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Here we go again. Yesterday it was Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Syria…today it is Ukraine.

Russian troops have moved into the Crimean Peninsula and ordered the army of Ukraine to lay down its arms.

Once more, one country has invaded another. Once more, peace moves further away. Once more, power over trumps power with the people.

Will it never end? Can it ever end? Is it simply the nature of human beings to live in constant conflict? Are we as a species simply incapable of coexisting harmoniously?

What is the answer to all of this? Is there an answer?

Yes. But we cannot see it if we refuse to look at the source of all that is going wrong.

The biggest difficulty in the world today is that we continue trying to solve our problems at every level except the level at which the problems exist.

We first try to solve our problems as if they were political problems, because we are used to using political pressure on this planet to get people to do what they don’t want to do.

We hold discussions, we write laws, we pass legislation and adopt resolutions in every local, national, regional, and global language and assembly we can think of to try to solve the problem with words—but it does not work. Whatever short-term solutions we may create evaporate very quickly, and the problems reemerge. They will not go away.

So we say, “Okay, these are not political problems and they cannot be solved with political means. They are economic problems.” And because we are used to using economic power on this planet to get people to do what they don’t want to do, we then try to solve the problems as if they were economic problems.

We throw money at them, or withhold money from them (as in the form of sanctions), seeking to solve the problems with cash. But it does not work. Whatever short-term solutions we may create evaporate very quickly, the problems reemerge. They will not go away.

And so we say, “Okay, these are not economic problems, and they cannot be solved by economic means. They must be military problems.” And because we are used to using military might on this planet to get people to do what they don’t want to do, we then try to solve the problems as if they were military problems.

We throw bullets at them and drop bombs on them, seeking to solve the problems with weapons. But it does not work. Whatever short-term solutions we may create evaporate very quickly, and the problems reemerge. They will not go away. And so, having run out of solutions, we declare: “These are not easy problems. No one expected that they could be fixed overnight. This is going to be a long, hard slog. Many lives will be lost in trying to solve these problems. But we are not going to give up. We are going to solve these problems if it kills us.” And we don’t even see the irony in our own statements.

After a while, however, even primitive beings of very little consciousness become tired of the killing and the dying of their own sons and daughters in battle and their own women and children and elderly in the line of fire. And so, after enough killing has been done with no solution in sight, they say it is time to call a truce and hold peace talks. And the cycle begins again…

We are back to the bargaining table, and back to politicking as a solution. And peace talks often include discussion of reparations and economic recovery. And so, we are back to money as a solution. And when these solutions fail to work in the long run, we are back to bombs again.

And on and on and on it goes, and on and on and on it has gone throughout human history. Only the names of the players have changed, but the game has not.

Only primitive cultures and primitive beings do this. I know that you have all heard the definition of insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result.

We can’t seem to change our ways, however, because we are very used to trying to force solutions in our world.

Yet solutions that are forced are never solutions at all. They are simply postponements.

I know that you have heard, a hundred times by now, the definition of insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result.

The great tragedy and the great sadness of humanity is that we are forever willing to settle for postponements in place of solutions.

Only primitive cultures and primitive beings do that. Highly evolved beings would never, ever settle for a ten-thousand-year postponement in solving their biggest problems. Here on this planet we’ve never really faced the largest problem of humanity head on. We refuse to. We pretend we don’t even know what it is. And so we do our endless dance all around it. And we continue, century after century, to solve the world’s problem at every level except the level at which the problem exists.

The problem facing humanity today is not a political problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a military problem. The problem facing humanity today is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means.

The problem is rooted in our most fundamental beliefs about life, about each other, and about  the thing we call God.

Put simply, the problem with our basic beliefs is that we believe in Separation. We believe that all things are separate from other things, that all people are separate from other people, and that all humans are separate from God.

This is, and has been for millennia, our Cultural Story. It is a Story of Separation.

Our opportunity on the Earth today is to jointly author a brand new story about who we are and how it is with us. And most important, how it’s going to be.

We get to declare, at long last, as a single voice, the truth of our being: We are all One. And with that declaration as the foundation of our New Cultural Story, we can bring an end at last to Separation Theology.

Separation Theology is a theology that insists that we are “over here” and God is “over there.” Its doctrine tells us that God separated us from God as punishment for our sins, and that our job now is to get back to God, which is possible only if God will allow it, which God will do only if we obey God’s commands, follow God’s laws, and submit to God’s will. In short, we must do what God wants.

