An Open Letter to Our World:

There is a way to end war and violence by the species known as Humanity that has arisen and established itself upon the Earth, but it has not yet found a pathway into the Common Culture of the colony of sentient beings that populates this planet.

The way to end war and violence on the globe is for the species that is “us” to grapple with and struggle with and finally come to terms with a foundational truth of all of Life that humanity has simply found it impossible to even begin to comprehend, much less actually adopt, embrace, and apply in its daily dealings.

We have not found this impossible because we as a race have insufficient intelligence. We have, after all, put a man on the moon, found a cure for many diseases, and unraveled the human genome. We’ve even cloned sheep and cats and other animals…and are presumably but a generation or less from cloning humans.

No, the problem is not basic intelligence. The problem is spiritual, social, and emotional immaturity. In short, right now we are like children — very intelligent children, for certain, but children nonetheless — and we are playing with matches.

The way to bring an end to violence on the Earth (and I am not talking just about violence between people, but the violence that we are inflicting upon the planet itself…and the biggest form of violence of all: The Violence of Indifference) is to bring an end to the Cultural Story that has informed our every choice and decision for thousands of years among the largest number of our world’s inhabitants. We must write a New Cultural Story, and we must do so now. Then we must share this new Cultural Story (the “story” about Who We Are and Why We Are Here) with every adult we can reach on this planet, then teach it to our children, so that we can change our collaboratively created experience of life on the Earth in one generation.

The story we must end is our Story of Separation. It is a story that began with our earliest theologies — which in turn emerged from our earliest understandings of human life, and of what is going on here.

What we now call “self-consciousness” arose when we began to see or know ourselves individually. Perhaps it was seeing our reflection in a caveside pool that sparked this perception. We raised a hand to scratch our head and saw the “man in the pool” doing the same thing…and soon we began to conceive of “The Self.”

The next step in producing the perception of separation came, perhaps, as we sat around the campfire of our clan and found ourselves startled by a sudden flash of lightning in the night sky, followed by a booming clap of thunder. We looked anxiously around the campfire and asked, with whatever facial and verbal expressions we’d developed, “Did you do that?” When everyone in the clan shook their head in a panicked “No!,” we came to a startling awareness: There is something Other Than Us.

This Something Other also seemed, as subsequent events appeared to prove, far more powerful than us. It could cause wind and rain and violent storms; heat and dry spells that lasted, it seemed, forever; a frightening shaking and even an opening of the very ground on which we walked. It could even start fires in the woods all by Itself.

It became clear to us that we needed to find a way to control this Something Other, or our lives would forever be at Its mercy. Yet we could not conceive of or imagine a way that we could do this. We tried everything. We knew we had to find a way to appease the gods.

We didn’t call the elements of life “gods,” of course. That word came along at a much later time. But we did think of this Something Other as an aspect of our existence that was both powerful and uncontrollable.

We knew some members of our own clan in exactly the same way. The biggest and the strongest and the most brutish ran rampant through the collective life of the clan, and efforts were continually made to appease them. They were brought offerings of every kind, from nubile virgins to plentiful food to beautiful things from the richness of the earth.

Once, when the most brutish became more sullen and angry than usual because of an unending drought and the sacrifices it imposed on them and the whole clan, we joined others in our small group to do whatever we could think of to calm them, lest they take out their anger on us—which they had done before.

We threw a campside “party” for them, sang and did dances for them. Someone in the group tore a dying branch from a nearby tree and shook it as part of his dance, its dry leaves making a rhythmic sound matching his gyrations as he twirled around the fire.

As it happened, at that exact moment the skies opened up, and a sudden hard rain drenched the site. Everyone was shocked! And, given the limited intellectual development of the clan at that time, the Dance With The Branch was credited with having produced the water from the sky.

A way had been found to please and appease Something Other! A way had been found to get that Something Other to do what we had been hoping for! All of us were so excited! The “rain man” was elevated to a position of highest status. Ritual, and a class within the clan of Those Who Performed It, was created.

The clan believed that the Dance of the Branch by the Rain Man created rain, and so it did in the future more often than not. And this was not by coincidence. Metaphysics being was it is, the formula worked. For the metaphysical process—whether modern or ancient—produces in physicality whatever it is fervently believed it will produce.

In that first instance, it was no doubt the ongoing, fervent hope, the deeply earnest wish, of the clan that the drought would end that generated the result. But the coincidence of the rain falling at the exact moment the noisy dance was performed could not be ignored.

The narrative above is, of course, all of my imagining. It was an insight—call it an inspiration, if you choose—that I received at the time of my Conversations with God. The entire story could be inaccurate…but I believe that either this, or something very similar to this, is what occurred in the early life of human beings, and what produced our sense of separation, our sense of Something Other, and our sense that there might be, after all, a way of controlling—or at least influencing—that Something Other.

Earliest humans were dealing with the alchemy of the universe, without knowing it. Thus was born what later became known as Religion.

As Man became more sophisticated in his understandings, the species sought a more sophisticated way of seeking to “appease the gods”…and, later, the single God that humans ultimately decided must surely exist.

We were right about that.

There is the thing we now call God. Yet our idea about God—that it is “Something Other”—is what has been inaccurate. This idea is a carryover from the earliest story we told ourselves about The Power Greater Than Us. That first idea is what created what I have called our Separation Theology.

Right now most people who believe in God—and that is by far the largest number of people on this planet—still embrace a Separation Theology. This is a way of looking at God that declares that we are “over here” and God is “over there.”

This would not matter if it began and ended there, but the problem with a Separation Theology is that it produces a Separation Cosmology. That is, a way of looking at all of life that says that everything is separate from everything else.

This wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a point of view, but the problem is that a Separation Cosmology produces a Separation Psychology. That is, a psychological viewpoint that says that I am over here and you are over there.

This would also be something we could live with if that was all there was to it, but the problem is that a Separation Psychology produces a Separation Sociology. That is, a way of socializing with each other that encourages everyone within human society to act as separate entities serving their own separate interests.

Now we’ve entered into truly dangerous territory, because a Separation Sociology inevitably produces a Separation Pathology. That is, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, engaged in individually and collectively, and producing suffering, conflict, violence, and death by our own hands—evidenced everywhere on our planet throughout human history.

Only when our Separation Theology is replaced by a Oneness Theology will our pathology be healed. A Oneness Theology recognizes that we have been differentiated from God, but not separated from God, even as the fingers on our hand are differentiated but not separated from the hand itself.

We are being invited to understand that all of Life is One Thing. This is the first step. It is the jumping-off point. It is the beginning of the end of how things now are. It is the start of a new creation, of a new tomorrow. It is the New Cultural Story of Humanity.

Oneness is not a characteristic of life. Life is a characteristic of oneness. This is what we have not understood about our existence on Earth, the understanding of which would change everything. Life is the expression of oneness Itself. God is the expression of Life Itself. God and Life are one. You are a part of Life. You do not and cannot stand outside of it. Therefore you are a part of God.  It is a circle. It cannot be broken.

When we begin acting in harmony with this truth, our entire experience of Life will be altered forever. There will, in fact, be war no more. Violence in all forms will disappear. Depravity and insufficiency will end. Abject suffering and poverty will vanish. We will have civilized civilization at last.

All of this has been predicted. You may recall this particularly poignant passage from the Old Testament:

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore. 

                                                                                                                  – Isaiah 2:4

Would you like to be a major “player” in bringing the world to a new place, to a new understanding, and to a new and grander way of experiencing itself? I know it doesn’t seem like it, but there is a way you can be that. On March 12, 2015 people around the world are going to rise up with One Voice in a global expression of social/spiritual activism such as will capture the attention of the entire planet. This is Movement #1 of The Evolution Revolution. If you see yourself as part of this worldwide event, click on the Evolution Revolution icon found on this website’s Home Page.

