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A question looms on the minds of billions of the world’s people these days: Can humanity find a way to save itself from itself?

What will it take for us, as a species, to see, to admit, and to do something about what we are doing to ourselves?

Is it even possible for us, as a global civilization, to even acknowledge our behaviors — much less concede that they may have anything at all to do with the State of the World today?

The question is not limited to the obviously and painfully inept way that we are handling our global political affairs (i.e., Crimea, Syria, Egypt, etc.). It gets down to how we are simply handling our planet itself.

For instance, we’re losing 95% of our sea scallop harvest, did you know that? I deliberately brought this up because it looks like a tiny and almost meaningless example of humanity’s careless disregard for its own future, as alluded to in the statements above. But is it?

The major problem is not the loss of scallops. That’s sad, but it’s not the planet’s major problem. The major problem is the cause of the scallop loss. The cause of the loss is the precipitous rise of acidity in the Pacific Ocean — and that portends a possibly greater challenge for the Earth.

“This is a bit of a red flag,” Chris Harley, a marine ecologist from the University of British Columbia, recently told CTV News. (CTV is a Canadian television network.) Mr. Harley’s remarks were reported recently in an article for the Common Dreams website by staff writer Jacob Chamberlain.

“The cause of this increase in acidity, scientists say, is the exponential burning of fossil fuels for energy and its subsequent pollution. Oceans naturally absorb carbon dioxide, a byproduct of fossil fuel emissions, which causes acidity to rise,” Mr. Chamberlain wrote. Then he quoted Mr. Harley as saying that “an overdose of carbon in the atmosphere subsequently causes too much acidity in the world’s oceans.”

“Oyster hatcheries along the West Coast are also experiencing a steep decline, CTV News reports,” Mr. Chamberlain wrote.

Why is even this a problem? “Whenever we see an impact at some level of the food chain, there is a cascading effect at other levels of the food chain,” Peter Ross, identified by Mr. Chamberlain as “an expert in ocean pollution science,” said in the Common Dreams story.

Mr. Chamberlain goes on to write that “A recent study warned that ocean acidification is accelerating at a rate unparalleled in the life of the oceans—perhaps the fastest rate in the planet’s existence—which is degrading marine ecosystems on a mass scale.”

So what…some might say. So the “marine ecosystem” is degrading. Even if on a “mass scale,” does this matter?

Yes. We depend heavily on the health of the oceans. And a recent study published in Nature (described by Wikipedia as a prominent interdisciplinary scientific journal first published in 1869) was put in perspective by German marine biologist Hans Poertner in the Chamberlain article.

“The current rate of change is likely to be more than 10 times faster than it has been in any of the evolutionary crises in the earth’s history,” Mr. Chamberlain quoted Mr. Poertner as saying.

“Poertner says that if humanity’s industrial carbon emissions continue with a ‘business as usual’ attitude, levels of acidity in the world’s oceans will be catastrophic,” Mr. Chamberlain’s article for Common Dreams concludes.

The authors of the study conclude that the diversity of responses of sea life to acidification could lead to profoundly altered ocean ecosystems in the future. Yet, with all that said, the biggest thing about ocean acidification is that it is a sure and certain warning sign that global warming is not — as many humans continue to insist — a figment of our imagination, and/or unimportant to the planet’s future.

Next month the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will issue its most recent report, according to environmental journalist Fiona Harvey.

“The IPCC report, the first since 2007, will provide a comprehensive picture of our knowledge of climate change,” Ms. Harvey explains in a previous Common Dreams article.

“It is expected to show that scientists are at least 95% certain that global warming is happening and caused by human activity,” Ms. Harvey reports.

There seems very little remaining doubt among scientists about this. What will it take for the largest number of humans outside of scientific circles to believe it? That becomes one of the crucial questions of our age. And if human beings in large numbers ever do believe it, what will it take for all of us to actually do something about it?

For that matter, what, if anything, can be done?

These are the questions being placed now before the members of the Evolution Revolution. For more information on this, see the blue box in the right-hand column of the Front Page of this online newspaper.

I do not believe that nothing can be done. Every major change that has ever occurred on this planet began with a conversation. You are invited to join in that conversation here, in the Comments Section immediately below, as well as in the Evolution Revolution Discussion Groups worldwide.

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  • Stephen mills

    What can be done ?
    First thing is full media coverage that global warming by human induced fossil fuel use is real .We must admit what is going on and what is happening as a result of continuing to produce all this carbon dioxide and the consequences this has and will have in the future.

