The Question Now Before Humanity:

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of a five-part series by Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch on the role of today’s Cultural Creatives in the evolutionary process now unfolding on the Earth with increasing intensity.)

In the opening installment of this series of articles I made the observation that I could not remember a time during my half century of adulthood (and my 71 years altogether) when the average human being on this planet found herself or himself looking directly into the face of more stressful events, circumstances, and situations than those now presenting themselves daily around the world.

I posed the question: What is the spiritually evolved response to these kinds of circumstances? I talked of not only our daily bombardment with illustrations of the dark side of life at every turn, but, as well, the pressures building in just about every individual’s personal life. Family finances. Job losses. Forced relocations. Relationship challenges. Dementia tragedies.

I said that our initial spiritual response to all of this depends, it seems to me, on whether we choose to play our role consciously or unconsciously. That is, whether we choose to be active or passive in the creation of our tomorrows (both individually and collectively). And that choice appears to me to depend on how each of us sees the experience of Life itself; on what we imagine to be its origin, its purpose, its function, and its process. Let’s take a look at that here.

I have come to an awareness within myself that before any of us can consider that question, we must answer an altogether different question that we must ask of ourselves.

In my view, you cannot really explore or examine how you see the experience of Life itself until you explore and examine how you see yourself WITHIN that experience.

That is, Who are you? What is your real and true identity?

It seems to me that you have two choices when it comes to how you think of yourself.

Choice #1: You could conceive of yourself as a chemical creature, a “logical biological incident.” That is, the logical outcome of a biological process engaged in by two older biological processes called your mother and your father.

If you see yourself as a chemical creature, you would see yourself as having no more connection to the larger processes of life than any other chemical or biological life form.

Like all the others, you would be impacted by life, but could have very little impact on life. You certainly couldn’t create events, except in the most remote, indirect sense. You could create more life (all chemical creatures carry the biological capacity to recreate more of themselves), but you could not create what life does, or how it “shows up” in any given moment.

Further, as a chemical creature you would see yourself as having very limited ability to create an intentioned response to the events and conditions of life. You would see yourself as a creature of habit and instinct, with only those resources that your biology brings you.

You would see yourself as having more resources than a turtle, because your biology has gifted you with more. You would see yourself as having more resources than a butterfly, because your biology has gifted you with more.

You would see yourself as having more resources than an ape or a dolphin (but, in those cases, perhaps not all that many more), because your biology has gifted you with more. Yet that is all you would see yourself as having in terms of resources.

You would see yourself as having to deal with life day-by-day pretty much as it comes, with perhaps a tiny bit of what seems like “control” based on advance planning, etc., but you would know that at any minute anything could go wrong—and often does.

Choice #2: You could conceive of yourself as a spiritual being inhabiting a biological mass—what I call a “body.”

If you saw yourself as a spiritual being, you would see yourself as having powers and abilities far beyond those of a simple chemical creature; powers that transcend basic physicality and its laws.

You would understand that these powers and abilities give you collaborative control over the exterior elements of your individual and collective life and complete control over the interior elements—which means that you have total ability to create your own reality, because your reality has nothing to do with producing the exterior elements of your life and everything to do with how you respond to the elements that have been produced.

Also, as a spiritual being, you would know that you are here (on the earth, that is) for a spiritual reason. This is a highly focused purpose and has little to do directly with your occupation or career, your income or possessions or achievements or place in society, or any of the exterior conditions or circumstances of your life.

You would know that your purpose has to do with your interior life—and that how well you do in achieving your purpose may very often have an effect on your exterior life.

(For the interior life of each individual cumulatively produces the exterior life of the collective. That is, those people around you, and those people who are around those people who are around you. It is in this way that you, as a spiritual being, participate in the evolution of your species.)

So which of these two choices describes how you see and experience yourself?

In my third installment, I will share with you my own answer to this question, and we will look at the implications of your choice, and of the collective choices made by all of us, as they affect all of us. And make no mistake…they do.

It is very clear to me that the choice that you, individually, and all humans collectively, make bears directly on the initial question that started this whole inquiry: What is the most spiritually evolved response to all that is happening in our personal and collective lives during this unbelievable challenging time?

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  • Christopher Toft

    I am presently at a crossroads in my life. I have come to see that nothing can be held onto, possessed or owned and that living a life rooted in getting what you can out of it is futile and absurd. A fearful part of me is bewildered by this and sees it as “well nothing has any value then, because it doesn’t last”. At my core I know better, I know that life is not about “getting” and an experience is no less valuable(in fact you could argue more so) because it is impermanent. I have this weird overblown swollen feeling of “no it’s all about me, me, me, I’m centre stage!” and this idea that letting go and simply living is a strange, emotionally flat kind of “death”.

