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So it has come to this.

More and more schools across the country are now apparently involving children in so-called Active Intruder Drills.

Complete with armed police bursting into darkened classrooms to “rescue” endangered children, the firing of blanks by fake “intruders” using real runs, and realistic enactments that in one case actually frightened students, these drills may soon become part of The New American Scene in classrooms from sea to shining sea.

So we are told in a remarkable news story revealing this latest educational development published February 8 by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a column by writer Aisha Sultan headlined: Hiding in the hallways: Intruder drills get graphic

In the story, Ms. Sultan describes how some schools involve members of the high school drama club who don gruesome make-up — complete with fake blood running down faces from make-believe bullet holes in students’ temples — and then play out an entire scene, giving school officials, teachers, and first responders “a chance to practice what would happen in such a worst-case scenario.” Except for the voluntary actors, other students are not involved in such drills.

But, Ms. Sultan wrote in her Parents Talk Back column, not all such drills involve only adults.  “Masked ‘intruders,’ armed with guns, fired blanks at a group of teachers in a library in a rural Oregon school last year,” her article reported. Further, she reports, a student at Central York High School in New Jersey wrote about the deafening noise when those armed police officers burst into her dark classroom to “rescue” the students during a realistic active intruder drill.

And yes, it allegedly happened that, according to Ms. Sultan’s report, “an El Paso, Texas district took it a step further with a surprise intruder drill so realistic that students sent panicked texts to parents.”

The purpose of the drills is to potentially save lives by reducing panic in the case of an actual on-site intruder attack at a school, Ms. Sultan makes clear, just as schools for decades have run fire drills, tornado and earthquake drills — and even, in the 50s, air raid drills and atomic bomb drills.

But the possibility of an intruder coming right into a classroom and killing students in could blood adds a new dimension to the model of the world with which a child grows up, one would have to conclude.

Or, as Aisha Sultan wrote: “When you have to imagine yourself getting shot, your teacher hiding you, year after year since you were five years old, that creates some sort of impression. When a threat is so real that you can hear screams and shots fired and smell sweat during the trial runs, that changes a child’s perception of what places are safe,” even though, she continued, “schools remain one of the safest places for children.”

Yes, but does the world feel safe to children who grow up made, in realistic invader drills, to line up against a wall where no one can see them so that their classroom looks empty? When they watch as their teacher quickly rolls down paper on all the windows? When they are told to not make a sound until they hear “all clear?”

“So the defense we’ve given our children since massacres at Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook is very often: Turn off the lights, stay quiet, and hide,” Ms. Sultan opines. “That’s certainly easier than trying to make even the smallest reforms to the country’s gun laws.”

Changes such as restrictions on the purchase of assault weapons or even reasonable  requirements for background checks for gun buyers are supported by “the vast majority of Americans,” the writer asserts, but such modest gun control measures cannot survive any legislative process “because of the power of the gun lobby,” she alleges.

Meanwhile school security “is an industry now,” she wrote in her column, “with trainers and equipment and realistic drills meant to convince us that teaching children to dodge bullets at school is somehow a normal part of growing up.”

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  • Awareness

    Personally I feel that these ” Active Intruder Drills” are unnecessary. Why imprint such “realistic” scenarios into the consciousness of these children?

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    This should not be a problem…the drug industry will supply dope (psychotropic medications) to all children who display signs of anxiety. It will be a win win situation for all interested parties, as new generations are made to grow up in fear and as the police state keeps expending as a result of such fear.

    It seems that some among us (me included) stubbornly refuse to understand how the system works…It’s not about sanity or common sense. It is not about catering to the human needs of the population. It is certainly not about security, justice, or happiness.

    The system is about money and power, exclusively. You might say that I am cynical…no, it is the system that is cynical. I am merely describing it. Follow the money, it will lead you to power…follow power, it will lead you to greater wealth…and ad infinitum.

    We must become “sensible” and stop questioning such a system, that works so perfectly well for those who profit from it while screwing up the world in ever more irremediable ways.

    Either that or start a damn revolution!

  • Comment below if anyone reading this now when in a cafe recently or in
    the past, or in restaurant or some other public place, ever for a
    moment, wondered & thought about the possibility of someone coming
    in and shooting people, just like they’ve heard about in the news the
    last few years.

    • Blanca

      You may have seen a movie where someone ran into a café and shot all the people in ti and thought it impossible (I still do) and then it starts to happen, someone might have thought it a cool thing to do to exact some kind of revenge.
      So now you believe that fantasy can come to life and hurt you, and it is not fun anymore. You have learned to fear.

      • Hi Blanca my reason for the request is I’ve wondered about this at times being in a cafe or public place, & wondered how deep it’s seated in others who go to this site or if it never occurs. I’m quite curious if others will respond.

        Thanks for your comment. How about others here, what do you all think?

    • Kristen

      I’d trust my own instincts much more than any form of training or instructions. At this point, no idea what I’d do, but I am not scared to take a bullet to protect others (except in my upper spine or face). Surely people who think about this a lot would not go to these places if they truly feared the possibility so the perceived fear is not actual reality. I have family in Christchurch which had a couple of major quakes, so I can kind of relate to the feeling something really bad could happen at any time without notice, and I did stay away from any possible danger especially brick walls whenever visiting but family there have said once the initial ‘real fear or paranoia’ wears off a bit, you just get on with it as your headspace transfers to a point where you know the odds are very slim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but know if something happens you cannot control or change it. I understand that people living in high crime areas have the same headspace; potentially real risk that is so normal in your life that it just becomes an accepted awareness rather than real fear.

      We also need to remember that anything negative en-masse will never have the desired effect, the Law of Transendence (strength, personal power etc) will kick in and roles will be reversed. This is exactly what has happened with horror movies, we are so accustomed to extreme fear that normal fears are no more than a flea bite to scratch. I am sure the horrid people who make these movies do not desire making people less fearful and more powerful in their original intent blueprints. The fearmongering will turn out positive in society, rather than in the reverse, it is paranoia based fear and typical American pessimism that continiously makes Americans think the worse will happen. You are giving into ‘their’ whims even talking about this!

      • Thanks Kristen. I was simply curious if people like you and others on the site ever thought or wondered about someone coming in and just start shooting while in a public cafe, restaurant etc.

        • Kristen

          Sorry I couldn’t stick with the gun question, we are generally gun free so had to give the closest I could.

    • Michael L

      I don’t live my life for whats out there. I live my life to create what I desire to see. And love what shows up, even a Gun man lost in the illusion that he can fear me into his way of thinking.

    • Carina Aduddell

      It’s been awhile..but yes Marko I have wondered if something like that would ever happen. But that was when I lived a life of fear. Often worried about what others might put me through..wondering if I would deny God to have my life on Earth spared..wondering where I would go if I died? Now that I know those answers were buried away deep within my soul..I no longer fear death by any means and I’m teaching my kids the same thing. Great question! 🙂

      • Thank you much Carina. I wondered how much the media attention to this has affected some of the collective consciousness where this idea would never occur to many in the past, whereas now, all the media attention on this would make people wonder about this possibility in some public place. Thanks again for your thoughts on this. I tend to think people still feel safe in most public places & spaces but I think the seed of caution is being seeded.

        • Carina Aduddell

          It certainly’s very sad to see and hard to over turn!

  • mewabe

    I must be raving mad, because I have never feared anything the media insists we should fear daily: terrorists, airplane highjacking, mass shootings, bombs, viruses, identity theft, zombies, the flu, 3 legged martians, renegade comets, dust mites, fate and karma, silent killers, singing murderers, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the dark side of our own shadows lurking behind us, which, from a certain angle, might look like big foot.

    What is it with this nation that everyone is so afraid of everything, which is why so many have guns in the first place…the home of the brave? HUH?

    • Blanca

      It is not exclusive to the US. Turn on ANY news channel in ANY country. Mexico is terrified of drug wars and criminals. Argentina is terrified of a failing economy. Venezuela is terrified of.. well anything and everything as the world is their enemy now, Spain is terrified of their economic perspective, the Swiss are terrified of bird flu.
      It may not always be a mortal enemy, but the training to be terrified is there. Always.
      However, take a step outside and get warm on the sun (unless you’re terrified of UV exposure) and breathe. NOTHING is happening. So I walk out and am on my merry way.
      Can’t live with the fear of everything.

      • mewabe

        Humanity is having a collective fever, and the fever is fear…it is part of the evolutionary process, as all illusions, all nightmares, all self created demons, both personal and collective, must be confronted and released before spiritual reality and liberation emerge.

        Look at the records and you will see that all “saints” have gone through it. So have those who have had kundalini awakenings. It is all the exact same process, as the universal divine energy or force is rising within all of us at this time.

        We can’t skip it. Like most healing processes, it is not pretty, and it will get much worse, especially for those who resist it and attempt to cling to the old (old thoughts, old beliefs, old limitations).

        Total freedom is coming, but it will dislodge and let loose some major crap before it can be fully enjoyed (call it a spiritual enema)!

        • Blanca

          That does explain a lot, worldwide and personally. Thanks

    • Kristen

      Some spiders are really scary. And a real fear!

      • mewabe

        Yes, especially the ones from outer space, or those that are 20 ft tall as a result of radiation. I saw one the other day crossing the freeway and causing a traffic jam.

        • Kristen

          What were you doing near a freeway?? Complaining? 3 days of gardening certainly brings all the spiders out of hiding. I hope they were all very thirsty and enjoyed a high pressure hose. Hate them.

          Cute story bout crossing the freeway, look up a NZ ad for Genesis Energy with Pukekos crossing the road, our ads generally make it onto youtube as we are just downright clever and cool! The ad is real BTW. The other day at the shopping centre entrance a Pukeko stepped onto the crossing and walked a metre or so, saw me, turned back, then waited at the curb till I’d passed before crossing again. Complete fluke it was at the crossing, but hysterical. And yes we do have lotsa of birds by the shopping centre, at the moment there are community talks about there being too many peacocks and peahens around, as in paper front page serious talks. First world problems in the burbs!!

  • Blanca

    I was taken aback when these drills started taken place in Juarez three years ago, which was at the time the most dangerous city in Mexico because of the drug wars and random shootouts between drug cartels and between drug cartels and the police. Please do not overlook the “drills while there is a war going on” part in this paragraph.
    Now, the US which presents itself as NOT having an internal war is doing the same thing in cities thought to not be as dangerous as Juarez was in its worst point, because there are deranged individuals that fight their own personal wars.
    What’s the deal? Is the whole world going to go the way of fearing the gun for the XXIst century, one country, one individual, one institution at a time?
    If the trend of “be afraid, be very afraid to live” keeps growing, next it will be shopping malls (already happening in Mexico City), and offices, and then people will be afraid to walk ouside their doors.
    Is humanity at some sort of armed war with itself? Did I miss the part where the Law of the Gun became the Law of the world? Aren’t we supposed to be going the opposite way?
    Is humanity bipolar, then? Half going for peace, half going for fear. Where is the reconciliation so the mind of humanity is unified? Are we even getting close to that?

