An Open Letter to Our World:

Dear Friends Across the Globe: As we look around the world today, do you wonder how on Earth people can do some of the things they do?  I can tell you how…and this explanation will not condone our behavior, but it will help us understand it.

The problem is: we are children.

In their book New World New Mind, Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich noted that if Earth’s history were charted on a single year’s calendar, with midnight January 1 representing the origin of Earth and midnight December 31 the present, the first of our ancestors recognizable as human would not show up until the afternoon of December 31. Homo sapiens—our species—would emerge at around 11:45 p.m. . . . and all that has happened in recorded history would occur in the final minute of the year. 

In cosmic terms humanity is an astonishingly young species. And we are, not surprisingly, very immature.

And so, we have used violence to produce outcomes that we were sure justified its use (even if it meant death to millions of innocent men, women, and children).

And so, we have used domination—sometimes cruel, heartless domination—to generate results we were sure were desirable to experience (even if it subjected the entire population of a country or an area to ruthless suppression, persecution, and maltreatment).

And so, we have used self-interest—sometimes unmitigated, unbridled self-interest—to generate a level of sufficiency for ourselves that we were sure we deserved (even if millions of others had to go without, given the global economic model that we have empowered).

And so, we have used self-righteousness—sometimes appalling, execrable self-righteousness—to generate a sense of self-worth that we were sure we deserved (even as we told others that they were unworthy and were going to be condemned by God to hell).

These childish, almost infantile, behaviors are seen by God as the uncontrolled and irrational tantrums of an unenlightened species, a breed of sentient beings in the primitive, primeval, primordial stages of its maturational process.

Put simply, The Divine perfectly well understands the nature of what it is to be human. Even as we understand how a three-year-old could knock over the milk reaching anxiously for the chocolate cake because it wants the cake so badly, so does God understand completely how we could act as some of us have acted, reaching for what we have wanted so badly.

Even the wanting of some things, in and of itself, could be considered “wrong” by judgmental humans, just as a child’s wanting more cake than his little sister might be considered “wrong.” In our human value system, he shouldn’t want more than everyone else. And he certainly would be considered “wrong” for trying to get it by bullying his way to it. Yet the wise parent understands the not-yet-mature desire of the older brother, and does not send him to his room for the remainder of his childhood.

God sees us just as we see our children: in the process of maturing, but nonetheless whole, complete, and perfect just as we are right now. There is nothing we have to be, nothing we have to say, and nothing we have to do to gain the love of our Creator, who adores us even as we misbehave. There are no credentials we must acquire in order to be qualified to return to heaven. Our credential is our existence. Nothing more is needed.

That message is important enough to be repeated.

There are no credentials
we must acquire in order
to be qualified to return to heaven.
Our credential is our existence.
Nothing more is needed.

Again, this is hard to believe and difficult to accept by a race of beings conditioned to imagine that perfect justice requires condemnation and punishment—including, in some cases, death.

You must remember that human beings are of such infantile comprehension that they will claim that the killing of people by the state is the way to teach people that killing people is bad.

You must remember that human beings are of such infantile comprehension that they will claim that the use of weapons of mass destruction in a preemptive strike by one country is the way to teach another country that to have weapons of mass destruction is bad.

You must remember that human beings are of such infantile comprehension that they will claim that strict adherence to a religion that teaches intolerance of any other religion is the way to teach the world that intolerance is bad.

A God of Unconditional Love is utterly incomprehensible to a species that has still not learned to love itself enough to stop destroying itself.

We cannot believe that God would forgive us for that which we cannot forgive each other.

It is nonetheless true that even if we have done what we, or others, consider to be truly horrible things during our time on the earth . . . even then, God will welcome us back Home.

(Excerpted from GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong, to be released Oct. 23. The book — which describes how to get out of this mess — may be pre-ordered from at this link.)

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  • mewabe

    Darn, I am being pulled into this conversation again, because such important concepts are being discussed.

    It is nice to know that there is no hell, there is no Satan or Lucifer, or condemnation, except that which WE create and manifest, here and in the afterlife, through belief systems that engender guilt. In other words hell, as well as heaven, are STATES OF
    CONSCIOUSNESS, not places, which we create here and in the great beyond
    according to our state of mind.

    For example, Allison DuBois, a famous psychic/medium, related an experience during which she came in contact with a man who was killed in Vietnam, but was in an uncomfortable state on the other side, because of his guilt relating to having killed a Vietnamese mother and her infant by accident. The guilt he felt, the difficulty in forgiving
    himself, kept him in a state of isolation and of constant suffering from which he did not know how to escape. She helped him psychically and he eventually freed himself.

    I have done this as well (before reading Allison DuBois’s book, 3 members of my family were psychic and I grew up with it) having been contacted psychically by some of the latest mass murderers and other people who were suffering and in terror on the other side because of their belief system as relating to their actions. I can testify that some of these people were in an extremely horrible place, in consciousness, because I asked them to show me so that I could understand their experience, and they did. My spiritual grounding (in love and inner peace) prevented my from being pulled into their terror and intense suffering, even as I felt such things pass through me as a sort of inner psychic wind.

    I simply helped them to by-passed the guilt, which is a state of mind, an idea, to return to their heart, by suggesting that they open their heart to the inner pain that propelled them to commit such hurtful acts in the first place, as well as to the pain they inflicted on others, which was very important for them to feel as well. Through this process of feeling such pain, spontaneous self-forgiveness occurred, through insight, understanding, and they were liberated and extremely grateful, and much tears and joy came from them and their loved ones on the other side, and I was greatly moved as well, as their liberation was so great.

