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The wars and rumors of wars we hear, the global economic collapse, the social unrest and uprisings, the overall fear that is felt by many people are all the symptoms of a very simple problem, which other individuals have addressed before.

I totally agree with Neale and other people’s assessment that the idea of separation is the cause of humanity having lost its spiritual way. Alan Watts spoke of this in the 60’s, and anyone who understands ancient teachings understands this.

This loss of spiritual understanding has led us to countless human conflicts and suffering, but it has also led us to conflicts with the natural environment, to an illusion of not only being separate from but above nature, and of being its masters.

Having created a few interesting technologies has given us an unrealistic sense of superiority over all life, and the delusion that, seemingly able to control nature to some degree, we could live independently of nature while growing our economies and our world population forever, without limits whatsoever.

We have, because of these illusions, lost all common sense. There is anger throughout the world because many feel that governments and societies are not fulfilling their part of the contract with the public, which is to endlessly create new jobs, to endlessly increase standards of living, to endlessly produce consumer goods, and to endlessly make life better than was that of the prior generation.

These things are not happening, so people feel totally cheated. They work hard, go to college, play by the rules, and jobs shrink, resources shrink, standards of living plummet while costs of living skyrocket. Populations are so completely out of touch with nature, which is, ultimately, life, and so totally immersed, mentally, in their social and cultural concepts and constructs, that they blame their governments and demand that they fix the problems that all of humanity has created by living in a state of complete disharmony with, and often in direct opposition to, the natural order or natural law.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is authored by a contributor to this global dialogue who posts here as “Mewabe.” It first appeared as an entry in the Comments section following this newspaper’s last headline item, Here we go again—now it’s Ukraine. That story posed the question: Will humanity’s behaviors of attack and violence continue forever? Is there no way to alter this pattern? It is Mewabe’s thought that a return to Right Relationship with Planet Earth itself must be the first step in changing humanity’s conduct.

The publishing of the considered opinion of contributors to this newspaper’s Comments sections is part of the expanding of the dialogue here, intended to widen the exchange of views among the people in this Global Conversation community.

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Anyone with open eyes could have seen the writing on the wall 2000 years ago. Many Native Americans saw it 500 years ago when the European invader came here and started cutting down the ancient forests and destroying the ecosystem. They understood that such a way of life couldn’t be sustained forever, precisely because they were not under the delusion of being separate from nature, unlike Euro-Americans.

It’s really simple: when you know you are not separate from nature, you plant your two feet on the ground and you take a realistic look around, and you know that you cannot consume more than the soil can produce, you cannot drink more potable water than the earth can generate, you cannot populate more than a given place can sustain, and you cannot discard more than can be reabsorbed by the earth, and you know you cannot discard toxins and other poisons that will find their way into your bloodstream or that of your descendants.

This is called living responsibly, and knowing that responsibility alone, which is an expression of love, respect and appreciation for what gives you life, can give you freedom.

What part of all this is so difficult to understand? Apparently all of it, as humanity keeps asking for more meaningless jobs, more rapid and endless growth, more opportunities to do everything faster, bigger and louder, and more meaningless gadgets and toxic products to buy and discard ever faster.

Until we regain some basic common sense, which means living in balance and harmony with nature in a sustainable manner while understanding that we are not separate from and above nature, there won’t be much hope for humans, and more wars, revolutions, economic collapses, and environmental disasters will come, and at an accelerated rate.

It is important to state that “We are all one”. But at this point, it may be more urgent to understand that we are one with the earth, because if we don’t, we won’t have a place to be all one except in the spirit world.

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  • Therese

    Great observations, as usual, Mewabe!

    Continuing on the theme of balance with the earth. The thing that gets very little mention any longer is population growth. If we don’t begin to take zero population growth (or even negative growth) seriously, resources will simply not be able to keep up.

    The reasons for creating children must be re-examined. We are having children because we feel the need to be fulfilled, especially as women, but is that the only way one can be fulfilled? We have children because it is expected of us by culture, family, friends, but is that a good reason? We have children because God told us to, but would God ask us to have children to the point of global extinction? We have children to continue the species, but the truth is we don’t need to keep having children to do that any longer…if we really wanted to we could do most if not all of that in a laboratory. And the real truth is that if we keep having children, we will destroy our planet, reducing ourselves to the point where we for sure will have to keep having children to make sure that humanity doesn’t go extinct!

