An Open Letter to Our World:

My Dear Sisters and Brothers on this Journey of the Soul…

I’m going to take a different tack here as we forward with my Open Letters to the World. I’ve given a lot of thought to what I feel the impulse to share here — and what I really wish to share, and to get even more “out there,” is what I have come to understand how what’s going on for all of us in our world right now, and how we can best deal with it.

This is why I wrote the book The Storm Before the Calm, and it is why I have placed the entire book here on this website, to be read by free by anyone who chooses to do so.

I’m going to highlight here, in these headline letters to all of us, much of what I was told, of what I was given to understand, in that text. So there is going to be repetition here between what you find in these headline letters and what you find in the book itself.

I have decided to do this because not many people are reading the actual book. (We can tell by the stats showing us the number of “views” that it gets.) The material and the message is here on the website, but you know what? People are more interested in snappy, relatively short headline stories than they are in coming here to read an entire book.

That’s understandable. We all have only so much time.

So the obvious thing for me to do is turn what I was given to share in The Storm Before the Calm into brief headline stories, then see if we can generate Global Conversation around that — one item or passage at a time. If you then find that you want to read the entire book, it’s up here on the website for you.

We’ll start our headlining of this content here today with this opening statement: We’re experiencing something quite extraordinary on the earth right now. I’m going to give it a name here. We are experiencing The Overhaul of Humanity.

This is not an exaggeration. This is reality. It is observable at every turn. Yet here is something that is not so observable: Things are not as they seem.

And I think, before the world and its people get too far along this road, we all need to be aware of that.

We also need to be aware that there’s nothing to be afraid of in our future if we will all but play our role in creating it. And that role—the role we are being invited to play by Life Itself—is going to be very easy to play.

I have more that I want to share with you around all this. Let me give you a summary of everything I have come here to say:

* A major shift is occurring on our planet

* There is nothing to be afraid of if we all play our role in this shift

* Our role is easy to play, and it can actually be fun

* It involves having fabulous conversations revolving around seven simple questions

* The asking and answering of these questions can result in the creating of solutions to humanity’s biggest problems

* It is time for us to place before humanity a New Cultural Story, sending us in brand new directions in politics, economics, culture, education, relationships, work, marriage, sexuality, parenting, and every area of human endeavor; a manifesto created by all of us, working as co-authors.

* There are some exciting opening thoughts about what that document could contain that I think you should hear.

And that is what these headline stories are going to be all about in the days and weeks ahead. You may find this not at all interesting, and so may discontinue reading these headline stories. That is, of course, your free choice. I hope that what we have to say here will be sufficiently intriguing (and, for that matter, spiritually important) for you to decide to explore it with me here.

We’ll see. If we have a good response, we’ll continue the exploration. If we have virtually nor response, we’ll simply shut the website down. I have no need to offer what people have no interest in receiving. It’s really just as simple as that.

So…If you wish to explore the process that I call The Overhaul of Humanity that is going on right now, and the role — the spiritual role — we can all play in it, I’ll see you here in the days and weeks ahead.

Welcome. You could be the vanguard of the Evolution Revolution.

Lovingly, Neale.

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  • Vera Boesten

    Pls keep up the hard work and the flow if your informative words!! If only a few of us may receive this worldy info – we can help you pass on this love of life and of our world. I for one am grateful and will continue to pass it on in my community. From the Netherlands – namaste

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Wouldn’t miss it Neale, I recommend to people asking questions to read The Calm Before The Storm. And your GWG books. ♡

    • Michael

      *Hi Debra, I feel a little funny telling you this but I wanted to help. The book is actually titled–The Storm Before The Calm.

      • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

        Ahhh, yes quite right!!! Dyslexia!! Thank you.

  • Michael

    That sounds interesting. I wonder if the interface “DISQUS” is too limited to effectively have a conversation/s about this information.

    “The mission of The Global Conversation website is to generate an ongoing
    sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions at this internet location in
    an interchange that we hope will produce an ongoing and expanding
    conversation ultimately generating wider benefit for our world.”

    Is DISQUS the appropriate tool for this job?

    On a different note.