    I still do this occasionally, not because I want to, but people who need help on the other side can be in great distress and I cannot ignore them, as they make themselves known to me. I never do this alone, there is a powerful spiritual presence that is there as well, to help us. I am only a channel, and I am guided.

    Do not think that heaven is a state of consciousness that is automatically achieved. It is there at all time, here and now, in this life and in the next, and yes totally unconditionally, but whether WE let ourselves access it or not is not a given.
    We learn and grow, in this physical life, though resistance. Just as there is physical gravity, there is spiritual gravity here…challenges that allow us to progress very quickly on our inner soul journey if we understand how to use resistance, just as we do to grow muscles. On the other side, there is no resistance, or far less, so we progress much, much more slowly. Do not discount this life as a waste of time or an illusion, waiting for heaven.
    Each and every one of your present thoughts, desires, actions have extraordinary meaning and profound creative implications, and is either a gift you give yourself, or a trap you create for yourself.

    You may have heard of people who fail in relationships, and yet keep on attracting the exact same type of partners and difficulties, because they do not learn from their past experiences, and do not heal the wounds that cause them to act out their pain and fears.
    The same happens with life, or reincarnation…if you do not learn from your present experiences and do not heal your mind, heart and soul today, you are guaranteeing that your tomorrow will be a repetition of your yesterday.

    And do not believe that death equals enlightenment. You will carry your baggage, your unhealed wounds, your pain, your fears, your rage and your limited beliefs to the other side unless you address them before you die. There is no escape from the self, and from your own creations.

    • Victor

      Great insights, Mewabe…!

      Thank you very much…

      I identify a lot with this you said: “people who fail in relationships, and yet keep on attracting the exact same type of partners and difficulties”

      I think I have some clarity about my conditionings, but perhaps, I´m missing something…

      If you find a way, could you give me a hand?, he,he… I feel you´re a good ´counselor´, with deep understanding…

      Greetings and blessings…

      • mewabe

        Thank you Victor…
        All I could advice you to do would be to explore your feelings to their very end or origin, if you feel stuck by your conditioning or upbringing at times. Follow the threads of your feelings, particularly the ones that are the most uncomfortable. You will gain insights…and some healing, so that you will not be drawn to difficulties in relationships so much.
        All the drama we attract in our lives is an opportunity to understand what is truly going on within us. Life is a perfect mirror…look at it and you will see deep within yourself. But remember…the minute you surrender to the belief of having been victimized, which is so common and easy to do and brings blame and resentment, you have lost sight of yourself and have fallen into a trap. Nothing ever happens to you, no matter how bad, that is not a perfect reflection of your state of consciousness…

        Take care and blessings!

        • Patrick Gannon

          I neither believe nor disbelieve in this concept of the hereafter, but I consider it to be interesting and at least somewhat possible. I’ve read accounts of lives between lives and near death experiences, etc. and there is a slowly growing collection of subjective evidence to support these ideas.

          Originally I found these ideas to be of some comfort because back then, before I read the bible and discovered it to be another myth, the alternative was heaven or hell, neither of which holds any attraction for me as described in the old texts. The idea of reincarnation sounded like a much better alternative at the time. However as time has gone by I’m not so sure any more that I look forward to another life – particularly here on earth, given that we seem hell-bent on extinction. I wouldn’t want to be born on this planet today. At times I wonder if so many of us chose this time in earth’s history so we could be there to watch mankind to snuff itself out. I suppose there would be a karmic lesson in that.

          What are your views on a soul (I prefer the word consciousness) getting off the train so to speak? I’m tired of this crap. I want off the train if the end of mankind doesn’t come in my lifetime, something that I think is quite possible (and I’m getting old).

          Coming back again is far likelier to be closer to hell than heaven, particularly if remaining on this timeline. As one who claims to have expanded ability to see more than the rest of us – what do you see in the cards for us? Neale says this is the storm before the calm. To me the calm therefore must mean when earth has rid itself of us. We failed to evolve our consciousness and we have little if any time left to change that. Perhaps Ebola or something similar will take enough of us out to have another chance.

          We should see signs of extraterrestrial life everywhere, given the massive numbers of galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets and even at minute probabilities for life on them, the universe should be absolutely teeming with life. Tiny percentages of trillions are still very big numbers. Perhaps we are just another petri dish that is reaching the point of self-destruction that all the others reach because that’s just the way the process works….like a virus. Does any civilization in our physical matter reality survive, or do they all hit the wall that we’re about to hit? What do your psychic abilities tell you?

          • mewabe

            Yes, I feel the same way, I wouldn’t want to have to come back in this world…I love the earth itself, but humanity is in quite a crisis, and I feel very bad for the young, who are inheriting our collective mess.

            But there are many options, many dimensions in which to experience life…some of us are not exclusively from here, so to speak, and belong to other families of consciousness, some of them more evolved, some less.

            I do not know much about extraterrestrial, for some strange reason I have never had any interest in this so I have not investigated it psychically, but I suspect most are inter-dimensional “travelers”. Those who are physical like us probably keep their distance because they see how primitive and dangerous we can be…they likely do not want to experience live vivisection.

            I have seen the future, yes. In 1994 I was given a vision. But before I say anything else I need to stipulate that I have never used any drugs, never used alcohol, and do not have a history of mental illness…I am saying this because mental imbalance seems to be very widespread today (20% of Americans are on some sort of psychotropic medication, such as anti-depressants, ADHD meds, tranquilizers, etc, not to mention actual drugs and alcohol).

            Regardless of visions or psychic insights, the future is never written in stone. What is seen are strong probabilities. Everything can change if or when collective consciousness changes. We always have a choice in what we create individually and collectively.

