In a statement of enormous clarity, God has revealed to humanity the cause of all of its dysfunction.

“All behaviors are created by beliefs,” God said in the book The New Revelations. Even “automatic reactions” are based on what you believe is occurring, is about to occur, or could occur, He said. All behaviors are sponsored by beliefs.

“You cannot make a long-term change in behaviors without addressing the beliefs that underlie them,” God said, and then repeated the statement, because the brevity of that statement belies its importance. You cannot make a long-term change in behaviors without addressing the beliefs that underlie them.

Then God offered a fascinating insight into world events in the 21st Century. “Those societies that are now causing, and that have historically caused, the most upheaval in your world are those societies that have focused on beliefs,” She said.

“Most humans try to change things by focusing on behaviors. They keep thinking they can make things better by doing something. So, everyone is running around trying to figure out what they can do. The focus is on doing something, rather than on believing something.

“But radical forces within your societies have always sought to change things by using the power of thought, not action, for they know that thought produces action. Get a person thinking a certain way and you can get a person to act a certain way. It is not easily done the other way around.”

God offered killing as an example. You can rarely get a person to go out and kill another person simply by telling him to do so, the Deity said. You have to give him a reason. And “reason” exists only in thought. And thought is always based in Belief. So, if you want to get one person to kill another, the fastest way to do that is to give him a belief that supports the action, and can sponsor it.

One such belief, God said, might be that killing is what God wants, that it is doing the Will of God, and that one will be rewarded in heaven for doing it.

“That could be a very powerful belief, a very powerful incentive. And so, while most of the world is seeking to bring about change by telling people what to DO, those who truly know how to motivate people are bringing about change by telling people what to believe. Do you get it?”

God’s statement concluded with this observation: “Your world is facing enormous problems right now, and you must solve the problems at the level of belief. You cannot solve the problems at the level of behavior. Seek to change beliefs, not behaviors. After you change a belief, the behavior will change by itself. You can take whatever action you want to take to alter someone else’s behavior or to stop it, but unless you alter the beliefs that produced such behavior, you will alter nothing and stop nothing.

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  • Michael L

    This is a individual truism.
    Thank you Neale for the reminder.

    • marjan

      Auch die Kommentare sollten in deutsch zu lesen sein-das wäre sehr hilfreich-danke

      • AKA Patrick

        To heal the world, we must heal ourselves. Every Master who ever walked the world knew this–Jesus–Buddha, and so on. Change yourself and your world will change. What most of us neither realize nor accept is that we are Divine and we are Sacred, so if We change ourselves, our world must change. Even quantum physics is coming around to that understanding.

  • Abbie

    Thank you Neale, yes defiantly makes sense to me. Heal the world change peoples belief systems.

  • Erin

    Shared! 🙂

  • Blake

    Yes! Change their beliefs.

    And. I cannot change anyones beliefs. I have had hundreds of incarnations and millions of beliefs and you know all those beliefs were correct at the time I used them for whatever experience I wanted to create.

    Your preaching to the choir Neale, just by being here my beliefs are changing to knowing rather than hope or faith. As for everyone else’s beliefs I cannot and will not be able to change them and their beliefs as hard as I want to.

    Most of the time in an incarnation it takes experiencing the same thing over and over again through many incarnations.I can remember several incarnations when the land masses were one. I was a warrior killing innocent children. then in the next incarnation I was a different warrior from the race of people that were the victims of the previous life killing that race. I can remember being a Native American back in the 1500’s being slaughtered by the white Europeans, then in my next incarnation I was a white European killing Native Americans in the 1800’s.

    Belief is something taught starting usually ten generations ago and past from generation to generation until a few of us break the chain of violence because I learned that violence does not work in solving human disagreements anymore.

    Now, I know there is no victims and no perpetrators only beliefs that I learned from past experiences. I learned that power and force are two distinct things one of war the other of peace I learned that finally when I got into a fist fight with a boy my age when I was seven years old. I have struck in rage and damaged relationships with my children and I have struck walls and things destroying them in the process because I got a paper cut.

    I am still learning how to manage my rage. I am still experiencing old beliefs that cause me to harm others. I am a man. Until you open your heart to me, I will love you and I will not trust you until you do. So, for anyone reading this and wanting to speak with anger show me your heart in your writing not just your beliefs.


  • Arlene

    If there is no right or wrong and we are not sinners, why did Jesus die on the cross?