    The Overhaul of Humanity. In my opinion must include practical ways for people to get in touch with and stay in touch with, their own emotions. How can anyone use the guidance of their emotions if their emotions are simply not around? I personally have been trying to “wake up” my feelings in order to get a glimpse of what this type of guidance is, and I am very curious as to where it can lead me.

    • Rahinatu Adamu

      Hi Micheal , you raised a very interesting question about “DISQUS” i think there might be better options but at least it is a start and it has gotten us talking! maybe we should all be looking out for better options that we can suggest to Neale and his team.

  • I think we really need this dialog to be the change we desire to be in the world. It’s seems there are so many distractions, computers, social media, film, news media, cable tv & the idea that many won’t read things that aren’t condensed & very short.

    So it’s a challenge for sure, but how empowering it can be if we can consciously co-create together, have fun & find solutions.

    • Erin

      If a little realm is reflection of a larger pic, as I do believe true, then Family/Community is regrouping…combining efforts & supports…to take on challenges afoot & ahead. Youth are side-stepping norms & co-operating to unleash passions, with drama fading. Communication is growing, hugs & touch are easier to exchange…eyes are connecting. Other beings of plants & animals are thriving in this environment, which has always been the truest of tell-tale signs.
      We are ‘getting it’, Beloved Marko! And, most definitely empowering, with a huge dollop of Happy…Nice to See, always & all ways, yes? We are moving forward in leaps & looking forward to bounds since this entire Conversation began…Amazing!!! 😀

      • That’s a nice way to put it Erin. While life on earth is still full of pain & struggle for many, it’s doesn’t have to be & as those of us who are growing & advancing we touch others receptive & thus we influence others to make the leaps to a better world.

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    I look forward to this conversation, and the comments and ideas that they generate in the readers. Thinking and putting our thoughts down help us all to see clearer what we desire and why we wish to live Life. We are all busy, and come and go as we will, the ideas that we take away will change our daily expressions of who we are and who we see around us. I hope Love will continue to bless us all and even though there are ups and downs in what we perceive happening it will benefit us to keep checking in and responding to what is being done here. Namaste’

  • I think part of the problem with a lack of input and engagement may be the platform itself as Michael suggested. I have spent a bit of time doing Google searches for relevent keywords in your posts Neale, and not once was this site found in my searches. This seems more like an SEO issue with the platform than an ideological issue or a lack of interest.

    In addition I truly believe the message you bring to the World is a game changer. As such it will be resisted by all of those fully invested in the current paradigm. Please do not give up on this idea. Technology is such a wonderful tool, but it must be used properly and effectively. Success of any endeavor is not guaranteed simply by virtue of a single delivery method.

  • Portia

    I’m all the way in South Africa and I want to thank you very much Neale, your hardwork and your efforts do not go unnoticed. As Vera said below, please keep it up. We may be few at the moment but we do want to play our part to help humanity and your words of knowing and wisdom are our guide.

    I have my own physical copy of the book and will be reading it, together with your updates. I too will help in passing the message of this platform on to everyone I know and will advise them that this website exists. Thank you again:-). Namaste.

  • Michael

    I was a part of a network of volunteers for a project a few years ago. We used a system called “Team Speak” which was free to download and use. It was quite effective for communication. Additional to that, the project had its own activists website(with an internal chat system)that one could become a member of. One day a week the creators of the project would be online live and available to answer any questions and have discussions with all of the members simultaneously. The website combined with Team Speak allowed for a great deal of cooperation and planning.

    -Could the CWGTV/Wisdom Circles/Study Groups/CWG Connect/Messengers Circle/ be somehow integrated into the Global Conversation?

    -Can you hire a team of internet experts to find the tools and build a site that would allow this information to be organized and available?

    What I would like to see is a Plan, or at least a platform for a plan, you know some kind of organized idea that I can look at and become a part of. Something to strive for collectively! You smell what I’m cookin?

  • NEALE: Reading your spell-binding “What God Said”, but currently puzzled as to why
    “The TEN Human Illusions” does not include PAIN? -cancer patient
    Hafiz: “Pain apologized to me & confessed it as a LIE.”
    ACIM: “What is in pain is but ILLUSION in my mind.”
    Can you expand on this, thank you.