  • Trisha

    We need to get a grip.

    • mewabe

      Don’t say grip…some will think “gun handle”.

      • Michael L

        Don’t say “gun handle” someone may say which one of my boats!
        Or grip amd say which movie do you mean!!

        • Kristen

          Nor grip your handle or they will think you are opening a drawer to get bullets. For the gun on your boat whilst you watch movies.

  • flojones

    I’m french and it’s the first time that I hear about these drills that you perform in your schools in the US. Killings doesn’t happen in french schools. In the first place, did it occur to someone that maybe those “crazy” men who do those killings are only the outcome of a “crazy” society ? I don’t mean to show disrespect or to say that the french society is better. Maybe in incouscious societies it is wiser to have very strict gun control laws.
    When people can’t control themselves society feels entitled to enforce the control. In fact when people can’t create there own experience of life, when people don’t feel responsible for their own experience, society takes control and responsibility, and restrains people by laws and forces, namely fear. The funny thing is that it is called freedom ! (Most people are not aware how not free they are.)
    Unfortunately up to now societies, governements and people in power prefer having uncouscious people rather than showing, learning them how to be responsible of their own experience of life which means to be free.
    Only when people will choose consciously peace, compassion or understanding rather than inconsciously stress, anger or fear will we have more harmonious and peaceful societies (and no needs for Active Intruder Drills.)
    So thank you to all these people and Neale in particular who spent and are still spending so much time to awaken others and help to create a more peaceful, living and loving world.

    • mewabe

      The vicious circle is that the less people are responsible and mature, the more they require control. And the more they are controlled, the less they are responsible and mature.

      “You are free to be responsible” (Russell Means).

      In these Excited States, people now mostly think about and claim their “rights”…they never talk about their responsibilities.

      I personally do not need a governmental bureaucracy, swat teams, spying agencies, an inflated military, etc, to protect me from real or imaginary dangers, as I have no fear. So I cannot accept to be made to loose my freedom by a government that will not let me be responsible (that will not let me assume the consequences, good or bad, or even lethal, of my own choices).

      As the saying goes “I would rather die free than live in slavery”.

      • flojones

        Viktor Frankl put it this way “I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsiblity on the West Coast.”

        I have the same feeling as you about how righteous, upside-down, irresponsible, controlled and desensitized due to its endless and illusory search for completness our western civilisation is. No need to say that this western civilisation is spreading around the globe (except for few more evolved ones !)

        However for me the society I live in form a context with endless opportunities to express understanding and compassion. And this is healing and a blessing.

      • I’m stealing that quote for my work, the Russell Means quote. Thank you.

        • Actually, I’m bookmarking the page. Thank you, so very much! :0)

    • We are collectively waking up! I wonder if this is why we see the resistance? Why we see increases in power projection in Governments. The Conservative Party in power here, is not respected: yet we still, 60% of Canadians in the last BC election, refuse to get out; get involved; take democratic responsibility: and cast a vote. It seems that the people clinging, are losing their grip. Progress is soooo, slow! So slow. I’m getting old! I grew up in the 80’s. My “instant gratification” training, remains alive and well, deep inside. Yuck!

  • Kristen

    Neale or anyone – is it a misconception that American news really only informs about American matters? I’m a bit perplexed at the moment as there are so many huge natural disasters at the moment, devastating bushfires in Australia, two months of floods in the UK and still more water coming with the Thames river now also over its banks as just two of the examples. We used to hear a lot on the news of any disasters, but it now appears that since the agreeance of scientists of a definate climate change underway, these huge things merely make it onto the news. Or in here. Or online much??? Is there a conspiracy to hide the extent of it?? Very curious, and it would be nice to have a non American/ non war thread in here for a change.

    • mewabe

      America is a cocoon, culturally speaking, and afraid of the outside world. It feeds on its own delusions of superiority by essentially existing in isolation. It’s a weird place, no doubt…living here, one gets the feeling that s/he is living inside a test tube, with strange elements and energies bubbling all around. But it’s not Switzerland, it ain’t boring!

      Yes the news in America are very “filtered”. Mostly, the people are kept in place with bread and circus. (the bread is credit cards and the circus…well there is a lot of that all around).

      • We are fully Americanized in Canada. We have our trusted, CBC news-source. They tend to dance around the world far more than we see on our American stations. When I was a kid, we travelled to a US school, just a few miles south of where I live. I remember in class, the teachers asking us all questions about US current affairs and history. We Canadians, knew all the answers. Right down to George Washington. The American kids, only 15 miles away: knew absolutely nothing about Canada. Nothing! Can’t speak for how it is today.

  • Karma Burris

    This is why I like homeschooling

  • Carina Aduddell

    I really don’t think teaching kids fear is a good idea. But I think as a society a lot of people live in fear and don’t know what to do about it or don’t realize they’re living in fear. If people could get on a free spiritual path I think things would be very different. Now showing that path to people is going to be the challenge. And getting them to embrace it may be an even bigger challenge.

    • I think we can thank issues of past Christian, spiritual abuse for any hesitancy people will have towards a move towards a more spiritual existence. Human foible. I’ve spent time in the mental health community, in groups. Many, many psychologically injured folks in those rooms who, when you mention spirituality, have an INTENSE reaction to anything spiritual. When the truth starts to speak? Christian, harsh, Evangelical upbringings: where they were lead to believe in a Devil who is in charge, here, on this earth. Sad! This, from a man who, as part of his own journey, played Christ on stage! The God I met, on that stage, was certainly not the God that I was taught about. Inner conflict, then, with my own spirituality and upbringing? You bet! Then too, to chase myself back in history, to discover that my family came to Canada, on my Dad’s side, with the Hudson’s Bay Company. My great-great-great Grand-dad, married a Cree woman. So, as a distinct, Aboriginal Person in Canada (Metis’): I’m forced into the inner conflict of knowing what happened, at the hands of the white-man, to our First Nations people. Who experienced the destruction of their culture in the name of God and National expansionism. Conflict! There is nobody to battle with, when one is faced with this kind of conflict. Except, his own demons. Happy to feel the surrender, these days. I hope it sticks.

      • So, long story, short: I agree. Teaching children fear? Destructive. Especially destructive when we teach our kids to fear God.

        • Carina Aduddell

          Yes..teaching fear of God is heartbreaking. Or teaching fear of “Satan”..teaching kids someone is always out to get them. Very destructive!

  • Erin

    Perhaps why Cyber/Home schooling has gone from a mere few thousand only a few years ago to hundreds of thousands in 2013? Hmmm…

    I Am not against preparing children to deal with Society-at-hand…This is just smart & part of the responsibility of guiders…Knowledge/skill honing are great quells to Fear & Change. As well, it is the guiders’ responsibility to ‘de-brief’ their children of their school day…How many DO this? Hmmm…The military does this after war-play…Coaches do this after game-play…Do teachers/parents do this after intruder-play? Not likely…Such is the demise of present public education & Family.

    Neale, as usual, Darlin’, you see with law-abiding-eyes-only on the gun issue. Law-abiding gun owners are NOT the CAUSE of this dis-ease. They do not incite the ill-managed ires, nor create the mental instabilities of present run-amok humans, yet you seem to think that disturbing their Freedoms & ways of being to be the cure-all. Got a bit of Modern Med mind-set, No?

    Funny…When stuff like these events occur, the first things one calls forth are people with guns, & God to get them there on time. I find this hysterical! I also find it funny that in places where weapon-yielding is mandatory, the crime rates are the lowest of anywhere…Hmmm…???

    Guns are tools…They require skills & practice, just like hammers, drills, paring knives, blow dryers, cars, cell phones, & every other human contrivance. Laws, obviously do not keep peeps from using these things incorrectly, nor do they cease the malice of disturbed minds. Oh, but let’s make more! Really?

    Let’s Not focus on the CAUSE of the dis-ease, which is the present way We are being human…Let’s just keep pumping anti-biotic laws into the masses until the entire body is stifled of means to cure itself. Easing the pain DOES NOT stop the fruition of illness…Rather it provides perfect avenue for it to grow more voraciously.

    Yes, let’s go on a witch hunt for all the wands of law-abiding crafters…perhaps it will work ‘this time’…Not!
    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” (Noah Webster)

    “Disarm the people- that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.” (James Madison) (Our Native kin know this one all too well!)

    “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” (Thomas Jefferson)
    Perhaps our fore-fathers had an understanding…the understanding of which, changed everything. 🙂

    • To the last quotes: In Canada, we don’t suffer with this issue on the scale that you do in the US. We have never really been a gun wielding society. Now there was a move at one time to develop a registry for our long-gun, hunting weapons. This, was eventually reversed. The protest, was rather loud: but not screaming. What we did was refuse, quietly (most of us). I don’t like weapons. They don’t make me feel safe. In fact, they make me feel less than safe. I trust your reference to Jefferson. The original intent of American democracy is an ideal that we all can still learn from. Our political system is messed up! We don’t feel, here, we have a voice. Political apathy abounds. We don’t trust anyone in politics to truly put the peoples interests in the forefront of decision-making. Our government is expanding a military base in Ontario, have expropriated a 200 year old, family farm. The 85 year old farmer is saying: “No”. His neighbors are, still-after months, rallying at the farm. The military is waiting. The government is not budging; but they aren’t moving in yet. It’s been amazing watching the numbers of supporters rise. It was a huge media story in the beginning, but, of course, they’ve now moved on to making Justin Bieber our biggest concern in life. Marketing of news? To whom? If the life-and-times of Justin Bieber is the most important thing we have to reflect upon in news stories: if marketing of news translates, truly, into marketing to people who really care about celebrity miss-fitting and miss-firing? Yes, we are in HUGE trouble. Why trouble? Because marketing reflects what we, society, is asking for. I don’t think I could spend too much time these days, carrying on a conversation with anyone who believes celebrity gossip is real news! Maybe it’s better, all things considered, if our people here in Canada remain politically apathetic. No telling who we might vote into power, if marketing of news tells us anything about where this faction of our collective mentality remains stuck at.

    • Kristen

      You really want to home school your kids???? 24/7 parenting????????? I assume you don’t have them or they have already left home???????????

  • Ross Snow

    I believe there are over 200,000 schools in the US. The number of dangerous intruder incident, I believe, is less than 200 a year. Many more people are killed in auto accidents than are damaged by these intruders each year. This is another case of overreaction to fear that we see all the time. Manipulation is so much easier when people are in a perpetual state of fear.

    • Thanks Ross, that’s a perspective I agree with as part of the larger picture.

