The Question Now Before Humanity:

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a five-part series by Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch on the role of today’s Cultural Creatives in the evolutionary process now unfolding on the Earth with increasing intensity.)

I cannot remember a time during my half century of adulthood when the average human being on this planet found herself or himself looking directly into the face of more stressful events, circumstances, and situations than those now presenting themselves daily around the world.

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, hardly a moment goes by when something worrisome (if not something absolutely horrible) is not making a headline on the Internet’s news sources — which themselves have proliferated to the point where we almost can’t get away from incoming negative data if we wanted to.

In short, we are being bombarded with illustrations of the dark side of life at every turn. ISIS BEHEADINGS. RANDOM SHOOTINGS. EBOLA PANDEMIC. FERGUSON UNREST. UKRAINE CRISIS. GLOBAL WARMING. And all of this says nothing about the pressures building in just about every individual ’s personal life. Family finances. Job losses. Forced relocations. Relationship challenges. Dementia tragedies.

And we’re adding to that bombardment right here on this website, right now, through the simple act of noticing it. Which brings us to the point of this Internet story. What is the spiritually evolved response to this avalanche of stressful circumstances? If we wish to be “spiritually awakened,” should we simply ignore it? Is it the elevated way to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?” Should we “pay it no mind?” Give it no energy?

Is it best to just turn a blind eye to what’s happening around the world (sadly shrugging that we can’t do anything about it anyway), and to meet our personal challenges with a “tough it out” attitude that calls on us to summon inordinate courage and extraordinary stamina until the moment passes and we may mercifully be given a short break by Life before the next disaster or dilemma hits?

Should we not turn a blind eye, but look straight into the jaws of the lion and fearlessly embrace and exude all positive energies and outlooks? And should we take specific action?

This, of course, is not a new inquiry. Shakespeare put it this way, asking in the famous words of Hamlet “whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them”…?

What is the “nobler” thing to do? What is the role that is ours to play in the ongoing drama of life?

Much depends, it seems to me, on whether we choose to play our role consciously or unconsciously. That is, whether we choose to be active or passive in the creation of our tomorrows (both individually and collectively). And that choice appears to me to depend on how each of us sees the experience of Life itself; on what we imagine to be its origin, its purpose, its function, and its process.

We will discuss that first then, here, in the next entry of this series. As we await that entry, you may wish to enter the discussion in the Comment space just below. What do you think is the origin, purpose, function, and process of Life? That is, in your view how did we get here, why does our Life exist, what is its basic task, assignment, or role in the overall scheme of things in the Universe, and what are the mechanics, what is the procedure or methodology, by which that function is completed?

Most people on our planet, even in this, the latter part of the first quarter of the 21st Century, have never thought about these things. At least, not in such specific terms. Not many (if any) political leaders are thinking in these terms. Not many (if any) religious leaders are thinking in these terms. Not many (if any) economic and industrial leaders are thinking in these terms. Not many (if any) educational leaders are thinking in these terms.

Yet it is in the answer to these questions that our best way to meet and beat the stress of our times — to say nothing of permanently and finally changing the conditions on the ground that produce the endless stress — may be revealed.

So…your answers are…?

Feel free to use the Comment areas below.

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  • mewabe

    “How can spiritually conscious people respond to our world?”
    With compassion and patience.
    Knowledge, understanding, inner healing cannot be forced upon anyone. No thought, however seemingly perfect, can enter the heart that is not ready for it. It can only be offered. This is why the spiritually wise is humble, and does not aspire to rise to a position of leadership, but lets people who are in need come to her, for only then are they ready.

    • Kristen

      Ditto. And loving the ‘her’…….


      • mewabe

        Thanks Kristen…

        • Kristen

          Saw a thing on 60 Minutes last night ’bout your drought….have to say, a bit sadistically, it looks beautiful. Green is so boring, I see the artistic beauty in parched cracked Earth, dead trees etc.

  • Blake

    Experience. Practicing unconditional love responsibly in the here and now. Not as a casual observer; as functioning Divinity. Being Divine Unconsciously.

    The process of Divinity begins with Hope, hope that I can continue my experience walking upstream against the strong flowing current. As I fight the current I gain experiences that help me develop my talent to be focused and to maintain my balance. When walking upstream I must be conscious of my every step and experience has proven that I will lose my footing and stumble into the water often, sometimes with tragic and deadly consequences. Remember—Life is endless. I have all of eternity to become experienced enough to finally walk against the current successfully and unconsciously.

    The 2nd level of experience is belief. I find that although I can unconsciously walk against the flow of the stream if I turn around and walk with the flow of the water I can maneuver more efficiently while still stumbling my beliefs take me in the direction I want to go more easily and with less effort. And still I stumble with sometimes tragic results. Soon with belief that my feet are being guided by a supernatural force I am less worried although many experiences prove to be deadly I remember life is endless and I will consciously have hundreds if not thousands of different beliefs and all of them will be correct depending on what I am wanting to experience. Soon I will become unconscious and my beliefs will guide me down the stream safely and I will be more focused and more confident in every step I take.

    The 3rd level is faith. I let go my body completely I relax and my body will float. I have the capability of steering my body around obstacles that the flow of water takes me. I can speed up and it is difficult to slow down as I become more efficient I build faith in my abilities and begin to travel down stream more easily as my proficiency becomes second nature. With faith there is still an ounce of doubt about my ability to stay the course so there are moments that I lose my faith to fear and my body crashes sometimes tragically into unforeseen rocks, branches and other people who are also present in the stream I am in. Faith can cause deadly outcomes when it connects with someone elses, hope, beliefs and different faiths causing the sound of ice cubes banging up against each other. Ice cubes are different personalities and personalities can make a lot of noise.In time I will become unconscious to my faith and my experience will change and since life is endless I have all the time in the world to become conscious of who I am being with all the other personalities.

    The 4th level in the Human experience is knowing. I know that as a piece of ice all that is left for me to do is to gain wisdom. Wisdom is fire. Wisdom is unconditional love. Wisdom is being responsible and knowing that there is no time and space only here and now. When fire (Love) touches ice (Personality) ice becomes water. Knowing I become the river where I flow threw all obstacles. Water is our true nature. Enlightenment is knowing that when I embrace ice at first I feel cold if I continue to love the ice unconditionally it too will become water.

    Being Divine is being unconditionally loving. We are everything Divine and perfect as water is. This is the process that I know of. This is the experience of endless life.

    The 5th level, we become vapor. From there I forgot. And I am sure it is perfect love. And remember life is endless we all continue to change form forever without end.


  • Awareness

    “No one experiences freedom until they stop pushing against others. The only thing that binds you is the pushing against that which is unwanted.”

    “We are wanting to help you to dissolve that feeling that you must push against those unwanted things. Pushing against those unwanted things NEVER pushes them away, all it does is set you up for resistance that keeps you vibrationally apart from the things that you do want.”

    “Even in your rightness about a subject, when you try to push your rightness toward another who disagrees, no matter how right you are, it causes more pushing against. In other words, it isn’t until you stop pushing that any real allowing of what you want can take place.”

    “We see NO SOLUTION in pushing against.”

    “But when you no longer are condemning, pushing against, negating, or trying to remove something, then you’re no longer a vibrational match to any of that, and then, only Well-being can be your experience.”

    “A million people could be pushing against you, and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. They are affecting what happens in their experience. They are affecting their point of attraction — but it does not affect you unless you push against them”

    “If you decide to make someone the enemy and you’re pushing very hard against them, you don’t affect them at all, but you disconnect yourself from the Stream. If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience. You cannot be diminished by someone cheating you unless you get all upset about being cheated and push against them and use that as your excuse to disconnect from the Stream”

    “Don’t ruin your life by pushing against. Instead, say, “I choose this instead. This does please me.””

    “If you forget that you’re absolutely free and you start pushing against things that you feel that are not free, then you disconnect from the Energy and you CANNOT have joy. BUT WHEN YOU DISCOVER THAT JOY IS YOUR PURPOSE, then everything stays in the natural balance.”

    “if you’re pushing against, if you’re blameful, if you’re critical—you are not in alignment with the resources of the Universe now”

    “If you don’t meet resistance with resistance, it dissipates dramatically. It just softens. Try it! Next time somebody says to you, “I’m right, and you’re wrong,” say, “Pfftt, you’re right. You are right. You’re right.” And mean it. In other words, don’t mock them. Don’t be sarcastic. “You’re right.” And then watch how, all of a sudden, their legs almost go right out from under them. They don’t have the energy to blast you, because you just took the fuel away from the fire.”

    “So who does it serve by joining the ranks of the condemning? IT SERVES NOTHING. All it does is spread the disconnection. Disconnection and resistance are not letting it in; allowing, love, appreciation, and looking for positive aspects does.” by Abraham (SOURCE ENERGY!) channeled by Esther Hicks 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Who are we? Most humans do not want to expend the thought process and open themselves enough to find their own answer to this question. So humanity takes explanation presented by many different source, family, environment, authority figures in their society, peers, etc. and choose those that feel comfortable to them without doing the work to understand the assumption the beliefs are based upon. It is difficult to look into the mirror and see the truth about who we are. It is scary, it is work, and it causes us to be vulnerable and feel insecure so the natural tendency is to hide, stay covered, and revert back into the shadows, the easy path to follow. The path to knowing Self in a journey only the brave can take, and not a path others can do for us, or with us, but others can give us encouragement to stand up and walk for ourselves.
    The responses so far are all great. Pushing against something assumes we can change it, that we “know” how to fix something, as viewed from our single perspective and thus is full of ego driven motives, not unconditional Love. Unconditional Love accepts the fact that we do not “know” what others need to grow or experience, but we will not accept this for ourselves if it harms others or Self. An aware being “knows” that Love conquers all, and Love is Creators Energy flowing forth eternally, so the act of pushing against something is pushing against Self. We know that the answer to any question is Unconditional Love. We exist within it, the air, the water, others, as well as the sun, moon, stars, EVERYTHING is Creators Energy flowing forth for eternity, and the more each of us accept our own Creator Energy, see it all around us, and accept it within everything, the more Unconditional Love will shine for others to witness. Namaste’

  • Patrick Gannon

    “What do you think is the origin, purpose, function, and process of Life?”

    What I “think,” (not believe) is that the origin of life may be primordial consciousness – the basic unit of information that self organized as a result of the essential process. The purpose and function is to reduce entropy and produce useful energy for productivity. The process is evolution or bumping up against constraints and barriers in order to make free will decisions that result in winning, failing or stagnating.

    Perhaps we (meaning our physical matter reality) are just a lab experiment in a petri dish; possibly one of an infinite number of others, designed to allow individuated units of consciousness to evolve in order to evolve the whole to greater and greater complexity, cooperation, organization, harmony, etc. or to fail in doing so. Either way, the whole evolves by culling the failures. Even in our (impending?) failure, we contribute to the evolution of the whole. I suspect that our significance is far, far, far less than we think it is; yet nevertheless we play an essential role in the process.

    There’s an underlying sadness that comes with caring about our petri dish, which appears to be approaching a cusp. At this point, the best advice is: “Hang on for the ride. It’s gonna get bumpy and the landing is in doubt.”

  • Kristen

    Bad things happen because good people do nothing… can anyone have true personal peace, faith in themselves, a clear conscience and awareness that they are a part of the solution, without first knowing you are contributing, helping those who cannot help themselves, have done your share of carrying the load and tried your best? Even without success, the peace of this awareness is an extremely tranquil mental state, along with knowledge that failure simply means you have tried, when a majority havn’t. In a rest state it feels a bit like you are a caterpillar in a chrysalis, knowing what you can become. Mentally and physically, even sleeping in a hard floor feels comfortable as your personal energy field feels like cotton wool padding. (No its not fat…… a skinny biarch).