This Separation Theology has produced a Separation Cosmology (that is, a way of looking at all of life on this planet that includes separation as its basic principle), which, in turn, has produced a Separation Psychology (that is, a psychological way of looking at things, of holding life, that rests on a foundation of separation), which, in turn, has produced a Separation Sociology (that is, a way of socializing with each other that encourages us to act as separate beings serving our own separate interests), which, in the end, has produced a Separation Pathology (that is, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, producing suffering, conflict, violence, and death by our own hands).

Only when our Separation Theology is replaced by a Unity Theology will our pathology be healed. We must come to understand that all of life is One. This is your first step and it is mine. It is the jumping off point. It is the beginning of the end of how things now are. It is the start of a new creation, of a new tomorrow. It is the New Cultural Story.

Oneness is not a characteristic of life, life is a characteristic of Oneness.

Life is the expression of Oneness Itself. God is the expression of Life Itself. God and Life are One. You are a part of Life. You do not and cannot stand outside of it. Therefore you are a part of God. It is a circle. It cannot be broken.

What does all of this have to do with you?

Well, if you believe that humanity can and must change its Cultural story, from one of Separation to one of Oneness, you will do what you can to place that new Cultural Story on the ground.

First, you can make a firm commitment this day to demonstrate Oneness in every moment, by the way you move through Life.

You can choose to show that you are One with everyone and everything, just by the way to think and speak and act . . . this very day.

If you are consciously aware of what you are thinking, saying, and doing, you will relate to other people . . . the other person in your life, the other people in your family, the others on this planet in a different way today, seeing them, experiencing them, as part of yourself.

Now you might say, “That’s all very nice, but what difference will it make? It’s not going to change anything in Ukraine today.” And you’d be right. It’s not. But imagine what would happen in the long run if everyone reading this decided today to act in every moment as if We Are All One.

Each of you is going to touch other people before this week is out. And they, in turn, will touch other people. And those people will touch others.

Do you think this means nothing? I tell you, this is how the world works.

This is how politics work. This is how societies work. This is how religions work.

You have more power than you know. If you begin moving through the world a certain way today, the world could begin to change tomorrow.

The readership of this online newspaper could start a snowball rolling downhill. Yes it could. Believe it or not.

And then there is prayer. This, too, as you know . . . is very powerful. And so you can pray every day that the world will at last come to its senses, stop all this nonsense, and see . . . and live . . . the truth of our being.

And you can bring other people to this awareness. You can write Letters to the Editor, send messages to our society’s leaders, and, on a more personal level, you can read the book The Storm Before the Calm, published in full right here on this website. It lays out an powerful course of action that you can take right now to assist us all in re-writing our Cultural Story.

Then you can join the Evolution Revolution and begin, in your own living room, a grass roots movement designed to change the world.

To learn more about this, return to this newspaper’s Front Page and click on the Blue Box in the right hand column.

So there is something you can do — about your life, and about our world. Things do not have to be the way they seem inevitably to be.

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  • Mariella Giura Longo

    It is easier said than done to end the story of separation. For example, a few minutes ago a man knocked at my door and asked if he could prune my front garden tree. He then asked me if I could pay cash and I asked how much and he said 75 pounds. I said I do not have 75 pounds cash, and so he said he could do it for 55 and finally said 45….. I have no idea how much it costs to prune that tree. I felt very ambivalent about this man, on one hand he evidently needed some cash, however he was clearly smelling of alcohol, and the fact that he went down from 75 to 45 in one minute also made me think that perhaps he was not so honest…. In the end I said no to him…. but now I feel, has he got food to eat, a place to live? Why I was too scared and protective of myself/my house/my money and did not eventually help him out?

    • Anastasija Osinceva

      …..may be because of scare to believe to YOURself? Sometimes I catch myself exactly on it – doubts……doubts to do something on the other way….. that even if it would be “wrong”, doubts I would have another kind of reaction than before….fear of pain…..fear to believe (imho) <3

    • Michael L

      Giving is in your DNA, just remember…random acts of kindness, even if they knock on your door!! The giving of a ham sandwich is still wonderful!!

  • mewabe

    Mariella, oneness does not mean that you need to be victimized by someone…or support someone’s drug or alcohol addiction. Our world is messed up, many people are very wounded, and we need to use some judgement, unfortunately, as things are not always what they seem to be, and people do not always tell the truth, which creates doubt. It makes it difficult to live with an open heart, and I have been scammed more than once, but to anyone who asks for money, you can offer a meal or groceries instead, or you can trust your intuition, to know whether the person is genuine or not.