    Educate the young in these matters ,we all share the world not just the profiteers of fossil fuel’s .They must understand that time is running out and keep the planet at a certain temperature so life can thrive (restore balance).Send a copy of Thom Hartmann’s short film Last Hours to every TV station and get them to air it so more of us get the message that it’s a critical time in our evolution.You could also use it for Evolution Revolution groups as a learning tool.

    Let the leaders of industry and corporations understand that buisness is usual put,s us all in peril they might do something .My thought on this would be a carbon tax and end all fossil fuel subsidies .This would help make renewable energies like solar ,wave,wind and the HEMP industries come into the market place and reduce our over dependance of using oil,coal and gas .

    Just a few thought’s of my own ? I’am no scientist but I read a lot of books and trust 95% of what the finest minds on the planet have to say about what the effect’s of burning too much carbon dioxide and the cutting down of our old growth forests such as the Amazon can have on our precious Earth.

    We all matter and if we all matter then we will do something to change our current path.

  • Kay (Songflight) Clark

    Hi! I prefer a more direct, personal approach…For instance, just today, while looking for ideas on vertical gardening, I came across a picture of a building that had artistc arrangements of plantable pannels inserted in amnogst the regular siding materials. To my way of thinking, even if I raise an alarm, and maybe even get a conversation started, if I don’t also offer some clear, immediately implementable ideas for remedying the situation, I am merely perpetuating the problem. And if I talk about solutions, but then go on withmy own life unaltered, then I must hold myself accountalbe for the problem.

    I love the idea of incorporating as much living material into my personal environment, and I will be back to report on my progress with these and any other ideas I can implement into my personal life. Also, I

  • Gina

    Talking to people about these matters is one thing, and their response is actually totally unpredictable. First of all, some people say look at yourself (to me), you are not in an influential position for people to listen to you, what does it have to do with you, why don’t you mind your business, and what does it have to do with me? If I talk to religious people they invariably respond with a version of God’s plan (of saving or of destruction) and our supposed ignorance. The problem is not, people deny environmental degradation and political insolvency. The problem is , they don’t know what is really causing it, but think they know. They think it is human nature to battle with each other from the smallest to largest scales. Capitalism is the fairest system so far and if you don’t make it in it it’s because you are a loser. Most importantly, the world is ending and kingdom is coming. If I utter something else they begin personal attacks and go back to, look at yourself, mind your business routine. Okay. So I must not be exemplary enough that when I say something they become so riled up. I attracted these people as a reflection of how I am doing in actuality. So first thing to do is actually tend to your own inner and outer life so you are ‘together’ in and out. This is important. I don’t have to be in a socially high powered position to speak my mind, but I have to be well, together. Know and demonstrate what I know, so there is no contradiction within myself. And don’t go looking for someone to talk to about any of this. We appear only as the bus with a loud speaker nobody listens to and everybody cringes at. Let them be attracted to your inner radiance. Keep talking to people but in a way that works. We should target the psyche, or what have you, precisely the spot where reason, spirit and intuition coincide. The way some charismatic leaders used in the past.
    Another way is to implement a system of guaranteeing minimum sustenance, like mandatory health insurance is implemented. This will immediately draw a significant number of people away on all levels on this maximum economy. And give them some slack and time to think about the state of the world and look for solutions and do volunteer works and so on.

  • Christopher Toft

    The problem, to paraphrase Neale is as usual our beliefs. It seems to me that is is not just purely a problem of willingness to critically examine our beliefs,mindsets and motivations. I think it runs deeper. I believe we all grow up and internalize the worldview of our parents and our societies. These ingrained beliefs can run so deep that it can go beyond simply feeling that some feelings,thoughts and ideas are “wrong” and must be denied. My experiences at present are teaching me that is it possible to have feelings and desires that are so deeply buried that they are literally “off the map” of the so called realities that we believe in, so an experience can feel so alien that the mind will literally deny its existence. I think this comes about when parents and cultures meet a particular experience of a child with complete denial of the reality of the child’s experience, so the child concludes these internal experiences don’t exist too. The parents have unknowing communicated “What feelings? I see hear & perceive nothing”, because they too were taught that certain experiences “aren’t there”. So the sins of the father…

    I realize this article is about environmental destruction. It always comes back to changing ourselves for me. As Neale has said, the problem is not a economic,political or military one. The problem is a spiritual one. Can humanity face it’s own being? The road is hard, but i believe yes, if we are willing to be pioneers in our own souls.

  • So in all these questions you ask Neale, do you want to know what we will do individually or as a group here? Unless I’m mistaken the more highly evolved individuals take the next step in envisioning what they as a group desire always, talk about that & how it relates to the solution.

    The group consciousness has more power than one individual.

