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How long will humanity allow this to go on…? The 85 richest people in the world own the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people. That’s half of the Earth’s population.

This mind-boggling statistic was released last week by Oxfam, the international organization that monitors life in Earth in many of its aspects, and reports to the world periodically about global conditions.

Is creating this kind of disparity the way that a spiritually evolved species constructs its society? Or is this a model that could only be put in place by the primitive species of the Universe?

That is the question placed before humanity today as billions suffer from not enough food to eat while fewer people than it would take to populate a fair-sized Manhattan cocktail party have enough wealth to end world poverty overnight.

The plain and unassailable fact is that the global economy does not work to produce the outcome that human beings have imagined (or at least hoped) it was designed to produce.

Indeed, even a casual observer can see that not one of the systems, institutions and devices that our species has put into place to create a better life for all is functioning in a way that generates this outcome.

Our political systems clearly are not working. Our economic systems clearly are not working.  Our ecological systems clearly are not working. Our health care systems clearly are not working. Our educational systems clearly are not working. Our social systems clearly are not working. Our spiritual systems clearly are not working.

Nothing that we have created is producing the outcomes that were intended. 

It is worse than that. They are actually producing exactly the opposite.

Our political systems are creating nothing but disagreement and disarray. Our economic systems are actually increasing poverty. Our ecological systems are generating environmental degradation. Our educational systems are failing to educate enough people in enough places to bring our species anywhere near the reaching of its full potential. Our health care systems are doing little to eliminate inequality of access to modern medicines and health care services. Our social systems are known to encourage disparity, prejudice, and injustice. And, perhaps most dysfunctional of all, our spiritual systems are producing intolerance, righteousness, anger, hatred, and violence.

What gives here? What’s going on with the human race that it cannot see even as it looks at itself? Where is humanity’s blind spot?

Might it be time to ask: “Is there be something we don’t fully understand here, the understanding of which would change everything?

Does anybody even care about this global economic inequality? Does anybody care enough about it to do something about it? Does anybody think they can?

Have we gotten to the point in our world where the conditions in our world are seen as being totally, completely, and utterly out of our hands? Have we given up? Simply given up?

Is this what our spirituality calls us to do? Give up?

Just wondering here…

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  • Sharon Miller

    What can an individual DO though?

  • Louise van der Wees

    No Donald, I have not given up. Though as a lone person I cannot do much, I can be conscious of where I spend the little money I have, of how I try to share it with those who have even less. I also will keep on sending loving intention to those who are in Power now (and should maybe not be) to start seeing things differently and to start acting in a way that honours the Unity of all Life – we are all One and what happens to one happens to all of us. It is hard when you feel alone in this endeavour, but I know that my ‘duty’ in this world is to keep on loving and sending forgiveness and forgive myself for having not noticed what was happening for all the years I have been alive. I do believe that if more and more people join in meditating and sending intention to change the underlying lack of Unity (which I believe is what perpetuates these broken systems) we will eventually create a new world where there is more equity and where the fate of any living thing is important to us

  • Merrilee Holmes

    I care. How can I/we help?

  • Josh_Burke

    And Kevin O’Leary said this was fantastic news. Those 3.5 billion people now have the motivation to work hard so they can be filthy right one day he says. Right! Change will take time, but I think the awareness that this problem is not ok, doesn’t need to be is growing. With what you’re doing Neale, the zeitgeist movement, and others we can start to change things. What can one person do? Talk about it. Discuss it with people who have their blinders on and get them to care. Start a petition. Write to some of these rich people and explain why hording wealth isn’t good for them and how they can help. Become more aware. Raise your frequency, do healing work. The more compassion there is, the less this disparity will be allowed.

  • Monica Strawser Malate

    Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’,

  • Vishal Kalsi

    near sir please guidance on this matter how we can together work on this? when i first read this article over internet some days first thought in my mind was same which u write our world`s half of population is struggling to get good for routine & 50 & of total money in just few persons hand? our political & social system is the main reason behind…sir your guidance will show us the way? i really want food, house n work is every`s right & this should be everyone`s cup of tea..!!

  • elginmehmetali

    It absolutely depresses me, because I feel completely powerless to do anything about it! Frustrated!

  • Terri Maloy

    It seems to me that one must first realize a change must happen. For me that meant seeing with newer eyes (waking up as some might say). Coming to the conclusion that what we have been doing time and time again has not worked. Here we are 2000 plus years from the birth of Christ and not really any better off from what I can tell. As a christian, I kept wondering what the sayings credited to Jesus really meant. For a while someone might be able to ‘get me to understand’. But over time, whatever was said didn’t seem to hold true any longer. So I really began to ‘search’. And I realized what I thought I knew no longer worked for me. Fortunately I discovered Mr. Walsch’s books and many more spiritual teachers whose answers make much more sense to me.
    Very few people I actually know seem at all interested it discussing such topics. I believe they are caught up in the ‘busy ness’ of life to feel bothered. Even my husband says my ‘new’ thinking is way out there. But I continue to read books by my new set of teachers and slowly work at PRACTICING what I have been learning. Pushing others into accepting this oneness way of thinking doesn’t seem to help. So I’m hoping over time my practice of such principles does much more.