            About being psychic…I was born into it, but resisted it until relatively recently. I wanted nothing to do with it, because I was following a spiritual path and felt that psychic explorations were an irrelevant distraction. So I make no claims, it’s just something that has helped me on certain occasions, such as when receiving spontaneous messages about specific events (for example, after having looked for a job for 6 months many years ago, and having exhausted my savings, anxiously looking for ads in the paper one morning, and being told that I would get a job that afternoon, and I did, around Christmas, a time when nobody hires. It was truly unexpected. And where did the message originate from? A butterfly landed on my left shoulder, and the message “appeared” to originate from it. Of course it did not, but for some strange reason that’s how it happened for me, probably because I am very connected to nature).

            Back to the future: it will become progressively very dark, and something global will happen…a “perfect storm” so to speak, a confluence of many catastrophes (economic meltdowns, global natural disasters that will bankrupt all governments to the point that they will not be able to keep waging wars, etc). Everyone one will be affected, there will not be a single square foot of earth that will be safe from what is coming. The world will rapidly sink into massive despair towards the end, and I was made to understand that the faithful will loose their faith.

            It will be very hard to go through this, because the crisis will not just be physical: it will be spiritual. It will primarily be a crisis of consciousness, the physical destruction being the visible manifestation. The world will have a massive inner “fever”…and much negativity will come out of the collective unconscious. It appears that this will be a huge shortcut to evolution, and it is humanity’s collective choice.

            And then, that’s where it becomes surreal: at the very moment the world has reached as close to a form of absolute global despair as humanly possible without complete spiritual death, there will be an instantaneous spiritual transformation into what some would call “Christ consciousness”: a complete oneness with the divine. Separation will have ended, and the divine will be know and seen in all things and all beings. This is very hard to believe, even for me who has seen it in such a vision. Yet I know the vision was true.

            All of this will happen within the time span of a half circle…I have not invested what it means (from 1994…half a century?). It has definitively began.

            I don’t have all the answers, I have not asked for more clarifications…this vision is a burden, in a sense. I experience it as a responsibility, as I am sure it was not given just for me but to be shared…yet I am reluctant to share it at a mass level, because it will be very frightening to many, and some might even decide to end their lives. I do not want to be responsible for this, as many do not have the spiritual grounding to withstand such information.

            About suicide: I don’t think that there is a rule (such as saying that it is “good” or “bad”, spiritually) It all depends on the intent. For example, suicide can be a form of murder, when committed in anger. It can be done to end physical or mental suffering. But it does interrupts a life process that is meant to teach us something…and as such, it could create the necessity to repeat the same lesson, in a next life, so that the teaching can be assimilated. As always, there is no escape from the self, we take our issues wherever we go, in this dimension or the next. When we feel victimized or discouraged by world conditions, we are not looking at the whole picture, for we should understand what resonates negatively within us with such world conditions: what does the world trigger in us? That which is triggered will not vanish upon death, because it needs to be healed. That’s how I understand it.

            About “heaven”: being a dimension of consciousness, it is not static, set. It is a pleasant state, but nevertheless subject to growth, learning, transformation. Life never ends, it never stops, it expands forever. The Christian version of sitting on a cloud listening to harp elevator music for all eternity would be hell indeed.

          • Alan Rapp

            Are you familiar with the work of Patricia Cota-Robles ? I would welcome your feedback on her You Tube video entitled Raising Consciousness because I feel it provides us with some hope for our future on the earth plane. If Neale, Patricia and other spiritual guides can work together and collaboratively to help all of us to raise our consciousness back to Divine Love and Oneness there is indeed hope for the future of humanity on planet Earth!

          • mewabe

            I had never heard of Patricia, but just watched the video you suggested. This type of message may be helpful. I see a couple of misconceptions in her message, misconceptions which are widespread within the New Age community, but these are minor: duality is not a problem, the problem is associating duality with conflict. Duality does not imply conflict but perfect complementarity and unity. For example, the day and the night are not enemies but “partners”. The same is true of all duality, even what we perceive to be “good” and “evil”.

            I am not sure affirmations actually work, and can be a way to raise consciousness…it has not been my path, but it could help others. I am not sure that so-called negativity can be simply released without being examined, understood and healed by understanding its origin.
            If we compare negativity to something like cancer, can we just release cancer without understanding why we brought this experience in our consciousness?
            There is a lot of negativity in the collective unconscious of humanity…it is coming out at this time, it is been seen and heard, which is a necessary process for healing. Healing always means acquiring some insight into the origins of a condition…otherwise we only treat the symptoms, and put a band aid on such conditions.
            Unfortunately, stating that all our negativity comes from the idea of separation is very true but incomplete: where does the idea of separation originate from? This is a key question. The answer to this is very simple: it comes from the development of our consciousness, from evolution. It is part of the process. And all evolution is never linear, but cyclical in the form of a spiral: we are returning to an understanding of oneness with all creation, but from a much higher plan than where we were when we began our human experience.
            Our birthing processes mimics this process: at first we are one with the mother, who is All Life for us, in the womb, a place of semi-darkness where we are not fully conscious. This is our personal beginning, but it most likely was the same at the beginning of the human race: a feeling of oneness with all life in a not fully conscious state. Then we are born, meaning separated from the mother, and develop our individual and seemingly separate (distinct) consciousness. This mimics our human evolution of acquiring a distinct identity from all life and from the divine origin. Eventually we find someone to love and return to a form of union, which includes a form of bliss through sexual union, which should teach us about the reality of our oneness with each other and all life, as life is indeed born of a union of polarity (male and female). The teachings and lessons are profound and right in front of us, but we have missed them.

