An Open Letter to Our World:

My dear Sisters and Brothers on this Journey of the Soul…

The subject of my letter to you today has to do with what is happening now in Gaza.

It would take—even by Internet standards, which allows for much more material to be presented at one time than any newspaper or magazine possibly could—voluminous screen space requiring endless scrolling through paragraph after paragraph of narrative for the reasons behind the violence in Gaza to be fully explored.

And without wishing to seem dismissive of the positions of either side in the long-simmering and too-frequently erupting dispute between Hamas (the quasi political/military organization which effectively governs the Gaza Strip) and the State of Israel, the situation can fairly be described as a case where both sides are “right” and both sides are “wrong.”

Sadly, both sides can acknowledge only the first case, and refuse to admit to even the slightest instance where the second case may be true. And so, while both sides endlessly pontificate on why they are “right” to do what they are doing (Israel bombarding the intensely crowded Gaza Strip in this most recent uprising with 4,600 air strikes, Hamas bombarding Israel with 3,200 rockets fired into Israeli territory), a reported 1,700 people—85% of whom have been civilians, including well over 500 women and children—have been killed in Gaza.

An article on Wikipedia quotes the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) as saying that as of 3 August 2014 in the Gaza Strip, over 485,000 Palestinians had been displaced, of which 269,793 were taking shelter in 90 UNRWA schools. (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.)

“UNRWA has exhausted its capacity to absorb displaced persons,” the Wikipedia article said, “and overcrowding in shelters risks the outbreak of epidemics. 1.8 million people are affected by a halt or reduction of the water supply, 141 schools and 26 health facilities have been damaged, 945 homes (10,690 families) have been totally destroyed or severely damaged and the homes of 5,435 families have been damaged but are still inhabitable.”

“Throughout the Gaza Strip, people receive only 3 hours of electricity per day. The destruction of Gaza’s only power plant had an immediate effect on the public health situation and reduced water and sanitation services, with hospitals becoming dependent on generators. More than 485,000 internally displaced persons are in need of emergency food assistance.”

The article noted that 64 soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have been reported killed in the current fighting, as well as two Israeli civilians and a Thai worker.

This violent conflict between Hamas and Israel has been going on for decades, as I noted earlier (and as I know you are all aware). Nothing can stop it but a change in consciousness. As Rabbi Michael Lerner noted in a commentary Aug 3 at www.Salon.Com:

“The basic reality is that most of humanity has always heard a voice inside themselves telling them that the best path to security and safety is to love others and show generosity, and a counter voice that tells us that the only path to security is domination and control over others.

“This struggle between the voice of fear and the voice of love, the voice of domination/power-over and the voice of compassion, empathy and generosity, have played out throughout history and shape contemporary political debates around the world. Because almost every single one of us hears both voices, we are often torn between them, oscillating in our communal policies and our personal behavior between these two worldviews and ways of engaging others.

“As the competitive and me-first ethos of the capitalist marketplace has grown increasingly powerful and increasingly reflected in the culture and worldviews of the contemporary era, more and more people bring the worldview of fear, domination and manipulation of others into personal lives, teaching people that the rationality of the marketplace with its injunction to see other human beings primarily in terms of how they can serve our own needs and as instrumental for our own purposes, rather than as being deserving of care and respect just for who they are and not for what they can deliver for us, this ethos has weakened friendships and created the instability in family life that the right has so effectively manipulated (a theme I develop most fully in reporting in my book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From the Religious Right on my years as a psychotherapist and principal investigator of an National Institute of Mental Heath study of stress and the psychodynamics of daily life in Western societies).”

Rabbi Lerner believes that the State of Israel, in its continuing attacks on Gaza that are killing civilians, including many hundreds of women and children, has stepped away from the fundamental ethics and spiritual principles of Judaism itself. You will find his complete commentary on this subject here.

For its part, Israel claims that Hamas is using civilians as “human shields” to ward off attacks by the IDF on what Israel has defined as important military or strategic-planning assets of Hamas. Hamas denies the claim.