    • Michael L

      Keep up the good work of being the change you wish to see.
      And as you are creating it ….you will see it.

  • Awareness

    “The 85 richest people in the world own the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest people. That’s half of the Earth’s population.”

    “Is creating this kind of disparity the way that a spiritually evolved species constructs its society?” – Neale Donald Walsch 🙂

    NO, creating this kind of disparity IS NOT the way that a spiritually evolved species constructs its society.

    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Michael L

      We are barbarians!!!

  • Kierra

    Maybe we stop the those/them/they/he/she imaginings and delusions and make it US/WE? because WE are doing this. How may on a global scale are willing to give up EVERYTHING materialistic and comfortable? How many are doing this now…to the best of their ability to contribute as little as possible? How can we support each other to contribute to this less? How can we support and inspire others to contribute less? How? This little bit of the “WE” doesn’t know but at least day by day, act by act the inspiration is to contribute to more love, more that is Life giving, Life sustaining and it matters not what ‘comfort’ has to go. Eventually even if what is ultimately called for is giving up this computer! At the moment it isn’t. But the less is consumed…the less gets fed into the wheels that are currently turning. Luckily even offspring are getting closer and closer to move away from these wheels of consumerism and division or at least see the reality for what it is and enjoy life as much as possible. But seriously, dead seriously? It seems like what worked for MLK was ALL the people behind him that stopped being AFRAID of the beatings. We are afraid to let go of the comforts and most people this means to let go of any single comfort. Radical change seems to would need absolute untiy and commitment to be there for each other through what that change would look like, for however long that would take. It’s rather shattering indeed. For now, what’s one more thing to let go of? Bet from the depth of my heart I will be shown and I will let go. Wishing all the Peace that Passes all understanding.

  • flojones

    Thank you Neale for pointing out this fact. Shouldn’t we be grateful for such a huge disparity in wealth ? It gives to all of us, specially for those willing to walk the path of the soul, so many opportunities to express who we are and exprience it. It’s not what we do to level the disparity as what we do to express who we really are that is important, isn’t it ? Every tiny step toward expressing who we are tends to diminish this disparity, so let us be confident… Thank you

  • Trond Fr

    A system – completely out of function and not working has to change. This to happen in a human condition today – for enough to realize – it has to crash. Accept the destructive force within human nature. For it´s our way, to create a problem so big that it forces us within mass consciousness to have a realization. Humans want war before they want to realize and admit the creator of it. The greed in us all is a mirror we have to transform. To do so we have to get enough at a conscious level. From a personal level to a everyone level. We are here to do that. Enjoy it. Every disconnection from what we want together and what we want for our own expansion – without greed, is the answer to what we want next.

  • Patricia Bakker

    You would think mankind is a cancer. But then again many people mean well but don’t know how to influence the greater things and apparently starting with oneself is not sufficient for all. If we go down and take earth and its plants and animals with us, we will not have deserved better I guess, but it would be very sad for the plants and the animals. And, since I believe, for our dear God.

  • Bill Gates: By 2035, There Will Be Almost No Poor Countries

    NEW YORK (AP) — Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates pitched an optimistic future for the world’s poor and sick in their annual letter Tuesday, arguing passionately against three myths they say hurt efforts to bring people out of poverty, save lives and improve living conditions.

    In their sixth yearly letter, which in the past has focused exclusively on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual activities, the co-chairmen of the world’s largest charitable foundation seek to dispel notions that poor countries are doomed to stay poor, that foreign aid is wasteful and that saving lives will cause overpopulation.

    “All three reflect a dim view of the future, one that says the world isn’t improving but staying poor and sick, and getting overcrowded,” Bill Gates writes in the 16-page letter. “We’re going to make the opposite case, that the world is getting better, and that in two decades it will be better still.”

    Gates says GDP per capita figures, adjusted for inflation to 2005 dollars, show that many countries such as China, India, Brazil and even Botswana that were once considered poor now have growing economies.

    And in Africa, a place the Microsoft co-founder says is all too often dismissed as hopeless, life expectancy has risen since the 1960s despite the HIV epidemic. Also, more children are going to school and fewer people are hungry.

    “I am optimistic enough about this that I am willing to make a prediction,” he said. “By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.”

    Gates also argues against claims that foreign aid is wasteful because it is too expensive, because it is stolen by corrupt officials receiving it or because countries who receive it become dependent on it.