    • mewabe

      An average of 195,000 people in the USA died due to potentially
      preventable, in-hospital medical errors in each of the years 2000, 2001
      and 2002, according to a study of 37 million patient records that
      was released by HealthGrades, the healthcare quality company.

      According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010.

      Yet the government tells us we must fear terrorism above all else, and be spied upon by out of control and unaccountable spook agencies, as well as wage endless and costly wars, or else a terrorist is going to set up shop in every back yard in America.

      And the saddest part is that the people believe it. Critical thinking has been lacking in America for a long time, and today anyone who actually questions anything is looked upon as being on the fringe.

      Americans have become afraid of using their mental powers. It used to be that intellectualism was un-American. America did not like or trust intellectuals. Today, thinking is un-American.

      This process has been called dumbing down, it consists of manipulating the masses’ emotions, and leading them through their emotions. This has actually become a science. From selling deodorant to selling political lies, wars and puppet candidates to the public, everything is geared towards presentation without substance, towards deception, and towards appealing to emotions while shutting down the power of the mind to use the most fundamental common sense or reason.

      It is a sad spectacle.

      • Agree, as well. Story here too, in Canada. If we challenge the system, we can be considered a pathological menace; and are discounted in terms of point of view. I can get too mouthy over a cause that is dear to me. Took a shot tonight, sending direct messages to a political official on Facebook; to drive home the issue? Her handlers, I think, blocked me because suddenly, she wasn’t showing up on my “friends” list anymore. I don’t trust conspiracy think: but, I’ve had my own experiences where false evidence was appearing very real to me. Media? Irresponsible?

        • mewabe

          I agree…And there is a difference between investigative journalism and being a conspiracy theorist, but making the distinction is no longer allowed.
          Those among us who do not toe the line of the corporate state are immediately discounted in the mainstream as discontents, radicals or kooks.

          I would not mind being considered a radical, and even way beyond that, but I usually do not enter into conversations or exchanges with individuals who embrace the dominant paradigm.

          I have a different point of view than most, that I share in common with Indigenous people (first people in Canada). I do not believe in the system, or even in civilization, at all. I never have. So I am waiting, as does all of the natural world of which I know I am a part, for civilization to collapse. And it will, and it does, for what opposes nature cannot endure.

          That’s a simple law. You are either in sync with nature or you die.

          When it is over, whether I am in this physical realm or in the other dimension, I will breathe a sight of relief, as will all of the natural earth and its natural, wild creatures, for life will again have a chance to breathe free, as it was meant to do from the very beginning.

          Nothing else really matters.

          • I agree, it is sick. It is dying. I reflect on politics, as an example, as “the old boys club”. What I see, most days now, from “them” is a hilarious cartoon of characters. Lies stand out, almost slap me in the face. Rather than seeing the elite, as we refer to them, sitting on a throne with a “let them eat cake” attitude; I see weakness; sad, lost, desperate weakness. Try as I might, I can’t help but feel compassion for them. We all get a chance in life to face our demons. Every human, I believe, will live a dark night of the soul. As civilization crumbles, everyone will be in the same boat that has already fully sunk for me. I know how painful it’s been, personally. Collective pain, with the crumbling of society as we knew it? Are we prepared for this? Let’s hope, it all comes together, gently. Which, I truly think it is. One person at a time, from so many diverse walks of life and living, all coming to the same conclusions and working to heal? Collectively! It’s a bit of magic, really. My latest therapist, when I mentioned this to her, validated my vision. She is seeing it in her office. Rise in client numbers. All with similar stories of trauma. All wanting to let it go and live in peace. Magic!

          • So, why is it, then, that there seems to be a rise in school-shootings? Why this need for such a, seemingly, crazy, overreaction to this issue? Parents, I suspect, are so frightened and living so heavily from a place of needing to protect their kids, that they are pressuring the system to “do something”. What matters to the political system folks, is individualized, human, and driven from inside of these people too. They want to maintain their seat at life’s dinner table. So, in order to keep their place, have no choice but to insist on protection: thus, these reactionary, drills. This is a question, really: relative to the original story. I’m filtering through psychological trauma experience, all the information coming my way these days, so may be off in my own analysis of things. What I see, looks very much, like a collective “fight-or-flight” stress response. Has anyone seen, the National Geographic documentary: “Stress, Portrait of a Killer”?

          • mewabe

            Things do not just happen by accident. The corporate state needs a militarized society, an intimidating, bully police state, in order to implement and protect an agenda that is becoming and will keep on getting more unpalatable to a majority of impoverished citizens.

            The Mayo Clinic reports on its study:
            Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two. Antibiotics, antidepressants and painkilling opioids are most commonly prescribed, their study found.

            This could explain such shootings, as the side effects of many anti-depressants are suicidal thoughts and violence. Mix this with a gun culture and an entitlement mentality and you have an explosive mix…immature individuals who do not get their way throwing tantrums with bullets.

          • mewabe

            Yes…but unless we all begin to heal our relationship with the earth today, we will not have the ground to stand upon to heal our relationships with each other.

            Neither technology, nor God, nor aliens will save us from experiencing the consequences of our actions, because we need to learn, to grow up as a specie, and as long as we refuse to grow up, to be responsible, as long as we think we can get away with murder, with being unconscious, we will suffer endlessly.

        • The glitch of last night, the blocking, was just that: a glitch. Clarifying, so I don’t fear monger myself. I see the greed out there in the world. I see the suffering. I hear the middle class, pulled towards the low end of the financial scale of success in life. I feel the shift in consciousness-in awareness. Many are heeding the wake-up call. Working to heal myself, I’ve met many who are working on their inner world. I hear many discarding what we’ve learned is not a fit, individually, in terms of what matters to the growth of the heart and the spirit. I, personally, didn’t give up my imprinted ideals of success without a fight. I wanted, desperately, to cling to all I had. Bit by bit, little by little, as I got sicker and sicker (PTSD) my whole, old life fell completely away. Everything I thought I needed, as it turned out, weren’t really as important as I’d thought. The only consistent aspect of my journey that remained was my God. This relationship, stuck. For a time, it was only God and I, tumbling around in the world together. I lost all trust for the system and all it stood for. Lost, very much, faith in myself. As I now work with a clearer conscience and clearer thinking mind, I’m feeling, already, a drag back into the world: to, you guessed it, succeed! The sub-conscious is so powerful! Old lessons, DEEP! You see, I prayed, years ago, just as my illness was starting to make me feel uncomfortable with depression: “What is my purpose? Why am I here? What do you want me to do?” Well, be careful, they say, of what you wish for. For, you will surely get it. Twenty years of learning about psychological trauma: and I’m working on a credential the WORLD will accept, allowing me to, finally, after eight full years of focus on the real, PTSD, issues, return to work. As much as I would like to accept poverty in service? I miss being comfortable. Living this winter, in a fifth wheel trailer on my Mom’s property (with my new girl in tow-at 51 years old, for heavens sake): I can’t help, still, but feel, I’m sorry to say, like a loser. Not in a depressed sense anymore. I actually can smile when I say the word. I learned, growing up, that the rich, were horrible. Tossing around a book idea, now, for a very long time: and witnessing the success, financially, of many who shared information with me in their own books, I feel like I may be walking into a trap! With success, like this, comes intense responsibility. So, the brakes are on. I don’t want abundance, if it will turn me into an Elitist! Catch-22?

      • Kristen

        The headspace of it being possible for others to control you, and falling for any form of marketing is a crazy concept. You mentioned deodorant – this irks me. What sane female would even consider bacsically injecting such toxic chemicals and generally parabens into their exposed hair follicles after hair removal. There are stones, crystal, completely natural products, crushed herbs rubbed on and so many other products that work just as well, if not better. Or if people have to use it they should be spending at least $30 on a high quality non chemical based one from a health food store. not to you Mewabe, but someone else who will read this who needs it – Dr Hauschka works really well on those days/occasions when it is necessary. Which is rarely every day, and never within 6 hours of hair removal – putting anything on open hair follicles is the same as injecting thatsubstance into your body – or just inject cancer in directly!

        My sister works in advertising, and blatantly asked me a few years ago how would be the easiest way to brainwash my boys into thinking they NEEDED certain playstation games, and a machine upgrade. At least she is honest enough to word it like that. Although she does have a blog where she pretends to be me, or channels a ‘me’ as her blog personality to pretend to care about stuff for attention!

        Re drugs – sorry, I had 20ml liquid paracetamol yesterday! Thats as hardcore as it gets though although a doctor did prescribe my teenager 24 codeine pills for a cracked rib cos we were going skiing!! Confiscated straight away and well hidden. What the hell was he thinking! A smarter and less honest kid would have sold them at school like everyone else does, along with their ventalin. Are kids too dumb now to be creative like we were and just drop a couple of asprin in a bottle of cheap chilled bubbly wine?!

        Breaks co-op concert with other bands in a vineyard concert tonight, will be great, vineyard concerts are a very kiwi thing going back to the 70’s! Hey – I blogged!! As me.

        • mewabe

          Codeine is highly addictive and most doctors are not much more than legal drug pushers…good move in hiding it!

          In America, everything is marketing…even and especially politics.

          That’s why you will never see a bold or obese presidential candidate, even if he or she was Christ-like. Good teeth, good hair, a relatively decent shape, and the overall demeanor of a soap opera star are essential, along with a proper amount of vacuity and venality. Sorry Winston Churchill, you would never make it in America today, you just don’t look the part.

          On the other hand, we do have a surprising amount of senile politicians in the Senate and Congress, but they still have good hair.

          • Kristen

            No, everything is not marketing in America. Everything in America is the individual people, animal life and the land. As with everywhere. People are always making their own choices, even if it is to be a sheep, believe what people say, take the prescribed drugs, look a certain way etc. Marketing is a simple effective way for people to get their own way, money and much of their definition of success, wrong or right as it is. And everyone knows this, there could not be anyone alive who does not understand the basic concept of it, to partake in the game or not is a choice. It’s called personal responsibility – each individual is responsible for their own choices and who/how they allow themselves to be influenced by others, as individuals, marketing or enmasse via society. You have this opinion with obesity – it is the same choice with everything, same consequences, same responsibilities, same brain and decision making processes and the same free will.

            Many of the things you appear to be opposed to are actually deliberate Laws and of The Source, rather than manmade concepts, which is why a majority of people will do them automatically. Reincarnation has now pretty much screwed up things, as those from above are now going against many Laws though so individuals are now elevating themselves rather than Law elevating certain generic anonymous people who happen to fulfil certain requirements. A good example of this is how many people are now trying to cheat the Tree of Life, just aas Buddhists have always unsuccessfully done, by trying to climb up the centre column to The Source, rather than taking the proper route. The Source can only withstand perfection (which The Source, and only The Source defines – it/he owns the word), beauty and everything that is good and positive. A lot of beauty and the entertainment industry is driven by this reincarnation path and guides, rather than the marketing industry. They will not succeed so are wasting their time, but thats cheating for you, and all the consequences and higher than average carbon footprints they generate in the process. Vanity and attention seeking are very negative traits anyway BUT The Source allows this as the energy generated are what fuels every soul on Earth. Without The Source being able to access this we would all struggle with depression etc. You can hate it, or be a part of it by producing positive energy via pleasing The Source for others to benefit from, but either way, understand it.

