The events around the world in 2014—from Syria to Egypt, from Iraq to the Gaza Strip—are making it clear that humanity must find a new way to create life on Earth.

God has been very direct about this, saying in Tomorrow’s God:

“Humanity is very soon going to reach critical mass in its collective realization that Yesterday’s God cannot serve tomorrow’s world.

“Humanity cannot continue to resolve 21st Century dilemmas with 1st Century guidelines—much less guidelines that came from before that time,” God added.

This is akin, God said, to going into a 21st Century operating room with 1st Century healing tools. Tomorrow’s moral, ethical and social challenges cannot be met using 18th or 10th or 6th Century understandings and instructions. Those instructions and those understandings were not “wrong,” they were not “bad,” they were simply incomplete, the Deity went on.

Then, in a striking statement clearly meant to get the attention of our species, God said: “Yet unless you acknowledge this, unless humanity can admit that it does not know all there is to know about God and about Life, there can be no hope of continuing life as you have known it on your planet a great deal longer.”

You have, in fact, already given up much of “how it used to be” on the Earth. How much more are you willing to sacrifice before you see what is right in front of your eyes?

Asked about those who say that the real problem is that we have gotten away from the understandings and the instructions of our fathers and of theirs, and that humanity needs to return to the ancient guidelines of its wisdom traditions, God replied:

“Fundamentalist understandings of the holy scriptures of all your wisdom traditions are wise in many ways—and incomplete, and therefore dangerous, in many other ways. Honor the tradition, but expand the understanding. That’s the trick now. That’s what religions must do right now if they hope to be helpful to humans in the years ahead—or even to survive.

“Honor your wisdom traditions, but expand their understanding. This is what will occur when humanity embraces Tomorrow’s God.”

Persons wishing to learn more about what the God of our future understanding will be—if the human race lasts long enough to create that new understanding—may do so by reading the entire book, Tomorrow’s God, available from any online bookseller.

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