    He says that in Norway, the world’s most generous donor of foreign aid, the amount of its budget that goes to foreign aid is only 3 percent. In the U.S., it’s less than 1 percent, or about $30 billion per year, of which $11 billion goes to vaccines, bed nets and other health causes.

    Measles vaccinations, eradicating smallpox, controlling tuberculosis in China and a plan to eliminate polio in Latin America are all public health efforts achieved with aid funding.

    “Health aid is a phenomenal investment,” he writes. “When I look at how many fewer children are dying than 30 years ago, and how many people are living longer and healthier lives, I get quite optimistic about the future.”

    His wife, Melinda, wrote a section of the letter dispelling the myth that saving lives worldwide will lead to overpopulation. She points to countries such as Brazil where both child mortality and birth rates have declined.

    When more children survive, she says, parents have smaller families.

    “The planet does not thrive when the sickest are allowed to die off, but rather when they are able to improve their lives,” she says. “Human beings are not machines. We don’t reproduce mindlessly. We make decisions based on the circumstances we face.”

    In an interview in New York City Tuesday, Gates expanded on the letter and its optimistic tone, saying the traditional headlines associated with poor countries — that they’re plagued by natural disasters, political instability and corruption — have prevented people from understanding how much progress has been made.

    “(The letter) comes out as what for many people will see as a stunningly positive story, because the typical headline is about the setbacks — the tornado, the regime instability and this gradual progress of less children dying of economies, even in Africa, getting richer and richer,” he said. “It’s not clear when someone is supposed to learn that because it’s not really a standard headline.”

    He also said that as countries become more developed, more work needs to be done tackling the problems associated with growth, like energy consumption and climate change.

    The Seattle, Wash.-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest charitable foundation. It has made $28.3 billion in grant payments since its inception 13 years ago.

    • Wealth gap: A guide to what it is, why it matters

      WASHINGTON (AP) — From the White House to the Vatican
      to the business elite in Davos, Switzerland, one issue keeps seizing the
      agenda: the growing gap between the very wealthy and everyone else.

      “the defining challenge of our time,” says President Barack Obama, who
      will spotlight the issue in his State of the Union address Tuesday
      night. A Gallup poll finds two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with the
      nation’s distribution of wealth. Experts say it may be slowing the

      Why has the issue suddenly galvanized attention? Here are
      questions and answers about the wealth gap — what it is and why it

      Q. Hasn’t there always been a wide gulf between the richest people and the poorest?

      Yes. What’s new is the widening gap between the wealthiest and everyone
      else. Three decades ago, Americans’ income tended to grow at roughly
      similar rates, no matter how much you made. But since roughly 1980,
      income has grown most for the top earners. For the poorest 20 percent of
      families, it’s dropped. Incomes for the highest-earning 1 percent of
      Americans soared 31 percent from 2009 through 2012, after adjusting for
      inflation, according to data compiled by Emmanuel Saez, an economist at
      University of California, Berkeley. For the rest of us, it inched up an
      average of 0.4 percent. In 17 of 22 developed countries, income
      disparity widened in the past two decades, according to the Organization
      for Economic Cooperation and Development.

      Q. So who are the top 1 percent in income?

      They’re bankers, lawyers, hedge fund managers, founders of successful
      companies, entertainers, senior managers and others. One trend:
      Corporate executives, doctors, and farmers made up smaller shares of the
      top 1 percent in 2005 than in 1979. By contrast, the proportion of the
      wealthiest who work in the financial and real estate industries has
      doubled. The top 1 percent earned at least $394,000 in 2012. Through
      most of the post-World War II era, the top 1 percent earned about 10
      percent of all income. By 2007, that figure had jumped to 23.5 percent,
      the most since 1928. As of 2012, it was 22.5 percent.

      Q. How has the middle class fared?

      Not well. Median household income peaked in 1999 at $56,080, adjusted
      for inflation. It fell to $51,017 by 2012. The percentage of American
      households with income within 50 percent of the median — one way of
      measuring the middle class — fell from 50 percent in 1970 to 42 percent
      in 2010.

      Q. Does it matter if some people are much richer than others?

      Most economists say some inequality is needed to reward hard work,
      talent and innovation. But a wealth gap that’s too wide is usually
      unhealthy. It can slow economic growth, in part because richer Americans
      save more of their income than do others. Pay concentrated at the top
      is less likely to be spent.

      It can also trigger reckless
      borrowing. Before the 2008 financial crisis, middle class households
      struggled to keep up their spending even as their pay stagnated. To do
      so, they piled up debt. Swelling debt helped inflate the housing bubble
      and ignite the financial crisis. Experts note that the Great Depression
      and the Great Recession were both preceded by surging income gaps and
      heedless borrowing by middle class Americans.