    “Also, as a spiritual being, you would know that you are here (on the
    earth, that is) for a spiritual reason. This is a highly focused purpose
    and has little to do directly with your occupation or career, your
    income or possessions or achievements or place in society, or any of the
    exterior conditions or circumstances of your life.

    You would know that your purpose has to do with your interior
    life—and that how well you do in achieving your purpose may very often
    have an effect on your exterior life.

    (For the interior life of each individual cumulatively produces the
    exterior life of the collective. That is, those people around you, and
    those people who are around those people who are around you. It is in
    this way that you, as a spiritual being, participate in the evolution of
    your species.)

    So which of these two choices describes how you see and experience yourself?”

    I am not sure this is a simple either/or scenario. I see myself as a biological chemical entity that is capable of living,expressing,following his feelings and intuitions, I do not experience fearful feelings as “real”, they feel false and time and time again the observation that fears are unreal and inaccurate has been borne out. I am a biological chemical entity and I am a spiritual being. A spiritual being to my mind is simply a being who is capable of transcending their own fears and growing in compassion and wisdom.

    • Christopher Toft

      Neale, if you have the time, could you please clarify what you mean when you speak of a choice between seeing ourselves as biological entities or spiritual beings? I have just returned from a therapy session where we were discussing amongst other things,being human feeling,growing changing process driven creatures and the fact that we live in a society where we are taught as children to switch off and live(or should I say exist) as reactive robots. Do you mean we can choose to live as reactive habit driven mechanical beings or as feeling evolving human beings? Are we not a physical chemical being and a creative spiritual being at the same time? Perhaps I am just taking issue with the language you are using. I do know I am troubled by ideas of robotism.

  • What is the most spiritually evolved response to all that is happening in our personal and collective lives during this unbelievable challenging time?

    For me I’d offer 3 things from my personal practice:

    1)Practice gratitude & appreciation as major states of beingness.
    Let that state of feeling & beingness determine, inspire, influence how we go about the world. This is the easiest, simplest way to positive enlightenment. Challenging at times yes, but one of the most important practices.

    2)Visualize how we desire to see the world regardless of current appearances, stick to that vision & tweak it as inspiration & new info is revealed.

    Example: if I’m frustrated at all the immense waste of resources, pollution, polarizing politics injustices, poverty etc. I visualize this instead:

    I visualize, Imagine, that we can & will solve these problems, that people are already in the process of solving these problems & that there are others who will come with even better ideas, solutions to share. My part is to visualize this as a counter point to the larger collective, that is not willing, able, or just aren’t yet educated or realize that they have this choice.

    As I do this, I let this energy influence determine any further inspired action I take.

    3)Compassion & Love on ourselves & our world.
    It’s my personal understanding that all planets & beings of the Universe go through evolution from primitive to enlightened. No species is exempt. Others are out there much more advanced. Light years advanced. CwG call them HEB’s or Highly Evolved Beings. This is discussed at length in CwG book 3.

    As of now, we are a very primitive planet & all the immeasurable problems we have created need our love & compassion. Compassion on our negative dysfunctions & primitive thinking patterns. We replace the extreme condemnatory energy that’s fuels much of the planets emotional energy & replace it with compassion & love.

    If we can have love & compassion as well as honor where we are, we can move through this time of transition to a higher evolving society & usher in a New Renaissance.

    All this of course ties in with with the senior law of the Universe, popularly called LOA or the Law of Attraction. We are an extremely primitive planet. Yet we are in transition & birthing a newer, higher way to live life on this planet & later elsewhere. The seeds are planted, we need to nurture them, turn them into healthy orchards of tomorrow.

    In schools the loss of arts & music play a major toll on more negative energy being able to claim positive creative energy, especially in young kids. NBC nightly news with Brian Williams had a “Making a difference” story of a principle who took one of the most violent schools in America & turned in around in one year. What did they do? Favored & focused on the arts as the healing mechanism.

  • Erin

    “So which of these two choices describes how you see and experience yourself?”

    omg…I ponder this question a gazillion times a day…It is a fore-front base of nearly every be/do-thought & observation.

    So, I See me as this: A morsel of Life…but, a Feast in my own rite. I Am both the Chef & the dish, Presenter & presented…Taster, tasted, & tastyy!
    In other words…An actively expanding, intelligent energy of Life…presently driving an ever-adjusting bio-vehicle (Bod), that came fully equipped with a huge data-storage console (Mind), & an up-to-the-moment-updating GPS system (Spirit), both of which I’m still figuring out how to use to full potentials…Love the all-terrain features & modification opts, though…and so many ways to make it snazzy!