    We have way too many children who were brought into this world for thoughtless reasons, and this world is paying the price, and one day, sooner than we think, the species that thinks of itself as superior will pay the ultimate price if it does’t change this thoughtlessness.

    • mewabe

      Thanks Therese…Wow! That was a surprise seeing this under the Headline
      section…thank you Neale and thank you to the editor(s), I feel totally humbled.

      My feeling is that the earth is a beautiful Divine expression and manifestation, as is all life. How can humanity love, admire, worship the artist, the Creator, and disrespect and desecrate his/her/its masterpiece, the creation, of which we are a part? Would we do this to a sculptor or painter or musician, or a poet? I do not understand this, except for the knowledge that it can only be done when believing in separation (the illusion of God being separate from all life).

      I agree Therese about having children for wrong reasons, which is very common, and about the unsustainability of endless growth in all direction (population, production, consumption), as we are literally growing ourselves out of the planet, and very rapidly.

  • flojones

    As good as usual Newabe, yes.
    Most human people think that their expérience of life would be much much less if they were more open to Life, more open to the Truths of Life (functionality, adaptability, sustainability). They think that they live responsibly and wisely. No government or religious authority dare say it is not the case. They think that living more simply on the outside and more openly means living dully, boringly which we know is the other way around.
    Because they are cut off their own inner Life they are cut off all Life and can’t see any link between their own Life and Life outside of them.
    However I am thankful for all the opportunities this situation provides me to demonstrate who I am, and to demonstrate it more and more.
    Thank you.

  • Gina

    What is interesting is that I cannot tell if Mewabe or Neale wrote this despite the former’s vehement disavowal of any conformity with, or allegiance to, the latter. I love and cherish and thank you both for all that you are and do.

  • Gina

    I agree. It can be a powerful wake up call for people to explore the possibility of us having no place to be except in the spiritual world. If they deny the global warming, then the more undeniable clues such as the death of honeybees or eminent water shortages can point them out to the urgency of the geophysical challenge we are facing. For me it was really shocking to read about the aforementioned crises and I felt the great urgency to do something finally, like talk to other people and write letters to the editors

  • Victor

    Great, Mewabe! Great, Neale!

    Thank you both…

  • This is great! Neale has done this in the past where he takes some wonderful comments & posts them again for further elucidation, commentary that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

    I salute Mewabe for this excellent re post & Neale for choosing it.

    I think for the people who come here on a regular & even irregular basis are still looking for some concrete way to help in a larger sense with the CwG spirit & material.

    Neale has offered several ways to do this. This site for one thing. Yet, I don’t see or recall any of these other suggestions he’s offered really taking off at this point. People have since the beginning of the CwG books have been wondering what else they can do to spread the message. Well the WECCE book & website are the CwG’s best success stories yet. They are reaching the world on an individual basis.

    Neale’s workshops do similar things in helping individuals make great leaps in their personal spiritual development. As far as making that larger group energy commitment it hasn’t happened yet. I’m curious what form it will take.

    I have offered the possible idea of weekly or even monthly global visualization prayers,and to set priority goals on what we’d like to see like say a top 10 & even top 25 & 50 list if need be.

    I know Neale is not opposed to this, that he has many things on his plate to consider. I think it’s still a great idea thats terribly underutilized. For now, we continue as we have been. However, I’m led to ask, do we really feel this is the best we can do?

  • Stephen mills

    Completely agree with this, but who gets to say what part of the speciesystem we interfear with what part do we have greatest impact on to continue our civilisation ?

    Some impact is necessary for technological progress is it not ! What is progress anyway !
    I alway,s thought this the greatest of our conundrums what products do we produce that have the least effect on our planet,s systems so life can thrive ?

    Some form of mass consciousness awakening is the only solution so most people get it before we exhaust our nonsustainable resources .We are living on the sunlight from ancient times instead of using the current sunlight.The book the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann is one of my favourites and woke me up to our cultural mistakes and dysfunctional reality.

    Thanks for your contributions Mewabe .Would it be possible to let me understand how you see the future Earth in your eye,s and how you would like to see Humans move forward as one and what would that look like ?

    • mewabe

      Thank you Stephen…
      To answer your question, I could use my own knowledge and opinions, preferences, imagination, etc…
      But will it be alright if instead I tell you what I was shown in a vision in 1994?