      Q. Has it become harder for someone born poor to become rich?

      The evidence is mixed. Countries that have more equal income
      distributions, such as Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, tend to
      enjoy more social mobility. But a study released last week found that
      the United States isn’t any less mobile than it was in the 1970s. A
      child born in the poorest 20 percent of families in 1986 had a 9 percent
      chance of reaching the top 20 percent as an adult, the study found —
      roughly the same odds as in 1971.

      Other research has shown that
      the United States isn’t as socially mobile as once thought. In a study
      of 22 countries, economist Miles Corak of the University of Ottawa found
      that the United States ranked 15th in social mobility. Only Italy and
      the Britain among wealthy countries ranked lower. By some measures,
      children in the United States are as likely to inherit their parents’
      economic status as their height.

      Q. So why has income inequality worsened?

      There’s no simple answer. Globalization has created “superstars” and
      concentrated pay among corporate executives, Wall Street traders,
      popular entertainers and other financial elite. At the same time,
      factory workers now compete with 3 billion people in China, India,
      eastern Europe and elsewhere who weren’t working for multinational
      corporations 20 years ago. Many now make products for Apple, Intel,
      General Motors and others at low wages. This has depressed middle-class
      pay. And pay has risen much faster for college graduates than for
      high-school graduates. These trends have contributed to a “hollowed out”
      labor market, with more jobs at the higher and lower ends of the pay
      scale and fewer in the middle.

      Social factors contribute, too.
      Single-parent families are more likely to be poor than other families
      and less likely to ascend the income ladder. Finally, men and women with
      college degrees and high pay are more likely to marry each other and
      amplify income gaps.

      Q. Does wealth distribution follow a similar pattern?

      It’s even more pronounced. A Pew Research Center study found that the
      wealthiest 7 percent of households grew 28 percent richer from 2009
      through 2011. For the bottom 93 percent, collective wealth fell 4
      percent. That’s largely because wealthy households own far more stocks
      and other financial assets than others. By contrast, whatever wealth
      middle-class Americans have is mainly in their home equity.

      the Great Recession ended, stock-market averages have soared, setting
      records in 2013. Home values, though, remain far below their peaks
      reached in 2006. That divergence has benefited the richest and left
      others struggling.

      Q. Where do the 1 percent live?

      Investor Warren Buffett famously lives in Omaha, Neb. Les Wexner, whose
      fashion empire includes Victoria’s Secret, is an Ohioan. But the wealthy
      mainly cluster around the largest cities. Of the 515 U.S. billionaires,
      96 live around New York City, according to the intelligence firm
      Wealth-X. Los Angeles is home to 22, Chicago 21, San Francisco 20,
      Houston 14. Millionaires are more widely dispersed. Maryland has the
      highest concentration. Of all its households, 7.7 percent have $1
      million or more in financial assets. New Jersey, Connecticut, Hawaii and
      Alaska have the next-highest concentrations, according to a report from
      Phoenix Marketing International.

      Q. Is anything being done to narrow the wealth gap?

      President Barack Obama has made the issue a priority and wants the
      government to act to reduce the disparities. The president managed to
      restore higher tax rates on incomes above $398,350 last year. And he’s
      pushed other steps that might narrow the gap slightly, such as a higher
      minimum wage. But congressional Republicans say those steps could hurt
      economic growth and have resisted most such measures.

      Q. Is everyone concerned about the wealth gap?

      Some conservative economists question much of the data. They note, for
      example, that Saez’s figures don’t include government benefits, such as
      Social Security or food stamps, or employer payments for health
      insurance, that benefit the less-than-rich. Yet the Congressional Budget
      Office did include government benefits and the effect of taxes in its
      own study and still found a sizable gap: For the top 1 percent, income
      jumped 275 percent, adjusted for inflation, from 1979 to 2007. For the
      middle 60 percent of Americans, it grew less than 40 percent.

      Q. So what do experts say is the best way to shrink the wealth gap?

      Most ideas break down along political lines. Liberal economists tend to
      support a higher minimum wage, greater access to pre-school and college
      education and more spending on roads, bridges and other infrastructure
      to help generate good-paying jobs. Most favor higher taxes on the
      wealthy to pay for such programs.

      Conservatives tend to back tax
      cuts, government deregulation and other steps they say will accelerate
      hiring and growth and raise living standards for everyone. They tend to
      focus on the need to advance income mobility.

      In a speech this
      month, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledged the enormous pay
      disparity between a fast food company’s cashier and its CEO.

      problem we face is not simply the gap in pay between them, but rather
      that too many of those cashiers are stuck in the same job for years on
      end,” Rubio said.


      AP Business Writers Paul Wiseman in Washington and Bernard Condon in New York contributed to this report.


