An Open Letter to Our World:

And so now we are being invited by Life Itself to take the next step.

We are experiencing right now what I have called The Overhaul of Humanity, and I talked about that in my last entry here.

This process is going on right now—from the sidewalks of Missouri to the fields of Iraq to the roadways of Ukraine to the streets of Syria and many places in between, we are seeing the slow but sure dismantling of our old way of life in this world.

And in the days and weeks, months and years ahead we will see the reassembling of our planet’s political, economic, ecological, educational, social, and spiritual systems. The question is not whether this process is underway, the question is, who will bring it to its most fruitful end?
Will you stand by and simply watch it unfold? Or will you be an Architect of Healing and a Builder of Paradise on the Earth?

I invite people to join a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a vengeful, violent, and vindictive God, and releasing our species from a global doctrine that creates separation and vicious competition, replacing it, finally, with an ethos of unity and cooperation, understanding and compassion, generosity and love.

Is it possible for individuals such as you and me to create such an outcome? What can one person, after all, really do?

Well….have you been reading the comments in the string below the last entry in the headline story on this website? Did you see this little tidbit from Sander Viergevertin The Netherlands….?

“I have initiated the Dutch official website for Neale Donald Walsch. I want to work for peace, awareness and spiritual evolution. I want also on my website to have the evolution-revolution… really take action! for peace, and that the important influencial people in the Netherlands will stand up against violence, religieus rages, violence of dictators and religieus fanatism… and for deforest the planet and so on. (sorry my english is not extreme well).

“I have even published promotion cards to hand out to people in my communitie, with listed the 5-Steps-to-peace on it + cwg books name listed on the card. And because of me a lot of people have read ‘An uncommon dialogue with God’.”

When I read that, my heart sang. Then I saw this, posted by Rahinatu Adamu from Nigeria…

“I am just starting on this site, but I have read all the series in the CWG, and I am now reading What God Said. I have read A New World by Eckhart Tolle and they all seem to be pointing to the same thing…our old beliefs are not working, there is so much dysfunction in the world today.

“I have had so many questions for so long that reading Neale and Eckhart books have help me to answer and to be at peace with my self.

“I live in an environment where the mere mention of spirituality or religion sparks tension; an environment where poverty stares at you right in the eye; an environment where corruption rules the day and children are lost in hundreds to avoidable conditions! It pains me.

“I have joined Humanity’s Team, and I am part of the coordinating body in Nigeria. We are working in a very peculiar environment where the consciousness of the people is so low, people don’t want to ask questions, nor even think about what is wrong with our old beliefs. I believe it is a start for us and I believe something will come out of it.

“Our focus for now is to work with young people. It seems they are the ones willing to take in new information, and they are the ones willing to move from the norm. It is sad that the so-called development agencies and non-governmental organizations from the so-called developed countries have done nothing but to create a hunger of demand and looking outwards for solutions rather than inwards and communal, but this is just one of the numerous challenges that we are up against.

“But the conversation has started and it will continue…let’s talk.”

Imagine that! Rahinatu Adamu joined Humanity’s Team! She’s decided to do something about what she sees in the world!

When I read entries like this in the Comment String here, I am encouraged and inspired. I have always known that there IS something that individuals like you and me can do, and now I see that more and more people are doing it!

All of us can contribute, each in our own way, toward the producing of a new way of life on this planet. And one of the things we can do is join the Evolution Revolution sponsored by Humanity’s Team (see the blue box on the Home Page of this website; you can’t miss it) and become an Architect of Healing and a Builder of Paradise.

All it takes is the willingness to start a conversation. For it is not only in one country, but all over the world that “We are working in a very peculiar environment where the consciousness of the people is so low, people don’t want to ask questions, nor even think about what is wrong with our old beliefs.” Yet people with the willingness and the courage to talk about what nobody wants to talk about is what will make a difference as our species faces its collective tomorrow.

To give yourself all the tools you will need to start such a conversation in your corner of the world, I encourage you…please, please read The Storm Before the Calm, which I have placed in full on this website. (Again, you can’t miss it. Just go back to the Home Page and look to the left beneath this headline story.)

This book tells you not only everything you need to know to understand what’s happening in our world right now and why life on earth is the way it is, but also, what we can do about it—each of us, individually.

Yet we must be clear that the transformation of Life on Earth will not come only from our engagement in doingness, but also (and this is critically important), from or deepest commitment to beingness. Indeed, the first must be rooted in the second, or it will mean nothing.

So in addition to reading The Storm Before the Calm, I urge and encourage all of you to also read The Only Thing That Matters, an amazing book that puts everything into context, and allows each of us to see that it is the Journey of the Soul that we are invited by Life to take — and that it is only this journey that will lead humanity itself, as a species, to create, experience, and express “heaven on earth,” as we were intended to. I can call this an amazing book because I experience it to have been inspired by God.

And so I was not surprised to see that another person who posted a comment here under our last entry said:

“Dear Neale, I just want to say: THANK YOU. In 2002 I read “Conversation with God” and it was a long way from there to now. I’ve read many of your books and some of them did speak directly to me. I had the feeling as if they have been written for me. Nevertheless, I often forgot and couldn’t remember what my life was about, was headless and clueless how to go on. 
Now I read THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS and guess what? I’m arrived. This is my book. Things are falling together and I’m connected with my soul.

“I can’t express in words what I feel, English is not my language. I’m not through the whole book yet, but I couldn’t hold back to state that I’m back on the path. So grateful I am!

Angelika from Germany”

You can’t get a better endorsement than that, from a person who is actually experiencing it.

So, if you are among those who have become frustrated looking at our world and have wondered what you can do about it, even as you beg to know how you can change your own life, these two books, taken side-by-side and read one-after-the-other, can give you all the tools you will ever need to transform your own day-to-day experience, and also become a vital part of transforming your world.

Both books are available at no cost on the Internet. As I said, The Storm Before the Calm is printed in full right here on this website, and The Only Thing That Matters has been posted in installments, to completion, three times on my Facebook page—where it being posted again, even now. (You can also, of course, obtain the books from any online bookseller such as, should you wish to have a copy of your own to cherish and to take notes in.)