Is there any way to end this cycle of violence that has engulfed Israel and Gaza for decades—and, indeed, has become a characteristic of life in many, many other places across the planet? Is violence and killing the only way we humans know how to resolve our most severe differences?

I know I keep asking the same question here, but I am asking you—all of you in the Global Conversation—to have your say here, to speak your truth, to add to the energy of An Answer that might then be heard, considered, spread, and shared by people around the world.

And while we are considering our response, may we gently ask…where are the spiritual leaders of our world? Where is the Pope? Where is the voice of the Archbishop of Canterbury? Where is the Chief Rabbi? Where is the statement from a globally respected Ulama? Can we do nothing but pray? Can these leaders do nothing but “urge peace”? Is there nothing more substantive that they can say?

The problem in the world today is not a military problem, and it is not a political problem, and it is not an economic problem. The problem in the world today is a spiritual problem—and it can only be solve by spiritual means. It has to do with what we believe as human beings about human beings…and about God…and about Life Itself, its purpose and its function.

Here’s a vital question: Is it possible—just possible—that there is something we do not fully understand here, about God, about Life, and about Who We Are…the understanding of which would change everything?

Who among the world’s most influential people will ask this question in a public forum? Where is our world’s spiritual leadership? Where is our world’s political leadership? Must the only ones speaking the truth, and publicly asking the vital questions, be Internet Bloggers????


Neale Donald Walsch

P.S. Oh, and wait. You have to see this. You just really and truly have to. You want to know why our whole world is becoming more and more violent every day?  Read THIS.

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  • We can’t always look to leaders to lead or find solutions. We need to be change we wish we could see in others & the world.

    I’m not sure exactly, how that would look on a larger scale. I do know that unreported news seems to hit Facebook readers that does not come from the mainstream media which seems to reinforce the idea that most mainstream media is corporate controlled media.

    While Facebook can carry inaccurate news, when I’ve looked into stuff I’ve had people I know at certain events & countries tell me the story was accurate & they brought first hand accounts to give certain stories legitimacy.

  • Blake

    I read Rabbi Lerner’s full letter and am reminded about the
    German terrorist group “White Rose” that protested vigorously against anti-Semitism
    in the early twentieth century before WWII.

    The following excerpt was taken from the United States Holocaust

    In 1942 Hans Scholl, a medical student at the University of
    Munich, his sister Sophie, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf, and Alexander
    Schmorell founded the “White Rose” movement, one of the few German groups that
    spoke out against Nazi genocidal policies.

    Nazi tyranny and the apathy of German citizens in the face
    of the regime’s “abominable crimes” outraged idealistic “White Rose” members.
    Many of them had heard about the mass murder of Polish Jews; as a soldier on
    the eastern front, Hans Scholl had also seen firsthand the mistreatment of
    Jewish forced laborers and heard of the deportation of large numbers of Poles
    to concentration camps.

    The group expanded into an organization of students in
    Hamburg, Freiburg, Berlin, and Vienna. At great risk, “White Rose” members
    transported and mailed mimeographed leaflets that denounced the regime. In
    their attempt to stop the war effort, they advocated the sabotage of the
    armaments industry. “We will not be silent,” they wrote to their fellow
    students. “We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in
    peace!” Because the students were aware that only military force could end
    Nazi domination, they limited their aims to achieve “a renewal from within of
    the severely wounded German spirit.”

    After the German army’s defeat at Stalingrad in late January
    1943, the Scholls distributed pamphlets urging students in Munich to rebel. But
    in the next month, a university janitor who saw them with the pamphlets
    betrayed them to the Gestapo (German secret state police).

    The regime executed Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph
    Probst on February 22, 1943. Officials also eventually arrested and executed
    philosophy professor Kurt Huber, who had guided the movement, and the rest of
    the “White Rose” members.

    At his trial Huber remained loyal to the eighteenth century
    German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s ethical teaching, as he concluded his
    defense with the words of Kant’s disciple Johann Gottlieb Fichte:

    And thou shalt act as if

    On thee and on thy deed

    Depended the fate of all Germany,

    And thou alone must answer for it.

    It now seems that the Jewish forces that Be in Israel are
    now the condemners of the Palestinians (Semitic People) and Rabbi Learner is
    the so called terrorist for demanding peace through love.