  • Erin

    I would like to know how the Native American culture is handling this challenge as they re-rise from the despotism they were placed into. Some have become quite wealthy over recent years, having over-come educational, political, ecological, economic, social, health, & spiritual blockades to become so. Is their wealth being used to uplift Their All, or does it remain within Their few?

    We do not get to truly See this side of our dual-nationed country, but what finer example among Us exists of creating something from nothing? How is ‘This way’ working these days?

    It has only been within the last 80 yrs. that darker-skinned fam have risen from their disparities, that women are finally arising from theirs, and only very recently that sexual preferences have opened their closets. Perhaps because they HAD to work together to do so.(?) For centuries have Mexicans migrated north of their borders…and in spite of walls, military, social intolerance, & threats on their lives do they continue to this day…Working together to accomplish their missions…Creating their versions of Good Life. From other Earth places do people still come to prove that the American Dream is alive & possible. Perhaps these fine examples of small groups making huge differences is too close for the rest to See.(?) Perhaps We do not See that these groups were not small for very long, but rather became enormous when combined & inter-twined.

    Perhaps We should stop blaming winners of this game & start playing ‘Nice’…together. Waters & borders may illusion separate efforts, but Earth is One board, One playground. And thank you, Mr. Gates & like-minds, for the One Internet connectedness that proves this! NOW can we play as a team? A Humanity? Or shall we remain as arrogant & ignorant in spite of wiser intelligence? Oh, decisions, decisions!!! 😀

  • flojones

    Money disparity is just a symptom of OUR “poor” thinking. Change the thoughts about who we are and what we need and we will change our thoughts about money and we will change the way it flows.

  • Jimmy Hammer

    The answer is in CwG, Book 2…..but, the real question is does anyone really care.

  • mewabe

    Poverty is the direct outcome of out of control competition.

    It is natural to compete in a playful and creative way to become better at what we do.

    But when competition becomes as a war, the losers become victims, they are fallen bodies. It does not take much to figure this out, as it is all around us…”winners take all” and to hell with the losers, they had their chance!

    Unfortunately, the competitive mindset is so deeply culturally ingrained and pervasive that even the so-called “spiritual” is blinded is misled by it, as in the example of book publishers who specialize in “spiritual” material organizing CONTESTS to find “the next best spiritual writer”, totally missing the OBVIOUS, which is that competition breeds separation.

    Imagine a bunch of aspiring writers COMPETING as to who can write best about ONENESS? This kind of absurd, grotesque situation happens periodically, and is a clear indication of the amount of personal work every individual must be engaged in to shake his or her cultural conditioning, a cultural conditioning that actually shuts down one’s ability to THINK intelligently.

    For many, competition is war, it is not a game. That’s why women have traditionally been kept out of the game “big boys” play, as they are not trusted to have the stomach (or the psychopathic tendencies?) required to play this deadly game with the proper amount of coldness and cruelty, not to mention a bit of sadism.

  • Jimmy Hammer

    I just came across this on Shakespeare and Company’s FB page and it pretty well sums up everything:

    “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
    “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
    “I don’t much care where –”
    “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
    — Alice in Wonderland

  • Neale, are you asking the question to us as individuals or a group of people on this site who are like minded, or to the general public & collective?

    To whom you address this to can make a difference. As there are so many levels of mindsets in the world. To the world, is a very general question. To us as supporters of the CwG cosmology is more specific. Which is it?

    “Have we gotten to the point in our world where the conditions in our world are seen as being totally, completely, and utterly out of our hands?”

    The honest answer here I believe is both yes and no depending on who you talk to & what current perspective of the world they are currently holding.

    “Have we given up? Simply given up?

    Is this what our spirituality calls us to do? Give up?”

    Not at all, many solutions are being created every day. They just don’t get the press. Because they don’t get a lot of attention, doesn’t mean they are ineffective, they are just not known to the general public. I just posted two publications that hold different views on this very subject to stimulate the discussion.

    The real bottom line I think where we are currently at is a sense of great frustration.
    A frustration of not having a course of action that a majority of us can enthusiastically move toward & support with a great deal of willing energy.

    The CwG helping outreach site is a perfect example of helping individuals in real time, hands on support with daily results.

    I don’t see this happening for world problems if that is what you are desiring. Though you have created this site & written about it as a starting point.

    However, rather than ask the questions only. Why not set up the space to work on the solutions? If you have done this & I’ve simply missed that, would you not want to focus & prioritize energy on that? That is, let us also focus on what we currently think is the best or most beneficial solution and move on that.

    If we can’t do that yet, that makes sense too, we keep rolling on until our frustration turns to positive action. I’m all for positive action, even, if we do so imperfectly, we have to start somewhere.

  • Per Martin

    We are one big family, lets help our sisters and brothers see clear. A better life for everyone. Let us feel good and be happy . All the people around me are changing ,and i love it. Peace to you all! 1.