When you’ve finished reading those two books, go to the blue box on the Home Page of this website and join the Evolution Revolution, which is the spiritual outreach component of the worldwide work of Humanity’s Team.

Okay, there you have it: the tools you need and the things you can do.

Are you in?

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  • Awareness

    I am already in. Actually from the Facebook searches Rahinatu is a “She” 🙂 Ofcourse, the Oneness (GREAT SPIRIT!) that we ALL are needs no gender 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Rahinatu Adamu

      yes i am a she! blessings and love.

      • Awareness

        Blessings and Love to you 🙂 I see that the “Open Letter” by blessed Neale Donald Walsch has been updated in the light of my observation from Facebook 🙂
        Bless ALL 🙂

  • Blake

    I sent this letter to the Chicago Sun Times, the Mankind
    Project International and President Obama. These gun laws are racist and
    violent and all because of privilege that white, male and Christians possess
    and use to express their fears using a Constitutional Amendment that serves
    those that are born with these privileges. I exclude women because America is a
    politically male dominated country where boys with toys dictate violence
    against women. I am conscious and own my racism and privilege and encourage
    other men to use their stories to promote equal protection under the laws.

    Armed and Feeling Dangerous!



    As a white
    male, from a Christian family in America I know I have white, male, Christian
    privilege and I am aware of my rights carrying a weapon under the concealed
    carry laws set down by the U.S. Supreme Court. With the knowledge of the recent
    shooting in St. Louis between a white cop and an African American male who was
    unarmed I have become conscious that the concealed carry law is a white, male,
    Christian privileged law.

    I make this statement based on a conversation I had with an
    African American man in my Men’s Group in Chicago, he reminded me and the other
    white men in attendance that if he possessed a gun with a permit that is
    concealed he is a definite target by law enforcement as they commonly practice
    profiling. He stated, because of his race he would be shot on sight without
    even a thought of whether it is justifiable or not.

    I am concerned that white, male, Christian’s will be
    involved in more shootings in the future based on this knowledge and that many
    white, male; Christian’s find it difficult to have any conversation about our
    privilege in any forum.

    Chicago was going to have a racism workshop for all white
    men being in attendance and the workshop was not taken seriously by the white
    community at all so much so that the workshop was cancelled from lack of

    I have been in
    attendance at three Multicultural programs titled Issm’s and Issues (I&I)
    workshops that were presented by Mankind Project that presents the New Warrior
    Training Adventure (NWTA) a weekend designed by men for men and several years I
    experienced my wounding others from the model they used because of my rampant
    racist and sexist rants that I am possessed with from a past growing up in a
    privileged community in the North Shore of Chicago in the 1960’s through the 1990’s.

    My common complaint for many years was that I was friendly
    with black, brown and Jewish people and thanks to the Civil-Rights laws passed
    in the 20th Century that racism and Anti-Semitism in America is dead.
    I believed that Black, Brown and Jewish people were fairly treated and that I
    could easily pathologies the Black, Brown and Jewish communities as an
    economic, political, educational and religious problems; not being at all
    concerned about my own white, male, Christian privilege.

    I am a terrible racist and Anti-Semitic that announced to a
    mixed crowd in a racism workshop in Chicago a NWTA leader being white in
    appearance should pass himself off as white in society because he would easily
    be confused as a white man, he countered angrily that he is African American
    and that I was a sick racist pig which I laughed at him. I wasn’t conscious or
    even interested in changing my attitudes and beliefs because I expected that
    others should change and that I was fine the way I was.

    I then for many years told my family, friends and others
    around me that I had Native American heritage and proceeded to steal Native
    American ceremonies for my own enrichment. I was convincing enough that a local
    Newspaper did a story on me about a ritual I created called “Rattle Smudging” and I called
    myself White Grizzly and wore a braid and Native American garb to pass myself
    off as a Lakota Sioux Medicine Man all of this behavior because I hated myself
    and my life and wanted to be an “Under Dog” to the Native American experience.
    I wanted to be liked. I wanted people to take me seriously and to honor me as a

    I am conscious of my past behaviors and am writing this
    letter to other white, male, Christian privileged men that my first letter
    about concealed carry was a fearful rant that wanted to trigger a negative
    response from others so that I could feel important in the community. Now I am
    afraid of men such as me being in possession of weapons from hand guns to automatic
    assault rifles with large magazines and who also possess hate and fear in their
    hearts that has been passed down generationally for centuries.

    I am pleading with the white, male, Christian communities
    that training to shoot and to handle a weapon is not enough education. Learning
    to live and accept everyone as different and equal is a lifelong pursuit that
    takes balls of steel and hearts of Giraffe. Setting boundaries by owning
    weapons is telling non white, non Christian men that because I have a big gun
    you should change your beliefs and lives to fit me.

    I love being a man. I love being powerful and compassionate
    towards others. I don’t own a weapon and I was in the United States Army in
    1982. When I had that M-16 A1 rifle in my hands I felt invincible. I felt that
    if there was any threat at all I could aim my weapon at the problem and make it
    go away. The problem is I am the problem. When you hold your weapon in your
    hand have you ever felt powerful as I do? Have you experienced or are you
    experiencing the feelings and emotions I have about Black, Brown, and non
    Christian peoples?

    Consider your progeny and what you will leave as a message
    to the young ones. Know that I feel the call of the warrior inside me and the
    warrior can easily become the rogue and cause harm to the innocent. We are all
    One and the One is Divine.


    Blake Hayner

  • Anonamo

    What I’m going to say is going to sound very weird but stick with me because it’s very relevant.

    While I do agree with this article, I have also experienced a bizarre phenomenon that has made me understand that there is a (very rare*) exception to its general idea about pain. In my life as a dedicated meditator for world peace, I have come across what I can only call negative entities. These entities, at times, act as an overlay to my own consciousness and are able to create certain perspectives within me that make any kind of emotional pain I feel worse and uncontrollable.