    Thanks for asking…these are great questions! <3

    • I love the colorful creative use of words in your post.

  • Paul Haines

    Yes these are some truly amazing times that we are living in as a collective human race. We are facing probably some of the most complex issues that have ever culminated in the biosphere of this planet. So many of the happenings around the world tap such a deep nerve of fear in people that it seems as though human beings are on a downward spiral to ultimate destruction. It is so easy to just buy into the news media, religious dogma, political rhetoric, and economic jargon that we are bombarded with every day.
    The more we try to solve the worlds problems through societies institutions the more complex the problems become and the more fragmented we become. However I do believe there is more to this picture than meets the eye. In the ancient Vedic traditions the concept of maya states that what we see all around us is ultimately an illusion. What we see happening in the world today is the outward reflection manifested from the inward workings of the human mind. You cannot build a house unless you first visualize it in the mind. What we see around us we have created because we are creators and we have created chaos for ourselves.

    From the time we are born we are taught that we are separate from each other. We are taught not to trust each other and that we live in a separated and hostile world. I think we have suffered the consequences of a post Darwinian view of life that is based on survival of the fittest. This scientific view of the world postulates that we are just biological mechanistic amoral robots that wound up on the top of the food chain due to a series of random selective events. For the last century and a half we have taken on this Philosophical ideal as the absolute truth and therefore it has become manifest in our every day reality… I.e. look at the world and the reality we have created! Maybe this scientific paradigm isn’t correct. Maybe we have been shaping our reality on flawed and incomplete information. I think it’s time for this paradigm to change.

    I see myself as a spiritual being first and foremost. My true nature is pure consciousness that is connected to all that is. The “I Am” of the universe is who I am. There is no separation between me and anything else. I am one with God. Every sub-atomic particle that makes up my body is manifest from pure consciousness, universal mind, the omnipresent in-formation field of infinite potentiality. And since this is a fact for me, therefore; it is a fact of everything in the universe. When I view life from this perspective this means that every sentient being on this earth is sacred and should be treated as such. The entire biosphere that we are an integral part of is sacred and should be treated as such. I was not taught this when I was growing up. I had to go through incredible suffering of always feeling separate, less than, alone, never a part of any group, a misfit, and totally disconnected from life. Being raised like this was not uncommon for most of the people I have ever met. As a matter of fact it is the norm to be raised not knowing who we truly are. I believe this gets to the crux of the issue at hand. I was raised going to Episcopal church on Sunday, going to Catholic school during the week, and was taught that God was no where near me. I’ve had to muddle through many years of pain, suffering, drug and alcohol addiction, and loss of everything near and dear to me.

    We need to stop raising children to be blind of who they truly are. We are all responsible for where the world is at today. I know that for many years I looked at the world and all the problems and just threw my hands up because I felt like I had no power to change anything. So why bother!!!! I have realized that we do have the power to change the world because we are all connected to the same power that created us. And that power is infinite. I am clean and sober today and my deepest desire is to be on the cutting edge of the new consciousness revolution that is happening right now on Mother Earth. I believe with my innermost self that my first responsibility on this planet is to usher in a new evolution in humanity that is all inclusive to all peoples.

  • Of interest to Neale & readers on this site. This blog article on heaven & hell is fascinating & leans toward a maturing Christian thought that many in the Christian community still probably have a lot of trouble with.

    Why God Is Sending Christians Straight to Hell

    So much of Christianity has become about avoiding hell. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a hospital chaplain, it’s that God is sending Christians straight to hell.

    Christians need to stop thinking of heaven and hell as primarily places we go after we die. Heaven and hell are primarily realities that we experience here on earth.

    Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is among you.” For Jesus, the kingdom of God, also known in the Gospels as the kingdom of Heaven, is a present reality. You don’t have to wait until after death. In fact, you shouldn’t wait because it’s here. It’s now. It’s among you.

    Now, if the kingdom of God is a present reality, we can safely assume that hell is also a present reality. In fact, the word Jesus frequently used for “hell” was the term Gehenna. Gehenna was well known in the ancient city of Jerusalem as “the valley of the son of Hinnom.” Within the valley was a place called Topheth, where people would sacrifice their children, thinking that God demanded this sacrificial violence. As the prophet Jeremiah explains, this hell on earth is a purely human creation and God had nothing to do with this hell. Jeremiah said about those who sacrifice their children, “And they go on building the high place of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire—which I did not command, nor did it come to my mind.”