    Life isn’t about what you can learn from others, especially in discussions or reading……it is about what you truly learn for yourself, understand personally and know to be the truth. Failure to act when we are needed, turning a blind eye or ignoring the suffering of others is the most damaging thing we can do to ourselves; you are depriving yourself of higher awareness, spiritual progress and a sense of personal peace. These are many of the things we can only receive through the experience of giving to others, almost like a Universal payment for good deeds. These perks are the fastest easiest way to progress, wholeness, understanding and wisdom.

    A Kabbalic exercise in the higher Binah position is to write down hundreds of proverbs, Yshuas sayings, Buddhist saying etc, and write your personal experience of these as proof you personally understand them. It is here you understand the personal gifts you have received and progress you have made simply by helping others, being a good person and selfless living as a part of the world, complete with all its problems.

  • Kristen

    Addition to below…..
    Doing the right thing is not a geeky do-gooder concept, every negative implied word can be turned upon itself, generally with the opposing force implied to create positivity for yourself. (You can have a ficticious Law of Opposites here if you like Neale, although technically it is the Law of Neutralisation in a ying yang interaction).

    Selfishness can be a positive freewill choice when it is expressed or attained from easy personal gains given to us via others. It is probably selfish to attain easy Universal gifts by small cheap random acts of kindness which is effectively taking advantage of those in need, selfish to enjoy the mental benefits of having harmed no-one so having no outstanding Karma whilst watching others accumulate it bit by bit until it snowballs and only intervening when asked to help, selfish to teach the Kabbalic/Einstein method where students are only prompted on matters to learn for themselves rather than spending time teaching them personally knowing they will be on a slower but more thorough path, whilst you personally hold the higher position for longer.

    There are no excuses for doing nothing in a screwed up world, only genuine reasons are acceptable, and lack of money or time are not reasons at all, mere excuses. Humans care about others, thats what puts the hu in man, changing us from a standard mammal to an intelligent species given the role of caring for all the life forms on this planet (Genesis).

  • Erin

    Namaste’, Beloveds. So enjoyed the reads here this morning & the Beauty expressed.
    Thank you for making a reheated cup of coffee from last night’s brew taste so fresh.:)

    Neale has posed these same questions many times over the years…His constant reminders of them have helped me See Life in & around me. (Not the only contributor to my increasing fascination, but definitely enjoy both content & input Here. In fact, I have saved many of these over time…re-examined my answers…and notice Now, the process & products of experience.

    In all honesty, the ‘smooth’ of Now is new to me. The Joy I Am embracing Now through a whole day can only be remembered as moments prior…very short-lived moments.
    I have Now both supplied the vehicle, &/or stood as Guide, to 4 members of Our-kind…3 male/1 female…I kinda ‘get It’. I have been fortunate in business experience…I definitely ‘get It’! There have been relationships of diversity & many skills honed throughout my years thus far, and I’m sure a gazillion more coming…pretty much ‘get It’ with this stuff, too.

    I have been fortunate for the time to reflect, observe, ponder, be, & reflect…I have Been much. And, this is What I Am…Now:
    An example of Being a pretty Nice human to be around & share with…simple as That!:)
    On a more personal note…I Am re-delving into my Healing passion & expanding It, while awaiting Horse partner & Teeth…Places to go, things to do, people to meet!…Always & All ways! 😀

    And, That’s my Agenda in a nutshell…However, if entire transformation arises in process, this Joy will expand with me…and that’s just Nice to Know. <3

    • Kristen

      I have a very uncomfortable intuitive feeling in here, like a huge black cloud of doom like depression, suicide or a spiritual breakdown (overload on spiritual stuff to the point where people feel life is pointless, nothingness is everything and a zombielike stagnant stillness kicks in-very dangerous state if you havnt seen it before). Do you feel this in here??? It has me quite worried.

      • Erin

        Hmmm…Perhaps what you are feeling comes from what many are surrounded by at this time. Lightness is very attractive to that which It’s not, yes?
        Perhaps that cloud you See are those that are in process of re-thinking their Life stuff…Conditionings not matching up with experiences.
        Stress is a billowing density…and does not Mind get pretty stressed when it’s data is challenged, let alone having it’s base-lines rocked?

        idk, Kristen…Worry kinda fell off the boat when Understanding boarded…Oops, no life-preserver! 🙂 Though, I get your pic of the crazy that is ensuing as neophytes enmasse get their first tastes of Freedom & over-ride their ‘fear of death’. And a new apocalypse/zombie/vampire movie will surely be born…as another ISIS-type group will emerge…as another killer virus is unleashed….”Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!” (as per ‘The King & I’) So too, however, will Guides toward other-‘wise’ arise.

        mpo: Happenings are fine challenges to Faith/Belief, Beingness, & Knowings…Skill builders, Talent sparkers, Gathering inviters…See a ‘sorting’ in-process? No worries, Sweetness, Our lights know nothing but to shine…Namaste’. <3

        • Kristen

          Hi Erin,
          Thanks. Its an odd feeling, from an unknown individual in here or associated with someone, not enmasse, and a more feminine gentle energy but I cant put much more in here. Unsure why I even typed about it, so I will trust intuition and asume the right person read it anyway, to hopefully take action. At least I can tell its not you (on a Tinkerbell high), Mewabe, Marko, Awareness or anyone ‘longterm’ in here.

          Yup, I get what you mean about worry being good shark bait, and understanding keeping you afloat, but there are still these left over absorbtions from others from back in the healing days. Good cheating tool tho!!!!! And bout the ‘sorting process’ being an evolvement, enhancement and development of seeds into life giving fruits. Im in a berry phase!! And I can feel peaches coming on next, and feijoa sparkling wine. Wonder what that will bring, but reading cravings or changing food tastes is a great way to read people and the shortterm personal future!! Another healing cheat.

          I eagerly wait the next movie……..perhaps Truman Show 2 on Ebola ‘crisis’ shutdown could be fun. Love the paranoia based conspiracy theories behind these movies, which are really just an expensive trial run for the paranoid. Fun to watch tho, gets me a tad too excited bout the changing future………..
          Thanks again, and take care,

  • Hello everybody, I’ve been reading through the comments and joyfully noticed how each one has some or the other particular value hidden within and how they all connect like pearls in a string. I’d like to take the liberty and make a note of each along with sharing my personal understanding and way of seeing that I continue to develop through my own experiences and thought processes:

    mewabe speaks commendably of how nobody should be forced upon for evolving. I believe that by default the Universe is set eternally for evolution so time wise we have an eternity to evolve so it’s true that we needn’t really force anyone into “growing”; everybody will come around in their own “time”.

    In fact, the “eternity” point has actually been made by Blake too! I like to see the Universe like a time-turner that will keep turning time for us until we grasp our learnings and internalise them to grow slowly and steadily into the best that we can be in eternity. I’d like to also tie this up with the hindu way of seeing the existence as these 4 ‘yugas’ (ages) where after the last Kali-yuga (apparently the current one) has run out of its “time”, the world is destroyed and re-created for the whole cycle to begin again and so on- It ensures the ‘eternity’ deal ha!

    Moving on, Awareness speaks essentially about how we musn’t base our own understanding in the context of “against something” basically meaning that we’d be better off just focussing on our own self and seeing things in relation to what part we are playing in it. I would like to share here another realisation that trickled recently: Don’t go out of your way to help someone lest you lose your own. Help indeed but help “through” your own way~

    Lloyd has taken this ahead by sharing how it is done- by acknowledging the presence of this ‘Unconditional love’ we are all immersed and infused with; essentially removing the idea of the “other” that causes disconnect. By the way, did you guys know “Agape” means unconditional love? I was totally left agape when I discovered this magic XD It makes me feel so good to know that there is a single word that embodies the spirit of unconditional love. Here I’d like to share a way I’ve figured for myself to maintain clarity- I like to take a moment now and then and imagine that there is nobody and nothing else but me and the Universe only—when I do that, all the dross(my own too) falls away and somehow I can see clearly my own true self, how far I have come and how much I’ve grown and somehow it also helps me to sense the next step irrespective of the apparent limitations in physicality.

    Patrick brings a good twist here and his concerns are equally valid I feel which is the whole point of this space created by Neale here eh? In the current apparent deathpoint we seem to be approaching; I’d like to share another realisation that the question is no longer “To be or not to be” because in some sense we are all being forced into being; but the real question now is “How to be?” And the amazing thing is that no matter what we choose eventually, we would have made a choice and THAT would count for something. The important thing I feel and this is what I personally feel matters the MOST, is to listen to the leetle voice that speaks within- It is the only place where your own truth will be spoken clearly. We gotta learn to listen to it and test it(to ensure that we ain’t holding no blinders) and begin to have faith in it and have the courage to follow it~ The funny thing is that once you begin to connect to yourself in this manner, it becomes difficult to ignore it because evidence keeps coming in to support that leetle clear voice and it is the only reliable way to be able to hold your ground in today’s rapidly changing world-context.

    Kristen makes a very good point about how it is important for oneself to keep one’s conscience clear by taking the necessary action that one feels needs to be taken however little and only after one has tried and tested oneself that one can truly feel prepared for the responsible task of having the courage to guide others who may come our way~

    Erin has mentioned “NOW” and it ties up everything to this point where we may not know how we can help the world or even our country or those out of our reach and that may make us feel sad and helpless BUT if we take notice of the Here and Now, of the people we are in immediate connection with (self, family, friends, neighbourhood, workplace, studyplace etc) there is a LOT of work that we will begin to see that needs attention and if we simply begin to work in those leetle ways, I know that it will trickle out unseen and reach places you wouldn’t ever imagine reaching yourself and we may not even realise it and that is okay I think as long as we are paying attention to our own surrounding and doing our bit (however small) to bring some peace and calm.

    That’s the magic I feel, of the leetle things. The key is to be present and alive where we are physically present and find little little ways to take meaningful action that resonates most with our own being because we cannot do something wholeheartedly until we ourselves believe in it. The key is to begin to see how the ‘BIG’ problems of the ‘BIG’ WORLD are merely large-scale versions of the ‘leetle’ problems we face as ‘leetle’ people and if we can see the essence of those problems and solve them in our own ‘leetle’ life, we have it made*

    Thank you all for allowing so much to pour forth. It wouldn’t have happened without your prompts. AND as usual for ze, I’ve ended up writing a whole essay. I hope it causes no discomfort if nothing else : ]

    Neale, I’ve always wanted to write to you about how much your CWG books have given me the space to “allow” and explore my own questions when I didn’t really have anyone to share or even utter them with. It made me very happy then to know that I was not the only one who thought that the world as it is needs a leetle bit of tickling haha! I thank you from the CORE of my being. Shine on*

    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

    • Erin

      Welcome to the Conversation, Reema! Loved your re-cap & glad you dove in. Hope you have a notion to contribute to Our New Cultural Story, too…would very much like to See your views in there.:)
      Blessings, Sweetness! <3

  • Blake

    Being Divine

    Divinity is the human experience of knowing that the idea of
    the existence of God is not necessary or desired. Living responsibly,
    unconditionally and in the here and now is the journey of Divinity. Being
    Divine is acceptance of others Divinity and recognizing that everything is
    Divine Energy.