    Strangely, I don’t really even have to think of anything negative. If I merely focus on my third eye in a certain way, I feel this blistering, agonizing rage that is centered AROUND me and not from within. Every day, I run into these entities which are able to blend themselves to my own thought processes so well that they can make me lose my sense of self if I’m not careful.

    And let me exhaustively say that I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that these entities are not some unresolved part of myself. I always ground myself in light and have meditated many times on this issue. Every time I get clear spiritual and even physical synchronistic signs saying that a large degree of the emotional negativity I have known is being processed through me in a way that only makes it feel like my own.

    The negative perspective overlay I have described dictates the way I feel about things in PRECISELY the way Neale and God says is not supposed to be possible (normally nobody can determine your perspective for you). I really hate to say it, but some parts of my objective experience have been so profoundly messed up that I have even had to question the assumptions made within CwG. Yet even then, that questioning does not lead to a massive rethinking of the concepts found within the new spirituality. Rather, it seems that there is a hidden fine print that applies to people who somehow find themselves operating on a very remote and occult level of reality.

    Ever since I was young, I desired to have the ability to combat the negativity of the world in the most powerful way possible. Later on, I began experiencing an all-out and yet painfully silent form of “warfare” against demons that do things energetically that are normally impossible. People may tell me that I’m in some way out of my mind, but my heart and my dialogues with God have told me that everything in CwG caters to a 99 percent audience and that there are a few people who will experience things that become very focused and narrow exceptions to the rules.

    Everything I’ve shared so far may be easy to write off as actually being the musings of some poor, misguided soul who has lost himself in his own ego. But as I sit here right now, if I were to lower a certain barrier I have developed against these dark forces, I will begin to convulse insanely until I either became fully possessed, hurt myself, or brought my defenses back up. These demons, in my experience, are the 300 pound gorrila in the room when it comes to ideas that “nothing in the universe is negative.”

    I don’t fully believe this anymore because I simply can’t (admittedly, however, I know that instances of the universal positivity rule being violated will ultimately turn out to be very few and far between). Some energies become so badly contorted that they become nothing but a detriment and the only thing consciousness is supposed to do about them is prevent them from existing.

    If they do begin to exist, they must be addressed quickly and effectively. The experience caused by this zero-god energy is never intended and is a risk that God takes when the universe is created as we know it. The omnipotence of god is something I have had to rethink as well because my feelings of pain have become so bad as to confirm that a loving God would not allow them to exist as some kind of lesson or part of evolution. They are overkill, ruthless, and are able to turn a positive, loving vibration into a negative, hateful one so quickly in a way that is utterly OBSCENE.

    It is not normal to be projecting nothing but the highest love and all of a sudden, on a dime, feel it turn into blistering, enraged hate without a single suggestion or intention from within. This is what I have known, the alchemy of love in reverse; love being transformed so radically and randomly into hatred that it makes you question everything you believe.

    That’s all I’ve got to say for now and I’m glad that most people will never be able to identify with these things. However, I was compelled to share what I’ve known because in my life things have not agreed perfectly with all of the ideas found within CwG.

    • Blake

      Google- Hearing Voices Network for support. I experience the same things that you do and this forum really helps a lot.



    • Each of us being an individuation of the Divine, there cannot be anything in the perceived Cosmos (“negative entities” or positive entities) SEPARATE from that unique individuation you call your self, whether it’s the mousey ego-self or the Higher Self closer to God.

  • Anonamo

    To quickly highlight the important part of my first post (since it is so long winded), I’ve copied and posted this part separately…

    It is not normal to be projecting nothing but the highest love and all
    of a sudden, on a dime, feel it turn into blistering, enraged hate
    without a single suggestion or intention from within. This is what I
    have known, the alchemy of love in reverse; love being transformed so
    radically and randomly into hatred that it makes you question everything
    you believe.

    This experience and a handful of others are what have made me question the CwG cosmology and realize that it is a tiny bit incomplete.

    • Not if you’ve read “What God Said” & stumbled upon the several head-scratching Divine points -like anger, thievery, rape and murder are all expressions of LOVE (!) a truth only grasped (for me, barely!) when you recognize there is ONE Essential Energy & “Love is all there is”. Thus, anger, thievery, rape & murder are distorted forms of love, albeit unacceptable & inexcusable, but there it IS.

  • Blake


    I think that people are pulling out of your Global Conversation because the rules that you place on the site are to stringent and is quickly disseminating thought and sharing as a community.

    This site used to have points of view of many and now it is simply your private complaint palace your insights are the center of the world. I thought that was the reason for CWG Connect?

    People must be able to freely express themselves by offering other alternatives to this conversation that you created. And it is important to note that censoring should and must not be allowed by you or your staff. Freedom of speech is a right that Americans hold dearly. When you shut people out because you Neale think the message is wrong or unacceptable you immediately shut down the conversation and force others to adhere to your point of view.

    I have noticed several contributors have left this site because of your previous actions with others rights and freedoms.


    Blake Hayner

    • Where is Neale’s “censorship”? I haven’t read all the threads.

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      My dear Blake….I’m not quite clear here. It is your thought that “Other’s right and freedoms” apply to a person’s private space, either in this world, or on the internet? In other words, my question is, when people come into my home, do they have a “right” and the “freedom” to smoke, even though I am a non-smoker and tell people that smoking is not allowed? When guests arrive for a pool party in my backyard, do they have a right to bring glassware into the pool area, even though I have requested “plastic containers only in pool area. Broken glass dangerous at poolside”—?

      Similarly, when people come to my website, do they have “rights and freedoms” to do and say whatever they wish? I’m confused. You’re telling me that I am not to, in any way, monitor, edit, or control the content on my own site, because when I do so, I am interfering with “other’s rights and freedoms”? Is that what you’re telling me?

      If it is, I quite frankly don’t care who leaves the site, or how many contributors are no longer here. It is not my policy to edit or delete someone’s comment because I think it is “wrong.” Points of view other than my own are welcome and invited. But if I find an entry to be “unacceptable” (self-promoting or re-directing, ugly, obscene wording, hateful or attacking or inciting violence or anger toward any person or group, etc.), you can bet that I will, indeed, edit or delete the comment. It is my website, not yours or anyone else’s, and I reserve the authority to do as I please here. If that is not acceptable to someone, they are welcome to never again visit the site.