Love, Neale Donald Walsch

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  • …the Separation Pathology has manifested as the modern scourge of humanity — Racism / White Supremacy. If the Global Conversation about the Evolution Revolution does not directly address this significant aspect of how we regard, love and serve each other as brothers and sisters in the same human family — one human race (expressed as various people differentiated by heritage, ethnicity, and culture), then the global expression of social/spiritual activism would seem pretentious and superficial in its effort to bring our world to a better place, to a better understanding, and to a better and juster way of experiencing ourSelf. Although I am optimistic about the positive outlook of this Open Letter to Our World, much of the violence, poverty, and oppression we experience is because of racism / white supremacy, and only so-called white people can end it, but, as it is not addressed in the letter, it seems you will continue to treat it as an “elephant in the room”. our Conversation with God continues… Love Truth Peace Freedom and Justice. 1

    • Na_na99

      It’s not even just racism. It’s every ‘ism’. Mankind just looks for reasons to hate each other. Brits and Irish are both white and christian, but have different sects and hate each other. Nigerians are the same race and nationality, but if one is a Hausa or Muslim, they’re going to hate a Yoruba or Christian. Republicans and Democrats hate each other, even though they’re mostly christian and all American. We can’t even go to the same church with someone who has a different skin color, and even in the same skin color, Presbyterian/Catholic/Baptist/Unitarian still don’t like each other and will only agree that every other religion is their enemy. Mankind will see ANY difference as a call to war.

      • NealeDonaldWalsch

        This is a true “reading” of the situation, my friend, and I am impressed with your ability to articulate it so clearly. Yet we can create the day when our Differences do not have to create Divisions, and our Contrasts do not have to produce Conflicts.

        Such a day can be brought to dawn on our planet if and when we reach Critical Mass in the number of humans who yearn for this expression of Divinity on Earth sufficiently to produce it. Just as our Story of Separation has produced our present circumstance, so can a New Story of our Oneness with God and with All of Life produce a new circumstance all over our world.

        This will take an Evolution Revolution…and on March 12, 2015 people from across the globe will launch Movement #1 in that Civil Rights Movement for the Soul. I trust and hope, my wonderful colleague in understanding, that you will be part of that endeavor. Together, we can awaken humanity.

        • Kristen

          Oops sorry, Neales comment was to someone other than me. I commented to them before I noticed this.

          Im busy on 12 March, housework to do. Sorry I can’t join you but a much better plan than the Dec 2012 one using 666s word ‘peace’.

      • Kristen

        I suspect this is more an american problem, I live in a very multi cultural area with lots of different churches and a massive Buddhist temple. In my 45 years I have never seen any problems, rascism or differences pointed out. You have me thinking, my son had mates over last week drinking in the man cave……7 white kiwis, 4 of them bogans into heavy metal with longhair, one obese guy with glasses, a serbian, nerdy asian guy, half maori guy, australian, middle eastern muslim guy raised in America from age 5 but family shifted to Australia then NZ to escape American stereotyping. Their generation would not even notice differences, all they care is they drink, do up cars and talk cars and girls and play pool. The only thing people do not like is phillipino annoying american accents, and when indians cannot make themselves understood. Get with the times America, you are in a timewarp the rest of the world moved out of in the 70s!!

    • Stephen mills

      Hi Mike ,
      The separation Pathology and White Supremecy ,racism etc has come about because of one off the ten illusions namely the illusion of superiority .Have you read Communion with God by Neale it explains everything about this subject.

      The Elephant has now become visible ,so we can all talk about it.


  • Na_na99

    I’ve met so many people who are emotionally and spiritually immature even into old age that it just weirds me out. People over 60 who still get upset over what other people think. Entire groups of people who insist that only their religion/philosophy is correct and they can’t tolerate even a little bit of difference in opinion. People who find it appropriate to spank their children if they don’t agree with them on every little thing. It’s just WEIRD that so many people can’t see past their own point of view to at least acknowledge that other people might have a DIFFERENT point of view. If we don’t change this, we’ll do nothing but fight until the last 2 people are on earth.

    • Aleksandra

      Yes, unfortunately, I also share this feeling. I’ve recently taken part in a discussion to the topic “God’s logic is not the same as Human’s logic” on a Christian Catholic forum. I did all my best to share my point of view to my perception of God as the One who is Love and not the One who condemns, jugdes or makes us fail or suffer in any way. Plus, I gave an alternative version (perspective) to the Ten Commandments as Neale does to the world. Besides, I tried to help a few people there who had shared their problems about their doubt, disbelief, painful struggling, feeling guilty, sinful, unworthy, hurt or lost with the message that they are loved as they are and that God speaks to them thru every single good intenion of their heart and that we do not have to change our believes as long as they serve us, just add to them. Guess, what happened… I had been given (in a “sarcastic” way) a name of a heretic, a Buddist, a Jehova member, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a wayword, an unhappy one with a desire to find love and to have children (that I actually have and love, but nobody had asked me about) before the administrator of the forum actually “crusified” me with a ban
      stating that I must be a “sect member verbing people for love” and “no changes to the Ten Commandments are allowed on this forum”. Well, I feel no anger. I feel compassion to the people’s confinement. These people, like me, have once believed in an illusion of God served by some religious leaders and still prefer to stick to their perception, believing God is the Judge who they need to be afraid of. I still see the light ’cause if I could change everything,I believe everyone can – if they want to. The question is when we become open to see and to feel beyond, when we actually “hear” the message who we actually are or want to become.

      • Kristen

        The real God is both loving Father, and tough judge. He has most traits in extreme like many humans do, which will always be neutralised by something at the other end of the scale. We cannot ignore that parts of God, nor what He has stated just because it suits us better. His name means I Am What I Am, we need to accept this. Even He admitted He was part good and part evil. All gods and many Angels are, without punishers there are no consequences, no karma, we need them and those like them! You may like to read my reply to Raphael above in this thread, as we cannot choose to think Y’shua is akin to Tinkerbell either.

        But yes, God speaks to all via our surroundings, and as scripture states, works with signs. I asked Him 3 questions last night, all answered blatantly today, when you know His language of signs. A dream interpretation book is a pretty good translater.
        Take care,

        • Aleksandra

          Thank you Kristen for taking your time to answer my post. I’m grateful to you for reminding me the God’s name “I Am What I Am”. That’s exactly why I assume we – all human beings – perceive God in a certain way. Some people will then see God as the Father and the Judge, some people will see God as Pure Love, some people will see Him/Her Part Good Part Evil, some others will not see God at all and they will say they don’t believe He/She exists. It’s again all people’s choices to experience God in a unique way or not to experience at
          all (is this possible?).

          I feel very close to Neale’s message that God is Life and God is Love because this is the way I have “experienced” God too. I am my own judge when I experience my ego thoughts or actions, however, I am also grateful for the knowledge of my soul which makes me grow to be a person I’ve always felt deeply inside I wanted to be or become. The challenge in Neale’s message is to add to the very many beliefs or sometimes even change the perception of God some people were made to believe at some point in their lives or thru their religious leaders. I call it a challenge because my own experience with the recently met Catholics on the forum I mentioned above shows that some (many?) people – however unhappy in their various trials to “find” their God – still DO WANT to stick to their beliefs and do want to see God as the one whom they should be afraid of. One woman wrote “If only I weren’t afraid of the Judgment Day, I would commit a suicide”. Another person wrote “Only God is Love, not me” and one other “I don’t want God who is me alike”. That makes me wonder how much willingness one would need to put to turn their life around and also HOW it is possible for our generation with the loads of existing schemes. I still believe IT IS POSSIBLE but I also think to myself – do we have the right to interfere when somebody else actually wants to experience what they choose to experience?

          Our feeling to be the portion of light for somebody else may not necessarily seem light for them at that actual moment of time. Our feeling to be the portion of light for ourselves – however beautiful – may make us unwilling to receive somebody else’s light. Do we have the feeling to be darkness for somebody else? No? Why, because we know what is good for us? Do we have the feeling to be darkness for ourselves? Yes, when we don’t remember why we have come to live here. And why have we come to live here? Isn’t it exactly to experience I Am What I Am? Am I not Everything I’ve chosen to experience then?

