should be putting several books together (I have about 1000 pages now). Part of the reason I have spent so much time here is that…now to get much more personal…there is a frustrating, unhappy thing going on in my life….a long distance relationship that is extraordinarily connected in every way (even at the ethereal level) but the fulfillment of which has been delayed for 3 years, for diverse reasons. Hopefully we will move together this spring at last (she is coming to California!…)

            Perhaps this frustration has found some expression here. I am sorry.

            I agree with each one of your points…and I am very aware that in my writings I could easily get inflammatory, with too much passion. But I know that the problems of the world cannot be resolved at the level the world is currently functioning….they can only be resolved with a change in consciousness. It will happen, we are headed for it…ready or not! Some of us will be ready, many won’t. Hopefully we can help them.

          • Why not start & blog & website as you put these writings together That could really be helpful to you and others.

            Peoples vision of the future vary greatly. The one that will happens is the one that the collective gives the most energy too.

            I have no idea how that will look. Personally I think it will be gradual & that certain people, larger groups, small towns & countries & neighbor hoods in the city will be the cluster examples of the new vision. It will be already be here, but people will not be ready until their ready. When they are they will have these groups as their examples.

            If it comes to fast it could be way too much & cause more harm than good as it’s too much too soon. However, that does not mean I’m right about this, it’s simply how I see it now. Few people get struck by lightening & become enlightened. A few do Byron Katie did & some others. But most are gradual & slow.

            Yet I’m here as well to speed things uP so they don’t have to go through the sh*t I did, just as others made it easier for me.

            I have little doubt that your relationship will work out, patience is something we all have to deal with. I’d dare anybody on earth to say different. Again there are always exceptions.

            If we ignore the dark things of this world, like an illness it can grow to a place where it may be too late. According to CwG, I believe book 3, we did that already(destroyed ourselves) & were even more technologically advanced than we are now. I would think if that were true we’d find evidence of it. Maybe we will & that’s how or part of the transformation.

            In simple terms, we use the LOA as oppose to it using us. It’s all good in the BIG picture. But were mostly in the little picture & if we heed not the warnings of Mother Earth it is like not heeding the signs of illness, first the warnings, than the illness, than terminal velocity which is the hardest to stop.

            Again I have not idea, some thoughts on it for sure. That’s why I emphasize the LOA to create what we truly desire and not use it as a unconscious default setting creating what we least desire.

            That’s why I promote the positive, but with out heeding the warnings you bring up, we could be in much more serious & terminal trouble.

            As I see it we kinda balance each other out. There is a freedom of not being attached to your own opinions. There is all strength of our convictions which can be seen as stubbornness & rigidity.

            How grand that we get to decide for ourselves how we handle what is before us.


          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko…

            I might put my words together somewhere, perhaps ebooks. I write totally differently for myself, not like here…it is more inspiring and far less critical, and much is about nature, and my connection to it.

            About the vision, for years I did not not know what to do with it, whether it was symbolically showing my own personal future, or that of the world…whether it was given as a warning of not going that route (the dark path), whether it is entirely accurate.

            It was given to me by an extremely evolved entity, a being whom I felt had never incarnated in this world, a pure spirit. I will just pass it along, it goes right along the imagery evoked by Neale’s book title “The storm before the calm”, except that the “storm” I was shown was extreme and global and very deep (a storm of consciousness, not just physical), and the “calm” was like what some call Christ consciousness…global and profound divine awareness, or no more separation (all encompassing oneness). At that stage the world was shown to me to shine in spiritual light.

            I was shown a time period which, because it is symbolic, I still do not understand, so I will ask for understanding on that…

            I am not attached to anything, except the natural world and life itself in all its forms, including the non physical and the so-called formless. I come across here as very opinionated, but again I am having fun with words and ideas in the realm of the relative (the game of black and white, of this and that). Often I do it to provoke reactions, to stir a dialogue.

            In truth I abandoned the need to have beliefs and opinions a while back in my life…because I can see some validity in all points of views. All have something to be honored, because expressing some truth in the individual, even when coming out somewhat distorted at times.

            I promote, in my actual writing, the positive of a spiritual, physical, heart connection with the natural world, with the planet, with all forms of life, including human of course. But I have a sense, a feeling, an intuition that humanity will have to confront its self-created nightmares before it can see the light, before it can really be free ( shadow work at a global level). And I have an intuition that it will, it is exposing and confronting its own nightmares, right at this moment.

            All we see in the world today is actually an inner voyage through consciousness, and humanity confronting its self-created demons.

            This is the “dark road”, the global darkness I saw in the vision…a global spiritual fever, an expiation of all that stands, deep in humanity’s psyche, in the way of divine oneness. Again it is not so much about the physical (disasters, etc) as it is a process in consciousness. Focusing on the physical leads to missing the process.

            So I do believe this global fever is a very necessary process, a natural part of healing. This is why I am not “positive” about most of the achievements of our present world, whose foundation is still separation. But I feel positive about the achievements of consciousness, when it heals itself and returns to oneness with all life, and expresses it in the world in a healing way.

            What is before us has much to do with what is within us…so we are better off embracing it and seeing how much of it belongs to us, or belongs to the wounded collective unconscious, of which we are a part.

            Thank you for the dialogue Marko…

          • And thank you Mewabe, it has been an enlightening & fascinating dialogue.

  • Benny Hansen

    Kejadian yang dilakukan Mr Reeves memberi opini publik jika seseorang mempunyai atau pernah mempunyai kekuasaan,jabatan,status yang terpandang se olah olah memberi hak padanya diatas hak orang lain untuk melakukan kekerasan.

    Apa yang dilakukan Mr Reeves adalah merupakan sebahagian contoh gambaran kecil yang dilakukan oleh orang orang elite didalam mengambil keputusan.

    Banyak pemimpin negara,politisi,pejabat negara dan pemimpin militer selalu membuat suatu kebijakan atau mengambil suatu tindakan dengan dalih atas kepentingan negara.Mereka melakukan kebijakan politik dengan membohongi rakyatnya dengan isu untuk melindungi kepentingan negara.Segala kebijakan politik luar dan dalam negeri diciptakan oleh elite berdasarkan ide pemikiran mereka sendiri.

    Kepemilikan senjata dilegalkan adalah politik untuk melindungi kepentingan ekonomi dan bukan untuk melindungi rakyat.

    Yang mengherankan mengapa Mr Reeves harus membawa senjata api ke bioskop ( cinema)..?Apakah negara Amerika sudah tidak aman atau sudah benar benar jadi negara cowboy..?

    • mewabe

      All I understand is…Mr Reeves….Amerika…cowboy. Perhaps that is all we need to understand about the situation?

    • Kristen

      Mewabe got in before me dammit.
      I will be in complete agreeance with you and everything you may have said, because I like cowboys. Modern ones, not the savage land stealing kind.

  • mewabe

    The world problems are so vast and overwhelming, what can I do? Nothing really,
    we are all doomed, so I will go shopping instead. Oh look!…I Iove that commercial! Did you see this new product? I have to have this latest gadget! Now what did you write about Neale this time around? Something about another shooting?…Aaaargg…don’t bother me with reality, unless it is a new reality show. Now I am all upset! See what you’ve done, you’ve ruined my day! Where did I put my prozac? Oh yes, right next to my gun and Bible!

    • Blanca

      Did you mean, writing here is cool because I get to use my latest gadget to do it?
      Or, please don’t make me think I could be wrong, I’m so dependent on external approval I’ll become unbalanced and shoot someone?

      • mewabe

        …or try to convert him or her to Christianity to get the ultimate approval, from the commander in chief himself?

        • Blanca

          … Because otherwise the non converted will prove my life of fear was useless when they fail to end up in hell?

          • mewabe

            Yes, that would be awful, wouldn’t it?
            China is very good at manufacturing cheap stuff very quickly, could they manufacture some sort of hell to throw all those no good humans into it and make all the God-fearing Christians feel good about being right?

            I feel compassion towards Christians today…I don’t want them to feel bad.

          • Blanca

            Christians who go through life going through the motions they have been led to believe will save them from the inherent dislike of their creator without being able to see the obvious contradiction there, do deserve compassion, but I can’t be sure that will ease their learned guilt.

          • mewabe

            Guilt is very much universal, unfortunately. All pre-Christian human and animal sacrifices to a deity all had to do with guilt and fear. The Christians did not invent guilt and fear, they just had an orgy of them.

            They will continue to do so until they are sick and tired of it, which may be after several lifetimes.

          • Kristen

            Someone forgot their happy pill today. It’s OK, I’ll explain to God that you are American, I’m sure He will understand!! But by the power vested in me, I will forgive you on God’s behalf and hope you find Y’shua (clue – it’s like a wheres wally poster). Last week was dissing God and Christians week, this topic is dissing Americans week. Catch up boy. Must be that beautiful Californian weather frying your brain. We won’t call it bushfires and a statewide National Emergency Drought so they can close the National Parks yet again!!

            Looked at the Walmart people on Youtube. I’m gonna assume they are the very worst of the worst, hopefully photographed at the rate of only one finding a week. If no hope, I’ll pray I’m right, cos that is really scary. And I must have watched every horror and thriller movie there is, well the ones not made by borderline peodophiles needing to flash 15yr old boobs around the screen anyway. Very controversial but hey, thats life, a really good tip if if it’s ugly tuck it in, put it away or leave it at home. Or more mildly, if you wouldn’t wear it to work or out for dinner in a place without plastic chairs PLEASE BURN IT. Bad for the environment I know, but a better contribution to society than passing it to charity for some other poor person to wear. Sometimes it’s just trash.

          • mewabe

            Bashing Christians and Americans?
            Ha! You have no idea…watch the documentary “The Canary Effect” on youtube…free.
            And if New Zealanders did the same type of things to the Maori population, which I bet they did, I will bash them as well just to be fair! (Written with a smile, not a frown).

          • Kristen

            Bring it on. You are the one that needs the bashing – read above message you dumb f…..

  • Michael L

    35 comments and all of them together,,, they create a perspective that makes sense.
    Compassion for our selves and for each other, brings light to us all.

  • Gina

    The reasons for, and the circumstances leading to, shooting another person with little hesitation are becoming more and more incomprehensible as gun violence evolves. This incident is so bizzarre as to be surreal. It’s like a compact, hardball version of incidents like Martin/Zimmerman, much more intense and psychotic. Mass shootings evolve in the same way, they become more and more absurd, the victims go from highs school students to elementary, for example. I get a sense that life will present the same challenge and provide us with incrementally worse-feeilng, freakishly deja-vu circumstances over and over until we meet and deal with it finally. Until we say enough is enough and choose a different answer. Yes, tools do matter as much as the intension. If a disgruntled ex- boyfriend has the intension to spread some pictures, the internet technically and systematically enables, magnifies and worsens the problem. If not for the tool or the absence of any regulations or limitations on what a person can do with it , it will have much smaller imapct.