      It’s really very simple. My site, my rules. Your site, your rules. My house, my rules. Your house, your rules. It’s really very simple.

      • Blake

        When a person sets boundaries they expect others to change to their expectations; like putting a gun to a person’s head demanding them to change or die.

        This may be your site and your blog and the conversation (it is a conversation after all) is between us and you. Your expectations that I should change is unhealthy at least and dangerous at most.

        I am a man. And I am dangerous. I ask you the same question? Are you a dangerous man Neale? Do not answer too quickly. A matter of fact I suggest you talk it over with your good friend Bill Kauth. I have asked Bill the same question and he taught me that he is definitely dangerous. He designed a weekend for dangerous men; you may know of it.

        What is happening in the world today is that there are dangerous men doing dangerous things to many helpless, innocent people. The most dangerous thing about that is that many men are unconscious that they are being dangerous. We see it in war, religion, society, and against black and brown people, women, Homosexuals, the mentally ill, etc.

        The difference between those that are unconscious and those that are conscious is very small. Right now, I count you Neale as one who is unconscious and your growing and becoming more and more conscious everyday. Blessings too you for that. I only say that from reading your statement that this is your website and not mine. (Your words). If you are fully conscious then ego would be out and whatever I say wouldn’t matter. And what is yours is mine because we are one and Divine.

        I am very conscious. And I am very aware that I say dangerous, hurtful, explosive, scary things that trigger intense conversation. I make myself be the devil. I am evil. And I am passionate, loving, tender, caring, to myself because everything I do is selfish. If I come across as scary and hurtful and ugly to you then the conversation is getting juicy. I feel your fear because you are trying so desperately to control me and others and you are telling me that I am not playing your game fair and if I don’t play nice your going to take your ball and go home. (King Baby).

        I am saying this too you because everything is a projection and I have been doing it for years and years and my highchair is by my side everyday.

        I love you Neale. Not because you are an author, because you speak from my heart and you are an expression of your knowing and we share that voice in the room that comes to us day and night. And your an Elder with great wisdom as I am.

        I am not leaving Neale and I will not stop being a dangerous man. And I will keep pushing,prodding and triggering you. That is my ministry to push people to their limits, not by always making them wrong by giving a fire and brimstone speech so that they can feel good about all the dangerous stuff their doing to themselves. My ministry is to be the devils advocate.



        • Hehe, welcome Mr. Troll. I see you have fun.

        • NealeDonaldWalsch

          You can say anything you want here, Blake, so long as you adhere to the guidelines that I have set. I notice you completely avoided my questions — which is what most people do
          when they know they have lost the point.

          But just for the record, so we don’t lose track of how badly your response missed the point, let me ask them again, and see if you continue to try to obfuscate the issue with lots of New Age Talk about how my website is your website because “what is yours is
          mine because we are one and Divine.”

          Here are the questions again. If you want to engage in an actual conversation, rather than just a diatribe, I invite you to actually answer them.


Is it your thought that “Other’s right and freedoms” apply to a person’s private space, either in this world, or on the internet? In other words, my question is, when people come into my home, do they have a “right” and the “freedom” to smoke, even though I am a non-smoker and tell people that smoking is not allowed?

          When guests arrive for a pool party in my backyard, do they have a right to bring glassware into the pool area, even though I have requested “plastic containers only in pool area. Broken glass dangerous at poolside”—?

          Similarly, when people come to my website, do they have “rights and freedoms” to do and say whatever they wish? I’m confused. You’re telling me that I am not to, in any way, monitor, edit, or control the content on my own site, because when I do so, I am interfering with “other’s rights and freedoms”? Is that what
          you’re telling me?

          • Blake

            I thought I was clear. I thought I answered your question. You have set boundaries for this site correct?

            You expect me to change by saying yes to your question. I will not change for you. Is my answer. No. I will not agree to your terms because your terms are in my mind, “A Gun to my head.”

            I believe I am complete in this matter. According to Angelika I am being a Troll. I guess her observations are correct, I am a Troll. Troll’s start arguments and run away.

            Be well everyone. Peace and Blessings,


          • NealeDonaldWalsch

            I thought so, Blake. I didn’t think there was a chance in the world that you would actually answer my questions. So take note, everyone. An honest answer to my questions would make it utterly impossible for Blake to hold to his original position, so he takes a parting shot and goes away.

            Yes, I have set boundaries for this site, and it is my right to do so, just as it is my right to do so in my home, or in any space over which I have stewardship. Blake knows that his position is utterly, completely, and absolutely untenable. That is why he does not answer my questions. He dare not, because he can’t answer them without the point he was straining so hard to make crumbling before his eyes.

          • Rahinatu Adamu

            Interesting reading Neale and Blake, enjoyed both part of the argument…….to me these are part of the conversations,engaging ,understanding , accepting ……. …….. and learning! love you all and do have a beautiful day of love and peace

          • Lloyd Bradsher

            It is your right to set boundaries for your site, Neale, but it is also right for Blake to seek to express his view about his point of view. Where is the happy median? If we limit discussion, we limit an opportunity to learn, grow and teach from each other. Personally I can see both sides and as long as one does not cause harm to another, I can tolerate differences in others points of view. We each find our own connection to Source Energy, and there are and infinite number of ways to express our personal connection of this reality we call consciousness. Even trees, animals, rocks, oceans, all have their own expression of their connection to Source, the Oneness of our Universe, and each pathway is gloriously justified to Be. Just my humble opinion.

          • NealeDonaldWalsch

            Hi, Butch. I am not sure where in your experience of me in this site you have gotten the impression that I canNOT “tolerate differences in others points of view.” Can you show me where I am demonstrated that? I am not in favor of “limiting discussion,” merely limited mis-use of this site for posts that violate our policy against, for instance, vicious language, attacking wording, personal vitriolic confrontation, etc.

