How to make deep changes in your experience of yourself — and all of life

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(This is Part XI of an extended series on being part of the change, rather than simply observing the change, that is occurring on our planet right now.)

In the first ten installments here we have explored in depth the first step in becoming a spiritual helper. You can find those entries in the archives on the website. The second step in becoming a spiritual helper is to:


We began our exploration of Step Two in being Part of the Change in our last entry here. We said in that entry that so long as you imagine that you are separate from God, you will imagine that you are something other than what God is—which is Life Itself. You may think that you are that which lives , but you will not imagine yourself to be Life Itself.

Let us continue with that thought here.

This separation OF Itself FROM Itself is what you have called, in one of your mythologies, the casting out from the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, where once there was eternal life, now there is death. Suddenly, where once there was abundance, now there is “not enough.”

Suddenly, it seems that there are many Aspects of Life competing for Life Itself. This is impossible in Ultimate Reality, but not in your imagination.

You can even imagine that you  are in competition. With the birds, with the bees, with every other living thing, and with all other human beings.

You can create a nightmare in which all that supports your life seems not to support your life at all, but to limit it. Thus, you will actually attempt to subdue that which supports you.

There is a way that we can get over this Illusion of Disunity and the idea of Separation. There is a way that we can agree with ourselves about each other—that we can see and experience ourselves and each other as Who We Really Are. The path to that experience is the path of comprehension and awareness.

When we really comprehend, when we deeply understand, not only the nature of life’s cosmology, but the reasons  for it, we can make deep changes in our experiences of ourselves and of life.

If we created everything (and CwG, of course, says that we did, and do), then we created the Illusion of Disunity, the idea of separation. But why? Why would we do such a thing? The mind begs to know this, otherwise it cannot believe that the separation it sees all around itself is not real.

Again from Communion with God

If everything is experienced as unified, then nothing can be experienced as unified, because “unity” does not exist as a discreet experience. It is not something that can be known.

Yet it is Our wish to know Ourselves as Who We Really Are. Thus, we must first create the experience of WhoWe Are Not. Since we cannot create this experience in Ultimate Reality (reality is what reality is), we must do so through Illusion.

In this way, we can rejoice in what is Really So, and know it. In this way we can experience Who We Really Are: The All of It. The One and Only.

We are The Collective, the Single Reality in Multiple Form — having taken Multiple Form that we might notice and experience the glory of our Single Reality.

This is a simple explanation of the purpose of relativity, that has been given you now many times in the CwG dialogue. It is repeated here, so that you may understand it thoroughly; so that you may awaken from your dream.

Until you awaken from your dream, the Illusion of separation from Life will create the perceived need to “survive.” Before separation, your survival was never questioned. You simply “were,” and it never occurred to you that you would not always “be.” Only when you stepped away from Life (God), and imagined yourself as separate from it, did Life itself become that of which there was “not enough.” You began to make decisions about what you felt you had to do to “survive” – to have more “Life.”

This became your primary goal, and your new basic instinct. You even began to think that the reason you coupled with others was to guarantee your survival as a species. You lost sight of the fact that you coupled in response to the only real instinct, which is love.

You have called your new basic instinct “The Survival Instinct,” out of your idea that you might not survive. This idea is false, for your survival is guaranteed, forever, and even forevermore. Yet you do not remember this, and so do not think there is “enough life,” given that there are so many aspects of life competing for it.

And, indeed, that is how you see it. You imagine that you are in competition with all the other “stuff of life” for Life Itself. You are competing with your very Self for more of your Self, but you do not know it.

Your belief in insufficiency has even led you to conclude that there is not enough God.

And we will explore more of this in our next entry here. You are invited to return.

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