            We will get to where we are destined to go, we will return to oneness. Of this I have absolutely no doubt. The road there might be easy or very bumpy (the vision I was given showed a very difficult path), but we will get there. The “Light” is already here, and it is the force that is giving the human world its present “fever”, and that is pulling the darkness out of humanity’s collective psyche at the present time. This is a paradox, but true.

            The more Light comes, the more people will panic, as they do not know what to do with the negativity that is emerging from themselves and from the collective. This is why so many are returning to rigid, fundamentalist beliefs, because they experience fear.

            Dealing with this negativity is where humanity needs help. The process is the same as with a loving, intimate relationship: love always reveals and pulls out all the personal issues, all the baggage that needs to be looked at, understood and healed. Have you noticed that personal issues cannot just be swept under the rug or simple “released” in a relationship, but need to be looked at and healed from within and in a mutual manner? Love is fierce in the sense that it does not tolerate untruth: it forces honesty, it forces a person to be authentic and come to term with personal problems.

            The same goes with humanity’s collective issues. This Light will not leave any stone unturned, and that is what will make the near future very difficult for most if not all of humanity, who will have to face all of its inner demons and heal them consciously.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I really like that you are more focused on consciousness than this thing called “god” that divides and separates us.

          • mewabe

            I never liked using the word “God”, which is very heavily charged with repulsive religious baggage. I prefer to speak of the divine and consciousness…
            I have never felt the need for a personal aspect to the divine, which is, I suspect, needed by individuals who seek a parent-child relationship with divinity. To me, such a relationship is a bit primitive, coming from a child-like consciousness. I see the divine as life, it is All, “I Am”, it is everything, and One.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about that word. “Repulsive religious baggage.” I couldn’t have said that any better!

          • Patrick Gannon

            Thank you, Mewabe, for sharing those thoughts. Again, I neither believe nor disbelieve them, but they do strike a chord with me. From the time I was very young I always had this feeling that something absolutely monumental was going to happen on our planet during my lifetime.

            As a result, I had something of a survivalist mentality when I was younger and responsible for a family – though I didn’t go crazy – but more prepared than the average Joe. As I aged, and nothing happened, I began to question whether this was just a delusion of sorts. At the same time, I began to wonder if the monumental ‘thing’ I anticipated wasn’t just more subtle than what I had imagined when I was younger. Indeed if one could go into the future and look back n time, the changes within my lifetime have been more intensive, amazing, incredible, horrific, exciting, enlightening, frightening, etc. than in any previous point in earth’s known history, particularly with regard to population growth and overuse of earth’s limited resources.

            I still get a sense of inevitability, however, that we’re teetering on the precipice of something truly horrific, and that your ‘vision’ in some fashion, is distinctly possible. I no longer care so much about personal ‘survival’ since my responsibilities for a family have altered with time, and indeed I’m not sure I would want to survive unless something truly amazing occurs at the end of it all, as you suggest. That part is not something that I have had the same feelings about.

            The low-grade sadness I feel at the state of our planet and our fractured group consciousness is difficult to escape; particularly if one stays informed and actively involved – and cares. Withdrawal is always an option, but if you care, that can be hard to do. It’s starting to gain attractiveness given that we appear to be in a boat in the middle of a raging river, headed for a life-ending waterfall, and the people in the boat are all paddling in different directions. Throwing one’s paddle out of the boat is always an option, but I’m not sure it helps, other than to put yourself at the mercy of the river and the other paddlers and allow whatever will be to be… In the face of inevitability I’m thinking perhaps it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride, right up to the point where it becomes unbearable, upon which I jump out of the boat. Being “punished” by having to come back…. that’s disconcerting.

            I do have interest in your words that speak of the veil between our PMR (physical matter reality) and the NPMR (non physical matter reality) becoming easier to see and reach through. I see this as a scientific endeavor based on research and experiment to learn more about consciousness.

            All of this is just as likely to be purely academic as there’s a 50/50 chance, I think, that when it’s over; it’s over. As an agnostic, I admit that I do not know. But it’s interesting to ponder…

          • mewabe

            All the answers to all your questions are within you, as they are within each of us…trust your feelings and intuition.

            Yes, sadness is part of the process…it is impossible not to feel sad when seeing such unnecessary pain and suffering. Stating that pain is an illusion, or seeking detachment would be a kind of cope out…we are part of all life, and as life suffers, so do we. If we are feeling, responsive, connected, sensitive, it is impossible not to respond.

            Yet the mainstream media relishes negativity for its own sake, because it keeps people in a state of fear and powerlessness. We have to look at the bigger picture than what the media represents.

            Having to come back would never be a punishment but a choice. We always have free will. We choose what we understand to be best for us. What is best for us is always to face and heal our issues, to assimilate the lessons we have chosen. Suicide is like dropping out of school…if we want to graduate, we eventually have to go back or take some courses in another form. However life’s lessons are inner teachings, created by us, for us, and meant to expand our consciousness.

            Yes, the last transformation, in my vision, into collective “Christ consciousness” is difficult to believe for me as well…it seems to be too “magical”. Yet I know such consciousness exists and is very attainable. It is within easy reach, as a matter of fact it has never left us. Our mind (neo-cortex or conscious mind) is the only thing that gets in its way. Every other aspect and part of us, down to the cellular and micro particle levels, is already one with the divine, and with all life. This is how psychic ability and other abilities come to be, because of this preexisting connection with all life.