    We need to get beyond the talk & always include solutions. Now we can decide if we will move toward that solution or not. That’s the more beneficial discussion we can have.

    Here’s an example from Facebook. I have several friends that post stuff about animals, shelters, the good & bad that happens to animals. I almost always add to the discussion that the problem has a solution it only needs to be implemented more.

    The answer to most of these discussions on animals dogs/cats etc. is simply spay & neuter. That’s it. Now we do this already. Yet if we really wanted to we could really move toward eradicating over population by this method on a more focused consensus decision to be more complete in utilizing this solution.

    The question remains are we afraid if we cure this, we put people out of business like shelters etc? If we are, admit it & let it be. If we are brave, we move beyond the fear knowing it will work out simply by the good energy influence that gets greater & greater as we use it. No down side win win.

    CwG says “What would love do now?” That’s the question we can discuss in relation to any and all problems. I would add “What would a highly evolved society do?” Even if we are not sure we can imagine & pretend if we knew what to do, what that might be?

    Perhaps I or others can bring this question up every time you start a new topic. Thus, we force ourselves to confront our problems with the solutions we already have & why we are not moving forward in the way we’d prefer.

  • mewabe

    The very sad part of all of this is an obvious lack of respect and love for the earth, now commonly witnessed in most of humanity, except perhaps a few Indigenous tribes who are still humbly living close to nature and who depend upon it.

    It seems that even the segment of humanity that is concerned about such things as global warming, global pollution or the depletion of essential resources such as fresh water, are only concerned because these imbalances threaten their civilization’s survival (not even humanity but civilization!). Where is the love for the earth in this equation?

    Why cannot people simply love the earth, their home? Would they disrespect and abuse what they love?

    Why do we need endless scientific studies to understand that when whenever we upset the balance of the natural world, severe consequences follow?

    A person can abuse his body for decades, but eventually, he will pay the price as his body’s immune system breaks down.

    Civilization has abused the earth for many centuries, without seeing too many severe consequences as the earth’s threshold of tolerance for abuse had not yet been reached. But we are now at this threshold, we are about to see the effects of centuries of rape, of living like mad, unconscious creatures who lost all sense of responsibility and all knowledge of our connection with and dependence upon nature.

    No change will come, in our relationship with the natural world, without love. This does not require mysticism, although it would help. It simply requires the essential knowledge that we are part of nature and nature is part of us, in other word a simple shift in consciousness, from separation to union.

    What can be done? Start with actually loving the earth, in thoughts, feelings and actions. Understand that the earth is as a divine thought, and as a divine song. Because the earth will then respond, as it has a consciousness of its own…and because love and respect, not short-sighted and self-centered materialistic consumers wants and cravings or obsolete and blinding political ideologies or religious dogma, will then guide your choices and actions.

    When you do this, you may realize that you can no longer feel as a part of this global civilization. When you understand that you are a part of nature and that nature is a part of you, and that all of it is a divine expression, you will no longer be able to feel like you belong in cultures and societies that have a diametrically opposed worldview, that all life is separate. It’s a small price to pay.

    • Michael L

      Love what you and Marko wrote,
      hope they posted.

      What I wrote about it being a spiritual answer not a reaction to folks spreading fear.
      I said that both sides cancel themselves out in the intent level, and I don’t even have an opinion as to who is “right”. The earth will let you know when, one way or another.

      Just picked up the first article against the acid ocean thingy I came accross.

      “note the continual use of the word acid. Yet there is not the
      slightest possibility that seawater will turn to acid, or even become
      mildly acidic, so this is drivel. Note also the claim that pH has
      changed by 0.1 units over the last 200 years: it was not possible a
      hundred years ago, never mind 200 years ago, to measure pH to the
      accuracy necessary to support that assertion, so it’s just posturing.
      Finally, notice that CO2 is branded “human pollution”, though CO2 is an
      entirely natural and absolutely essential nutrient for plant
      photosynthesis, without which all life on earth would certainly become
      extinct very quickly.

      As an aside, we should note that if lower alkalinity per se were so
      unfavorable to shellfish as is claimed then we would have no freshwater
      shellfish and snails, but we do. The freshwater mussel has lived for
      thousands of years in waters that are genuinely acidic and with highly
      variable pH, not only seasonally, but geographically. With spring
      snow melt and high rainfall, the pH of rivers and lakes can fall to below
      pH 5, and experiments have shown that mussels can survive this acidity
      indefinitely without any deleterious effects to their shells. Note: a pH
      of 5 has 1,000 times as many “acidic” H+ ions per liter as seawater,
      and 100 times more than pure water. This is not to say that sea
      creatures can survive in fresh water – they are adapted to a radically
      different saline environment – the point at issue is that the idea of a
      small change in ocean pH due to increased dissolved carbon dioxide
      having a deleterious effect on marine shells of living organisms is not
      as obvious as the alarmists make out.