            Where it the happy middle ground between Blake’s idea that there should be NO limitation of any kind, and my truth that certain limitations are entirely appropriate? It is here, Lloyd: The happy middle ground is, Blake may post on his own site anything he wants to post, but he may not post on my site anything he wants to post. It’s really quite simple.

            I would invite you, Lloyd, to answer the same questions that I posted to Blake. Will you have the willingness to answer them? Here they are, this time address to you…


Is it your thought, Lloyd, that “Other’s right and freedoms” apply to a person’s private space, either in this world, or on the internet? In other words, my question is, when people come into my home, do they have a “right” and the “freedom” to smoke, even though I am a non-smoker and tell people that smoking is not allowed?

            When guests arrive for a pool party in my backyard, do they have a right to bring glassware into the pool area, even though I have requested “plastic containers only in pool area. Broken glass dangerous at poolside”—?

            Similarly, when people come to my website, do they have “rights and freedoms” to do and say whatever they wish? I’m confused. Blake seems to be telling me that I am not to, in any way, monitor, edit, or control the content on my own site, because when I do so, I am interfering with “other’s rights and freedoms”? Do you agree with this, Lloyd? If not, what do YOU, Lloyd, think might be the happy middle ground?

            I’m anxious to hear your point of view! Best, Neale.

          • Lloyd Bradsher

            Good evening Neale, and here is my response. As I stated you have the right to limit what is posted upon your site, and I did say that causing others harm was not a proper way to express ones views. I am a smoker, and I have for decades tried to not inflict my desire and pleasure with smoking upon others, family or friends or anyone. When you invite others to converse with you it does open you up to those that will disagree with your perspective, and yes if someone disrespects others they must be asked to refrain from causing harm. Allowing others to express their views about what you are trying to accomplish gives you and them a point to begin understanding how much we have in common in our view points, and find common ground for discussion.
            Absolutely it is your space, and you can delete comments that are distasteful and harmful to the conversation, or at least edit them. I do not know if you have restricted others posting all together, and neither do I know your reasoning, but it is your right and I would never say that it isn’t. What I am saying is that I personally can and do deal with others who hold and voice different opinions than my own, and I do believe that I learn from them something about myself, and about them as individuals experiencing Source Energy flowing in this physical plane we call existence. So my point is that everyone has something to add to our Universal Conversation, and the re-evaluation of who we are and what we can contribute to our enjoyment of Ourselves as part of Source Energy.
            I hope you can make sense out of some of what I am attempting to convey here, and it is presented in respect for your space and for myself as a brother of Source. Namaste’

          • NealeDonaldWalsch

            I could have said these exact words: “I, Neale, personally can and do deal with others who hold and voice different opinions than my own, and I, Neale, do believe that I learn from them something about myself, and about them as individuals experiencing Source Energy flowing in this physical plane we call existence.” My challenge in this exchange with Blake has been that he apparently feel that ANY control whatsoever by me over the content of this website is an infringement of an individual’s freedom of expression. I note that you, too, disagree with him on this point.

          • Blake

            My words that I write are an expression of my beliefs. Your words that you write are an expression of your beliefs. Each of us for hundreds of lives and thousands of years have had millions of beliefs which are all correct and expressions of those lives we lived and are living today.

            When my expression of my life is different from your expression of your life we are in conflict and that causes war, destruction and death.

            In your book “The Storm before the Calm” you write about your expression of life in a world that is in spiritual conflict. You write about a world that needs to change as the human race must transform from faith to knowing to survive.

            You can tell me that it is your home and rules and no glassware around the pool area and no smoking. My following those rules are still my choice.

            If I am conscious of your needs then you and I will not have a problem together. Of course that is counting that my beliefs do not conflict with your beliefs.

            And, what if my beliefs are in conflict with yours? You can ask me to leave your house and never come back unless I change to fit your beliefs. By then the damage has been done to you and yours and my impact on you will cause you to either change your beliefs or cause harm to me in revenge.

            Your book talks about changing beliefs to fit your expression of what life is based on a fear that if humans don’t change our lives will end.

            This forum is a sharing of expressions of our beliefs. What I know that our existence will continue forever, you said it yourself, “Life is Endless” regardless whether or not I follow your rules.

            I admit that my choice of words are sometimes harmful and hurtful to others. I definitely am a primitive when it comes to my expressions of rage towards others that I disagree. My impact will cause change in others. You see it’s not my intention to hurt; the impact however small will always cause change.

            Your intention to censor your forum may be to protect others from harm and your impact is going to cause people to change. You will be the impact for change. I don’t know if that impact is going to serve you down the road in the future considering the change that you are attempting to create in the world.

            What is important is that you will be responsible for that change and you may share that responsibility if you need to and say something that puts you in the position of being humble for whatever reason you want too choose. And most importantly do not rescue others without them asking for your assistance because that is living in the “Drama Triangle” of perpetrator, rescuer, victim.

            I am having a spiritual awakening that is moving me to places that are unfamiliar too me. I realize that to end conflict in my life I am the one that must change. Causing others to change by my living responsibly, unconditionally and in the here and now are new states of awareness for me.

            Yes Neale I will not intentionally harm others on your website and my impact either small or great will be my responsibility. And if my intention changes I expect that you will be responsible for that Neale.

            I therefore am responsible for impacting others causing them to change. I unconditionally accept their change however that change shows up. Here and now. This is my commitment and blessing to you and everyone that is reading this post.