            It is also a natural Law that people will only every listen to, allow people in positions ‘over them’ and respect people who are taller than average, better looking than average, better spoken and more intelligent than average, have a better looking family and are better dressed than average, and if a male – have better hair than average. Under many Laws this is permitted, since in being in what are now defined as political positions these people as ‘chosen’ leaders have always led society, people, countries and the world making it a better place for everyone AND had to work a lot harder with intelligence and losing privacy and many freedoms in the process. If you look into Native Americans history I am sure you will find this pattern was also followed in the days prior to ego, money driven dominance and reincarnation. It was even prevelant in Biblical times – Abraham and Sarah were beautiful people, heralding the start of israelites and Gods kingdom on Earth, as were David and Solomon etc.

            A part of good looking peoples role in life is to naturally encourage others to raise their own personal standards to get them closer to The Source, and produce positive energy for the greater good via The Source who transmits and receives via the Sun. This is through clean and preferably straight white teeth, good hair, nice flattering clothes, tans, toned bodies, make up, enjoying themselves out (note how the good looking people are generally leaving early BEFORE everyone else gets drunks and morph into idiots), having nicely presented homes visually even if just a caravan, gardens and interiors, good educations etc. This is the way it is, and nearly every baby is born with this potential, it is the individual personalities that are destroying this, inconjunction with deliberate manifestations so we can be visually read.

            Be an understander, not a hater!!! And to some point, every group of people is discriminated against to some point due to they way they look- you are discriminating against good looking people with good teeth and hair? Why?? You aren’t pasty white, short, fat, bald, of low IQ with appallingly bad taste wearing your worst possible range of Walmart outfits while driving an SUV or open top sports car???

            Go Barbie, Ken and Action Man – rulers in the making!!

          • mewabe

            It seems that you missed my point, I guess I did not explain it very well, as I only used irony…I was not discriminating against or criticizing handsome people, rather I was making a point that in America, as perhaps in some other nations, but probably more so here, everything is about appearances, about the surface, not the content.

            For example people here love shiny, perfect, plastic looking fruit that has little nutritional value, and that is full of pesticide and insecticide. But these poisons cannot be seen, so they do not matter. The nutritional content of food is not important to the average person here either…only the look and the superficial taste, mostly from sugar and fat.

            The same goes with everything. More often than not the content is sacrificed for the benefit of the superficial, of the surface.

            And so it goes with politicians. It is more important to the public that a presidential candidate “looks presidential” than actually having the brain and the integrity and honesty required to lead a nation.

            It was not always this way. American culture was less shallow, less superficial, less fake in the past. Indeed Hollywood is to blame. Today, a book is judged exclusively by its cover, even as its pages are made of toilet paper.

            I cannot address all your points for lack of time, but I would say that we seem to disagree. Human beauty is not necessarily positive. Many extremely beautiful, perfect looking people have very ugly hearts and souls. Psychopaths are often good looking and charming. Furthermore, beauty is determined by cultural standards and these standards vary with time…an anorexic-looking top fashion model from America would not be considered beautiful or sexy in Turkey, from what I heard. A tanned woman from today would have been considered undesirable among the upper class in the Victorian age, when the ideal female skin tone was anemic white, and only peasants had tans.

            A culture that focuses exclusively on the surface and disregard the content is lost and on its way to disintegration.

            Yes, you are quite right, we are being led by barbies and Ken dolls, with the unbelievably low IQ to match…

          • Kristen

            We see the world through very different eyes. We both claim to try our best to understand everything, yet often have very different understandings.

            I have read many things that indicate attractiveness is generally an indicator of a higher than average IQ, although not in very specific tests like physics, IT etc. Through my schooling years it was noticed by all that the better looking kids were in the higher streamed classes (yes our classes were devised based on IQ and test results – very unPC now but it worked as we were always working with similar kids and with the classes taylored to each groups levels – a good system), better looking kids have higher academic and general success, more scholorships (can’t even spell it), and there has always been a much higher ratio amongst doctors, teachers etc. In fact I remember as a kid in the 70’s when out government controlled everything (good ole days) it was an honour for females to be ‘chosen’ to train as a flight attendant, receptionist, PA amongst many other jobs. In NZ pilots are amongst the highest paid people (well over $100k p/a) and many like in a lifestyle block close to my area – they are exceptionally good looking compared to the rest of the dads. I fail to see any good looking USA politicians at all, some a bit above average like Obama (not Michelle), and Sarah Palin is obviously pretty for her age, but the rest just look like boring middle aged men that happen to not carry the male pattern baldness gene. I think those who enter politics around the world are very average looking and non descript. Our PM’s have always also been plain, our latest for a few years is half Jewish, very down to earth, average looking, and just by complete ‘fluke’ happens to be a former wall streeter who happens to holiday in Hawaii each Christmas and play golf with Obama. Just a fluke, I am sure!!! Mind you we do a lot of spying for the USA, ironically since we are nuclearfree so the US navy ships are not allowed in our waters when undergoing pacific ‘training exercises’. Hillary Clinton tried her very best to be our buddy, we make really good fake allies as we are trusted worldwide, but no luck sorry Hillary. Oh – I’ll give you that Bill Clinton ‘was’ good looking.

            Yes beauty is defined culturally and differs every 50 years or so. But The Source and Law have a lot of traps in place to spot the fakes and frauds. A tan is a sign of health through good immunity, vitamin D, liking the Sun therefore The Source so if its from a bottle or sunbed it means nothing other than an illusion no-one will fall for. Same with toned bodies – a sign of hard work, exercise and self respect – again all signs of health so if it is attained purely from the gym it counts for nothing. give me a builders body over a gym body any day. And I am sure you will well know that all the wealthy males completely fell for the peasant girls or similar females in every age – they will always go for cumfy pretty fashions, laughter and joy, toned tanned bodies and a health look over the fake class system that their inadequate wives created of a lack of health and clothes too covering. Natures way – the wealthy are not necessarily good people and will have shorter lives, these paler females did it through their own snobbery. While their husbands were shagging and impregnating the peasants, and later pretty wild west bar whores. Even Da Vincis mother was a peasant girl.

            I’m kind of on the fence, but I would say that I find better looking people are more alturistic, nicer to everyone in general and I, nor you, can assume they have very little soul, substance or that they havn’t been on a Hero Journey. I am one of these people you are making assumptions about, as are many in my family, and my daughter is a living Barbie with a wardrobe to match – straight A student, now a nurse working with brain injured patients and a beautiful person on the inside too. Judge not.

          • mewabe

            You are confirming my point for me 🙂
            Sarah Palin is definitively not the brightest light bulb on the chandelier, and that’s an understatement.

            On the other hand was Einstein a ken doll? How about Winston Churchill? Abraham Lincoln? Thomas Edison? Gandhi?

            From what you wrote, I would have to conclude that New Zealand has a very odd culture, that sounds more like that of Southern California, which is a hedonistic place that is not known for producing too many brainy people.

            I did not mean to offend you personally however…yes, there are exceptions to the rule, some barbies have high IQ. In New Zealand, all barbies might have high IQ, who knows?

            Succeeding in society is however not a sign of high IQ…only of being able to absorb information, do as you are told and work your way through the system. Robots can do this.

            But I can assure you that it is different here as well as in the rest of the world, such as in Europe, perhaps due to prejudices and expectations, but even these are sometimes grounded in some reality…nerds are usually unattractive, and athletes and barbies are usually rather unintelligent and ignorant, perhaps because they make no effort at educating themselves, counting on their looks to get their way, which only take them so far.

            My point about US politicians is not that they are that attractive, but the Corporate State would not sell a politician that looks like Winston Churchill to the American public today, because the public does not care about integrity, substance or actual qualifications, it only cares about presentation and that, again, someone “looks the part”. Which is great when you are selling puppets of the Corporate State…

            …Kind of like the fake food Americans eat. It’s not food, but it “looks the part”. American “culture” is, generally speaking, a fake, superficial culture that fears and abhors authenticity. It is a plastic culture, and I don’t mean pliable.

            The only authentic people in America are Native Americans, again generally speaking, because they haven’t yet completely forgotten their humanity.

            By the way I would rather talk to a real drunk than a fake yuppy.

          • Kristen

            You are quite wrong on quite a few matters, not just in this comment, but I will address you ‘thinking’ Native Americans are the only authentic people left in America (and you are possibly implying worldwide). You cannot assume this, everyones ‘real’ differs greatly, and each difference race has their own different soul downloads making them distinctly different. And they do not want to be anyone else. I am very different to Native Americans and you do not like the things I represent or are a part of me, but I am a damn good Israelite, good Nazirite, good Kabbalist, human, Kiwi, child, parent, pet owner, business owner, member of my community, friend, neighbour, tutor, cake decorator, child of The Source and God etc – I am exactly as I am meant to be for all the different things that I AM! I would make a crap native American but they would be very crap at all the things that would entail being me. The question is ARE YOU REAL AND GOOD AT BEING ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU PERSONALLY ARE? Some people may be meant to be fake, have low intelligence, be brainwashed, be a Buddhist with no intelligence, just be a stay at home mum, work in a factory etc. You cannot define they are all fake as you are not The Source so do not know their download nor how they are meant to be. Although very different to Native Americans and You, they may be perfect at being how they are meant to be.

            As I take the time to know, understand and study people with an open mind that everyone is different and all brains are different, I do understand why you think Americans are ‘thick’ though. My American customers are quite slow thinkers and conversers and struggle with improv two way general conversations, and are also unable to deviate from recipes, instructions or the tools when they follow their youtube instructions or books BUT it does not make it OK to judge people, especially when you have CHOSEN to live in THEIR country. Their brains are just different to others as they are no longer accustomed to creative thinking, improvising and thinking for themselves – just a different type of brain to other countries and from how they were intended to be used at full capacity – but again, not their fault.

            This isn’t meant to sound grumpy – I took the fast way down the stairs so sitting is rather uncomfortable!!!!!

            In response – NZers are quite normal to me. We are not an unattractive subrace and probably smart, we have what we define as a ‘#8 wire mentality’. We make do with what we have and do things the fastest, cheapest most practical way. We still have our pioneer ways in our blood, but I am speaking of kiwis with this (families of pioneers who have been in NZ over 100 years), not the other half our population who are not ‘kiwis’ ‘ but are New Zealanders, and differ greatly.