    Everything and Nothing is Divine Energy as Everything
    Evolved from Nothing, Nothing is the foundation of Something that is Every
    Living Thing and Everything is Alive.

    My Divinity is forever connected with Everything although my
    Divinity is unique and separate from the Universal Divine thereby making me a
    Divine aspect of the Whole of Everything. I am Selfish, I am my own Experience
    of what life is.

    There is no Humility only Selfish Will. Humility is a God
    concept and Divinity is never humble. Divinity heals and transforms while
    humility is separate and unchanged. God is a concept of perfect unchanging
    humility that can only exist inside a box and never outside the container.

    Divinity appears as all ways of being for Divinity is the
    culmination of all experiences only separated by selfish intent. All emotion is
    illusion as for Evil and Good. Emotion cannot exist in the Divine and does
    subsist in the Supernatural for the supernatural is an illusion, God does not
    exist in the Divine although God appears to be Divine God is actually the Whole
    of Everything and cannot exist without the unique Divine aspects of that which
    is alive.

    I can change my experience. I cannot change another. Through
    my Divinity and another’s we can cause change in the universe and only offer
    one another the opportunity to be something through our different experiences.
    Each experience is a selfish creation from the only sponsoring thought of love.
    Love is all there is. Everything is Divine Love absolutely in the here and now.

    Everything exists in the now. There is no space and time.
    Divinity allows us to travel to any point of the here and now to experience
    whatever way of being is necessary to complete an experience. We choose these
    points in the now for our experiences here and now forever giving us the
    freedom to be whoever we want to be.

    The universe in our experiences has only one universal answer
    to all questions: Yes! All experiences are possible, all and everything is
    possible the laws of nature and the universe are illusions to cause limits in
    certain experiences. There are no limits in the here and now and forever.
    Divinity is limitless.

    Blake L Hayner 11/23/2014

  • Georges Dupont

    First, i don’t listen anymore to major media. Their main purpose is to manipulate people with fear and to promote sensational news. What is the purpose to listening all day to such news ? Except if you want to get angry or depressed ?
    As my goal is not to save the world and to become a political or spiritual leader, i tried to share my sensibility to the people i meet everyday. But to be honest, this is often very hard, as we live in a materialist and narcissist societies. It is one thing to read new age books, where it’s all sweetness and light, but in the real world, you meet often cynical people who are interested only by material goals. In my life i learnt the hard way that if you want respect you have to show first your teeth. In the end, i share my kindness only with my friends, because they enjoy it.

  • Consider that there may be a in place two distinct reality developments being created.

    On one hand, there will be the more awake people who are more spiritually conscious. The others will be less so.

    They will live side by side as well as being separated simply by the energy & consciousness being beheld.

    I can see a world that on one hand is awakened & ready to move forward. Another section wanting to still play in the old unconscious ways.

    It will in a sense be two worlds living together. If allowed, earth will be a place where people can choose the area, location that best suites their consciousness. One going forward in spiritual development, enlightenment. The other not, or less so or more slowly.

    This difference in consciousness does not have to be one against the other, but allowing the others to play their games of war & unconsciousness in certain pre arranged areas.

    This can be agreed upon in both parties so to speak & the individual & the collective world will have witness to what works & what works less as far as their current consciousness understands it.

    We have this now of course in certain conscious communities . While this may not be entirely accurate it is my observation that the metaphysical & spiritually inclined tend to most often (not always) but most often be more on the liberal side. Of course there are the transitional middle ground undecideds too.

    I’m not attached to this opinion I’m giving out, but holding it out as a possibility that may grow larger as more awaken. It can I believe, be mutually agreed that both can exist side by side. With respect & understanding that those more awake can allow others less so to live as they choose & all get to see the results & benefits, challenges to make even greater understanding decisions on how to live life on this planet.

  • Blake

    Divinity and The Story of The River

    Being divine

    Divinity is the living experience
    of knowing that existence of god is a box filled with beliefs. Living
    responsibly, unconditionally and in the here and now is the journey of divinity.
    Being divine is acceptance of others divinity and recognizing that everything
    is divine energy; knowing too that being divine is an absolute condition
    whether we accept our divinity or live in the illusion that we are not; we are divine regardless of whether we choose
    to be or not.

    Everything and nothing is divine energy
    as everything evolves from nothing. Nothing is the foundation of something that
    is every living thing and everything is alive and life is endless. Our divinity
    is forever connected with everything although our divinity is unique and separate
    from the universal divine thereby making us a divine aspect of the whole of everything.
    We are selfish; we are our own experience of what life is.

    There is no humility only selfish will.
    Humility is a god concept an illusion and divinity is never humble. Divinity
    heals and transforms while humility is separate and unchanged. God is a concept
    of perfect unchanging humility that is a box filled with beliefs and never
    existing outside of its own container.

    God is a box that holds within its
    walls the whole of everything that is belief. The box has form and dimension
    and although everything in it is living beliefs the box itself is unmoving as
    all the beliefs there is; is and will never change. Life expands and detracts as
    a lung breath in and out as does the box. This creates the ageless belief that god
    is changeless.

    Divinity is all ways of being for divinity
    is an accumulation of all experience to the culmination of selfish intent. All
    emotion is illusion as for everything that is relative including good and evil.
    Emotion cannot exist in the divine and lives in the illusion of the container
    that is god. Until divinity is accepted the living will exist in the illusion
    of a box of beliefs that is represented by the illusion of deity. When we
    accept our divinity we accept unlimited consciousness and know that we are that
    that is becoming and that our consciousness is expanding and that deity is an
    illusion. Expansion of our consciousness is unlimited we can experience the
    infinite idea of big and tiny everything exists all at once in the now of the
    eternal now and everything is alive and their consciousness is expanding and

    We can change our own experience.
    We cannot change another. Through our divinity and another’s we can cause
    change in the universe and only offer one another the opportunity to be
    something through our different experiences. Each experience is a selfish
    creation from the only sponsoring thought of love. Love is all there is.
    Everything is divine love absolutely in the here and now.

    Everything exists in the now. There
    is no space and time. Divinity allows us to travel to any point of the here and
    now to experience whatever way of being is necessary to complete an experience.
    We choose these points in the now for our experiences here and now forever
    giving us the freedom to be whoever we want to be and to experience any
    experience that exists in the now.

    There is the illusion of time for those that
    live in the box that holds all beliefs to distinguish between now and then the
    future exists as glimpses and is not written in stone. Time and the future are
    based on statistical outcomes calculated by previous experiences and current
    universal ways of being and stored by the source which is wired to the soul of
    each unique life. All experiences are collected in the source and distinguished
    by our unique vibration its tone is our key to the sources library of
    experiences throughout the eternity of the now. We may experience any point of
    time in the past, present. The future is unknown because it has not been
    experienced until now.

    The universe in our experiences has
    only one universal answer to all questions: Yes! All experiences are possible,
    all and everything is possible the laws of nature and the universe are
    illusions to cause limits in certain experiences. There are no limits in the
    here and now and forever. Divinity is limitless.

    By the Everything


    The Story of the River

    All is experience and practicing
    unconditional love responsibly in the here and now not as a casual observer; as
    functioning divinity being divine unconsciously. The process of divinity
    begins with hope; hope that I can continue my experience walking upstream against
    the strong flowing current. As I fight the current I gain experiences that
    help me develop my talent to be focused and to maintain my balance. When
    walking upstream I must be conscious of my every step and experience has proven
    that I will lose my footing and stumble into the water often, sometimes with
    tragic and deadly consequences. Remember—Life is endless. I have all of
    eternity to become experienced enough to finally walk against the current
    successfully and unconsciously.

    The 2nd level of experience is
    belief. I find that although I can unconsciously walk against the flow of the
    stream if I turn around and walk with the flow of the water I can maneuver
    more efficiently while still stumbling my beliefs take me in the direction I
    want to go more easily and with less effort. And still I stumble with sometimes
    tragic results. Soon with belief that my feet are being guided by a
    supernatural force I am less worried although many experiences prove to be
    deadly I remember life is endless and I will consciously have hundreds if not
    thousands of different beliefs and all of them will be correct depending on
    what I am wanting to experience. Soon I will become unconscious and my beliefs
    will guide me down the stream safely and I will be more focused and more
    confident in every step I take.

    The 3rd level is faith. I let go my
    body completely I relax and my body will become like ice. I have the capability
    of steering my body around obstacles that the flow of water takes me. I can
    speed up and it is difficult to slow down as I become more efficient I build
    faith in my abilities and begin to travel downstream more easily as my
    proficiency becomes second nature.

    With faith there is still an ounce
    of doubt about my ability to stay the course so there are moments that I lose
    my faith to fear and my body crashes sometimes tragically into unforeseen
    rocks, branches and other people who are also present in the stream. Faith can
    cause deadly outcomes when it connects with someone else’s, hope, beliefs and
    different faiths causing the sound of ice cubes banging up against each other.
    Ice cubes are different personalities and personalities can make a lot of
    noise. In time I will become unconscious to my faith and my experience will
    change and since life is endless I have all the time in the world to become
    conscious of which I am being with all the other personalities.

    The 4th level in the living
    experience knows. I know that as a piece of ice all that is left for me to do
    is to gain wisdom. Wisdom is fire. Wisdom is unconditional love. Wisdom is
    being responsible and knowing that there is no time and space only here and
    now. When fire (Love) touches ice (Personality) ice becomes water. Knowing I
    become the river where I flow through all obstacles. Water is our true nature.
    Enlightenment knows that when I embrace ice at first I feel cold if I continue
    to love the ice unconditionally it too will become water. Being divine is
    unconditional. We are everything divine and perfect as water is. This is the
    process that I know of. This is the experience of endless life.

    The 5th level, I am absolute love
    and wisdom and I become vapor. Vapor rises from boiling water and is carried by
    the wind and is an absolute condition of divinity. As vapor I can change form
    at will and travel anywhere in the blink of an eye. When other living things
    think of me I will become present to their form and have an opportunity to
    touch their divinity. As vapor I will join with others that are vapor and be
    the experience of unity and absolute love; it is perfect love. And remember
    life is endless we all continue to change form forever without end. I will
    remember that water, ice and vapor is my true divine self and I will continue
    to teach others and remind them that we are divine.


  • Leon Jackson

    Worrying and stressing about the issues that are going on in our world will not change the issues. What will change the issues is doing our part to address the issues and at the same time loving and respecting each other’s opinion even though it may differ from our own. I read a quote sometime back and it said ours is merely a different way not a better way. Sometimes we allow pride to pump us up were as we think that because someone else has a idea that differs from ours that we shouldn’t listen to it or respect it and that’s not the way we should go about things. We need to work together to find out what is the cause of the issue and come together to find answers to solve the issue. We are all on the earth together and it takes all of us to make this world go around.

  • Blake

    When I was born I learned a Religion, when I lost Religion I found God, then I lost god and found my divinity.

    Words spoken by the everything

  • Stephen mills

    Conscious participants make different choices ,they see a world that could be ,not just standing by and letting the perceived reality unfold ! They do not accept a world that creates such indifference and hopelessness they put into the sphere greater and grander understandings of a different kind of world with hope and vision.
    This is what the spiritual conscious have to do show a different way is possible lead by example it starts with yourself .Either through education or a desire to respond to conditions that you find intolarable when enough folks find the conditions intolarable change happens !

    To change the existing reality you have to create a new model ,what does that model look like ? This is the challenge and there has to be so me kind of birthing process to get there ! Births are sometimes not smooth ,I expect a bumpy ride until enough people have had well enough of the current reality and life is getting heavy on there hearts .