      Peace to all and to all a good night.

      • Thanks Michael, can’t comment on the acid thing, don’t know enough in that area, and it’s good to be accurate. However, here’s the greater point. We should put the well being of nature up front.

        Nature will survive without man, man will not survive without nature.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Michael, I do understand.

        I am not concerned with anything specific as with a trend that I see, that I have seen since I have learnt about the real history of the world, about civilization; the ancient Greeks for example, in order to dominate the Mediterranean militarily, cut down all the ancient pine forests that originally covered their Islands. If you visit any of theses islands today, you will think that some nuclear blast must have occurred in the past, as most of them have little more than rocks on them, much of the topsoil having been washed to the sea. The same goes with Haiti, where all the woods are been cut down for construction and fuel.

        Again, this is a trend. Humanity uses nature as if resources could be depleted and toxic materials could be dumped into the land, the air and the water without consequences. The trend is what concerns me, I do not get involved with scientific interpretations, I see the writing on the wall: humanity is soiling its own bed, and will sooner or later suffer the consequences, in one way or another.

        Interestingly enough, when people debate about the specific validity of some scientific studies or computer models for the environment, they end up disregarding what is in my opinion the most controversial and most important aspect of the problem: the trend, the direction civilization has taken, which is not one of stewardship but of using the earth both as a source of endless resources and as a toxic wastes dumpster.

        Yet the trend is obvious, since the beginning of civilization to now: it expresses the underlying beliefs that we are separate from and above nature, that we are its masters, and that we can control, subdue and use it in whatever way we please. The belief is that either science and technology or God will ultimately save us from suffering the consequences of our actions, as we will either find another planet to migrate to and populate when we have made the earth inhabitable for humans, or God will somehow intervene, and if not God, aliens from another galaxy.

        These are irrational beliefs, yet these beliefs are what keep us doing what we are doing, running faster and faster towards a brick wall.

        To see the trend is to question civilization itself, its very roots and most fundamental beliefs (not just its religious beliefs) and this is considered anathema today: anyone who questions civilization is immediately accused, usually, of professing a return to a primitive lifestyle, as if the choice was to either rape nature or let nature rape us.

        There is another way: love, cooperation, balance and harmony, sustainability. We will get there when we understand that nature is not an enemy to be conquered and subjugated, it is us, and we are it. There is no separation. When we enslave and abuse the natural world, we hurt ourselves and our descendant, as well as other life forms.

        • “There is another way: love, cooperation, balance and harmony,
          sustainability. We will get there when we understand that nature is not an enemy to be conquered and subjugated, it is us, and we are it. There is no separation. When we enslave and abuse the natural world, we hurt ourselves and our descendants, as well as other life forms. There is no getting around this, nature cannot be cheated anymore than we can cheat our own bodies or souls.”

          To this is say “Amen brotha”. I visualize this.

          • mewabe

            Thanks Marko, I do too…

  • Awareness

    “WHAT DOES WORK IS A RISE IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. How you speak and what you say influences the world. I say that your thoughts and speech and deeds reflect your consciousness. Consciousness rises. You may not think you rule, yet your consciousness does reach to those who seem to have say over you.
    There will come a time when your consciousness and that of many rises to the point WHERE THOSE SEEMINGLY IN CHARGE CAN ONLY FOLLOW YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. The consciousness of the old management grows or a new management with higher consciousness comes in. You may think I am unaware of how the world is to you and how it affects you. I am aware. I am also aware that your consciousness speaks.

    Changing outer circumstances does not of itself change all that you would desire it to.

    Desire your individual consciousness to grow. Come truly and simply closer to Me where peace resides. All things are possible, beloveds.

    Now, allay your heart. Consciousness in the world is rising. Your consciousness is rising, sometimes in spite of yourself. You see according to your consciousness. How you see changes the world. Take heart, beloveds. Take heart. You are a citizen of the world.” by GOD (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!), excerpted from “Heavenletter #4869 You Are a Citizen of the World, March 25, 2014” 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Kay (Songflight) Clark

    I have enjoyed reading all the posts on this topic. Now I would like to propose an action that all of us can take, immediately.

    Imagine…… Just imagine, but make it big, make it detailed, make it as fully conceptualized as a proposal you are going to take to your local bank, or credit union, to get start-up funding… What would a group of highly evolved individuals do to make the greatest change possible? Wouldn’t a model of what is needed give the best hope of replication? What would that model look like?