    I would like Neale to share his thought on what can be done with people who are so wounded as to be beyond help…not just the sociopaths on Walls street or the psychopaths who head corporations (such as Texaco-now Chevron…see the problem in Equator), not just the murderers, abusers, pedophiles and rapists, but those who have
    lost hope, who use drugs, alcohol, medications and others means of numbing themselves and killing themselves slowly. We might nor think that they are many, but all these problems are rampant throughout the world.

    What do with do with those who do not know how to function in any other way than as predators? Do we think that these people are open to listen to a new theology? Do we really think the wrong theology is what caused their profound dysfunction?
    And what do we do with the walking wounded, those who cannot cope or function? These people have children, who they wound in turn, and the cycles continue (speaking of Ukraine, see the problem with Ukrainian homeless, runaway, hopeless children…and the pedophiles who use them. Ukraine is the Thailand of Europe).

    I would be curious to know Neale’s thoughts.

    • Christopher Toft

      Mewabe, I am curious though about your comments on human psychology, What is it about the human psyche that you consider creates Sociopaths and other people in extreme negative mind states? As far a I can see Neale is on the ball with this. Delusional “separation” thinking is enough to explain human stubbornness and stupidity. What’s this mysterious other ingredient?

      • mewabe

        I am not an expert on human psychology, and I think it is a very complex issue. But that’s my point…we cannot simplify everything, and we do not know everything.

        Of course I agree with Neale and many other sources about the problems associated with the delusion of separation, but I think only psychologically and emotionally healthy individuals can change their lives with a new understand of the oneness of all life, of all things and all beings.

        Those who display sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies or behaviors (and other psychopathologies) are too damaged to change by changing their belief system. And unfortunately these individuals are among the most driven, the most ruthlessly ambitious among us…and know how to use a “dog eat dog” system to their best advantage to reach the top.

        From the Roman Empire to the present, many of the world leaders, and most of the elite and those who have acquired power over us have displayed predatory, exploitative, psychopathic, cut throat behaviors.

        Of course, if we changed the system from one that rewards predation, exploitation and “power over” to one that honors equality, cooperation, compassion, the “alpha hyenas” among us might find themselves unemployed. I however doubt this, as they would not sit idle very long but would find a way to regain the power and control they crave, and to once gain oppress and exploit the rest of us.

        In short, I think it is a mistake on the part of Neale to believe that humanity has attempted to solve its problems. Humanity is not homogeneous. You have the exploiters and the exploited…the powerful and the disempowered…the filthy rich and the dirt poor…the intensely ambitious and driven and the docile…the leaders and the followers…and the relatively normal and the sociopath.

        Those who are pathologically driven to acquire power and control over others in order to use and exploit them, to prey on them in one manner or another, do NOT want to fix the world problems, as they use these problems (such as racial or religious hatred, inequity, wars, shortages of food, of water, of medicine or any other resources) to gain and expand their wealth and power over the world.

        We could say that they have the moral compass of a bacteria…and like a bacteria, they feed on rot…they feed on humanity’s problems and get stronger and ever more powerful as the world problems expand, which is more fuel for them (they call these problems opportunities, such a predicted shortage of drinking water which these corporate types call “blue gold’).

        Why is the rest of humanity tolerating this? I am not quite sure, but I suspect that there are many reasons. Unfortunately, humans being social creatures, a vast majority tends to want to follow some form of leadership…and the capacity for denial being extraordinary developed among humans, once they have chosen to believe in a given social system or structure, they ignore all the lies, the abuses of power, all of the horrors these leaders and the elite inflict upon them or upon other populations.

        Widespread mental illness (psychopathy, sociopathy, etc), denial, fear, and a desperate, neurotic desire among ordinary people to believe in cultural and religious fairy tales and to look up to leadership as a child who believes in her daddy…these only begin to scratch the surface of humanity’s problems, beside a seriously problematic theology of separation.

        • Christopher Toft

          Thanks for the thought provoking post Mewabe. My point would be that all of these phenomena are symptoms of so called “separation theology.” My only disagreement with Neale would be the semantics-not all of us are theists. Separation cosmology seems closer to me. As for psychopaths, we yes i agree there is a problem there. The cause(Separation cosmology) is kind of irrelevant if such individuals simply don’t care about anyone or anything. Even a terrorist cares about the world’s problems in a twisted kind of way. My guess is that Neale figures if we can increase the ratio of sanity so that it vastly outweighs the percentage of sociopaths that this will tip the balance and the remaining psychos can be “managed”, in as non violent a way as possable. I think(I sincerely hope!) you are grossly exaggerating the world ratio of psychopaths. How could we have accurate figures on this anyway, given that psychopaths blend in so well? My concern is not so much that there are crazy people out there, but that even those of us who are damaged struggle for years to change our beliefs and experience of life. For me it is a question of “are there enough of us who want to change and do we have the time to evolve before we intentionally or unintentionally destroy ourselves?”