    I believe the fastest way to change is through the young ,values have to be taught around the questions that Neale asks above .The education system is garbage in garbage out .And look at the results the planet that supports us is crying out for us to change our ways .The planet must come first everything that we do must be sustainable for our long term future.

    The power holders have to change ? And they know it so expect a tightening of the vice from the establishment in many spheres of human society .

  • Sean Mythen

    I have struggled with these questions for some time.
    Personal change no more than change in world structures is not necessarily pleasant.
    Sometimes we only change out of a rut when it becomes imperative to do so.
    So there is often pain involved.
    I have often said of politics, that just because it is patently obvious that something deserves and needs to happen doesn’t mean that it will happen.
    Often the catalyst is a painful event or even a catastrophe.
    Once one begins to think deeply (or even not so deeply) about life’s purpose and processes then it becomes obvious that many things simply have to change.
    It is obvious for example that capitalism is not working and that wealth and resources are not evenly or equitably distributed. The hoarding of wealth unnecessarily by massive corporations is having the effect of keeping millions or even billions in poverty and lacking the most basic resources.
    In my opinion this has been exacerbated by the cult of individualism and self promotion without sufficient consideration for the plight of others or the adverse effects on planet earth.
    When I started to read Neale’sbooks (and I have read almost all of them) they helped me to see these issues more clearly.
    Sometimes our life’s purpose may be as simple as articulating these issues and

  • hope khoza

    i love the book, however there’s a certain point which i don’t agree with… the heaven part when i waas reading book to our god kept saying hitler went to heaven and also that we will also go to heaven… i disagree.. ask me why.

    • Kristen

      Do explain why. You feel this way as it is a load of crock, but what Neales God wants you to believe along with all his other deceptions, starting with impersonating the biblical God for the first few books before fessing up that he is actually a new God. Well, Satan anyway. He is referring to an afterlife realm, but definately not the real Heaven. This is reserved for only the righteous, those who do not cause suffering and whom have reached a level where reincarnation is no longer required. And your reasons…?????

      • hope khoza

        revelations 7 reveals that only a 144000 will see the heavens the rest of us will enjoy everlasting life on earth.

        • Awareness

          Dear “hope khoza”, I do not believe what you have written, and as a reminder, I invite you to read the following:

          “This Awareness suggest, there is a book by Loyd Graham titled Deceptions and Myths in the Bible; that this book goes into the origin of the stories that have been related in the Old Testament, especially in the Old Testament, which were literally taken, in many cases word for word, or concept for concept from earlier writings. For example, the story of Noah and his four sons having been taken from writings which long predated the stories in the Old Testament and which used terms and names for the sons which were identical to those reported in the Old testament.

          This Awareness indicates that the story of Moses as having been stolen from a Syrian myth that had come down in relation to an entity named Misis. This Awareness indicates that a great number of the stories within the Old Testament were simply the result of the Hebrew priests attempting to create a set of myths and stories by which they could organize their own religion, their own philosophy, in order to form a more cohesive society in those days. This Awareness indicates that the works of Loyd Graham go deeply into finding these earlier stories from Babylon, which was the source of the story of the garden of Eden, through Syrian and other cultures and Indian records and stories of India.

          This Awareness indicates that EVEN the New Testament is assembled from patterns related to stories taken from earlier sources, such as Zoroastrian, Mithrain, Krishna, Buddhism, and Egyptian, and others, in which many verses are literally paraphrasing earlier writings, and many of the stories attributed to the story of Jesus, were lifted directly out of these other writings. The story of Jesus at the well, as one which was taken from earlier writings. This Awareness indicates that IT IS OF IMPORTANCE that entities realize the origins of the Bible DID NOT come from the pen of God, but came from the earlier writings in different cultures and nations at the time these Hebrew priests put this work together. This Awareness indicates that these countries who were plagiarized then became labeled as heathen,- nations whose philosophies were heathenistic, but this was only after their stories had been stolen.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

          • Kristen

            Moses has been one of my Guides, which I only identified years later although he had given me many indicators. I had not read Scripture at the time. This is only one reason why the alien entity that channels as The Awareness speaks a load of crock. There are hundreds of other examples as well, including its incorrect teaching of Universal Laws.

            What you choose to to believe is your choice but to mislead Gods religious people is a huge no no.

          • Awareness

            Indeed what everyone chooses to believe is their choice 🙂 And I do not believe you 🙂 No one is under any obligation to believe what I post here 🙂

            “Awareness tells you not to believe anything, even this Awareness not to believe, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
            Bless ALL 🙂

          • Patrick Gannon

            So does the big Mo look like Charlton Heston?

          • Kristen

            No idea sorry, I am sure you have always pondered this though. Who the heck is Charlton Heston anyway?? I live in New Zealand, lil islands at the bottom of the world….flat Earthers!!

            But just for the record the guide I identified many years ago as ‘funny old man’ identified as a dove, or more accurately a male dove walking behind females doing the hysterical mating dance and call of a malay ringnecked dove, is incredibly old but actually believes he is hot, lives in a log cabin in a hermit environment portrayed to me as Grizzly Adams (70s tv show from my childhood), is a Christ and incredibly intelligent but lives a lot of the time in character as a dottery old man undercover as most Christs and authorised judges do, will often strut around as a nudist at home to keep people away from his turf, and is a beautiful person on the inside and tears up a lot when he witnesses perfection, people trying their very best and beauty from an old person point of view like an adult daughter in a ballgown or people giving palliative care and caring for baby birds etc. Oh and he prides himself on great eyesight. Lots of clues to enable me to identify him,………cos I am sure you really are interested. Haha

          • Patrick Gannon

            I was joking. Charlton Heston played (the fictional) Moses in the famous movie, “The Ten Commandments.” It’s odd that you know who Grizzly Adams is, but not Charlton Heston as Moses.

            It’s OK. Neale apparently believes Moses was a real person as well. See Chapter 5 of CWG.

          • Kristen

            I know you were joking!!! I dont know many actors names, only characters, and wouldnt watch something like The Ten Commandments. But just for the record, higher guides, teachers and Christs will never identify themselves by name, nor do Angels. If people are given a name then its guaranteed to be a con artist from above. I had the same Tree of Life teacher/guide for maybe 5 years and have never asked who they are, all I know is he is a bearded male between 30 and 50 with olive skin. Everything truth based is strictly business, and as anonymous as possible and seeing images of faces is not permitted under any circumstances.
            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            It may be useful to point out as well, that there isn’t a shred of evidence, not a shard of broken pottery, not a spear tip or wagon wheel, not a shield or arrow tip to support the Exodus as a real event. The story is nonsensical what with the Hebrews being driven out of Egypt by the largest superpower of the time – and an army, the largest of the time, of about 100,000 men. But the bible says the Hebrews had 500,000 fighting men. And they were chased out by the Egyptians? Right.

            That pillar of smoke and fire that followed them around was a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up all evidence of their journey. Archaeologists have given up looking for evidence of the Exodus and the mainstream accepts that it didn’t happen.

        • Kristen

          It states 144000 Israelites, all decendants of Abraham and Sarahs offspring, Israel. I am one, and very uncomfortable with this prophesy as it singles us, as one sub race out, implying the exclusion of everyone else. Keep in mind God states that many prophecies are incorrect and not of Him. Take the pearly gates for example, God forbids shellfish and ordered people not to like seashells, and was almost paranoid about mold and infections……..pearls are pus formed in the oyster shellfish, there is no way this prophesy is of, from or approved by God. But if you are believing Revelations, Heaven and Earth combine after 1000 years, forever.

        • Stephen mills

          Sorry this is the sort of clap trap that starts war ..It’s brain washing on a massive scale based on fear .The universe has no predestined outcomes it just IS we get to create the future .
          Any logical thinking person who educates themselves from many sources not just old books understands this .

        • Patrick Gannon

          “the rest of us” will enjoy everlasting life on earth? Seriously? Everyone who has ever been born will come back to live here on earth again? Oh Joy! Researchers estimate that is 107 billion people and we’re struggling to support 7 billion now. How is that going to happen? Where will we house them? How will we feed them when the lion lays down with the lamb and we stop eating meat again? Heck, 107 billion people would quickly eat everything in sight, animal or vegetable. Where does all the sewage go? Heck, where do we get enough toilet paper for 107 billion people?

          Will the dead come out of their graves? What if they were burnt up in fire? Given that so many people died in childbirth, who’s going to take care of all those babies and kids; and what happens when all these people pop out of the ground speaking dead languages? Will we be married to the same person for the rest of eternity? Will we still have sex? Since it will be a renewed paradisical Garden of Eden, does that mean we will run around butt naked again, given that our “shame” will be gone?

          I was born in the mid-50s and it took the earth either hundreds of thousands of years, or 6-10,000 years depending on what you believe, to get our population up to 2.5 billion by the time I was born. Now about 60 years later the population has more than doubled to 7 billion. How long will it take a population of 107 billion to double in size – given that death will be conquered? Or will Bible God put an end to sex and no more babies? What a bummer, what with all those naked people running around.

          Thanks but no thanks; sounds more like Hell.

          As for heaven – what’s the benefit of going to heaven? We were punished for exercising free will in the garden, but our reward upon death is to lose our free will in heaven (“thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”). No free will. No choices. No opportunity to continue to learn and grow. Those who go to heaven will essentially be drugged out zombie robots I suppose. Well that’s not who I am now, and if that’s who I will be then, that “me” isn’t the “me” sitting here typing this, so why should I care? The “me” that’s here will no longer exist having been turned into a vegetable by Bible God if I go to heaven. Whoop de doo, that’s an improvement in my condition? No thanks to that either.

          I guess the best I can hope for is annihilation. As I understand it from fundamentalists who believe this clap trap, non-believers who happen to be alive with Jesus returns with his flaming sword will be annihilated. Thanks be to God for small favors! Sign me up!

          • hope khoza

            the world population increases due to our fast pased lifestyle… e.g. noah was about 400 years old when he had his first child, well today a 13year old can have a child.. today’s world population doesn’t even come close to filling up the earth. beside all that, god did say we should fill the earth like the sea sands. we can never fill up the earth until there’s no space even if we didnt die… jesus did say we shouldn’t worry about what are you going to eat, where you are going to stay, what are you going to wear.. these things we need not to worry about now and in the new world they will be provided for us. now if we are going to ressurect from the graves or we’ll just pop up here on earth.. that intrigues my mind.. i believe god will do what he has to do to get us back here on earth.. how he does it, it really doesn’t matter. all you need to do is believe. sciencists, Archaeologists, geologists ect. they always touch on subjects the bible has already touched on and concluded. e.g. they only realised recenltly that the earth is in a circular form, they even shuttled out of earth, but there is gravity, all we need and need to know is here. the bible had stated thousands of years ago that the earth is a round like circular shape and spins on its axis.

          • Patrick Gannon

            “For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and He has set the world upon them. (1 Samuel 2:8)” We can all cherry pick passages from the bible all day long that support our point of view. The funny thing about the description of the earth in the book of Job is that it supports the “Ancient Aliens” hypothesis more than the “God” hypothesis.

            “All you need to do is believe.” Those words strike me like a sword in the gut. Forget about truth, Forget about knowledge. Forget about facts and evidence and seeking to “know.” All you have to do is believe. All you have to do is take your “talents” as referred to in the parable, and trash them. Take the gifts of intellect and logic and reason and curiosity that defines a human being, and lock them up tight and throw away the key. The word “belief” should be a four letter world that is impolite to use in public. If there’s such a thing as sin, the worst sin of all is belief – to deny that which makes us human in the first place.