    I have dreamed of creating a retreat, a resort, if you like, where people could live a very self sufficient, minimal carbon footprint, everyone has the same levle of material security/comfort as a base, kind of life. I’m not talking about some kind of commune where no one owns anything, and everyone lives a semi-hippi life, but a fully planned out town, streets, homes, agricultural areas to provide basic food needs, state-of-the-art medical facilities that incorporate wholistic modalities, and a pay scale that actually sees equal value in every aspect of service, from janitorial to administrative, from landscape maintenance to financial director. A town where the usually “lowly service” roles are given the value tney actually have in creating our comfort and convenience. I know that such ideas have been attempted in the past, with little lasting success, but that doens’t mean that the concept is worthless and unimplementable.

    I cannot be the only person who has thought of such a thing, so think about what YOUR evolved society would create if it were creating a model town, a miniature example of what could be. I mean, really think about it….How much acreage would be needed? What sort of architecture would be best suited to ease of maintenance, as well as offering maximum number of homes with maximum levels of comfort and convenience? What technologies would be included to maximize quality of life, and minimize environmental impact, at least the negative impact. What technologies would be used for waste management, for clean water, and waste water treatment? What sorts of technologies would be used to supply energy to run your town? How much land would be needed to feed your town?

    I believe that creating multiple model towns is the only way to truly alter society’s perception of what works, what must be tolerated in exchange for the modern conveniences to be available. The whole concept of an advanced civilization is fine to explore in fiction, to contemplate in terms of myths, like Atlantis, but it’s generally accepted that such a society could never exist in the real world. So why haven’t we set about proving that to be a false truth?

    And yes, I stand as guilty as the next person of not doing anything to make my dream a reality…except that I HAVE thiught about it at a level of practicalities. I HAVE explored some of the possibilities as far as technology goes. What I lack is the funding, and a great deal of the know-how for taking a concept from theory to practical planning, to actual implementation. But today I made a choice to share my dream, to offer my ideas for a better future to others who are seeking the same thing. If a corporation can create a retirement community that tries to plan for, and have in place, solutions for every eventuality, why can’t a model town be created in the same way? Just consider the possibility, OK?

    • Stephen mills

      Sorry to butt in here Kay but have you heard of Jack Reed ?

      His dream/desire is to produce such a community ,his book Co-Op The Next Evolution with Jen Chendra and Jim Costa examine’s this very idea .I believe this will be part of the future and one of many of which will be created as another way for humans to sustain themselves for the highest good of all as Jack says .

      A world community that works !

      I hope this will help you in your research ?

      • Kay (Songflight) Clark

        I was unaware of this, but I knew that I couldn’t be the only one thinking about this stuff!! Thanks for the info, Stephen!

    • mewabe

      Great idea, and these places exist already, in some respect, on a very small scale today: they are not 1960’s “hippie” communes, but are called intentional communities, and many are precisely built like small villages. However they usually are conceived and built on too small a scale, which makes tham exclusive and utopian (not, for example, reflecting the real world at large…not including a variety of people, economic classes, and belief systems, but composed exclusively of people who think alike and are relatively well off financially).

      These existing places are however interesting to explore, as they are all different, all offering different solutions, but all seeking sustainability, consensus and off the grid technology.

      But the biggest obstacle to creating these dreams are founding and jumping through the endless loops of local, state and federal regulations, laws, etc. These bureaucratic obstacles can be overcome, but it takes a lot of work, which is why it is instructive to look at how these intentional communities do it (Google intentional communities, not “communes”).

  • Drew Arrington

    Yes it is the kind of thinking that is continuous: “Comfort now, consequences later” has been our attitude. Education? That helps, but to what end? Most people are too busy trying to survive and be entertained to take any notice of the world at large. AND when we do, we are shut down by laws that make no sense. For example, it is illegal to have a high speed electric vehicle in Canada. The two electric car manufacturers here are now having to move to the U.S., as they cannot sell their product in Canada. You find examples of this everywhere. I am not trying to focus on the negative here, yet it is the archaic monetary system that seems to be the culprit. The ones with real power in this system are the corporations and I don’t see them helping us any time soon. So, the only thing I can think of, Neale, is for us to find a way to create a corporation ourselves, start buying up the other corporations and start to change the tune.

    Think, if you created a corporation and started buying up small businesses, say all the DJ companies in a state or province, and then created an organic business model that created good profits with great benefits for workers. I know, it seems hard, but I think that you have created a great start. You have access to a spiritual movement that can bring people together and get us to start building a company with the aim to rival the current corporations so that we can really make a big dent in the worlds needs. It is money that rules, and so we should be getting that and creating that. Corporations have weight in government for they control much of the lobby. Think what can be done to help the world if we had the same kind of corporate ability.