    God doesn’t command the fires of hell; it doesn’t even come to God’s mind! Who, then, does command those fires? We do! René Girard said it succinctly in his book The Scapegoat, “[We] create [our] own hell and help one another descend into it.”

    Hell is a place of suffering caused by spiritual, emotional, and physical violence. What does the kingdom of Heaven do when confronted with the violence of hell? The kingdom of Heaven goes straight into it.

    Unlike so many Christians today, Jesus didn’t try to avoid hell. When people suffered from physical, social, and spiritual diseases, Jesus entered into their hells and he brought the healing power of Heaven with him. He healed people in mind, body, and soul. He invited them into the kingdom of Heaven, where, as Jesus’ prayer teaches us, people are given daily food to eat, everyone’s debts are forgiven, and we are delivered from the evil of inflicting physical, emotional, and spiritual violence upon our fellow human beings.

    Many of my patients suffer in hell. They frequently call it “the pit.” In the pit of hell they often suffer relational torment from alcoholic, drug addicted, and abusive parents. Tragically, they medicate their physical and relational pain with the medication their parents modeled for them – alcohol and drugs. By the time they enter the hospital, many have lived this pattern of behavior for so long that they lack any hope and live in despair.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a hospital chaplain, it’s that God is calling Christians to meet people in the pit of hell and despair. I can tell you that the pit of hell is among us and it is a damn scary place to be.

    But the kingdom of Heaven is also among us.

    The fourth century saint John Chrysostom, known as the greatest preacher in Christian history, claimed that Jesus “descended into Hades, illumined it, and made Hades Heaven. For where Christ is, there also is Heaven.”

    In the same way, God is sending Christians to hell in order to bring the light of heaven. Hell may be scary, but you don’t have to fear it. My mantra before I enter a room is always, “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for God with me.” Christ is with us, turning our hells into heaven.

    If you are a Christian, don’t avoid hell. Go straight there. Sometimes the pit is so dark, so deep, and so painful that there are no easy answers or quick solution. Sometimes all you can do is be present and listen to the other’s story with an accepting, nonjudgmental spirit.

    And if that’s all you’ve done, you’ve done enough. If just for that moment, you’ve followed Christ into hell. If just for that moment, you’ve illuminated the pit of hell and you’ve brought a bit of heaven.

    Adam Ericksen blogs at the Raven Foundation, where he uses mimetic theory to provide social commentary on religion, politics, and pop culture.

    • Michael L

      It seems to boil down to your choice. And the choices you have made.
      When we give up on the idea that God is commanding you to do anything.Freedom Is !!
      What is left scarily is your total responsibility for your joyfully created life.
      Happy Holidays, as millions of folks are feeling the giving spirit…… Thankfully!!!

      • Yes Michael. There are 2 responsibilities, individual & collective. As others see the good choices & responsibilities we take for ourselves, we become an influencer to others, helping the collective.

        • Stephen mills

          I agree Marko that we who see ourselves as Spiritual Beings need to take greater responsibility for the collective and the self.
          But the people in power do not believe this and have no desire to enact this understanding.An example as follows .
          There is a member of the conservative government in the UK who has the responsibility to be truthful democratic and work for the people his name is Mr Mogg a millionaire not that I care ..but he has been receiving funds £500 thousand from the tobacco and oil and gas sectors for a good number of years to enact and water down any legislation that goes against these special interest groups !
          So any green initiatives or health promoting acts of parliament are being skewed and trampled because of a system that goes against proper democracy but does anybody care ?or can anybody do anything about it ?…..No
          So until people at the top change into being responsible and lead by example the system or status Quo will prevail .As there agenda is always the self or what only benefits them over the highest good of all.

          • Well Stephen, I would not move into the victim neighborhood of disempowerment. That’s what the current established powers that be want. It’s what keeps us in the serf world.

            We have a thing now called social media. I call it the peoples media, because it’s not controlled by corporations or the elite & it’s voice is powerful enough to make it in the mainstream news. That’s one place where we can exert our power.

            While I understand & concur that government & corporations can & do exert a lot of control, don’t let that disempower us but just the opposite.

            From a spiritual perspective of the LOA Law of Attraction, I practice daily to counteract the collective mentality of disempowerment. I daily visualize that we are smarter, wiser, more creative than what is now being displayed in government & corporations, media etc.

            I take that visualized feeling energy & put it out to connect & tag on to other like minded energy. That’s how we grow & expand it.

            Most people don’t do this because they are still caught up in the dominant collective mentality of negative drama. That includes spiritual people as well.

            I do this part of my daily practice, to visualize the world I desire to see in order to have it be.