          • mewabe

            I tend to better relate with the perspective of “separation cosmology” as well, although the Divine being everything, it can probably manifests itself as a kind of “person” as well when needed by a given individual. Many individuals seem to need a personal relationship with a fatherly form of divinity (“God the father”), perhaps to unconsciously heal a lack of love and/or some scars they endured in their relationship with their own parents.

            I hope the numbers are unrealistic about the rate of psychopathy…this was a serious study reported in the magazine.

            As I mentioned in another comment I think the first thing to heal, in terms of emergencies, is our relationship with the earth, otherwise we will not have a physical home to “be all one”.

            Perhaps a way to do this is to spend more time in nature. Unfortunately younger generations spend less and less time outdoor, and because of this are becoming a time bomb.

            Nature itself is very healing, in a spiritual way…it possesses actual powers of healing that have a direct effect on the human psyche. For one thing nature is wholly immersed in the present, and effortlessly brings you back to the here and now. It touches your senses and takes you away from your mind and back into your soul, through the appreciation of beauty. Nature is cyclical, and possesses rhythms that are in tune with every cell in your body, and cause your body to get back into its own rhythms. Of course in nature there is plenty of what in India is called prana (in China it is called Chi), and negative ions, which also influence your consciousness (See pranayama yoga, relatively unknown in the west) and can trigger or help spiritual awakening (the awakening and rising of the kundalini or universal energy within us).

            When we restore a spiritual relationship with the earth, we will have gone a long way into restoring the meaning and essence of our own humanity. My way is the way of nature, and that is where I differ from Neale, not in an opposing but in a complementary way. He is taking care of humanity’s relationship to God and to itself…I want to point to humanity’s relationship with the creation, with the earth. Of course it is all the same in the end…but the earth is very special, it is as an extension of us, and we are as an extension of it.

            Without understanding and honoring the earth’s spiritual dimension, we will indeed destroy ourselves, because we will never feel at home in a place whose divine essence we deny. Treating the body as a physical vehicle and the earth as a physical space craft is not loving and honoring their divine nature.

            The way I see and experience it, there is no physicality, no separation between the “physical” and the “spiritual”…all is Spirit or consciousness, manifesting itself in various degrees of energy frequencies. So we all stand and walk on Spirit, breathe and eat Spirit, move within Spirit. When we realize this, we will no longer feel lost (longing for a distant heaven when the actual heaven is right here, right now), and we will no longer harm the natural environment, which we will know to be a divine expression.

      • mewabe

        Hi Christopher, I replied to you extensively but for some mysterious reasons my comment is awaiting approval…although I am not aware of having broken any rules (no profanities, no websites URL, etc).

        If it is suppressed, I will let it go as I do not have the time or the patience to write it all over again. Sorry…

        It would however be great if someone who is in control of this site could delineate the exact rules of the game.

        • You simply write and ask why your comment has been waiting for approval. I’ve had this happen a few times & I’ve always gotten a good response & had my comments show up.

          It is my experience that there is no censorship of ideas or comments. Rude comments, links (even to CwG sites) will be flagged etc. But outright censorship of ideas? Never seen it.

          • mewabe

            Thanks Marko, but I made no rude comments, included no links, etc…so as far as I can tell it has to be some form of censorship, which truly seems out of character with Neale himself, but those who monitor the site may have their own views and their own limitations.

          • Sorry u feel you are wasting your time here. I guessing you are talking more out of frustration than fact?

            I also recall that I once had something flagged that was innocent but suspicious & like I said, knowing the people who watch this, have not intention to censorship. In any case, in my cases, I wanted to find out & when it was resolved, it was printed.

            In any case, do what u need to do & hopefully we still see your contributions when you are uP to it. Blessings, -Marko

          • mewabe

            Thanks Marko, blessings to you…

          • Christopher Toft

            Huh. Well now i’m REALLY curious!! 🙂 What was the guist of the post?