    • flojones

      for me there’s no better answer… it brings joy in life and drives out all thoughts of righteousness. Thank you.
      Life is infinite. We are just one possibility in the field of infinite possibilities so even if this world destroy itself there’s no big deal. So let’s be the best version of who we are and see the miracles unfold.

      • Per Martin

        🙂 Yes, imagine what we can achieve if more people become aware that it is just waiting for us. Many are still waiting for someone to come help us on the right track again ,and hope they are the miracle that will change everything, but it is as you say, if we become the best versions of ourselves the miracles will come and change everything for the better. We can do it! Wish you all well. Thanks

  • Miguel Naranjo

    The main solution is to change what kids are taught. Most adults are already too lost to wake up, and it takes too much time. We need to change what kids are being taught, so that they will not become lost adults too.

  • Gina

    This is the time and we are the people.
    -Jeanne Houston

  • Glen Minges

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    The love of money is the root of all evil. Whoever controls the gold makes the rules.
    Sure we all have heard it before, and little does it help us to know these things in our current state. Sure, there are many hanging on to this notion that they can get ahead, in spite of many falling behind. Today, there are 85 who equal 3.5 billion. What will it be like in five or ten years? What about the rest of us? Those of us being swallowed up by greed and dwindling opportunities? The core problem all along is that our global system is chasing a paycheck, or winning a bet or having enough money to pay our bills. Every aspect of our daily life requires a monetary transaction. We have taken our eye off of the important part of being human and strive only for that almighty dollar. Every problem therein described is attributed to the distraction of money or the ruling principle it demands. Create a solution, pay for it. You want a glass of water, pay for it. You want to care for people, pay for it. No money? Sorry! We have become it’s slave. Being a Robin Hood won’t work. Perhaps a change of attitude by those 85 will take root and they will give it all away. Even a long uphill battle to revise all of the laws may not work, if we do not have the collective financial or political clout it would take. If our economic system is not working, let’s fire it. In Star Trek, they abolished money. Imagine what we all could do instead of chasing a dollar. We might actually be more productive and free to care for each other, and do what great things we aspire to do, over what is demanded of us. Imagine a world with no money and no greed. Only compassion for each other. It may not work or ever happen, but I can dream it might one day. Until then, I suffer and endure like everybody else, and do what I can to improve my heart, mind and soul. After all, those are what is really important in life.

    • mewabe

      Indeed the problem is not only that some have everything and others have nothing…this takes us right back to feudalism, which some of the elite seeks to reestablish in economic terms…the problem is also that money rules the world, and perverts and literally kills our hearts, minds, body and tortures our souls. It destroys many of our human relationships.

      If air could be made into a commodity, if breathing could be regulated and made to require a permit, you can bet that air would be sold at a “fair market value” (meaning according to supply and demand), and those who can’t pay would have to get their lower quality “welfare” air from the government, and working people would be complaining about these “free-loaders” who get to breathe for free.

      That’s how crazy our systems have become. There is a monetary value placed on everything, all of life is for sale, even the spiritual…and this fact alone leads to the desecration of all life, and to feeling the heavy burden of having fallen from a state of grace, and now living in a global sewer with the money changers and the greedy rats who rule the place (yes I just described a dominant aspect of our world in half a sentence!)

      Some people believe in old fashioned honest work…to make something of quality or provide a great service for a fair exchange of money. But others, and many more, believe in predation…preying upon others to become rich quick, protected by laws that legalize obscene exploitation, or using other people’s misfortunes and lack of knowledge and resources or desires and delusions (created by cultural conditioning or by manipulative advertising in the case of the selling of products) as opportunities for personal advancement, for success in business.

      Laws not only protect but encourage criminal, immoral, dishonest behaviors, they support con artists strategies used by the business and financial elites at the highest levels of society (for example, telling customers “what they want to hear” rather than the truth about a product…that’s a very mild example, yet a widespread practice).

      Bartering is catching however…with TIME BANKS (google it) and other practical solutions whereby people no longer exchange money. I can imagine the members of the Federal Reserve and other predatory species of finance capitalists developing bleeding ulcers when hearing about these popular movements. Is this how dinosaurs vanished?

      • Michael L

        Just read about the state of Utah coming up with a novel idea for the homeless in that sate.
        Make them not homeless by giving them,,,, housing.

        Course with loving helpful hands to guide them into what each of us wants really, a loving family of mankind.

        Some would say lets move to Utah…..It’s not Florida….It gets cold in the winter.
        There seems to be so many reasons why folks are homeless and our instutuions are not working very well. Time to give a helping hand with other ideas.

    • Michael L

      Lets replicate that food and water.
      Money will have less control over your life.
      Make it so!!