          How do you see this?

          • Kristen

            Hi there,
            I am typing a reply at work and on a tablet so excuse the briefness and probable typos, and Im trying to ignore the mentally disabled paperboy who wants to chat about wierd food combinations. What wins, my freewill not to spend time with him today, or his freewill desire for me to spend time with him? Or do I be the intelligent adult and sacrifice mine which would imply his is more important?? And the song ‘what if God was one of us has come on the radio’….a sign?? Sounds like blogging but this 2 mins is just a normal glimpse into a normal life. Choices, freewill, sacrifices, God. A split second in time as a human adult, and a part of how our lives deliberately are on Earth.

            But…my world and views are a little different, especially in regard to your very good comment about “do we have the right to interfere when somebody else actually wants to experience what they choose to experience?”. I am a first lifer, not reincarnated, so I dont have a path, I dont have guides and sychronicity making pre determined things happening. I exist because my oarents shagged, no other reason. This means I see things differently, and quite frankly, I think people have chosen really odd and crappy stuff, so I dont interfere or intervene at all. In fact I will only give to charities that prevent the suffering of animals and children and have had to learn to step back as an empath, and make a conscious choice that if reincarnated people chose to be homeless, addicts, have an abusive spouse, be disabled, have injuries and illnesses etc then that was their choice, dont exoect me or others to help or give you financial handouts!! If I dig myself into a hole or lower my standards, I have to fix it myself, and they should too or have arranged help via reincarnation rather than depending on random strangers. My path is as all first lifer ones are, those above oversee me but can only follow my lead hence the Tree of Life journey as there really arent many options for us. Since mass reincarnation into the west is a relatively new things, Iwill always have to self employed as there are no jobs pre allocated for me, and have had to accept that there will probably be no long term relationships etc, but I am used to it all and see how it is so know to restrict wants and freewil choices to what is possible, and generally quite trivial. Sorry to talk about me, but this is how I see your comment…stay out if the bad choices if others, they choose it for their own reasons. If oeople were all firstlifers these circumstances would not exist much, and I would be the first to help others in need, the abused, homeless etc.

            With regard to God, I believe (not know), that we are all microclosms or mini me’s of God, but there are many different Gods up there. Neales God rules the Afterlife so is a God of the dead, the Biblical God is the God of Israelites, new souls (so a God of the living), and the Universal God if Law. Whom as a sideline hobby has a tough religion allowing Him to express his need for dominance, control and attain worship etc. People from the Afterlife are more like Neales God wanting complete freewill and quite new agey, I am a lot like my God and love Law, rules, progress, hard work, life in general, animals, clothes, the creative relationship between people and what Creator made as raw materials like log cabins, boardwalks and piers etc. Likewise peoples love of beauty, perfection, fashion, music etc can be attributed to their links to The Source when they get to a level where they can access this, Bollywood is attributed to one of the Hindu Gods etc. I understand there are over a dozen different Gods represented by their own people on Earth.

            Best I can explain it with limited time. And Sheldon the paper boy has given up and left, thankfully without one of his tantrums that involves shaking my shop fittings until stuff falls off then asking if I am angry or proud of him today! If thats how reincarnated people choose to be to get more attention, then they wont be getting anything other than toughlove from me!!!!

            Take care,

          • Aleksandra

            Thank you again for your time, Kristen. This time I will share only one of my thoughts with you and will share others later (when I’m done with my arrangements for the day) – I know you don’t mind.

            “’What if God was one of us” has come on the radio’. Some people call it a sign, some call it synchronicity, some others may not even hear the song. Yeah, I can picture two Men in the work place right there. Both called by your names “a mentally disabled paperboy” and “an intelligent adult”. Both doing what they prefer doing at the exact moment – one willing to chat, giving his attention and one willing to type a reply giving his attention too. Freewill – the paperboy has given up at that certain moment, you’ve replied to the post. I believe next time having received attention from somebody else, we will remember the pleasant moment which accompanies being given attention ourselves and will be more willing to do the same for the other, to share with somebody else the pleasant feeling we had inside. I think that’s what means “what you send – you receive”. The key is then to remember “what you receive – you send”. In this special moment you are very much alike in what you’re doing. 🙂 To me, there is still a sense of humor in the way you’re portraying the split second, the characters and the situation. What if God was two of us? What if God was three of us? What if God was all of us?

            Talk to you later. 🙂

          • Kristen

            Hi ya,
            Poor God!!! Its actually The Source that experiences everything through us. God would go loopy doing this!! Sheldon the paperboy came back later, his routine is wed and fri at 445pm when I give him 15mins to talk about why I dont put fried rice in coffee, or what milk powder is, why eggs are stil in a cake mixture when he can no longer see them AND why is is not ok to slap a crying baby on a plane, why it was wrong to cut a noisy childs ear, why he cannot hit his mother, why he must behave nicely if he wants me to spend time with him. His brain damage means he has no concepts, has no comprehension of right from wrong other than when each specific event is discussed and he is personally threated with the same behaviour so knows it is painful, if not so disabled he would be in jail as he is huge and a danger, but his disabilities and silly humour distract him from a lot he would do!
            Saturday mornings tho, sorry Sheldon, no patience then!! I dont think God would want to experience being him but to get inside his head and understand having no concepts is a positive experience for me!
            Enjoy your weekend,
            PS Im a girl!

          • Aleksandra

            Ok Kristen, let me share some of my impressions to your message and also ask questions to bring some more

            First of all, you’ve written what you don’t have (a path, guides, synchronicity). I suggest that we focus on what we actually have. Then we can experience the abundance.

            Secondly, you’ve written why you exist. Is the way you see it perfect enough for you to make it your highest reason to call to existence your children?

            Thirdly, you “think people have chosen really odd and crappy stuff (to be homeless, addicts, have an abusive spouse, be disabled, have injuries and illnesses etc)” – well they must
            have chosen to experience a certain aspect but when born to this world, they may not have had a choice among the means of the system ruling this planet. However, I’m convinced you can see, they still do have a choice to stop for a moment and look at their situation from a different perspective (with some awareness given – higher consciousness), then change their perception (wake up) and finally change their situation. As long as people think they are victims to the system and think they can do nothing about it and in fact do not enough to change their way of thinking, with time they become even more and more paralyzed with disbelief and unfortunately remain in their misery. That is why people need spiritual guidance. All they need is to wake up and see beyond. Yes, Kristen, why not be the first to help others understand that they actually CAN change everything. Thought – Word – Action. CHANGE.

            Next, Sheldon – you write he “has no comprehension of right from wrong other than when each specific event is discussed”. My question is – do we have comprehension of right from wrong?
            What is right for me may not seem right for another person. And vice versa. It’s his path. It’s his experience. You can of course guide him, help if he’s in danger but do we have the right to know (=judge) what he would/wouldn’t do to make him feel happy? Jail is such a man’s idea of helplessness. If we can’t understand, if we can’t help, let’s send them to prison. Their freedom is taken
            away, but we feel safe at least. Everybody needs to be understood, accepted and loved, don’t they? You don’t think God would want to experience being “helpless”. I’m telling you – indeed – God also gives us lessons of such states – with
            understanding and help coming from pure love and care. I believe it can be a positive experience for you behaving differently though coping with care.