    And thou shalt act as if

    On thee and thy deed

    Depended the fate of all Israel,

    And thou alone must answer for it.


  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Good article Neale, and it touches on so many issues about our society and how it is playing out in individual lives. To change the attitude, perception of individuals toward others on our planet is the real issue. How do we touch others hearts and minds with the loving examples so they can see and experience for themselves the truth of Life, we are all ONE? The only answer I have found that works in my existence is to take this responsibility for myself. I must live each moment, each day loving unconditionally everyone I have dealings with and thereby be true to myself. It is not asking humanity too much is it to live as we all know we want to live, in Loving relationship with everything, especially each other.
    Do we want our society to be more responsive to the majority needs or do we want to continue to give Corporations power over us, again and again? Time to vote, and time to make our voices heard on a national level here in America and then through out the world. Vote for those that closest show the understanding that compassion for others is the best way to uplift our whole society. Namaste’

  • Patrick Gannon

    A good starting point might be for Jewish religious leaders to publicly admit that the Exodus did not happen as described in the bible; that there was no literal Moses, and certainly no covenant with Bible God for the “holy” land. That might put the discussion on a different track… Moving from beliefs to knowledge casts a different light on things.

    • Awareness

      “This Awareness suggest, there is a book by Loyd Graham titled Deceptions and Myths in the Bible; that this book goes into the origin of the stories that have been related in the Old Testament, especially in the Old Testament, which were literally taken, in many cases word for word, or concept for concept from earlier writings. For example, the story of Noah and his four sons having been taken from writings which long predated the stories in the Old Testament and which used terms and names for the sons which were identical to those reported in the Old testament.

      This Awareness indicates that the story of Moses as having been stolen from a Syrian myth that had come down in relation to an entity named Misis. This Awareness indicates that a great number of the stories within the Old Testament were simply the result of the Hebrew priests attempting to create a set of myths and stories by which they could organize their own religion, their own philosophy, in order to form a more cohesive society in those days. This Awareness indicates that the works of Loyd Graham go deeply into finding these earlier stories from Babylon, which was the source of the story of the garden of Eden, through Syrian and other cultures and Indian records and stories of India.

      This Awareness indicates that even the New Testament is assembled from patterns related to stories taken from earlier sources, such as Zoroastrian, Mithrain, Krishna, Buddhism, and Egyptian, and others, in which many verses are literally paraphrasing earlier writings, and many of the stories attributed to the story of Jesus, were lifted directly out of these other writings. The story of Jesus at the well, as one which was taken from earlier writings. This Awareness indicates that it is of importance that entities realize the origins of the Bible DID NOT come from the pen of God, but came from the earlier writings in different cultures and nations at the time these Hebrew priests put this work together. This Awareness indicates that these countries who were plagiarized then became labeled as heathen,- nations whose philosophies were heathenistic, but this was only after their stories had been stolen.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT CREATOR!) 🙂

      Bless ALL 🙂

    • Awareness

      I would also suggest QUESTIONing of the following “teachings”:

      “Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.”
      –Zohar, Shemoth

      “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”
      –Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D

      “Kill the Goyim by any means possible.”
      –Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50

      “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”
      –Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

      “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.”
      –Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b

      “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”
      –Sepher ikkarim III c 25

      And a reminder from “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch:

      “You could think that life is happening to you, rather than through you.

      With regard to all that is happening in your life, you are at cause in the matter.” 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

  • Blake

    What is being missed here is that these Semitic cultures are thousands of years old and it was only after WWII that Zionism became noticed because of the Holocaust and the unwillingness of any Country including America not wanting a Jewish State in their own midst.

    Many Christians then and today are Zionists and demand that the Jews in Israel are the first sign of Revelations and the Apocalypse. The Evangelicals support the war between these two peoples because the Evangelicals believe that the coming of Jesus is inevitable thanks to the Israeli’s and their war against the Muslims.


  • Blake

    The collective unconscious fantasy of the end times is prevalent
    in every man made religion since the dawn of humankind. Even Neale Donald
    Walsch’s “Conversation with God” series talks about a fantasy that the world
    will come to an end if we do not change our ways.