  • mewabe

    Another way to look at this, at why so many people are “loosing it”:

    We could say, perhaps metaphorically, that he world is having a mass kundalini awakening…as the rising energy is being stirred up in the first chakra, the survival chakra (which corresponds to the survival part of the brain), some people cannot handle what comes up.

    In other words: the “light” that is coming to the world right now (from within) is stirring up the “darkness”. As many people do not understand what is happening in terms of consciousness, and resist it, they begin the “loose it”.

    It all means the same thing in different terms. Just as true love stirs up and triggers old wounds, which is why many fear real intimacy, a lighter “vibration” or “frequency” coming to the world (from within the world) stirs up all that stands in the way of it so that it may be healed and resolved. It is all the same process, very simple and basic, and logical.

    When the process is resisted, just as in the case of a person unprepared for a kundalini awakening, there is extreme confusion. Inner “demons” (fears, terrors, judgments, old wounds, etc) are projected outside, and the inner drama finds its expression in symbolic terms and symbolic actions in the outside world.

    The “light”, love, higher frequencies will always cleanse us of all that stands between us and them…which is why the experiences of “holy” individuals, of saints, of mystics, and even of Jesus himself if the story is true, include a passage through “hell” before reaching “heaven” or enlightenment. The “hell” of course is within. All mystics have gone through it.

    The same is happening to the entire world today. All that is needed is understanding the process of healing, and spreading this understanding.

    • Gina

      make sense… : )

      • mewabe

        Thanks Gina, that was my post, I tried to delete it, but it re-appeared as “guest”. I wanted to delete it because I thought it was too complex and too deep and consequently too boring for most. And also because I am posting way too many comments at times, and that is a bit obnoxious.

        • My God don’t stop because something may be too deep! I think we can handle it here. Yes it’s long & involved & may be passed over by some, so what? Well said though, well thought out.

          In my view this is what I’d call a Jungian spiritual psychotherapy influenced viewpoint of which reminds me of some of my newsletters in the past. It blends well with the CwG buffet line. I can also relate this to the late Debbie Fords shadow work as well, of which I’ve done.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko, yes, I agree about Jungian spiritual psychotherapy influence, although I never read anything from Jung. I did some “deep feeling therapy” though, and experienced depths of feeling I had never thought were possible, the kind many shy from, especially when it is so painful you experience gut wrenching crying for hours and still there is more pain, for days, and weeks, and yet there is a sense of personal power being gradually restored, as you awaken to who and what you are, as they say in this form of therapy you become “real”.

            But the deeper spiritual aspects I describe in the above comment, I actually lived all of it, unexpectedly…and made sense of it as I experienced it, including a sudden and very forceful “kundalini awakening”, of which I did not really know anything at the time, but which opened my first chakra completely (as well as the crown chakra and all in between), and let my greatest fears (connected to past lives) come out. Psychic abilities, which became very heightened at the time, helped me through it.

            All our lives (past, present, future) are connected, like a spider web…we are truly multidimensional beings! It is really amazing to actually experience it (along with the vortexes of powerful energies that sometimes take you there, while at other times you actually see and hear the “other side”, as if a veil of energy that is like a curtain suddenly opened…) It can be unsettling, which is why most people choose to close these doors in their consciousness, and to focus on one life at a time!

            I have never heard of Debbie Fords…by I agree with the concept of shadow work. Without doing the deep therapy, I would have never been ready for deeper spiritual understandings, in my opinion.

          • WoW what a story! I’m impressed (not that you were trying to impress but it is an impressive story non the less) & glad you got so much out of it.

            I’ve not had any real knock out experiences like you’ve described & I think it’s rare thing. I’ve had profound experiences, insights but your’s is sublime. There is a difference. I can also tell by your energy that it’s authentic & you express it and articulate it on a deep level.

            I do feel people who articulate well usually have developed it from deep spiritual growth. I believe I have as well. But I will also say people can have the same depth & not have the ability to articulate it as well. Yet you can feel their authenticity even if not well articulated.

            It’s a grand story & I’m glad you told it.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko, your appreciation and understanding truly humble me…

            Like people who have had a near-death experience, I wonder at times what I am still doing here, after what I have seen, experienced and felt…except perhaps to share my experiences to inspire others.

          • Let us inspire & uPlift others & the planet in any way we can. If not us who? 🙂

          • Kristen

            Sorry to butt this in between a conversation, problem with this format when you want to reply to a post in conversation – top, bottom or above one who has already replied???

            Long post – not just for you Mewabe, sorry, I know I’m a pain, it’s my job. Well a job I’ve now finished as I have a new boss/teacher – a female this time – God’s Queen although I assume He has a harem of floozies as well.

            Mewabe – the point you have made is a huge part of a point I have been trying to make in here seemingly forever relating to many different aspects. We are all people, we all have stories, feelings, views and experiences. As I said to you very early on, I have no interest in acknowledging anyone who speaks as a machine or quoting the words of others without being 99% they are true and correct. The entire CwG and much of life is based on this – who do we believe, and who is speaking the truth, who KNOWS what they are talking about and who is just believing what they want to believe and passing it on with their own errors and misinformation added (Awareness is the epitome of this), who knows if they are channelling the truth, and who can KNOW the source of it. These are the things that differentiate you as the person Mewabe, from the one I used to call the Mewabe Machine or Guru. And it’s always nice to see a person!

            I will believe and learn from anyones personal experiences, I know enough to be able to clearly tell when people are speaking the truth and KNOW we must all learn from the good as well as the bad – this is YOU, the person typing, thinking and being whilst in here, in a relaxed state of only being YOU, not a teacher, leader or anything else.

            As we have both agreed some time ago – people are interesting, and it is much better to see the good, bad and downright ugly as that person being themselves than to only see the shell, skin or academic learned information from anyone. I have no problems with provoking the …. out of people until I draw them out, ugly and sometimes mean as it may well be.

            Um – you missed your bus. I tried to warn you maybe in October that I was trying to help your Canadian guide by telling you there were some new doors opening and things you had to complete by Christmas, and wouldn’t have to close any existing doors. The Tree of Life portal to the higher levels your guide was trying to take you up to, including the Christ Consciousness (understanding Law) training program has now closed. They only open them perhaps every 7 years then fast track any ‘potentials’, only 13 of us made it this round. It’s been open for 3 years I think, hard to tell as I am similar to you – psychic and intuitive anyway. I think you have blocked yourself dissing God – again I tried to warn you that God was at the top of the Tree of Life and the God of all Laws, as well as the biblical God. I have failed my little task – but hey, failure just means you have tried your best and not succeeded whereas 99% of people have not even tried or been recruited to try. I am unsure if your main guide is staying ‘down’ with you, or moving on with God and the newly trained Christs who are actually working a different tree. I think it’s a secret one but I cracked it years ago. It includes Gods new job of “time to destroy those who destroy the Earth, and judge the dead (reincarnated people)” – I call it the tree of death as it is the one Neales God manages from the afterlife with ‘the dead’ being reincarnated here, and his primary goal has been to promote everything anyone could possibly do to ensure that they have an execution from God, The Source or Creator (Genesis) hanging over their heads. After all he is the Serpent, who will do anything to ensure humans do not live long. A lot of people have the middle name Gullible. This site is the most gullible of all. I’ve tried, most know exactly what they are doing but would never believe they have been deceived and that their so called God hates them, especially Neale.

            Choose your Trees wisely folks, time for this seedling to move on with God and the crew.

          • Awareness

            Unbelievable! Kristen, I would have completely ignored what you wrote if not because you made a direct reference: “Awareness is the epitome of this”. Kristen, you said: “I have a new boss/teacher – a female this time – God’s Queen”. So are you not speaking for yourself here? Are you writing the “inputs” and “suggestions” of this “new boss/teacher” here? Are you actually thinking for yourself? I am curious to know 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Kristen

            HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE apology. I meant ‘The Awareness’ definately not you. I cannot believe I typed this wrong, I did not mean YOU, I meant the entity that channels from beyond as The Awareness. That I got Contentttt to look into in an earlier thread.

            My words only, I speak for myself and think for myself. Kabbalah forbids anything alse, it is about learning the truth, rather than being taught incorrect information by others, generally unintentionally. I don’t know my new teacher/boss yet, I start with her on 01 Feb. 2 weeks off yay.
            Again sorry about the identity thing. If you want to then read my post above to Mewabe.

          • Gina

            Kristen, I don’t know what bothers me about you so much, but couldn’t pass this over. I wanna point two things out. Your god says it is advisable to blurt out psychic impressions NOT ASKED for–however casual or profound your readings of another’s soul journey? Either to that person only or out open like you are doing here? Second, what do you mean by “their so called god hates them, especially Neale?” I feel it is more the case of you channeling meanness and ugliness in, as, and through you rather than you drawing it out of others. An aside; after I read this post of yours my eyes looked at the up or down this post arrows and there was one down vote. I clicked on it to see who cast it and it went back to 0, which means I did that unknowingly. No coincidences in this friendly universe, eh.

          • Kristen

            I don’t read any impressions of others, I can only get a vague energy feeling by a name via intuition, but I’ve worked out this is often mood dependant. Intuition is only from The Source, and we are all of the same Source, and aiming to return to the same Source on various journeys. Only The Source can authorise true intuition, which is not via the Afterlife and guides. I have not given any psychic impressions, that is not permitted and can only be authorised if the person or that persons guide gives consent. And I cannot tune into anyone anyway, again only via their guide if a Christ and intuition. I am psychic for myself in the usual way of knowing whos on the phone, feeling or knowing general things etc. Re the situation with Mewabe – I was asked to help his guide, which I did as requested, and was clear on this. If it is important to a guide in the Christ realm then I trust they know what they are doing, and if they freed up a little information in intuition so I was able to prove I knew then then so be it. Read my post to him if you like.

            Feel free to be bothered by me, I know I am in a site deliberately with hugely differing views and a different God, with people generally from the Afterlife which I am not. I’ve made informed choice to ‘work’ in here. I feel the same about many people, especially bad with non-human/alien species so really have to calm myself, and I’m generally a very calm person. Sorry to invoke negativity in you, not the intention.