      I trust this vision while at the same time knowing that no future is ever written in stone. All paths remain open at all times…yet, all actions have natural consequences, causes and effects, and these consequences, when a path is chosen, can be unavoidable, particularly when it comes to the natural world.

      At the time this vision came, my mind had been intensely focused on the earth and the world’s futures for a couple of weeks. I did not ask for a vision, it came spontaneously.

      I won’t describe the vision, I can tell you that it was an out of body experience (and being in two places simultaneously and conscious of it, and in full control).
      The vision showed me that humanity was about to go on a dark journey (this was 1994, we are in it now, I felt that it started on 9/11), that would get progressively worse. It would get as bad as your own imagination can tell you. I don’t now how long this dark journey will last, but I was shown that it would last half a cycle (a half circle). I don’t know what this means in terms of years, it could be half a century, etc…

      At the very end of the half circle, which was very dark for the world (everyone being affected throughout the world) a transformation would take place, instantaneously. I don’t know what this transformation will mean at the physical, practical level, in this three-dimentional reality, but I was shown what it would mean in terms of consciousness, which is the foundation of all reality:

      The world was shown to me, from a distance, to no longer be dark but light…shining like a star in the sky with a spiritual light. I was made to know that the divine essence and nature of all life was now visible to all, and all things and beings were now conscious (aware of their divine nature). The feeling and understanding was divine oneness. Those who had difficulties adjusting (there were quite a few whose consciousness was not ready) were helped by others. The earth was renewed…the separation (the veil) between the physical and spiritual (and the so-called living and so-called dead) no longer existed.

      It is as if the entire planet had “ascended” into a more subtle (“higher”) dimension of existence.

      I was made to understand that the very dark road (that will lead to global despair and hopelessness at the very end for most) humanity would choose is actually a short cut to this evolution, this transformation…so I was essentially told that the only thing to do is exercise compassion towards those forms of life (including all humans of course) who suffer and are or will be in need while we are on this dark road. Nothing else needs being done, except pass along a message of hope, because the darkness will be very intense and heavy, and some will not be able to bear it.

      I was shocked by this vision…yet the understanding that came about the transformation allowed me to feel no fear. And I think I will need to pass this message to others who may also understand it.

      In some ways this seems to match Biblical prophecies, minus the judgement, guilt and fear, yet I never read the Bible…but it also matches Indigenous prophecies, and the ascent into the fifth world (Hopi), although the Hopi do not talk about the nature of the fifth world.

      I could draw the vision, and I will probably do it at some point.

      Again nothing is written in stone, in 1994 I felt like we still may have had a choice, but I do feel that we are now on this dark road. Thinking of it as a shortcut, albeit a painful one, can help understand what humanity is doing.

      So even thought in the above article I spoke of how we should live with the earth, in harmony and balance with all life, and of the end of physical life as we know it if we do not change, I know of a greater vision. We will get to where we want to go, the hard and relatively fast way…through a very dark road that will lead to the light.

      It is all as it should be and humanity has made its choice, so those of us who know and understand do not need to fear, we can keep our hearts open and help those who will need help before and after the transformation, because we are all walking together on this road.

      • Stephen mills

        Thanks for sharing your personal vision ,but have humans not been in a dark place for millenia .It,s just our technology can eradicate most of life in a day or so .

        I see no discussion in the main stream media of of tackling global issues and trying to solve humanity,s most pressing problems .Perhaps what might happen as a natural consequence of our actions is some kind of global calamity to push forward evolution or bring us some kind of awakening .

        • mewabe

          Yes, I think that was what the vision showed me…the “darkness” also meant the disintegration of society due to some global environmental calamities. I did not get any specific details, but the idea was that something global was happening, and we are probably approaching that time when we will see the consequences of our actions towards the natural environment. I got that environmental calamities (happening as in a domino effect) will be severe enough to bankrupt all governments, no one will be able to keep up or remedy anything, and all economies will fall apart as well.

          People are living in denial, and the awakening will be painful for a while. The “darkness” also meant that, contrary to the past, the destruction will be global and severe enough for humanity to loose all hope for a while, and succumb to despair, before the final transformation. This loosing of all (false) hopes will actually be key to this transformation, paradoxically. When everyone gives up, that’s when collective consciousness will change.

          This is not a vision many people will want to hear…