  • Jeff Quickle

    Although I am just getting started Here at This site, I wanted to say, that we can all make a great transformation happen with just some simple questions to our fellow man. First, do you think “inspiration” stopped and does not exist? Especially ask your preachers and priests this important question. If they say it has stopped, ask them how the internet came about. Satan?Ask them how they Know such things. Let us ask everyone we speak to, if they feel God and Jesus have turned their backs on human beings. Ask them if they felt inspired to write an important message, could that message be changed or altered ever? Is it always going to be an inspired piece of writing straight from God? Ask them if God would protect all inspired messages, why God would not step in and save innocent women and children, or anyone for that matter when evil comes along? If God does not interfere in our Lives, then that means God would not correct any changes that might take place to inspired writings. These are important seeds we can plant here and now! Why not start with these simple basic questions. Many will not look at Neale’s books because they think the old storybook is all we ever get, will ever get and that it contains all we need. Surely they must underestand that God is perfectly capable of realizing that we just don’t understand that old book and we have all formed ONLY opinions about it, nothing more.

  • Lynn Estes

    I have recently read the ‘Storm Before the Calm” and was inspired by the idea of a Global Conversation on the Overhaul of Humanity and the Beingness we individually and collectively would like to strive for. You offer some excellent thoughts as a foundation to get started. I do think it is critical not to focus for long on the problems of current society or current headlines as that brings negativity into our vibration—and you can’t get there (to our ideal) from there (focusing on that what is/the current problems) as Abraham Hicks might say. We need to focus on what we want to be and work backwards as conversation #25 outlines.

    Regarding the website, as someone totally new–I did have some trouble finding where this information and conversation was taking place, so will echo the comments about perhaps investigating use of a different format and one that is more interactive. I wonder for example if there something from the Gaming world that could be utilized to make this more interactive and also get more younger people engaged? (I am not a gamer myself but wonder whether after this has matured a bit, whether a virtual reality type setting might allow some of the theories to be tried).

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Great book. What an awakening.!

  • Michael

    Some words of encouragement, The evolution revolution certainly is happening all around. I personally started a project which collectively puts about 10k per year into local charities. When I open my email inbox I am blasted with independent journalism, petitions and fundraisers and activism of all sorts. Rolling Jubilee, Crowd-funding, Kickstarter, Fanbacker, fundrazr, Greenpeace, I’m sure you’ve got a huge list also. All of these things are happening. And it may be easy to miss, but the fact is that billions of dollars a year are being put into projects that are funded by the public. Many of these projects are purely for the joy of it. Is that a sign that democracy is truly happening? Why not get going on that project you’ve been thinking about? “God will grant whatever is asked without fail”

  • AngelaMooreDuck


  • NEALE: Still would like an answer as to why PAIN was not included in your (God’s!) “Ten
    Illusions of Humans.” ThanX!

    • Awareness

      I feel the following quotes from “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch addresses your question:

      “Nothing makes Masters unhappy.

      In the early days of your primitive culture, most humans were not in this place of mastery. Their only desire was to avoid unhappiness, or pain. Their awareness was too limited for them to understand that pain did not have to produce un­happiness, and so their life strategy was built around what later came to be described as The Pleasure Principle. They moved toward what brought them pleasure and moved away from what deprived them of pleasure (or caused pain).

      Thus, The First Illusion, the idea that Need Exists, was born. It was what could be called the first mistake.”

      “When you see nothing but you wherever you look, you peer through the eyes of God. And as your sense of Oneness increases, pain and disappointment will vanish from your life.”

      “Always remember that.

      As your sense of Oneness increases, pain and disap­pointment will vanish from your life.”

      “I have already told you that pain and suffering are avoided when you experience your Oneness with each other, and with God. It is the Illusion of Superiority that denies this unity, and creates even greater separation.”

      “Many humans, but not all, have a great deal of difficulty with physical pain. If someone were to say “this is an illusion” during a moment of pain, they might have something differ­ent to utter.

      Indeed, for many, pain—and the possibility of it—is more fearful than death.

      Yet this illusion, too, can be dealt with. Earlier in this com­munication I spoke of the difference between pain and suf­fering. Masters know this difference, as do all people who see the illusions of Life for what they are.