            What happens when you believe? You stop seeking truth because you think you already have it. Belief is the worst curse a human being can lay upon him or herself. It relegates one to a state of self-imposed ignorance. But that’s religion – where ignorance is blessed!

            Just how is this paradise on earth thing going to work? Have you given it any thought at all? You’re convinced that you can pick out random passages from the bible that support some of the knowledge that mankind has acquired in contradiction to the bible – such as the earth being a sphere rather than flat; so where are the passages that explain how all this paradise on earth stuff is going to work?

            Today we have 7 billion people who don’t get along. Warfare rages, starvation and disease are rampant. Parents have children they can’t afford to raise thanks to the primitive power-hungry cruelty of the Catholic Church and others that condemn contraception. How are you going to increase the population of the earth from 7 billion to 107 billion and have it be a paradise? Bible passages please…. That can only work if Bible God does the same thing to humans here on earth as he does in heaven – he imposes his will, removes our will, and turns people into zombies. I’d rather be a free-will human, suffering, struggling, seeking, learning and growing, than to be a mindless zombie. That’s not me. I would choose annihilation if given the choice rather than live in a “paradise” on earth with 107 billion other people – regardless of whether they have free will or are zombies without free will. If I’m not given a choice it won’t matter, I suppose, because without free will, I won’t be human any longer anyway. Sending 107 billion people to live on a raped earth would be a literal Hell – even though the bible does not really have a literal hell; just four words that were incorrectly translated, but that’s another thread.

            Have you considered the difficulty that Bible God is going to have putting this plan into motion? His ‘powers’ have remarkably decreased as time went by. Once upon a time he was powerful enough to create an entire universe out of nothing, and humans out of mud and ribs. However, after he messed up the plan and created a woman who had some sort of defect that permitted her to listen to a talking snake, he cruelly drowned every human being, puppy, kitten and baby lamb on earth – one of the worst psychopathic baby killers in history, only to fail yet again to solve the problem of Eve and the talking snake. He drowned all those people, calling them evil – without ever having provided any moral guidance to them, and didn’t bother to solve the whole ‘original sin’ and ‘fall from grace’ thing when he had the opportunity to do so. He was still pretty powerful, and it was a straight forward, simple plan – even though it didn’t solve the problem. However his next plan was the most convoluted ever contrived in the history of mankind: Bible God impregnated a virgin without her permission (we call that rape today) with himself in order to be born as himself so that he could sacrifice himself to himself in order to relieve us from the talking snake condition that he placed on us in the first place. The only thing that makes sense is that Bible God has to have his blood sacrifice, even if he has to get it in this absurdly convoluted manner. That’s the best solution an all powerful being could come up with? Seriously? Seems to fall a little short in the blood-letting category that is so important to him, but then religionists took care of that later on in the Crusades, and Inquisition, and decimation of native peoples, etc. Bible God always gets his blood sacrifice one way or the other.

            Obviously this Rube Goldberg blood-sacrifice solution indicates a weakening of Bible God’s mental capabilities. I don’t trust someone who would come up with that plan to come up with a way to host 107 billion people on an earth that is already approaching a tipping point for total extinction. I don’t trust your Bible God at all. His book is full of contradictions and errors. He can’t have what he wants. He can’t solve problems without killing. He thinks the best solution to solving problems is death and destruction. He’s full of wrath, vengeance, fury, jealousy, retribution, anger – all very godly human emotions, that we want our children to emulate, right?

            I suspect that by now he’s got a good case of dementia. Maybe he’ll forget all about us and let us live in peace…. Unfortunately as long as there are those who shut down their brains and simply “believe” he will remain alive to continue to separate and divide us; the one thing he does very well, dementia or not.

          • hope khoza

            wow you have so much insight, you understand very well. you just choose not to belive, i dont cherry pick verses, i quoted from the bible, i didnt even say which verse i quoted from, you know the verses.. thats good. well let me put it this way.. this world is this state because its under the government of the devil.. and we are in harmony with the sons of obedience.. they know they dont have much time left cause the day of god is coming so they are doing as much damage as they can. in the new world, the 144000 will act as the government of the earth in the heavens led by jesu. to me it only makes sense.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hope, I’m glad it makes sense to you, because it makes no sense whatsoever to me. I’ve read the bible cover to cover a few times and find that it is full of confusion, contradictions, errors, and some really, really horrible actions attributed to Bible God.

            Our world is “under the government of the devil” and they are going to do “as much damage as they can.” So world leaders today have lost their free will to the devil? Bible God permits this? Why? Doesn’t he know the outcome? Why play out this game if the end is already known? If the end isn’t known, then what? Bible God might actually lose the great battle with the devil? Either way, omnipotence goes out the window.

            So the grand creator of the whole universe, is unable to maintain control over something he created himself – the devil? The devil is strong enough to defy Bible God and perhaps even get away with it? I thought Bible God was all-powerful. Why all this convoluted mess to get rid of the devil? He should be able to snap his metaphorical fingers and eliminate the devil and do whatever he wants with his puppet people; but apparently he’s not capable of that… How odd – and evil, if he could stop the devil but fails to do so. Or is the devil really the source of evil? The bible tells us that at the very most, the devil killed Job’s family. That’s it – and it’s more likely that Bible God killed them for the devil as part of their little bet (Bible God didn’t know the outcome of the bet before he started?). So Bible God kills millions of people in the flood, in the genocidal conquest of Canaan, in the killing of 70,000 innocents because King David took a census; the killing goes on and on and on. The devil kills at most Job’s family. And the devil is evil?

            These 144,000 who will be the new government – I don’t get that either. As I understand it, this is 12,000 people from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. Heaven and earth are going to be ruled by a bunch of ancient Jews? The people who used to stone each other to death based on OT laws? Do those old laws go back into effect when their government takes over? Will all the rules regarding mildew be put back in place? Will lobster and shrimp and pork be outlawed again? Doesn’t matter – 107 billion people will eat up everything in sight if eating is still required; but I guess they won’t die of starvation since death will be eliminated, so they’ll just be really, really hungry forever. Can we grow enough food for 107 billion vegans? No meat, right? The lamb and lion lay down together as in the original garden. Man, no more steak. That sucks. Without all those animals killing each other, trying to keep them out of the crops will be the primary job for 107 billion people, I guess.

            Funny that Jews would be selected to govern given that lack of belief in the divinity of Jesus condemns them to Hell, (if one overlooks the fact that there is no actual Hell in the bible). By the way, there’s a bit of a conflict with this 12 tribes thing because Abe, Isaac and Jacob did not belong to any of those tribes, but Jesus said in Mathew 8:11 that they would be in heaven. Then again, Jesus said that he would be dead for 3 days and 3 nights, as was Jonah in the belly of the beast, but according to most Christian interpretations, he was only there for 2 nights and one full day. Jesus also told Paul that his return was imminent, but that too was incorrect. He told Paul that sin entered the world through one man (Adam), but evolution tells us that was nonsense. Jesus’ credibility and Paul’s are suspect.

            What kind of government can the 144,000 be? They have no free will; there is only God’s will (thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven). The 144,000 are just figureheads, as they cannot ‘govern’ without free will, can they?

            Are those 144,000 people the ones who will have to figure out what to do with 100 billion people popping out of graves? Wow, I sure wouldn’t want that job.

            Really? This all makes sense to you? Have you given any thought to the practical implications? When your religious leaders tell you to just believe, they are counting on scaring you enough that you will take your brain out of gear and destroy the clutch so that it can never be put back in gear. Such a waste of human potential.

          • hope khoza

            patrick you are remarkable.. your questions are valid, they need answers. answers which you reject. so where do you stand now ? with god or not?

          • Patrick Gannon

            I don’t think I’v received any answers. All you’ve told me is that I must believe. I do reject that. Using a word from the gospel, I as with all humans, was given certain ‘talents’ including the ability to reason and think and use logic and open minded skepticism in order to learn as much as I can. To simply ‘believe’ would be to discard that gift in the trash. It’s a gift that keeps giving, so I’m reluctant to discard it. I admit that ignorance is easier; but that doesn’t make it useful.

            Do I stand with god or not? Well, what is “god”? There are possible definitions for “god” that I could live with. If “god” is Bible God, well, I’ve been studying that old dude for some time now, and the more I study him and his book, the more I realize he’s an ancient myth that perpetuates more harm than good on our society.

          • hope khoza

            patrick, do you want to see a world with no hunger, wars, disease, no problems, where people live in harmony, what im asking you do you even think there will ever be something as a perfect world? well if u reject that. for me,god will show him self to you and i shall see you in the new world. believe that.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Perhaps the world is “perfect” right now. What is “perfect”? How is that defined? Is “perfect” for me the same as “perfect” for you?
            Is “perfect” even possible? I hope not; else there would be nothing further to learn, to strive for, to grow to evolve.

            Perhaps this is as it is meant to be, as ordained by Bible God, Allah God, New Age God, the Big Bang, all-encompassing consciousness, or more likely, the basic process of evolution. If our world were hunger free, peaceful and a place where everyone lived in harmony, would our evolution continue or stagnate? I don’t know. All I know is that it is what it is, and if we don’t like it, we’re the only ones who can change it.

            If I am to see you in the “new world” then I will have to wait until I “know it” because I don’t “believe it.” Which “god” is going to show himself to you? The one that drowned all the babies in the flood?

          • hope khoza

            There is only one true God the creator of all that exists and his name is Jehova. also see psalm 9 : 10. he will show himself to you…

          • Patrick Gannon

            Oh indeed Bible God shows himself in Psalm 9, as in so many others. He is the being you call upon to kill your enemies, ensuring that they “stumble and perish before you.” He has “rebuked the nations and destroyed the wicked” (along with innocent babies, women and children). He has “uprooted their cities: (till) even the memory of them has perished.” (Will those people pop back up on earth as prophesied in The Revelation? After all they had no chance to believe in Jesus who didn’t come till long after, don’t they get another shot at it – all 100 billion or so?).

            As with so many Psalms it ends with a call to a loving god to “Strike them with terror, O Lord…” I mean seriously, this is what we expect of a loving God – that he should “strike them with terror”? It seems that he struck the believers with such terror such that they would worship a baby-killing psychopath in the first place.

            So many of the Psalms are like that, praising a wrathful God and then asking him to smite one’s enemies. None of that ‘turn the other cheek,’ ‘love thy neighbor,’ ‘do unto others’ nonsense. Bible God has no use for that absurd notion. He must have had a serious sit down talk with Jesus after he came here and suggested all that silly nonsense about love which has nothing to do with Bible God.

            9:10 says, “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” It seems to me that countless people are forsaken – young children being brutally raped, starving families praying to the Lord for assistance, battered wives and abandoned LGBT children, seeking the Lord and being utterly forsaken by both man and god.

          • hope khoza

            please dont let go off this conversation.. i sometime take long to respond because of my job.

          • Kristen

            I support annihilation too. Exciting. Hope was referring to righteous people having everlasting life, this is the only way to be immortal. Everyone else ends up in the afterlife and dumped back here under the ruse of reincarnation, there are actually only 8 billion human type souls that have ever existed, most are now back in Earth with full freewill and everything they want, under Neales Gods rule from the Afterlife, for final judgement ever. This is everyones last incarnate before its crunch time, as Neales God has said to me, how can oeople show their true greed, ego, addictions, aggressiveness, illnesses, tendencies incl sexual honestly, unless they are given full freewill including the money to do what ever they want. True, although I dont support reincarnation. Aliens should not be here, but they have taken advantage of Earths protective matrix being worn out, to come here and pretend to be human to play on what they define as party central…..Earth. It will be fun times very soon, fun to watch when people realise why they have so much freewill…….
            Ringside seats are booked.