          • mewabe

            Perhaps I will find out, perhaps not…

          • Mewabe, there was one comment of yours which was marked as “pending” by our website’s automated moderation system. I manually approved it and it should be visible in the conversation stream now. I can assure you that there never has been, and never will be, censorship or intentional withholding of anyone’s comments on this site for any of the reasons you’ve suggested. As clearly delineated at the bottom of each column, the only instances when a comment may not be published are situations in which a post contains profanity or contains links which redirect our readers to other websites. I hope this helps to clarify.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Lisa…I truly appreciate your response and the fact that there is no censorship. As I mentioned it would have been very surprising to me, as it would not match the charactere and content of this website and its authors.

          • The automated system is good, but not perfect. I don’t know why it flagged this particular comment. If this ever happens again, just as you did on this occasion, bring it to our attention and we will be happy to look into it for you.

          • mewabe

            Thanks Lisa!…

          • mewabe

            Christopher, my original response, the one that has been flagged, wasn’t so much a specific response as it was more ranting and raving about the state of our world, sociopathic Wall street, psychopathic corporations, apathetic populations, etc…

            The response above to Marko, about wholeness, makes more sense and is more on target.

            There are many ways to look at a problem…and many solutions. All are valid and complementary. This is just another way…but all is about consciousness.

            Right now, human consciousness is very narrowly focused, and does not see the whole picture. It is as a person in a dark room who, using a flash light (a torch in England), sees only one little part of the room at once, and cannot understand that she is looking at one whole room…he thinks it is all separate, bits and pieces of different stuff.

            That’s where we are in consciousness…we do not see the whole picture, we are disconnected. This leads to fear, and fear can lead to sociopathic and psychopathic behaviors amongst the less psychologically balanced.

          • mewabe

            Hey Marko, who and where do I contact someone for this kind of inquiry…curiosity is getting the better of me, I must be a cat. I want to know why my comment was flagged.

          • Go below to Voice for the Minority. Religious freedom or legalized discrimination? Lisa is feature editor, the info is at the end of the article.

          • mewabe

            Thank you Marko…and you were absolutely right about no censorship, I am very happy to report…

    • Good question. My answer is to “Love them back to wholeness.”

      • mewabe

        Very interesting Marko that you mention wholeness, as men have often lead in the world, and in my opinion have too often been lead by their testosterone…

        Yet wholeness would dictate that a balance between male and female energies and participation be restored, not only in the world, but within each individual, which, for men, means restoring and honoring the feminine within them, which might result in a little less aggression and a little more understanding, more empathy and compassion, less fear and more sensitivity, more love.

        The feminine or the masculine alone, without the balance of the other, are both self-defeating and self-destructive in their own different ways. Wholeness requires balance, within the individual, and within humanity. The soul, consciousness, the human psyche are naturally balanced…but cultural beliefs lead to imbalance in the mind, in thoughts.

        These are my thoughts today…

  • Awareness

    “It is a time of great change. March of 2014 will see certain events such as the banking crisis that will arise, such as crisis in countries such as the Ukraine or Iran or indeed Bangkok in Thailand and other nations, including the United States of America, where it is seen that there is a building force of rebellion that is underway.

    But these are all simply expressions of a collapsing system. One can observe, one can note what is occurring, one can even feel emotionally toward those events and those occurrences but one must never simply give up and give in to the corruption and the control and the power of those who have held power for so long.

    It is the time indeed to decide this is not your reality, this is no longer that which you wish to endorse. It is time now to make the choices. It is time now to go through those events that are ready to unfold over the next several months and to hold that this too shall pass, to hold that you are of Spirit and do choose to experience the new realities of Spirit.

    This is there for you now, the challenge unfolding for you now. What you, the individual, does about it is paramount to you, the individual, and your experiences of the reality of your lives, whatever those realities may be. You have choice, you have strength, you have spirit, for you are Spirit. It is now time to realize that the changes so long awaited have been unfolding now for some time, but are ready to truly emerge in a much more obvious manner and way. Do not panic, do not go in fear, hold that Spirit walks with you and that you walk with Spirit. Hold your heart open in trust, in faith, and in love that ALL WILL BE WELL and all is simply unfolding as it needs to at this time, so that all can move forward now finally into the bright future that awaits.

    That this Awareness is complete.” – excerpted from “Major Changes and Shifts Are Coming” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • mewabe

    The wars and rumors of wars we hear about, the global economic collapse, the social unrest and uprisings, the overall fear that is felt by many people are all the symptoms of a very simple problem, which other individuals have addressed before.

    I totally agree with Neale and other people’s assessment that the idea of separation is the cause of humanity having lost its spiritual way. Alan Watts spoke of this in the 60’s, and anyone who understands ancient teachings understands this.