            Finally, your God is Law. Ok, of course there are rules to follow and it is sooo good to hear that you Love Law, rules, progress, hard work, life in general, animals, clothes, the creative relationship between people plus all the raw materials. You are passionate about Life and Nature. Creative and positive people bring more color and positive attitude which is very welcome to this world. You’ve come to share your Passion, Kristen. That’s perfectly enough. 🙂

          • Kristen

            I completely agree with you. As a first lifer not reincarnated, I definately have a purpose, it is just not predetermined, like everyones first life. And although I came into existance as a normal mammal, I am soooooooo grateful to be born in this time, rather than in the past without electricity, freedom, great clothes, freewill etc and to have no past life baggage. I cannot believe my luck sometimes. Every soul starts the same and every physical body used to get a new one, so to be born now and in New Zealand when I could have just as randomly be born in the 1800s slums of London, abused, developed coping mechanisms like addictions etc. I have made sure I earn my worth!!!

            What I do wish is that more people would break away from reincarnation paths and make their own life. What was determined for them back then, or what they chose, is often holding them back but it takes so much strength to break away. When I was a healer, I used to work with this and it is almost like people feel chained to their path or under duress. At the end of the day, no matter what, it is all about being a good person, not causing suffering including to yourself and growing and being able to help those who cannot help themselves especially animals, children and the elderly. So many paths are leading people into negative situations but until they express they are breaking free, guides and the afterlife will continue to lead them in all sorts of directions, which are not necessarily up. It is not true that people need to experience suffering etc, this is a breach of Universal Law as it is not permitted to knowingly cause suffering, it is also a breach of Universal Law to knowingly harm the physical body people are reincarnated into as it is not owned by them, they should be grateful and are in the position of a caregiver of a body. The whole thing is so screwed up and so far from Law and original rules it is insane.

            Take care,

  • Erin

    ‘The Lineage of Humanity’s Dis-ease’ has been one of my favorite shares of Conversations over this past year…It is quite irrefutable both religiously & scientifically. The fact that it has yet to cease to put brains in gear & get Soul Sounds singing, esp. of youth, makes it a fabulous up-bringing…and fun, too. Although, sadly, it also took me off the list of the JW saving plan.
    So, March wil put Spring into the steps of an Evolution Revolution…Sweeet!!! Happy feet, On! 😀

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I trust, Erin, that you will play a leadership role in the March 12 event.

  • Raphael F

    a) If people would live according to God`s will, by keeping his commandments, there would be peace on earth: so that is all we have to do.
    b) We cannot overcome separation on our own. Jesus Christ is our savior: he is the way, truth and life. Noone can come to the father except through him. If you hand over your life to the son of God and get into prayer he will take over and lead you to eternal life … br Raphael

    • NealeDonaldWalsch

      I know that you believe this sincerely, Raphael, and I honor your belief deeply. I am happy if this understanding has brought you into a place of true spiritual peace and real union and communion with God.

      It is not, however, my own understanding that no one can come to God the Father except through embracing Jesus as their savior. Conversations with God tells us that simply because we may be Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Hindu, or belong to no organized religion at all, does not mean that God will send us to the everlasting fires of hell, there to burn in endless and excruciating pain because we took a different path to God, in all sincerity and with all purity of soul and heart.

      It is not my understanding that the God and Creator of our Universe is so heartless as to say that it does not matter how good, how wonderful, how loving, how kind, how compassionate, how caring, how generous a person is. If he or she belongs to the “wrong” religion, they’re going to hell.

      Indeed, there are 17 Statements About God that Conversations with God tells us are totally inaccurate and completely false. I know that this idea runs counter to what you believe, Raphael. I do not offer it here as a criticism or as a “make wrong” of your own ideas, but simply as another point of view. Let us, then, in the spirit of open exploration, consider these commonly heard statements:

      · God is to be feared.
      · God may not even exist.
      · God exists and is a superhuman male being.
      · God demands obedience.
      · God sees us as imperfect, and we may not return to God in an imperfect state.
      · God requires us to believe in God, and to worship God in a specific way.
      · God is vengeful and God’s love can turn to wrath.
      · God was at war with the Devil, and that’s how this all began.
      · God determines what is right and wrong.
      · God’s forgiveness is required for us to get into heaven.
      · God has a plan for us.
      · God is on our side.
      · God honors self-sacrifice, long-suffering (preferably in silence), and martyrdom.
      · God sometimes answers our prayers and sometimes does not.
      · God will reward us or punish us on Judgment Day.
      · God wants us to return to heaven.
      · God is separate from us.

      In the book “GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong,” the idea is offered that not one of these statements is true — and we are given, specifically, the reasons why.

      This new book will be released Oct. 23. It may be pre-ordered now at:

      • Raphael F

        1)So you do not agree that we have to Keep God`s commandments, and that this would lead to peace on earth? I thought everybody would agree on that…?

        2) Lord Jesus even wants us to go a step further: If we live according to what is told in the “Sermon on the Mount” we could even minimize evil in the world and make it a better place. Do you not agree? Love your enemy, pray for your enemy…!

        3) At the end God is the only one who can reward us with eternal life: The Benchmark will be how we were living our lives – you can see that clearly when reading the New Testament: no one will be condemmned if he was leading a life in holiness;

        That is what God wants – leading our lives without sinning and in compassion and holiness! What a reward!!! Eternal life in communion with God! br Raphael

        • Blake


          Your words, although your truth and your understanding creates separation and separation is privilege-

          Appalling is privilege and how it dictates how people look at one another as being better than their brothers and sisters based on old political, cultural and religious beliefs that no longer work anymore. Love is all there is. I am conscious of this fact.

          Too often do I express love passionately and not being heard I am quieted by Privilege that disconnects and destroys the very foundation of my message and then silenced I am discarded by the weak that is the essence of fear.

        • Kristen

          Hi Raphael,
          I am tottling off, in case you didnt notice it, this is a very Anti Biblical God, anti Law, anti Bible anti Religion and anti anything associated with any of them. Think I said it earlier to you, but Neales God is He of Lawlessness. Stay strong, and dont cave no matter the tactics used. Its all basically blasphme but some good messages and discussions when they arent attacking the One you and I call God.
          Take care and remember, cowards cannot get into heaven……this is a good way to earn bravery badges. Neale will always chat to/at new Christians as soon as they enter into this weird zone. And next weeks thread will be American gun laws!!
          Take care and Kabbalic blessings,

          Others; Ive heard it all, I am like a missionary on assignment in here. Dont bother.

    • Kristen

      Hi there,
      Keep your faith, and truth. Neales God is He of Lawlessness as prophecised, and this is just a part of exaulting himself over everything that is Gods. Including impersonating the real God to Neale. I just wish people could see it for what it is but………what is more important, worth fighting for or worth fighting against? The messages, or the messenger?? A…hole messenger channelling, but some good messages.

      We are now at the final throne anyway, but remember, the way to immortality and a new restored Eden, whether in Heaven or on Earth is through righteousness. This is the only was to override the 120year mortality Law/curse imposed on us for wrong doing. This is nothing to do with religion, or Y’shua, it is between each individual the judges, for which Y’shua in one. He has no authority to override or forgive any crimes, only religious sins which are the few Laws that God forgave with offerings. The crimes are different, with punishments and cibsequences including executions. As a Rabbi, Christ and High Priest Y’shua is bound by the priestly Law defining that if he does not stop crime, nor punish for them, he can be punished for these crimes. Never never ever ever think Y’shua is a pushover and welcomes all, he himself said he will let very few into heaven and put most in their idea of hell. He is a lot tougher than God in this aspect. If a follower of his you MUST choose your own cross to bear, and halfway up the tree of life it is mandatory to fight evil. Christianity is not a religion for the weak, if done properly it is very very difficult. Teachings like the ones you have been taught are very dangerous, making people complacent. Remember he also told people to never sign any contract with God you are not prepared to keep!! Do any Christians actually honour the baptism contract of complying with Gods ways and rules?? As an Israelite Kabbalist that has completed the Tree of Life journey, I know God is very very very tough on this, and I dont even have a contract nor do religion. Be careful.
      Take care,
      K xx

      Wonder if this comment will be deleted? Your perocotive Neale and co.

      • Patrick Gannon

        “Christianity is not a religion for the weak,”

        I would counter that religion IS for the weak; those unable to face the fears within themselves.