  • flojones

    The problem mindset has never made humanity progresses toward more peace, more compassion, more love. The problem mindset creates scapegoats, monsters, outcasts which justify our violence toward them. Unfortunatelly when we expresses violence we often forget that we experience it too. It’s only when we focus on what we choose that we can get what we choose. Those who have and don’t share are only the victims of themselves. They are so entrenched in their fears that they think the best way to live is to build higher and higher walls to protect them from the harshness they imagine life is. They create the harshness in their heads before creating it in the world. But it wouldn’t be possible if the majority of us believed in the harsness of life too.
    So let each of us be an example to all those who are afraid, that life is easy, benevolent, peaceful, joyful, generous. Let’s be the best version of who we are.

    • mewabe

      “So let each of us be an example to all those who are afraid, that life is easy, benevolent, peaceful, joyful, generous.”

      In a sense I really agree with you, as you are communicating from your heart, but realistically, this is not enough. It is not enough to try to be these things while living under the dominant paradigm. Furthermore, life is neither easy nor joyful for the residents of Brazilian ghettos, as an example, or for tribal people in the Amazon dying of cancer because of petrochemical pollution by American companies. Life is not easy for the homeless, and it is not joyful for the animals who are tortured in laboratory research or on factory farms.

      Problems have to be faced, analyzed and understood so solutions can be created. Walking around saying “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful” (as in What About Bob?) doesn’t cut it, and it is about time the “new age” realizes this, and realizes that the dominant paradigm keeps most of us from daring to take ACTION.

      Such an action, undertaken by practical, creative individuals, was the development of time banks, which are spreading across the nation. This is only one example of a very popular movement…an ACTION taken by those who understand the problems and think that the way to change the system TODAY is to change the way one lives, works, and interacts with others at the most practical, basic level, such as no longer using money, or as little as possible, for goods and services.

      That’s what being the “best version of who we are” should mean…not just radiating joy to try to affect and change the fearful, which is a very nice thought that comes straight from the heart and soul and is very idealistic but honestly, good luck with that, but ACTING in a way that RECREATES society at all levels NOW.

      • flojones

        I understand… I understant that you are looking for efficiency to alleviate poverty and suffering, so am I.
        Poverty is always the outcome of poverty in thinking from those who suffer from it and those who let it happen. So we have to adress both.
        If we let fear take over, we let the “dominant paradigm” weaken who we are and our actions.
        I agree that when the gap between how things are and what we choose is too wide we have to proceed in steps. It doesn’t mean that we can’t be understanding or compassion or love or creativity or the best of who we are.

        I agree that the purpose of our actions is not to save anybody but to offer people ressources (believes, sometimes doubts, dignity, sometimes money…) to let them save themselves. It’s up to them to take advantage of it or not.

        Money is just a tool. Each time we vote rules and regulations we prevent people from being conscious of themselves, of their thoughts, of their behaviors. We learn them fear. We disempower them. We prevent them from evolving which is counterproductive to find peace.

        • We are also under the dominant influence of the collective on various levels. Fish in a polluted stream. The difference is, we can as individuals, evolve out of the stream into an easier life through better thinking, it’s much more challenging to do this on a collective level, than as individuals, until it no longer isn’t.

          One would hope that thinking better leads to better action. Thinking is action on a energy level. Doing also activates the thinking further.

          As I mentioned in a earlier post on this subject, there is great frustration to solve many major global problems.

          That frustration is felt & hopefully is part of the energy that translates in solution actions. We are now in the place of frustration transition process. Until we break into the renaissance of new thinking & better living.

          • flojones

            I will always be a fish in polluted water as long as I haven’t fully remembered that I am the fish that have called forth the polluted water around me. Without this “darkness” around me I couldn’t evolve and experience myself. This is the point of my life here and now.
            There is no point in being frustrated but I understand we may choose to feel this way.
            So for me there is no problems, only opportunities to show who I am as an individual in a collective and it’s me that I face in times of challenges.

          • “Without this “darkness” around me I couldn’t evolve and experience myself. This is the point of my life here and now.”

            Yes & you can get to a point where you will no longer need darkness or negativity to define a contrasting contextual field. You will have & use positive contrasts instead.

            “There is no point in being frustrated but I understand we may choose to feel this way.”

            For many the choice is unconscious & therefor experienced as not having a choice. Others work & play & use the frustration as a way out of it.

            Negativity, frustration are often the energies that currently propel change quicker than when things are going so so. Yet, at some point we outgrow the desire or need for negativity just like HEB’s.

  • Alan Day

    I believe that the systems mentioned are doing exactly what they were meant to do, however, they are not doing what the masses believed they were meant to do. The fact that the masses are now waking up to this IS the critical point. WE now know that the systems do not work. Now we are becoming organised to right there injustices and spreading our knowledge and understanding so that otherselves may waken. BE LOVE.

    • mewabe

      Yes indeed! The systems were never meant to give the masses happiness, but to keep them down, confused, afraid and enslaved.