    • Erin

      Hi, Sweetness…I saw that Therese & mewabe had provided rather fine answers to your question in the other forum post. Are you okay with that or did your Soul Sounds not ring with them?
      I’m a ‘Catholic Survivor’, too… 🙂

      • Arlene

        Theresa’s explanation resonated the most with me. Thank you!

        • Dennis

          What s the other post I would like to see what Theresa’s take on the question is

          • Erin

            Hi, Dennis! The headline post…”Should Spirit Messengers Be Quiet”.

      • Arlene

        I received wonderful answers. Thank you so much for asking. I love my global conversation family, everyone is so kind.

        • Erin

          Nice! Glad your enjoying the Conversations. There is no less than loads of Love & Kindness here…often with tads of comic sarcasm, but We are All putting in & taking out our 2-cents with mindful directives & direction. Have fun expanding! 🙂

    • lamontstephenson

      I believe Arlene that we were never sinners, it was something we were told to make us feel unworthy of God’s love and that we had to do something to get that love back which is the furthest thing from the truth in my opinion. We are made in the image and likeness of God so therefore it’s impossible to be a sinner unless that something one chooses to feel or believe. I believe Jesus died on the cross cause he knew that he is the Son of God and was telling everyone else at that time they too are Sons and Daughters of God and a lot of people at that time didn’t want to hear that or believe that. So they crucified him. But three days later he came out the tomb and he is still teaching and telling us that we are the Sons and Daughters of God.

      • Bubbles

        lamontstephenson, that is the best interpretation of Jesus’s story that I’ve ever heard.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Arlene, where do you think the concept of mankind needing salvation came from? The Christian concept of salvation is based on original sin and the fall from grace, right? Is there any other justification for this concept that you are aware of?

      A little history…

      The blueprint for Christianity was laid out by Paul, writing almost two decades before the first gospel writer, Mark. No, Matthew was not first and The Revelation – a coded text about the hated Romans, placed chronologically, should be in the middle of the NT; but it’s a nice wrap-up, so it was put at the end. The NT is laid out to tell a story, but if you read it chronologically, the story changes flavor quite a bit. See Marcus Borg’s chronological NT.

      The NT is laid out so you get the story of Jesus, then you get Paul’s travels to spread the word – but chronologically, that is not what happened. Paul, came first by a couple decades. So first they spread the word, then Mark tells us a story that Matthew and Luke embellish because Mark’s story is pretty thin, what with no genealogy, no virgin birth, no resurrection… little things like that. Matthew and Luke added these enhancements and many others to make sure Jesus was at least as good as the Pagan gods who also had virgin births, resurrections, and so on, and then John tied up the theological loose ends, again decades later. Later works attributed to Paul, but not written by him, attempted to fix some of his earlier errors – like the imminent return of Jesus, which not so surprisingly failed to materialize.

      Back to salvation – the problem is that Jesus for some reason, forgot to tell Paul in his “visions” about evolution. It was Paul who made the claim that sin entered the world through one man, Adam; but we know very well today that this is nonsense. There was no first man, Adam, created from dust in a garden paradise. The world is not 6000 years old, there was no talking snake, no tree of knowledge of good and evil, no fall from grace, no original sin – none of that mythical story in Genesis has any basis in scientific fact. Aside from Paul’s contribution and Genesis, which has been completely disproved by evolution, there is no scriptural basis that I have ever found for why we need to believe the right things about Jesus in order to be saved.

      This is all Paul’s doing – Paul who predicted that Jesus would return momentarily, and certainly within a generation – Paul was dead wrong. His new religion, whatever his original intent, served to give powerful clergy the means of using guilt and fear to control the sheeple by creating this new concept of salvation and damnation for non-believers or those who failed to toe the clerical line. And amazingly, they still have that grip on the billions of people who allow fear to control them because they believe a myth. I’m optimistic though. Once upon a time the sun orbited the earth, but a couple hundred years after Galileo proved otherwise, the church backed down and the earth began to circle the sun. Moderate Christians are studiously avoiding the discussion of how evolution does away with the need for salvation because of personal beliefs – but in time, the truth will prevail. The concept of salvation will fade away, and Christianity can begin the transition from a religion of hostility to the other, to one of ‘followers of Jesus.’ (Even though I think the Jewish Jesus message of love and so forth was really directed to members of his own tribe and not mankind in general).

