There is no such thing as Right and Wrong

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We will change as a society when we change the Cultural Story that we tell ourselves and each other about Who We Really Are, and Who We Choose to Be.

There is no such thing as “right” and “wrong.” There is only “what works” and “what does not work,” given what it is we are trying to do. Yet the decision regarding what it is we are trying to do — as individuals and as an entire society of sentient beings — is a delicate and meaningful choice, filled with nuance and subtle distinctions that re-create us all anew in every single moment…and that, not incidentally, recreate God. For God is the sum total of all that We Are, and we are the sum total of all that God Is, and Life is the process by which these two are reconciled as One.

Let us decide, then, at every Choice Point of Life, what we would want Our God to do and be. Not what we think God would do and be, but what we would want Our God to do and be if we could create the highest rendering of Divinity that we can possibly imagine, and place it on the canvas of our lives.

Life invites us to step into the picture of our own creation and call it Beautiful.

Can we say we are doing that today? That is the question before every human soul at this hour.

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  • Erin

    ‘Beautiful’ would not be first-thought of personal present states in this hour…Sights of Interesting, humorous, frustrating, &/or dis-oriented, would definitely come prior to Seeing It’s Beauty. Ahhh, the back-side of co-creativity without wiser management being at the helm! (I Am sooo taking a break!) 🙂

    I didn’t read this till after I posted to the front-page-news with similar idea (kinda cool!)…”To think like a CEO of Life” in seeking solutions. Just seems to make sense to move along the game board in light of those who are most skilled of the strategies that work it well…Those that created It.

    ‘We’, per say, did not create this particular Earth game. Up to this point, ‘We’ are participating as pieces being moved within the spaces on it…by someone else’s hand, & by their ‘way to play’. The only way this will ever be different, would be if ‘We’ found an avenue that ‘They’ could See as ‘a more interesting way’ for the Monopoly to remain operational, And, not disturb Their ‘Free Parking’ bennies.
    However! It would be tough to converse with something/someone(s) one does not recognize as existing. It would be tough to express a point of view one has not Seen…much like trying to explain Purple to a born-blind person. Tough, as well, to Understand perspectives that come from such mysteries, & a picture much larger than our physical peripherals allow.
    Tough, Yes…Impossible, No. Impossible is a frame of mind, too, yes?
    Sooo, How to get the attentions of a Mystery? Know it exists, call it out with blue-prints in-hand (the ‘avenue’), and “No” is not an option in further thinking…No?
    Full-page-print the core concepts of “Another Way to Be Human”…Clearly showing how it’s design will add to Management’s scheme in a much smoother-for-All, ‘more interesting’ Way. Put in every newspaper that reaches 10G or more (ww, btw). Pay to have it placed as the 3rd page…Mon., Wed., & Fri…of Independence Day week (doesn’t matter When ya celebrate). Ask a question on the bottom: “Can This serve YOUR version of Good Life…Yes or No?” Direct them to the already set-up poll site on-line. At the verrry same time, ‘virus’ this same page into every major search engine for as many times as you can with same time frame. Expiration for participation: Midnight the night before, the following Mon., when you reprint, Twitter, fb or whatever, the original page with the poll results….No matter what they are. Bingo! You’d Be rockin’ the minds & the matters of Humanity & World in ‘1 Week, Gwasshoppa!!! All power, All People…1 Week!’ heehee! 🙂
    Food for thought.<3

    • I have a NEW GAME for the World to Play. I’ve already begun to bring that game online and to the General Public’s attention. My content has been in production at least since 2007. I do indeed play the part of CEO in my solutions applied to real world problems, if they are effective I should deserve some form of compensation. God can not say, “NO” to our very natural desire to Understand the World we live in; HE MUST PROVIDE us with the means to achieve that Understanding. INDEED, the actual Mechanics behind Self-Promotion can be very very complex in Modern Times, and Global. This circumstance creates a very serious ISSUE in OUR WORLD TODAY. SOMEONE LIKE HITLER COULD ACHIEVE GLOBAL REACH WITH HIS IDEAS, which may quite possibly serve to promote dissent and conflict between Individual persons without respect to political boundaries. We Have never been able to protect ourselves and make the world secure from the threat of IDEAS, misused with (or without) intent to cause Harm.

    • Kristen

      I am completely and utterly confused here! The world has just gone nuts, i’ve gone nuts or it’s bedtime.

  • By chance I laid hands on your book, Conversations Book 1. I believe this is no random coincidence; and after page 15 I had to put your book down and google more on you…. it’s amazing your conversations mirror my own. Thank you so much for reaching out to others and sharing your innermost thoughts. I have been searching for the past 8 years; for what, I truly do not know. I read whatever catches my heart be it, philosophy, esoterism, ancient knowledge; but the guiding light through it all was in the inner sanctum of the heart where feelings are acknowledged, nurtured and celebrated. Introspection helps.
    I know that I have found in you a fellow journeyman.
    Btw, I come from a part of the world where similar thoughts are hard to come by.
    Thank you.

    • We do have a natural attraction to people that express an Understanding similar to our own. Sadly, there is also a repulsive force between individuals of widely divergent understanding and personal knowledge.

  • Will Our Self Promotion Be allowed in every Public Forum? Probably not. People often perceive these forums as a personal intellectual property over which they may exercise rights. However, this often creates a violation of our freedom to freely express and share IDEAS. We do not wish another INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION TO STEAL OUR THUNDER!

  • I really do not understand this facebook policy about sending friend invites; they’ve always allowed people to do that in the past. I mean they do have a lot of games on there and people always need help with them because they’re better if you have lots of friends.
    It’s really not much fun to Play Farmville if you’ve got no neighbors!

    • However they’ve just blocked my account for 7-Days for sending out to many requests. And they now want me to check a box saying that, “I understand what their policy is.” The FACT of the MATTER is that I Don’t Understand what their policy is, so I can not check that box!


        • IN FACT IF I WISH, I can guarantee that they will overdraft my account, because I never have much money in it, and I need to spend some on a Child Support Payment.

          • I AM NOT really responsible for creating all the conditions of LIFE, but I still have to live with them.

          • Kristen

            Wow – the world just got scarier – you have kids??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Oh dear.

      • IS it really Justifiable that I may need to suffer some conditions in life which I did not create, other’s have imposed upon me, and I can not change?

        • I DO Believe that the answer to that Question would be, “NO!” Therefor, God must help me change the Status Quo, he can’t say “NO!”

    • All those private individuals and PORN pages were promoted to me by FACEBOOK. All I had to do is click a button, so I really don’t understand what their issue is, if they’re providing me with the means to do something which they don’t want people to do.

  • I’ll Never be completely happy with my own life until, “Peace on Planet Earth,” has been established. So this is what we’re gonna do. Help, or choose not to be Helpful, either way I AM gonna get what I want.

  • If you guys really want to understand, what the Heck I’m talking about, try looking for ‘Gen’.