            If you read spripture, and study it, you would read that one of the requirements in the final Eden/Heaven, represented by the stones described that define the core human traits means Conjucal Happiness. So yup, theres sex in Heaven, and again if you read scripture you would know God told couples to shag more!!!!!
            You really dont want to believe in anything, how odd to even be in here. At least you can make informed choice though….. hahaha

          • Patrick Gannon

            Not wanting to “believe” does not in any way indicate that I don’t want to “know,” to learn, to grow, to figure things out for myself. Believing puts an end to all that, as belief requires that I accept what someone else tells me to believe.

            So there are a total of 8 billion souls, all of whom are here right now? How about the billions of other planets capable of supporting life in our universe? I’m not sure it’s even possible that there could be no other life. Even using very tiny probabilities for life on other planets, the number of other planets is so immense, that statistically speaking there has to be. Or is this not possible, because all the souls are here? I find that assertion to be rather incredible; and of course totally unsupported, even in mythological literature such as the bible.

            I do agree that what you refer to as “Neale’s God” is another model of God, but I’d prefer to give it a name that provides a bigger umbrella, because I don’t think it’s just Neale’s God. I always refer to “Bible God” rather than just “God” in order to be clear, because there are a number of Gods. When I say “Bible God” people know we’re talking about Elohim, Jehovah, Yahweh – the pathetic “LORD” of the bible. Bible God is one God, Allah God is another, and I think of Neale’s God as “New Age God.” (NAG for short!). Neale makes NAG more feminine than Bible God or Allah God, so I guess the acronym is fitting! (Just joking ladies!).

          • Patrick Gannon

            I should point out that in recent weeks, in his Weekly Bulletins, Neale has been taking much of the “personality” the “him’ and the “her” and the human characteristics of want and desire, etc. aspects out of his description of NAG. (New Age God). I applaud the change.

          • Kristen

            Hi, I agree with you about the word believe but more importantly, congratulations on having the brain capacity to acknowledge there are different gods and that Neales God differs from the Biblical God. My whole point in here. I just wishNeale would acknowledge it so everyone would know they are not the same diety!!!!

            Will refrain from nagging………but maybe if males did things that needed doing females would not have to treat them like a child and ‘repeatably request’ that they do ‘their’ chores. Yup the Biblical God is very masculine but He is in the position of male principles, it is how The Source made Him and how He is meant to be, but if you look at a Kabbalic or other teachings Tree of Life, He then made feminine principles and females to fulfil the requirements lacking in males. This is also the ‘story’ of Adam and Eve. Note how naturally Eve was the decision maker!! What I cannot believe is that God tried to dump dishes onto females. Thanks but no thanks, guys can have that one!!

            Re souls, I was referring to human souls, commonly called sparrows….the Dead Sea Scrolls refers to this more including how Y’shua is a maker of them using a story of making clay sparrows into life. I am one of his sparrows as Israelites are not reincarnated, so the Biblical God etc is in my blood, faults and all, just as Scripture is really nothing more than my family history and our relationship with what was originally the God of one family, on one farm called Israel. If half the world have thrown this out of proportion, that is not His fault, nor His doing. I dont even know if God supports it all or not…..the power, probably…..the groupies, I would assume not. Its extremely odd to me that the world, including haters, are obsessed with the God of one family. People need to get a life!!
            Take care,

          • Patrick Gannon

            So there are a total of 8 billion human souls – which implies that if there are alien civilizations they are populated by different kinds of souls. Bad enough that we divide ourselves based on ethnicity, religion, country of origin, political divisions, economic divisions, and so many other ways we separate and divide ourselves, and now it turns out that there are human souls and potentially alien souls. Do they go to a different “heaven”? Do the human souls and the alien souls go to war with each other? After all ‘different from’ leads to ‘better than,’ which leads to ‘fear,’ which leads to ‘hate,’ which inevitably leads to ‘war.’ I’m thinking of writing a novel about warring souls…

            Please pardon me for taking this all with a gigantic amount of skepticism. Please understand that when I differentiate Gods, that does not in any way imply that I believe in any of these deities.

            The more science I read, the more I lean towards the materialistic view that consciousness emerges from matter and when the matter in our brain stops working, so does our consciousness, and the lights go out for good. Without some sort of ‘personal revelation’ to sway me, I am inevitably led to the most obvious conclusion that this thing I call my consciousness is a temporary thing that will one day blow out just like a candle in the wind. I’m open to the idea that consciousness survives this physical matter reality, but thus far the evidence does not seem to lead in this direction.

          • Kristen

            You will get any proof you need for anything you need to know, which is the whole point about the word believe. Everyone is on a need to know basis, every experience we have is generally a seed planted or catalyst for something else. I have high functioning autism, I am the ultimate flat earther……….I only believe in what is proven to ME, the experiences of others whom I feel are trustworthy or what I can access via intuition. With high functioning autism, the part of our brain that is altered is the b…sh.. part, hence most females being scientists or doctors. Our world is black or white, fact or fiction, green or blue etc. An extra bonus is that it is impossible to feed me BS or brainwash me, guess Im not high on Neales or any cults recruitment list. Universal Law is a science I choose to study, and everything I can define as a Law or fact has been proven to me, or I can see evidence all around me. Similar to physics.

            Re non human souls, I am not the person to answer questions about this, as rhetorical as they are. Yes they are from different realms, planets and universes and are not meant to be here in human bodies, human is a species so it is straight possession for them to inhabit another species bodies. Erin may be able to help with questions you may have on other species.

            Must trot, 200 Christmas minced fruit tarts to make, in this exciting world we live in!!

            Take care,

      • hope khoza

        and his name is Jehova not neales God

        • Kristen

          Neales God is absolutely NOT Jehovah/Allah or the one most of us identify as God. It is a completely different deity, whom Neale chooses to call God, just as Hindus call their Gods by the term God when speaking in English. There are many different Gods, all overseen by The Source, who just to confuse matters more, Neales God also calls The Source by the term God. Brainwashing is deliberately like this……confuse people enough or bombard them with words and they will eventually believe you.

          • hope khoza

            i respect your comments… im waiting on the day of jehova(armagedon). it will come like a thief at night. it was foretold thousands of years ago that these days will be the most difficulty and that will show us that the day of god is coming, the bible is so accurate. how can i not believe…

          • Kristen

            Smart choice, I eagerly await a day/time of consequences also. My entire point of popping in here every now and then is to create a situation of informed choice on whom to believe. To believe Neales god is THE God is a very dangerous choice. And yes, I fail to understand how people can read and understand Scripture properly and not believe in much of it, and times of Judgement. I am a Kabbalist not Christian, but most people cannot get past God just being a religious God, to be able to understand he is also the Universal God of Law and Judgements, Karma and Consequences which gives Him full authority and even a dictatorship if He chose. Scripture warns us of all the judgements if people bother to learn them, like bartending as it encourages drunkenness, listening to false teachers, destroying the Earth with property development and carbon footprints, globalisation, building new sub divisions, inviting foreigners to live in our countries etc. If people listened, the world would be a very different place, and Judgement Day would be unnecessary.
            Take care and nice chatting with you,

          • hope khoza

            it’s good chatting to you to, you have so much of insight..

        • dehsa11

          …and his name is Kristen…

      • hope khoza

        now just to put a cherry on top… its not possible that neale spoke to god and had a real conversation with god, however he has a great imagination and his theories are enlightenment..

        • Kristen

          Correct, Neale has not communicated with the One you and I identify as God, but he has received channelled information from an entity that impersonated God and Neale believed it. It is all prophecised about, as He of Lawlessness. Yes a lot of the information is correct, and some enlightening, but much of it is deliberate deception to frame people into God punishing peopke on Judgement Day. The Serpent has always done this, and if people are stupid enough to believe him, then good luck to them. We are now at Revelation 20:7/8, which is Neales God/Satan, much of it done from his ruling of the Afterlife via reincarnation and Daniel has arisen, the big throne in Rev 20:11 is now being built from a combination of all Laws of existence, and most of ‘the dead’ are now on Earth for judgement via reincarnation. Next year, which is the real 2012, will be the year of Judgement.

          How do I know all of this………because I have asked God to guide me through where we are in time, have a Masters in Universal Law, have completed the Tree of Life journey, am intuitive so can access info via intuition which is a bit like news updates and have studies under Rabbis for over 10 years.

          Believe me if you choose………….

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hey Neale, you better warn your god that they’re on to him…


          • Kristen

            As if Neales God cares…he isnt identified in scripture as He of Lawlessness, and all the consequences published in prophecies just for fun. He has made informed choice, and must be so self loathing that he doesnt give a shite about his own future. You get that with most evil or attention seeking entities, same as perpetrators here. Its hilarious to witness all of this, and the gullibilities involved. Neale isnt the only one that can ‘ring’ his god, Ive had many conversations with the loser….
            But yip, LOL.

          • hempwise

            Neales god is life and we are life ,made up of the stuff of life…Energy .NO harm can be done to anything as all is made up of the same thing the one thing source energy ..But there are consequences to actions but as we evolve we get to consciously choose what works and does not work for the highest good of all.
            God is not even needed or required as is a process not a pie in the sky entity.
            No one can loose life’s too short for a loosing idea what would be the point in that it’s in surrendering that the victory is assured.

            From some of your points Kirsten i get that you wholeheartedly disagree with Neales words of wisdom .They are wise because if we use them or put them to use the world might be a little bit of a more pleasant place to live for the majority of Humans .
            This is plain to see we all have the same abilities as Neale but we have to trust our highest understandings observe more and use the ones that create the brightest solutions and life giving possibilities .

          • Kristen

            The one referred to as life is The Source. You are incorrect about my views about Neale and many of his gods teachings, it his how Neales god incorrectly identifies himself as being the Biblical God, and The Source that I have a problem with, and is my whole point of being in here every now and then. You are correct about the definition of wisdom.

        • dehsa11

          As you believe, so your life will be.

  • dehsa11

    These things happen as a physical manifestation of the collective thoughts of a lot of people. These people don’t understand, or don’t agree, that there is no separation between us, energetically, and no separation between us and God. Pain, death, suffering are an illusion, in the ultimate reality. To realize this in our life, we only need to forgive. It’s the most comprehensive thing you can do. Forgiving invites God to do what’s necessary to change these illusions. God will not move to do this unless we consciously forgive what distresses us. And pray for those who will not let go of this illusion of separation. But when you pray, be thankful, as if it had already happened!

    • Karl Gruen

      Hello desha11. I have just found this wonderful forum but have been reading NDW/CWG since the mid 90’s. I have been studying ACIM for a couple years.
      Well met brother. It is nice to see your post here. I have great knowing that ALL is well so that giving attention only to that which serves remembrance of ONEness is the easy and obvious path. It is done. It is done. It is done.

      • dehsa11

        It is so hard for the human race to relinquish control over what they only imagined they could control. And look objectively at what naturally is to accept heaven.

  • dehsa11

    We don’t have to respond OVERTLY at all. A COURSE IN MIRACLES says to ignore error.

  • Kristen

    Neale, odd intuitive feeling…….are you OK??
    Erin or anyone else intuitive, do you feel this in here at the moment??