            Sorry I have no idea what a post arrow or a down vote is???? I’m struggling to cancel the disqus email alerts which is probably the simpliest thing in the world. I’m techno-useless.
            Click – are they the little arrows, that may move a post up or down a page, logically? Rhetorical. That doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind if a reply is deleted the moment it’s been read or if most posts are deleted before they are posted. In fact the main I wanted up to Contentt was deleted a week or two ago as I swore anyway. The rest – not important. None of this is.

            I have been doing my job, and I think Neale understands, but by my comment, inconjunction with us not being in the time from of ‘it’s time to judge the dead (reincarnated people) and destroy those who destroy the Earth’, if any God, Guide or otherwise if deliberately giving people wealth, encouraging travel and the destruction of trees for books then they are doing as so many do – leading people into the lairs of consequences. Anyone who loves the people they are in charge of or guiding will be keeping them average, with bills or even poor at this point in time to help them avoid the wrath of God. You will not believe this though, so it doesn’t matter. i wish people would believe it though as one of the main reasons for being in here was to try to warn people that there are consequences and the wrath of God is the age we are now in, in His role as the God of Law, appointed by The Source – his father.

            Anyone is free to believe what they want to believe, but I am a good guy in warning people of this. Which means playing the bad guy in here.
            Be happy, and I do feel for your family situation you mentioned in an earlier post, and hope that Contenttts input helped.

          • Gina

            Hi Kristen.
            Ha ha, the up or down arrows are simply like/dislike buttons, nothing fancy. I wasn’t being rhetorical of course, just bad at explaining things. Yeah, I get disque email alerts in the middle of the night while sleeping and it wakes me up, esp. your replies because of the time zone. So you and Mewabe have clear communications with their guides and can even share guidance. THAT’S COOL. One thing I had been really curios about is Mewabe’s gender. Now that you called him a he I’m curious as to how you figured it. Through your psychic abilities or through what you call female/male traits in writing/conversing style or he told you? I can’t really tell if someone is male or female unless they have a distinct boy or girl name. They all sound androgen or should I say android? (meaning, somewhat robotic and emotionally flat ;)) I’m not bothered by you the person, just some theology, stuff like the wrath and hatred of God and demonic possessions. I must really not be good at explaining because you are still saying you hope I was helped by Contentttt. I think I made it clear that my immediate family wasn’t afflicted by mental illnesses and my long deceased aunt and uncle were and it was just effective in being a catalyst in my interest in such matters. I still don’t believe in possession and exorcism. Did you hear the news about a mother who stabbed her four children two of whom died in exorcism? Happened just a few days ago. I heard one psychic say multiple personality is the entity confusing the lifetimes and another psychic about schizophrenia being the entity seeking escape from what they percieve as inescapable by normal means. I find this kind of explanations more convincing logically and intuitively. I have no idea who the male ghost contentttt was talking about. Deceased failmy still earthbound…not on my life.
            Again i wish you well on your journey. You have consistency, keep on.

          • Kristen

            8am! Same problem, I get everything at 2-4am, but usually only go online after work.

            Have to go to work soon so I’ll go through the list.

            This conversation is what I mean when I will only converse with ‘people’ being themselves. I know what you mean about robotic – I won’t speak to people in ‘CwG mode’. The energy of it feels brainwashed so I will push to I find the person inside. See how in this thread Awareness has finally spoken with their own voice rather than channelled learnings and quotes. You are speaking as a normal person, hence me replying when last nights posts were going to be the last. Curiosity about people themselves is a health trait, and a huge part of being human, when we lost interest in other people and only focus on facts we are in a very bad place, as a planet. If you are curious, all I can feel from your name is that you feel similar to me. A very normal grounded person who’s only real stress in like is over concern for others, who knows who they are and wants to retain that. But if people were cheating as a false psychic they could have picked that us as you engaged with me in the first place to defend Awareness when I was being mean, and now to growl at me when you felt I was breaching Mewabes privacy. That you now want me to!

            Re mental health – no you just said your family was afflicted. I agree with Contenttt. I have been deliberately possessed as I have been under huge Satanic attacks, for being me. Only two days thank God, and I was much stronger so it he never got in me as a spirit/soul/person or gained control of my body. It had voices, which are fragmented holograms from past lives that separate as a coping mechanism in extreme stress, breakdowns or emotional trauma. I have supressed memories from this and many experiences in general, a gift, but the main things I can recall were alcohol cravings (I got possessed visiting a friend in rehab) and a war for eye control – as a male it would always be trying to steer my eyes to ALL boobs and bums. I will believe anything from first hand experiences, but am wary of anything published without experience, and I can gauge who to believe and can tell when people are lying. You don’t have to believe me, wise people don’t believe much of what they hear!

            Re Mewabe – he may well kill me for this!! I can only access guides in the Christ or undergoing Christ Consciousness training as his is, never the afterlife where most are. And only those who are advanced to communicate telaphthically with thought, never words as this is how I can tell how high they are.
            Never thought about gender. I assumed, as ‘they’ know I won’t help females, I’m too competative and females are 10x more capable than guys with progress on their own and only males are Christs anyway, females are princesses and help them but undergo the same training and exams. Looking at the name yes he does feel androgynous, new age guys do. What I could feel was that he did not feel native american, yet his guide was, and writes as a ‘white guy’, so I told him I knew nothing of him including his race. Since you are curious tho I will spill. Not implying you, but two females in here have crushes on him, one who has even looked into native american music and arts and common matters. And hates me!
            In the past few months, as a person, he has given the following information about himself in these public posts. I only recall it as it’s about all I read in here – the people information. He is not native American but has lived amongst them for I think ten years after a life changing crisis, he moves around a lot and is of no fixed abode by choice longterm, he takes in homeless Native American teens, has travelled extensively and sees ‘goblins’, pays the bills doing artwork for cereal boxes etc but is also an intuitive artist doing abstracts, lives in Northern California, has been married twice, something major happened in 1994??,all current friends are Native American, he is anti addictions and like me has not tolerance for obesity and people letting themselves go (this is from The Source and means you are at the Sun point in progress), wears glasses as he is blind as a bat with distance (manifestation for living in the present not ploughing or looking ahead as he has confirmed above – which I knew so really tried to push him forward), he is funny as a real person and likes friendly bantering. All I can ‘tell’ which I have told him is that he is younger than he sounds, is straight and rides a bike or motorbike. I would be able to read a lot more from what people say but wouldn’t put personality traits in here or anywhere. If you are curious about people, just ask. I do sometimes. Sorry – Mewabe, nothing you havn’t disclosed in here and being a person rather than a machine is good. And progressive.

            No I havn’t been snooping in here. I could compile a list like this on anyone in here in the past few months, I look for ‘people chat’ as it’s more interesting.

            Gotta go to work, this was supposed to be a short post. Not good at that entire concept. Nice so speak to you as a person. Sorry no editing. I’ll be late then I’ll have to give myself a written warning as I’m my own boss.

            Take care

          • Gina

            Wow, Kristen, you mentally compiled all this and are able to do it of another person!? Wow wow wow. Your intellectual and intuitive faculties are staggering and you are amiable as I get to know the person. YES, I should’ve just asked “him,” 🙂 but I read somewhere along the time line that he wished to remain anonymous. I read this not just once but like three times, and I don’t even read everything. So I got this notion that if I asked, Mewabe would not only not answer but I would be chastised! 😀 You talk about such interesting things whether or not believe in them. Keep on.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            It’s just called listening to what people say. Mewabe and I had a conversation in here that we are both interested in people as a hobby, so I assume more people than just I automatically process information about people, rather than just the facts or beliefs they have to say about non personal matters, BUT getting to know people involves conversation – ie both parties will generally disclose information in general chat, you can’t interview people. Hadn’t read that about privacy, but I’d ignore it anyway. He can yell at me if he wants to, I’m made of tougher stuff than that and I’d just laugh anyway!! People are free to disclose or talk about whatever they want to and I didn’t ask him questions and much information wasn’t to me. I will manipulate people like Contenttt though, to show themselves IF I can feel their energy is angry or in his case it felt like evil (just a bad day I think). Or as I felt with Awareness when I accidently tuned into the evil THE Awareness entity instead of the writer. Oops! I scan everyone as I have lots of enemies obviously, but it’s just a habit now. Marko and I would clash more than anyone else although both have good energy.

            I’ll be nice – get a decent dream interpretation book (Pamela J Ball is good), these govern our lives via symbology from The Source so he can read us all visually, it is a Kabbalic disguise to hide knowledge from the general public in plain sight. This will tell you a lot about everyone and is controlling our lives 24/7 so no matter what people say or indicate you know the truth about them. You can also look up everything you have or like but do not yet have and this will tell you what the Source thinks about you. Easy and cheap self analysis. If an artist is just speaking facts, their very job or talent will tell you that they actually have a lot to express, share and are creative thinkers so will freely chat as a person, not a machine.

            Also know on a scale of 1-10 every person will have every aspect of us all filled in over probably 4 numbers, usually a constant flow between 3-7. If in any aspect people are extreme in either end they will also have the same aspect at the other end. Like really grumpy old men are very deep thinkers and love those they allow in very much. Or bullies are very hurt inside. Or people with a wall who will only speak neutral facts have a very personal story. Or men who will not propose for a long time are very carefully thinking every aspect or marriage through including how their wife will look after kids, or if he will be a good day. There will always be balance.

            Hone your skills if you want to, it’s actually fun stuff to learn and makes everyone so much more interesting when you can play ‘The Mentalist’.

            Re teenage births that you mentioned above. I can tell that is a personal issue to you, possibly through work though. Another clue is that people only bring up subjects they know, and people only learn about these different things as they have a personal interest in them triggered somehow. Conversations esp i here will also always end up at what is more interesting to the people involved. In here a lot of the time, that no matter the subject it often gets back to the USA economy and politics which as much as people will deny it, clearly means that their own finances may be more important to them than starving kids in Africa or tortured animals! Sad, and sounds mean but true. Anyway – preg teenagers – in my job of mandatory fighting evil on the Tree of Life I chose to testify against Christian of old who took over communities and ostracised these females. Yet again they blame God. Um no. He said if you have sex pre marriage you SHOULD get married, and all of society was to support and feed the widows and orphans. Which has to include these girls and the babies. They always blame God! Over it, they are illiterate but will not be getting away with it and it has cost them tickets to Heaven, ie the cost is mortality!!

            Have fun learning or chatting. I am chatting way too much and as a person speaking to a person, I will tell you that I now have to go and deal with my stupid cats. A naughtly 10wk old kitten who insists on feeding off his mother when I though he was weaned, who has just been speyed and ripped stitches out twice so is now stapled together and is wearing a very attractive head huge plastic cone thing around and a huge bandage over her whole abdomen, and is too dumb to stand up and eat so her conehead doesn’t tip the food over. She was ugly to start with, and thick but this is mental hospital looks!, but hey I guess fat ginga toms will shag anything.

