To vaccinate or not vaccinate?

In recent years, measles was virtually eradicated through the use of vaccines.  The same can be said for illnesses such as polio and whooping cough.  So why is it that within the past year we’ve seen diseases like measles suddenly reemerge – an illness which has been proven to be deadly in some children?

In recent reports, it is being suggested that the resurgence of these diseases is partially as a result of parents electing not to immunize their children.  It is suspected by some that vaccines may be the root cause of other life-affecting conditions, most notably autism.  And in an effort to prevent or minimize their children’s chances of experiencing a life with autism, some parents are saying no to vaccines altogether.

The debate is a heated one, and profound arguments are made on both sides of the fence.   Do we want to live in a world where our ability to choose is taken away or restricted?  How does the choice to not vaccinate your child affect the lives of those around them?  Whose choice does it become when the consequences, which can be deadly, are shared unknowingly by others?

Perhaps the ground-level consideration here for everyone to think about and talk about is what is our responsibility when it comes to the illnesses and diseases we are finding ourselves faced with.  There are some who believe that God intends for us to be subjected to painful life-threatening diseases and conditions, depending on how “good” or “bad” we are.  There are some who believe that the diseases we are experiencing are as a result of the way we interact with our environment with harmful chemicals and pollutants and the processed foods we place into our bodies.

So how did we get to this juncture?  Are the immunizations hurting us or helping us?  Is the way we are polluting our air and water contributing to the ailments we are facing?  Are the foods we are ingesting clean and natural, or are they laden with chemicals and preservatives?  Are we moving our bodies and exercising our hearts or are we allowing our muscles to atrophy and our bodies to become overweight?

I don’t know who or what is “at fault” for polio or measles or autism.  I don’t know how the medicines we are injecting into our bodies are affecting us at other levels.  Right now, a mammogram is the best tool we have for detecting breast cancer; yet there are many who are convinced that mammograms are actually causing breast cancer.   Which is it?  How are we to know?  How are we to choose?

The messages of Conversations with God tell us that our bodies were designed to live “a great deal longer” than the 50 to 80 years we typically see….”infinitely longer.”   And when I think about the vastness and intricate perfection of the universe in which we live, I am convinced that this is so.

My son is a young adult now, and, yes, he is vaccinated.  And, I, too, am vaccinated.  But I am wondering if I were faced with the choice today, with a young child, might I choose differently?   What about you?   How does your spirituality interplay with modern medicine?  How does modern medicine interplay with your spirituality?  When it comes to making important life decisions like this, what do you draw upon for your wisdom?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this.

(Lisa McCormack is a Feature Editor at The Global Conversation and lives in Orlando, Florida.  To connect with Lisa, please e-mail her at

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  • Anna

    Good discussion. I and my children are vaccinated and had I researched before hand, I’m not so sure I would’ve. Yes, the food and pollutants cont
    ribute to illnesses as well. You brought up that there’s been an outbreak of measles and such recently. I can’t help but wonder if this is a push to vaccinate more being that main stream media doesn’t make it aware to their viewers that most, if not all were already vaccinated. I believe we have a choice to detox to cleanse ourselves of pollutants, stay away from radiation, stay away from wi-fi etc. to take care of our bodies. We should also have the right to choose not to vaccinate, opposed to it being mandatory, especially for our children to be able to receive a public education. And to the parents that oppose unvaccinated children going to school, I ask, if you believe that the vaccinations truly prevent illnesses from spreading, why are you worried? If my unvaccinated child went to school with the measles, won’t the vaccine prevent your child from getting it?

    • Linda

      Exactly Anna, I agree. Why are those -who are vaccinated- worry about others who are not… Shouldn’t it prevent the disease?
      In this nasty world we live in we can’t really trust the pharmaceutical industry as it is a massively profit driven industry and money is in illness not health. These companies invest billions world wide in big research projects that take long years so they use the most outraging methods to ensure they profits are secured for many years to come…

  • Kristen

    This has to be one of the hardest choices and conversations parents ever have. And its always hindered by those on either extreme. Im vaccinated, but my children are in various degrees. The eldest had her two baby doses but started at 6 mths not 6 weeks, when weaned and with my immunity. She developed a very rare auto immune disorder dermatomyositis which CAN be linked to vaccinations, next child had his first dose when weaned as a crawler but no more as a friends 15mth old died in his sleep two days after his 15mth old jabs. Autopsy showed fluid around the brain but nothing else so is officially SIDS! Measles causes the same brain effects in autopsys but…….