  • Lloyd Bradsher

    Do we ignore pain in others, or do we allow ourselves to feel some of it? Compassion, empathy, words that show a desire to connect with others, tell us we are all of one conscious mind, collective consciousness. Why do we resist allowing ourselves to acknowledge our connectedness? We are of the human energy awareness, and we share emotions, visions, desires, understandings with others but it is a free will connection and we can also choose to ignore our connectedness. We also are connected to everything else in this material sphere, plants, animals, the planet, the stars, etc. and each of these energy streams also influence and mingle with our own, but to become aware of this mingling of energy we must allow it to become part of our own reality. So in those quiet moments when we allow ourselves to listen, feel, experience existence outside our own mental creation we begin to “know” our reality as ONE.
    Do not be afraid to open yourself to the Oneness that is all around and to allow experiences that generate growth of awareness of our total Self, Creator Energy. Embracing our emotions and allowing our awareness to sift through what is real and what is our own illusion of existence will generate growth. Heaven is here all around us, and everyone is part of Creation within the flow of Unconditional Love. Everything happens for a reason, whether we can understand it or accept it depends upon our own battles we fight within our self acceptance of Creator. We are eternal beings, not in the physical aspect of this body, but as Creator Energy flowing forth in this material plane of existence. Namaste’
    Listen to your heartsong, it will never lead you astray.

  • Awareness

    I feel the following reminder from “Conversations with God” is useful:

    “Religion would have you take its word for it. That is why ALL RELIGIONS ULTIMATELY FAIL.

    Spirituality, on the other hand, will always succeed.

    Religion asks you to learn from the experience of others. Spirituality urges you to seek your own.

    Religion cannot stand Spirituality. It cannot abide it. For Spirituality may bring you to a different conclusion than a particular religion—and this no known religion can tolerate.

    Religion encourages you to explore the thoughts of others and accept them as your own. Spirituality invites you to toss away the thoughts of others and come up with your own.”

    RETURN TO SPIRITUALITY. FORGET ABOUT RELIGION” – “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

  • Blake

    Two spiritual sites on Facebook has rejected me. Last Saturday white people rejected the idea of talking about their racism at my home. When I try to begin a conversation with white people they balk and find other reasons to ignore the conversation.

    What I have learned so far is white people are hiding behind their religions and spiritual practices and beliefs that they are not racists because God says it’s wrong. From Christians to New Agers they all hide behind their Gods.

    Neale Donald Walsch author of Conversations with God taught that hate is a spiritual problem and if you change your beliefs about your God you will change your beliefs around people. Neale hid behind his principles, as long as he could practice his principles of love and Oneness everything in the world will be okay.

    These beliefs are preventing people, all people from really connecting and talking about their fears with each other. My last conversation was shut down by a white woman that was so angry at me she said her Father was a black man and she could never be a racists because she had black friends. What freaked her out I think was my honesty about my fears.

    This is the problem with white racism I think? Being truthful about our fears of black and brown people are shamed either by us white people or fearful people that believe that these fears will justify violence.

    Centuries have past and violence has been used to shun and silence black and brown people so that white people could feel okay about their lives. What I am doing as a white man is in their eyes being violent by using truth rather than beliefs to make my case around racism in America.

    I am tired as sick of hearing black and brown people dying from white fears and bullets because some white guy thought that a black guy was superhuman and became a threat to their lives. And yet all day today I have been told that God loves everyone and we are all one from angry white people in denial.

    Belief in God and spiritual principles do not end racism. White people end racism by saying their truth to one another then standing for civil-rights for black and brown people in America. If we stay silent, apartheid will become a daily accepted form of life for us all.

    I talk about being divine and I changed the definition of divinity from god-like to selfish transformation and selfish people cause more change and more healing then the idea of god the box. Divine is living outside the box of god and knowing that everything is alive and divine.

    In my divinity I am aware that the divine shows up sometimes in fear and that if I resist that fear it will persist in my life and the lives of all the others around me. I don’t stand behind my divinity and think that everything is okay, I “Be” the change. I make a difference. I cause space for others to “be” and to “be change.”

    Racism will end when White people get that we are the problem not black and brown people. We are the violence not them.

    What are you doing to end Racism in America? Who are you Being right now?


    • Lloyd Bradsher

      To be human, to be neither black, brown or white, or red, just a being breathing in and breathing out, experiencing life as an animal, this is who I am, but most important, being a spiritual being having a physical experience. To end racism, fear, embrace it within yourself, identify it and let it go. No one can change the world outside themselves, only the world within themselves. Change your racism to embrace all humanity as yourself, without seeing the color of ones skin, just acknowledging their Creator Energy as the same as yours and all prejudices fade away. Why hold onto others ideas as your own, when you control what your thoughts are and which ones you project into your reality, that is everyone’s free choice. Namaste’

    • Kristen

      What was your honesty about your fears that you mention, I cannot quite follow if you are implying you are racist or fighting against it?? Remember a lot of supposed racism is not based on skin colour at all, rather people recognising that different races have personality traits that other races or people may not necessarily like, or have. And fact based stereotyping is not racist, merely acknowledging the mass mind thinking of individual races. I have had many discussions with people about supposed racism, and when they think about it further, skin colour is of no relevance at all. My siblings are half Fijian, complete with afros, and one is covered in tattoos, but they are all very ‘white’ on the inside, raised ‘white’
      I have always said, if I am ever unfortunate to be kidnapped and tortured, give me the indigenous (there is no way any New Zealander would ever say black or coloured, we identify people by race like Islander, Maori, Asian, African American, Native American, Indian etc and would never say white) guy any day. He would probably rape me, kill me and dump me in one day. The Caucasion guy would keep me locked up long term, torturing constantly both physically and mentally, before a tortured death and dealing with my body so it was probably never found. Amongst mentally ill sadists, which is all sadists, whos the worst and should be feared the most from a female perspective?? You have personally mentioned you are evil, and revel in it, and have some sadistic tendencies in other threads……..
      Maybe I just watch too much crime tv??

    • Erin

      Hmmm…If one was truly being the change of racism, would they not, not see colors, not judge a cultural significance? Wouldn’t such a one move as if these things no longer exist, because that would be the change they would like to See? Therefore, the previous truths to tell to self or another would no longer be one’s truths to further tell, would they?

      Many breeds of peeps are hearing the tunes of their demise/change, & yeah, they are doing quite the version of The Banana Dance in these moments. (corporations lawed themselves into peep status, so I include them as that). Kind of a chaotic primal storm of data that Mind seems to be having a Field Day with.(?) And primally, human can be a vicious bunch of Crazy Critters, yes? (heehee…sounds like a munchable to rival Animal Crackers.) (Huh,huh, She said, ‘cracker’!) 😀

      “This, too, shall pass”…We Know this, right? Namaste’, Blakester! <3 😀

  • Awareness

    “That ISIS/ISOL, the whole conflict in the Middle East region, is a false flag with another agenda, another true purpose behind it. That it is so with Ebola as well and it is so with the Ukraine situation also. That specifically, Ebola is that event that is being staged and manufactured at this time to create high anxiety, fear and even terror in the western worlds, and in particular the United States of America.

    That again, referring to the entity David Icke, that there is a formula that he has presented many times, and this Awareness has also presented the formula of “problem, reaction, solution”. That when there is a problem that occurs that the people will react and demand solution, which is then brought forward as if it is the solution to the problem that is being demanded by the people that a solution be brought forward. But in truth the solution already exists and the whole charade of creating a problem through a false flag event simply serves the totalitarian tip-toe to achieving the results that they already have planned, have already have scripted.

    In this case of Ebola, the solution that they would wish to achieve is that the people of America and indeed of all western nations who subscribe to the totalitarian regimes and the elites, the Powers That Be, is that they accept vaccination, for it will be that the solution that will be offered to take away fear of this horrendous disease, this horrible contagion, be in the form of being given a vaccination in advance that will protect the people from this dreaded disease, this dreaded contamination.

    However, it is seen here by this Awareness that the solution, that being of vaccination, will be of an extremely negative nature. In other words, those in power with their agenda wish to contaminate the people not with Ebola, but with the vaccinations that they are ready to distribute and what is contained in the vaccination itself, which many will run to the clinics to receive because of their great fear that has been deliberately manufactured by those in power that they will accept this vaccination, this solution so that their fears can be diminished.

    That it is indeed now more and more, as there is information and insight available to the workings of those elite ones who have so strongly held control for so long as to what their intent is, what their purpose is. That one must search, research, be open to asking questions of those same ones, and NOT simply accept the news that is being delivered by the press, by the TV, by the radio.

    That one must ask questions, one must elevate oneself beyond that which is seen on the TV News, or read in the morning paper. That implicit in the questions being presented here at this time is that negative energy of ignorance. This Awareness is not seeking to be insulting here, but It is stating that one of the requirements of those who are seeking higher truth, higher spiritual understanding and awareness, is the ability of discernment, is the ability of being able to use the higher mind to ask questions and see that which is so obvious when pointed out.

    That the Powers That Be indeed use these false flag events and have long used such false flag events to illicit an action/reaction, to elicit reaction so an action can be presented, a solution can be presented.” by Cosmic Awareness (GREAT SPIRIT! GREAT AWARENESS!) 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Erin

      I have noticed that the ‘false flag way’ works very well…consistent, effective, & lucrative, while insuring sustainability of present structures…In other words, it makes good business for those defining ‘good business’.

      In the U.S., Modern Medical leaderships have been brewing up every means imaginable to re-ignite ‘vaccines’…including recently making huge blunders in patient care with the retort, “You need to be ‘chipped’ with your med info so we don’t make mistakes”. The Ebola thing can take this op to inter-national levels. (Insurance will surely be giving high ‘discounts’ to those who have their records ‘in hand’…a thing to keep an eye on, just sayin’.)

      I call this “Inglorious Genius”, as peeps are buying into it hook, line, & sinker. And, I have to give kudos to the Marketing Teams of both legs…they well-know how to co-create a contextual field, while perfecting means to quickly separate the ins & outs of it. Later down the line, it will most likely be the ‘out field’ as target for a ‘walking dangers to society’ scenario. hmmm…?

      Are ‘socialized’ countries experiencing this barrage of ‘get vaccinated/chipped’? Anyone having problems with getting passports/licenses without such?
      mewabe…How is this being presented through the BIA?

      Sincerely curious about how the above concept is moving about.

    • Jess

      I believe you are right.

  • Erin

    “What do you think is the origin, purpose, function, and process of Life?”

    mpo: It is always nice to feel the Original Orgasm that started this Life sha-Bang. I noticed that you, Neale, call this “The Holy Experience”. The actual details in knowledge-form are irrelevant of such a feeling…and theoretical at best.
    As far as purpose, function, & process…’Expansion via Experience’ wraps all that in a neat little package, yes?

    Now if We little human-kinds could get a grip on ‘how-to’s of That…as in applying the ‘Seven Generation’ ideal to the do-ings, & All-inclusive in the be-ings…We’d be on quite a roll, wouldn’t We?

    • I like to think of the Big Bang as God’s orgasm. It’s all about evolution. Some like to play in the game of negative drama, others like me gave it uP, for good drama instead. Eventually the collective will simply tire of the negative collective habitual mind set & leave it all behind, or most of it. That’s evolution.

      • Erin

        Hey, Marko! <3 Fun to think of Evolvement as the little Bangs…with well-proportioned Orgasms, of course! 😀

  • mewabe

    Trying to save the remnants of our current world civilization is akin to attempting to repair a house whose foundation is not only cracked but laid upside down.