            If you are a cat person Marko and Erin (I think-it was a while ago) each have 3! They even named them! Divert any thread to a mad cat people thread!

          • Gina

            Just for the record, I’ve never been pregnant or married and have no pets. I’m a generally dry person in every sense–only a handful of relationships, very small circle of activities, unadorned looks and surroundings. Precisely because of this state of mine I have much on my hands. I do a lot of web surfing. You could see I once posted here something about human trafficking for organ trade. I watch this stuff on the Internet. 🙂 Virtually nothing I say about the issues here comes from direct experience. That’s one of my character flaws, living in the head and not having experience corresponding to my age. This is why I was so reactive and defensive about all that you had to say. You believe only what you personally experience and know to be true etc. When you sensed that it was about my personal experience or profession, you were probably right because I make it a profession to virtually explore these things and analyze them. They feel more real and important to me than my real profession.
            Going back to the topic- not wanting this to turn into a chat room-I used teenage pregnancy to make a point because it was something I watched most recently. My point was that every social issue traces back to individual and mass consciousness. While we endeavor to raise consciousness, we can work out the more concrete things as well. In America to even mention gun control fires you from a job while people are dying in tones by guns. If Abraham Lincoln did something seemingly humanly impossible, and Joan of Arc, and Martin Luther King, why can’t another president or leader or group even begin to move this to a more civilized society? At the time of President Lincoln it was accepted it is okay and rightful to own a human being and exploit them. At present it is accepted that it is okay and rightful for people to have as easy access to real guns as to toy guns, even those guns that can kill by the dozens in a short time, and not on battlefields. Living in a globalized, mass-communicating era might be a disadvantage. People know too much about everything including spirituality and this in turn makes us do nothing ironically enough. If we were more simplistic we would group for a cause and work with a single-mindedness of the Lincoln era. That will get things done, not a bunch of metaphysical musings. The observation applies first of all to me of course.

          • Kristen

            Hey Gina,
            Just so you know, I don’t ‘sense’, the only information I would ever be able to access would be via intuition which is approved by The Source, and would be for a very good reason, and never a breach of anyones privacy. I don’t have access to the afterlife, guides etc who are usually aiding people with this. I used to which was mistaken identity – long story, but I am shut down now. But I do sometimes have ‘knowing’ that everyone does when they have delved deep and are accessing an old part of their species. Such as animals, and many indigenous people do. A lot of this is stranger danger, natural medical knowledge and ‘knowing’ The Source. This psychic aspect is something many use without thinking about it, all kids have, and is very closely linked to intuition felt as instincts. Im just a normal person, but have chosen to study people as a part of Universal law studies as my major was psyche-ology – the behaviours and ways of us bestowed down to us from The Source/God etc. Ie the commonalities rather than the differences. My comment re teenage pregnancies was purely a general human nature observation, BUT as I will always disclose anything I ‘know’ about anyone, I knew you did not have children as I ‘felt’ I should not bring kids up. This is from The Source, nothing else. And was given either in my or your best interests. He is love afterall.

            Living in your own head is a character strength not a flaw. Unless causing suffering, everything is a strength when utilised. Introversion is a main goal at the top of the Tree of Life, where we are not dependant on others to fuel our energy, think for us nor entertain us, and to be sane enough to not actively seek out dumb choices and experience things just for the sake of it is obviously a bonus. Learn from the mistakes of others!

            I believe the experiences of others, as well as my own, but will not believe the truth of information passed on 10th hand or channelled information from ‘aliens’ regarding humans and Earth as I know they cannot access this. I was meaning that I would possibly not believe peoples possession experiences if i did not experience if for myself unless their story was being told by them or those that know them or were involved or published by someone who heard it from these people. Therefore would perhaps have the same stance as you!! I hope I never have to experience all the things we learn of. Another q? – your choice to answer. Are you a visualiser? if not that means when you are reading your mind/brain is automatically creating a ‘movie’ of what you read? I cannot read information on suffering nor watch it as it drives me insane with the real or created images. I choose to get teen targetted books from the library as they give me all the information I need without the in depth ‘visual’ experience that I do not want. This is torture. When healing I could not hear of sexual abuse as the movies drive me nuts, like I am in the room watching. Bonus is its easy to design anything in 3D and rotate it etc and good fiction books are so much fun, as long as I skip the inevitable sex scenes!! Head porn – yuck!

            Thank you for ‘being a person’ with a life and personality, you are a very interesting person from what you have said. I do have questions but purely out of an interest in all people, especially when different to what I already know but won’t ask, but if you choose to I would appreciate clarification on what you meant by unadorned looks. I have high functioning autism so every word is literal to me and I get things wrong when I assume. If I did assume I would take this as no make up or jewellery? I know what that means via symbolism – the core of it is a ‘Child of Creator’. A natural person. or if a Christian I would clearly assume you were a nun (which I don’t). Which is very cool. If reincarnated I think I would choose to be a ‘nice’ nun and ditch the worldly cr.p to just focus on stopping all the suffering I can, Kabbalah and God, and my own education. I’d get kicked out very quickly though and love pretty clothes so fine in theory though. And there is no way I’d be Catholic or acknowledge anyone above me other than God so I’d have to start my own nunnery just for me! I’m laughing – that is what you have done for yourself in a round about way. You are very cool! I’ll put it on my bucket list! After a metre high pile of mending.

            You are right about too much information esp spiritual. I am a practical very physical person, and like simplicity with no drama or complications. I’m the opposite to you, free time is something I hugely treasure so not wasted talking over what I/we should do, best spend doing it!

            As I have a tendancy to get well off the topic – I do this deliberately because Neale used the word conversation. This means informal discussion between two or more parties. I’m being rebellious within the context of the rules. If he used the word discussion, meeting, affairs etc I would not do this as they would indicate to keep to the subject and more formal. Informal means informal, and as explained in my last post peoples minds and topics naturally wander. Rebel at heart, I can’t help myself!!

          • Gina

            Thank you. Unadrorned looks= no makeup, jewelry, high heels or skirts most of the time. I only wear them to a wedding and events like that. This is not a small thing considering where I’m from and people I associate with (young people get such risk surgeries as bymax jaw surgeries as American high shcool graduates go to the prom and a regular person met on the streets looks like a cover girl out of a latest fashion magazine).
            I always suspected I would be an archtypal nun, the total cumulative real life experience being comparable to that of a nun, Amish or monk! A natural child is validating and relieving because in actuality I’m just a boring person with a mundane job with much naivety, stupidity and not enough sex apppeal. 😀 You were a great stimulant to my static and wasteful existence as of recent. I want to devote my time and channel my energies to more meaningful acitivities. 😮

          • Kristen

            We have both studied reincarnation, so we both know that on the assumption you are reincarnated, you knew yourself and what the world would be like this time round so chose a life that would be best for you. Complete trust! If not reincarnated then you have deliberately chosen, or The Source has determined a life that is right for you. Again, complete trust required. It takes huge amounts of personal strength and sub-conscious self preservation and hidden self esteem (often felt as a lack of confidence deliberately) to be a goat or different in any form. Lazy people and those who do not seek what they desire, need or want for themselves AT THE TIME just fall into line as sheep and allow society to shape and control them.

            BUT I can also tell you are starting to truly want to break out of this. I could make this really long (when don’t I) but it’s a public thread and although I have no secret or hidden parts of myself so just chat away, I am also aware that in talking with people they may talk about things they may later regret or cringe at. I’ll keep it impersonal for this reason and will not psychoanalyse.

            Sheep and society are boring people, they are all the same and as you mentioned, surgically enhanced clones of eachother. You are an interesting person because you have enough character to be different. Everyone has the same basic human traits, some are exaggerated, some are suppressed, but all are there. One of these is a need to be noticed or for people to even know your name or recognise you. Think of everyone you meet – if talking about you to others would they easily be able to describe you as a reference? They probably do. If not work on this and have a ‘look’, trademark or say or do something memorable. Looking every person you ever see in the eye is a huge part of this. As does saying more than hello, thank you to every person you speak with etc. If ou know a deaf person ask them your name in sign language, ie how they would sign about you to another. Mine is the sign for a cupcake with a ponytail, as I have a small cake shop and obviously a ponytail at work.

            No life is boring, mundane etc. You need to look at it from the point of view of others, not from within. Look at how celebs with everything many people think are interesting handed to them on a platter need alcohol, drugs, an entourage etc to actually make what they have interesting enough for them? They are saying everything they have is still not enough or interesting. And having to employ people to do everything for them indicates how useless, stupid and incapable they are. They are the equivalent of champagne taste on a beer budget – they are incapable of creating what they want themselves so it is all an illusion. Independence is real, in a harsh way that only those who are single as adults for at least 5 years can achieve. Acting must be the most boring job in the world!!

            Re interests. I’ll agree with you on the stupidity comment here, and only here. Look at the word! Interests/interesting/interested etc. I have no interests other than what I happen to be doing at the time (sounds like a Mewabe quote) or choose to study, generally for no more than 4 hours BECAUSE most things are just not interesting enough to get or attain my interest. We are only ever interested in things that serve a purpose to us. Again, most people are faking interests at the expense of the environment. They just want to fit in or be seen doing it. Reading people makes this very obvious. If a mother taking kids to sport is dressed nicely, or has a book she has no interest in it. Shes pretending to for whatever reason. I love the Amish (theyd hate me) and at the moment I’m loving the series on TV Amish Mafia. They are as real as us. Why do a lot of them do quilting – to bring in income and GOSSIP! If they don’t need the income and are not gossipy then they would not be quilting if they do not personally need the quilts or want to do it as a gift! I would love to be good at vege gardening, but at this point it is cheaper to buy crops and just let a son grow what he wants to. This does not interest me deliberately, but if in a time when we need the crops, knowing how The Source and Universe work, I know they would trigger an interest in gardening in me and I would enjoy it as a hobby. Are you following – it is all deliberate, if something serves a purpose to YOU, then you will naturally be interested in it. Each leaf on the Tree of Life represents a different task to undertake, a part of human nature. Every possible job or role is on it. When climbing the tree, all of these things served a purpose to me (progress) so I was in a creative crafty phase of teaching myself to crochet, grow crops (with a teachers help to produce seed – I was a bit thick on this), scrapbooking, painting, redecorating etc BECAUSE if served a purpose. When I had completed each task I no longer had any interest in it. And now have a room full of supplies for everything imaginable. I know you don’t agree with Kabbalah, but the Law of Attraction will be very responsive to anyone who is trying to help themselves so if I was you I would think hard enough to change my headspace with “I want to learn to be a female as females were made to be and how my ancestors were, with all their skills and talents on the human journey”. this worked for me, I didn’t know it was Kabbalah then, I just didn’t want to look useless and dumb compared to my illiterate ancestors. I pretended it was 1900, and learnt all the skills of then, and medical training to the level doctors had then! Funnily enough – it is the lack of these skills that will one day be the death of most. And it was heaps of fun being quite useless at everything I tried. Smocking and lacework were the biggest challenges with my lack of attention BUT I got there. The boy tasks are much easier!