            You mentioned psychopaths earlier – they have nothing on narcissists. Narcissists have a form of brain damage, generally now either heredatory or from past lives from severe brain injuries especially as a child. It cannot be cured, treated, retrained and they are unable to grasp many basic concepts. as YOU well know the standard run of the mill are an internal sense of superiority to others for no reason, refusal to accept anyone positioned above them or in authority, have an inbuilt sense of entitlement, rascism is always a trait as they will always feel every race they are not a part of or join is inferior, They hate anyone smarter, better looking, in management position, better parents etc and they are not generally likeable but think others have some problem as they think they are perfect, they do not listen to others and think anyone who differs from their own race or views is interior, they are immature and like to call others stupid, fat, ugly as this fuels their own irrational sense of superiority, they can often be stalkers and possessive, everyone and everything in their life serves a purpose to them – even spouses and children are for a purpose which is often to love them, they would rather be broke than have to work hard for promotions as they feel life owes them, they are often found amongst people who are possibly ‘beneath’ them financially, intelligence or life status wise as this again fuels their own sense of superiority and will often work with those less fortunate as this positions them above those less fortunate, they are ugly on the inside but since it is brain damage causing their condition this will rarely manifest onto their body or face until they are over 50 as they are not to blame, they are the biggest producers of negative energy as they are just downright rude, negative and often cruel. They will also never recognise they are a narcissist as they think they are perfect. Court judges often tell them they are though!! If their spouses don’t kill them first when they drive them nuts with psychological abuse and constant negativity. They are blind! – oh they will also not have nice natural smiles just so people like me can spot them a mile off, often a condesending smile or bad teeth.

            The thing about them, which is why I did so many studies on them is that there are quite a few high up universally and I could not work out how the hell they got up the Tree of Life when they are actually on the lowest bottom level where all the exists once they stop deceiving themselves and FAKING spirituality etc to feel superior, is that because their horrid condition is brain damage, the law of Compensation will always give them a change. Higher Christ Guides or those undergoing this training are assigned to them to try to get them outside of their own selfish world, generally through a very harsh spiritual awakening, so they can access Law. This is the only way they understand their condition, others and that they are actually quite lowly – when they see it in black and white. They tend to change a little bit and go from 100% ego to 80% ego and 20% humble. Although they will rarely progress beyond themselves and the land, their negativity can then be put to good used and they are offered jobs as ‘work horses’, working for Karma and as punishers once they understand these things. This is in place of them being Karmad for all the suffering they cause via negativity, but they are always kept in this position with people over them as they will never be able to ‘be nice’ or have their own staff.

            Interesting huh?? Contenttt was one of these, however his stupid sense of ego based entitlement made him ‘take’ a human body which is not permitted for non humans, Buzz last year was one two but he was a rare one in that he realised he was a jerk and although didn’t want to change he did want to understand how to make people like him and understand why he was pedantic etc. Know of any others in here………….??

            When I said I work for the Christ realm, I didn’t mean I am underneath them but I have changed jobs now so this will probably, and hopefully be my last post.

            take care and TRY TO BE NICE AND NOT SO RUDE.

          • mewabe

            I was actually talking more in terms of culture than of people. All people are different, but a majority within cultural groups often display acquired cultural traits that are similar.

            I do not relate well to certain cultures, namely Indo-European cultures, generally speaking. It’s not saying that they are “bad”, but they are, overall, a bit of a nuisance as they seem to produce people who are hell bent on conquering and mastering all life regardless of consequences, and who are plagued with the dangerous illusion of having a mission to dominate the world.

            I am not sure that I understand why you would feel personally offended. I have neither visited nor lived in New Zealand, I have no opinions about it whatsoever. Why do you think I dislike what you represent? I do not know what you represent, as I do not know who you are as a person.

            This is precisely why I avoid getting “personal” on the internet…it is not possible to know a person electronically…yet it is so tempting to make assumptions.

            Two individuals could read the same sentence and come to very different conclusions about the person who wrote it, as well as the actual meaning of the sentence. One person could read the same sentence at different times, and, because of different moods, could have different understandings.

            You mention that I should not judge… yet aren’t you boxing people by personality “types”? Is it better to state that a person is narcissist than to say that he is superficial or unimaginative? Is there really a difference? I did not judge “buzz” or “Contenttt”, I do not “analyze” individuals who I do not personally know. Ultimately we can only know ourselves. Everything else is a perception distorted by past experiences and future expectations.

            I do not judge or attempt to analyze or study anyone here, and I neither “like” nor “dislike” anyone. How could I? And why would I?

            I did not realize I was rude…I just cut to the chase, I like to get to the heart of the matter…it saves time and energy. I avoid coating things with sugar, as it means absolutely nothing, except perhaps managing people’s old, festering wounds, which is a disservice (old wounds need to be faced and healed).

            I especially avoid the meaningless, careless use of certain words (such as “my friend”, or “love and light”). I say what I mean and mean what I say, and I know that there is a difference between acting kind and being kind.

            I am never offended by anyone who is direct towards me, or even antagonistic or brutal. Why would I? I know how people look into another and often unconsciously see their own reflection, and that is the aspect they dislike, a part of themselves that they have judged and rejected.

            Ultimately, life teaches us that we cannot truly dislike another person…we can only dislike ourselves, and the reflection of ourselves we see in the other.

            But it is another thing with cultures and civilizations. Because I love the natural creation, I have very low tolerance for cultures that assume a right to enslave and destroy it.

          • Kristen

            Hey, you haven’t offended me at all. The only thing that offends me is if anyone would imply I was a liar (people with high functioning autism don’t lie as their world is fact and understanding based). I was typing fast with a very bruised butt – tried to explain this.

            Re Buzz and Intenttt – I was just responding to your pointing out about psychopaths, and stating there was a lot worse out there but at least narcissists do not act or attempt to deceive people – merely themselves.

            You are rude when you call others who differ from you stupid etc, especially those with different beliefs or understandings to yours, but thats ok its how you are, but it does produce negative energy unnecessarily. Remember there are observers in here who may not be tough nuts, are possibly on a low and looking for guidance or help and may well be in these groups of people. As you said to Buzz in early Dec 2012 (sorry autistic memory – I think I know every song I’ve every heard too! Not much use unfortunately, I could have had a more useful ‘thing’) “It’s not necessarily what you say, but the way you say it”.

            Re acceptance of people who are different and putting them down – I was pointing out that we are all different, and not necessarily inferior to superior to others who differ from us.

            Re things I represent that you almost hate. I was mocking you and myself, but these would be suburbanites, people who don’t want to live in a group situation, fashion followers, people who like beauty, people under the biblical God etc.

            I know you don’t relate well to any other cultures, anyone could get that bit. A narcissistic trait showing through there! The only things I don’t like are foreigners taking over my homeland and I have a huge issue with accents. Funnily enough under Law, The Source has snuck annoying accents in as the one thing we are able to dislike about other races without racial judgements. I have pretty much zero tolerance for Filipino American accents especially when they call me mam and tell me to have a nice day off their programmed script, fast Indian accents and French and Iranian accents seriously almost make me want to slit my own throat especially when people say “zi” instead of “the”. If you cannot make the sounds a language requires – please do not speak it!!

            People that you define as a nuisance are probably people just trying to have a ‘living life’, not everyone has to be a tree hugger and want to be amongst open nature all the time. I certainly don’t, I love the relationship between nature and man expressed in a creative way with log cabins, furniture, landscaped gardens etc rather than nature on it’s own. Creator made us to be how we are, if he didn’t want us to enjoy and play with the stuff he made then he would have made us different. he actually loves the things we do with nature, the paths and fences we make etc. Nature on it’s own is boring to him, one of our roles is for entertainment which is why we are meant to be funny and physically creative. Yes some are very destructive, most unintentionally but this doesn’t mean they are a mere pest nature lovers should want to swat and wish to disappear. maybe people are enjoying nature and Creators gifts in a different way to you, which is only enslavement and destruction in your perception (obviously property developers and city builders are not in this group – they are downright destructive and taking what is not theirs to destroy).

            Again, not offended at all, and no intention so sound this way. I don’t personify anything anyway, that is self destructive. Since I have studed both psychology (manmade or unnatural behaviors or afflictions), brains, mental health and psyche-ology (behaviours and the way we are bestowed on us from above intentionally via our souls and other means) it is automatic and natural for me to absorb information about different people without intentionally studying them. This was my major in Law studies, and I have studied people at University here also. For me this is no different to automatically processing information about cakes which I know a lot about, or a car lover processing information about cars they see without deliberation. I haven’t ‘studied’ you, you are very stock standard for your personality type, I have only studied Buzz in here which I informed him of. When studying I was almost on complete shut down and isolation, other than work, family and neighbours with no internet contact at all, until I completed my studies of people late 2012. Counselled a few, yes, studied them, no.

            Take care

            NB -I do not agree with your 2nd to last paragraph at all as a generalisation.

          • mewabe

            Thank you for taking the time to reply…

            None of this is important, and all of it is off topic. And yet it is easy to get drawn into a conversation that could last forever…

            I will just address one little thing…that jumps at me…about creating negative energy. These are buzz words among the new age crowd. I do not picture you as being new age, but I do not know. But I do not understand the terms negative energy…I understand the word “hurt”. Hurt is not about judgment, it is a feeling. If words or actions hurt another, it is a response everyone can understand and relate to, and address…but negative energy implies almost a superstitious, fearful approach to feelings…not to want to acknowledge and feel unpleasant feelings, such as hurt, anger, etc.

            “Oh that’s negative, let me get outta here!”
            “Negativity” is the new black cat of this century…if you ever encounter it, close your eyes and ears and RUN AWAY! But do not ever admit of being hurt, because that would make you appear too sensitive and vulnerable, even perhaps childlike, and the dominant ego could not live with that.

            No feelings are of themselves negative…some are unpleasant, but they are never negative. All feelings are logical and legitimate, when looking at their source.

            No words or actions are “negative” (that’s a judgment), but they have the power to make another FEEL good or bad when allowed to do so by the person who experiences these feelings.

            And they have such power when TRIGGERING something in the person, which is ALREADY there…no one can “plant negativity” in another, or draw another into negativity, one can only AWAKEN the negativity that is already in place in the other (such as self-loathing, low self worth, anger, pain, depression, guilt, shame, inner conflicts, etc, all things mostly born of SELF-JUDGMENT).

            This, let me be clear, is how I see and experience things. I know it works differently for everyone else, as it should. I am not creating a new religion…

            The way I see it, no one heals by hiding from oneself…the role of the adversary is to pull out what needs to be healed, what is already wounded in the other. This is why the adversary is often more beneficial to growth than the friend, although no one likes to face their own pain.