        ” I know God is….”

        No. You “believe” God is…. If you had an open mind, I’d suggest that you “think” God is, but I don’t sense open mindedness from this post.

        • Kristen

          Hi Patrick,
          You cannot determine what I personally KNOW from what I THINK. Only each individual can determine this based on their experiences. This was covered in last weeks thread, if you CHOOSE to think I am lying about my own experiences then thats your choice not to believe others. And very shallow minded and restrictive. Your loss.

          I was referring to Christianity based on the Old Testament, then with Y’shuas add ons throw in, like poverty, no divorce (which God allowed) etc. The Judaism OT contract is much easier! I was not referring to what Christians actually do, more what they are signing a contract via a baptism to do. As Y’shua stated, you are not to force your religion on anyone for religion is a freewill choice. Is it yours or anyone elses place to disrespect their choice – or is it more that christians are an easier target than Muslims, Jewish people, Hindus, Buddhists etc…..

          • Patrick Gannon

            You’re right, Kristin. I don’t know what you believe, think or know and should have withheld judgment. I was irked at what I perceived as a fearmongering rant requiring that one believe what you do or face some kind of unpleasant consequence. Having taken the better part of a lifetime to get over that fear, it still raises my hackles and I react too quickly.

            Since you claim to “know” God is XY or Z, perhaps you could share how it is that you “know” this, and explain how others might come to “know” it as well – without belief as a necessary requirement.

            What this exchange confirms once again for me, is that “god” is the barrier, and not the solution to bringing humanity together.

          • Kristen

            Out of time but please don’t think I am ever being defensive. I am always light hearted in here so read it as if you knew I was smiling.
            To answer your question, things are a bit different for me as I am not reincarnated, Israelites are first lifers, so the Biblical is my God, not Neales God who rules the afterlife, who many know and experience. They are two completeky different Gods. As a Kabbalist I have done the Tree of Life journey, before I even knew what it was and at a certain point I could sense or feel God, well first an Angel, then The Source as an energy around 24/7 before I got to the God levels a couple of years ago. With Isrealites, as scripture states “I wll imprint my ways and laws on the heart and minds of my people Israel” or similar. A lot of the ways this is done is that certain thinks are blocked or not possible for me, I can only define this as similar to trying to force a straight person into a gay sexual situation, or the Amish to burn a bible etc. Most of these things are the things God forbids in the Bible. I cannot even have short hair (its ok, Im a girl), could not be overweight or even average, not dress even vaguely masculine, never steal, I hate all statues etc and dont allow my photo to be taken, etc. I have always been like this, two of my kids are, my nana is. I only realised why we were a bit different when studying theology. Now I feel God personaly but His views or opinions are transmitted to me so I know what He would say, if anything, like right now I can sense being watched and disapproval my make up is only half done and I am kneeling on carpet that needs a vacuum. He is fussy, but kind of uses stand over tactics so I keep the bar high and my energy light. I can feel His anger, joy, pride, disappointment etc with me within myself but seperate to myself. This also allows me to manipulate a bit and try different things just to sense Gods view on them.
            Hope this explains a bit, but I am really sorry it is of no help to non Israelites BUT I woukd not bother with any gods. Go to The Source. He/it outranks them all, is available to everyine, is non discriminatory and knows everything about everyone anyway so you have no need to hide anything. The Source transmits to us via the Sun, and drives and craves beauty, perfection, great music, fashion etc. Raise your standards really high and when you are giving this positive energy he/it craves it will be returned to you in the same way. A lot will be perfect timing, synchronicity, what you want at a good price just for you and if you can really impress you will feel it persinally as on older man energy around you that will laugh with you etc. His humour is obvious with tv shows like Jeremy in Top Gear. As you get closer to The Source it will get closer to you.
            Have fun and be shallow and superficial.
            Sorry dying battery so not editing all my tablet typos.

          • Kristen

            This is an example of The Source at work, you must be in need. I have been prompted to give you more info. Felt as a kick in the butt and a frown, as obviously The Source knows Im qualified as a teacher in this, shouldnt have rushed, but point proven, The Source is aware of you!!!!!! 😀
            When I say The Source craves beauty and perfection, I ommitted to state just how funny he/it is. Pleasing The Source is a huge scam here via reincarnation, think plastic surgery, professional make up, top clothes designers, wealth, perfectionism etc but he/it does not fall for any of it. Yes doing these things will attract oerfection or the money to do oerfection, but thats all. It will not bring love, happiness, health, joy, The Source liking them etc, he/it has seen it all. He/it takes great pleasure in people spotting perfection, which is literally pointing it out to him, especially with humour. The worlds ugliest dog is perfect as it is perfectly ugly and absurd so makes him laugh, trying your best and laughing at yourself is perfect especially if you are perfectly useless, gentleness and humbleness are perfect human traits, there are thousands of perfect clothing items over the years incl wild west bar whore clothing, old man cardys, matching flanalette pjs make him laugh etc. But dont fake anything or you will only receive a clinical generic reaction rather than The Source as a person knowing and liking you. He/it makes all souls originally, and has put in place all the things that differ us from other primates. Get acdream interpretation book and look upneverything you have, want, like and love and you will be able to read what The Source thinks of you at this point in time. Also look up things you no longervwant or hate, and you will also read the things he is saying about you in reverse. Every item of clothing, food,colour etc can be read this way, The Source is in charge and outranks everyone 24/7 and is controlling everything we have basedon what he determines for us. Crappy people get crappy stuff, good people get good stuff, these differences make the world spin and ensure he can read us all 24/7. Clothing wise, country, steam punk and the new bearded grandad cardy or tweed coat looks are at the top of the food chain as he has out together these looks so ensure the top guys in his eyes look different to the sheeple. For females it is country/white cotton, steam punk, 60s full make up with minis and 50s hot secretary looks.
            Hopefully this will help, I think you are wasting your time with God as other than the Biblical God, they are all middlemen and teachers people interactvwith in theirvway back to The Source, and they are all narsissists who just want as many groupies as possible and to be exaulted in The Sources eyes! My opinion only!!

            Again sorry bout typos, and dont ask me questions if you dont want answers!!! Ive studied way too much. 😀

          • Patrick Gannon

            K. “dont ask me questions if you dont want answers!!!”

            P. I’m not sure I got an answer to my question. The question is how do you “know” anything about your god or any other god, and how can that knowledge be shared such that others can also “know” it, without having to “believe” something?

            I had some difficulty following your essays, but do I understand correctly that you (know, think, believe) in Bible God (Jehovah, Yaweh, El), a being that I personally “think” is entirely mythical and based on the gods of prior civilizations and cultures, and whose basic elements have been disproven by science? This particular “god” is rather detestable, wouldn’t you say? I mean, as a woman, he considers you to be half the worth of a man. He orders genocide, condones slavery, racism and sexism. He’s certainly not fair and just, and the definition of “good” in my dictionary doesn’t describe him.

            Is this the god of whom you speak? If so, how is it that you “know” he is real?

            K. “Now I feel God personaly but His views or opinions are transmitted to me so I know what He would say”

            P. How does this “transmission” take place? How is it different from how NDW claims to have transmissions from god? Or the Apostle Paul from Jesus, or Charles Manson, or Jim Jones or any of the other people who have had “visions” and “feelings” that were supposedly transmitted from “God?” Even Paul’s visions can’t be trusted. He said Jesus’ return was imminent – didn’t happen. He said sin entered the world through Adam – evolution disproves this. Whatever his intentions, Paul jacked up the level of fear that Judaism already offered. Would it be possible to get your transmissions from Bible God on a video? Anything at all that offers reasonable (even subjective) evidence?

            K. “Have fun and be shallow and superficial.”

            P. I would consider Bible God to be shallow and superficial (given his inability to control his temper and poor actions) as you have recommended that I be. I would prefer not to be “in his image” given that description. To be “shallow and superficial” does not give mankind much to strive for.

