You’ve got to find out what others are doing

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(This is Part VIII of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

In our last entry here we said that “the New Spirituality” that is talked about in the CwG books is based upon the following assumption: There is something we do not now fully understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which can change everything.

The process of seeking, obtaining, and sharing wisdom is what will bring us closer to that understanding. This should be a lifelong process that is never ending. That is why I speak of being “in-the-moment clear” about who we are and what we are doing here.

All true clarity is in-the-moment clarity. That is because there is nothing else but  the moment. “Now” is all there is, and everything else is an illusion. Yet even if we accept the terms of the Illusion, tomorrow, for all we know, a flying saucer could land here and change everything we ever thought we understood about life.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

So if you really want to be Part of the Change on our planet, use whatever tools are available to you to get clear on what is true for you. Another one of those very practical tools is meditation—and we will talk more about that when we discuss Step Four of the Ten Steps to Becoming a Spiritual Helper.

More practical suggestions
After getting clear on who you are and what you choose, there is another very practical thing that you can do to implement fully Step One, which, you will remember, is to ANNOUNCE OURSELVES TO EACH OTHER.  (We explored this step in our last entry here). This other practical thing you can do?  Find out what is already being done, and by whom.

Make it your business to learn more about the world in which you live. Watch the news. Read the paper. Follow the Internet. Keep up with what’s happening.

A lot of people in the new age community seem to feel it’s a good idea to avoid the news, to remove yourself from this “negative energy.” I disagree. I follow the news closely every day. Energy is what you call it. Or, as William Shakespeare famously noted, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

I want to know what’s going on in my world. I want to understand the issues of the day, the matters of concern, the daily developments on our globe that co-create our collective experience.

Perhaps more important, I want to discover who, if anyone, is gathering energy and doing something about the challenges we are facing, who is putting together a plan or a program, who is launching what effort to accomplish which goal.

I want to know this because I want to connect  with these people. I want to use these resources.  I want to increase my effectiveness  as a spiritual helper by joining with others who are holding the same ideas I am nursing, and who are moving in the same direction I am going.

Now in the case of readers of CwG there already is a “game plan” for those who have taken the messages of these books to heart. The game plan is to create the space of possibility for a New Spirituality to emerge upon the earth.

This does not mean to proselytize or to start trying to “convert” everyone, and it certainly does not mean the creation of a new religion. The message of CwG is clear on this point. What the world needs now is not another religion, but an expansion, an extension, a rejuvenation and a refreshing of the thoughts and beliefs of our present religions.

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  • Erin

    You are so rockin’ these days, yes? 🙂 These writes are great brain & heart foods…really enjoying them, particularly.

    I’m not so much an avoider of medial output…I don’t need to go out of my way to be updated. Most of the sites I enjoy, & people around me, like to discuss current events.
    I have an avid perspective of ‘How Nature Does It”, one that tells me “What George Carlin would say”, one that can bring historical events that are replicas to present ones. There are sites that bring awareness from heartful standpoints & peeps who like to get into conspiracy debates, along with some who actually do not believe any of it because “People just don’t treat each other that way”…Oh, yes, these folks are out there, too!

    It’s kind of an all day, every day affair…the happenings, & opinions of them, just come & go via this person or that site. And are these things not made available as tools of discussions? Is it not the personal points of view that really lets another See what’s going on? Whether the stories are true or important are told through those most affected by them, no?

    It is especially nice to See “the game plan” you present coming to fruition…Wow, some project you took on, aye? Bet when you were 17, ya didn’t See this becoming, did ya? HeeHee…Funny how shifts happen. Hardly ever ceases to bring giggles to a day to look back & See the roads that got us to where we are standing in our nows.

    Looking forward to the continuing of these…Yer doin’ a fine job, btw. 🙂 <3

  • Blake

    I’m choosing to remind my clergy friends that theirs is not the only way, theirs is another way. To often my friends are being spiritually grandiose as I am guilty of and I realized that if I sat and listened to each of my friends messages I found out that we are all speaking about the same things just in different ways.

    If I could get my friends together here in The Global Conversation we could work better together and attack community, State, and Federal events by teaching that politics and money are not going to solve the problems in the world, rethinking what each of us believe what God wants and help each other realize that God needs nothing from us.

    I reminded one of my clergy friends that I wasn’t going to wait for God to use me, I was going to use God for my purposes. My first demand to God is that I find a way to write an adult book on Sharing, and immediately Annie Sims Article”Somebody Asked Me” appeared on my search for answers. Then my Clergy friend said that she would be glad to help me publish my book on Sharing she said it sounds like a great book with a simple straight forward topic could in my opinion help change peoples views on sharing our resources using spiritual quotes from religious communities from around the world.

    To teach sharing to adults makes more sense than writing a book on competing with each other over our meager resources. I think the idea of Resource Economics where the world learns to share everything is important for global transformation. If anyone has anything else they could suggest please give them to me so I can use God to get them.


  • Terry Blessing

    Since you will not accept what I originally posted, that’s too bad. I was asking your permission for something, and I do not think it is any of your business who my friends and family are on facebook. When I signed up for facebook I was facing one of my many fears and most of the information is not quite right. I have a copy of what I wrote first, but it will not copy here. It is almost 5 in the morning and I need to get some sleep. So if you insist on knowing who my friends are and my family–and since I don’t believe that hell exists–you can go there. It is a shame that I can’t figure out how to contact you. Such is life. Obviously you are not interested, so good-bye.