    This loss of spiritual understanding has lead us to countless human conflicts and suffering, but it has also lead us to conflict with the natural environment, to an illusion of not only being separate from but above nature, and of being its masters.

    Having created a few interesting technologies has given us an unrealistic sense of superiority over all life, and the delusion that, seemingly able to control nature to some degree, we could live independently of nature while growing our economies and our world population forever, without limits whatsoever.

    We have, because of these illusions, lost all common sense. There is anger throughout the world because many feel that governments and societies are not fulfilling their part of the contract with the public, which is to endlessly create new jobs, to endlessly increase standards of living, to endlessly produce consumer goods, and to endlessly make life better than was that of the prior generation.

    These things are not happening, so people feel totally cheated. They work hard, go to college, play by the rules, and jobs shrink, resources shrink, standards of living plummet while costs of living skyrocket.

    Anyone with open eyes could have seen the writing on the wall 2000 years ago. Many Native Americans saw it 500 years ago when the European invader came here and started cutting down all the trees and destroying the ecosystem. They understood that such way of life couldn’t be sustained forever, precisely because they were not under the delusion of being separate from nature, unlike Euro-Americans.

    It’s really simple: when you know you are not separate from nature, you plant you two feet on the ground and you take a realistic look around, and you know that you cannot consume more than the soil can produce, you cannot drink more potable water than the earth can give, you cannot populate more than a given place can sustain, and you cannot discard more than can be reabsorbed by the earth, and you know you cannot
    discard toxins and other poisons that will find their way into your bloodstream
    or that of your descendants.

    What part of all this is so difficult to understand?
    Apparently all of it, as humanity keeps asking for more jobs, more growth, more
    opportunities, and more toxic gadgets and products to buy and discard ever faster.

    Until we regain some basic common sense, which means living in balance and harmony with nature while understanding that we are not separate from and above nature, there won’t be much hope for humans, and more wars, revolutions, economic collapses, and environmental disasters will come, and at an accelerated rate.

  • Stephen mills

    But is the purpose of life not to live as well as one can ,houses ,money ,clothes ,cars more houses stuff .To be a successful person is to do well and then be a thing called wealthy .Is everyone not striving to succeed and do well in life ,achieve more ,buy more ,have more holiday,s ?
    Are we not all working more than ever producing more ,with even more going to the richest amongst us ,to the most successful .If we fail to create or produce more stuff we fail in life .If we fail to contribute to this system we are abandoned left behind .It,s a competitive world out there as individuals we are taught if you can,t make it it,s tough that,s the way it is ! get on with it it,s a level playing field for everyone it’s up to you ?

    This is how It in our world you get what you deserve .And life at this moment on our planet is all about getting ! Having more than the other person your neighbours ,friends more money more stuff more holidays more time to spend all your hard earned gains .

    The problem nobody say,s this is not the way life is supposed to be lived because if it was supposed to be any other way we would be living in harmony with the Earth respecting nature and living in peace and cooperation .

    What happened to our Humanity ? Our culture is in demise are we so blind to see this or is life just the way it is and it’s your own dame fault if you do no play by the rules laid down by society followed by your parents and their parents .

    I refuse to be apart anymore I,am tired of this insane path it’s not working .I choose another way .

    • mewabe

      Yes, as Russell Means said in his book Where White Men Fear to Tread, we have become “human havings” and we are no longer human beings. And we do this at the cost of the life of the future generations and the entire ecosystem.

      It is as if there was a big empty hole inside us where our heart and soul are supposed to be, and we can’t get enough to fill it with all kinds of junk and material possessions, mindless activities, addictions, compulsions and other distracting and destructive pursuits.

      But no matter how fast humanity tries to run, it cannot run from itself. Sooner or later, the part that has been neglected or denied (the heart, the soul, the divine self) will catch up, and some wounds will have to be faced and healed.

  • mewabe

    I agree with you Christopher, unfortunately a social system like the US gets eventually corrupted by money and can easily become a new form of oligarchy, where politicians become little more than figureheads, puppets of the elite, of the so-called military-industrial (add corporate-banking) complex.

    That’s why nothing can be resolved at the political or economic levels only…people have to redefined their humanity, to decide what it means to be living in relation with everything else (other humans, the earth, all creatures, and the divine).

    You would think that these questions would be the very first things people would inquire about, and at a very young age…who am I, why am I, where am I, where am I going (did I miss the train, do I look fat in these pants, etc)…but instead they embrace the answers society, culture, religion give them, and think of anything but this.