      The illusion of Need would suggest that humans need to be pain-free in order not to suffer, in order to be happy. Yet pain and happiness are not mutually exclusive—as many women who have given birth can attest.

      Freedom from pain is not a need, it is a preference. By moving Need to the level of preference you place yourself in a position of extraordinary power over the experience you are having.

      You can even have power over pain—sufficient power to virtually ignore it, and often to actually make it disappear. Many people have demonstrated this.

      Dealing with Illusions of Need that are beneath the level of physical pain is even easier.” 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Nice share on CwG & pain.

      • Dear “Awareness” -thank you for the clarification -& the time & energy to type it out! -I appreciate that. I am beginning to understand how pain ties in neatly w/ each of the “Ten Human Illusions” & I actually have reached a point -thank God!- where as I am currently undergoing chemo I’m able to transcend the pain -to look at it as if it were not there -or if it’s there, to not pay it much attention, if that makes sense. Love the line by HAFIZ: “Pain apologized to me, and confessed it was a LIE.” Thanks!

        • Awareness

          Dear Dhani Schimizzi, I am extremely pleased to be of service. You mention undergoing “chemo”, BASHAR channelled by Darryl Ankar suggests ASPARAGUS, AVOCADO and WALNUT as CURE for cancer 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Some of my favorite foods -thank U! I’ve been doing a daily regimen of two brazil nuts each day for 12 weeks, there was a study done. Nature has all our medicine, it’s when & where to find it!

          • julia

            I feel I must add that essiac ( herbs)boiled as a tea in water and stainless steel pot is said to be highly effective w those who have cancer. I believe the nurse who devoped it was Renee Caisee from Canada .
            Normally I wouldn’t mention this but I felt compelled to share.
            Thank you Neale

          • Erin

            You will find that most ‘cures’, esp. for cancers, will be found as highly nutritive & cleansing, since most of present body/mind dis-eases are cause-based in mal-nutrition & toxic input (with the back-up of mis-guided thinking). The 4-Herb Tea, Aspargus extract, nuts are fab examples of such. I can personally attest to that tea being no less than Amazing…on peeps & pets…Just one of those mixtures that bods go happily crazy with.

            Nice explanation, Awareness! (S/M folk gotta be giggling.) 🙂
            A ‘Good Thing’ is always worth mentioning, Julia! 🙂
            Namaste’ All…and blessings to your healing Dhani. <3

          • Awareness

            The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂
            Bless ALL 🙂

        • Awareness

          The youtube video where BASHAR indicates ASPARAGUS, AVOCADO and WALNUTS as cancer CUREs is titled “Bashar – Milk & Cancer Cures” 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        Excellent, “Awareness”, excellent.

        CWG tells us elsewhere that Pain is an objective physical or emotional experience, while Suffering results from our thought that it should not be occurring. Agreeing with the pain does not make it go away, but it does put an end to suffering. It then becomes simply “what’s happening.” But there’s no judgment about it, and in the absence of judgment, pain becomes tolerable. That is, it is no longer “insufferable.” There can often be small miracle waiting here, because as we remove judgment from our experience of pain, the pain itself often recedes — and sometimes even goes away. This is because, quite often, much of the physical or emotional pain we experience emerges from our resistance to it. There is nothing negative in the Universe. Everything is positive. Everything. In that it moves us forward on our evolutionary path. Yet we invent negativity as part of the Contextual Field we have created in consciousness to allow us to experience Who We Really Are. People Actually Invent Negativity. It doesn’t exist in Ultimate Reality. Remember that.

        P-A-I-N….P eople A ctually I nvent N egativity.

        This is one of the most important things I ever remembered in my life.

        • Awareness

          Thank you Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Rahinatu Adamu

    I am just starting on this sight but I have read all the series in the CWG, and I am now reading what God Said. I have read a new world by Eckhart Tolle and the all seem to be pointing to the same thing…our old believes are not working , there are so much dysfunction in the world today. I have had so many questions for so long that reading Neale and Eckhart books have help me to answer and to be at peace with my self. I live in an environment where the mere mention of spirituality or religion sparks tension an environment where poverty stares at you right in the eye, an environment where corruption rules the day and children are lost in hundreds to avoidable conditions! it pains me
    I have joined the humanitys team and I am part of the coordinating body in Nigeria, we are working in a very peculiar environment where the consciousness of the people is so low, people don’t want to ask questions , nor even think about what is wrong with our old believes. I belief it is a start for us and I belief something will come out of it, our focus for now is to work with young people, it seems they are the ones willing to take in new information and they are the ones willing to move from the norm. it is sad that the so called development agencies and non governmental organizations from the so called develop countries have done nothing but to create a hunger of demand and looking outwards for solutions rather than inwards and communal, but this is just one of the numerous challenges that we are up against but the conversation has started and it will continue………….. lets talk