  • manon lacroix

    Nous sommes la vie donc nous partageons tous la même réalité divine.
    Manon Lacroix from montreal, Québec, Canada

  • lamontstephenson

    What a person believes is a very powerful thing. When a person believes something the only way nine times out of ten for them to change the belief is it has to be proven to them. Example a parent can teach a child one plus one is three. When the child starts school the teacher tells the child one plus one is two, the child isn’t going to believe that until he or she sees it to believe otherwise. So for a lot of brothers and sisters in the world that’s how they see it. If you can’t prove it to me where I can see it, I don’t believe.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Unfortunately I don’t think “proving” something changes beliefs very often. After all, once someone “believes” something, there’s no need for them to continue to search for knowledge and truth – as far as they’re concerned, they already have the truth. That’s what belief means. Why would you entertain evidence if you already think you have the answer – and particularly if it’s going to challenge your view of who you really are? It seems to me that “belief” is the biggest stumbling block there is to the evolution of one’s intellect and personal consciousness. We should stop writing songs about “belief” as though it’s a good thing. It’s not.

      When the belief is tied into something that has a large influence on the ‘sense of self,’ attempting to “prove” something seems to just create automatic barriers (cognitive dissonance). The trick is to figure out how to remove the personal associations of ‘self’ with important issues. I have no idea of how to do this. Once someone has decided that the Flintstones is a documentary and that a failure to believe in YEC, for example, is sinful or an obstacle to “salvation” (whatever that is), It doesn’t matter what evidence one provides to “prove” something. An attack on the concept, even with overwhelming evidence, is seen as an attack on the ‘self’ of the person who believes it and a brick wall is encountered.

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Exactly, a life changing viewpoint!!

  • Babaramram

    No doubt belief comes prior to action, so what or who is shaping the belief of the American people? Doesn’t much of the information come from a biased secular media and entertainment industry?
    I think it is going to take a miraculous political revival of common sense American values in order to effect positive change in this country. I hope not, but I am concerned that it will take a national tragedy on a large scale in order to facilitate this belief change.

    • Bubbles

      Unfortunately, that is true. People don’t change their beliefs until their backs are against the wall. And everyone seems to be wired that way. Changing beliefs that are deeply ingrained can be a difficult and sometime painful process that we all try to avoid until we can’t anymore.

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    It’s the 100 monkey syndrome, the collective consciousness will be big enough to one day as we get up in the morning we will all have awakened. Till then we are awakening slowly but surely and more each day.

  • Dawie Steyn

    Just be PEACELOVERS. Spread it like the cold. Consciously be loving, gentle, caring, kind and compassionate ALWAYS. Be tolerant and pleasant, calm and relaxed. After a short while this becomes your personality and so you affect your world. Let your attitude be the teacher of others. It will change the world

  • sheila shaw


    The BELIEF system
    has to change

    The knowledge of
    God is insane

    I AM not a vengeful

    I AM the wave of
    light and Love’s intensity

    I’ve opened wide the
    Mystery schools

    No more secrets of
    Evolutionary rules

    A new beginning on
    a higher plane

    Is the vibrational
    feelings of The divine again

    Love Peace and

    these are the values
    featuring Me

    Inside each
    Instrument is the seed

    Complete connection
    is the deed

    The Soul in the
    presence has control

    The body will
    animate the agenda portrayal

    This is the time
    for leisure

    Doing nothing
    receiving pleasure

    I AM that I AM in
    Consciousness Energy

    Awareness of there
    is no density

    Oneness is the
    Energy Vibration

    A Quantum leap to
    knowledge of Ascension

    Everything is
    possible on this plane

    Imagination is the

    Belief in the role I
    AM plays

    Reality brings the
    Golden Age.

    Goddess Energy Voice


  • Charles

    Humans seem to believe they can care about and deal with more than their community. It is hard for a McDonald’s to survive in California if the news about a McDonald’s in Maine continues to have poisoned meat and it’s reported in California. My community suffers from “black lives matter” issues, while there are no racial issues in our community. The list can go on and on… the reason the world “worked” as we can define “worked” is the lack of communication. The more the world communicates, the more disfunctional it becomes. There is so much more to say. We are too lazy to make the world right again. We can’t give anything up! We are spoiled to instant gratification. Ask if this is worth your time… I’m growing tired of typing.

  • Charles

    Strong beliefs about “The beliefs” of the collective community, late night posting, frustrating days… I will think bout this further. Why has it been 2 years since the last post? Facebook maybe? So many important questions and topics here. I find I’m actually angry about modern thoughts on life…. I asked how to make bratwurst and the answer was go to the grocery store. That’s a modern problem! I guess that’s how we grow vegetables too? No!!