            Re sex appeal – do not listen to society!!! They are having one night stands as females are trying to appeal to the ‘wrong head’, are portraying themselves as a walking vjj, are having affairs, divorcing and wearing horrible clothes. Everyone is out to attract different kinds of guys, and are stereotyping guys, which is good. they are taking the ones YOU don’t want. For they type of person YOU are, they guys YOU will want to attract have a much more advanced concept of sex appeal, and tits and bums hanging out are a turn off. Everyone has a sex drive when with the opp gender, and everyone has sex appeal INSIDE attractive to the opp gender, you just have to find it. The guys for you will find toned tanned shoulders (especially bony), good posture and a straight neck with eye contact with head slightly down (think Princess Diana), long floaty skirts that are slightly see through, spring or autumn tones rather than brights, cowboy, light tramping or victorian style boots and barefeet with pastel or clear painted toenails, seeing your silhouette rather than your boobs, and good fitting jeans or pants with heels sexy. They go a lot by body language, and can tell the difference if there is a line of girls with long toned tanned legs wearing daisy duke shorts, who is sexy to them and who isn’t even if identical. They will go for the innocent or naive looking one who’s legs look more like an innocent colt, rather than sexy. See – if you dress a little different whilst staying YOU then you will attract the types of guys right for you. Your naivety is a positive attribute FOR YOU! You are you!!!

            Guys don’t generally notice skirts, nanas and their mums wear them so unless it is a tight 50s style pencil skirt with heels, you will go unnoticed. Perfect fitting pants with a small heel, shorts with sneakers (NEVER JEANS WITH SNEAKERS NANA) and DRESSES with cardys are the way to go. Sheep wear skirts. I have probably 50 cute dresses, have a skirt on today as it’s housework day and overcast boring weather. button blouses are unsexy, unless almost puff sleeves and very tapered in around a small waist. Oh yeah – a sane guy will always want a female shorter and narrower than him. If guys more than an inch shorter or more than an inch wider than you ever show an interest RUN……………….unless they serve a purpose to you at the time, without anyone getting hurt .Which from a females perspective means either stay or get little! I’ll get abused for that, but I know what I’m talking about and they are just skinny chick haters who are jealous so want to distort the world into accepting their own choices as the norm. If you are large – sorry, but in my honest world a spade is a spade.

            I never date btw – I’m in my 40’s and all the guys my age are other females discarded leftovers, are single for a reason which I’ll trust all the other females on, are gay or have their kids every 2nd weekend and all their income goes on child support. Oh, and not their fault but short and bald is not my type which is half of them! I’m waiting til I’m a bit older and want to date guys older than me who are past the kid stage and are NICE, and appreciate me for me, when we both have time on our hands. Simply put – when guys have a midlife crisis and trade in their wives for a younger model!!

            I know you didn’t really want me to reply to your post, so good luck with more meaningful activities – they need to mean sonething to YOU. Don’t fall into the false actor trap. Mewabes chatting to you nicely!

            Be happy, and remember anything that makes YOU happy will trigger happy brain hormones so your brain will desire whatever it is more, choose these brain triggers wisely, your brain doesn’t care what it is, just that you like it (the basis for addictions and stalky relationships). IF these hormones are not activated then depression kicks in as our brain assumes we have no will to live so will attempt to self euthenase (can’t spell it- who cares).

          • Gina

            Thank you, Kristen. I truly appreciate all of it. I’ll trust the perfection of the life that I chose pre-birth including my introversion, passivity, lack of femininity. Kabbala is actually wonderful! That prayer(?) to ancestors is really cool and doable. Guess you edited this post, I saw at first a question about my inarticulate speech. I was at dinner with a friend and didn’t read it through. I speak not as well as I write and on a bad day you would hear me and think oh, broken English. I speak slow too, but not stutter. I always suspected that about shorter, smaller guys than me, thank you!! I’m a medium frame, 5’4″not skinny, not fat. I think it is my lack of confidence and passion that is a turn off, and my looks are the evidence, not the main reasons for turn offs. Thank you for all the practical advice, I took it to heart. Thank you for truly seeing me and hearing me as a person. ♥

          • Kristen

            We will always look exactly as we are on the inside, everything including medical is a manifestation including our clothes and make up. But make up generally isn’t a mask, it is no different to a guy growing a beard – we are generally trying to hide imperfections and improve upon nature.

            At 5’4 you definately don’t want to date guys shorter – that’d be a dwarf and at your ripe young age the ovaries are still ticking along nicely, and will attack you with a breeding desperate surge at 38 so be very choosey! Never think things are a turn off to guys – the glass is always half full which is a very important headspace to be in AT ALL TIMES – you meant to say that your look is not appealing to most the guys you know at this point, but will be to others. Especially when you put on some mascara, muted lippy and a cute frock!!!

            Looking at your name now, if I chose to tune in which The Source would allow, again in your or my best interests, life is just beginning for you. You just had a longer warm up than most, and managed to keep yourself safe from everything you didn’t want to encounter during this time!!!

            See I’m a biarch when people are telling lies about my God and misinforming people, but other than that I’m actually nice. But I did like being called a meanie. It was very cute!!!!!!

            Slow speech just means you think things through before you speak which is just a lack of confidence, the opposite is called fish speech/thinking. Which is very fast two way conversation without thinking required. As Mewabe and I both do. Banter and teasing WITH people is the best way to develop this which also develops a thick skin and confidence so try to spend some time with funny people. Its in everyones potential, but always needs other people to help you bring it out, serious parents do not do this and their childrens language and thinking skills are lacking. So tend to only speak about ‘stuff’ they have learned, rather than themselves or off the cuff!

            Here anytime you need a lecture. And yes Kabbalah rocks and is so much fun, especially when people can see it’s nothing to do with religion or any teachings at all, just life progress, a journey and ‘learnings’ but I’m not out to convert anyone, just make them aware of whats happening anyway, but we won’t go there!.

          • Kristen

            OOps forgot to say that like anything, we are in a two way relationship with clothes. People put in huge efforts, even the poor slaves in factories, to design and make things to suit us, or try to anyway. I respect them all like anyone doing their job to the best of their abilities, so have the headspace that my relationship with clothes is that the clothes should flatter me, and in return I should be flattering the clothes. We are all walking advertisments and mannequins at all times. A lazy way to change yourself and your day, is to wear clothes that say what you want to be, be treated or want to feel, then you will naturally follow suit. How we look, it how we feel works in reverse also. I love clothes obviously, and I’m grateful so many people in the industry put in so much effort for me so I don’t have to make my own!

          • Gina

            Oh and re visualizer, yes I am one. Everything I hear about, think about and wish for automatically plays a movie. My dreams are frequently silent, quicksilver flipping pictures, collage (barrage?) of disconnecting images sometimes. Always it’s visual– words and numbers are colors rather than sounds both in waking and dream states. And I’m a bit of a print addict and really inarticulate in speech.

          • Kristen

            You are very articulate in written speech – do you mean verbally like a stutter?

          • Awareness

            Dear Kristen, in view of your writings regarding Cosmic Awareness above and elsewhere, I highly recommend that you do NOT judge another entity including Cosmic Awareness 🙂

            I agree with the following quotes:

            “The law of awareness also implies transcending judgement, as judgement is a reaction to external stimuli and also a result of lack of centeredness, and in some cases, self-worth as well. There is NO judgement in pure awareness. Pure awareness is the enlightened perspective, implying a knowing that indeed all is as it should be. To view events as good or bad, even positive or negative, is a judgement and therefore lacks the higher perspective that everything is perfect as it is.

            Awareness is the state of stillness, inner peace, centeredness and oneness. Mastering the law of awareness is critical to the process of liberation from the false chains of duality.” – in “The Healers Journal” 🙂

            “The Law of Awareness — There is that Law of Awareness where this Awareness may observe that which is the illusion of separateness, yet not be confused by this illusion; whereby this Awareness may be aware of that which is the illusion of death, yet not be caught in that illusion; whereby this Awareness may observe that which is the illusion of Free Will, yet not be caught in that illusion. There are certain limitations placed upon this Awareness that it cannot break. One of these being It cannot break Its own Principles and Laws. It cannot deny or reject those who would appear to separate themselves from this Awareness nor the movement and illusion of Free Will whereby they would do so.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Kristen

            I am sorry you do not like this, but at your suggestion I looked into the main individual who presents themself as The Awareness, ie the spokesperson, and spoke with it. You can believe whom or what you choose to but it said Moses and Y’shua were not real and do not exist. I know this is a lie first hand, if you want to believe lies thats your choice, but do not spread them as the truth. I will choose the truth and my family and teachers and what I know personally over the incorrect information of a group of aliens anyday. I did not read your post, I will switch off as soon as you mention that lying group of entities. I got Contenttt to also look into this for me, and my own teachers and The Source to clarify via intuition. My ‘deity’ does not tell lies about yours, and no-one coming from a place of love and goodness speaks lies of others as the truth. We have differing views on this entity – let it go. We are both convinced we are speaking the truth about it so it is pointless.

          • mewabe

            Hey GIna,
            Yes I am a “he” (last time I checked anyway, if nothing fell off since then) and comfortable with it…but I don’t act in any way that is not natural, in other words unlike Kristen (I had this conversation with her) I do not believe in old fashioned culturally assigned gender roles or expectations. I can cook and clean and take care of myself just as well as I can use a chain saw, so I would never ask of a woman that she “babies” me, or to be a “homemaker” for me.
            I really don’t care that much about anonymity except for the fact that I first I started to post comments here using my first and last name, and then, doing a google search on my name, found that every single comment was posted for eternity on google. Because I work in a field where people often google my name to find me, I prefer to keep these areas of my life separate (the so-called professional area, and this…I don’t necessarily want to mix these two).

            I don’t mean to sound robotic…and I really have nothing to do with the CWG material, having read about half of one of these 3 books as well as The Storm Before the Calm…when I sound like I agree with Neale, or if I ever sound like him at time, and he occasionally comments that he agrees with me, it’s because I think the same as he does regarding some topics, but I have always thought this way, as far as I can remember…the CWG material was nothing new to me.

