The events around the world in 2014—from Syria to Egypt, from Iraq to the Gaza Strip—are making it clear that humanity must find a new way to create life on Earth.

God has been very direct about this, saying in Tomorrow’s God:

“Humanity is very soon going to reach critical mass in its collective realization that Yesterday’s God cannot serve tomorrow’s world.

“Humanity cannot continue to resolve 21st Century dilemmas with 1st Century guidelines—much less guidelines that came from before that time,” God added.

This is akin, God said, to going into a 21st Century operating room with 1st Century healing tools. Tomorrow’s moral, ethical and social challenges cannot be met using 18th or 10th or 6th Century understandings and instructions. Those instructions and those understandings were not “wrong,” they were not “bad,” they were simply incomplete, the Deity went on.

Then, in a striking statement clearly meant to get the attention of our species, God said: “Yet unless you acknowledge this, unless humanity can admit that it does not know all there is to know about God and about Life, there can be no hope of continuing life as you have known it on your planet a great deal longer.”

You have, in fact, already given up much of “how it used to be” on the Earth. How much more are you willing to sacrifice before you see what is right in front of your eyes?

Asked about those who say that the real problem is that we have gotten away from the understandings and the instructions of our fathers and of theirs, and that humanity needs to return to the ancient guidelines of its wisdom traditions, God replied:

“Fundamentalist understandings of the holy scriptures of all your wisdom traditions are wise in many ways—and incomplete, and therefore dangerous, in many other ways. Honor the tradition, but expand the understanding. That’s the trick now. That’s what religions must do right now if they hope to be helpful to humans in the years ahead—or even to survive.

“Honor your wisdom traditions, but expand their understanding. This is what will occur when humanity embraces Tomorrow’s God.”

Persons wishing to learn more about what the God of our future understanding will be—if the human race lasts long enough to create that new understanding—may do so by reading the entire book, Tomorrow’s God, available from any online bookseller.

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  • Blake

    Incomplete? That would mean that the information you have received in your book “Tomorrow’s God” is incomplete. We are always growing, always changing God doesn’t even know the future; you Neale wrote that yourself.

    To be complete is to be perfection. The absolute is experienced by all only for an eternal second then we are changing again over and over forever.

    I’m going to share this moment in the now with or without your permission and we will complete another lap around the circle of life.

    When “The events around the world in 2014—from Syria to Egypt, from Iraq to the Gaza Strip—are making it clear that humanity must find a new way to create life on Earth.”

    We are all willing participants in this great experience called life. Remember? No victims and no perpetrators.

    Roll the dice, it’s your turn! Play the game. Have whatever experience and way of being you want too have. Back too Blake.

    I hate when it does that! I get such a headache! I’m going to sign off and watch an episode of “True Blood.”

    • Jon Roberts

      “I acknowledge that the model here is a work in progress. It is ever changing – which, of course, is not only incredibly appropriate for this book, but the very point of it. And it is not only the people in the Changing Everything workshops who offer me new insights and take me to new areas of inquiry. You, too, can do this – and I hope that you will.” From When Everything Changes Change Everything. Skip True Blood. Read some of his books. It’s cool that you consider yourself a participant. Make it happen, brother. Peace.

    • Lloyd Bradsher

      Yeah, Blake, you are correct in my view of existence. We are all perfect just as we are, imperfect is perfect until we find our new perfect. Change is the only constant, and if we bother to observe the Universe we will witness that all creation is in constant flux of being perfect. Stars die, a physical concept, and are born every second anew, just like will happen everywhere to everything, and the dance goes on and we can ignore it or accept it, as part of us, our free choice at work. Brothers and sisters, we are ALL ONE, and have been since the beginning. We all know the truth, found within our hearts song, ignored by the majority, and kept alive in our consciousness by the few who remember and observe. Namaste’

  • bermuda34

    how many individuals are now taking part in this conversation of the century ?

    • Michael

      🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 I have had the same question many times. 🙂 If it is Neales true intention to start a Global Conversation or a Conversation of the Century. It is being had in response to his written materials, in daily events and conversations almost every moment now around the world, but clearly no so much within this space. But it is being had. I come here once in a while, to read what Neales thoughts are on some events I’m interested in, and to see if there is anything new and exciting going on. I generally don’t come here looking to have conversations. The real conversation is out there… thus far anyway.

  • Erin

    “Honor your wisdom traditions, but expand their understanding.”
    Absolutely Perfect!

    Acknowledge the past, for it has brought us through to the Now, but keep moving, keep being…Always curious, always & all ways question the prior assumptions of everything.

    Yep, yep, & three’s a charm, YEP!

  • Michael

    We are still yearning for the experience!!! Have you not started an online church yet??? I would join you online, every Sunday or whatever day. I want more Neale!!! But let’s talk about the difficult stuff! I picture it like Jerry Springer only with Politicians. Wouldn’t that be a healing to witness! ha. Or how about we setup some sort of skype conversations. Typing is quite impersonal. Live would be a real treat! How about we start some kind of online gatherings,…. live with video and real emotions and embarrassment and all that great stuff, not edited and re-edited words on a screen. You know what?! I’mmmm starting to feel like a robot. Just punching data into a screen. Enough of this typing stuff!

  • A New Age Banner for the United Nations:
    “We are NOT for Palestine.
    We are NOT for Israel.
    We are for Palestine AND Israel.”

  • Vera Boesten

    For those countries that are in chaos/war or any other frantic way: can your headlines at the very least be translated to various main languages so that they might be picked up by those who happen to have internet there?? I think it is those poeples that need the hope your words convey most, to know also that it is in the form of Love or Universal Intelligence so as not to confuse them with the word God (as much as we feel it is all encompassing).
    From our part ‘over here’ with your words we can focus not only on our own necessary evolution but also of others outside our vision/communities.
    From the Netherlands, a big virtual hug for all your beautiful work, namaste!!

  • Sander Viergevert

    I am copy and share this message to my own website-blog, and translate it to my own language Netherlands. Greets.

  • John

    Neal, you should send “conversation with god book 1” to world leaders, ALL of them!!
    New way to see life, and manifest the souls agenda, is the last hope for humanity.

  • Erin

    Dearest CwG Crew, This sect started as a great share opportunity…Why does It seem dead? Are the tenders that busy? That would be nice to hear. Blessings to being busy in this rolling, but not seeing the moves…waz up?