    • Kristen

      This comment is quite funny to read. Even having stats on numbers of intruder incidents is pretty forked up, and assuming you are American it is sad that you state this as being quite a low number therefore low risk. This is as insane as the day I read that there is a maximum allowance for cow poo permitted in food and milk as traces. UM, sometimes the stats and levels should just be good old zero!!

      I do understand where you are coming from though, but because of their dangerous society, amongst many other issues, Americans sometimes see things as normal that are actually VERY VERY VERY abnormal. One school intruder per year is abnormal Ross.

    • Ross Snow

      My point is that Americans as well as other peoples tend to respond to fears and take aggressive reactive measures in some situations while ignoring even more unacceptable situations in other areas of life. I made no mention of what I would like “normal” to be. I made an observation.

      • Kristen

        I understand that, and understood that when I read it, but still found it an extremely odd comment, more based on American perception rather than your personal view.

  • We’ve lived with the threat of nuclear war, for my entire life. Thankfully, in Canada at least, my generation (I’m 51) didn’t learn drills to deal with this. I do know, that the constant threat of it hasn’t done anyone I know any emotional favours. F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real. Why is it that when the media jumps on school shooting stories, there seems to be a need to demonize those responsible?
    Mass hysteria is all that comes from such a slant on the story. Friends in the USA, are sharing that more and more, they see ‘militarized’ policing. More edgy officers. More citizens, damaged through over-reactionary, almost brutal actions by police officers. My view? Institutionalized fear.
    Here, in British Columbia, an inquest just ended. A soldier, who served our Country with his personal sense of courage: developed PTSD (go figure). He was shot, in the back, by a SWAT team (we call them ERT here: Emergency Response Team) over what is sounding like and overreaction of our Federal police force (the RCMP). The man’s psychiatrist was willing to intervene: and was disallowed contact. The soldiers mother, was leveled to the ground, kneed in the chest, for simply attempting to intervene. The kid was on his way out to surrender; panicked, I believe, and was turning to retreat and the order came for to fire.
    Fear makes us do some pretty nasty things. In this case? Is there not one cooler head in the game, making decisions with the psychological welfare of the children in mind?
    I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this conversation. Be Well!

    • mewabe

      Things do not just happen by accident. The corporate state needs a militarized society, an intimidating, bully police state, in order to implement and protect an agenda that is becoming and will keep on getting more unpalatable to a majority of impoverished citizens.

      The sharp polarization of economic classes between the rich and the poor, the destruction of the middle class with free trade and a global economy that forces us to compete with a slave work force in Mexico, India and China and to lower our environmental protection standards to theirs, the expansion of total surveillance, the militarization of the police, the establishment of a constant state of war against terrorism, the obliteration of ever more of our civil liberties in the name of national security, none of this happened by accident. Governments are not that abysmally stupid.

      Follow the money…the system has never worked better for the elite than today, while the rest of us peasants are trained to live in fear, so we may know our place and be grateful to our mighty “protectors”, our new lords and kings, as were serfs in the middle ages.

      That’s not conspiracy theory thinking…if you look at history, the poor has rarely waged war against the rich, except in times of revolutions. But the rich has waged a constant war against the poor, to keep the populace in the sewer, defeated and powerless, and easily manipulated and exploited.

      • Kristen

        Hey ya,
        Of no relevance in here, other than everything is always related, but you have indicated a vision of catastrophic proportions. Care to share anything? I know as a generalisation visions should never be recognised as prophecies, the Bible Codes indicate there are 5 plans for Earth, all governed by freewill choices so nothing can ever be deemed as a certainty other than the usual peaks and falls (we are falling slowly, I assume soon to pick up momentum with energy based physics). BUT quite a few years ago, when Global Warming was still a buzz word, and I asked my then teacher about it after reading in a CwG book that there was no such thing as Global Warming (soon to change to Climate Change) and I was shown a brief vision of the northern hemisphere very quickly descending into a big freeze, with very few inhabitants left (yes all those huge underground cities in America may just come in handy) Or shifting to Ozark could be fun. This is freaking me out a little now, for obvious reasons, so if you choose to share anything I would be very interested in what you saw. I can tell that the Afterlife KNOW something is up, as NZ would be the last habitable country standing in Climate Change as we are humid and generally always between 5-30deg c (which the UN also stated many years ago), with our own weather systems and over the past ten years or so I can see groups of every race, country and religion flocking here in groups, it feels like we are being designated a 2012 Ship (if you have seen the 2012 movie). My ‘huge’ city of a million has now nearly doubled in size with both population and housing. I want everyone to just go home and give us our country and lifestyle back, but it is clear something is up.

        Anyone else????

        • mewabe

          First I want to say that this vision was a gift…I never asked for it, and it came unexpected. But I am not attached to it…I know that there is flexibility, nothing is written in stone. It is a path the world might take, if we do not change. But it does not have to happen.

          The vision is not precise. Which is good. It showed me the essence of the process, not the details. I do not trust psychics or seers who give perfect details, including dates etc. There is, again, too much flexibility to pin things down so precisely.

          So the vision showed me the spiritual process that is underway…not the weather or earthquakes or wars. It revealed a journey in consciousness. And this journey was akin to humanity having a high fever…expiating all of the accumulated poisons in its consciousness, which reminds me, in a way, of the Biblical image of “hell” opening up. The “hell” here is the unconscious, the subconscious.

          The journey will be very dark, and cause much physical upheaval in the world, global and overwhelming catastrophes, from economic collapses to epidemics, to environmental disasters, etc. The details are not important, only the meaning of the journey.

          People who give predictions do get lost in the details, missing the process.

          This is where fear might come in, but there is absolutely no reason to fear. The vision indicated that towards the end, humanity would succomb to near absolute despair, hopelessness. This is as dark as it will get. And at the very moment near absolute despair is reached, the vision showed instant spiritual transmutation…into what I can only describe as Christ consciousness on a global scale, a condition that reveals the presence of the divine throughout all of creation, for all to know, feel and express.

          It seems unreal, I know. I had this vision in 1994. I sat on it for a decade, not knowing what to think, whether it was a message about my own life or truly about the world. But it is about the world, although I had a similar journey in 2008. But it is, as all visions, a possibility.

          I would say that it is a very strong possibility, as I felt that the world began this dark journey after 9/11, choosing the wrong response, a response grounded in fear, anger and hatred.

          Again, there is nothing to fear…if we understand the process, which is that of spiritual awakening on a massive scale, by way of a dark journey through which consciousness must confront all of its hellish creations in order to release them for good.

          If you have ever read Joseph Campbell, you will know that he called this “The hero’s journey”. It is a walk through the unconscious, where monsters and demons lay hidden, all of which are the creations of judgement and spiritual self betrayal, the worst form of betrayal.

          This is not about physical survival, but soul survival and liberation. This is a journey of the soul on a massive scale.

  • Erin

    Sooo, what shall We DO with this tyrannical bunch of Fear Mongers? These ‘clean-laundered’ terroristic elite rulers who are far above any law they place upon ‘Their’ masses?
    What shall We DO with the ‘victimized’ ignorant serfs so swallowed in their Fears that they are as wild-childs running amok?

    Bless them? Put them out of Our misery, and theirs, as they appear? Recruit hardly surviving Seniors to volunteer to strategically & suicidally stroll, fully packed to blow pieces of their kind away? Send them Love & Light? Let All DO whatever they want…for as long as They want…& ‘Go with the flow’, so to speak?

    And what of ‘Their’ military…Our children, Our spouses, Our Family members? Will they comply to turn upon Us, mow down their Own by uniformed order…or shall We similarly contend with them as well? Perhaps a few rounds of Kumbaya, or a sit-down chat?

    idk…Would really appreciate some Solutions to these ‘problemos’.

    All of these ‘types’…WE…are kindred…But what does one DO when kindred endanger their lots?
    In Nature, they are quickly dealt with as the utmost infraction to Life of All…Either by isolation or death, no in-betweens. This is served with ‘The Love of the many outweighs the Life of the few, or the one.’ So, do We Love through the Life of Our many or Our few?
    Obviously, We do not truly consider Us as an All, else We would See no separations as We are. We would not See ‘2%’ or ‘Them’ or ‘Us’…But We DO! Where is the line drawn of ‘Them’ & ‘Us’? Spirituality? Logic? Common Sense? Or simply destructive behavior?
    Now, how would ‘new-aged-human’ deal with such choice to isolate, or permanently remove, destructive behavior?

    This inquiring mind would like to know…and no doubt, ‘God’ is probably awaiting the next moves of Earth-human with bated breath. What experience shall We next provide Omnipotence?

    • mewabe

      For conscious and caring individuals, non violent civil disobedience is really all that is left, at the risk of being imprisoned, as the state and the legislative system are paralyzing us into submission to implement the agenda of total corporate control over our live.

      For example, it may not be known here that animal activists who document animal abuse by labs, factory farms or any other business, and who use documentation such as a video to force the state to enforce existing laws against such abuses, can be arrested and imprisoned for causing such businesses a loss of revenues.

      In other words, while the state doesn’t enforce its own laws, individuals who merely report the breaking of such laws are now liable to end up in prison.

      This is just an example of the power the corporate state is claiming to keep us all down and powerless. Of course most people in the mainstream culture do not know this, because they voluntarily stay down and powerless, and refuse to see or hear anything that might disturb their comfortable coma.

      • flojones

        What doesn’t support life is condemned to extinction. Either humanity turns from fear to love or it vanishes… This can be our mission if we accept it ! 🙂
        Only acceptance alleviates suffering. I raher be the one who accepts that the one who fears.

  • mewabe

    “But you have there the myth of the essential white America. All the other stuff, the love, the democracy, the flourishing into lust, is a sort of by-play. The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”
    D.H. Lawrence
    Studies In Classic American Literature

    From the book “Days of Destruction Days of Revolt” by Chris Hedges

  • It might behoove all of us here to see that we probably will not accomplish much if we keep staying in the blame game (as much fun as that can be at times) whether it’s of the government or people with primitive thinking habits, evil corporations etc. The mentalites which created the problems Neale brings up, will not be solved by like minded mentalities, to paraphrase an Einstein quote most are familiar with here.

    We will have to be the change we’d love to see in others. We move into being solution oriented rather than problem centered. We realize that we will most likely not agree with all the solutions, but we can celebrate & appreciate any move forward.

    I envision awakened intelligent people, government & corporations etc.

    Because we don’t see as much evidence of this yet should not stop our first response of seeing & visualizing the world as we prefer it. Yet do we even start there? I work & play at being & doing so.

    We start there & let that inspire the next action steps.

    Visualizing is action & the Law of Attraction ends in attrACTION. Yet if we can’t as a group here create our own little collective vortex matrix as the locus of first response visualizers, who will?

    If not us who? Let’s step forward first & be the influence we desire to see in the next grandest creation of the greatest vision we can behold & Imagine.