    • Kay (Songflight) Clark

      Wow!!! And I thought my dreams were ambitious!! I LOVE this idea!!! It’s bold and hops right into the deepest parts of the problem. I’ll suggest one additional angle that could create a two-pronged attack…let’s convert some of the upper management types who already have an inside position, and get them to shake up their own companies, from the top, down. I think that if things were presented in a way that made the changes look financially advantageous, we might manage to start a revolution in the way people view making money. So, where do we sign up?

      • I don’t see this as an attack, really. It’s more like a “play by the rules of the game” thing. The rules of this game are what they are and I find the spiritualists all rallying against it, which seems to me to be counter productive. “Fight against the man!” doesn’t seem like a good spiritualist doctrine to me, but I find many people are doing just that. The others want to “Pray it away” and others would like to do something, but are at a loss. Many would like to do something but don’t want to start a project, being stretched to the limit just trying to produce a better life for themselves and their families.

        So wouldn’t it be better if we can unite and play the game by the current rules instead of focusing on what we would like the rules to be changed to? When you fight against something it fights back with equal or greater force. When you work within the current rules, you will find far far less residence. The difference is like swimming upstream or letting the river take you where you wish to go.

        So, I wish I could say that I know where you can sign up. I am a great ideas man and I have tons of skills, but I am sure that Neale would know how to contact those that could flesh out this idea and get it started. There are tons of people that would give time and money to a project that might really help the world and Neale has a network to be able to do such things. Not that I know that, but I see it as a possibility.

  • mewabe

    A potentially great book: Collapsing Consciously, by Carolyn Baker (info courtesy of Abby Martin on RT Breaking the Set).

  • Erin

    At least we have an agreement that 3 things need major adjusting in light of their present dys-functionality toward the painting of a Human majority’s vision of Good Life…Military, Governance, & Religion.

    Military can be revamped of their skills, technologies, & previous nature’s to be as Universities of Conditioning Sciences. One can still ‘enlist’ into such, but the majority of its students will be those who demonstrate problematic behaviors that do harm to Society/World.
    In process, well-versed teachers (officers) have the opportunity to de-brief’ those that would normally be thrown into prison cells & rehabs. In turn, students have the opportunity to find & hone skills & talents that can give them renewed value…at the same time, putting Society’s security where it belongs…functioning within the Communities themselves. (Some of the most amazing Police, Firefighters, EMTs, & Counselors were once the ‘Bad Babes’ of their neighborhoods, btw) Those that ‘fail’ this education will not be seen within Society in this particular lifetime, but can find good purpose within other areas of “Sciences”. (Better than my original euthanizing program, yes?) 😀

    Governance. The U.S. is still the grandest experiment of Humanity’s Oneness in-process. Intents went a bit askew, but fore-fathers left means in case of such…The Declaration of Independence & Treaties. Many of us are “New Agey” Natives (heehee!)…Born & raised under one paradigm, but still of this landmass, irregardless of decent, with another paradigm already in place for movement. Deeds & business of one paradigm can be re-established into & through the other for the benefit of All participating.
    Anyone hear the Freedom bell/drums harmonizing?
    This can open the doors for one to blend, with at least some dignity, into a Wholeness of other-‘wise’ beingness presented by the other. Playing the old Monopoly game right onto another board’s version, so to speak.
    A small team of lawyers from both ‘sides’ with a few paralegals can surely create such a pathway…A team of Wise Guiders can surely mold the incomings into finer steppings. With the number of people who would ‘light up’ once presented for option, the traffic might be somewhat overwhelming, but Amazingly cool to be in, yes?

    Last, but hardly Least…Religion. Although genius in concept, much like governing & military mights, this too, has taken deep turns into The Dys-functional Zone. However, in the above process, this too, has opportunity to be re-aligned toward worthy investment in heavenlier Home styles. Those ‘lit’ will have already been of open-mindedness enough to make this much smoother than ever thought.

    Just ideas bouncin’ in the brain…Adjusts/Expands??? 🙂

  • Shannon Mahoney

    I wrote a post last night and it has not shown up…anyone have issues with this?

    • Gina

      If any links or profanities were included in your comments, they would not post. Guess this is done by certain algorithms, not by actual people…(?!)and as such there could be occasional glitch in the system and your posts would be held up for no apparent reason. I have seen this happen to others. They write to Lisa McCormack and have it resolved.