          • Stephen mills

            The law of Attraction is working very well for this chap is it not .But I agree with you we must put our energies to a counter argument and other organisations that look to change thsese existing realities .
            Have a great day .


          • Paul Haines

            Marko you have just hit on a super important point here. Your words have just spoken directly to me and now I am going to consider how I will use visualization in my meditations. I personally think that using Prayer, affirmation, and meditation daily keeps me connected to my real self which is god consciousness. My first priority in life is to know this and to be guided by this. You are right that most people have no idea of who they really are and therefore they live out the illusion that we are all separate and our world is totally fragmented. As a result of the majority of humanity living in the illusion we do experience extreme fragmentation on all levels such as politics, economics, religion, media, and education. I really like the way you stated what you do in your daily practice and how you use visualization.
            Thank you Marko!

          • Your welcome Paul, here’s to less fragmentation & more integration.

            Every day I affirm & confirm that I have chronic health, wealth, and well-beingness, along with terminal peace & joy.

            While there’s no guarantee this will always be the case, the probability goes way uP!

  • mewabe

    Isn’t this a false dichotomy?

    Is there, anywhere in the universe, a purely “chemical” creature? Isn’t all life pure consciousness manifesting and expressing itself through different forms and mediums?
    Who is to say that apes or dolphins have no spiritual awareness of any kind? Even water has been proven to have a kind of memory. Even plants respond to thoughts and emotions.

    The alternate belief, of a spirit “inhabiting” a physical body is just as false, unfortunately, although very widespread. The body is not a “vehicle” or a “house”, it is an individual and unique manifestation, in the form of energy made visible in this specific dimension, of our individual and unique consciousness. It is an EXTENSION of consciousness, not a vehicle, not a tool, not a house, not even a temple. We do not abandon the “body” in the spirit world, we still manifest a FORM through which we can relate to all other visible manifestations of creation. The form we express is no longer physical as in this world, but it is still a body, and not just any body, it is a direct manifestation of who and what we are or choose to express.

    The body or form is as the spiritual breath made visible, in any dimension.

    All life is spiritual. There is no actual physicality, as all is pure energy made visible, audible and touchable through our senses, through the nerve receptors that are connected to our brains. There is no possible escape from the spirit or consciousness, except in the human mind, within the confine of very narrowly focused ideas and concepts. This is why your big toe is more in touch with the divine than your mind. This is why a tree or a frog is in direct communion with the divine while humanity still searches for its God.

    Our narrow mental focus has enabled us to advance in certain highly specialized ways, particularly scientifically and technologically. But the downside is that it has blinded us in believing that all life is as divided and separated as the concepts that have caused us to understand its most minute mechanical, chemical and energy components. As Alan Watts put it, we have confused the map with the territory. The map indicates artificially separated territories, while the natural earth itself is not separated…the same goes for all life.

    • Paul Haines

      mewabe I love the way you described the way consciousness expresses itself through different forms. Your use of language is elegant in describing the spiritual nature of life and I believe you are absolutely right according to the laws of quantum physics. All matter in the universe is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles. These sub-atomic particles have two different states one which is the particle state and the other is the wave state. The particle state is the state that we observe as empirical reality or physical reality. The wave state cannot be seen or even experienced in empirical reality but we know that its there because all chemical bonding of every molecule in the universe is guided and made possible because of its wave state in-formation energy driving it. When a sub-atomic particle is in its wave state it follows a set of extremely precise mathematical laws called Schrodinger’s wave functions which are based on the laws of probability. When a sub-atomic particle (electron) exists in its wave state it doesn’t exist in any known reality so it is said to be in a virtual state or trans-empirical state. Because this virtual reality where sub-atomic waves exist (where all matter in the universe manifests from) cannot be known through any scientific measurement and can only be described as mathematical wave functions brings us to the question of consciousness. Al particles of matter come from this virtual state and which written in the format of information…via…the language of mathematics. Because all matter first exists in waves of probability means that all life is produced from a state of infinite potentiality. This describes more mind like quality than anything else. So if all matter (that is all sub-atomic particles that make up all atoms that make up all molecules that make up all life forms) manifests from a virtual state that can be best described as mind like or consciousness means consciousness is primary and all forms are an extension of consciousness.

      • mewabe

        Thank you Paul…yes, quantum physics seem to have validated ancient, intuitive spiritual teachings about mind and consciousness. I enjoyed reading your post.
        Have you ever seen the movie Mindwalk? (Based on The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra, the author of the book The Tao of Physics).

