Do you know the truth about each other?

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(This is Part X of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

In the first ten installments here we have explored in depth the first step in becoming a spiritual helper. You can find those entries in the archives on the website. The second step in becoming a spiritual helper is to:


It is important that we come to a new and larger understanding about each other.We are not each other’s enemies.We are not each other’s obstacles.We are not even each other’s competitors. We are each other.

Did you hear that? Did you understand the implication of that?

Don’t be offended by these questions. Every day I have to act as if I never heard that before. Every day I seek to bring myself to a new understanding of what all of that means. Sometimes I can hear something and “not hear it,” do you know what I mean? I mean it goes in one ear and out the other. I’ve heard it so often it’s like I’ve never heard it at all. So I have to bring myself to it as if it were brand new.

So let me ask you again, did you hear that?

What I SAID was…we are each other.

The implication of that is enormous. Because if we see each other, if we can finally come to a place where we can really see each other, as simply Another Version Of Us, we will suddenly understand many things—not the least of which is our unlimited potential to create anything we choose on this planet.

A neat trick if we can do it. I have to believe that most of the people reading this right now would agree with the above statement, conceptually. The idea that We Are All One comprises the core of the CwG message. Indeed, it is the earliest message of Conversations with God-Book 1,  it is the central focus of the book What God Wants , and it is the through-line of all the other books in the 9-text CWG series.

Having said that, I notice that even readers of CwG have a challenging time living that truth. I do, too. All people do. Except when they don’t. What makes it less challenging to live the truth of our Oneness, to see ourselves as each other, is understanding.

Without deep understanding, it is not going to be easy to overcome the Illusion of Disunity.

This idea of disunity is very powerful in our experience. It emerged from the first two Illusions of Humans, the Illusion of Need and the Illusion of Failure. These Illusions are explained in wonderfully illuminating detail in the astonishing book Communion with God, which outlines the mental cosmology of life as we know it.

“Disunity” proceeds directly out of the idea off “failure,” just as “failure” pro- ceeds directly out of the idea of “need.” These are the first three Illusions. There are ten in all.

As Communion with God explains it: Our species reasoned that if creations were separate from the Creator, and if the Creator allowed the creations to do whatever they pleased, it would then be possible for the creations to do something that the Creator did not want them to do.  Under these circumstances, the Will of the Creator could be thwarted. God could want something, but not get it. Failure could exist.

Disunity produces the possibility of Failure, and Failure is only possible if Need exists. One illusion depends upon another.

The idea that Disunity Exists has proven to have extraordinary impact on human affairs. The feeling of separation from God makes it extremely difficult for people to relate to God in any meaningful way. They either misunderstand God, or fear God, or they supplicate with God, begging for God’s help – or they deny God altogether.

In so doing, humans have missed a glorious opportunity to use the most powerful force in the Universe, subjecting themselves to lives over which they imagine that they have no control, under conditions they think that they cannot change, producing experiences and outcomes they believe they cannot escape.

The feeling of separation from God does not allow humans to use God, to call upon God, to have a friendship with God, to harness the full potential of God’s creative and healing power, either to end suffering, or for any other purpose.

The feeling of separation from each other allows humans to do all manner of things to each other that they would never do to themselves. By failing to see that they are doing it to themselves, they produce and reproduce unwelcome results in their daily lives and in their planetary experience, over and over again.

The most significant outcome is that your belief in separation leads to your idea that there is “not enough.”

When there was only One Thing, and you knew that you were that One Thing, there was never a question of there not being “enough.” There was always “enough of You.” But when you decided that there was more than One Thing, then (and only then) it could appear that there was not enough of “the other thing.”

This “other thing” that you think that there is, is the stuff of Life. Yet you are  Life, and that which Life IS —which is God, Itself.

Still, so long as you imagine that you are separate from God, you will imagine that you are something other than what God is—which is Life Itself. You may think that you are that which lives, but you will not imagine yourself to be Life Itself.

And we will continue this exploration in our next entry here.

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  • Margot De Jaegher

    Wow. That seems a lot to take in all at once. Lucky for me, this is not all at once.

    I have to agree with this statement “We are each other”. We are all one. And bit by bit, day by day I get to experience that feeling. Like all other people around the globe, I don’t feel it every day or every Moment, not even when I should or when it would benefit me to feel connected, but I’d like to think I have my moments.

    To actually Know and experience “We are each other” is a wonderful feeling. And the statement alone has so many implications. Implications and consequences that go far beyond what you might think at first, the initial thoughts. Indeed, we would treat other people much differently when all people would Know this Truth. I know I changed.

    From being a somewhat selfish person, a brat really and used to getting my way almost all of the time, I have become a person that has no Need (I have to remind myself still but it becomes easier over time) and I place the other person before myself rather than thinking about me first. (Still, I have to remind myself of that too.) In my philosophy that counts as becoming a better person, being the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I had about myself.

    Now this statement “We are each other” goes far beyond your family and friends. It goes for everybody. Did you hear that? Everybody! To my knowledge not just people, but that’s another discussion. I feel I Love people a great deal more than I used to. Even complete strangers, people you’ve never met in your life, become instant friends. And then I feel this warm tingling feeling inside and a shiver going through my spine. (It took me a while before I understood this feeling.) I’ve met this girl in my vacation residence and we started talking. Now I felt this tingling and shiver again, and as a result we are friends, good friends. She even told me so in the beginning of our friendship. She said “I don’t know what it is, but you’re so easy to talk to and many of our thoughts are similar. I had a good feeling about you from the start.” Now that is heartwarming to hear.

    I could go on and on about this subject though, but I feel I shouldn’t share everything all at once. I know I will continue on this path because it just makes me feel so darn tooting good.