    • Erin

      Blessings galore for you & your workings, Rahinatu! I wish you continued Courage in such a Fabulous task…May many hear their Soul Sounds sing of your efforts.
      I hope you will keep All here posted of your part in a process we are sharing.
      Love…Always & All ways. Namaste’

      • Rahinatu Adamu

        thanks Erin and yes i will keep you all posted on our activities. lots of love and hugs.

    • Dear Rahinatu, I have many friends over there in Nigeria and I understand all you have written in your post. I admire your courage to be engaged in the humanitys team and Neale’s books. I’m from Germany and I have planned to visit Nigeria (Adamawa State) in January next year to visit some friends. It would be great if we could get in touch (perhaps over facebook?), if you don’t mind. It really makes my heart heavy when I read about the problems in your country (Corruption, Boko Haram and thousand other troubles).
      Love&hug Angelika

      • Rahinatu Adamu

        Hello Angelika, thank you for your kind words, it will be great to keep in touch and lovely to meet up with you when you do come to Nigeria. Face book sounds great do look me up. Do take care and lots of love and hugs. You can like our face book page on humanity’s team nigeria!

  • Erin

    About that meeting of the Patriot Connectors that I missed…The minutes were posted in a local paper. Seems that if I had been able to attend, the appropriate dress would have required a white curled wig & lacy blouse, arriving via horse & carriage rather than SUV.

    Oh, yes, indeed…1st Century mindsets gathering to address & conquer 21st Century issues that are the products of that very thinking…They want a do-over…a repeat, hoping for a different outcome. Yes, Virginia, there is insanity!

    I had to giggle, because this exact point was brought up in ‘Good News’ right here. Fun looking playground, tho.

  • Dear Neale, I just want to say: THANK YOU. In 2002 I read “Conversation with God” and it was a long way from there to now. I’ve read many of your books and some of them did speak directly to me, I had the feeling as if they have been written for me. Nevertheless I often forgot and couldn’t remember what my life was about, was headless and clueless how to go on.
    Now I read THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS and guess what? I’m arrived. This is my book. Things are falling together and I’m connected with my soul. I can’t express in words what I feel, English is not my language. I’m not through the whole book yet, but I couldn’t hold back to state that I’m back on the path. So grateful I am!
    Angelika from Germany

  • Sander Viergevert

    I have initiated the Dutch official website for Neale Donald Walsch. I want to work for peace, awareness and spiritual evolution. I want also on my website to have the evolution-revolution… really take action! for peace, and that the important influencial people in the Netherlands will stand up against violence, religieus rages, violence of dictators and religieus fanatism… and for deforest the planet and so on. (sorry my english is not extreme well) . I have even published promotion cards to hand out to people in my communitie, with listed the 5-Steps-to-peace on it + cwg books name listed on the card. And because of me a lot of people have read ‘An uncommon dialogue with God’ .

    • Awareness

      Dear Sander Viergevert,
      Great spiritual work in support of “Conversations with God” 🙂 The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I am so grateful to you for the work you are doing in spreading the extraordinary messages of Conversation with God in your world. Thank you, on behalf of a world hungry for release from the pain of believing in an angry, violent, and vindictive God.

  • Neale, Namaste my friend. I am so grateful for your compassion to bring the Conversations with God series and other writings to the world (me). So much has happened to me. Just before I found CWG I met a teacher and spent the last 6 months walking the Audubon park with him in my town of Winter Haven Florida. Sitting Satsang with him led me inward. The beautiful part of the CWG series is that there was nothing to believe, rather I felt as though I was remembering. This goes with the guidance I received from my teacher. His guidance was simply… be stil and Know, all is found inward. Then once I was still. he taught me to quit searching.