    What stories are being told around the modern day campfire
    (TV)? What myths are being perpetuated to scare people into changing their
    ways? What if any myth that has been written in ten thousand years has come

    All the Prophet(s) have taught myths of the end of the world
    and all these people have begun a consciousness of destruction that will
    destroy the Earth only because of peoples negative, slanted and broken ideas of
    what the world looks like. This is because all the myths agree with one another
    that there will be a great cataclysm and then a golden age.

    The age of gold is now! The world will not explode. The
    Earths people will not die off. Spiritual living perpetuates myths that
    separate us from each other. The idea of God is killing people every day.

    If we want to survive a myths power over us we must come
    together and believe in the power and love of the human heart. We must stop believing
    in evil. You’re right Neale this is a spiritual problem, not political,
    economically or social and we can’t throw money at it, or blow it up we have to
    as a people realize that we need to be stewards of each other and everything.
    This is the concept that will end the time of God and begin the time of the
    human experience of oneness and community.

    The Highly Evolved Beings that Neale talks about are not
    spiritual people they are responsible people that agree with each other in a
    very profound way. HEB”s don’t need or desire a God to live their lives. They
    have one another, and isn’t that enough?

    I do not pray. I bless. I do not accept the idea that God
    exists. I am watching all the peoples of the world except a very few trying to
    understand their God concept when what is needed is for us to understand each
    other as people who do everything based on simple needs.

    Read if you haven’t already, Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent
    Communication”(NVC) Marshall has been teaching Compassionate Communication
    since 1963 and there are whole communities that live and speak to one another

    fact that the flooding of aggression in males occurs early is the explanation
    for all the male violence and related evil in the world. This fact is
    backed by incontrovertible integrative science.

    There are no criminals or misfits in NVC communities because
    people who break the rules are understood to have a simple basic need that once
    revealed is lovingly fulfilled by the whole community. In one case a pedophile
    was discovered in the community and after extensive work with him the person
    found that his basic need was to be loved and cared about by others. The
    community fulfilled his needs by coming together and blessing him thereby
    blessing themselves he found when he had an urge to express love towards
    children he could fulfill that need in a better more productive loving way. Yet
    our society jumps right into punishment and lifetime solitary confinement
    because we easily forget that humans need to be loved and held daily.

    Are you all so hate filled and rageful that it takes violent
    means to change so called perpetrators? Are your beliefs so deep that you have
    to believe in hell or karma or a judging God to get your revenge or so called justice?
    Are you not just a little bit overwhelmed by the violence you crave for
    entertainment and your refusal to look at sex as a natural, wondrous thing
    between one or more people of all ages and orientations? Have we grown up to
    fast for our own good?

    Neale had a conversation with his self and his myths that
    have filled him full of fear for thousands of years. I know that we continue
    after death, and I know that there is no judgment, punishment, revenge or karma
    that we have to face after our transformation. I know this because I have been
    on the other side and it really is whatever I create just like this side.

    My last letters have been full of rage over people that want
    to continue to have the experience of “Stupid.” That’s fine by me up till a
    point. If you want to include me in your fantasy I’ll play your game. I know
    for a fact that life is nothing but a game when it comes to playing with
    willing participants that want to play dumb I will have fun and when you want
    to play the game my way it will be just as fun as if we were playing it your

    Lastly, Neale if you’re so afraid of ugliness and mean
    people that you have to rescue others from it by censoring their (MY) posting I
    suggest that you begin to write sweet and flowery posts so that you won’t
    trigger any of us real humans that want to take a risk at expressing our (MY)
    truth with others thereby possibly cause hurt, pain, and of course fear.
    Censorship is below you Neale because right now people are censoring your
    writings because the truth hurts.

    After all, you are running in a Drama Triangle when you are rescuing
    others from bad people without the permission of those you are writing too.


  • Michael L

    Ps, both sides of the debate. violence is the answer.

  • Michael L

    One more thought. Why do genetically connected folks divide them selves and have to be so right in what they believe as to kill their brothers and sisters.
    In this case they are all from the Jewish heritage. So we believe.

