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The wars and rumors of wars we hear, the global economic collapse, the social unrest and uprisings, the overall fear that is felt by many people are all the symptoms of a very simple problem, which other individuals have addressed before.

I totally agree with Neale and other people’s assessment that the idea of separation is the cause of humanity having lost its spiritual way. Alan Watts spoke of this in the 60’s, and anyone who understands ancient teachings understands this.

This loss of spiritual understanding has led us to countless human conflicts and suffering, but it has also led us to conflicts with the natural environment, to an illusion of not only being separate from but above nature, and of being its masters.

Having created a few interesting technologies has given us an unrealistic sense of superiority over all life, and the delusion that, seemingly able to control nature to some degree, we could live independently of nature while growing our economies and our world population forever, without limits whatsoever.

We have, because of these illusions, lost all common sense. There is anger throughout the world because many feel that governments and societies are not fulfilling their part of the contract with the public, which is to endlessly create new jobs, to endlessly increase standards of living, to endlessly produce consumer goods, and to endlessly make life better than was that of the prior generation.

These things are not happening, so people feel totally cheated. They work hard, go to college, play by the rules, and jobs shrink, resources shrink, standards of living plummet while costs of living skyrocket. Populations are so completely out of touch with nature, which is, ultimately, life, and so totally immersed, mentally, in their social and cultural concepts and constructs, that they blame their governments and demand that they fix the problems that all of humanity has created by living in a state of complete disharmony with, and often in direct opposition to, the natural order or natural law.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is authored by a contributor to this global dialogue who posts here as “Mewabe.” It first appeared as an entry in the Comments section following this newspaper’s last headline item, Here we go again—now it’s Ukraine. That story posed the question: Will humanity’s behaviors of attack and violence continue forever? Is there no way to alter this pattern? It is Mewabe’s thought that a return to Right Relationship with Planet Earth itself must be the first step in changing humanity’s conduct.

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Anyone with open eyes could have seen the writing on the wall 2000 years ago. Many Native Americans saw it 500 years ago when the European invader came here and started cutting down the ancient forests and destroying the ecosystem. They understood that such a way of life couldn’t be sustained forever, precisely because they were not under the delusion of being separate from nature, unlike Euro-Americans.

It’s really simple: when you know you are not separate from nature, you plant your two feet on the ground and you take a realistic look around, and you know that you cannot consume more than the soil can produce, you cannot drink more potable water than the earth can generate, you cannot populate more than a given place can sustain, and you cannot discard more than can be reabsorbed by the earth, and you know you cannot discard toxins and other poisons that will find their way into your bloodstream or that of your descendants.

This is called living responsibly, and knowing that responsibility alone, which is an expression of love, respect and appreciation for what gives you life, can give you freedom.

What part of all this is so difficult to understand? Apparently all of it, as humanity keeps asking for more meaningless jobs, more rapid and endless growth, more opportunities to do everything faster, bigger and louder, and more meaningless gadgets and toxic products to buy and discard ever faster.

Until we regain some basic common sense, which means living in balance and harmony with nature in a sustainable manner while understanding that we are not separate from and above nature, there won’t be much hope for humans, and more wars, revolutions, economic collapses, and environmental disasters will come, and at an accelerated rate.

It is important to state that “We are all one”. But at this point, it may be more urgent to understand that we are one with the earth, because if we don’t, we won’t have a place to be all one except in the spirit world.

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