            Are you truly a Hebrew Israelite, or is that just how you describe yourself? Can you trace your roots back to one of the 12 tribes?

            K. “The Source is in charge and outranks everyone 24/7 and is controlling everything we have basedon what he determines for us. Crappy people get crappy stuff, good people get good stuff, these differences make the world spin and ensure he can read us all 24/7.”

            P. So, there is no free will? Just as Bible God “hardened the Pharaoh’s heart,” he pulls our strings and manipulates us like puppets? Crappy people are made crappy by what Bible God “determines for us?” There’s little sense in anything at all if there’s no free will, is there? The bible does indicate that we don’t have free will. This gives Christians heartburn because the idea of predestining someone for eternal torment hardly squares with the concepts of ‘good,’ ‘fair,’ ‘just,’ and so on that are used to describe Mr. Jehovah El Yahweh; however the inventor of Christianity – the apostle Paul – also confirms that we do not have free will – thus confirming that Jesus is not “the good news” but is actually a far cry from that, as we must now “believe” the right thing about Jesus or spend eternity in the Gahanna dump, Pagan Hades, Norse Hel, or solitary confinement, rather than simply sleep off life’s hangover in Sheol as was the case before his arrival.

            I maintain that “god” is all about “belief” and not “knowledge” and it’s about “fear” and not “love.” The word “god” has got to go, if we are to get beyond our divisiveness, but excessive population growth will likely wipe us all out, long before that happens…..

          • Kristen

            Hi Patrick.
            Im smiling as always.
            ANSWERS: I tried to explain to you how IKNOW God is real the best I can. Thoughts etc are transmitted via true telepathy of a brief glimpse of a thought that could be rewritten longhand into an essay, as a knowing, or feeling of being watched a bit like if a ‘ghost or spirit’ is looking at you, a physical sensation the same as psychics or a brief image. This is all very normal for lots of people and info on the Tree of Life can explain it a bit. Yes we are Israelies from way back, which I did not know, we are Levites and my grandfather has advised we were Jewish French, emigrating to England and forced to convert to Christianity or face death. They were then a part of the Protestant movement.
            I would never defend Gods criminal record, and never have BUT he does not treat females like crap, and has given me as a female a great journey, and believes in me that I can do anything I set out to do. In fact if I ever say “I cant” or give up I get a huge burst of energy and redirected to an easier or better way. He said females were to do embriodery, sell beautiful clothes and use their profits to buy land and vineyards, Rebekah basically ran Israel, He told men he would find them a good wife, Deborah was a recognised Judge, He stated females could partake in a higher education until they reached a marriable age which must mean the old equivalent of University, and Genesis defines females as the helper and companion of males, which means as a helper every wife is the 2IC to their husband, whatever his job. We still follow this, its just unfortunate these wives like a Presidents wife are not being paid. Does this sound like a female crushing God?? I suspect you are listening to religious people rather than reading what God Himsrlf stated. He also stated priests should marry, thrrefore positioning a priests wife as 2IC, why do you think Catholic males forbid this….they know introducing females into their management structure would crush the church and their dominance. Personally on the Tree of Life journey I have been able to do the qualifications and assignments from the top section, and I work from the Binah position. God made this position directly under Him and The Source as He knew what was lacking in Himself and The Source. This is the female position of understanding, female principles, teaching, justice, consequences etc and all Christs have to do qualifications and training here before they can get to God and The Source which is very hard for males, much easier for females therefore it is easier for females to do Christ qualifications and attain higher positions than males. Suppressed……no way, probably more exhaulted if anything!!

            THE SOURCE I redirected you to The Source as it is the best way to give you something that will provide you with physical evidence that there is someone out there, rather than asking you to believe me or anyone else. Your chouce to provide yourself with evidence. Others can only give a key or plant a seed. Yes, there is freewill but The Source is literally giving us his determined choices on how we and our homes appear visually so he can read us visually and to elevate good people over others. Again I have given you info using a dream interpretation book which will orove this as a truth you you if you want something tangible to KNOW rather than to believe others. Having fun and being superficial are things The Source is more receptive to as he/it cannot feel serious, deep, intense, academic etc energy….it is nothing to him/it. To receive from him/it you have to give what he wants or at least can notice. Obviously this is the same with everyone and everything, his/it means I AM. Gods name means IAM WHAT I AM. There is a clear difference in them.

            An open mind is an open soul and an open heart, with open arms. We all control how much we want to give and receive.

            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            I’m still having trouble following you, but that’s enough for now. I can’t figure out if Bible God = Jehovah/Yahweh/El = The Source or if these are different things. I will have you know that I have read the bible cover to cover more than a couple times. It is my perception, not to mention scripture that indicates the worth of a woman, that leads me to say Bible God does not treat women equally – which it sounds like you are OK with.

            Perhaps if I look at “The Source” as consciousness, then there is a loose fit I can understand, but your god seems to have a personality and I have trouble with that idea.

          • Kristen

            The Source, Biblical God, Neales God etc are all completely different. The Source is energy with himself at the core, God his son and Neales God is a new God (i think he states this and explains in book 3). Neale may answer this. Yes, God is a person, all Gods are it is just he is so famous here and Neales God has confused oeoply by impersonating him to get followers, they all have tempers, moods, love etc, everything humans have but so much more intense. The Source is consciousness, the energy our souls are formed from, the mechanics that differ us from other primates with ‘downloads’ into our souls, the oxygen, thinking capacity, auras, energy etc. The title The Source is quite self explanatory. This is the one Neales God refers to as his God that he is in touch with 24/7. The Source is the maker of all invisible just as Creator is the maker off all things physical. But just to confuse things even more, all Gods then ‘impregnate’ their own peoples souls before birth, this is the difference between races here. Each race is a mini me of their God which is why what Neale wants, and the ‘we are one’ message is incorrect. When a God leaves his position over Earth for whatever reason, His people die off too….as seen with the Mayans, cruel harsh oeople with a cruel harsh God. The exemption to this is Neales God who rules the afterlife, he has to actively recruit people and retrain or brainwash them, or in the afterlife he uses his energy to influence people into his ways, the same as astrology works here. There are 9 other actively working Gods that I am aware of at this point in time.

          • Patrick Gannon

            How convenient it would be all these gods showed themselves so that we could “know” of their existence rather than have to “believe” in them.

            Race has been proven to be the result of environmental conditions, not some god impregnating souls.

            The Mayans destroyed their environment, as we are doing. The lesson to be taken from them is not to fear imaginary invisible beings that live in the sky, but to work together in harmony with the earth to sustain us all. (Highly unlikely that we will be able to avoid the fate of the Mayans unfortunately).

            I do find it interesting that the technique you use to “know” about all these gods is based on visions, feelings, etc. is the same technique more or less that NDW claims to have arrived at his information.

            You confirmed that we do not have free will in claiming that these gods have the ability to retrain and brainwash us. This was a fascinating discussion in some regards, but just a bit too ‘out there’ for me. The net result seems to be that no matter which god or gods are in control, the one constant is that we must live in fear of them. I refuse to do so. There is plenty to be afraid of that is real and tangible to be wasting cycles on imaginary gods.

          • Kristen

            Ok, but what is real and known for some people, is real. People cannot dismiss the experiences of others when it differs from their own views. Perhaps you do not want to believe that Gods exist for whatever reason, or you are really wanting to but you personally donot have enough proof to KNOW rather than believe. I understand this, I was the same. And I am not a part of any religion or organisation btw.

            Most people who CHOOSE to be under a God ar affiliate to one do not live in fear of them, they are the ones who have nothing to fearvfrom their God. I certainly dont fear any, nor antone above but I am not wanting to do anything there could be consequences for. I have also read that many of the Biblical Gods followers have joined His religions as they like someone to keep them in line, are sick of being in charge with huge resonsibilities and see dominance as guidance. Similar to quitting smoking cold turkey. Many others join gangs and more negative elements for similar reasons. Think many ex crims who are now born again Christians, it is the fear of God that is stopping them attacking and stealing from you!!