            Blessings and Peace to all,


          • Lloyd Bradsher

            Blake, it is good that you do not wish to harm others with your words and for this I am thankful. We all wish to share Ourselves with others, but others may or may not be able to accept what we wish to share with them. This is alright, everyone is some place in their journey, but whether we realize it or not the act of sharing will and does make a difference in our collective consciousness. It is like tossing a pebble into the waters, the ripples travel farther than we can see, effects things within the waters we can not know or understand from our current perspective of our existence. Love is my religion, and when I can unconditionally love another, all existence is effected in a positive manner. I do not wish to change anyone, my intent is to be who I am, Love Energy flowing forth through eternity. Life is good, we are a reflection of our beliefs, our fears, and our ability to accept Ourselves as individuals and as a collective of the ALL of existence.
            We all can learn from one another how to Love Unconditionally, Ourselves and our existence as a part of Creation. When we aggressively attack others either with our word, actions, and even our unspoken thoughts, the emotions, energy that we co-create within them as well as ourselves, is a reflection of our own fears, prejudices, and our selfish desires to control the outside world. This negative energy does not open minds, hearts and doors of insight but instead creates more walls that separate us from one another, which is what we all truly wish to overcome. Every human I have ever known has the same desire, to be accepted, to be loved, and to be allowed to express their love. The frustration created by our need to attack others serves little good in the goal to unity humanity in a collective consciousness of Love. OK enough said by me, I do tend to ramble, but again I am pleased to read your post and to learn of your journey as we all travel this path of existence upon this planet we call Earth. Namaste’

          • “I am a Troll. Troll’s start arguments and run away.”

            How’s that working for you?, what’s the benefit? Just curious.

        • FEAR & danger go together like a horse & carriage.

        • Kristen

          Wow Blake, something about you has freaked me out since day one even with the old military photo, but I respect people and differences, and Neales rules to keep my mouth shut!!!! Perhaps you should read that sentence and try it sometime. You are harming yourself sooooo much, but my evil streak is that self harm doesnt bother me, im not a saver of self destructive people, im a saver of those incapable like animals and children. But if anyone harms them, well im then the person you never want to encounter cos good will always win over evil. Your life, your choice.

      • Gina

        Neale, it has been made clear enough what your guidelines are for the site. No links. No profanity. No personal attacks. Differences in opinion are not counted. Smoking is not allowed in your house, so to speak. Very clear, very simple, and now repeatedly stated. Let’s move on. For me personally, I’m enjoying and appreciating all these new inputs and the more focused and regrouped site and its renewed intent. Thank you.

      • Kristen

        Although from a very different camp, which I have always made very clear, I have stated many a time Neales Site, Neales Rules. Having two small businesses, there is nothing worse than others thinking they run my business or even worse, the Blakes of the world that think manmade government laws apply to MY workplaces. Erm no, I am the boss.

        AND as a former contributor, I can say I left because I cannot handle narcissism which there were a few in here, Blake freaks me out intuitively and if something isn’t a positive for me, I get out!! Oh, and I was wasting time so ditched a computer for just a tablet so Im not online much.
        Blake, if you read this, dont assume why people move on, nor blame Neale.
        Still enemy #1 of your fake God Neale, but take care,

  • Really “digging” one of your prime “core messages” in “WGS”, paraphrasing:
    My life has nothing to do w/ ME, per se, and everything to do w/ whose lives I touch & how I touch them. Thank U!

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      Thank you, Dhani. I consider that to be the single most important message in the 3,000 pages of the CWG dialogue, and I am glad you have found it to be beneficial. Love and hugs….Neale.

  • Sander Viergevert

    btw thanks for relate to my previous post neale.

  • Erin

    Thank you for presenting freely the CwG dialogues through your sites…Godsends, indeed! I think I’ve engulfed myself in The Storm since it was posted…I freely give my books away, so it is Nice to be able to re-read nonetheless, as they pass through to others. Now I can read ‘The Only Thing That Matters’? Woo-hoo! I’m on it!!!

    Namaste’, Blake & Anonamo. Many times a day I stop to embrace this planet entity in a glowing field of Love…you are in there. <3

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    I find some of the comments rooted deeply in the ego. I thank you Neale for leading the conversations back to the original intent of this site. What we can do and be to help this planet awaken.

  • I am in, Neale. I have etablished an own internet-blog and I will do (be) my best to create a new, peaceful world. I want to show people what I can be and that they can be the same.

  • Rahinatu Adamu

    I am in Neale! I know there is much to do but I have started…I have a blog, I am part of humanity’s team in Nigeria. I am ready to go with your guidance and the tools you have giving us….I actually can’t wait. May the angels of love keep flowing in us all…love you all

    • Awareness

      Love and Blessings to you Rahina 🙂
      The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂

  • Hi all,

    I have chatted to you by email once Neale.

    I have all the CwG books and also have all or most of the books of other
    writers like M. Scott Peck, Eckhart Toole and Anthony de Mello and Gary

    I contributed to your Changing Change network before also
    when I was working on a community employment scheme in Dublin Ireland in
    2007-2009 for a community radio station and presented a programme as
    Gaeilge (in Irish). You will be happy to know that I am still involved
    as a independent journalist interviewing people largely although not
    exclusively from the International Development sector (in English of
    course also and all of my work to date is voluntary). I have a big
    interest since 2012 since I started covering the sector in the
    Millennium Development Goals and the new post-2015 proposed Sustainable
    Development Goals which will be universal and not just for developing
    countries if we can think of a better name for them (i.e. I don’t think
    developed countries think they or we need the SDG’s, but if they were
    called something else I can see the UN adopting them).

    Do a search for me on Youtube and you can see or listen to my podcasts.

    I agree with most of what you all are saying but I think that a converse
    way of looking at todays world is this: since the Sept 11 2001 attacks
    in America I think most people have been engulfed in an evil context by
    their reluctance or rather refusal or militant refusal to do anything
    constructive globally- to look at a big or much bigger picture and works
    towards that. The war on terror started by George Bush Jnr. whether you
    agreed with it or not- I did at the time- was the turning point as few
    bothered and refused and were and still are prepared only to stay in a
    ‘little me and co.’ world. I think M. Scott Peck was right in describing
    the propensity for entire nations i.e. most of their members to be evil
    for periods and I think that this is the way the world/or most people
    are since 2001. I would love to think that you Neale and Barbara Marx
    Hubbard are right in that our crisis is a birth. I sometimes, too often,
    feel as if I am going to be left behind by evolution though. I am
    inclined to think (unless if in our birth evil people are left behind
    which I find doubtful given the number of them and the tiny number of
    “us”) evil people i.e people who are fully evil as distinct from have an
    evil streak (like I think we all do but it is too big in most people)
    should be diagnosed as having the disease of being evil.