      • Shannon Mahoney

        Thank You Gina…I wonder if they still have it somewhere. There were links to articles in the post…so that makes sense…although No profanities…just science stuff…:).

        • Gina

          Hi, Shannon. Do you care to rewrite it? Paraphrase what the scientific articles mean in essence, rephrase them in your own words? Your input is valuable.

          • Shannon Mahoney


            I do want to re write, but have not has the time or have been in the right head space to do it. I’ll add as soon as I’m able.



  • mewabe

    “…Enormous quantities of minerals are buried here; on the Navajo reservation alone lie 100 billion barrels of oil…25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas…80 billion pounds of uranium, and 50 billion tons of coal, by conservative estimates. The energy corporations WANT THE RESOURCES UNDER INDIAN LANDS, and if necessary THE NATIVE PEOPLE WILL BE SACRIFICED.”
    From the documentary Broken Rainbow.

    My comment:
    Indigenous people all over the world are being sacrificed today as they were in previous centuries, and for the same reasons: to facilitate the constant growth of an unsustainable civilization.

    This civilization is now experiencing global fear partly because of climate change. Yet when no negative consequences were threatening to disturb modern society, the civilized world was very comfortable with raping Indigenous cultures, committing cultural genocide, and raping the earth itself. And it still is, or would be, if it could somehow escape the consequences of its actions. Love and respect, for life itself, for other cultures, are not and have never being the foundations and guiding lights of the civilized world.

    Misinformed individuals think that all Native Americans seek is an apology for past wrongs. Neither the past nor the wrong has ended. Native people today are still fighting for their lives and their cultures, still confronted by the same predatory, out of control, ruthless and ultimately criminal civilization that still wants to take control of the little lands they have left.

    We should all fight alongside them and for the same reasons, which would be to reestablish or protect our connection to the earth and learn to live sustainably, for what energy corporations do to the land, the air and the water affects us all.

    Yet how could we take such a stand when we choose to keep on living off these resources (coal, natural gas, oil, etc) and when corporations are, in truth, doing little more than supplying us with the cheap energy we demand, and in endless quantities?

    Who is responsible? Us. We are all responsible. Corporations, as well as governments, do what they do because of us. It is not enough to change our minds and hope for the best…we must change how we live, and learn to exist in a state of harmony with the earth, today..or we will all cease to exist tomorrow. Native people are on the front line of this fight, of this willful destruction…but all will eventually suffer the consequences of our actions towards the natural environment.

  • flojones

    I agree with Christopher Toft.
    I, as human being, am life. As long as I am not consciously connected with
    my inner life I can’t be connected with the outer life and my behaviours
    will demonstrate that. As long as I think that I have to resist, not
    respect, not listen to my inner life in order to survive, blossom and
    avoid suffering, I resist, can’t respect and can’t listen to the outer
    life. Most people keep thinking on and on, which is a utter folly and
    paradox that they can blossom by not respecting, not listenning to, not
    being connected to themselves, and they are so convinced that if they
    change, they and their family will suffer (more), not being conscious
    that they are creating more suffering to come.
    For me the only challenge is to help people to reconnect with themselves little by
    little. By not wanting them to change you can recognize how great they
    are in order for them to recognize how great they are through you.
    Because they are disconnected from themselves, most people are looking
    for approval at a deep level. Only when they know that you fully
    approve, accept, care for them that they can listen to you and take into
    account some of your views and maybe begin to create little by little
    their own experience of life and shift from taking to giving.

  • Blake

    I have been reading a book by the Newton Institute titled “Memories
    of the Afterlife Life between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation” which
    many of the case studies reflect CWG principles about life in the spirit world.

    Rifa Hodgson from Canada wrote about woman named Lindsay who
    in a hypnosis state described a past life as a hybrid soul. A hybrid soul is
    someone that existed in a previous life on a different planet other than Earth.
    Lindsay was a being that had wings and four antennas with no eyes that’s purpose
    was to help planets to evolve using pure thought energy to manipulate
    vibrations in the planet to reform land structures.

    Lindsay’s purpose in her human life in on Earth is to do the
    same work for this planet of ours she said that the Earth is evolving and her
    purpose is to help the process of reconstruction happen.

    Neale, according to this book the Universe and its
    inhabitants are already working on the Earths transformation and that there are
    many people that have been invited to do the energy work for change. You talk
    about God telling us that if mankind just changed their belief systems and that
    this is a spiritual problems then I say we as souls are combining our wills to
    reconstruct Earth because it will happen with or without Earths people.

    I am saying that there is an ongoing system of souls from in
    between lives working together because there is a problem and that problem
    cannot be fixed by just human will it needs the combined One Mind to cause the
    changes that need to happen so that the Earth can evolve.