        • Aleksandra

          Mewabe – really great and deep understanding. You write the words of wisdom. Thank you. 🙂

          if you and Victor don’t mind I can share my practical side to the topic here. Over some time I had trouble with understanding the meaning of the words “everyone is your mirror”. I didn’t know how to grasp it and was wandering in the fog until one day an inspiration came from within. So, I sat down with a piece of paper and made a list of the people (even my pets 🙂 ) I felt emotionally connected with. I also included people that I no longer saw but somehow felt they also should be on the list. The second step – next to the names I wrote everything I like about the people, admire, respect, am thankful for, see positive about them etc. Then, the third step – again, next to the same names I included
          everything I didn’t like about them, the things that made me feel negative about their behavior. Here, I also discovered a nice thing – I couldn’t find anything negative about some of them. Having completed the list, I could put it down and take a closer look at what I saw in all those people. And of course – that was me inside… What I didn’t like about one person I projected on another. What I looked up to in another I had on my own list of virtues. This “experiment” brought me awareness.
          And yet, when I became aware of my projections, I could start to observe myself and transform. That’s right – you will never feel having been victimized again. What’s more, you become grateful to all those people – all they were doing (or more precisely – how you were perceiving this) was to help you grow…

          • mewabe

            Thank you Aleksandra…yes, everything is a golden opportunity for growth and self-knowledge, even the hardest challenges we create for ourselves. You know this and have the rare courage to apply it, that is a very good thing!

            The best part of this is that the more we know, understand and heal our inner self, the easier life becomes, until it is clear sailing! It also spontaneously brings compassion and empathy for others, through understanding their patterns, their own wounds.

          • Aleksandra

            Exactly. And what we need to heal is ourselves – only this way we can see other people as they really are.

    • Patrick Gannon

      Why doesn’t Neale’s welcoming, forgiving, loving (personal) god heal and soothe these tortured souls after he/she “welcomes” us home? Why do these tortured souls have to seek out someone like you back on ‘this side’ in order to find assistance? There’s nobody “over there” who can help? That doesn’t sound very promising.

      • mewabe

        I know how this can look a bit scary or discouraging, but it is not. Of course there are plenty of very evolved entities on the “other side” who can help…but many of these suffering individuals I spoke of are psychically cut off from “higher” realms, from loving dimensions (they are even cut off from their loved ones on the other side), because of their own sense of guilt, coupled with extreme, intense fear. It is then easier for them to find a window on “this side”, such as a psychic person who can help.

        The “God” of whom you speak does not impose itself on anyone as you know so you have to ask for help, and he/she/it would not take away anyone’s experience and opportunity to learn and grow. The divine source sees no need to forgive as it sees no “sin”. But these suffering individuals, because of their sense of guilt, feel UNWORTHY of opening up to and asking help from the divine…they actually believe that they do not deserve such help. I help them by cutting through the guilt to open their heart and address their pain. Once again, the guilt vanishes when they understand their own actions as well as the pain they inflicted on others. It seems to be a paradox, but such is life, paradoxical.

        And again I do not do this alone…they feel unworthy to invoke the divine, so I do it for them, on their behalf. And the help comes immediately. That’s where the power of this intervention reside….I could never do it alone.

  • Victor

    I find this sentence as a very bright one: “A God of Unconditional Love is utterly incomprehensible to a species
    that has still not learned to love itself enough to stop destroying

    I´ll highlight it in my Facebook, Twitter, etc…

    Thank you Neale…

    • Patrick Gannon

      It’s very difficult not to think of “A God of unconditional love” other than as something “personal.” I think this is a big problem with the word “god.” We apply personal characteristics such as “welcoming,” “forgiving,” “loving,” etc. and then say that this being (?) of unconditional love is incomprehensible to us because we haven’t learned to love ourselves. How can that be if we’re the ones assigning the characteristics in the first place? They assigned different characteristics in biblical times, but they’re still human characteristics used to invent a “personal god” and no more likely to be valid than the human descriptors for Bible God as wrathful, vengeful, jealous, etc. We’re trying to give god (Bible God) a makeover, but we’re still putting on the makeup, just as we did a few thousand years ago.

      What if we we consider getting beyond personal gods and start thinking in terms of processes, programs, routines, sub-routines, input/output, information, data and avoid personal words like welcoming, forgiving, loving? These characteristics imply organization, cooperation, working for the good of the whole, leading (hopefully) to positive evolution – but perhaps the “computer” or “process” itself doesn’t care. It simply evolves or fails to do so in a completely impersonal manner. Might that be possible?

      I suspect that as long as we continue to think there’s a personal god out there taking an active interest in us, we’re going to argue about who and what that is, and wait for whoever or whatever that is to fix things for us.

  • Alena R. Eshom

    If God is not personal, if God nothing more than a thinking, non interested, computer type of creator, then I QUIT. I want God to love me. If we are a part of God, and we were made in and through a creator, would not its characteristics also be characteristic of us? If we love, does not God love? Only, better? Then you have to ask if the same is true of hate. If we hate, does not God hate? This is why it’s so hard to believe that there isn’t a “bad” power that drives us to hate. I don’t believe that there is a “bad” power, but I pray that there is a loving Creator. For some, this is the only hope we have. Don’t tell me that we create our own situations. I have experienced hatred that I never even could have imagined existed. If I could not have imagined it until after it happened, I could not have created it. I used to believe in SOM principles, but they were proven invalid at many turns. I may not know what to believe now, but I will NEVER accept responsibility for actions that I would never choose to take… That includes the whole Adam and Eve story as well. I do not believe that a loving Creator would cast eternal punishment on its own creation because two idiots chose to open Pandora’s box (apparently all they found in their was an apple… How disappointing). No, there is a God, and God is the utter embodiment of a love so far removed from fear that all it seeks is the highest and most beautiful outcomes possible for its creation. When us people finally have nothing to fear, all other negative emotions will disappear just like magic, and we will all see exactly who God is. I can’t wait!

