In this time of ever increasing turmoil on our planet, people everywhere are turning to God, begging, hoping, praying to hear God’s message for themselves and for our world. In their supplications, the earnestly seek to know: Can one even have a conversation with God?

God herself tell us yes. His words to humanity are clear:

“I talk to everyone all the time. The question is not to whom does God talk. The question is, who listens?”

Early in Conversations with God-Book One we are told that God communicates with us most often through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul.

“If you want to know what’s true for you about something,” God said, “look to how you’re feeling about it. Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover, and often even more difficult to acknowledge. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.”

God also communicates with thought, and often uses images and pictures to do so, which makes thoughts more effective than mere words as tools of communication.

In addition to feelings and thought, God also uses the vehicle of experience as a grand communicator.

When feelings, thought and experience all fail, God uses words to communicate. Words are the least effective communicator; they are most open to misinterpretation because they are merely utterances – noises that stand for feelings, thoughts and experience. They are symbols, signs, insignias. They are not Truth. They are not the real thing.

Words may help you to understand something. Experience allows you to know. Yet there are some things you cannot experience, so God has given you other tools of knowing (i.e., feelings and thoughts).

“Ironically, you have placed so much importance on the Word of God, and so little on the experience,” God said. “In fact, you place so little value on experience that when what you experience of God differs from what you’ve heard of God, you automatically discard the experience and own the words, when it should be the other way around.”

Your experience and your feelings about a thing represent what you factually and intuitively know about that thing. Words can only seek to symbolize what you know, and can often confuse what you know.

Many words have been uttered by others in God’s name, and many thoughts and feelings have been sponsored by causes not of God’s direct creation, and many experiences result from these. So, the challenge is one of discernment – the difficulty is knowing the difference between messages from God and data from other sources.

Here, in God’s own words, is a basic rule: God’s message is always your Highest Thought (that thought which contains joy), your Clearest Word (words which contain truth), your Grandest Feeling (that feeling you call love). Anything less is from another source.

The next question is whether God’s messages will be heeded. Most are not. Some because they are too good to be true; others because they seem too difficult to follow; many because they are simply misunderstood; and most because they are not received. God’s most powerful messenger is experience, and even this you ignore.

Your world would not be in its present condition were you to have simply listened to your experience. The result of your not listening is that you keep re-living it, over and over again. For God’s purpose will not be thwarted, nor will God’s will be ignored. You will get the message, sooner or later. God will not force or coerce you, however, for She has given you free will — the power to do as you choose — and He will never take that away from you.

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  • Yes! I can confirm this. I became aware of my own conversation with God in the year 2000. Since then the conversation continues. Some times the conversation is very clear and intensive, other times it ebbs away because I am distracted by all the many other things around, then I forget the conversation for a while, until I come back and recognize, that God is still talking, still loving, still listening, He is still my world and will never ever leave me alone. I’m Happier than God.

  • Erin

    I have come to realize that I do not own many shoes…and I have to giggle. Perhaps it is because there are so many available to walk in besides those on my feet.
    ‘God’ does this…She walks in our shoes. Sees His Creativity as we trod…Knows It’s Self as Amazing through our steps…and does not crunch our toes in the process. How nicely Divine! 🙂
    Dear God…I Love Life-ly-ness! Thanks for the option. Yours truly, Miss E.

  • dehsa11

    I love that advice on discerning the source of messages! I know exactly why I read that today!

  • cloutierfamily

    I’m attempting the pen and paper approach that you used. I’m not having the same result? Could you please give me the exact, specific, personal method you have used? I’d like to listen, but how do I overcome skepticism?

    • Charles

      To thine own self be true…

  • Brandon A English

    I have begun to do some of my own conversations with God, which have felt like a direct link to my very own amazing, inner psychologist, for lack of a better description. It has helped me to realize that I alone am the source of my lifelong, self-sabotaging behavior, and external events and people are in no way responsible for my failures–not even my parents. Not only that, it has helped me to transcend grudges and actually evolve a more enlightened understanding of forgiveness. Now I realize that I needn’t even forgive others, because for me to need to forgive them is to say that I feel or believe that they did something to wrong me in the first place, which I no longer believe. Having this epiphany so drastically changed my view of reality that I felt a huge weight lift from me that I’d been carrying around for over 30 years. Now, finally, I’ve been able to see and accept myself for what I am and begin the process of loving myself and building my life as I know I can have it. I can’t tell you how much these writings mean to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. My love to you.

  • Bernhard

    Bernhard a German
    Very interesting to read the article from Neale Donald Walsch. By the way I have read his book “The Conversation with God” more than twice. You can learn all about yourself and the most important ” why are you in the world ?” You should learn” who you really are”.
    Before I sleep it is the best time to connect God. I am total relaxed. Now I can speak, most time with the help of affirmations. There is no direct conversation by words, but as Neale
    describes, it is more feeling, more thought…Intention in is best form. Sometimes I get
    a sign like a picture, a dream, a finger – flair…a put on my shoulder…stop or go on…wake
    up. ” Carpe diem “, a good feeling. God is the happiest, but he knows ( or better feels )
    all about sadness, because He is the creator of such feelings.All in one – One in all.These
    both sides of the universe it is the general rule. A polar world good or bad, hot or cold…
    experience and find out the best for your own. It is mental-work. Change your personal old attitude from time to time. ” The reason is always the result of our passion ” wrote David Hume the great philosopher. Life is a great adventure. It will never ends.And God is the observer.

  • Martiee Meyer

    Our mind chaos and the preoccupation of everyday life and its problems often puts a barrier from God’s voice. But sometimes God is very good at getting our attention. I had heard about the CwG series 6 months ago. Then the same friend mentioned it to me again when I was telling her about another author I was reading. Instantly that “voice or thought” was in my head “You heard this same thing 6 months ago, when are you going to pay attention?” Immediately got the series and was awestruck at the reality of the message. I have a long way to go but I know that God is with me every millisecond and is there for me…..no matter what…….. What a relief! This message brought me hope and a whole new outlook on my life….. I have shared with quite a few friends and even strangers on planes who were put in my path…….Words can not express my gratitude to God for utilizing Neal to bring forth this message!