        • Paul Haines

          You know Mewabe I have not seen that movie, but now that you mention it, I am interested. I did read the Tao of Physics many years ago and that was one of the books that really got me interested in the new science/spirituality paradigm.

        • Paul Haines

          Mewabe thank you for the movie tip. I watched Mindwalk last night and though it was fantastic. Seeing this movie is another example that solidifies in my mind that there truly is a movement in human consciousness toward a new spiritual-scientific paradigm of wholeness.

      • Erin

        Wow, Paul…you came in with a Big Bang! 🙂 Really interesting how you tied this into such a neat package…both plausible & understandable. Thanks for the fresh input! <3

        • Paul Haines

          Hello Erin, nice to meet you. Thank you for your comment:) One thing I didn’t mention is that 99.99999% of all matter is made up of space. The actual amount of solid matter that makes up our body is .000001% and the rest is space. It is calculated that if the nucleus of an atom could be blown up to the size of baseball that the orbital patterns of the electrons surrounding it would be the size of a football field. Atoms are made up of basically nothing but in-formation/energy. What could you imagine is within the space that all matter in the universe is made up of?

          • hempwise

            Great Paul then we are all spacemen and women off-course literally filled with space or some would call zero point energy and wonderfully explained by Lynn McTaggart of which she refers to it as the Field.

          • Paul Haines

            Yes this is true that we are all spacemen. We are actually made up of stardust from previous supernova explosions that have combined with gas and dust floating in space. Due to gravitational forces new solar systems form over billions of years where potential life can evolve as did in our neck of the woods. You mentioned Lynn McTaggart and the zero point field theory and I checked it out on youtube. Very interesting stuff I have to say. Thank you for that info hempwise.

          • Stephen mills

            What comes first ,the observation then the belief ie; seeing is believing or the belief ; believing is seeing.
            If everything comes from the unlimited potential which includes matter which is believed into existence not observed into existence which we have believed was reality but now discredited ? anything is now possible .
            All we have to do is believe that anything is possible and put some collective positive mind power together .

            We can do this right now just by Intention…

          • Paul Haines

            Beautifully spoken Stephen. I have decided to hold onto the belief that I can change the world because I am connected to universal mind. As a matter of fact I know that my entire being is consciousness (the field of infinite potentiality that is manifesting the entire universe). Since I am connected to this field then so are you and all other sentient beings. Every thought we have ever had or ever will have has originated from this field and is recorded for eternity. With all this in-formation consciousness is continually expanding upon itself to greater levels of complexity and cohesiveness. This expansion seems to happen in what is theorized as quantum leaps of which we are experiencing right now on earth. We are living in a time great awakening. It is my deepest intention to focus my mind-body-spirit like a beam of light to help humanity out of darkness. I feel that the most important goal to be achieved is a global awareness that we are all ONE and all humans are truly equal. I know this may sound like pie-in-the-sky idealism but I tell you this change always starts with one person with an idea passing it on to another. Yes Stephen I think intention is so very powerful. The key is to hold that intention constantly until it becomes an unshakable belief that emanates from your very being.

          • hempwise

            Thank you i believe that this is the only way out of our present circumstance .This oneness must now be Humanity’s guiding principle in all its undertakings !
            I hope we can jump far enough for this to happen ,the next few years are paramount ….


          • Paul Haines

            Stephen we are seeing it happen right here and now as we speak to each other on this web page. Yes these next few years are really important. I am so grateful that I have joined in this discussion because this is where people can gain momentum as a collective group.
            Thanks Stephen

          • Stephen mills

            We are all glad you are here too.


      • Patrick Gannon

        Many physicists are starting to think that consciousness is just another state of matter like solids, liquids, gasses…

        • Paul Haines

          Hey Patrick that’s interesting I’ve not heard about that. According to the physics that I have read about consciousness it’s more like a quantum vacuum where in-formation/energy affects matter instantaneously. Consciousness is the infinite creative power prior to manifestation of all matter in the universe. Consciousness cannot be measured in any way so it doesn’t fit in the category of matter; as matter of fact it cannot be categorized at all. It is a state of nothingness where no-thing exists.

          • Patrick Gannon

            Hmm. I put up a pretty lengthy post, and it’s not here. Perhaps it was because I included links.

            Google this: “Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas.” Max Tegmark who wrote “Our Mathematical Universe” is a key proponent of the idea.

            Thomas Campbell in his “My Big TOE” trilogy also speaks of consciousness as being the basic unit of information acted upon by the universal process of evolution.

            Michio Kaku in “The Future of the Mind” proposes that consciousness evolves along with the number of feedback loops in an organism, and at some point develops enough feedback loops to use collected and historical data to visualize the future.

