There is an idea that has been going around the so-called New Thought community over the past couple of decades that to speak of anything, thereby “giving energy to it,” only serves to “make it bigger.” Therefore, this idea goes, humans should never talk about or “focus on” anything that they believe is not okay in our society, because they are only “spreading negativity” and ensuring that those conditions remain even more firmly in place.

We should only give voice to that which we wish to see expanded in its manifestation and enlarged in our experience, this line of thinking asserts, using as its basis the oft declared New Age principle that “we create our own reality” with the power of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

It is time to debunk this notion once and for all. Holding this idea as sacred can, in fact, be dangerous, by allowing detrimental or damaging aspects of our collectively created life to continue — often by going unnoticed.

This business of never speaking a single word about what is simply not working in our collective experience is what I call a “New Age Bypass.” It is spiritual surgery that does not work, because it promotes a point of view that forever skirts the heart of the matter of what it means to be truly evolved and truly enlightened while being truly human.

If a train is clammoring down the tracks and someone in the car hears this as the family auto approaches a crossroad, is that person not to speak of what she knows is just around the bend, for fear of breaking the New Rule of not “spreading negativity”?

In other words, is simple observation of What Is So a “sign” that one is not among the Spiritually Advanced?

What is the purpose of the increased consciousness and awareness growing out of the spiritual expansion and evolution of humanity, if it cannot be used to apply spiritual wisdom to the challenges of that evolutionary process itself?

This newspaper has been criticized by some for publishing headline stories that in some cases describe what we believe to be less than desirable events or conditions in humanity’s present reality. We have been accused of “producing separation” and “creating more” of what we say we don’t want.

“Why don’t you just focus on what you do want?”, one reader recently wrote.

Yet if what we do want is to bring an end to some of the practices and behaviors of humanity, is never saying a word about those practices and behaviors the way to do it? Or is opening the door and throwing the light onto the darkness one way to change the darkness into light?

This does not mean there is no place for positive, affirmative thought, word, and action. But it does mean that observation is not judgment, and a description of circumstances or conditions is not guaranteed to enlarge them.

Life, says Conversations with God, proceeds out of our intentions for it. It is our intention that the Universe understands, and to which it responds.

So if our intention in observing that the train is coming is to avoid being hit, that observation does not increase the danger of our demise, but reduces it. If it is our intention in describing an undesirable condition or circumstance is to change it for the better, that description in and of itself does not change it for the worse.

Quite to the contrary. It makes it possible for us to make an improvement, to advance, thus to move forward in our evolution.

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  • Blake

    What I resist, persists. CWG reminds me all to often.


  • mewabe

    Great editorial Neale, I missed it…interestingly, no comments but one!

    Yes, I am encountering this attitude everywhere, including here, and so I am one of the bad guys (negative) in the eyes of many. Those who try to pursue a spiritual path fail to understand that when they truly become spiritual, that is to say when their hearts truly open and their souls awaken and come alive again, they will feel more, have more sensitivity and empathy, and have consequently less tolerance for the things that do not work, that are “negative” in our world. They will no longer be able to look away, to remain silent, to “see no evil, hear no evil”.

    It is interesting, and you may have already thought of this, how this focus on the “positive” came out in the late seventies, after years of active protests, powerful civil rights movements and of a rejection of the “establishment” by the baby boomers, all very “negative” things from a New Age point of view, but also from the point of view of those who are in power and who do not want anyone to rock the boat. It is a rather strange coincidence how this “see no evil, hear no evil” New Age attitude serves those whose interest is to protect and expand their power and wealth at all cost, even at the cost of social disintegration and environmental destruction, as we see today.

    It is similar, in its consequences, to the way some Christians see wealth as a sign of being deserving of God’s blessings while living a “righteous” life, and poverty as the consequences of having a “sinful” life. Spirituality (what passes for it), or religion (what passes for it), serving the system perfectly, and invalidating and blocking, in the eyes of the believers, all attempts at challenging and changing it.

    • Kristen

      I’m deliberately doing this in a random old thread as it has no relevance, hoping you’ll get a disqus alert. In your brain storage of history etc, or in any researches are you aware of any biggish events on this planet 1000 years ago, or probably year 977 that killed many. Even diseases?

      No worries if you are unaware, I’ll research the hard way one day, and put this assignment aside for a bit. Biblical stuff!!!

      Edit – and wow, I have just read mbamb11’s last sentence in their comment here. WTF?? Smile.

      • mewabe

        Nope, don’t recall anything about 1000 years ago, except that I was about 100 years old then…I am a lot younger now (paraphrasing Bob Dylan).

        Yes, Mbamb11…oh well…we are all geniuses and stars in our shows. “Be the solution!! Have fun!! Think different be creative!! Be kind to others, help others to be kind!”…to which I will add: “Don’t kick your grandma”. All helpful advices, no doubt.

        • Kristen

          Extremely helpful advice thanks, especially about grandma. I’d never do that: although one of many siblings, I have only child syndrome and need to hold my status as the favourite! In fact at my nana’s 90th birthday I MADE her announce that I was the favourite grandchild. OK it was under duress, with threats I would not allow her to have her cake nor would I hide some cupcakes for her before they all got eaten, but that doesn’t really count!! I take her on cool roadtrips and my dad on holidays/vacations with us to maintain my status even though I live a huge hour and a half flight away (huge in NZ terms, thats nearly the length of NZ)!!! I’d add don’t shite on your own doorstep.

  • Therese

    Yes, I believe that judgment is the resisting energy, and observation leads to a space of recognizing what is and isn’t working, leaving the door open to choosing a different way, rather than forcing change.

  • mbamb11

    great thoughts Neal. So, yeah thoughts literally matter, right? Well, Jesus brought Lazareth back to life not by seeing him dead….he is only sleeping. He realized/knew he was to see him as alive, thoughts matter. He taught that while others saw a miss truth, he saw the truth and held that, not only for Laz but for everyone. We can all use this different approach. We see things as others might see them, all the while knowing that truly we are not broken and, we are not in bondage. That is the lie WE EACH chose to accept. Now accept that you did that, forgive yourselves and others and get on with changing your thoughts, recognize that the banking system can be restructured and do something about it. Realize that GMO foods do not serve your desire (don’t make anyone right or wrong) just change and help others too. Don’t buy that food, grow a garden, teach and help others grow one too. take a cooking class on how to use different herbs, teach a cooking class!!! Be the solution!! Have fun!! Think different be creative!! Be kind to others, help others to be kind! We are all spiritual!! there is no more spiritual and less spiritual. That is an illusion, one of them! Use you energy every day,create your day….before you get up, take time to create your experiences and thought BEFORE you start.
    Be the change
    I have always been………….a genius, straight A student, balanced, loving, healthy, wealthy and wise,

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    How can things be really changed if we are afraid to name them and speak about them? Kinda like the Emporer’s (sp?) “new clothes”.