    • mewabe

      Yes, and yet, those who are actively destroying the world and humanity right at this moment have to be stopped. They can only be stopped when the multitudes are aware of what is going on. And the multitudes can only be aware of what is going on when it is put out there, not to blame but to present the facts.

      Corporations that are destroying the environment have to be stopped now. Governments and laws that support such destruction have to be changed now. Banks that finance these corporations have to be stopped now. And all of us who are supporting the system through our habits and lifestyles have to change our lives now. We are running out of time. Visualization is good, but it is not in itself action. To visualize a resolution to a problem before action is the way to go…as long as real action takes place.

      All of this is uncomfortable, and most people do not want to deal with it. Change is difficult, and to face an unpleasant fact and be involved in some kind of conflict is not fun. But it will get way more uncomfortable if we do nothing.

      People on this website are not going to re-invent the wheel. Many activists and grass root organizations and movements are presently working very hard, and putting everything on the line, to bring to light and end the abuse of people and of the environment. They do it through legal means (the courts) and civil disobedience as a last recourse. These are the people we should join or support in every way we can, and visualize being triumphant.

      Not that we should encourage polarization…but criminality must be stopped the moment it occurs, before we can all sing Kumbaya together as one. The act of rape must be stopped before we can embrace the rapist as a brother and hopefully help him heal, help him see the light.

      There is too much talking and not enough action among the new age and the spiritual. This remind me of the old comedy “The Life of Brian” by the Monty Phyton crew…about the anti-Roman group that kept talking and never took any action.

      • “not to blame but to present the facts.”

        “Visualization is good, but it is not in itself action.”

        It is action, and should be the first & foremost. This is what leads to what I would call inspired action.

        “To visualize a resolution to a problem before action is the way to go…as long as real action takes place.”

        Yes! But visualization as I said before is action. Some people may not be able or have the resources to take certain kinds of actions. But even invalids can visualize and add good energy toward a worthy goal.

        “All of this is uncomfortable, and most people do not want to deal with it. Change is difficult, and to face an unpleasant fact and be involved in some kind of conflict is not fun. But it will get way more uncomfortable if we do nothing.”

        This is a good point, of course, my only quibble with this is, that while it can be & has been uncomfortable in the past & maybe so in the future, it doesn’t have to be that way.

        It’s not written in stone, but I admit, is quite embedded in society that discomfort is what brings change. I agree it does, but enlightenment can do so with less or no discomfort & even then, can welcome the discomfort if it occurs, thus owning it, lessens it. Make sense?

        There is too much talking and not enough action among the new ager and the spiritual. This remind me of the old comedy “The Life of Brian” by the Monty Phyton crew…about the anti-Roman group that kept talking about what should be done and how it should be done, and when, and never took any action.

        Yes, and as I said above it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not inevitable or etched in stone, though it is strongly embedded in our collective thinking.

        “People on this website are not going to re-invent the wheel. Many activists and grass root organizations and movements are presently working very hard, and putting everything on the line, to bring to light and end the abuse of people and of the environment. They do it through legal means (the courts) and civil disobedience as a last recourse. These are the people we should join or support in every way we can, and visualize being triumphant.”

        Yes I do concur with this & would add other alternative ideas, organizations & movements can also occur unthought of now that may really make a revolutionary difference. That is in addition to these other organizations.

        “Not that we should encourage polarization…but criminality must be stopped the moment it occurs, before we can all sing Kumbaya together as one. The act of rape must be stopped before we can embrace the rapist as a brother and hopefully help him heal, help him see the light.”

        Yes those individuals (mostly men) need to be loved back to wholeness & to be in and to have a society that does not enable them! Like sports stars etc.

        “There is too much talking and not enough action among the new ager and the spiritual. This remind me of the old comedy “The Life of Brian” by the Monty Phyton crew…about the anti-Roman group that kept talking about what should be done and how it should be done, and when, and never took any action.”

        There is much truth to this I will admit. However I think many people are willing to take action given the right inspirations & guidance. Some of these groups will be well organized. Others may come into being spontaneously & take on a life of there own with little to no organizing.

        Well put Mewabe, good job. Thanks for your input. Well appreciated!

        • mewabe

          Thank you for your response Marko…

          I think that unfortunately, people still look at leadership for inspiration. It’s a mystery to me as to why, as I have always lead myself, but as long as this is the way it is, it is then the responsibility of those who are highly visible, who can be heard by the multitudes, to lead by example, not just with words but with action. To put their bodies on the line and walk their talk.
          That’s what is inspirational, that’s what moves bodies: talk AND action!

          I would like to see those who have taken on the role of spiritual teachers to stand for something, anything that means something to them, and there is no lack of crisis and causes today…such as, as examples, to end mountaintop removal mining, or the tar sands in Alberta, or the horrible exploitation and oppression of workers in third world nations, or the rape of women everywhere, or unnecessary wars.

          It is one thing to keep saying “we are all one”, All is one”, etc…

          But if we really believe it, then how can we stand there and watch the destruction of what is a part of us, and do nothing but throw more words out there, as if there was an actual lack of words in the world?

          Everyone wants to write a book these days, and be an “inspirational teacher”, a “spiritual coach”, and have a blog and 100 000 “friends” on Facebook…and make a living at that. Is that going to actually change the world?

          Martin Luther King inspired because he did not just talk…he marched, and he did it in a very visible manner. He put his life on the line…that’s what is inspirational to the multitudes!

          Everything has already been thought, written, and said, for hundreds of years. Absolutely nothing is new under the sun. How many times must we all repeat the exact same thing, and what is the use if people’s considerable butts remain glued to whatever they are sitting on, while all are waiting for the other person to do something?

          What would actually be new would be for humanity to walk its talk…even one or two steps would be great!

          (Can you pick up on my frustration?)

          • “I would like to see those who have taken on the role of spiritual
            teachers to stand for something, anything that means something to them, and there is no lack of crisis and causes today…such as, as examples, to end mountaintop removal mining, or the tar sands in Alberta, or the horrible exploitation and oppression of workers in third world nations, or the rape of women everywhere, or unnecessary wars.”

            I’m sure many have asked this same question. Surely if they spent all their time on causes, that would drain the energy of their own mission as spiritual leaders. Activism comes in many forms.

            Sometimes they are one & the same & other times not. I’ve asked that same question in the past. I would further ask, why don’t they (the spiritual teachers) get together & create a movement for change? Another good question. Of course we start with ourselves & be the change we’d love to see in the world.

            To me, I tend to move toward prioritizing as individuals, & as a collective. Now you have clarity. Sometimes when we solve the little problems, the big ones solve themselves. So if leaders become more compassionate & evolved they will take chances. Just as we will.

            I also believe that our visualizations and prayers & inner work we do may in fact have saved the earth from blowing up 25 years ago as well as today. In some cases, it’s amazing we are still here. How much worse could it be if we did not send out our prayers of peace?

            Yet if the followers lead, the leaders will eventually follow. Often it’s leaders finally adopting what the people always desired in the first place where change takes place.

            We as individuals are responsible for ourselves & there is a collective responsibility as well. We have not moved enough to be as responsible as we need to be for ourselves & our planet. Thus more prayers, visualizations are needed, to create the needed action energy.

            It’s possible we will not heed the calls of Mother Earth in time & thus destroy ourselves. It’s possible, but I’d visualize what we desire & let that energy inspire our next action steps, regardless of appearance & evidence.

            “But if we really believe it, then how can we watch the destruction of what is a part of us, and do nothing but throw more words out there, as if there was an actual lack of words in the world?”

            Well guess what? we are still here, if we’ve got this far with this much wildly primitive thinking we may still have a chance. It’s not over, though some evidence says it is. Which ever it is, we are still here & as long as we are, we move forward with the highest vision energy we are willing to conceive.

            Thoughts & words first, which ignite action. More action is taking place, there are many documentaries showing our immense problems & ways that are used to solve them, Marianne Williamson a spiritual leader is running for office. Hope is in the air. Can you smell it beyond the frustration?

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko, you make some good points…

            I did not mean to imply that those who teach their version of spirituality should spend all their time on causes. I meant to say that they could act in highly symbolic, visible manner here and there to inspire others into action, since it seems that most people still need to be lead, for some strange reason.

            Yes, there is no telling how bad things might be without prayers and visualizations. It could be a lot worse.

            Words, thoughts do not ignite action in the multitudes, only among those who are more evolved…that was my point. What ignites action among the masses is discomfort. As long as the system appears to work, more or less, the mainstream will not budge. It is only when things get very uncomfortable, unbearable, that revolutions or any other change begin on a mass level.

            So the very best thing that can happen, truly, is for things to fall apart rapidly. That’s how the addict realizes he must change, when his life is almost completely destroyed, when nothing works any longer.

            If humanity was more evolved, it would not be this way. The wise does not wait fort a crisis to change. The unwise waits to be pushed to the brink of destruction before making a decision to change. That’s what will most likely happen, although it doesn’t have to.

            So…about hope…no, I don’t need to hope for anything (this remind me of those who hoped 2012 was going to be the miracle year of global change). I know humanity is going to arrive…whether it takes the easy way or the hard road remains to be seen, but it will get there, sooner or later, in this dimension or another. I don’t hope for this, I know it 🙂

          • I’m choosing the easy way. What ultimately happens is any ones guess. Thanks for the dialog. As always, be well.

  • mewabe

    flojones, your response to me is on hold, “awaiting moderation” for some unknown reason, as I haven’t seen you break any rule in your comment. So I will post my response to you here:

    Yes, to all you said…and no!

    Has you inner life, which you support, stopped Chevron from deliberately dumping 18 billion of toxic oil waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, and is it stopping it from suing
    its victims, who are Indigenous tribes and are suffering with cancer and birth defects, and their allies?

    I could give you a million examples of what your inner life is not stopping, at this very moment, including rapes, murders, wars, pollution, etc…

    There is something new agers desperately need to understand. This philosophy of non intervention, of let’s do “OM” and visualize the earth floating in a pink bubble of love to solve the world’s problem, is complementary to, and serves the destruction of all life by elements that are hell bent on profiting from the misery of others. When you choose to do nothing because “force should not be used”, you are letting the rapists do their deeds, in the same way the German population let the Nazi kill the Jews, while they went to church praying to God.

    I have no problem being righteous. I have no problem using force to end rape, abuse, violence, not in the form of punishment, but as a last resort to cause something to immediately stop.

    If a person was to forcibly hold your head under water, would your immediate answer be to work on your inner self? I hate to have to tell you, but humanity is running out of time. Some scientists say we have already run out of time, that it is too late.

    I have done a ton of inner work in my life, and I used to think as you do. I have gotten
    somewhere, inwardly (very far, actually). But I can tell you that your own enlightenment, if and when you reach it, will not change the world, it will only change your perception of the world. And then you will still have to get up in the morning, pay your bills, and do all the trivial things that need to be done in this life, including watch the world go to hell in a hand basket.