            Consciousness can’t be “measured” today (though perhaps some of its effects can, and from that some conclusions may be drawn), but who knows – someday, if it is indeed another form of matter or the basic element of matter, it may be measured. Dark matter can’t be measured either, yet we’re pretty sure it exists, and one day we will most likely measure it.

            Open minded skepticism is the way forward… I’m not opposed to the idea that consciousness is all there is – it makes intuitive sense to me; but whether consciousness continues after the physical matter that hosts it, or by which it manifests dies, well, that remains to be seen. One day science will know.

    • Christopher Toft

      Exactly my point.

    • Erin

      As always, well said & fully true. Though I have found that in relating with most well-instilled conditionings, the vehicle/temple thing brings in a common base line of data adjust with…& Food…seems everyone can relate to food. 🙂
      Thanks…I can so count on you to bring me back to the Real. <3

      • mewabe

        Thank you Erin 🙂

  • Blake

    Selfishness: the Ultimate Humility 12-15-2014

    There is an old parable about three frogs sitting on a
    floating log in the pond. One of the three decides to jump into the pond. How
    many frogs are left on the log?

    I told this story to two different types of people a spiritual
    confessed person and a philosopher, the spiritual person answered “There were
    three frogs still on the log, because the one frog just made a decision to jump
    into the pond.”

    The philosopher answered differently, he said, “Decision is
    an action word, a warrior makes his cut when he decides which choice he
    chooses. “Cide” means choosing to cut or split an object or “homicide” to kill
    off the other choice. So in effect, the frog chose to jump into the pond
    thereby leaving two frogs left on the log. If the three frogs tried to jump off
    the log there would be three frogs left on the log. If you “try” to feed the
    frog the frog will starve and die.

    Selfishness is compared to making a decision; taking an

    Consider, each of our human lives we are separate entities;
    we are all different and unequal yet we are all made from the same stuff “energy.”
    As I am a selfish single being that is divine and so are others and everything
    in the galaxy, because all energy is alive and lives endlessly. I live in my
    own self, I feed myself for strength. I walk to build my muscles. I take on a
    complicated ways of doing and being (Coping Skills) from fear that begins to
    cover my true self. I make decisions that affect my life, body, mind and spirit
    (Light). I am an onion with a bright light within and until I peel away the
    layers of skin the light will be dim. As I work on my life I draw off of the
    bright lights of those that have wisdom and maturity. Those with wisdom share
    their light freely which joins with others light and my own. As I do work on
    myself I pick away the layers letting my light shine brighter and adding to
    every one’s own light.

    As I write this my
    Grandson asks, “What are you writing about?” I answered him, “About God.” I
    said. I told him that God is a light that is inside of you and every one, and
    that you Connor have a very bright innocent light. The light as you grow older
    becomes dim as you learn about how to fit in to the world you live in and stuff
    keeps building up around your light causing it to go dim. “As you mature”, I
    told Connor you gain wisdom and the light gets brighter, and soon it will shine
    as bright as it did when you were first born.

    I can only brighten my light through selfishness as I become
    to realize that everything I do and be in my life is for me and never for
    others even as much as I want to be selfless Selflessness is an impossible presumptiveness
    on the part of belief. The secret is to know and be grandiose with
    unconditional love.

    In my ministry we have a prayer that is commonly used by
    all. “The Serenity Prayer:” God, grant me the serenity accept the things I
    cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know
    the difference.

    I cannot serve you. I cannot change another in any way or
    any form. I must change myself so that my light will shine bright so that those
    that need too can draw off my light and see the wisdom to heal them.

    I cannot even heal another. I can go to school, seminars,
    workshops, have mentors and teachers and Guru’s. I can learn the mechanics and
    learn the different chakras, and parts of the body all I want. As a selfish
    divine being I can only heal myself thereby making space and brightening my
    light for others to heal themselves.

    Selfishness gives others the potential to serve themselves
    and to be selfish for them to share their light and give space for everything
    to know their divinity, the divine self.

    Religious and many spiritual people; those who believe there
    is a difference will remind me that selfishness is evil and not of God and that
    I must be humble. The last part of the original serenity prayer as told by my
    wife talks about the religious moral belief that is humility. As I understand
    humility a person can only be humble if they are accused of it. If I selfishly
    claim humility then I am not.