  • Sander Viergevert

    As in Friendship with God tells us: protests bigger than ever before will raise up..- End from that level a new awareness in the people’s mind’s will show up. in My country, Netherlands, and in our 2 biggest cities this is in small case true. We did have in our capital protest of Palestinians with over 1000-1500 people. But they are all controlable and peacefull. what I here do say is, I believe that mass protests on the street if they are peaceful do make a difference, how bigger – the more influence they have on the media, politicians and so on.

  • Marina May

    I’m working on the solution Neale, getting together a peace team! I’ll send you an email soon!

  • Erin

    I highly recommend reading, &/or re-reading, the last section of “The Storm…”, which can be accessed above. Each of Us CAN dream of a finer existence while here…and don’t we love to share our dreams, making them a finer reality?

    I suppose I no longer get entirely upset, though momentarily impatient & disappointed, with the singular moves of human-ness, such as the Gaza thing…or the gun thing. Our dreams should be more encompassing than the events of primative regurgitations of old stories. (Much like using “women & children” to continue inciting that old-type of thinking, btw)

    These moments of mental & spiritual illness can be easily quelled with a prescription of Napalm sent by World Pharm, but cancer almost always returns with a vengence after such treatment…There is no ‘quick fix’, & duct tape is not a solution, but an impromptu rigging for a short time. The base-line must be healed…the lifestye that created the dis-ease altered, otherwise, continuation is inevitable, insanity made perpetual.

    One begins with one…’Fix’ Self, then share the expression…Go viral, Dream huge!!!
    Earth’s Nature is a wise be-er & efficient do-er…Might be a good time to Understand the workings of something that actually works well, yes?
    Namaste’, Beloveds…Always & All ways.<3

    • Thank you #hempwise for your reply. On a microcosmic plane I guess we can all be “world leaders” who have the power to make a loving (vs. destructive) impact on the Planet by simply being GOOD neighbors. “Man is complicated, God is simple.”

  • A banner I tweeted to President Obama urging world leaders to take a different stance:
    “I am NOT 4 Israel.
    I am NOT 4 Palestine.
    I am 4 Israel AND Palestine.”

    • hempwise

      Great Banner Dhani that’s the way forward .

      Perhaps you could be a world leader ? Why not ,the world is crying out for new leaders .Personally the leaders we have now are not the one”s calling the shot,s JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS .The real leaders are the arm’s dealers ,moneychangers and the corporations that fund the politicians that dance to there every whim ! And the organized religion’s that teach of superiority and separation and send the young to do there bidding based on there belief of what god wants .Great book Neale……

      Take money out of politics and give real human beings the rights not corporations alter the belief”s of organized religion ,get the young to not follow there cultural conditioning .They all must stand up and say no more war and killing lets find another way to end our differences and heal the divisions .If we achieve these measures we change the game !

      Changing the beliefs of the people in charge that’s the problem i have difficulty with ? It’s going to take a serious unified effort on a global scale .

  • By the by, I’m enjoying 2 great books @once: Neale’s “What God Said” and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now” -& since I’m “preaching to the choir”- it won’t come as any surprise that the two works resonate spiritually. In fact, Dr. Dyer is the perfect example of a human being -quite early in his age, for he was tossed from one foster home to another-
    who didn’t start out Life HALF-ASS backwards, as most of us are or have been doing, instead the abandoned child recognized the true sequential creative process brought up in “What God said”, namely, that “First you BE, then you DO, and then you HAVE”, and not the other way around that requires you to first “have” something to be something.
    I’m finding “I Can See Clearly Now” may also prove to be an inspirational “Handbook 4 Writers”, although I’m sure that’s not Dr. Dyer’s original intent. On writing he writes:
    “Writing is not something that I do. Writing is what I am.”

  • bermuda34

    questions, how many individuals are taking part in this conversation of the century ? how many need to take part for there to be change ? if this is just another forum for a few individuals to voice opinions then I`ll focus my energy somewhere else, but if this is truly the conversation of the century and 250,000+ are now taking part, I`m in !