    • Patrick Gannon

      What does SOM stand for?

      Neale (or “God” or his stream of consciousness, or his imagination) tells us that “want” is a declaration that you don’t have something – like the love of this personal god that may or may not exist. That you “want” it, means you don’t have it, according to CWG if I understand it correctly.

      If one really believes in this personal god of love and believe he won’t punish us, then why not take one’s life now and go straight to wherever this personal loving god thing is? Or will we be punished if we do that? Will we be punished for wanting to experience this wonderful love just as quickly as we can? How fortunate for the aborted fetus that never has to go through all this, but gets to go straight into the arms of this loving personal god without all this crap the rest of us go through. Why are they so lucky?

      Once you make god “personal” you have to be very concerned that he/she doesn’t have the same screwed up problems that the rest of mankind has, given that we’re supposedly created in the likeness and image…. And that means a personal god is fear, doesn’t it? I’d rather take my chances with an impersonal computer or process.

  • Sander Viergevert

    You must remember that human beings are of such infantile comprehension that they will claim that strict adherence to a religion that teaches intolerance of any other religion is the way to teach the world that intolerance is bad.

  • Erin

    I was withholding comment, totally enjoying the exchanges, as a dear, Beloved mewabe has most fabulously been shining away! My, how you have grown! 🙂 I missed you.

    Recently, I, too, have been sent into the Directions…funny, huh? Crazy, indeed! And avenues to share & listen, even more widely, open…night & day. Fascinating! “Awe” hardly begins to describe the ‘unveilings’ afoot…Is there a finer word than “Amazing”?

    One thing, in particular, was the thought of ‘a better name for God’…something more encompassing of Understanding, Universally. So far, ‘Life’ & ‘It’ seem to be most inter-changeable…both with old texts & new…old messeges & new. I randomly went through much of my library doing this…verrry cool re-viewing, to say the least. ‘It’ calls through every expression I hear…the word ‘Life’ is showing up on everything from billboards to placemats.
    Hmmm…”It” was the most challenging understanding that Ann Sullivan, a teacher, gave to Helen Keller, a deaf, blind, & mute child. Is that not Interesting? (And look what Helen became of ‘It’!) 🙂

    I prefer, then, ‘Life’ & It’s mutual & immediate Understanding within & without…We are parts of Life, We are partaking in Life, ergo, Life is Whole with Us…All ‘One Thing’…aka. “It”…easy peasy, yes? idk…seems like an elegant simplicity…a true honesty (how’s that for a great oxymoron?). 🙂
    Just a thought…Love to All…Namaste’. <3

    • CwG states another name for God is Life. While God is a multifaceted concept, it’s currently the default concept most used in our society. I think God as energy, God as Life work well, along with many other terms.

      God as a dysfunctional concept is not inaccurate, yet as our own beliefs, attitudes change & we become healthy & functional, so too will the definition of God, Life, Love, etc., or how ever you like to define it.

      • Erin

        Hey, Marko! 🙂 Had the coolest thing come forward yesterday…talking about words:

        “Star light, Star bright,
        first star I see tonight.
        Wish I may, Wish I might,
        give this wish I wish tonight.”

        One word change makes a Big difference, yes? 😀
        (Thanks, btw, Chris Cade!)

        • I know this saying but don’t recall it well enough to know what significant word was changed.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Star light, star bright, / First star I see tonight, / I wish I may, I wish I might, / Have this wish I wish tonight.

            Giving vs getting.

          • Thank you. 🙂

      • Patrick Gannon

        How long are we prepared to wait for that, and does insistence on that word, make the waiting even longer? Think of all the billions of people who have preconceived ideas of what “god” is.

        • I don’t know how long it will take the collective to get that we can create more grandly together than separately, but if you desire to help speed it along like I do,– be the change you desire to see. As you & I raise our consciousness it helps others & makes it easier for them.

          Preconceptions can & will change, in the mean time let us look at ourselves to be all that we can be & let that energy residue guide those ready & receptive.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I don’t in any way disagree with that. I only point out that continuing to use the word “god” makes the task more difficult, as that word is divisive.

    • mewabe

      Thank you Erin 🙂

  • Blake

    Why have I been banned from making comments on CWG sights?


  • Stephen mills

    Human beings would never do the things they are now doing to the earth ,much less the things they are doing to each other ,if they thought they were doing all these things to themselves.

    This is a quote from Tomorrow’s God .

    And I do believe we will get to this point when we adopt the New Spirituality worldwide .
    My question is do all planets with concious life forms go through this process of evolution so slowly as on earth or is the process more of a jump or leap .Why are we so stubborn to not except this obvious truth !!

    As science has now discovered and spirituality has been saying for a very long .We are now standind at the threshold or crossroad .To not comprehend this or use it as our guiding principle we choose to make a backward step in our evolutionary process .

    • The answer is yes as I understand it. All HEB societies go through their evolution like us, they just don’t become HEB’s overnight. See CwG book 3 for info on HEB’s.

      For additional info on this see Lisette Larkins “Talking to Extraterrestrials” Transforming our world with the help of enlightened beings.

    • mewabe

      I understand the quote, implying of course that it is humanity’s lack of understanding of its connection to all life that causes it to act as if it were separate and unconcerned, hurting itself and its natural environment in the process.