            My main “school” is nature, the wilderness, the natural creation. That’s what I learn from, spiritually. This is also the Native American way, it is a very ancient way, and it has always been in me. And I only follow my intuition in my relation to nature and to everything else.

            I never “chastise” anybody…I am not that scary, am I?

          • Kristen

            Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put another log on the fire…….. (I am not that bad and would never serve any man, kids is slavery enough thanks but hey, I said it).

            Gina when you read this – see it’s Ok to talk to a person as another person – they wouldn’t really mind if people ask if they have a pen_s or not. Even if they need contact glasses to check.

          • mewabe

            Hey may be that’s it!…may be I did not put my glasses on when I checked! Ha ha…

            Glad to know you wouldn’t serve any man! Really, I am happy to hear that, it’s a relief (one less slave in the world)! Now where is my drink, where is my dinner? Fried bread I hope!

          • Kristen

            11.30pm – get your own damn drink from the bar – decent range, no dark spirits though. Freeze it for ten mins while you have a game of pool to feel manly! Dinner- leftover surprise, check the fridge yourself! Housefull of teen and various strays so there will be a choice of God knows what. If it doesn’t crawl its probably edible. Never had fried bread but prob sounds best made fresh so when you put your frilly apron on and bake your bread can you please make me an extra loaf or 4. Beer rather than yeast thanks, and wholegrain rather than wholemeal or it’s birdfood. And this sounds like I’m wealthy – no!!!!!! We are just well stocked in the burbs! It’s just how suburbian sheep roll!! And if we don’t have it the neighbours will.

          • mewabe

            Ah those middle class suburbanite sheep…rolling and frolicking on their perfectly mowed lawns! You should see the weeds on my little piece of land, some are 8 feet tall, and I like it, and so do the deer, hares, racoons, wild turkeys and king snakes, they can hide in it.

            I don’t drink, or smoke, except the peace pipe with you…the one that can also be used as a tomahawk, have you seen those? They make life more exciting, you never know when your skull will be cracked open.
            You mentioned fanny packs in another comment…okay I will take the bite, as you have cast this line a few times now…no, I am not American by birth. And I am a mongrel too, an olive skinned mongrel.

            Now I have to put on my frilly apron and fry some beard in a manly way…

          • Kristen

            Frying your beard – so you did grow one, or is it one you cut off another when you skinned them and kept the head as a trophy! At least I now know where the missing tomahawk is. Be American, it suits you. Slap!

            You should know better than to say weeds – thats a human perceptive term! They are crops and grasses that serve a purpose to a species that is not us that happen to be on land that we are using at the moment. Their crops on your land. You are one. One pack of animals. You are now an honorary CwGer.

            Oh – re fanny pack. In England they call a female vjj a fanny. I bought my English friend one as a joke to keep her knitting in, complete with NZ touristy crap over it. Her father announced very loudly in front of her kids “what the hell do you need that to keep your fanny in, buy some undies girl”.


          • mewabe

            I think I will start frying beards, for a change in diet. There is no lack of these around here, as it seems every other guy is hooked on a stupid TV show called Duck Dynasty, or so I heard (couldn’t figure out why everyone was growing a beard, not having a TV…you forgot to mention that in my bio…fads are amazing, it’s like everyone’s brain shuts off and a cloning phenomena begins, and suddenly everyone looks the same, and proud of it).

            I know better about “weeds”, but I was using the word most understand.

            Fanny packing?…Ha Ha…Some fannies could use some serious packing though (remember Walmart? Who could forget? I have PTSD from it.)

          • Kristen

            Yesh well thanks for sharing the Walmart PTSD, better than an STD I guess. Hope. Think. Pray. Beg. they need more than a fanny pack, full body surgery may be required. Walmart look to be good with marketing, sell people utter cr_p and cheap clothes, fatten them up and encourage sugar addictions then they will be customers for life as they return for more gutrot, bigger clothes, entertainment stuff for couch potatoes and since I can tell you are a regular Walmarter – next time check out the spades and bodybag section.

            I will rewrite the bio next time someone asks if you have a pen_s which I am sure will come up again but since you have disclosed quite a bit of info I will now be able to give visualisers my own mental image. In case they are an artistic groupie and would like to do some Mewabe crafts. I’ll tell them :Picture an olive toned bum coloured guy with long dark hair and dark congo features in a tshirt wearing a Native American feather headpiece riding his pushbike into the sunset with a fanny pack full of fried bread, with a box on his bike rear carrier full of homemade tshirts with embellishments and puffpen intuitive controversial art, heading to Walmart to peddle his wares outside. His few possessions are in his backpack, and those sticks sticking out the top are the poles for his wigwam or teepee. Accurate right????

            Yup know of Duck Dynasty! gulp.

            Re dreams in an above thread. I don’t dream much, I don’t like it so the deal is it had better be important to disrupt my sleep!

            Flash back thinking of your beloved America. I have a criminal record there. I got detained at the Mexican border when I was 9 because my parents didn’t know we needed to take passports with US Visas to get back into the states. It’s faster for you to visualise it and funnier – scrawny tomboy 9 year old in groovy homemade pale blue flared jeans and a snow white and the seven dwarves t-shirt fresh from Disneyland, wearing the hugest white velvet sombrero imaginable with hideous gold braid. I can see how mexican I must have looked. Mum trying not to cry and convincing us it was just a waiting room like the doctors, big sis bawling her eyes out, and nosy me locked in a cell full of crazy smelly mexicans at the border for a few hours. Me being nosy and having an adventure asked the guard if I could please be let out because I didn’t like it so I was allowed to help the nice guard check other peoples passports while dad and his guarded escort went to San Deigo and back to get passports. I had fun – rest of the family maybe not so much!!! And I had to wear the damn hat all the way home via Waikiki as that was the deal with buying it. Go me!!!!! We got an “Indian” head feather thing too, and my dad still wears leather cowboy hats to this day, the first from the states, although more Australian style now thank God (he is or was 6’4″ so it’s not very discreet). Gotta love America!!!

          • Kristen

            You have a follower – write some more poetry, quick.

          • Kristen

            Some people are so interesting – Gina is! And she thinks shes boring. Wouldn’t the world be a great place if people actually understood themselves and each other from an impartial perspective. Wishful thinking, until then I’ll play therapist.

          • mewabe

            No one is boring, people just limit themselves. If we could allow ourselves the same freedom we do in our dreams while sleeping, we would not need therapists.

          • Gina

            You were scary and sounded like a smart aleck, unassailable. Not anymore. Not after this explanation. It actually makes me envy your existence. I wanna live close to nature and be able to make a living. I am not employable anywhere near California, pretty much useless in other ways than my vocation. 🙂

          • mewabe

            Thanks Gina, I am glad I was able to project who I am a little better, I had no idea how others could read me…in print or in person, who we really are and what other people see can be so different. But like Kristen, I also like it when people are real…when the mask falls off and you can see the humanity of a person.

            Particularly because we are all wounded in one way or another…”angels with broken wings”…so when I or others write impersonally about concepts, ideas, and spiritual stuff in general terms, we are not being real, there is a phoniness to that, for certain. That’s what bothers me about these “teachers” and gurus” out there. I want to tell them, “drop the mask, who are you?…let me talk to your children or wife and see what they say about you, the human…good and bad. How do you apply what you say you know and understand? Does it make you a better person? And what makes you fail?”

            We are all in this mess (the world) together…no one knows better or more than another, we each have a unique path and experiences, but we can only truly relate at the heart level…concepts do not feed our spirits, only what touches our hearts does…I think.

            And I think that’s what is missing here. We need a little less ideas and more heart sharing, of real experiences.

            About nature, yes I have always felt this strong connection to nature…it is my element, I can’t live without it. I think everyone could benefit from such a connection, in every way…

            I will soon leave this space, I have had some fun writing here, but my life is about to take a turn (a good one) and I will be busy in other ways. I have so much I want to accomplish, I need to clone myself or live to be 500 years old!

          • mewabe

            Ha ha…I just saw my life pass right before my eyes…but no, I don’t drive a motorcycle…I did once, and a bike for years in LA like a crazy kamikaze, but never got hurt. And I wear contact lenses…it looks better than thick glasses…yes, vanity will kill you…:)

            Funny, my Native American friends tease me for writing like a “white guy”, but they are always asking me to write for them (activist stuff).

            But I can write like a Native American too:

            A circle
            was given to me
            A circle
            to hold
            Within it all is known
            all is complete
            within a circle
            I live

            Heeeeyy…now that’s Native, ain’t it? Now I am hungry pass the fried bread and let’s eat!

            I have an entire Native American tribe on the other side who are my relatives…and a circle of Native people without end….many people. As one of my Native American friends tells me, I was born in the wrong race…but no, not really, I had to walk into the shoes of the “adversary”, to understand the beast, so to speak (the adversary, the beast is civilization…I do not mean a race of people).

          • Kristen

            Damn, I’ll have to recompile your CwG memoirs. Don’t know where I read the bike thing – obviously I didn’t. I can replace it with you going on a trip just before Christmas and getting caught in the snow storms, that you hate the suburbs, that you had a great trip and that you wear t-shirts (as opposed to shirts and ties or singlets I guess – you said it!!!). FI you change to a short sleeved shirt and tie you could switch back to coke bottle glasses you know. Don’t worry, its one of my weird Autistic traits – I retain information about people, sadly not much else. The poor girl was only wondering if you were a guy or gal. I’d ask anyone that q!!! I would probably actually ask is someone has a pen_s (might be censored) AND……………….I never said you were white! I’d actually thought Congo Black. Haha.

            You and your girl groupies! Did you know two in here have crushes on you. Hahaha. You could make some t-shirts with slogans. I’m good at stuff like that – could come up with 100 slogans for you in ten minutes if you like. My payment and pleasure would be from knowing you had a real life fanclub!

            thanks for the lovely poem – I am taking the pi_s completely, you know how I hate it but I do note it is the simplified version of my lovely (gag) poem Windows!!! But I’m so much more creaticve that I can look outside not just within. haha.

            Yes, vanity will kill you – try being a girl. I’m debating whether to get orthodontic braces. Kill the savings more than me though at a minimum of $4000.

            I was looking forward to having a tomohawk thrown at me.

          • mewabe

            My tomahawk is lodged in another body at this moment and I haven’t had the time to make a new one…

            I am about to make t-shirts with slogans…soon. Mind twisting stuff, just for fun.