    Youngest is completely unvaccinated, I dont think daycares or schools have asked me and it doesnt appear to be an issue in NZ although doctors do make it clear they assume all kids will be fully vaccinated and most are. The two eldest did have meningitis jabs at age 12ish when there were a few cases in our City and thus one scares the bejesus out of me, its so fast and variant, and so many cases are in teens and young adults that parents may miss as they may sleep a lot and not complain specifically like kids.

    My personal view is based on the fact that immunusation does not prevent them frim catching the viruses, it just means their body SHOULD fight it withun the first three days before the rash, spots and stronger symptoms appear. Vaccinated people are still carriers and pass them on in the early days the same as non vaccinated people! This is often mis assumed and gives a false sense of security

  • Kristen

    Sorry that post was so appalling. Trying to use a new tablet and i cant get the arrows accurate to edit things then couldnt return to the bottom for a fullstop. Im not usually dyslexic! 🙂

  • Elisabeth van der have

    I think taking care of our health starts at eating healthy food, personally I choose to be vegan but I have no problem with people eating meat or dairy as long as the animals have been respected in their way of life. As for medication and vaccination I think it is supressing the system, it’s a way to make money and the side effects are sometimeworse then the complain specially in the long run. For 25 years I have been using homeopathy for all my issues, you have to find a classical homeopath and as she/he learns to know you they can heal you in a holistic way, helping the body to heal itself. I came from Europe to Nort america 8years ago and I was shocked how no doctor starts with looking at a person’s diet. They seem to find more vaccination and medications each year and 10 years later we learn how bad they really are. My daughter was not vaccinates, she is 26 now, in our family are no allergies, i havem’t had a cold in 23 years, I take my supplements and eat healty. I can not decide for anyone else but I think It is time we open our eyes and really see food and pharmaceutical industry for what they really are.

  • Terri Lynn

    Wow Lisa, this is a tough one. Both myself and my children were vaccinated but my children have been adults for quite some time. When they were babies I never even gave it a second thought. Today, I am not sure what I would do.
    Actually, that is not true. I’d pray about it and follow my instinct! However when I have grandchildren it will be a real concern. If I were faced with this question today I am not what my decision would be.

  • Erin

    Oh, this is heated to boiling, indeed!

    I look at this, & similar subjects of such nature, this way:
    Fact: Modern Medicine, as we call it, is a business…An enormous, very encompassing, extremely powerful, business.
    mpo: Grads of this industry leave their Universities with much the same attitudes as those who return from military basic training…They know all, Only They are right, They are the Leaders of Life.

    Fact: Both shine greatest during ’emergencies’
    mpo: The rest of their time is spent playing with their tools & protocols…’practicing’ their skills.

    Fact: Both require incredibly large markets to maintain lifestyles & profitably continue business. (So there-in lies my ‘take’ on vaccines & any ‘possible’ consequences of them)
    mpo: Both aspects of ‘civilization’ should be as International Services to Humanity…’Givens’ to specie quality & Good Life structure…NOT Business!

    Fact: A Question is a Question.
    mpo: If there is ANY Question, of ANY thing produced of ANY nature of beingness, by ANY humans of this moment, why would ANY one play guinea pig to it? Many millions of ‘other creatures’ of here have already given their lifetimes in the creations of products & procedures, yet Question remains. REALLY??? First-thought would be “Oh, here…Please use MY lifetime to play Your games!”???
    If one cannot conclude with Answer to the Fine Functionality in their process of theory thusfar, what the heck is one thinking to support it further? Perhaps, that it would simply be ‘Okay’ for Us to continue their ideas & feed their sciences by giving Our lifetimes, too?

    Fact: There are 2 sides to every coin & a rim that connects them.
    mpo: Some might say, “The path of Human Discovery is endless & boundless…All Must participate (in their place)!”. And some don’t See this as necessary to Good Life ‘With’ All, let alone ‘For’ All.

    Yet, there-in lies the Rim of Choice, now doesn’t it? 🙂

    Fun thinking, indeed! Blessings, Lisa! <3