      But I am not sure that it is totally true that humanity would never act this way if it thought that it was doing it to itself. Saying this assumes that humanity is fundamentally psychologically healthy.

      A significant percentage of humanity is very self-destructive. I am not even referring to people who harm themselves with drugs, alcohol or compulsive negative behaviors, although there are multitudes of them today. Humanity seems to have long been possessed with self-hatred. Wars, massacres, genocides, persecutions are visible manifestations of this madness, perhaps not exclusively stemming from the idea of separation but also from a very strange drive to hurt and cause suffering to one’s own specie. We can see this in the fact that many are more deeply moved by a suffering puppy than by a child suffering. The puppy is deemed innocent, while the child is not, which resonates with the concept of “original sin”, as if humanity was indeed driven to self-genocidal madness by an overwhelming sense of guilt.

      A question to ask would be, are the religious myths of original sin and of a separate, judging deity the actual source of this guilt or its mere conceptual expression? If they are not the source, then there is another layer of the human psyche to explore and understand, another source to uncover.

      • Christopher Toft

        I would say the source is a belief in independent, self existent objects and by implication other independent self existing objects that are all competing for what allegedly there is not enough of outside of “themselves”. The concepts of original sin and a separate deity are the cultural expression of this collective neurosis. If humanity collectively lived the truth of who we are, we would be “psychologically healthy”. I would not say humanity or some of humanity is fundamentally destructive. You seem to hint at this idea.

        • mewabe

          I agree that a restricted consciousness that believe itself to be separate from everything and sees the universe as an amalgam of separate bits and pieces of “stuff” is the cause of much misery in the human experience. This is the Cartesian view (seeing the universe as a mechanism, like a clock), and it is quite obsolete.

          Quantum physics have blown all this away, except that people still hang on to the mechanical model when it comes to their own identity and relationship with life.

          But I do not think that all human dysfunctions come from this dissociated worldview. Very widespread mental, emotional and psychological problems have to do with early experiences, some of them before a child is 3 years old, and some of them in the womb and during birth.

          Many Native Americans felt and understood that all of nature was interconnected and interdependent, and that everything including human beings, was related, was related to everything else (the Lakota still use the expression “All my relations” at the end of their ceremonies, and they do not mean family relations but everything: the animal, all things of the earth, all life and all people,all living things. And to them, everything is alive, even rocks).

          Most Native Americans did not believe in a hell or a devil, or in demons, or in a judging Deity. To them, the Creator was not a person but a mystery, an undefinable but benevolent creative force (same concept as in Taoism which calls the divine the “undefinable origin”).

          Their collective consciousness was not about individualistic, selfish gains but it was tribal…the welfare of the people was at least as important as that of the individual, and this made them seek harmony and balance within their own tribes or nations.

          They raised their children with much support and love, never striking or hitting a child, and used positive reinforcement rather then punishment. They also obviously practiced natural childbirth rather than the contemporary traumatic hospital birth.

          And yet, in spite of all of this and of the fact that their spiritual understanding was closer to the truth that those of people who suffered centuries of mental oppression under organized religions such as Christianity and its very primitive beliefs, Native Americans waged wars against one another, and committed atrocities, including some forms of torture.

          There is more to the human problem than just belief systems.

          • Christopher Toft

            Okay. “

          • mewabe

            As I expressed, I do not believe there is a single origin to our problems. Because there are many different aspects, I could not write about it all, and others, who specialize in their fields, have already done it very well. Neale is one of them, of course, but he does not have all the answers. None do, but together, all different approaches begin to form the whole picture. I can consequently only recommend certain books or authors. Alan Watts made some very good points in such books as “The book on the taboo against knowing who you are” and Nature, man and woman”.
            Here is a sample from “Why you get sick, how you get well, the healing power of feelings” by Arthur Janov:

            “We are all creatures of need. These needs are not excessive: to be fed, to be kept warm and dry, to grow and develop at our own pace, to be held and caressed, and to be stimulated. These primal needs are the central reality of the infant. The neurotic process begins when these needs go unmet for any length of time.
            A newborn does not know that he should be picked up when he cries or that he should not be weaned too early, but when his needs go unattended, he hurts. At first the infant will do everything in his power to fulfill his needs. He will cry, kick his legs and thrash about to have his needs recognized. If his needs go unfulfilled, either he will suffer continuous pain until his parents satisfy him, or he will shut off the pain by shutting off his needs. If his pain is drastic enough, death may intervene, as shown in studies of some institutional babies.
            Because the infant cannot address the sensation of hunger (that is, he cannot go to the refrigerator) or find substitute affection, he must separate his sensations (hunger, wanting to be held) from consciousness. This separation of oneself from one’s needs and feelings is an instinctive maneuver to shut off excessive pain. We call it the split. The organism splits in order to protect its continuity. This does not mean that unfulfilled needs disappear, however. On the contrary, they continue through life, exerting a persistent, unconscious force towards the satisfaction of those needs. But because the needs have been suppressed in the consciousness, the individual must pursue substitute satisfaction…
            …In searching for possible links between birth complications (stimulated labor, breech birth, use of forceps, irregular birth positions) and childhood rejection with later violent crime, it was found that individuals who had both kinds of trauma were six times as prone to commit violent crimes as those who had neither traumatic experiences….
            …Bolon and St.Omer found that additional hormonal changes in the mother affect neurotransmitters development in the fetus and “define the organization of brain pathways” and that “alterations in maternal, fetal and neonatal biochemistry during critical periods (of development) may irreparably alter the circuitry and thus postnatal behavior of young animals.” When a mother is under stress, her hormones change, and that in turn will alter brain circuits of the offspring in a permanent way…
            …Some say babies do not feel pain the way adults do. They are right. They feel much more. Babies have a wide open sensory window and nothing to filter or attenuate the force of a trauma…the point is that the reaction of babies to trauma is often more than they can bear. Part of the response is repressed and held in storage for a lifetime.”
            …In the Salk study, sixty percent of fifty-two adolescent who had attempted suicide had three major risks factors around the time of birth: respiratory distress, chronic disease in the pregnant mother, and lack of prenatal care in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy…”

            I am sure you get the jest of this. It’s about early trauma, biochemistry, the repression of early needs, and related adult neurosis and various dysfunctions.