    It was a session with a new Yoga class I had started. When the instructor told me at the end of the class to show myself gratitude and Love, I realized I had no understanding of the concept. There was absolutely no comprehension of Loving myself. After all I was a filthy sinner. I even stated in the world that I was the reason Jesus had to die on the cross, and the constant teaching of the church that I was unworthy and that it took extreme love of christ and even his death to redeem me. I had turned to science Physics, after reading “The Holographic Universe” circumstances led me to a spiritual healing center where I met my teacher sitting Satsang.

    Immediately once I discovered unconditional love for myself, I was able to give that to my wife, and then to others. Time stood still, there was no past and no present. The colors of the world were so magnificent the contrast, there seemed to be no filth or dirt anywhere and I had an overwhelming love and appreciation for everyone acting their part in this play, every animal, and even my car. As I saw a car coming toward me I understood that I had so much gratitude for their role. Bitterness and anger that I suffered with for years since I had been a police Officer was gone. The beautiful synchronicities that happened and all the messages from God (self) that came in music, nature conversations, books and movies. Most of the Music I listened to as a child and then as an adult had the message of “oneness” in it or at least a a message of rising to your higher self. I still find these messages everywhere. I have had so much happening that I thought to write these experiences in a book called “Walking with Truth”. I still have not decided yet. I am an ex police officer turned illustrator/graphic artist and now don’t put much stock in my art or writing. once you realize you are a co creator of the universe, what is another piece of art or another book using meager words. In my exuberance I tried sharing what was happening to me with friends and family, many became angry and most do not speak with me anymore. I was so sad that I was unable to bring any others to my teacher. not one in my area could be bothered to be still. Sorry this has gotten so long I have not scratched the surface of my experiences. The main thing I learned was that everything is not black and white as I had believed for so long, and that a thing can “be” and not be all at the same time. That everyone’s path can be similar, or completely different and that all earnest searching will lead to the door of the temple, and that going inward, at least for me was entering into worship. The years I spent in the act of creating as an artist, and my turning away from eating animals I think had much to do with my path. Or it didn’t!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      My dear Greg….I would encourage you to write that book. You have much to say that can be of assistance to others. If ever our world needed to hear from an ex-police officer who has found his way out of negativity and back to love, it is now.

      i also thought, after I had my conversations with God and thought about putting them into a book, “What is another book using meager words?” But if I had not gone ahead with the project anyway, we wouldn’t be here having this exchange.

      Write the book, Greg. Write the book. If only one other person in the world reads it and is healed, the effort will have produced the exact results your Soul had intended.

      Write the book.

      Love, Neale.

    • Rahinatu Adamu

      Dear Greg i so enjoyed reading your post , it touched me in such a lovely and wonderful way, i am glad you finally got to be still . i am still on that part and learning to be still, learning to appreciate….thank you for sharing your journey…

      • Rahinatu, Assalamu Alaykum my friend. (hope that is a proper greeting) I just read some of your other posts and this one. Thanks so much for your insights and telling a bit about your journey. I just returned to town, sorry for the delay in responding. I have decided to write my book after the encouragement from Neale. Over the years I was blessed to realize that the reward you get is in the doing of the art, book, whatever creative endeavor that takes you to your higher self. So I will enjoy the process . I look forward to your future posts and hearing more about you. Love is the answer to all questions!

        • Rahinatu Adamu

          Thank you Greg for your response, Wa alaikum salam. I look forward to reading your book and more of your post here. Like you said it is blessing to be able to use words or arts to talk to prople and so please do write. I also have a blog where I share some messages that I like and also some of my poems, and I do enjoy it! Have a great day and do take care care. Lots of love

  • “The Birthday of a New World” was the name of an unsuccessful antique shop I ran with my Dad in my hometown of Rochester NY in the 70s, and now I find it resonates with one of the central core messages or “thoughts” of “What God Said”, namely, that:
    “Your life has NOTHING to do with you. It is about everyone whose life you touch, and how you touch it.”
    To grasp this is to envision ‘the birthday of a new world” -and one can see it now in the caring, insightful comments below & above. Peace.

  • Amazed i never came across this until now – just wanted to point out that the share buttons don’t really work.