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Did you know that there is a new book that identifies the 25 most important messages of the 9-installment Conversations with God series? It then offers practical suggestions on how to apply each message in every day life. Powerful and inspirational reading.  To see the first seven chapters and hear a one chapter sample of the audio book, click here.

(This is Part VII of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

We said in our last installment here that the first step in becoming a spiritual helper is to:


This means that you have to declare yourself, publicly.

This means taking a risk. It is about being a bit uncomfortable. It is about being willing to “look bad” or to “fail.” It is about knowing that “failure”, in fact, does not exist, that it is an illusion, a figment of our imagination.

It is about forgetting the self  and putting the highest good of the largest number at the top of our priorities. It is about being able to be counted on. It is about forging ahead, pushing on, even when the bramble covers the path.

Especially when it does.

It is about understandingWho andWhat You Really Are, and determining to express and experience that.

It is about knowing why you are here, and what life is really all about.

And then it is about announcing that.

Hellen Keller famously said, “Do what you can do.” That last ten per cent is about doing what you can do. Nothing more, but absolutely nothing less.

Some practical ways to take Step One

Taking this first step in becoming a spiritual helper is as simple as A-B-C.

A. Get clear on what is true for you . This is the beginning of everything. Clarity precedes action, and sustains it. Indeed, clarity produces  action where confusion stalls it. You must, therefore, commit to getting clear about what is true for you…

*  AboutWho You Are

*  AboutWhat You Choose

*  About How YouWill Demonstrate That

B. Find out what is already being done, and by whom.  There is more going on in the world than most people are aware of. Causes and movements with which you agree need your support. These days, with Internet search engines such as  and Ask Jeeves , you can find just about anything and anyone you are looking for—including groups of people who a goal in common with you.

C. Create what you cannot find.  If you really can’t find anything out there that speaks to the issue of your concern or that is doing what you want to see get done, create it. Stop waiting for some other group to form or some other person to stand up. Form a group or organization of your own. Call a meeting. Hold a rally. Raise your flag and see if anyone salutes.

Now let’s take a look at how you can do this.

This series of articles here assumes that you have already read one or more of the Conversations with God  books. If you have not, one of the fastest ways to get clear aboutWho You Really Are, and about your right relationship to the universe, is to read Conversations with God-Book 1 (PutnamPublishing)

Indeed, the entire opening Trilogy in the CwG series is highly recommended.

(The 25 Core Messages of the Conversations with God  9-book series are summarized and expanded upon under one cover in the 2013 book What God Said. This is the first time that such commentaries and observations, spiritual-principle-by-spiritual-principle, have been offered on these remarkable books. Each chapter in What God Said concludes with a list of practical suggestions on how to apply in one’s life the key principle being discussed.)

Everything in the current writing is based on the messages in those books and in the dialogue books that have followed, including:

* Friendship with God
* Communion withGod
* The New Revelations
* Tomorrow’sGod

This booklet is also heavily foundationed in thematerial found inmy 2005 book, What God Wants.

Getting clear on who you are and what you want is not as difficult as it may seem. I have created a program designed to help you do exactly that. It is an intensive (and highly enjoyable and exciting) retreat called ReCreating Yourself.

The intent of the retreat is to provide a space within which you may recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held aboutWho You Are. It is offered in a five-day format several times each year.

Many people who have participated in these programs have told us that they have reached a level of personal clarity about themselves, their relationship to God and to Life, and their life purpose, that they never thought they would ever achieve.

You may receive more information about these retreats by clicking on the Neale Donald Walsch circular icon at, then looking in the Calendar of Events.

It is important to understand that you must be in-the-moment clear about Who You Are and about your true relationship to the universe, to all of life, and to each other, before you can become maximally effective as a spiritual helper.

There are many programs and opportunities in theworld opening up the space for you to do this.

Ours is only one of them. Find a personal growth and spiritual development program or activity that you feel best suits you, that resonates with your current sense of self, and undertake that activity with commitment and deep caring.

If you do, you should be able, in relatively short order, to know and to declare:

* Who you are.
* What you choose.
* How you will demonstrate that.

Embark on a reading program as well. At the conclusion of this series will be  an opening list of Recommended Reading for persons seeking a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them. Check this list out when that list comes out, and decide to read at least one book a month for the rest of your life that supports your personal growth and spiritual development.

Remember that the New Spirituality that is talked about in the CwG books is based upon the following assumption:

There is somethingwe do not now fully understand aboutGod and about Life, the understanding of which can change everything.

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  • L.Simmons

    There is a heightened global awareness going on. I find that I have a thought and then someone I am around everyday is having the same and didn’t know it. We found out because we came together and were not separate. Its about the monumental undertakings that would be necessary to change the world we live in. Everyone who is awake is asking this one question. What it will take is nothing we haven’t heard before as far as the information necessary to proceed. The world will change one person at a time as each individual makes the choice to change and become more in alignment with who they really are. The reason is that you cannot change anyone but self, and only when you are ready to ask the questions and be open to the answers you receive.

    If we look at each individual occurrence in the world, and all the seemingly separate issues of religion, politics, science, crime and so forth, it seems insurmountable. If, however, we look at the first cause of all of those things, we find there is a core source of the dis-ease. Or rather a lack of it. Some of the individuals in all those things have drifted far away from source/creator/God and all that comes from that. They have forgotten and or refuse to see , or have never known their true nature. We naturally want to love/heal/help/commune. Not the opposite of that. That is not our true nature. It is a simple thing to decide to get back to that, it is not a simple thing to unprogram ourselves so that we can see the clarity/simplicity and truth of our creator aside from dogmatic/manmade/religions. The core of all of the beliefs by in large are the same as I have stated our true nature is. Before we can be who we are, we must shed what we are not. That is only possible through reason. The ability to look at and decide if a thing it correct or not based on asking the right questions. Research.

    I had the wonderful opportunity to stumble upon someone some of you may know well. I say this man is nothing short of brilliant. Perhaps his writings will assist in bringing some back to ground zero so that you may start anew? Thomas Paine “The age of reason”. “common sense” and others. Just google “free pdf of thomas paine age of reason. You may read his work for free.

    As with all men, one may not be ultimately perfect, but this man is nothing short of amazing and he has an uncanny way of understanding things in a way that I believe most of us have lost the ability to do.

    For now, I continue to strive to be the change I wish to see in the world.

  • L.Simmons

    I would like to say one more thing. Neale, your books changed my life when your first 3 in the series were complete. My life changed COMPLETELY. Virtually everything, and I mean everything I knew fell away from me. I even relocated with no job and left everything behind. Needless to say it was a journey I have never regretted. I am better than I used to be in so many ways, and so is my life. The journey was literally a getting to know ME journey. 14 years later I am still learning how the universe works but I have conversations with God all the time. The beauty/simplicity and non contestability of the replies are always joyous to receive because they are truly AHA or OHHHHHHHH! moments. Most of the time it is something right in front of us that we could not see because it was too close I guess.
    At any rate, You have my lifelong gratitude for gift you gave by writing down the knowledge you received and taking the risk to show it to the world.
    I wanted to finally take a moment to express to you my GRATITUDE.
    I am still not doing what makes my heart sing as employment, however, my employment allows me to breathe enough to keep growing and learning , for now that is perfect.
    Thanks again Neale,
    Godspeed to you my friend.