            Anywsy, take care Patrick,

          • Kristen

            After thought after typing below, God states in the Bible or Scripture that there is Law, and everything else is freewill. Unsure where you read the Bible states there is no freewill, but as Y’shua stated, do not listen to the words of man over God when it comes to religious matters or God. And the apostle Paul is the biggest douche to walk this planet, no wonder dominant church males love him! Like attracts like.

          • Patrick Gannon

            My point that there is little support for free will in the bible comes from reading it repeatedly. Bible God is pulling all the strings in the OT. I can’t recall Jesus saying anything about free will – not even sure he had free will as his mission (from a Christian perspective) was set by his “Father.” There are very few passages that support the concept of free will in the bible, and countless passages that indicate the opposite.

          • Kristen

            Unsure of scripture sorry, I think its a conversation with priests so prob Deut where God gives or states about freewill, after Law. This is when I first heard the term, before Neales books. At least youve read the Bible, apparently only 22% of Christians ever have read the OT!! Remember in context it is one God and His relationship with one family, thats it. It is insanely perplexing how Christianity ever came about or how it spread beyond Isrealites and Muslims, who were the Arab slaves in the Isrealite households at the time. Power hungry people latching onto it to get more power I assume. Insane, it is so out of proportion but we cannot deny that for many years it gave Him the authority to rule many countries, and still does. 3 billion votes aint bad.

          • Patrick Gannon

            I meant to ask if you could share the scripture you refer to when you say “God states in the Bible or Scripture that there is Law, and everything else is freewill.” I’d really like to see that passage.

            I am not a fan of Paul, but perhaps calling him a douche says more about you than it does about him.

  • Kevin O’Connor

    A major indicator of the Separation Psychology that I feel we all can claim is the illusion of Superiority. As long as we have the “understanding” in our minds that we are superior to another in any way…our “God”, our religion, our intelligence, our good looks, our home, our city, our NFL team (Go Broncos!), we are perpetuating the Separation story. While I have been a devotee to the Conversations With God series of books since the first book was published, having read all of them numerous times, I still find myself struggling with giving myself a pass in many areas because I’m “superior” in whatever way currently applies with the other person in front of me.

  • Patrick Gannon

    Some have put forward the theory that “consciousness” is the fundamental unit of information and that everything we think of as “real” is a construct of consciousness. One author suggests envisioning consciousness as a blanket into which children insert their hands and then use a rubber band around the wrist to keep the blanket (i.e. fabric of consciousness) wrapped around the hand. These “puppets” are part of the blanket, yet act independently. Similarly, an individuated unit of consciousness is part of the whole, yet it acts independently within certain constraints such as our physical matter reality space/time rules. It is conjectured that we are not unique and that other individuated units of consciousness could operate within different constraints or rules of physics. The fundamental process of evolution disinterestedly shapes the individuated units, thereby shaping the whole into whatever it will be.

    Just as single celled organisms evolved into ever more complex organisms, so to, it is suggested, does consciousness evolve. Complexity requires organization, cooperation, working for the common good. This part of the evolutionary process could be called love. Evolution of course can also increase entropy, resulting in chaos, stagnation or outright failure. This evolutionary process could be called fear. Individuated units of consciousness bump up against constraints and either become more complex and evolved or less so. The whole evolves along with the parts, maybe like a self-programming computer that adjusts its programming based on real time results from its subroutines.

    I don’t “believe” in this or hold any other particular explanation, though I find it interesting and intriguing and in many ways parallel to proposals of CWG without the “G” that creates so much argument and disagreement. However it’s quite possible that at some point in the not too terribly distant future, this theory has the potential to be scientifically proven or disproven. Should it be proven, it will illustrate that we are not, and can not be, separate from each other or the whole.

    If it can’t be proven, or is disproven, perhaps there will be another theory, or perhaps it can be proven that this life of ours is all an accidental coincidence and when it’s over, it’s over. There’s a 50/50 chance of that, after all.

  • Paulo

    Separation (I offer as but a Potential,) is continuum to the illusion which is self perpetuating. An human error, so to speak – In a “conscious” world it is also a very easy one to make.
    One simple way of describing this illusion or @ least, pointing at the principle, may be to:-
    Consider the reflection in the pool? Do you trust what you see in the reflections of the pool …or Will you trust the One who is already looking in?
    “Our thoughts stray constantly to the horizon,” one poet wrote – and this is the same reason why we cannot count high enough for example. We created numbers (a pool) to measure what we see in the pool(s)
    There are not enough numbers to account for all that is. Therefore, we may keep counting and counting for as much as the universal ‘pool of number theory’ might accommodate and in the ripples of calculation we might even find similarity or perhaps a “proof of balance,” but only through the separate statistics of all these different little reflections and it is this aspect which appears un-negotiated in calculus. It is the ripples which we cannot see which may confuse – Numbers are not all and the measurement of or by such, is separation – yet only by comparison:- ie to measure is not fallacy but, to assume knowledge of the differential as its entire (!) worth might well be?
    How about in practical more basic and worldly terms? Or more “Biblical” ? ~~
    “Eat not of the Tree of Knowledge” may well therefore be interpreted as
    “Do not try to know how much Good or what is bad when, in context of a Universal mechanic, this is impossible” …unless One uses ALL faculties to the inclusion of all possibilities.
    For what was the result of eating that apple?! – but to eventually “know” how sweet it was? … ..As opposed to what? how sour a grape can be? What is the difference (!) in terms of sustenance? Does the universe know what Good there is in eating an apple or a grape? Might we therefore not already Know? ..Or should we now “prove it?”
    Everything has its Time and its Place.
    A hurdle might be such that now – those mathematicians reading this will perhaps take an offence and suggest I am accusing them of a mistake?
    Everything has its Time and Place. There are no problems, only situations. It is the situations of which I speak ..and mathematics (for example) suits our situation presently in this world…For myself I am grateful to science and mathematicians et al …. because such science also helped me to remain due to an unique (one of a kind in the world to date, that is”) Leukaemia
    The same Leukaemia which also afforded me Sight of my own Spirit at least. :o)

  • Bruce La Fountain

    It is kind of difficult for many of us “humans” to grasp this concept, but the manner in which the “one” consciousness (God) evolves, is through what we know as birth
    and death. The birth, death, birth cycle includes everything in the “one” universe.

    Our death and birth are in fact simultaneous events on the continuous circle that we know as life. The beginning and the end are exactly the same type of event.

    I am not speaking of a re-incarnation of the same exact form over and over again but rather a continuous incarnation of the “one” universe in an endless array of forms much like snowflakes that are all the same and each one unique at the same time as their form then dissipates into water and then back into hydrogen and oxygen molecules in a
    continuous cycle of birth, death and birth.

    Our idea of separation from the “one” is merely a story that has been told and re-told all
    throughout our history and is currently being retold in this forever moment of now.

    The universe is not linear. It is not a string line between two points that we know as “time” but in fact is omnidirectional and ever expanding.

    It is impossible for “US” to be separated from the one that we are each a part of.

    Our cumulative religious, societal and political views are simply learned behaviors born of stories told to us by those who are friends family and teachers, who themselves live or lived in the illusion of separation.

    There appears to be some truths and some falsehoods in those stories and great books but they require us to be followers of their ideas instead of taking the self-guided tour of our own independent investigation.

    All spiritual teachers and guides throughout history have shown us and insisted that we are the created and the creation of the one. We are the expression of that one in our current form as well.

    Our notion of separation is merely born of our current lack of awareness and foolish insistence on our lives being played out on separated platforms.

    After all is said it is so simple to see that we thrive together and we fail when separated in any manner.