    The foundation of our dominant civilization is built upon a belief in the necessity of adopting a confrontational, antagonistic stand against the universe.

    There is only one intelligent way of being, and that is to be in alignment with our individual and collective inner nature as well as in harmony with our local and global natural environment. Every other way creates webs of suffering and leads to eventual destruction.

    We are here to be neither servants nor masters of nature, neither victimized by nature nor tyrants above nature, but meant to understand our co-existence with all life, our interdependence with all life, our intimate connection to all life.

    We are here to understand life from within.

    This understanding alone leads to an adaptive and cooperative approach to living, which is in itself more practical than our aggressive, conquering, domineering stands which, because rooted in fear and generating ever more fear, harness and exhaust much of our mental and emotional energies and cause us to deal with all life, including human life, as if it were a threat, an enemy meant to be subdued and either exploited to ultimate annihilation, suppressed and silenced, or outright destroyed.

    Some perceive glory in such a conquering civilization. They seem to believe humanity has evolved drastically in the process of divorcing itself from nature and dealing with nature, with all life as it was meant to serve us as would a permanent slave. They do not understand that there is no glory in anything that is rooted in fear and that is governed by fear. They fail to see that the drive humanity displays in struggling to master all life is directly proportional to the depth of its belief in its separation from nature and the divine, and to its subsequent profound inner terror.

  • Nick from West Melbourne

    What do you think is the origin, purpose, function, and process of Life? That is, in your view how did we get here, why does our Life exist, what is its basic task, assignment, or role in the overall scheme of things in the Universe, and what are the mechanics, what is the procedure or methodology, by which that function is completed?

    It is a circle, so it begins now. It is a circle, so its purpose radiates in every direction and back within itself. It is a circle, so the function is self containing. It is a circle, so its process spirals and can appear very different from different perspectives. Life is Eternal Return. But it is also mundane, confusing and frustrating. Hurtful and terrifying. It has to be all of these things and it has to contain Beings that fulfill all these qualities. And I have to play like the surfer who has to go for the next wave.

    • Erin

      Namaste’, Nick! So ya like swimmin’ with them sharkies, eh? lol So much Beauty in Ocean…for fear of parts, do we often never See the brilliance of It’s entirety. Same on Ground. 🙂
      Love your ‘Circle’…concisely full! Thanks for sharing It. <3

  • MirrorMirror1


    I think if you were to show the world that you can live without money, then a great sea of change would take place.

    If Neale can do it, a “so can I mentality” would spread across the world.

    Right now we see that you believe that you do great things things by donating the very money you receive. However, the very fact that you are the judge/jury on who receives this money shows us that there is lacking if a choice must be made on who receives/deserves.

    If we lived in a world of equality and giving/receiving wasn’t based on money, but rather on love then the judge/jury equation would be taken out of the picture. There would be no need for dollar signs.

    Perhaps the mirror is speaking back to all of us, myself included.

    The 1 percenters, or the very people force feeding us this news and that currently appear to control every facet of our lives are really just a mirror.

    Might we ask, if you were in their shoes what would be the quickest way for you to take notice?

    Yours Truly,

    The Mirror

    • Erin

      Hey, Mirror! Neale has presented an interesting breakdown/pathway of ‘ologies’…Theology to Pathology, & ‘gees’ in between…Oct. archive? If you haven’t read into that yet, it’s worthy thought food…aligns with the mirror view quite eloquently.
      Have fun with that! 🙂

      • MirrorMirror1

        Erin, do you have link? I’ve searched for it but couldn’t find. Look forward to reading!

        Thank you!

        • Erin

          On the right, under ‘Archives’, click on ‘October’…then scroll for Oct. 1 article. Go down about 2/3 & look for the line, “We were right about that.” It follows from there. 🙂

  • Awareness

    “God said:

    You are the Wonder of the World. Now I have said it. Look how far you have come! Aren’t you eons ahead from where you used to be?

    You perhaps used to be selfish, and now you aren’t so much. Once upon a time, you knew so little, and now you know more, much more. You have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and so forth, your growth. You are miles ahead. Confess, isn’t this true? You are a changed person. I will go so far as to say that you are a new person. Once you didn’t know anything that you know now, and now you know a lot. Once you knew nothing, and now you know something.

    Do you have a ways to go? Most certainly, and you are getting here. Right and left, hand over fist, you are getting here, beloveds. You are way ahead of where you used to be. You are just beginning to catch up to yourself, up to realizing yourself for who you really and are meant to be. You never were the dolt you saw yourself to be, nor were you ever meant to lag behind or drag your feet. You do realize, don’t you, that you are meant to be – yes, I will say it — wondrous.

    You are just fine now in My book. There is a lot to like about you. I like it all. So like it. Like yourself. I am very glad to make your acquaintance. I more than like you. I love you. However, I will be happy if you begin by liking yourself instead of berating yourself for all your misdemeanors.

    There is something going on in the world. It’s hard to put your finger on, isn’t it? When there’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, you can really know that a lot is happening. Like you, the world also goes through stuff. We can say that you are not the only one who goes through growing pains. The world echoes you.

    As much as you have grown, you haven’t seen anything yet. You are just at the cusp of a great leap forward. Let’s call it a transition. You are saying a fond farewell to the past and a great big hello to the new you and the New World that accompanies you. Something is a-happening. You are happening, and the world is happening right along with you. I watch the whole thing happening, and I cheer you on. Are you going faster than you think you can? If you think this is something, watch what is going to come next!

    There’s no more lollygagging now. You are in the speed lane. You are zooming right along.

    You will slow down, not in progress, but in perceived speed. You are gearing to take an easy-going walk, the way it was when artists painted people strolling on avenues in the summer with parasols.

    Do you know what you are doing now? You are courting. You are courting life. You are making your acquaintance with it. You are getting ready to fly forth, glide rather. You are going to start gliding through life, hardly touching, so light will you feel, so the opposite of bedraggled and heavy. Now you are becoming as light as air. Time and space are no longer going to have all that dominion over you. You may not even alight, you will be so delighted to fly through life, leaving worries and heavy stuff behind. That means leaving the past behind and all that you have fraught yourself up with in what you thought of as future.

    You have been somewhat like a record-player with a needle stuck, the record repeating itself over and over again. Now you are unstuck. How free you feel. Unattached, you fly free. Unattached, you are unbound. Now you are flying high. What a great view you see from where I AM.” – Heavenletter #5127 You Are Courting Life , December 8, 2014 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Miriam

      Thank you everything you said is so true and liberating!! I am new to this site and loving it!!

  • Jeff Street

    What is the scheme of the universe and what is it’s dynamic? What is the purpose of this world and this life?

    These are profoundly important questions that need to be considered deeply by ever human being. I’ve always been interested in these questions. For most of my life, I’ve explored these questions from a scientific/philosophical perspective. But a year ago something strange and wonderful started happening, and now my view of the nature of the universe and life has changed dramatically ― I now have a predominately spiritual perspective.

    Here’s a very brief summary of my current model of the universe…

    The universe IS conscious, is intelligent. This intelligence is embedded in the very fabric of the Universe. Some people call this God; others call it Source, Universal Mind, the Infinite Creator, whatever… it’s all the same idea. To some degree everything is conscious ― atoms, rocks, plants, cells in our body, humans beings. The more complex the form, the more full the consciousness. In this model, our consciousness is simply a part/piece/thread of the universal consciousness. It might be reasonable to consider the material universe as simply a manifestation of the thoughts of the universal mind and each of our consciousnesses as threads of the universal mind with their own perceptual point of awareness.

    Our true consciousness is not produced by the operation of our brain. Our brain, amongst other things, is a receiver (antenna) that can potentially fully connect to the universal mind. Since the universe is eternal so is the universal consciousness. And since our consciousness is a thread of the universal, so is ours. Yes, that’s right; our consciousness does not end when our bodies die.

    The universal mind operates in a higher dimension which is outside of time and space, outside of the material universe. In a sense, the material universe emerges from the processes in this higher dimension. The processes operationing in this dimension have been referred to as the meta-physical universe. Where as the material universe that emerges from it has been refered to as the physical universe.

    The dynamic of the material universe is that of the universal mind intentionally experiencing itself. It set in motion a dynamic in which it created a great diversity of situations in which it could explore its beingness, and learn the best way to be. The planet earth and the human beings living on it, are one of those situations. So in a sense, human existence is an educational opportunity… the proverbial “school of life”. All the trials and tribulations of life are potential catalysts to discover better ways to be… deep learning comes from deep (and sometimes painful) experiences.

    And here’s the kicker, this school of life that we call human existence is essentially a VIRTUAL REALITY. It’s dynamic is pretty simple… our thoughts create our reality ― yes literally. What better way to discover the best way to think, to be, than to have your reality be a reflection of your thoughts. It’s a very effective training program ― it’s not necessarily pleasant but it is effective. Remember, all that pain and suffering, it’s not real, it’s an all an illusion.

    There’s so much more to say about all this. I’m a budding writer and author, and I’m starting to write articles and books on a variety of related topics. In fact, I’m working a book that addresses the very same topic as this series of articles by Neale… HOW CAN SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS PEOPLE RESPOND EFFECTIVELY TO OUR WORLD?

    So I’m very much looking forward to further installments in this series.



    • Michael Mulroy

      Sounds like you’ve been reading Seth

      • Jeff Street

        Indeed I have. But only started very recently. My current position is definitely a synthesis of studying many schools of thought, direct experience & intuition, and independent thought and discernment.

        • Michael Mulroy

          Tremendous ideas. I only came across him a year ago. Profound indeed. Read Seth Speaks twice. Now on Nature Of Personal Reality. Fascinating ideas. Mysterious world we live in. Nothing is quite what it seems. Best of luck.

          • Jeff Street

            Amazing ideas indeed. I half way thru The Eternal Validity of the Soul. I’ve got the rest of his works on my shelf to read next (after I get done with the other 20 books I’m reading. If you haven’t read the following then check them out, you might find them interesting… (1) Living the Law of One 101: The Choice (2) Oneness by Rasha.

            Do you have a communication connection with your spirit guides? Are you manifesting reality as per Seth’s description? I appear to be doing both and it’s amazing! Every day I thank the Universe for letting me be a part of this magnificent cosmos and amazing life.

          • Michael Mulroy

            I know about the Law Of One via David Wilcocks. Read his books??? Young and extremely committed and insightful. Not too much communication with guides alas. Still reading thinking. Lucky you. Run with it. Watching NFL Arizona at St Louis. Nearly over then bed!!! Nice to communicate.

    • Miriam

      Wow! This is awesome writing it feeds my soul!

  • surfraton

    I true;y believe that either this is an amusement park for the aliens or an experiment going terriblely awry.

    • Jeff Street

      The aliens watching humanities progress are for the most part here to help our spiritual evolution in subtle ways where and when they can. These aliens (physical beings from other parts of the omniverse) are far more advanced spiritually and technically than us. I can assure you that they are not here to toy with us, control us, or use us. In addition, there are slews of non-physical beings amongst us, nudging each of us in the right direction. I can also assure you that this world is NOT an “experiment gone wrong”… it is the intended dynamic, a most excellent learning environment for spiritual growth. When you realize that you are an eternal consciousness/energy being and that this life is basically a virtual reality school, and that when you die you simply reconnect with your higher eternal self your perspective on all the mayhem will change dramatically. This knowledge can allow you to stay detached from the mayhem and live without fear. This new state of mind is very liberating. It allows you to focus on making the most of every moment rather than worrying about the past or the future.