Justin, oh, Justin, what have we done?

Ahhh…good old, poor old, Justin Bieber.  He has landed himself smack dab in the middle of the convergence of several double standards, hasn’t he?

Here’s my take…

On the one hand we raised him up, from the time he was little, and told him just how special he was.  We told him that because he was so special, and did such a good job of entertaining us that he could do virtually anything he desired…and we were going to give him the money to do so!

Ooops!  Then we told him that, despite the fact that there were surely people who knew exactly the behavior he was getting caught up in, it is not okay to do this thing.  We love you, but there are invisible rules to the game that he should have just known don’t get covered and ignored because of his status as special!

At the same time he got special status, because he is so special, and got allowed, as a Canadian National, into the United States to work and live, so that now he gets to be the target/example/representative of what is wrong with American immigration and deportation policies.

Let’s not forget that because he is so special, and because he makes so much money and entertains us so well, it is entirely possible he will be treated in a manner very different than any other 19 year old citizen, but without money, in this country…and this is before throwing in that lovely wild card of skin color.

Wow!  wouldn’t we all like to be so special?

Our relationship with celebrity (or anyone who we perceive as “successful”) reminds me of our relationship with God.  In these cases WE are God…and we act as we have had demonstrated to us God acts.

So just what has been demonstrated of God’s love and approval to us?

First we are told how loved and lovable we are.

Then we act as if we are as we were told, lovable and perfect in the Creators eyes, and we experiment with Life to figure out who we are.

But then we cross that invisible line that says, whoa!  you’re special, but not THAT special!  Better watch out or there could be some pretty dramatic results in the end…eternal results!

So, we give being special another go, but we keep an eye out for where that invisible line is, because we now know it is there…and, even though we don’t know it is what we are feeling, we are feeling just a little bit less special every time we stumble upon that line with God, and risk damnation with our next move.

This is the little play we act out with people like Justin Bieber, or any of the others in the news lately.  We love to play God, and have the opportunity, finally, to be the one condemning rather than being the condemned.

Here’s a twist, however…I have no problem with anyone “playing God”!  The problem I have is with how the part of God gets played by we Humans most of the time!  Yes, I capitalized “Human” in the same sentence as “God”.  I happen to believe we are individuations of the Divine, which gives us the opportunity to actually use our Humanity in a Divine manner.  We are not doing so.

All of that aside, in my view, all that we consider “entertaining” is actually nothing more than “diverting”.  Turning our attention away from something to something else.  We hand our power to something other than ourselves.

I think it is obvious what our attention is turned to, but from what?  At its core, quite simply, away from ourselves…away from our own thoughts, and our own Love.  We place it all outside of ourselves, and we reach out to find what will fill us, instead of looking in, with gratitude, at the great gift of this human experience that has been provided by Divinity.

The outside is great!  If we view it all through the eyes of our Divine connection.  So let’s go one more step…let’s look at Justin Bieber as part of that Divine connection, and even while we notice what isn’t working in his life, love all that he is…because we did co-create the circumstances that resulted in this moment, didn’t we?

(Therese Wilson is a published poet, and is the administrator of the global website at www.cwghelpingoutreach.com  She may be contacted at:                                                              Therese@TheGlobalConversation.com.)


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