            As far as past lives, this is also a complex issue that cannot be ignored. Whatever is neither healed nor understood will reappear tomorrow to be dealt with in a similar form, in this dimension or another. Nothing ever just “disappear”.

            There may be other issues that we have not even began to imagine, that have to do with our evolution. And of course there is the issue of duality (pain and pleasure, etc) which we cannot avoid in this dimension, even through the Buddhist “middle way”.

            My point is that no one has the one magic answer…and we must be leery of oversimplifying anything.

  • Bruce La Fountain

    The massive contradictions that we all see in our world, as a function of human behavior, refuses to be understood by the mind because the mind is merely a problem solving tool and does not hold the bigger picture of the soul’s agenda.
    Our contradicting behaviors confuse and befuddle us when we attempt to use our mind to figure it all out in any attempt to come to a collective agreement about what it is we are doing here, let alone how we all got here or why we are even here.
    Love is the only intermediary that connects us all together. A few drops of rain cannot by themselves resolve a drought but accumulated as an ocean they certainly can.
    The key to resolving the human condition is simple one: genuinely love one another; continuously.
    Why we currently cannot achieve this simple task is because as Neale says here we have not yet learned to genuinely love ourselves.
    Why can’t we love ourselves? Because we are not willing to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves.
    You can delve into a million subsets of why you believe what you believe but in the end it is all a made up story that you learned from those who taught it to you.
    As you uncover the root structure of all of your closely held beliefs they will simply run out of reasoning and will disappear right in front of you.
    None of this is real, we made it all up so we could play in it. Now it is a mess and we need to stop pretending or we will inadvertently destroy all of the illusions that we have all come to cherish and enjoy.
    Love yourself and love your brothers and sisters and all that you see will change accordingly. Mostly overnight.

    It is that simple. There is no need to wait to see what “others” will do. Just do it and you will then see that in truth there is no “other” but that there is only you.
    Only you, that’s it!

    • Patrick Gannon

      “None of this is real, we made it all up so we could play in it.”

      So we live in a virtual reality?

      I’m not disagreeing with that, just curious what you would call it. If it’s a virtual reality it would seem that there should be a scientific basis to explain it.

      Consciousness, perhaps?

      • Bruce La Fountain

        Hi Patrick

        None of our cultural stories and their resulting belief structures are any more than made up stories accumulated throughout our human history.

        Of course our individual and collective experiences are tangible in the moment that they occur and those are what we know as “real or reality.”

        It is our beliefs about those experiences that are not real.

        Our beliefs consist of myth, mythology and stories that were made up to support our ideas about life and the universe we see as our evolution has occurred over many thousands of years.

        As an example all current religious structures and spiritual concepts are the result of this process of making up stories about events.

        While some or all of the experiential events may or may not have occurred, the cultural beliefs were in fact made up by us around those events.

        If you do enough historical research about anything and follow the path back to the origins of the events and their stories about them you will eventually run out of roots to trace and the beliefs associated with them will merely evaporate in your mind.

        No substance there, all of it has been made up by our minds interpretations.

        Our ideas are not reality but you may choose to call experiences real events.

        Once the event is over and the moment has past then each recall of the event from memory is merely a story you made up about the given event.
        So it’s a made up world we live in that we can change our mind about (and our beliefs) in a moments notice which would instantly change our experiences in it.

        We are for sure “in” this world but we are not “of” (from) its ideas.

        • Patrick Gannon

          Yeah, I get all that. I was going in a different direction, just for fun.

          You’re talking about whether intangible things such as beliefs, perceptions, memories, etc. are real, and of course they aren’t, but when you said “nothing is real, and we made it all up so we could play in it”; I thought you might be referring to what most people would regard to be tangible – our physical world based on a (perhaps) arbitrary space/time rule set.

          Most people assume that this physical matter reality we live in is “real,” but what if it’s all a construct? What if it’s not real, and we just think it is? What if it’s like a really advanced computer game and we’re the players? What if it’s all a simulation? What if what we’re really evolving isn’t the physical world we think we live in, but our consciousness and we just created this game in order to do so?

          Fun to ponder…

          • Bruce La Fountain

            All one and the same my friend…there is no “other” there is only you real and imagined both are the same.
            A VIDEO THAT MIGHT JUST AWAKEN YOU TO… – Kaspars Daleckis Photography – Facebook

            Enjoy the video…

          • Patrick Gannon

            NIce video, but not sure what it has to do with the discussion.

          • Bruce La Fountain

            I just thought you might enjoy it.

            I really don’t have any more to add to the discussion.

  • Jeff Hill

    Maybe all we REALLY need to do is to find a balance in EVERYTHING. Everything in moderation, right? No rich, no poor. No feast, no famine. Gratitude for life, but not burdened by your mere existence. Belief, and non-belief? Is this all just too much of a harmonious overhaul? Seems like it…..without some sort of “divine intervention”…..i.e. a “levelling” of sorts, like a worldwide economic collapse, or an epic series of natural disasters, or cataclysmic events