    That should be a major clue leading us towards enlightenment. Add in the fact that we all breathe the same air and thrive in the glow of the same sun while floating our boats on the same ocean, which no matter what we name each area it is all one body of water across and around the globe.

    It is amazing while watching a global sporting event that thousands and thousands of us can unite in the absolute joy or sadness and simultaneously shared experiences of the same exact feelings and then on the way to the parking lot we revert to our unconscious
    behaviors as we return to our separated thoughts and feelings.

    It is unfortunate that our closely held belief structures, thought patterns and ideas about God cause us so much grief and agony around our world but the most wonderful thing to know about this experience of life, god and love is that you may change your mind about what you now believe in any moment.

    Changing your mind about what you believe and about what you think to be true is the most direct and immediate way to change your own circumstance and our global conditions.

    God is not hanging out on a cloud somewhere venting anger at us with a superior attitude waiting for us to get it together.

    There is no “other” but the one universe and all that is in it; so we can sit back and follow the current flow or we can collectively get together to change the direction of its evolution.

    We are already doing this across the globe in thousands of individual efforts. All we really need to do, to speed up the process, is to come together in our focus putting all of our collective energy into the task.

    God can do this if we come to the awareness that collectively God is who we are.


  • mewabe

    Just passing through once again…

    Christianity, as many other religions, is a cult, because it demands an absolute allegiance to certain ideas.

    Christian preachers tell their misguided audience that the kind of person you are does not matter. You could be the most loving, the kindest, most generous, most selfless individual, you could perform miracles daily, help millions of people, if you do not
    surrender your life over to Christ (or however they put it) you will go to“hell” and suffer eternal punishment and torture, because according to them there is only one way to “heaven”, and that is THEIR way. They are the ticket holders.

    On the other hand, you could be the most perverse, sadistic, abominable criminal and commit the most atrocious acts and hurt millions of people, as long as you give your life over to Christ, your “salvation” is assured.

    Such irrational beliefs that demand a totally blind allegiance to particular ideas and to an institution or “authoritative” document are what cults are made of.

    There are two kinds of people in the world. The first is made of people who understand actual freedom. Among those are or were Gypsies and other types of nomads, some Indigenous tribes that were not ruled by authority but consensus, nihilists and anarchists, many artists and other creative types, and all sorts of misfits, rebels, black
    sheep, vagabonds and hobos. These individuals, who do not follow the beaten path and tend to want to live and let live, are one in ten thousand.

    The other kind, much more numerous, seeks order and control. The Nazi were a blatant example. They worship authority and have very definite ideas regarding the way society should be run and how other people should think and behave. They create and embrace various religious and ideological systems that are meant to run the world according to their rigid beliefs.
    They cannot imagine life without coercion, and are consequently creating endless conflicts in their race for ever expanded control. And they intensely fear and hate actual freedom, which explains their fear and hatred of free people, such those listed in the previous paragraph, whom they frequently persecute. They ultimately dream of a global system, of a world government, a world religion or theology, a world ideology, a world culture, because they cannot conceive of peace and unity without conformity and uniformity.

    • Kristen

      You didn’t die!!!!!!
      Yup, Christianity is a manmade cult, nothing more. And groupies yelling pick me, pick me, pick me. Redemption is also their manmade illlusion, embracing one thing Y’shua stated, ignoring another 6 cos it suits them better!!
      Hope you are well, I am just passing through as well, my week is up! Too busy chasing physical freedom, to match my mental and spiritual freedom to spend time online much now!!
      Take care,

      • mewabe

        Same here (regarding maintaining freedom in an unfree world…)
        Thank you Kristen, enjoying the Indian summer and will soon do a rain dance as described by Neale in his article, to end the drought here in Northern California…
        take care

        • Kristen

          Swap yucky wind and rain for drought?? Spring is 5 weeks late and Im pi..ed!!!!! Ill do a sun dance soon!! I am really struggling to understand why the offspring have objections to me wanting to ditch electricity, phones, insurance and all the other bill monsters that keep stealing a lot of my freedom, in the form of holidays instead of bills! Selfish brats!! Ill send them to live in your ‘commune’ to be retrained!!! Obv Im being scarcy about not understanding their view just in case a do gooder takes me seriously!! As no doubt they will.
          Enjoy your dance and take care,

          • mewabe

            Forget the rain dance or sun dance, I will do a climate change dance to put everything back the way it was…all I need is to decide what kind of rattle to shake. Any suggestion? My brain is all dried up, I could just shake my head…
            Freedom…in our systems, there are only two ways to achieve it: drop out of the system and live on the fringe, or strike gold and become a millionaire. Everyone else is a voluntary slave hoping to escape slavery at retirement or by some miracle. It’s a pitiful way to live…
            Don’t let me ruin your day…take care!

          • Kristen

            Or plan c, suck it up, live broke and get the mortgage paid off fast if people are lucky enough to have bought when real estate was affordable, with a low mortgage and enough equity so they are paying off the loan rather than interest! But, yup, its is so screwed up that the main key to freedom is through financial freedom!!! You are one of the few that would understand this, but I had an offer to publish something for more than the cost of a good house, but the thought of attention is mortifying so couldnt sell my soul and they would not guarantee I could be an anonymous ‘ghost writer’. Id rather work!!!

            Climate change, haha, you and I both know restoring things to how they were would be worse than climate change. Oceanic cliff faces make the old tidal lines very obvious and I somehow dont think what we define as pretty beaches, were meant to be exposed for us to play on!!!

            Take care and have fun,

          • mewabe

            Yes I understand, you sell your soul when you compromise, as when your work is “edited” so as to appeal to a larger audience or not to offend certain people…and after you have done that you learn to “edit” and “package” your work and yourself so that you become nothing more than a commercial product, a “brand”, and you keep repeating yourself forever, as do so many successful individuals. I would rather work as well.

            Let’s restore everything back to the Jurassic period…so we can re-supply the earth with cheap oil and start this mess all over again…
            Take fun and have care

          • Kristen

            Ive often thought that the great dinos possibly served no purpose other than big matter to biodegrade to make good quality soil for later species food sources, so maybe we may be of the same use to the planet!! Good blood n bone fertiliser. Bring it on Yellowstone!! Prob is, all the spoiled brats glass buildings near the oceans will do so much damage to surviving ocean species but….. Maybe a neighbouring volcano dance may be the order of the day. Instead of ways to change people and get the planet to sustain us, surely its easier to come up with ways to get rid of life here and just let the planet triffod and consume our crap!! Got your underground bunker ready?? Im a good prepper, I have 50 years worth of make up and clothes, who needs boring old food anyway, wouldnt want to end up a Walmarter!!!!!
            You have fun too,
            PS, its odd in here with all new people, nice to read a familiar voice even if I have no idea what this thread is about!! K

          • mewabe

            Thanks, but I was just passing through, honest!
            What thread?…Voluntary slavery and dancing volcanoes, that’s what! Anyone else following?
            No prepping for me, I will run barefoot in the woods and eat tree bark, and fraternize with Sasquatch!..but you are on the right track with make up and clothes, you have to look good when this world ends and a new one begins!

          • Kristen

            Thanks, I was passing thru too, been in for just over a week but time to tottle off again. I have a life!!!

            Bet youve got shampoo stockpiled for your locks, trade berries with shampoo with the Sasquatch, blood moon tonight, youve got a day to stock up. And moccasins!!

            You have great Christmas and New Year too, and remember from last years holiday…..prepare for snowstorms this time!! Il be sunning it, or hell will break loose.

            Be happy, be good and if you cant be good, be safe.

  • Blake

    Appalling is privilege and how it dictates how people look at one another as being better than their brothers and sisters based on old political, cultural and religious beliefs that no longer work anymore. Love is all there is. I am conscious of this fact.

    Too often do I express love passionately and not being heard I am quieted by Privilege that disconnects and destroys the very foundation of my message and then silenced I am discarded by the weak that is the essence of fear.