      The systems work very well for the elite…that’s what they were meant to do. No mistake has been made. The masses were sold a fairy tale, that they would get trickles…that the wave of economic growth would lift all boats…but they only lifted the yachts, as they were meant to do.

      The masses have been manipulated and kept in bondage like the donkey with the carrot.The carrot is the promise that “everyone can become successful and wealthy”. This carrot is now understood by many to not only be unreachable but rotten.

      There may be a revolution brewing…but if popular international solidarity movements really take off, the response of the elite will be another world war, because that’s how the masses are kept separate, afraid and hateful of their own brothers and sisters.

      It worked before (WW1, WW2) and it will work again, as most people have not connected the historical dots, and understood that the actual aim of these wars was to crush powerful international solidarity movements among the poor and the workers of the world.

      • Alan Day

        Indeed, that is one possibility. However, I do think that this time there is a lot of unrest from the top as well. Unrest in the infrastructure of the elite itself (police, governments etc) With a well organised ‘campaign’ to take down the corrupt from within and systems built to replace current systems e.g bitcoin, then another WW cannot happen. The Spiritual management will not let this happen a 3rd time as long as there is enough Light/Love consciousness. I do believe that this is the case. Blessings.

      • Alan Day

        The agenda of the elite will only work if it is allowed to work. If each individual allows it. As the wave of LOVE envelops the planet, as the LIGHT from above (of many individual sources ) (although ultimately the ONE SOURCE ) permeates every single atom. Change is taking place, from the inside out. As above, so below. Every individual is being guided, encouraged to look inside for the SOURCE, the SPARK, of the CREATOR, that is the very essence of our being. Through this spark, we seek ONENESS. Aware souls will seek similar minded souls. The wave grows. The movement to build a NEW EARTH, where HEAVEN is on Earth, develops exponentially. WE WILL BE FREE. PEACE, LOVE, HEALTH for CREATION.

  • connie van nieuwkerk

    I thinks that our hearts must break, before they can open. Break in sadness and compassion.

    • mewabe

      Indeed hearts that are encased in concrete walls must have their fortifications taken down…

      As Charlie Chaplin said in his famous Dictator movie speech “We think too much and feel too little”.

      A mind that is not connected to the heart (because the heart is closed) is a dangerous mind indeed, such as can be seen in the world…

      It is a mind that creates awesome technologies to kill, or sophisticated social systems that reward merciless competition and mechanistic greed and make love, generosity and compassion to be as handicaps to financial success.

      California Natives (“Indians”) called the Indo-European intruders “a people without a heart” (in Native languages the words “heart” and “soul” are interchangeable). What the Natives witnessed was the coming of unfeeling people, coming from an unfeeling culture, and they realized that this was the core issue…a lack of humanity.

      This is indeed the key issue. Love, compassion cannot be learnt with the mind, one has them or doesn’t.

      When it is lacking, because the heart is closed, it indeed has to be broken open.

      This truth is so profoundly simple, yet so totally ignored by a neurotic, unfeeling world.

  • Erin

    “Oneness is not a characteristic of life. Life is a characteristic of Oneness. This is what we have not understood about our existence on the Earth, the understanding of which would change everything.

    Life is the expression of Oneness Itself. God is the expression of Life Itself. God and Life are One. You are a part of Life. You do not and cannot stand outside of it. Therefore you are a part of God. It is a circle. It cannot be broken.” NDW
    Neale posted the very best write to-date in these boards on Jan. 15, 2014, which ended with the above. It’s entirety should simply be re-posted…Everywhere!…over & over…until this message is a ‘got it!” DO WE NEED PERMISSION TO DO THIS???

    I ‘shared’ with my 79 peeps on fb, but I would like to do so Everywhere…over & over, again & again & again. Any restraints on reposting to other similar sites, as long as credit is given where due?

    If anyone here has not read this particular message…You should! I have been on these pages since the Conversation began, and truly, this one compresses into a single post the All of It…Fabulously! Perfectly! And it truly deserves repeat, repeat, repeating! 😀 <3

    (If I don't 'hear' from somebody, I'm sending it viral nonetheless.)

    • Just simply make sure to credit Neale & it should be fine.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Send it and repeat it wherever and anywhere you want. To everyone, all over the globe. Post it anywhere. Email it to everyone. And thank you for caring enough to share this message. Lovingly, Neale.

  • Andrea Scheuermann

    The fundamental problem I see, at the core of all our human problems, is we are not making decisions based in love. If all decisions came from God, and the love and oneness that God is, there would be none of the worlds problems. We are not making decisions from our heart, we have made choices and decisions from ego, which states that I am better than you, I am more deserving than you, I need to compete with you. The state of the country and the worlds inequality problems will not go away until we all step back into why we are here in the first place, love.