  • kym stevens

    as we get older our needs change and our questions become more profound so, we go looking for answers. I found many directions from your books .the answers came from within me. I have always listened but sometimes not heard because I allowed my earthly needs and desires dictate my direction ,my journey. The world is definitely changing there are those of us humans who had quietly followed our spirituality and said very little because of fear of ridicule or the fear of being ostracised from community. I am definitely not evangelistic but I am diplomatic when I speak about the God within. However I find myself speaking with disgust about the atrocities currently being committed throughout the world .what is given me a new direction of hope is the realisation from you that humanity as a whole is being overhauled.
    With this in mind I can now take a different view of Australian politics , problems in the Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East , Tibet to name just a few .
    The people in charge think they are making a difference!
    Thanks Neal

  • Mark Hardie

    How about discussing what can be done to actually evolve.

  • Mark Hardie

    Money $$$ seems to follow all our worldly problems. Perhaps we should be following the $$$ trail to find equity on the planet. What about a world currency, why is this so scary for the rich. Some pretend to be charitable but still cling to Not sharing. Monetary collapse may resolve and instigate change. What do u all think!

    • Gina

      It’s true. In holy places in Israel and Palestine, visitors and keepers and citizens all bicker and fight, but an oasis of peace and unity and vitality exists, and that’s among the merchants who sell tourism and souvenirs.

    • Gina

      So money tops even religion. Money is the religion, is what I’m trying to say. World currency replaces gold and it should be monitored by a central system composed of international committees. No more fake money and financial products and ensuing inflation and all those side effects. World currency means an end to opacity of the monetary system— opacity resulting from different currencies and exchange rates. It is a great idea, but what could power the movement for such change?

  • Mark Hardie

    I guess the current bubble has to burst first. GFC 1 was only yesterday and now the balloon is even bigger. In Australia our real estate prices have become ridiculous and with banks lending all the fake cash a 1-2% rise in rates will stress the borrowers to the max. Naturally GFC2 will happen but this time the banks need to collapse not get propped up by fake govt. money.. Perhaps we will learn and be forced to adapt ! More evolution is the only way I can see.
    Less profit from wars could help but that’s not looking likely. Perhaps Obama has the idea to stay out of conflicts to help address that side of the financial equation. Lots of uncertainty.

    • Kristen

      Hi Mark,
      Yup the bubble has to burst, try living in Auckland where house prices have doubled in ten years, as have insurances, council rates, water rates, petrol, school fees, electricity up 30% etc. Oh yeah, wages up something like 20%. All fake $$$ as well, damn Aussie banks. And they wonder why there is so little paper cash in circulation…..must be buried in the smart peoples matresses. Yup. Well actually a lot of my savings are in AUD cash, cant lose the way our dollar has worked, or been manipulated!! Pop. People need to learn the hard way, sadly.

  • Kristen

    Wow Neale, what a thread. How bout sanity censorship? Actually I realised many years ago that many people are actually illiterate in the fine art of reading comprehension, and quite simply do not process what others are saying to them. And regarding the censorship issues, the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me was getting banned for a few days in dec 2012. I told everyone I knew!! How you stay sane in here is beyond me.

  • mewabe

    I just happened to be driving through the neighborhood, so I thought I would pop in, just to see what is new here.

    Reading comments about censorship, I want to make it clear that I did not leave because of any censorship, and that I totally support Neale’s fundamental right to run his own space the way he wants.
    Not that it matters, but I feel the need to further explain why I left. It was partly because my main concern is humanity’s relationship with the earth and all life, and it is not the main focus of this site. But perhaps more importantly it is because I originally thought this was going to be a conversation. I enjoyed exchanging ideas, particularly with people with whom I disagree, not to debate, not to make myself right and another person wrong, but to understand how a person thinks the way he/she does. That always intrigues me. Unfortunately some people are intimidated by intellectual disagreement, having attached strong emotions to their mental perceptions.

    Now I am going to state the obvious, and what I am about to write is not a criticism in any way. I finally understood (I am slow) that there is no actual conversation here. The format is always meant to direct readers to the Evolution Revolution link, no matter what Neale chooses to write about. Again this is not a criticism, Neale has every right to use such a format. But the aim is not a conversation among intellectual equals, rather it is a teaching formula. The aim is to follow the Evolution Revolution formula under Neale’s guidance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and I sincerely hope it works and makes a difference in the world. But it is unfortunately not anything I am interested in as I choose to stay away from all formulas, all scripts, all theologies, all systems, all things written in stone, and this is why I left, not because of censorship as Blake may or may not have implied. Neale has actually proven to be very open to dissenting viewpoints on this site.

    I wish you all well…hold on to your hearts and souls, It’s going to be even more of a roller coaster ride in the coming decades, and the only safe place will be the soul, as always.

    • Victor

      Well dear Mewabe, I respect your oppinion, and I think that what you say has some important truths…

      Anyway, I, -and I think many others around- will miss your very insightful, brilliant, lucid, and respectful oppinions…

      If you can, please pop on here, any other time…


      • mewabe

        Thank you Victor, you are very kind
        Take care

    • hempwise

      Mewabe .First of all i would like to thank you for your input here and your deep concern for Mother Earth .You have engaged , educated ,and enlightened us all .But there is no difference what Neale is saying in his books and what your saying about the Earth .It,s the same problem coming from a different angle .Have you read Tomorrows God the whole book is about our relationship to Life and the Earth .The prime value is life we will get there and serve life when we understand that we are one with life !
      We are the servants of Life first we preserve life by serving life ….too PRE- SERVE as our first thought and instinct.So to get there we have to raise the collective consciousness .Is that not what Neale and the other spiritual writers are doing ?Is that not what you are doing ?
      Mother Earth has to come first as we are painfully understanding .Yes we have limited time on this planet to get it right ! But we are a species awakening the dawn of our dream is approaching .
      Life is another word for God what can be more clear than that when we are on the correct path reverence for life will come automatically .So where do the problems lie … our disconnected stories and old cultural myths .That is where the real work has to be, challenging Humanity,s self defeating beliefs and fallacy’s about life and god .