    And your enlightenment will actually make you that much more sensitive to the destruction and the suffering you will still see around you…unless you aim for “detachment”, which is not enlightenment but a form of spiritual lobotomy.

    Then you might realize that even as you were experiencing incredible spiritual bliss and visited “heaven” in your enlightenment, bombs were still falling on Baghdad or Afghanistan, people were still butchering each other in Africa, waterways were still being poisoned in China, and the ocean was still dying.

    “The purpose of outer action is not to change anything but to express our inner work namely express who we choose to be.”

    I really find it amusing to see Christian dogma being so quickly replaced by new age dogma, and without a second thought. Yes, some things need to be stopped, right now, and changed. And this requires some knowledge, some fighting, some courage, some caring, and much love.

    • Michael L

      Just thought I would throw this into the mix. Have mercy on me!!!!

      It’s time for the higher conciousness of a human being, being raise to a level of giving,
      Giving all the time without our desire for a specific result, except the most beneficial one.
      Just because folks are cautious as they elevated, doesn’t make them any less determined when they see the road ahead of them more clearly.
      We each have a path, and as we watch what is unfolding as a collective, some jump in early while others jump in later. I would say that our job as “seers” is to help with compassion, their transition to full activism.
      I have no ideological thought that if I don’t do something the world will go to hell in a hand basket. I don’t have that fear that if we don’t Do something our world will end. But as we find our path of giving…. each and everyone of our lives will truly be liberated.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Michael…I agree, but again I want to make it clear that the unpleasant realities of our world do not have to be causes for fear. I do not operate from fear. It is because I love the earth, and all living creatures including all of humanity, that I feel propelled to act, not in fear, not in anger, but to end suffering and offer better solutions.

        It is not a matter of right or wrong…but when a person keeps playing with dynamite and blowing things up, some of us are propelled to suggest that this may not be the best hobby to pursue, and if that person does not listen, then the best option is to take dynamite and matches away, until that person has regained clarity of thought.

        That’s how I feel about governments and some corporations.

        • Michael L

          I agree…. that folks would be better off putting away the dynamite.
          Suggestions about how…. is so compassionate of you!!!

    • flojones

      Thank you for your remarkable answer as always.

      “Has you inner life, which you support, stopped Chevron from deliberately dumping 18 billion of toxic oil waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, and is it stopping it from suing
      its victims, who are Indigenous tribes and are suffering with cancer and birth defects, and their allies?”
      What causes Chevron to go to Ecuadorian Amazon and pollute it ? Unconscious western civilisation searches for completness. You stop it and you stop Chevron. I am not part of the cure however I am part of the healing.

      “I could give you a million examples of what your inner life is not stopping, at this very moment, including etc…”
      My inner life stops me from being angry at others, from fighting, being violent and without consciousness violence bounces from individuals to individuals endlessly and builds up unless it meets consciousness who will absorb and transcend it into something beautiful called love or understanding or compassion or etc…. How many struggles and wars and suffering have been avoided this way ?

      “There is something new agers desperately need to understand. This philosophy of non intervention, of let’s do “OM” and visualize the earth floating in a pink bubble of love to solve the world’s problems, is complementary to, and serves the destruction of all life by elements that are hell bent on profiting from the misery of others. When you choose to do nothing because “force should not be used”, you are letting the rapists do their deeds, in the same way the German population let the Nazi kill the Jews, while it went to church praying to God.”
      Lack of consciousness creates Nazis and all righteous parties and societies. Does this experience prompts our gouvernments to teach consciousness in our schools ? When do we win a war ? by fighting it or by avoiding it even if it means not knowing that without our consciousness we would have one ?

      “I have no problem being righteous. I have no problem using force to end rape, abuse, violence, destruction, not in the form of punishment, but as a last resort to cause something to immediately stop.”
      Maybe conscious righteousness could be a good solution to overcome the obtacles to the evolution of our civilisation. However it’s not what I would choose. Even if I am the one who decides what’s good and what’s bad! I am not evolved enough to know how much I could be trusted. 😉 who is then ? How could I know that the one I would choose would be evolved enough to be trusted to bring people back to themselves ?

      “If a person was to forcibly hold your head under water, would your immediate answer be to work on your inner self?”
      I don’t know

      “I hate to have to tell you, but humanity is running out of time, it is under water. Some scientists say we have already run out of time, that it is too late.”
      Who knows ?

      “I really find it strange to see Christian dogma being so quickly replaced with new age dogma, and without a second thought. Yes, what you said is partly true. But only partly. Remember, spirituality requires total mental flexibility, not rigidity of thought, or else you end up with good old dogma.”
      I agree

      Since you have done ton of inner work, you will understand my point below.
      We may think that we are dealing with the violence of our civilisation. It is what news show us on a daily bases.
      But in fact we are dealing with the collective ego makes up with our individual egos. A collective ego is no less and no more than an individual ego.

      How do we get rid of an ego ?
      first there must be a kernel of consciousness who is aware that something doesn’t work and that it is possible to create something that works better. This kernel must be healed enough to look the other (ill) parts with great benevolence. Have you ever healed a part of you that you rejected, that you fought, that you didn’t acknowledge its greatness or didn’t understand, or by force ?
      The role of the kernel of consciousness is to help the “ill” parts to get in touch with what they want and show how to access it.

      “Some things do need to be stopped, right now, and changed. And this requires some knowledge, some fighting, some courage, some caring, and much love. If you change nothing, you will have no ground left to stand on and express who you choose to be, no clean air to breathe, no clean water to drink, to list the very obvious, unless you are counting on others to roll up their sleeves and make the changes for you while you do your inner work.”
      All truth is true from a perpective. And for me fear doesn’t justify action anymore.

      • mewabe

        Thank you for your extensive answer…

        I will only address a couple of point as I have to work today.

        Using force to stop a situation does not imply being fearful, angry or violent. I am not violent, and never have been, so I do not need to stop myself. I am not fearful either. As far as anger, it is a normal emotion that when used properly, in a non destructive manner, can propels one into positive action, or can offer the opportunity to go deeper and feel the pain triggered by a given situation.

        Nothing has to be transformed into love…everything is love, and even anger comes from love. All we need is to understand the different languages of love.

        I do not believe in wars as a solution to human problems, but fighting is at times necessary to end an unbearable situation, in self defense, or in the defense of another. If a person came at you with a knife, and did not stop even after you read all of Neale’s books to him, and the Bhagavad Gita, and all of Krishnamurti work, and he still wanted to kill you, you would have to defend yourself using force, even if it was non lethal martial art.

        I am sorry but you cannot answer that you “do not know” what your reaction would be if someone held your head under water…the body itself is endowed with a very powerful survival instinct, unless you have suicidal tendencies. But suicide is in itself murder, it is violence against the self.

        Humanity is running out of time. You may not know it…

        I agree about the collective ego consciousness, the most blatant expression of which is our current civilization. But I believe that the common teaching that says that we should “get rid” of the ego is misleading…the ego itself is a symptom, not the disease, for if you look at the foundation of the ego, you will find fear.

        When fear dominates your consciousness, the ego rules supreme, as a defense against fear. And we do not need to “get rid” of fear, all we need is to understand it, at which point it will vanish on its own, being replaced with the reality that was always there, for fear is an illusion.

        It is not an “either or” question…activism and stopping the current destruction of our world through non violent legal means or civil disobedience does not contradict inner work.

        My point is that the more conscious we are, the more we realize that inaction is not a viable option. Meditation, contemplation do not require immobility, and they do not demand a divorce from the world, except for the beginner who had to find his or her inner world again.

        Once your are intimately and firmly connected to your soul, you are free to do absolutely anything, and you won’t get lost doing it all.

        • flojones

          Nice answer.

          I quote this great sentence of yours : “spirituality requires total mental flexibility”.

          Action shifts “problems” as much as it stems from fear and “solve problems” as muh as it stems from love. (problem=what doesn’t work)
          It gives freedom, flexibility to use force as a last resort, isn’t is ?

          However I wonder, does last resort exist ?

          Could the sacrifice of our earthly lifes be the greatest gift we could do to life as a mean of demonstrating who we are and to be a pointer of what doesn’t work to those who remain ? Isn’t it the example of all the “victims” of nazism and righteousness ?

          Could it be either we sacrifice our ego consciously or we sacrifice our life inconsciously ?

          All truth is true from a perpective.

          • mewabe

            Sacrifice is unnecessary but to drive a point home to a deaf and blind humanity. Neither lives nor the ego have to be lost…again, it is not the ego that is the problem, but the dominance of the ego.

            If your little toe dominated your life, you might be inclined to think that it needs to be cut off. But what would be needed instead would be to understand why it dominates…so it can return to its proper role and place, and no longer be in everyone’s face.

            The same goes with the ego. It does not have to dominate. So to return it to its proper size and role, all one needs is to understand why it dominates.

            However…we have come to a point when all such discourses may have to be put on hold while humanity is made to come to grip with a world that may soon literally fall apart all around us, unless we choose to make some conscious changes in our lifestyles no later than today, in order to no longer support the destruction of the earth’s life supporting ecosystems, or their dangerous imbalance.

            And that was my original point…while we are all talking, the world is rushing headlong towards a brick wall, and the time of impact is not that far off. We might still be able to change course, if most of us get off our unconscious butts. But denial will not work, and saying “I don’t know” or “all truth is relative” won’t work. This is not an academic discourse…it is a matter of survival.

  • Blake

    #24 from the 25 Core Messages by Neale Donald Walsch

    (24) You think you are being terrorized by other people,
    but in truth you are being terrorized by your beliefs. Your
    experience of yourself and your world will shift dramatically if you adopt,
    collectively, the Five Steps to Peace:

    Permit yourself to acknowledge that some of
    your old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.

    Explore the possibility that there is
    something you do not fully understand about God and about Life, the
    understanding of which would change everything.

    Announce that you are willing for new
    understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understandings that
    could produce a new way of life on this planet.

    Courageously examine these new
    understandings and, if they align with your personal inner truth and knowing,
    enlarge your belief system to include them.

    Express your life as a demonstration of
    your highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them.


  • Wendy Midgett

    Have watched as parental authority eroded bit by bit in the school system. Actually, still have not figured out that ‘plays well with others’ grade curve. Anyway, my heart says that
    it is time to question the whole concept of what we term ‘education’ for our young.

  • Wendy Midgett

    We humans have to stop running around applying band-aids!
    If all were becoming aware and mindful of our oneness with all creation then it seems this would easily bring about changes because of actions from the heart and the connecting from your ‘gut’ with all that is.
    So helping spread the information/knowledge that you have gained in your awaking process to others is needed at this time of collective change.