    Humility in my definition is then a selfish way of being
    that I create to gain the experience of being a humble man. A poor man a
    modest, unassuming, meek man that would not hurt a nat. All of which are very
    grandiose ways of being. Humility is the ultimate grandiose statement that is

    I heal myself to give space to others to heal them. Until I
    rid myself of fear my light will be dim and I must draw from the light of
    others divinity through their wisdom and maturity. Selfishness is grandiose and
    the ultimate form of humility. I cannot heal any other thing, or change them.
    The light from within is purist when we are born and when we transform
    ourselves from fear to unconditional love. I am divine and acknowledge the
    divinity of everything by demanding the universe to make me love by saying to
    myself, “I Am Love” which makes it easier for me to draw on the light of

    Blake Hayner

    Bear Dance with the Dead

  • Paul Haines

    Making any kind of spiritually evolved response to what is happening on earth today is a very tall order that cannot be done without digging deep within oneself in order to determine one’s own spiritual perception. For me personally I see myself as a spiritual being who’s body is a reflection of God consciousness expressing itself in in physical reality. However this physical reality is not what it seems. I say this because of what I have learned from science and various different spiritual traditions. Quantum physics points to some amazing revelations about the nature of matter being derived from a state of no-thingness that is omnipresent and primary to all life. All sub-atomic particles that make up all physical reality constantly fluctuate between wave and particle states. When a particle transforms to its wave state it is said to be in a virtual state of no-thing and this state can only be described mathematically. It is in a state of infinite potentiality which can be best described as mind-like or consciousness if you will. All matter in the universe is determined a priori by an infinite field of omnipresent mathematical in-formation/energy which is the spiritual medium governing it’s sub-atomic behavior. What this means is that consciousness is primary to all life. Since this spiritual medium is present in all things at all times past, present, and future means that everything is connected to everything else. No thing in the universe is separate from consciousness. We are not separate from each other, instead; we are various different forms emanating from the one omnipresent consciousness.
    This view is contrary to conventional thinking that most of us have learned for most of our lives. It is easy to understand this because upon observation we appear to be separate entities living separate lives. Most of us grow up not knowing anything about there being a much deeper reality just under the surface of what we visually observe all around us. So what we grow up with is an understanding of reality that is incomplete. It seems to me that everything in our current world including politics, economics, environment, religion, and education are derived from a separatist standpoint. For the last few centuries humanity has become so deeply entrenched in the fragmentation of these entities that people have become profoundly powerless and apathetic to change. If we are to change the state of affairs this world is in I believe that it has to start with developing a world spiritual belief that we are all One on this planet. We are all connected to the One consciousness that is known to many as God. The basic rule is, “what I do unto you I ultimately am doing unto myself”.

    • Erin

      So the space that makes up the 99.9% of Life’s material assets is Consciousness. As Science & Spirituality find Peace with their Passions through questioning prior assumptions, & expanding Into each other! Cheers, Dears! Let’s toast to ‘Shift is Happening’. 😀

  • Erin

    Such an energized time…May We use It wisely, May We celebrate Heart-fully, May We create a quake of Love that shakes a world. Blessings, Beloveds…Strings of lights, connected, sparkling everywhere…I See You. 🙂 <3

    • Michael L

      This season is when giving is embraced, and Joy is felt!!!
      Happy happy to those who desire to be givers!!!

  • Awareness

    “I’ve decided that I am a spiritual being, a three-part being made up of body, mind, and soul. Each part of my tri-part being has a function and a purpose. As I come to understand each of those functions, each aspect of me begins to more efficiently serve its purpose in my life.

    I am an Individuation of Divinity, an expression of God, a singularization of the singularity. There is no separation between me and God, nor is there any difference, except as to proportion. Put simply, God and I are ONE” – “GOD’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You’ve Got Me All Wrong” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
    Bless ALL 🙂

    • Awareness

      “You, as Pure Spirit, can move through this Singular Reality (sometimes called the Singularity) in endless cycles as you continue to experience your Self. You ARE this Singularity. You are the stuff of which it is made. The Pure Essence. The Energy. You are an individuation of this energy and this Essence. You are an ‘Individuation of the Singularity.’

      The Singularity is what some of you call God. The Individuation is what some of you call YOU.

      You can split your Self up and move through the Singularity in many different directions. You call these varying movements through the Space/Time Continuum ‘lifetimes.’ These are the Cycles of the Self that reveal the Self TO the Self through the Cycling OF the Self THROUGH the Self.” – “Home with God” by Neale Donald Walsch 🙂
      Bless ALL 🙂

      • Stephen mills

        Nice Awareness the mystic all the best for 2015, thanks for keeping us in the light of truth .

        • Awareness

          The Law of Gratitude is Given 🙂
          Bless ALL 🙂

  • Patrick Rego

    Consciouness is just another state of Energy and each of is an individual state. Together we are truly the full power, so when we ALL think alike we can create anything we wish