            I have long dark hair and a dark look about me, and that’s all I will say about race. Some Native people have asked me “what tribe are you from?” when they were in a mood to fight (meaning drunk), hoping I would answer that I was from a traditionally enemy tribe. And then, Iranian gas stations owners think I am one of them, Hasidic Jews speak to me in Yiddish in Europe, Greeks think I am Palestinian, and American tourits speak to me in spanish in Mexico. I love fooling everybody, because I truly have no race or nationality loyalty, except that I feel best and most comfortable among Native Americans.

            A fan club? Why am I the last one to know? Ha ha…time for me to ride into the sunset?…With some fried bread in my backpack.

          • Kristen

            Kiwis (if our family has been here over 100 years) are all certified mongrels so other than being a Kiwi many of us dont have a race so I understand. I have green, blue and brown eyed kids, and all have different hair. We are french, english, irish, middle eastern somewhere in the blood and german over the past 200 years that I know of – real mongrels. Thats why Kiwis do not have a ‘look’ like many other white nationalities do. The son who looks olive toned Hebrew is the only one who looks like me which must be lovely for a 19 year old guy to be told all the time. I have actually asked some guys if they have a white bum if I can’t define race because of olive skin and tans! Gladly only three have shown me – all at our local English Pub. Nice!!!!! No I am not asking you thanks. You are American so when you bicycle off into the sunset, put your fried bread in your ‘fanny pack’ or your bum bag just so people know your true nationality.

          • mewabe

            Kristen, whatever works for you is good for you, and, not to sound trite, but you are completely entitled to your belief system, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it works for you and takes you where you want to go.

            I have my own soul guidance, which comes directly from and is centered in love. Because I absolutely trust love to be the highest law and the highest form of knowledge, I trust my own soul, and those I attract as “guides”, because of my own vibration and background, to help me occasionally.

            You seem to feel a need to validate your beliefs, however, by invalidating the thoughts or ways of others. It seems, unless I read you incorrectly, that you think that there is only one right, correct way, and that is the way you chose…all others are lost.

            It seems to me that this attitude reflect the Christian attitude. It reflects the Islamic attitude, the Indhu attitude, perhaps the Judaic attitude, the attitude of all those whose believes are set in strict dogma, and who believe that their path is the only right path.

            So I would ask you…what is it in your belief system that you are so uncertain of that you have a need to invalidate all others in order to strengthen yours? That’s a psychological question, and you do not need to answer here, or to anyone, but to yourself. I am only inviting you to look within, for your own self-understanding.

            And I am doing this in a friendly way, and while wishing you all the best to come to you.

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            I’m trying to sign out of here! I know I’m a pain. I’ll go back a bit, which I though I’d explained. Unfortunately in studying with those undergoing Christ training, a Canadian Native was around my teacher a lot. He indicated he would like a favour, and I was shown an image of him near the top of a tree, with a ladder up it, and me holding it for someone unknown. Unaware of the Tree of Life at that point, but aware of Jacobs Ladder which is the same thing, what he wanted was obvious. I just had to find someone to claim this guide. I was in here at the time, late 2012 and felt it was you intuitively, when I pointed out to you that if you had a Canadian Native guide, I knew him. I knew he had progressed from the afterlife and wanted to open doors for you, and someone else affiliated with dolphins (an associate of Marko I think) so he could take you on his new journey also. I have complied with this request from him in my interactions with you and been very open about being sent to find this anonymous person. guides are employed to guide people in the direction that is in their best interests, and I would only trust a Native American/Canadian guide – no other, as the rest are generally Afterlife based and as scripture indicates “Your guides will lead you astray” and most do. As far from The Source and the real God at the top of the only way to immortality, as opposed to ending up back in the Afterlife and back here again and again. I was open about being a messenger for YOUR guide, nothing in it for me, just a favour. If he was prepared to ask a stranger for help, I can only assume it was important to him. And he has thanked me for trying.

            Re my beliefs – being an Israelite is different, and being a first lifer not reincarnated or from the afterlife is also very different. I am just very lucky to be born in a time when life is so much easier than in the past, and all the information is out there for me to filter through. Without dead people, the afterlife, guides and a pre determined path, everything is based on our freewill choices. As an Israelite there are only two options – life via God, smart choices and the Tree of Life to override mortality OR death when our physical bodies die. We do not go to the Afterlife as it is ruled by Neales God and scripture tells us over and over again we are not to associate with the dead or any other Gods
            Deut 30:17….if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day that you will certainly be destroyed…. now choose life so that you and your children may live.

            Neales God plays a huge role in life, and probably saved my life long term on the basis of immortatality v mortality as he has a legitimate role in testing people, and is now open rather than hiding behind closed doors. All prophecised about as ‘he of Lawlessness’.
            Deut 13…if anyone says let us follow other gods and let us worship them you must not listen….. the Lord your God is testing you to find out whether you love Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

            Like you and all spiritual journeys, I have been through living hell and back, which will always turn out positive, starting with questioning very trusted ‘guides’ (trickers trying to trap me into being under other Gods knowing I was Israelite) and Neales books until I very quickly worked out the truth. If being a pain and damn persistant means that even one little Isrealite or other person in here does not have to go through what I and many others have to go through by understanding, then so be it. It is what I believe in. As I function on intuition I can only assume there is an Israelite in here, could be you, I often think it may even be Neale or his wife. As the CwG books led me to studying the bible and reading the truth rather than the mainstream Christian crock, as mentioned above probably saved my life. In turn I saved Neales by discouraging his Dec 2012 Peace campaign. My freewill choice.

            The core of my beliefs is actually prophecies though. I love them and they are so helpful with studies, especially in conjunction with:
            Deut 18:22
            “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, then that is a message that the Lord has not spoken……..”.

            I trust my beloved God and Father completely, and in conjunction with my choices and passing all of my tests, He is very good to me and I am now undergoing new ‘stuff’ but if He allows the guide of a stranger to ask me a favour, then I will comply.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Kristen, there is nothing wrong with offering to help.

            It is true that I have a Canadian Native guide (from the Anishinabe people). It si also true that he wanted to communicate with me. However there was no deadline, and there are no closed doors. I know what I must do…many times I pretend to be “deaf” with my guides…but it is time for me to get close to them again, and to follow a certain path, which is my own uniqpath.

          • Kristen

            Good Lord – a thank you!! I didn’t offer to help BTW, I was asked to, and as I am very traditional in my belief that one of the roles of females is to help males, I chose to help someones male guide at their request.

            No doors do not close, but I didn’t know there was a time limit on the Christ Consciousness Intuitive Access (information and Law) Portal. I only know my experience on this.

            Completely agree with you about speed and aiming for the highest. Being very competitive brings this out in me anyway. If I am not going to get somewhere in a decent time frame, it is not based on my freewill choice and what I want to do, will end up a dead end or in circles I won’t waste my time. And I never get sidetracked, I know where I am going, put my foot down and just go. And I like to get things completed so I can start on something new, hence fasttracking works well for me.

            Truth is sometimes downright mean and ugly, but there are only two options. Accept it as the truth, or try your best to change it if you can. You don’t have to like it, and that would be a very dangerous world if we all accepted the truth as our comfort zone. Part of awareness or awakening to the truth is to give us a kick up the rear and help with change.

            Good luck and take care.

            If you feel like being peed off with me again read the post I’m about to type to Gina!!! I like conflict, harmony is a bit boring sometimes, I couldn’t be a CwGer in here, talking with people who argree on the same thing is pointless to me, thats what real life is for!

            Later Sully (McLeods Daughters TV show remember)

          • Robert

            I would love to hear more about your near death experience.. and what it taught you. Please could you share it so that we too could benefit from your spiritual growth..

          • mewabe

            Thank you Robert but it was not an actual near death experience…I just meant that my experience, as I described it above, made me feel like some of the people who have near death experiences, because of what I saw, heard, felt. For example, I know without any doubt that life is eternal, that there is no death…for me this is no longer a belief but a fact, I have seen it. I was shown many other things about the spirit world…some were very surprising and blew many former beliefs away. Much of what I was shown,what I experienced (and can still experience whenever I want) I don’t think the world is ready to hear it, it would be too controversial, even among new spirituality people.

            It was a bit of a disappointment to have to still be here, in this physical world, after what I saw and felt, and got to understand. I was so attuned to the spirit world in terms on energies or frequencies that I had really nothing that I felt held me to the physical world anymore.

            To give you a sense of what I experienced, the difference between the spirit world and our world is like the difference between an old faded black and white picture (that would be our world) and looking at a brilliant, crystal clear day in our 3 dimensional reality (that would be the spirit world). People in the spirit world are far more alive than we are, their energies are powerful and vibrant (at least the ones I communicated with and saw). Obviously there is no density, things can be manifested instantly through thoughts, communicated telepathically, etc…too many things that are difficult to convey with words. More than anything, there is much love…a different love, a fearless love, a beautiful energy.

            I will probably put some of it in a book soon…perhaps all of it if I really want to create a stir.

          • Awareness

            ” I was so attuned to the spirit world in terms on energies or frequencies that I had really nothing that I felt held me to the physical world anymore.” – mewabe

            Fascinating 🙂 So does that mean you can just stay in the spirit world instead of returning to the physical? Since in your description you seem to have “conscious control” and can move in and out at will. You don’t seem to need “death” or “near death” experience for moving between the “physical” and “spirit” worlds 🙂

            Now I wonder what I would do if I experienced that level of “conscious control”? 🙂

            Bless ALL 🙂

          • mewabe

            There is really no separation at all between the two worlds, except a veil which is really in our mind. But it is a balancing act, as Native Americans put it, to “walk with one foot in the spirit world, one foot in the physical world”.

            I can “return” or be in the spirit world easily, the door is in my heart, through love, which is powerful. Death still happens in such a case but is much easier for someone who already has access to this “other world”, because there is familiarity, knowledge and no fear. Death is actually a birth into the spirit world, just as physical birth is a form of death from the spirit world. In each case, we must say goodbye, temporarily, to those we love.

            But there is neither death nor birth, only a passage through a door to another expression of being, as many already know.

            It is possible to live here as a “spirit”, meaning with the same mindset as if living on the “other side”, but with many limitations. The difference is the same as between crawling and flying. Some “powers” can be harnessed here, energy can be used, things can be understood, but there are still some limitations which are part of the collective mental framework.

            I wish I could make others see and experience what I have…and the incredibly vibrant energies of the so-called dead, of those who are in the spirit!…Many find this frightening…to see the other side can be unsettling…the energies of the other side are strong. But there is so much freedom, love and beauty, including more colors than we can even imagine on this earth.Everything is possible. It is difficult to explain, because our language was created to describe limitations…not a reality of oneness, of harmony, of infinite possibilities, and of deep love.