    I suggest that you read “Journey of Souls” by Michael
    Newton, Ph.D. whom discusses the ideas that God would not or could not explain
    to you in your Conversations with God series. Everything jives with each other
    if you want world change then you will have to understand the full system
    beginning with the Source.


  • Shannon Mahoney

    There are loads of horrific stories about what is happening to our environment and what is happening to us as a people and all of nature.

    We are seeing the language of hopelessness throughout the media and we ourselves are using this same language as we write on our blogs and answer these questions and show our fear of the future both in our lifetimes and those of our children and grandchildren’, posing a question of whether or not they will even have a world to be born into and if they do what would it look like.

    Living in this world where Fear is the most potent motivator to change, we are seeing it play out all over the place, but to some degree it appears that we are becoming somewhat callas to it’s effects with so many stories presented to us through the media and it is taking it’s toll.

    The problem with this fear is that it is so overwhelming that it almost leaves us feeling helpless and thus not actually able to move forward with effecting a change…a change that would stop the insanity and start the healing process.

    There is no government agency or corporation that will swoop down and save us from ourselves, but rather it is up to the people to make the changes and then the governments and corporations will follow if given the right intensive.

    There are simply too many area’s that need to be addressed when it comes to “fixing” what has been done, so again it becomes extremely overwhelming as no one person can effect it all.

    In today’s world it is true the corporations are pretty much ruling the roost and they have become so big and amassed so much money that it seems almost impossible to bring them into some kind of alignment when the government is no longer putting restraints on them etc etc etc.

    But there are ways to do so, but again they seem so overwhelming, but they really are not when you break it down into smaller chunks or steps.

    One way of course is to stop supporting large corporations that are not playing fair, not taking care of the environment, or taking care of their employee’s in an appropriate manner etc.

    This is good as long as there is a means by which to get the products or services from another source that is taking care of these things and we could feel good about supporting…but currently that isn’t always easy to find.

    So we search out competitive companies that the belief that corporations have an obligation to take care of nature and it’s people appropriately and support them.

    If we can not find this, we find a way to create a competitive company with a comparable product or service that does support it and get the word out so we can support you.

    Building communities that are sustainable and again support fair treatment of employees and the environment around them, being off grid and having things like community greenhouse’s for year round organic produce etc etc…this is another important way to create change and bring awareness to more people.

    If we had hundreds or thousands of these subdivisions, or communities build around the Country, suddenly they begin to seem like the new norm and people start demanding them.

    It’s not about creating more spiritual awareness but rather about creating more physical awareness and giving the average person options to support companies with integrity that are supporting communities, and giving them affordable options when it comes to buying or building a home.

    Same thing with cars and all things that use fossil fuels to run…start searching out the alternatives…keep an eye out for hydrogen fueled engines in the future and support the companies that are creating products in this direction.

    The bi-product of a hydrogen engine is water…and we need water as we are beginning to see a water crisis growing in our world.

    Some advancements in hydrogen production are already being done, but on a very small scale at the moment but maybe worth an investment from us.

    “BLACKSBURG, Va., April 4, 2013 – A team of Virginia Tech researchers has discovered a way to extract large quantities of hydrogen from any plant, a breakthrough that has the potential to bring a low-cost, environmentally friendly fuel source to the world.” from Virginia Tech News.

    GM and Honda reveal plans concerning hydrogen fuel cells

    Posted on 27 February 2014

    Last year, prominent automakers Honda and General Motors entered into a partnership concerning hydrogen fuel cells and their use in transportation. Both companies have a strong interest in clean transportation, with Honda boasting of its own hydrogen-powered vehicle operating in California and General Motors working to improve fuel cell technology for vehicles. The partnership between these two companies have been shrouded in mystery, to some degree, with both companies simply suggesting that they would work together to tackle the problems that face fuel cells.” from Hydrogen Fuel News (web site of the same name)

    Concerning the ocean pollution here are a few things to look at:

    “Researchers at Florida State University and Florida A&M University have confirmed that the methane released in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has disappeared.

    It was absorbed by floating bacteria in the Gulf and that bacteria has entered the food web.

    The methane-eating bacteria multiplied greatly after the spill and quickly got to work turning the methane into biomass.” Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014 6:35 am | Updated: 6:57 am, Mon Mar 24, 2014. wtxlTV News

    It is up to us to search out, purchase where we can and support these types of research and development and companies offering services and products that will change our current situation.

    All is not lost so long as we don’t buy into the fear at every turn and we keep on making these changes in our personal lives and supporting the changes being made by companies and other individuals.

    I hope this makes sense.