      Namaste friend of life, good journey and keep using your talents and gifts(Art) to heal the heart and soul of Humanity.

      • mewabe

        Namaste…thank you friend, let us all do the same, exchanging gifts from the heart and soul…and helping those who have forgotten remember who they are, and where they are…in heaven on earth, a place of immense beauty.

  • Awareness

    “God said:

    Rise and shine, beloveds. The day you have been waiting for will be here before you know it. It may well be here by the time this Heavenletter reaches you. Hello, Sunshine. Bye-bye, worries and concerns. What a waste of non-existent time, anyway.

    There is going to be a celebration all over the world. It is like a new color has been discovered, and, of itself, is painting the world a new hue. This is the color of peace, and it is the color of joy. Rub your eyes. Pinch yourself, this day is finally here. You are here on Earth to witness it.

    Huge icebergs of stress that were preventing this day’s major appearance have melted. Yippee yi ei yay. Swing those lassos. Ring those bells. This is the best day in the world you live in yet! This is a new world, full of more promise than you can imagine, yet the promise is fulfilled. Hold on to your hats. How fortunate you are to be alive on Earth on this day. Thank your lucky stars, and thank yourself for having contributed to the arrival of this day. You did it. It could only have been done with you.

    You see, you are not a ne’er do well, after all. Haven’t you thought sometimes that you are just filler here, biding your time, just filling up this imagined space on Earth, and now you find that you are instrumental. You are integral. Dreams do come true. You are coming closer to Truth day by day.

    Your joy is so great you can hardly believe there is more joy, yet, I assure you, there is more, and more after that, and then more and more and more beauty to be seen, and love to be seen and heard, enough to last forever, and if that is not enough for you, then there is still enough to last forever and a day. Let’s just say it: The finite and the Infinite are dancing together. Oh, yes, there will be dancing in the streets, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb.

    It is not exactly a New World, although it certainly looks like it. It’s just all the tarnish has been erased from the old world. Oh, look at the world and life shine. Look at the glow on cheeks. Look at eyes sparkle! Look at new eyes as they see new sights. Peace and love have been declared.

    The day longed for has come. We can call this the True Day of Reckoning. You have counted on this day’s arrival. That is what reckoning really means. Reckoning is a not dark day. It is such a sunny day that you feel you are in the Center of the Sun. You might as well be, and, in the Center of the Earth as well.

    Hip hip hooray! What more is there to say? What more is there to scream and shout?

    And, now, you wonder, what more is there to look forward to?

    I will tell you, beloveds. You have abundance to look forward to. You have more and more discoveries of layers upon layers of love to look forward to. You are in your element now. Your element is love. Wow, have you got more and more to look forward to. You pull more and more from your heart. Your heart is like a magician’s heart, only it is My heart you pull from. God’s Heart is yours, and there is no denying it now. You are entering a Corridor of Love now. It is a Corridor of Vastness. LOVE IS ON THE MARCH. Listen to the band play. Sing along with Me.” – “Heavenletter #5039 LOVE IS ON THE MARCH”, September 11, 2014 🙂

    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Victor

    Well, just for the record, I’m absolutely in in this purpose Neale, and everyone.

    I’ve been a little absent for a while, due to work issues.

    I’d like to make a little observation: The Storm Before the Calm, and The Only Thing that Matters aren’t available in spanish, my language. This is absolutely crucial for only-spanish-speaking people. As it is of course, for engaging the conversation in this site.

    Fortunately, Amazon says that they’ll launch the spanish version of TSBTC this October. So be it!

    By the other hand, yes, this is a site, with a focus, with a purpose, with a direction. A particular purpose. And I agree with it, so I have no problem with its rules and limits, no matter what little differences I could have in this or that. And no, I have never noticed any kind of “censorship” in this site. Clear rules are not the same as censorship.

    I think that the momentum of energy that this site and initiative could be invoking is very, very important, and let’s say it straight, that is so in a huge degree, just for the importance and visibility of Neale. And that is a strength, not a weakness in my oppinion.

    Now, let me say also this: for some reason I’m not very clear about, the relevance and visibility of these discusions, that could be very, very much bigger, they’re not…

    Perhaps it’s marketing. Perhaps it’s publicity. Perhaps it’s lack of an even more attractive format (though I appreciate too the more focused redefinition of the site now).

    Or perhaps it is that the conversations here go further away in some ‘difficult’ issues in politics, economy, current affairs, global matters, etc. that many people in the New Age, or even CWG readers do not like to embrace, because they’re ‘too political’, or ‘attract or focus too much negativity’, or ‘turn too judgmental’, or “arise too much controversy and emotional turmoil’ and because of that ‘break the Unity Spirit”.

    I have heard those kind of things, even in people adhering Humanity’s Team, and for the record, how many people of Humanity’s Team is involved here? I guess that very few…

    Anyway, just questions for insight and perhaps, some ideas and decisions…

    Anyway, let’s keep on!

    Hugs and blessings…

  • In this time on our world, we have many questions about how to proceed from this point. I will not make a judgement regarding the condition of the world as that is a useless exercise that is counter productive. If you are here you are already awakened to this understanding. For me, at least, the answer to ALL questions are simple, even the toughest questions, especially the toughest questions. “LOVE”. This makes the equations to find solutions very simple. If a soulution comes up that does not have Love at it’s very core I discard it. It is interesting, I typed “solution” but ended up with “Soulution” instead. I am laughing now because this seems to happen more and more these days. 🙂 What wonder, what Joy! in other words all solutions should be seen as “soulutions” If a solution presents itself and the answer is war, then it is not a soulution. That would be a “solution” which is an answer to the problems faced in in Maya. the world, this reality, the illusion, in order to maintain the ongoing play. I come to this site to discuss “Soulutions” not to”have a different point of view” about solutions.

    I want to thank our host for creating this site. In the 30 or so hours of content I have listened to (CWG)”Conversations with Greg” I like to call it these days, I for one have never found anything to disagree with. Rather Neale has been a wonderful guide. namaste.