            Yet, I was made to understand something that surprised me…for all the wonders of the spirit world, many miss the physical, just as we here miss the spiritual dimension when feeling separated from it.

            Indeed the ideal state is to be in both dimensions at the same time, and it is possible. Some things have to be understood, and some things have to be done, to get there. It is not just a matter of ideas, of concepts. You have to attune your energies…

            To answer your last question, the more you know and understand, the more you realize how little “doing” is necessary.

          • Awareness

            Yes BEING it is 🙂

            The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

    • Robert

      Very true.. If we stop resisting the awakening the process would take place much faster and with much less violence being created.
      And yes.. The night is darkest before the dawn! 😀

  • Susan Knights

    I wonder what was going through the minds of these two souls when they started their argument. Why did one individual feel the need to throw his popcorn in the face of another? And why did the other individual feel the need to pull out a gun and shoot? The sad end to this situation will have impacted many. Do you think the individuals thought about that before they embarked on those few moments of activity? I have purposely said individuals as I believe these souls see themselves as individuals rather than connected in any way. If they felt connected then surely then wouldn’t have done what they did! For me that the fundamental problem here is the disconnection of souls on this earth.

  • Robert

    The problem does not appear to be so much about the gun as it is about the mind that used the gun. While taking our awareness into this situation, it may be helpful to remember that it was not the person, but rather an unconscious mental pattern that shot the bullet. In other words an “Ego” that had a very strong urge to be “right”.
    The ego ultimately realized that the best way to “Win” the argument would be to take out the gun and shoot. Is this insane? Of course it is. But are we all not guilty of allowing anger to get the better of us, at least to some degree?

    The person was not conscious enough to “see” this mental pattern and what it was doing. If he were able to be aware and then see the pattern, he would have stopped it immediately.

    No amount of laws and restrictions can help us until we start to become more conscious. They will be helpful for a while, but before long there will be new ways for violence to manifest. What is it to be conscious? It is simply to be aware of our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, and thus ultimately realize that we are not them. That we are more than them. That we are the one who is aware.

    I am not commenting on the punishment that the man should receive for the actions that have come through him. The consequences of those actions must be dealt with. As is the functioning of the material world. But it would be helpful to realize that the only true explanation of the crime committed is that an “ego” went unobserved up to a point where it took over its master and ended up doing something disastrous in order to protect itself. As is its very nature.

    Another thing to be aware of is the hidden good in that which we term as bad. it is helpful to look at the situation from beyond the perspective of good and bad. Many dreadful events eventually help in bringing out the rise of consciousness. Just as in our own lives, suffering helps us to go deeper within ourselves and become more conscious. In the same way, the planet goes through suffering to aide in the rise of consciousness among humans.

    • Gina

      Hi, Robert.
      As Mewabe points out below we are going through a planetary conscious evolution and you are right, we cannot legislate morality or conscientiousness. However, if the presumed mental state and ensuing actions of the shooter in the Florida theater indicate the level of his awareness, so do what we are going to do about it ours. Accepting that we are still not far down the road to living in a highly civilized society, but we are living in a pretty savage one, what are we going to decide about the situation in which easy access to killing weapons by people who bottle up their anger and walk around like time bombs makes everybody fear each other for life in everyday situations like in a movie theater? Working toward raising collective consciousness is one thing, defining and redefining ourselves through self governance, another.
      Every social ill traces back to consciousness. Teenage birth too. If we were living in a world where everyone was guaranteed food and shelter and no societal taboos and oppression on teenage single moms existed, there would be no murder of the infants by abandonment or by active killing. Or better yet, if our consciousness was so highly evolved that we can prevent conception with our mind, no clumsy contraception necessary. To wait for a more ideal world while leaving these young moms and babies to their own device, doing nothing on a social level, would be foolish and irresponsible.

      • Robert

        Hi, Gina.
        Yes it is true that we need to take some action on the material level in order to prevent these happenings. It would be irresponsible and foolish to merely sit around. It is certainly a good idea to create laws that can help to reduce the frequency of such acts.
        I apologize if I was not able to get my point across in the right manner.
        However, the fact that I am trying to state is that, until we raise our collective consciousness, by raising our own consciousness we cannot create any true change. The mental pattern of violence will ultimately find a different means to express itself. People may stop using guns and instead use knives or their hands as weapons.

        Also, I would like to present a deeper perspective of the situation. If life on earth would be extremely happy and satisfying in the mind identified state of consciousness, human beings would never truly feel the need to awaken and go beyond it. Just as, in our own personal lives, awakening only occurs when things fall apart and are not bearable anymore. If everything is going well, we get trapped in our mind identified state. Similarly, it is only when the world starts to witness disasters like this one, that human beings get a chance to awaken. Look at us, we would not be posting all of this had the shooting not taken place.

        But then again, I am not saying that we should not take action to stop mindless killing and teenage pregnancy, or anything else for that matter. But any action that we take can ultimately be effective only when it arises from beyond the mind. When it comes out of a state of inner peace, and not out of anger towards the situation.

        • Gina

          They are good points and I have no real disagreements after all.

          • Robert

            Hehe.. I do not think this website is for agreement or disagreement but rather a platform for consciousness to take a deeper hold on the planet..
            And for people to share their own viewpoints about the world and life.

        • Robert in regards to not progressing without things falling apart is not true in my experience.

          Rather this is a typical stereotype of our collective consciousness. A collective consciousness that can’t even conceive of progressing with out the negatives or things falling apart. Kind of sad isn’t it?

          You said “If everything is going well, we get trapped in our mind identified state.” I agree that this can & does happen. However, that is not the whole of it.

          One can temporaily plateau in their experience, enjoy it for however long they need to, but than we move on to even more exciting adventures. Infinite progression.

          HEB’s live with out the negatives & continually progress. You don’t need the negative contrasts for your contextual field. You only need the memory or have access to the history. Make sense?

          Otherwise you make some great points.

          • Robert

            Hi Marko,
            Thanks for this new perspective, It hadn’t really crossed my mind.

            What you say is true in my experience as well. It is not necessary to go through suffering without things falling apart. If we were to maintain that level of awareness and consciousness throughout, irrespective of what is happening in our life situation (the material world) suffering would be unnecessary and never be created.

            In my experience it is only when we get trapped in our minds that we need suffering to pull us out of it. But if we were to be able to remain in the state of presence, and of non identification with the mind. We would never need to go through suffering. Thus, what you say is true, we do not need the negative contrasts.

            Another perspective that I seem to have, is that suffering is ultimately self created. Ultimately there is only the Self, and nothing outside the self, so everything is self created. We create suffering in order to awaken us from the dream of mind identification. But if we never got caught in the dream, we would never need suffering.

            Also sorry for my tone, I just tend to keep writing whatever comes in my mind without questioning it. I do not in anyway intend to convince anyone. Just share my perspective of life, and also try and see the world through the eyes of other people.

            “Everything is as it is. It is exactly how it should be and there is no other way it could be”

          • Hey Robert, I tend to add alternative views like that, where helpful to expand the discussion a bit. CwG says we are mind, body, soul as a tri being. Improving the mind helps tremendously. Moving the mind into the soul together even more so. Stay well.

  • sally roddy

    I am Irish but teaching in Argentina. Every day I am finding it more and more difficult to explain these type of incidents to my students. They are perplexed that something like that can happen in a ´´developed´´ country. In my opinion the American people should look to Sean Penn and how he got rid of , as he called them, his ´´killing machines´´. I realise it is fear that keeps people holding on to guns but they have to be brave and strong and trust in a higher power or ´God´. You must know you are on the wrong path when nursery children are getting shot.

  • jacquelyn sullivan

    I regretfully have to say September 1st 2013 a gun complicated my already crazy life. To capsulize an otherwise long story. I am 54 my companion, beloved/stalker. was 61. I was with him 6 years, he shamed me in a small town where I own my home, I left for 2 years living couch to couch humiliated by his on going fetish with younger women. Tormented by him garage burned to the ground both my vehicles blown up. I am homeless and carless when I hear at 61, he was shot in the face by a 71 year old man, for dating this man’s 19 year old daughter. Most people reading this will say “oh he deserved it”. No he didn’t. No one has a right to take another’s life. What do I do now? I loved him, he left me, replaced me, moved on that’s why I am really angry. Not because of what he did. My father told me rifles are meant to keep your family fed, not trophy hunt. To protect, not to harm 20 innocent babies at Sandy Hook. Assault rifles are meant for the militia. Army’s are for world leaders who can’t sit at a round table to brain storm solutions. Handguns are for killing people. I think hunting deer and elk requires a rifle. You can eat the elk or take its head and leave 200lbs of steak or beauty lay waste. Think people. God forbid you’d have to think.

    • Kristen

      My heart goes out to you. As you well know, sometimes love is destructive, but unfortunately love is love, and you would have been told countless times that you are better off without this man, or for that matter, any man of his age who even looks at a 19 year old, but the words of others and lessons we learn are rarely of any use, other than when we learn to never go there again. You will also already know that he was clearly unstable, and the HALF of him that you have described here does not deserve you, or any woman to give their heart to him, but I also know it was the other HALF of him you have only expressed with the words beloved and companion that you are angry with, and hurt by. I do hope you have an outlet to be able to express your anger at this man, grieve for the lost love, hope and everything that he took away from you.

      If it helps a little with objectivity, he did not leave you personally – he was saying he did not want a relationship with anyone your age or that was similar to you (probably most women in your age group), and he did not replace you. Assuming he loved you at some point, he would always have a little piece of his heart with your name on it internally, he just chose to open up a new little different piece of his heart (or pecker!) to a completely different person. And as a mother of a 21yr old daughter, I would say this other person was only a child, and clearly only a part of his ‘fetish’, and mental health illness.

      I would not say he deserved it, I would say that the other young girls out there, other women out there like you, other parents, and his family DESERVE to no longer have this man destroying lives, breaking hearts and damaging others. I am opposed to guns, but you would not like it when I express as a parent, and female, he was probably very blessed and lucky that this was the father that got a hold of him. If it was me, well………………………lets just say he would never be doing it again. To protect you, as well as our daughters.

      If you have the mental strength, visualise a huge pink 3D sparkly heart over and enclosing your entire chest for ten seconds, then change it to a pale blue for another ten seconds, then as bright white as you can make it. These three colours are love, healing and protection to strengthen and heal your heart. Or if you know of any healers or similar that know you personally ask them to. I cannot tune into people, but someone else in here may be able to help with this.
      xx (Kabbalic for a forehead kiss which is blessings)